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Loft beds have become increasingly popular over the last few years with folks looking to optimize the amount of space they use by going upward instead of outward. When it comes to a good loft bed, the best thing to look for is sturdiness and safety first and design elements second. Below we go through some of the top loft beds available.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.8/10

Material Quality: 9.7/10

Design Options: 9.6/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.6/10

Price Value: 9.8/10

Price: $128-$2599

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Top Loft Beds Details

Loft beds have become increasingly popular over the last few years. But, what makes a great loft bed? For one, sturdiness and safety are key when many loft beds are ~6 feet off the ground. Additionally, easy assembly is another essential. However, what customers also really want is high value and trendy styles for the materials. Good loft bed brands provide sturdy and easy to assemble products that are stylish, all for a lower price for the materials.

That said, not all great loft beds are bargains, which is why we have selected a range of loft bed brands that have excellent feedback from customers, some that are lower cost and some that offer higher-end, pricier quality.

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Best 5 Loft Bed Brands

Below, we'll go through competitive loft bed brands that customers love, and discuss the ins and outs of their styles, craftsmanship, and any caveats customers report.

Here is what's inside the widely popular Mack & Milo Loft Beds:

If you are a bargain-hunter, this is a great pick for you! Most Mack & Milo Loft Beds come with durable steel designs and high weight thresholds (+ low prices). If you aren't looking for a metal loft bed, there are also options in painted and varnished wood styles as well. Their most popular 'Pinery' loft bed has a weight capacity of 250lbs and a height of 72''. Other options have weight capacities of 300lbs, making them safe for some adults. Customers describe loving their loft beds with assembly described as easy and quick.

Next, here is what's inside their Viv + Rae Loft Beds:

Another budget friendly option, the Viv + Rae loft beds come in multiple designs, including a higher steel version that comes in black, white, or silver. Many of these loft beds are ideal for children and have child-friendly designs, such as shorter metal loft beds and wooden options with thicker rails. Additionally, they have innovative designs like forts and treehouse beds. These loft beds get good reviews overall from customers, especially among parents looking for beds for their kids. Though, the style choices are numerous.

Next, here is what's inside their Harriet Bee Loft Beds:

Harriet Bee makes a variety of loft beds for children, with both shorter and higher options. Most of them are made of wood, with their most popular option being a shorter 'junior loft bed' that allows for storage or play space below. While many of their smaller options are price competitive, some of their solid wood loft beds, like their popular Javin Loft Bed with Desk focus more on quality than low prices. These loft beds get good reviews from customers with rare complaints around assembly.

Next, here is what's inside their Birch Lane™ Heritage Loft Bed:

Moderately priced, most Birch Lane Heritage loft beds come with extra storage within the lofted area beneath the mattress with drawers and hamper space. These are generally made of wood, though they also have some steel options as well. The storage component is a big draw for many customers as folks can store clothing, blankets, electronics, and more within their beds. Most customers have good things to say about these loft beds.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Little Seeds Loft Beds:

Little Seeds offers adorable and practical loft beds for children. Their Rowan Valley Twin loft bed brings a short loft bed with a fort-like canopy, ideal for the imaginative among us. The frame is metal for a sturdy construction and has wonderful reviews. Overall, Little Seeds has a limited inventory, but some of the best reviewed designs available.

How to Find The Best & Avoid The Worst

When it comes to finding the best loft beds, the best options are sturdy, styled-well, are price-competitive, and are loved by customers. However, those to steer clear from include brands that aren't transparent with customer reviews and seem priced too high for what they are selling. These include many name-brand retailers and storefronts that may mark up their materials many times before you buy them.

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I use this as a loft work space [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

I use this as a loft work space for my craft room. The top / bed part is used for my fabric. The bottom space is used for my beading table. Perfect

Love [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Love it

My 13 love his new bed [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

My 13 love his new bed. He was able to put it together by himself. I would recommend this bed to someone looking for a loft bed.

This was my daughter's birthday gift [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

This was my daughter's birthday gift. She was so happy when she saw it in her bedroom. Sturdy and safe.

he loft bed is exactly as described [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

The loft bed is exactly as described. It was easy to assemble, there was no damage during shipping and all the parts were included. It was my first wayfair purchase, and it wont be my last.

