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Daybeds are great options for those that want more versatility in their furniture. With many designs featuring three raised sides, daybeds can often second as a sofa, in addition to their primary purpose as a sleeper. Shoppers also often search for trundle beds attached as well. However, not all daybeds are created equally. Below, we'll walk through our favorite daybeds, which customers love.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.8/10

Material Quality: 9.7/10

Design Options: 9.6/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.7/10

Price Value: 9.6/10

Price: $279-$1649

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Top Daybeds Details

Over the last decade, daybeds have become an increasingly popular piece of furniture. But, what makes a great daybed? For one, a versatile and cozy bed for laying or sitting. Additionally, easy assembly is another essential. However, what customers also really want are trendy styles and high value for the materials used. Great daybed brands provide consistent comfort with versatile and easy to assemble products that are stylish, all for a lower price for the materials.

That said, not all great daybeds are bargains, which is why we have selected a range of brands that have excellent feedback from customers, some that are lower cost and some that offer higher-end quality.

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Best 5 Daybed Brands

Below, we'll go through competitive daybed brands that customers love, and discuss the ins and outs of their styles, craftsmanship, and any caveats customers report.

Here is what's inside the widely popular One Allium Way Daybeds:

Looking for high-end designs at a range of pricepoints? One Allium Way makes high end daybeds (and furniture items in general). Their daybeds come in both upholstered and wooden options in a wide array of designs. Their highly rated Halton Daybed is made of solid wood with a distressed whitewashed look, with antique-style details. Customers really like the One Allium Way options, with many describing them as worth the price.

Next, here is what's inside the Three Posts Daybeds:

If you are looking for something slightly less expensive, the daybeds by Three Posts offer mostly moderately priced upholstered daybed options that have a high-end look, but won't break the budget. With options with and without a trundle addition, these daybeds are well-loved by customers for their styles and quality for the price.

Next, here is what's inside the Ebern Designs Daybeds:

For those looking for more affordable options, Ebern Designs has a wide array of choices, from those that feature distressed wood stylings to metal frames. With strong prices, these are great options for budget-conscious shpppers who still haven't found the perfect design for them. Their Kingsdown Contemporary Daybed features a metal design that comes in multiple color choices for a very low price. Most customers appreciate their Ebern Designs daybeds with many reporting simple assembly.

Next, here is what's inside the Wicker Park Daybed:

For those that are looking for a high quality daybed with a desirable style for less money, this Birchlane Wicker Park Daybed offers a high end look that doubles as a sofa or a sleeper. In multiple color options, it can go quite well in most designs. Customers report that assembly is straightforward and the piece is very high quality for the price.

Lastly, here is what's inside the Ghislain Daybed:

The Ghislain Daybed is an excellent option for those that want a high-end upholstered daybed look to fit their contemporary living space. The Ghislain comes with an optional trundle below and three different color choices for their 100% linen upholstery. Customers have great things to say about this daybed, with many describing the high quality for the price.

How to Find The Best & Avoid The Worst

When it comes to finding the best daybeds, the best options are sturdy, styled-well, price-competitive, and are loved by customers. However, those to steer clear from include brands that aren't transparent with customer reviews and seem priced too high for what they are selling. These include many name-brand retailers and storefronts that may mark up their materials many times before you buy them.

Browse Top Daybeds Customer Reviews

Excellent [One Allium Way Daybed]

Excellent quality and pretty easy to assemble.

I am loving my daybed [One Allium Way Daybed]

I am loving my daybed! It was so easy to assemble! Also, it looks amazing!!! Make sure you measure the height under the bed when you purchase a mattress for the trundle. The clearance may not allow a thick mattress to glide easily under the bed when stowed.

Bed is sturdy [One Allium Way Daybed]

Bed is sturdy & is perfect in my guest bedroom. It has a timeless feel to it.

perfect [One Allium Way Daybed]

perfect for a multi purpose room. Very study and well made. . Easy to assemble.

Nice bed [One Allium Way Daybed]

Nice bed for an office or extra room. Trundle is tight hard to get out, otherwise, really like it.

