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Top Folding Beds Reviews

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Folding beds are great options for friends or loved ones that need a temporary, but durable mattress solution. However, not all folding beds are created equal. With some options that focus more on comfort than ease of storage, and vice-versa, there is some give and take with these types of beds. However, don't despair! We'll dispell the confusion and outline some of the best rated folding beds below.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Material Quality: 9.2/10

Design Options: 9.2/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

Price: $161-$389

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Top Folding Beds Details

Whether you are looking for a temporary option for guests or a more permanent solution, folding beds can be a good option for those that want to save space and store their mattress during times when not using. What makes a great folding bed? For one, it needs to be easily stored. Additionally, easy assembly is another essential. However, customers also really want high end comfort for an affordable cost. Good folding bed brands provide versatile designs that make folding and storing a breeze, while also providing unbeatable comfort.

That said, not all great folding beds are ultra-bargains, which is why we have selected a range of brands that have excellent feedback from customers, some that are lower cost and some that offer higher-end quality.

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Best Folding & Fold-Up Bed Brands

Below, we'll go through competitive rollaway beds that customers love, and discuss the ins and outs of their styles, craftsmanship, and any caveats customers report.

Here is what's inside the widely popular Jay-Be Folding Beds:

Jay-Be offers a wide range of folding beds with competitive pricepoints and varying levels of mattress thickness. This provides shoppers with a good amount of options to choose from, while not being so expensive to be priced out. Jay-Be gets good reviews from customers with most describing them as providing good value for their price and easy set-up.

Next, here is what's inside the Ebern Designs Folding Beds:

With Ebern Designs, you are buying high value for the price. While they don't have as many options to choose from, they do have a higher end product for a lower price than expected that is highly reviewed by customers. Their folding bed does a good job at easy storage and lasting comfort.

Next, here is what's inside Serta Folding Beds:

Serta offers a selection of their mattresses on folding beds. They range from moderatrely priced to a bit higher priced with a range of mattress thicknesses to choose from. Most customers find that these beds are comfy, but some sizes were more ideal for children than adults.

Lastly, here is what's inside the Symple Stuff Folding Beds:

Symple Stuff offers a wide variety of mattress types for competitive pricepoints. These mattresses get good ratings overall from customers, with some designs that are thinner and better for temporary solutions than long-lasting comfort.

How to Find The Best & Avoid The Worst

When it comes to finding the best folding beds, the best options are sturdy, price-competitive, and are beloved by customers for their comfort. However, those to steer clear from include brands that aren't transparent with customer reviews and seem priced too high for what they are selling.

Browse Top Folding Beds Customer Reviews

This bed [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

This bed is sooooo comfortable!

Looks good [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

Looks good, haven't tried it yet.

Nice thick mattress [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

Nice thick mattress! Very comfortable bed to use as a spare!

great [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

I think it is great!!!

We were very pleased [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

We were very pleased at how comfortable our guests found this bed! The mattress is of much better quality than those on other folding beds we've researched. We highly recommend this bed. Good value for the price. Delivery was on time, too.

It's great [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

It's great...And easy to put away..

great [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

great for single guests or grandchild!

Works perfectly [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

Works perfectly for extra guest. Everyone who has slept on it like it.

Great [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

Great quality

It's pretty good [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

It's pretty good but is too low to the floor for older guests.

It is very comfortable [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

It is very comfortable as advertised. My husband and I each tested it out. He slept on it the first night and I the next night. You do not feel the springs and it is very bouncy. When the bed arrived it was already set up for the most part. All we had to do is screw in the head board. My only problem was that my head board screws are missing. Other than that, I would recommend this product to someone else. I am very satisfied with the quality and it's ease of use.

bouncy [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

Mattress far to bouncy, Springs can be felt

perfect [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

perfect -- not as thick as the picture but it is very comfortable

This is THE BEST BED [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

This is THE BEST BED !!!! So far superior to any Aerobed or other brand of air filled bed !!!! The mattress is quite thick, so you don't feel like you are sleeping on a rollaway ... it is so easy to maneuver on its wheels and easy to store . The best " portable "bed I have EVER had. I would strongly recommend this over any type of an air filled bed.