My Daughter [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

My Daughter loves her new bed.

It fit perfectly in my daughter’s room [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

It fit perfectly in my daughter’s room and gives the room so much more space.

My twin girls' love their new beds [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

My twin girls' love their new beds. My girls' share a room and this adds more "living space" with having the below area.

Nice [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]


Love the loft [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Love the loft, easy to put together

Arrived on time [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Arrived on time, easy to assemble, and looks great. Very happy with purchase

Really cool [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Really cool bed! It definitely took a lot of time to put together.

This was exactly what I was looking for [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

This was exactly what I was looking for and is very sturdy it looked great in my small room and provided extra space for other furniture

Sturdy [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Sturdy, fun and comfy

Easy assembly with two people [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Easy assembly with two people. Looks great, but a bit wobbly. My husband plans to secure corner post to wall for added security.

Love the bed [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Love the bed but it is work putting together, there was 3 of us and it was needed to lift up and maneuver. Make sure that the screws are tight and pay close attention to the steps. Instructions were not that great so you have to really check and recheck that you were putting it together correctly

Easy to assemble [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Easy to assemble, grandson Loves his bed very comfortable!!!

Happy with purchase [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Happy with purchase. Durable, good quality wood but be very careful screwing slats into frame (most time-consuming part of build). Slats/screw holes slightly not wide enough to grab enough wood in frame. Two of the two dozen or so screws split the wood of frame because I didn't have the slats line up perfectly. Wood is hard so it stripped and bent a couple screws. Slats should be connected by fabric so they can be laid out and just screw in every few.

My daughter absolutely loves this bed [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

My daughter absolutely loves this bed. It was pretty time consuming to put together, but it’s sturdy and will last a long while.

It looks nice and perfect [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

It looks nice and perfect for my sons room. It is little wobbly if adult go up. But fine for my 8years old.

Easy to assemble [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Easy to assemble, fairly stable. Stairs at the shorter side save space in small rooms. Only slight negative is that the wood is very soft and dents quite easily. Overall, great bunk bed. My kid loves it.

Very sturdy [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Very sturdy and looks nice! The drawers don’t open and close smoothly, though.

Storage bed all in one [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Storage bed all in one! Assembly was actually pretty easy. I deducted one star because the boards supporting the mattress are flimsy, but that was fixed by adding some additional thick boards running the opposite direction of the ones that came with the bed. My 8 year old LOVES it.

This bed-desk is a wonderful space saver [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

This bed-desk is a wonderful space saver and quite solid after assembly. My son loves it. I also wanted to give 5-stars to Wayfair's customer service. There was a mix up with one of the six cartons that the bed arrived in. Upon reaching out to Wayfair the customer service representative was very proactive with every step of the replacement (and provided a direct call number). I also received a discount for the inconvenience of waiting for the replacement.

Bought this last year [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Bought this last year, still standing sturdy.

It’s everything we wanted [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

It’s everything we wanted when we ordered this bed for our daughter! The bed and accessories are sturdy and well made! Was easy to assemble as well! Very satisfied with the purchase and our daughter loves it too!

I will send a picture [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

I will send a picture been painting the bedroom hope to put bed together tomorrow thanks Linda

Organized packaging [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Organized packaging and quality of product.

Love this bed! [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Love this bed! My five year old thinks it’s the greatest bed ever! The kids make forts under it. Well made. Only took a couple of hours to put together. The back rail was broken on the end when we received it and Wayfair sent us a WHOLE NEW BED (all of it!!) instead of just the bed rail!

Nice [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Nice size and sturdy. Only real complaint was that the directions weren’t the easiest to follow.

My daughter loves [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

My daughter loves it.

It looks amazing [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

It looks amazing in the room. Great quality.

This bed is great [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

This bed is great! It is sturdy and pretty simple to put together. The drawers are great for my 7 year olds clothes. I highly recommend this bed.

Sry sturdy bunk set [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Sry sturdy bunk set but I cannot give it 5 stars since there was a crack in a critical board and some nicks in a drawer.

I love it! [Birch Lane Loft Bed]

I love it! Much easier to put together than expected and came with all the parts plus some. Also, I can move it without the help of my husband but it feels really sturdy and well built. The color is gorgeous in person. Happy I chose this one!