Beautiful [One Allium Way Daybed]

Beautiful bed!

We placed this in my daughter’s bedroom [One Allium Way Daybed]

We placed this in my daughter’s bedroom. She loves the look of it and the quality is excellent!

Well-made [One Allium Way Daybed]

Well-made and sturdy.

Love this bed [One Allium Way Daybed]

Love this bed and so do family and friends who use it. It’s graceful lines gives a warmth to the room. It’s comfortable and easy to snooze in

This bed is just right [One Allium Way Daybed]

This bed is just right for my grandkids when they visit and looks great in my spare bedroom that I use for a study.

It looks beautiful [One Allium Way Daybed]

It looks beautiful in our office/guest bedroom. It took a couple of hours to assemble by my husband, but we were happy we paid the extra to have it delivered to the room we placed it, because it is a heavy all metal bed. Very sturdy too!

Very happy [One Allium Way Daybed]

Very happy with this purchase. Very easy assembly. This daybed is excellent quality.

Even though I am not that skilled with building [Three Posts Daybed]

Even though I am not that skilled with building things I found that putting the day bed together was not too difficult. The directions were very clear. Diagrams were clear. All parts were very well constructed. With a helper took us 2 hours I am very pleased with the quality of the bed and trundle. It looks beautiful in my granddaughter's room.

Beautiful [Three Posts Daybed]

Beautiful piece. Bigger than I thought based on pictures but it looks great in the guest room/office. Very easy to assemble - did it myself in under an hour.

Beautiful [Three Posts Daybed]

Beautiful daybed. Looks so elegant and works well.

Nice [Three Posts Daybed]

Nice daybed and easy to put together.

Perfect [Three Posts Daybed]

Perfect bed for my spare bedroom

Bad [Three Posts Daybed]

Bad construction, cheap material

Quite easy [Three Posts Daybed]

Quite easy to assemble with concise instruction manual. Nice material and sturdy.

great quality [Three Posts Daybed]

great quality great price

This item was packed well [Three Posts Daybed]

This item was packed well by the manufacturer. The installation instructions were easy to follow. The daybed seems very sturdy. Only one minor gripe -- a few of the screws broke during installation. All in all very satisfied with this purchase.

Looks really nice [Three Posts Daybed]

Looks really nice, fairly easy to assemble. I was able to do it by myself

Very elegant [Ebern Designs Daybed]

Very elegant my daughters love it

Very good quality [Ebern Designs Daybed]

Very good quality and perfect for the guest room! The mattresses are very sturdy and comfortable. I was super impressed with this Daybed for the low price and so glad I made the purchase!

Well built [Ebern Designs Daybed]

Well built

My grandson and his friend [Ebern Designs Daybed]

My grandson and his friend put it together in a couple of hours and it looks really nice. The mattresses are firm and comfortable. Perfect for a rustic feeling in my room.

Extremely comfortable [Ebern Designs Daybed]

Extremely comfortable and sturdy. Love it!

Beautiful [Ebern Designs Daybed]

Beautiful, just as expected. Beautiful wood construction, easy to assemble...The mattresses are not as firm to our liking but should be functional for occasional guests..otherwise you cannot beat the quality and price.

It’s very sturdy [Ebern Designs Daybed]

It’s very sturdy and I absolutely love it!! It was easy to put together and looks just like the picture!

his daybed is perfect [Ebern Designs Daybed]

This daybed is perfect for my grandsons when they stay for sleepovers. The easy pullout trundle tucks nicely away when not in use making for a very comfortable couch. Love it!

Perfect [Ebern Designs Daybed]

Prefect for my 5 and 14 year old in the traval trailer

I love this daybed [Wicker Park Daybed]

I love this daybed w trundle!! It's the perfect solution for a sm guest room/office. It is larger than I pictured but it's beautiful! My first guest that used this bed loved it. She said she had a great night's sleep. It's very chic looking and a few large pillows it's exactly what I needed.

I love how it was so easy [Wicker Park Daybed]

I love how it was so easy to put together. Sturdy.

