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Top Portable Beds Reviews

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Portable beds can come in a variety of types -- from air beds to rollaways. When it comes to the type of space you have, you may be drawn to a certain type or you might be just starting off your search. In either case, we go through some of the best rated portable beds of different types so that you can find the best match for your home.

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Price: $132-$369

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Top Portable Beds Details

There are a variety of portable beds available. Some popular types include rollaway beds, folding beds, trundle beds, and air beds. Each of these types will help those that are looking to have a temporary solution for their sleeping needs. What makes a great portable bed? For one, it needs to be easily stored. Additionally, easy assembly is another essential. However, customers also really want high end comfort for an affordable pricepoint. Good portable bed brands provide versatile designs that make folding and storing a breeze, while also providing unbeatable comfort.

That said, not all great portable beds are bargains or work the same way as other brands, which is why we have selected a range of brands that have excellent feedback from customers, some that are lower cost and some that offer higher-end quality.

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Best Portable Bed Brands

Below, we'll go through competitive portable beds that customers love, and discuss the ins and outs of their styles, craftsmanship, and any caveats customers report.

Here is what's inside the widely popular Ebern Designs Portable Beds:

Ebern Designs has a wide a variety of folding and rollaway beds, which are ideal solutions for those that want to store their portable bed in their closet area or discreetly out of sight. These get good reviews from customers when it comes to high value for the price and gets good scores from customers when it comes to comfort ratings.

Next, here is what's inside the Osage River Gear Portable Beds:

The Osage River Gear bed is ideal for those that need an indoor / outdoor portable bed and are looking for something that is truly compact. These beds can easily be stored in a carry bag, which makes it ideal for camping or setting up in a small space at home. These beds get good ratings for comfort, but they are best for a temporary solution rather than an every night sleeper.

Next, here is what's inside Andover Mills Portable Beds:

Andover Mills offers trundle / daybed combinations that are ideal for those that are looking for extra bed space and need a discreet rollaway trundle beneath your furniture. These options come in a variety of styles -- from steel to wooden options that work in a variety of home designs. Most customers love their Andover Mills portable trundle beds and find assembly to be straightforward.

Lastly, here is what's inside the Insta-Bed Portable Air Beds:

The Insta-Bed portable airbed is a great option for those that want a luxury feel with ease of mobility and portability. These airbeds fold up in their own bags and are easily stored, but when they are filled with air, they become a quality temporary mattress that is ideal for guests. Customers like the Insta-Bed mattresses for its ease of set up and because customers report that it stays inflated. Lastly, it offers a high value for the price.

How to Find The Best & Avoid The Worst

When it comes to finding the best portable beds, the best options are sturdy, price-competitive, and are beloved by customers for their comfort. However, those to steer clear from include brands that aren't transparent with customer reviews and seem priced too high for what they are selling.

Browse Top Portable Beds Customer Reviews

Very comfortable [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Very comfortable. The only drawback is that setting it up isn’t as simple as opening it up. You have to take the mattress off, flip the frame, and then put the mattress back on. It is a little clunky for me to do in the small space in which I am using it. The mattress is thin and surprisingly comfortable. I am small (5”2’, 120 lbs) and don’t know how comfortable it would be for someone larger. I’m pleased with the purchase.

Works great [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Works great. Guest said it was comfortable.

It was priced right [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

It was priced right and was perfect for what I needed it for. It was really easy to assemble, there were only a few pieces (part of the legs) to screw on and unwrap.

Quite flimsy [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Quite flimsy. They will suffice right now, yet I would have gotten a higher quality

Not as comfortable [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Not as comfortable as was advertised

It is perfect size [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

It is perfect size for the spot it’s in

This is great for my grandkids [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

This is great for my grandkids. Then it can be stored away. Surprisingly comfortable for short term use. Good value.

Bought this for my mom [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Bought this for my mom when she came to help us out with my newborn baby... she said the bed is very uncomfortable and didnt even use it after one night she slept on our living room couch.

So worth it! [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

So worth it! Super compact and actually comfortable

It worked perfect [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

It worked perfect !!!! And it hides away easily in a small place!

Way fair you've got just what I need [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Way fair you've got just what I need but it's not in my budget ...1 really expensive comfortable daybed that costs between 500.00 and 2,000 bucks...

Super [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Super easy to store away. Great for family visits.

It’s kind of a pain [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

It’s kind of a pain to have the mattress stored underneath and the locking doesn’t feel sturdy. But my mom liked sleeping on it and that’s all that mattered

Great [Osage River Portable Bed]

Great for the beach , my hubby fell asleep after 10 min of laying on it !!

love [Osage River Portable Bed]

I love this. Will work great on my trip

Ample room [Osage River Portable Bed]

Ample room, very comfortable

nice [Osage River Portable Bed]

It's very nice.going to take it on a mission trip..i wish it had a little more cushion to it.

Excellent [Osage River Portable Bed]

Excellent. Easy to fold and unfold

Perfect [Osage River Portable Bed]

Perfect for what i needed

amazing [Andover Mills Portable Bed]

For the price, this is amazing. Very sturdy and well made.

Very easy to put together [Andover Mills Portable Bed]

Very easy to put together. Looks better in person than I would have expected considering the price. I was missing over half the parts to assemble, but I got them within a week.

color [Andover Mills Portable Bed]

the color look black then bronze

LOVE [Andover Mills Portable Bed]

LOVE this. Perfect for my spare room!

Loved [Andover Mills Portable Bed]

Loved the bed - easy to put together - the plastic pieces where not good - broke quite a few - just not the standards of wayfair - I am sure there is a better way to handle it.

Durable [Andover Mills Portable Bed]

Durable and sturdy. Great looking day bed. Good product for the price.

Easy [Andover Mills Portable Bed]

Easy to read instructions made for easy assembly.

Love [Andover Mills Portable Bed]

Love this bed! Was so easy to put together.. and very sturdy..

Easy [Andover Mills Portable Bed]

Easy to put together and just what I was looking for in my spare bedroom for guests.

sturdy [Andover Mills Portable Bed]

Very sturdy

I like it [Andover Mills Portable Bed]

I like it Good think extra pieces were sent for putting it together cause some broke while putting it together Some of the pieces were scuffed but you couldn’t really see them since I was putting it up against three walls Other than that looks nice....Read More

Great [Insta-Bed Portable Bed]

Great as an extra bed at the holidays! Firmly comfortable all night. Super easy and quick inflating.

love [Insta-Bed Portable Bed]

The different firmness settings are great and love that it will inflates if the air escapes over night

love [Insta-Bed Portable Bed]

Amazing! Blows up and deflates quickly and love the never flat technology.

everything [Insta-Bed Portable Bed]

The price the size everything

Easy [Insta-Bed Portable Bed]

Easy set up, easy take down. Guest slept very comfortably. Very happy with this mattress.

great [Insta-Bed Portable Bed]

Feels great

love [Insta-Bed Portable Bed]

love it! Plug it in and it inflates and you can deflate it!

Pretty comfortable [Insta-Bed Portable Bed]

this mattress remains at a constant air pressure. Pretty comfortable. It is a little low to the ground for older people but would be good for younger people,.

Did not lose any air [Insta-Bed Portable Bed]

I haven’t used it overnight but I did inflate it. Did not lose any air. Has firmness options. I should suggest getting a mattress to even out the indentation in the mattress.

Fantastic [Insta-Bed Portable Bed]

Fantastic, keeps air, firm, great buy.


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