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Tomorrow is liquidating as of May 2019 and may have no more inventory. Tomorrow is an innovative factory-direct sleep company offering a variety of sleep products like an impressive sleep tracker, adjustable base, pillows, sheets, comforters, and more. Their extremely comfortable hybrid and all-foam mattress is built with generations of expertise and data from Serta Simmons and has higher value materials at a lower price than many competitors in the market. With impeccable customer satisfaction scores, this brand is a market leader to love!

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7/10

No Back Pain: 7.1/10

Price: $495-$1250

Trial Period: 365 Nights

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Tomorrow's Specifics

Quality of Materials

In both its all-foam and hybrid mattress, Tomorrow's team has focused on material quality. We'll go through each of the mattresses in depth, starting with their exciting and cost-effective all-foam mattress!

Their all-foam mattress is medium firmness and features some of the highest quality visco-elastic foam available. Also, they have utilized open cell technology to keep things airy and cool throughout the night. Normally this kind of technology would have a steep price tag, but they are offering an amazing introduction rate for under $700 for a queen after discount. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: 1'' of 2.5 lb/cubic ft airy Cooling Open-Cell Memory Foam further dissipates heat with the open cell technology and cradles the body in a relaxing contour.

Layer 2: 2'' of 2.5 lb/cubic ft Cool Swirl Memory Foam regulates body temperature with its open cell technology. In terms of feel, it lightly contours around the body, melting away pressure points.

Layer 3: 7'' of 2 lb/cubit ft Durable High Density Foam provides a firm support while cradling the spine properly. This allows comfortable alignment for back and side sleepers and provides superior durability so the mattress will last many years.

Next, we are going to move onto the highly rated Tomorrow hybrid mattress. Here are the details:

With the exception of the side rails that provide good edge support, the comfort layer foams are all viscoelastic (memory foam) and offer more value than high density polyfoams. Each foam is CertiPUR-US certified so they don't off-gas. Their top layer foams are infused with Black Diamond and Phase Change Material, which both help with cooling. Here is the full breakdown:

Layer 1: [Medium Firm] The first layer is 1'' of Black Diamond Phase Change Material memory foam. [Medium Soft] The first layer is 1'' of Phase Change Material memory foam that is softer. These foams provide cooling and good ventilation at the top level.

Layer 2: [Medium Firm] 1.5'' of air cooled gel foam and a 1.5'' of firmer dynamic response foam. [Medium Soft] The 2'' air cooled gel foam. This layer acts as a pressure relieving layer to support the spine and work together with the support of the coils below.

Layer 3: 6'' of pocket coils (660 coils in the queen, and 840 in the king). They are covered with a nonwoven fabric to keep them in place and stabilize how they work in the mattress. These coils are special -- they are very high quality 800 Series coils and have a springy resilience to them that reduces pressure points while maintaining support.

Layer 4: Around the pocket coils are ventilated foam 'rails' on the side that provide good edge support to the mattress.

Layer 5: A layer of base foam provides the bottom layer of the mattress and gives the mattress structure.

Overall Comfort

Tomorrow's team has focused on the details with their mattresses and it shows in its reception with customers. They have some of the highest customer satisfaction scores and with high end materials that will keep you cool and provide amazing pressure point relief, it isn't hard to see why. While some folks love the the contouring of memory foam, their hybrid is the most widely loved and with only a small price to pay versus the memory foam, you'll get two firmness options to fit any sleeper.


While Tomorrow's memory foam mattress is closer to a medium, which means it is perfect for those that are medium-sized back or side sleepers, Tomorrow's hybrid mattress offers two comfort options: a medium firm or a medium soft mattress. The medium firm comes with Black Diamond infused memory foam that cools and supports. For those that are lighter or side sleepers, the soft version is spec'd as perfectly fluffy. Customers with average and smaller body sizes who do lots of side sleeping will do better with the memory foam or soft hybrid options.

Back Pain Relief

Tomorrow's mattress has been manufactured with a focus on pressure point relief and aligning the spine with its high quality foams and its versatile coil system in its hybrid mattress. This has translated to its overall comfort. If you are a side sleeper or lighter, the soft version or memory foam mattress may be best for you. If you are heavier or a stomach sleeper, check out the medium firm.