We love this bed [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

We love this bed. When we have company it is almost all the time one person. Last time my step son slept on it and he raved about how great it was. Thank you Carl Lamoureux

we purchased this folding bed [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

we purchased this folding bed after looking at many options, and liked the thicker mattress. the bed is as advertised, a step up in quality, the mattress is satisfactory, and we heard no complaints from the guest who slept on it. the mattress is on the softer side as some have mentioned, but I didn't feel any hammock effect when laying down on it, so it has decent support overall

Item arrived intact [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

Item arrived intact. Mattress seems Firm although I have not yet slept on it. Quite compact.

So comfortable [Jay-Be Folding Bed]

So comfortable. Purchased this bed for grand babies when they visit. What an awesome bed!

Great quality [Ebern Designs Folding Bed]

Great quality and construction. Wonderful mattress.

zero [Ebern Designs Folding Bed]

I would give these a zero if I could. They are not a true twin size, a small child can barely fit in them and they are extremely uncomfortable. I am returning them. I am very disappointed.

It was the perfect size [Ebern Designs Folding Bed]

It was the perfect size, mattress was comfortable, sturdy frame with good construction plus sturdy cover for storage.

Perfect [Ebern Designs Folding Bed]

Perfect for my daughter’s sleepover guests. Easy to foldunfold and put back in its bag.

Granddaughter loves it [Ebern Designs Folding Bed]

Granddaughter loves it. Very good buy for the money

please [Ebern Designs Folding Bed]

Very please with purchase

My nephew stayed with me [Ebern Designs Folding Bed]

My nephew stayed with me for a little while and this was his bed. He slept very well. Mattress had a good width, easy to put away and store.

Love [Ebern Designs Folding Bed]

Love it! No assembly required.

Super comfortable [Ebern Designs Folding Bed]

Super comfortable and easily stores

Perfect [Ebern Designs Folding Bed]

Perfect size and easy to move around

Perfect [Serta Folding Bed]


The Folding bed [Serta Folding Bed]

The Folding bed was a replacement for a air mattress . It is a much better improvement and feels very comfortable. We have not had any over nite guess yet . I am sure it is an improvement over the air mattress.

loved [Serta Folding Bed]

I loved it! It cane one day early, no tools needed, thanks!

Mattress is very comfortable [Serta Folding Bed]

Mattress is very comfortable and the bed is a good height.

Exactly was I was hoping for [Serta Folding Bed]

Exactly was I was hoping guests are comfortable sleeping.

Perfect [Serta Folding Bed]

Perfect for visiting grandkids!

Great [Serta Folding Bed]

Great bed. Mattress is wonderful. Kids loved it.

It has been used twice [Serta Folding Bed]

It has been used twice and no complaints so far. I need it to be used for 6 weeks not sure how comfortable it will be. I have added an egg crate topper; so, I am giving it every chance

Very comfortable [Serta Folding Bed]

Very comfortable and easy to movement around..has been wonderful for company

I was looking for something [Serta Folding Bed]

I was looking for something we could keep in the closet and this works perfectly. I wish the mattress was a little more sturdy. Other than that it works great.

mobility [Serta Folding Bed]

The mobility

functional [Serta Folding Bed]

This is functional, well built and remarkably comfortable. All in all an excellent solution for the need for temporary sleeping space. Thank y0u.

space saving comfort [Serta Folding Bed]

space saving comfort for guests. Great price, and delivery free and on time.

My granddaughter loved it [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

My granddaughter loved it when she came to visit - easy to store and comfortable!!

Easy [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

Easy to put away and get out. The bed is very simple when it comes to putting it together. We use it when my brother in law comes in from Chicago​ its perfect.

It was very easy [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

It was very easy to set up and my granddaughter said she slept well in it.

Extra [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

Extra bed for the guest

Great [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

Great Product

I’m always surprised [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

I’m always surprised and happy how fast I receive any purchase from Wayfair

Plastic device [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

Plastic device does not hold bed together in upright position, better buy some zip ties!

nice [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

nice quality, comfortable, but for 10 years and younger

Convenient [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

Convenient for my son's friends when they sleep over.

Folds up easily [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

Folds up easily, does not take us much room and very comfortable.

Great [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

Great buy! Came in handy during the holidays! Very sturdy.

poor [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

very very poor quality

This bed has come in handy [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

This bed has come in handy. It is very comfortable. It glides with ease, which may be an issue if not placed correctly.

exactly [Symple Stuff Folding Bed]

Does exactly what it was purchased for. Handles easily


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