Yes [Wicker Park Daybed]

Yes very good

Love [Wicker Park Daybed]

Love it! I read all the reviews and here is my experience. I am a 48 year old woman and was able to unbox it and assemble it myself. I did need another person to help me with turning it right side up after assembly. I checked before I started to make sure all the pieces (including hardware) were there. They were. Followed instructions and it was easy. Assembled the piece seems sturdy and well built. I read reviews that the front board was not sturdy. I do agree that it could be a thicker piece of wood. I have sat on it, so far so good. It's appearance is lovely, I bought the Charcoal Gray and the it looks great. I was glad that I read the reviews as it is a large piece, so I made sure I measured. Glad I purchased it. I hope it lasts!

Exactly what I was looking for [Wicker Park Daybed]

Exactly what I was looking for! It's in an office so it maintained the look of an office rather than a guest room.

This day bed is a good piece of furniture [Wicker Park Daybed]

This day bed is a good piece of furniture, not flimsy or cheap. Love the extra trundle. We use it as a couch in the kids playroom and an extra bed for my daughters sleep overs. It’s been 8 months and still looks brand new! The fabric is very durable without being rough or ugly!

We are using this trundle bed [Wicker Park Daybed]

We are using this trundle bed as a couch for the playroom and a place for guests. It's perfect. I love the detail, makes it look so expensive and classy. It was missing half the screws however, and we had guests coming the next day so my husband had to go to Home Depot and buy 8 more (at $1 each for these specialty screws)... pretty annoying. But now that's its up we love it.

We are using this trundle bed [Wicker Park Daybed]

We are using this trundle bed as a couch for the playroom and a place for guests. It's perfect. I love the detail, makes it look so expensive and classy. It was missing half the screws however, and we had guests coming the next day so my husband had to go to Home Depot and buy 8 more (at $1 each for these specialty screws)... pretty annoying. But now that's its up we love it.

Beautiful [Wicker Park Daybed]

Beautiful and very sturdy!

Simple to put together [Wicker Park Daybed]

Simple to put together.. all the parts included. Fabric is what I expected!

Very pleased with this daybed [Wicker Park Daybed]

Very pleased with this daybed! It is quite a large piece (which is better for actual sleeping on) so be sure to measure your space. I chose this one for the high end look and ability to use a thicker mattress, so my guests could have the most comfortable sleep possible. I put two Endy mattresses on it which for perfectly. There is a small gap at the ends which is filled in by adding sheets and a light comforter for a perfect fit. I inspected every piece carefully when removing it from the packaging and found no scratches, pulls or loose threads. Thumbs up! My husband was gracious enough to assemble this and the directions looked clear. I don't recall many four letter words emanating from the assembly zone, so safe to say it went much better than the typical Ikea experience. I would recommend this piece highly.

Great purchase [Wicker Park Daybed]

Great purchase. Beautiful fabric, easy assembly, very sturdy. I would highly recommend this product.

Easily [House of Hampton Daybed]

Easily put together, came in a sturdy box.

Great [House of Hampton Daybed]

Great job!

Very attractive [House of Hampton Daybed]

Very attractive sofa.

It looks very nice [House of Hampton Daybed]

It looks very nice .for the money its worth it

Looks great [House of Hampton Daybed]

Looks great, high quality

Beautiful [House of Hampton Daybed]


Great quality [House of Hampton Daybed]

Great quality. Product looks as pictured.

It’s great quality [House of Hampton Daybed]

It’s great quality, it looks exactly like the picture. My only complaint is that my leg of the trundle has a hole in it, on the inside it’s not noticeable.

Great quality [House of Hampton Daybed]

Great quality and very nice

I’ve had this piece for about 2 years now [House of Hampton Daybed]

I’ve had this piece for about 2 years now. It is a beautiful piece and made sturdy, the only downside is that the screws won’t stayed screwed. I have to continue to go back every few months and tighten the screws. I’m not sure if that has to do with me putting it together myself or if that pieces are just like that, nonetheless, if there is a solution to that then the problem is solved but it is a wonderful piece.


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