Best 10 Mattresses for Hot Sleepers (Updated)

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Sleeping warm is a common complaint across people of all types. Here are some reasons that you may be experiencing it.

- You're eating spicy foods. Spicy foods are known to increase body temperature.

- You exercise in the evening or are very active during the day. This can lead to higher body temperatures.

- You are genetically predisposed to being warmer.

- You sleep on a memory foam mattress that is trapping the heat.

For those that sleep warm at night, there is nothing worse than waking in the night drenched in sweat or unable to fall asleep because you are tossing and turning. Fortunately, there are some surfaces that diffuse heat and help you get a better sleep.

What Materials Are Best For Hot Sleepers?

There are some fabrics and other materials that diffuse heat on the top layer and keep things cool all night long. Here are some of the top materials:

-Celliant® is a revolutionary material that diffuses body heat with micro-crystals that turn your body heat into infrared light.

- Gel or graphite infused memory foam diffuses heat by being less conductive. Like a cooling pack, it stays cool longer.

- Breathable and cool fabric such as viscose, bamboo, and some cotton blends also help diffuse heat away from your body while you sleep.

Which Mattresses are Best for Hot Sleepers?

Most newer mattress brands out there are painfully aware of heat issues as it is a top reason for mattress returns, but it doesn't mean that they have solved the heat issue for all sleepers. For those that sleep extremely warm, one of the best brands is Bear Mattress. It was designed in mind for athletes that sleep at higher temperatures than the average population. It's whole design has cooling in mind, and coming with a Celliant® cover, the only complaint you'll have is that you may be too cold. Another similar specialty mattress not mentioned below is the Freya Mattress By Brooklyn Bedding. Tomorrow is the overall favorite for customers and they note that it doesn't sleep warm versus other luxury hybrids with memory foam. Lastly, Winkbeds is a great option because they offer a coolControl™ add on base that uses fans to cool or heat the mattress to your desired temperature. It's revolutionary if you ask us!

Top Mattresses

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#1 Bear Mattress

Bear mattress offers two amazing mattresses. Although its memory foam version has won awards among athletes, their Hybrid has won acclaim from everyone (read more Bear Hybrid reviews). Some of their differentiators include a Celliant® cover that is an FDA approved medical device, diffusing heat and facilitating deeper sleep while helping with pain and muscle recovery. These mattresses also are designed to be superior at supporting the spine and alleviating aches & pains. With these factors and their all-inclusive and low priced Bear Bundle that includes pillows and mattress protector, folks love these beds.

Mattress Score for Hot Sleepers

Overall Score for Hot Sleepers: 9.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

Back Support: 9.6/10

Price: $500-$1650

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#2 Tomorrow

Tomorrow is an innovative factory-direct sleep company offering a variety of sleep products like an impressive sleep tracker, adjustable base, pillows, sheets, comforters, and more. Their extremely comfortable hybrid and all-foam mattress is built with generations of expertise and data from Serta Simmons and has higher value materials at a lower price than many competitors in the market. With impeccable customer satisfaction scores, this brand is a market leader to love!

Mattress Score for Hot Sleepers

Overall Score for Hot Sleepers: 9.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.8/10

Price Value: 9.7/10

Back Support: 9.8/10

Price: $495-$1250

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#3 Big Fig

Big Fig is the premier mattress for those with a 'bigger figure.' They make a super durable and supportive mattress that is designed to support plus-sized sleepers. With capacity to withstand distrubuted weights of up to 500-1000lbs and a 20 year warranty, these mattresses are super durable and perfect for those that have suffered from a lack of support, hot sagging beds, or are looking for a firm mattress.

Mattress Score for Hot Sleepers

Overall Score for Hot Sleepers: 9.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9.2/10

Back Support: 9.8/10

Price: $1299-$1999

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#4 Winkbeds

Winkbeds is a factory-direct luxury hybrid mattress brand competing with the luxury showroom market. They are a very innovative company, having added multiple layers of pocket coils to their 'mattress in a box' before others in the factory direct industry. Also, they launched the coolControl™ mattress base, a first of its kind technology. The coolControl™ system gives sleepers full control over their temperature, blowing cool or warm air through the mattress. Customers agree that this brand is a trend-setter and a very competitive option!