Also, if you struggle with back pain, take a look at their adjustable base, which has won acclaim and is the #1 rated adjustable base that we reviewed.


The design of these mattresses provide extra ventilation and a superior level of cooling. The memory foam version: with its open cell technology and superior memory foam craftsmanship, this mattress will sleep cooler than most foam mattresses available and stay durable for years to come. And with the hybrid, it sleeps ultra-cool with each of the foams, the side rails, and the coil interior acting together to remove heat from your body and downward out of the mattress. For most everyone, Tomorrow's mattresses will provide a cool and comfortable sleep.

Who Is It Good For?

Tomorrow has something for everyone! With a luxury feel for a great price and a devoted team with decades of industry experience, we are excited about where this brand is going!

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Had the mattress 40 days was nice but wife did not like it . I called to return 2 days later they were there to pick up . The return was easy like wow

Couldn't be happier!

I did a lot of research about hybrid mattresses and liked the concept but the in-store prices (even for year end and holiday sales) were pretty steep. Normally J would be leery of buying a mattress without having at least tried it out online, but I took the chance based on the great reviews and really feel I got a high quality mattress at an exceptional price. Getting it through my bedroom door and into my bed frame by myself once it had been unwrapped was interesting, lol- it was like trying to steer a 110 lbs Chalupa (got myself a queen medium firm), so you might want to enlist a friend's help. But I managed alone, so other than that whole experience was extremely low maintenance and I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone. Been sleeping great and having less aches and pains as a result, having a great mattress makes a bigger difference than you realize! Enjoy!

I've never slept better!

Ever since I bought my Tomorrow Sleep mattress I have never slept better. My lower back thanks me every single night. I highly recommend buying this product.


To be fair, I didn't think we needed a new mattress. I was fine, but my husband was miserable! His neck hurt, his back hurt, his legs ached...every morning. So, we researched lots of mattresses and decided on the medium firm Tomorrow Sleep mattress. Well, it's been over a month and we are so happy! No more aches and pains at all. For reference, he is 6'2" and 220 pounds. I think I am more comfortable too. I liked our old mattress because it was a pillow top and I liked the squishy-ness. This doesn't have that, obviously, but it's still soft and yet really supportive. There doesn't seem to be the issue with heat retention like traditional memory foam. I also appreciate the fact that the edges of the bed don't sink like other memory foam mattresses. Overall, we would definitely recommend this mattress!

Very Happy with this mattress

Originally got the firm, but changed to the soft and am very happy with it. It cradles my body with plenty firmness and stability.

Firm and comfortable

The mattress came and was easy to install. I did it by myself up a 3rd floor of a Manhattan walk up. The mattress itself is amazingly comfortable. The memory foam doesn't make you feel stuck or sunk but provides just the right level of support. I'm super happy!

Great Mattress

I wanted a mattress that would work with an adjustable base, but was concerned about 'sleeping hot' on a memory foam mattress.

The Tomorrow mattress is a great alternative for anyone who wants the support and comfort of memory foam with the 'breathability' of an inner spring. I sleep deeply and comfortably - not too hot...not too cold...just right!

Best Mattress At A Great Price

This mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned, it was also very well priced. I would definitely recommend this company to friends & family. Very pleased customer.

No more pain!

We purchased the Medium Firm and love it, although I'm sure Medium Soft is equally as epic. For the first time in years I am sleeping through the night and not flipping around trying to find the least painful position. I just can't recommend this mattress enough!

Sleeps good. Two corners never decompressed.

I've had this bed about three weeks now. I got the firm one. It sleeps comfortably, though I think I would probably prefer the softer one as I am a side sleeper and this makes the bottom of my ribs a little painful some nights. Also, the two bottom corners never decompressed fully so the bed isn't necessarily a box in shape as it is more rounded on the foot of the bed. This isn't as obvious on my bed frame with a duvet on it.

Not for me

I ordered the firmer mattress as I needed more back support. After 2 nights I found it to be too firm,both for my wife and I. I called customer service and they sent a mattress topper. It didn't help. I called customer service and asked for the bed to be picked up. They were extremely helpful and arraigned for the pick up and full refund. Very pleased.

Each Night Better Than the Last

I thought I was sleeping fine in my last bed, but my Tomorrow Sleep mattress is comfier than I ever thought possible! The medium firm offers great support and the perfect amount of sink in the memory foam. At the end of the day I look forward to the joyful experience of climbing into bed.