My granddaughter loved [Birch Lane Loft Bed]

My granddaughter loved everything about it. It was for her. So that makes me super happy!!!! Sonya

I’ve been looking at this bed [Birch Lane Loft Bed]

I’ve been looking at this bed for sometime now. My 2 grandsons are old enough for it and they are so excited I bought it for them. They love it.

Adorable [Birch Lane Loft Bed]

Adorable! My 4yo loves it. Took off the wheels to create more space between beds. The color is beige painted over dark brown painted wood, which makes it look like barn wood. Very stylish.

This bed is darling [Birch Lane Loft Bed]

This bed is darling. It was easy to assemble and my Granddaughter loves loves loves it. So cute. She is peaking through the little window. How fun is that.

Strong [Birch Lane Loft Bed]

Strong, sturdy, beautiful, great fun for kids. Have Lakehouse bunk bed over Queen at our Lakehouse.

The bed is fairly sturdy [Birch Lane Loft Bed]

The bed is fairly sturdy. Although the weathering is as expected, the color is much more yellow than it appears in the picture. Any existing white furniture (i.e. the bright white of crib furniture) will be mismatched.

Very nice [Birch Lane Loft Bed]

Very nice. My son loves it. Put full size away for more space and now looks like a nice spacious play area! He sleeps up top and loves it!!

My daughter love this bed [Birch Lane Loft Bed]

My daughter love this bed!! Its very well made and easy to put together in spite if it coming in five boxes! Were constantly getting compliments on it. Little brother cant wait to move in. Its also very study and comfortable for an adult to snuggle with the kids. The lack of headboard on the bottom bed takes some getting used to, but overall its perfect for our limited space.

This bed is absolutely amazing [Birch Lane Loft Bed]

This bed is absolutely amazing! I want to sleep in it. The kids adore it! It definitely is a statement piece to the adults and the children. Easy to put together too. Hubby had no difficulties or complaints. Was assembled in a reasonable amount of time. Go for it!

The look [Birch Lane Loft Bed]

The look, the packaging and the sturdiness of it - I wish it was more white then a yellow wood.

The bed is metal... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

The bed is metal and therefore can be dangerous if your child falls. Buy foam furniture strips to adhere to the corners and bars and you’ll feel much better about your kids playing on the bed. Perfect for a 3.5 year old. The ladder doesn’t stick out much, which is great and makes it less likely for someone to trip over. Bed took 2 people about 1.5 hours to assemble. It’s very heavy and impossible to do by yourself. Bed is great quality and gorgeous, your child will have the coolest bed on the block!

Absolutely adorable! Well made,... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Absolutely adorable! Well made, easy to put together, sturdy. And my 3yo LOVES it.

This bed is so... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

This bed is so cute, and very sturdy. We are transitioning our toddler to sleep on his own in his room which has been a challenge but he has such fun in this bed that it’s been slowly happening. It’s a twin size so a great size for a toddler and I can even lay on the bed with him comfortably as well. I really like some of the customization other people have made on the bed so I hope to do some as well soon but overall this is an excellent purchase. My husband, myself and our teen daughter built this bed with no problems and quite quickly in about 2 to 3 hours. Just some things to know because it may not be so clear, the bed is metal which I did know but my husband did not realize. The other thing is that the back side of the bed has no rail in case it’s not leaned against the wall a small child could roll off it if they move around a lot in their sleep, we have it against the wall so not a problem. Lastly, we do have to move up some of the wall decor since the bed is tall and we didn’t plan on a taller bed when the decor was put up. Highly recommend this bed!

This bed was exactly... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

This bed was exactly what I expected, it arrived a day earlier, was packaged well and in perfect condition. It was very easy for my spouse and I to put together and is sturdy. My son absolutely loves it!

I love this bed... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

I love this bed for my son!

My almost 3 year... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

My almost 3 year old loves it, she loves the curtains. She just wants to stay in and play in her little house. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase, only thing for my daughter room I did not like the windows that come in black so I am painting them a pink blush color (not pictured) My husband built it in about 2 hours not bad.