Mattress Score for Hot Sleepers

Overall Score for Hot Sleepers: 9.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

Back Support: 9.5/10

Price: $749-$1549

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#5 Puffy

Puffy is an online mattress brand that makes two mattresses: The Puffy Mattress and The Puffy Lux Mattress (Get $275 Off - Code SLUMBER275). Both are high rated memory foam mattresses that are making a splash in the mattress in the box industry. Most folks find these mattresses softer than other all-foam mattresses in a box, which is great for those with a lighter body type. Also, its foam is more responsive than traditional memory foam alone so you don't sink in as much, which is preferred by most sleepers. It's definitely a brand to consider and ships worldwide!

Mattress Score for Hot Sleepers

Overall Score for Hot Sleepers: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

Back Support: 9.1/10

Price: $795-$1350

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#6 Avocado

The Avocado Green mattress offers a blend of eco-conscious, natural, and organic ingredients to make a one of a kind, supportive, hybrid mattress. They also have a Vegan option available at no added cost. For those that are sensitive to off-gassing or suffer from airborne allergies, having an all-natural mattress is a must. Avocado has that covered by using certified pesticide free wool, organic cotton, and all-natural latex. They are also GreenGuard Gold certified, which is one of the most rigorous volatile emissions standards to obtain. Together with their pocket coil system, this is a strong brand to look at.

Mattress Score for Hot Sleepers

Overall Score for Hot Sleepers: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

Back Support: 9.5/10

Price: $959-$2199

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#7 Dreamcloud

Should you trust all of the great things you hear about the Dreamcloud? Maybe yes, you should! Dreamcloud is one of the most exciting entrants into the online mattress-in-a-box space. They offer 15'' of luxury materials with an exclusive hand-tufted top with cashmere blend for a highly luxurious-comfortable sleep for the price. When it comes to comfort, the cashmere blend, high quality memory foam and latex, and the support of micro-coils provide a truly memorable sleeping surface. With optional 'like-new reconditioning' after 5 years, 'Buy Now and Pay Later' financing through Affirm, and a 365 day trial, this is one of the best luxury bargains anywhere.

Mattress Score for Hot Sleepers

Overall Score for Hot Sleepers: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10

Price Value: 9.7/10

Back Support: 9.3/10

Price: $1074-$1499

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#8 Amore

Amore offers four different mattresses, from a budget-friendly flippable foam version to two different hybrid hybrid options with amazing customization options for the price, and lastly a high end all-natural latex mattress version. They offer a variety of exciting features like split firmness, copper infused fabric, and the option for luxury foams. With these options and solid customer satisfaction, we think there is a lot going for Amore's mattresses.

Mattress Score for Hot Sleepers

Overall Score for Hot Sleepers: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9.6/10

Back Support: 9.7/10

Price: $575-$1250

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#9 Purple

Purple® mattresses are taking the industry by storm with their super lightweight polymer that is purple. It uses 'smart grid' technology to keep things cool and relieve joint and pressure point pain. Overall, they run a bit less firm than other memory foam mattresses and are rated in the medium firmness range, which is great for side sleepers. Some folks love the feel of this mattress, though there are others that prefer a more traditional feel.

Mattress Score for Hot Sleepers

Overall Score for Hot Sleepers: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

Back Support: 8.9/10

Price: $699-$1299

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#10 Layla

Layla got its start in 2015 as the mattress in the box trying to fight homelessness with every mattress purchased. Since then, they have focused themselves primarily on making one better mattress, crafting an infused-copper memory foam mattress for everyone. With materials that are cooler and more customizable, there is definitely something to this mattress. If you are interested in a slightly soft all-foam mattress, this is mattress is worth a look.

Mattress Score for Hot Sleepers

Overall Score for Hot Sleepers: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

Back Support: 9.3/10

Price: $499-$999

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