This mattress made sleeping great again

My wife and I had a bed from when we got married 10 years ago. It was horrible and we knew it but couldn't afford anything until now. This mattress has changed everything about sleeping. We now look forward to going to bed, spend time reading books in the bed and struggle to get out of bed in the morning! With our old bed, we looked forward to hotels for the beds and now? We have a great bed at home!

So far so good.

We switched from a very high end but old matress. I am a 100% side sleeper and I have found that this bed is very comfortable for me. I see less back pain. My wife (a stomach sleeper) is still on the fence. She feels that it get's more comfortable every night but I think the adjustment period for her will be longer. We purchased the white glove service and that was flawless. They came and took our old matress and had the new one up in minutes. No real noticeable off-gassing or orders. Overall pleased so far but plan to evaluate over the 100 day sleep period.

Fantastic mattress, great support

We went with the medium-soft mattress. My girlfriend is uncomfortable sleeping on firm mattresses for more than a week or so at a time. I've had a Keetsa for a while which was nice, but it got lumpy really fast and it's firm so we needed a change. We cross shopped a number of mail order mattresses and knew we absolutely didn't want all-foam. The tomorrow sleep medium-soft is supportive and comfortable while still being cloud-like and soft, a perfect combination. We're really happy with it!

The shipping container was sturdy and the included tool to open the plastic safely is a really nice touch.


I ordered the mattress on Tuesday and received it on Thursday. Super fast delivery. Quick and easy set up. But, the best part was the sleep. I have the medium firm. I had such bad back pain from my old mattress that disappeared overnight. I am thrilled with this purchase.

Great experience & product!

We loved both the ease of delivery of this item and the product itself! The mattress arrived fast and was easy to get out of the packaging & set-up! Note the medium-firm is definitely on the firm side, which is what we we were looking for. Also, be patient for the sides of the mattress to plump up after laying flat. We ordered the mattress a few months ago, and have been sleeping well ever since.

Surprisingly Comfortable

I've been hesitant to buy a "bed in a box" solution for a while now. I'm surprised at how firm the mattress is at first but when you lay onto it it conforms to you in a great way.

A good investment

This is one of the best decisions I have made in a while. I was in need of a new mattress because my old mattress was about 12 years old. Given that I have two surgically repaired shoulders due to epilepsy testing (I have epilepsy) sleep is a crucial part of my regular routine. I need 7-8 hours every night and the mattress has been a huge help. I was so impressed that I decided to get one for my dad's Christmas gift. He is in dire need of good quality sleep as well.

"Hot Sleepers" will love this mattress!

We purchased this mattress 3 months ago - in the height of summer in Florida. Our old mattress always slept "hot" - blankets tossed on & off nightly. This solved that problem. Used prior bed's old foundation. I also purchased an "outlast" lightly quilted blanket (Sealy) , and the Tomorrow mattress protector for a totally temperature-regulated sleep environment. Oh, and it's very supportive for various sleep positions to boot. Purchased the medium firm. He loves it very firm. I still find it quite firm when laying down at first, but then it gets more comfy and you start to kinda sink-in. Happy Purchasers' are we!

Great mattress, but maybe smaller than standard?

I love the comfort and stability of the mattress. I sleep soundly and wake up with no back pain at all. Customer service and delivery were excellent. But it feels smaller (narrower and shorter) than my old queen mattresses and doesn't perfectly fit my standard queen bed frame.

Worth every single penny!

I did a LOT of research before purchasing this mattress. I watched YouTube videos with reviews on boxed mattresses and read several blogs. At the very end of my research I saw a video talking about this mattress and how overwhelmed the reviewers were by this new mattress. So I decided to take a leap, specifically for the hybrid aspect. I liked the idea of the individually wrapped coils combined with the memory foam top. My husband really needed something softer, that relieved the pressure on his nerves, while still supporting his back. He works long hard hours on the powerlines, sometimes working 28hr work days. I'm happy to report that after having this mattress for a few weeks now he can positively say this is the most comfortable mattress he's ever slept on. He is constantly calling this mattress "magical". For the first time in a long time he says he wakes up actually feeling refreshed. He used to wake up with numb hands and lots of pain in his lower back. Now he says his hands no longer go numb by the morning and he wakes up feeling no back pain at all, even after working incredibly ling hours. This mattress is awesome. Literally one of the best purchases we've ever made. I know for a fact we'll be buying more of these mattresses in the future as we phase out the others in other rooms.