I purchased this bed,... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

I purchased this bed, for starters I accidentally purchased wrong color and I didn’t realized the bed was metal as well...I wanted the bed in order to add my own touches as a previous reviewer has also done.... although off to a rocky start I’m in love with what it is turning into so far and not finished )

We all love it!... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

We all love it! Was easy to put together.

Love everything about this... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Love everything about this bed great purchase!

We love this bed!... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

We love this bed! Great price! Sturdy! Bought for my granddaughter and she loves it! Perfect for a first big kid bed and I'm sure it last for a long time. It took me and my daughter about two and a half hours to assemble but it wasn't hard. Will recommend!!!

Very sturdy bed. Order... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Very sturdy bed. Order the twin xl, trust me. The kids love it.

We love the bed,... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

We love the bed, it’s very sturdy. It did have some paint chips and a few screw holes didn’t line up during assembly but Wayfair did an amazing job resolving the issue very quickly. I’d recommend an XL twin mattress, our mattress is a regular twin and there’s gaps on each end.

Such a solid bed.... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Such a solid bed. Its beautiful and so easy to put together. I wish it had matching furniture. I also wish it could support more weight in case a bigger parent needs to cuddle up and read a book.

amazing ! my daughter... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

amazing ! my daughter loves it and its sturdy enough for me to get in with her at story time!

So happy I purchased... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

So happy I purchased this bed for my son. Its really good quality.

Very well made, great... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Very well made, great instructions .looks much better than it does in the photo. Pleasantly surprised

My son absolutely loves... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

My son absolutely loves his big boy bed. It took a little time to put together, but the instructions were easy to follow and it was totally worth it! The design is great, and we love it so much that we might buy a second one in gray for our daughter. Definitely recommend it!!

This bed is adorable... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

This bed is adorable My grandson loves it

Love this. My 2... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Love this. My 2 year old was upgraded to a big girl room and this fit perfectly. She loves it. Only minor concern is it’s metal and she rolls around a lot, but it’s sturdy and super cute. Delivered quickly and easy to put together (for my husband). It’s a decent size kid bed and took less than an hour to assemble.

Great quality. Good instructions.... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Great quality. Good instructions. Kids love it!

Excellent bed. Heavy metal-does... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Excellent bed. Heavy metal-does not shake around when my 3 year old is jumping on the bed.

Love this bed! So... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Love this bed! So cute and very good quality. It is metal, so it’s a hard surface for littles who bump it. I got crib rail pads to put on the edges so toddler doesn’t hurt self when flops around in bed. Highly recommend bed!

Very sturdy. Made of... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Very sturdy. Made of metal. I thought it was made of wood when I bought it. But it’s very cute. My son loves to pull the shades down to make a fort.

Beautiful bed. Beware the... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Beautiful bed. Beware the metal is easily scratched and they don't have touch up paint. No regrets though

This is the most... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

This is the most incredible find! It’s absolutely gorgeous

Our daughter love this... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Our daughter love this bed! Easy to assemble and very sturdy construction since it’s metal!

Great item! Durable, material... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Great item! Durable, material is sturdy. Makes my sons room look amazing and he loves the security this bed gives him as a transition.

So cute for my... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

So cute for my 2 year old. Get compliments all the time. My 5 year old son wants one too. BTW I put it together all by myself in about an hour and a half with two kids running around.

Super-sturdy, attractive, and my... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Super-sturdy, attractive, and my twin boys adore their new beds! Win-win for parents and kiddos!

My kid loves his... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

My kid loves his bed Spends his most time in it

This bed is really... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

This bed is really nice. My three year old grandson loved it. Took about three hours to assemble

My 5-year-old daughter loves... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

My 5-year-old daughter loves this bed! It’s great quality too.

Our daughter loves this... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Our daughter loves this bed. Note don’t forget to measure your space before purchase. It’s a pretty big bed. Totally recommend this bed!!

So far, very enjoyable.... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

So far, very enjoyable. My granddaughter loved it for her birthday,

Awesome. My friends daughter... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

Awesome. My friends daughter love it and great quality

It’s so perfect for... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

It’s so perfect for my daughter’s bedroom.,she love it.!!!!

My son loves this... [Little Seeds Loft Bed]

My son loves this bed! We are extremely happy with this purchase!


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