For those with back pain

Naturally, I'm pretty stubborn. Especially when it comes to choosing a new bed over one I've been used to for most of my life..

I have two herniated discs in my lower back and I've been having a lot of trouble finding a matress that would allow me to have a well rested night's sleep.

After doing plenty of research, I came across Tomorrow Sleep as having one of the better mattresses to help with those, like me, suffering from back pain.

I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this matress is. Not to mention, it costs much cheaper than many of the traditional beds I had been shopping around for.

Overall I rate this bed pretty great and so far I've been pretty satisfied with the results.

A great surprise

Been having trouble sleeping due to my back. I didn't know if my current mattress was too firm or too soft. I finally jumped on a leap a faith and tried tomorrow sleeps firm mattress. I've had it for a week but everyday so far my back has been better. I still get neck paid but I believe that's becaue my pillow is too stiff.

Love the Comfort

I am very particular about mattresses and have normally spent thousands. I spent way less with Tomorrow sleep and couldn't be happier!

It works!

I have struggled sleeping due to tremendous hip pain. I went from a firm mattress to a memory foam mattress that I've had for the last 4 years. Nothing worked. I read about this mattress, saw it was reasonably priced and stayed within my budget so gave it a try. NO PAIN! No pressure points of pain! none... I don't know how it does it as it doesn't feel that soft. I read the reviews about the medium firmness feeling to firm so I got the soft. This is a Firm mattress with a little bit of give. I expected it to be a little softer, give you that sink in feeling. however I was so pleasantly surprised sleeping on it that it was so perfect... It felt "luxurious" and like I said no pain.. so not sure how, but it works....

Best Night ever

This is one of the best mattresses i've ever slept on. Fist night, laying down i was out like a light. The best!

Put simply: My life is changed.

I highly underestimated the impact that a high quality bed could have on my life. Even through the moment of purchasing a Tomorrow, I had my doubts. Two weeks later, I am a believer. I wake up rested... Fully rested. My nights are better, and my days are better. Thank you, Tomorrow.

Bought two because they are so comfortable and supportive

My wife and I purchased a Simmons Black Hybrid mattress and really love the mattress. Our teenage son's mattress was getting old but we didn't want to spend the "Simmons Black" kind of money for him. We found Tomorrow's Hybrid mattress with a google search and the positive reviews and much less expensive pricing convinced us to make the plunge. Our son loved his mattress and commented that his back doesn't hurt anymore when he wakes up. We also decided to buy one for our guest room and our daughter slept in it for a week when she came home from college and mentioned it was the most comfortable bed she has ever slept on. When I lay down on the mattress it feels awfully close to our Simmons mattress so much that we may go the Tomorrrow route when we replace our mattress in the future.

I love you.....Tomorrow. You're only a day AWAY!

I feel like Daddy Warbucks in the closing scene of Annie. If only my desk chair at work felt this good, I think I would be a millionaire by now. But seriously, I love this bed.

Glad I switched!

As a side sleeper, I thought waking up with hip pain was a way of life. After 3 nights on the Tomorrow Sleep hybrid I have woken up pain free each morning. I'm saying goodbye to innerspring mattresses forever!

I've been having some really vivid dreams

After laying on the mattress after it had come straight from the box, I was a little worried. It felt like I was laying on cardboard. Hah.

But! After coming back the next day (new mattress for the new house), i was very happy with my decision. I really like it. Hopefully the GF does too. We were going to go with a stearns and foster. I had actually already ordered it after trying it out in the store. But! I compared the materials and how the mattress was made, to this Tomorrow Mattress and decided to take a chance.

The price and the anatomy of this mattress is what made me select this. I've only slept on this mattress a handful of times, but, so far so good.

Happy with my purchase

There's a confusing list of choices today with so much competition in the mattress world, I'm very happy I chose Tomorrow Sleep. I honestly haven't slept better in years. Where was this mattress 10 years ago when I paid $2200 for my old one? There's no comparison.

My back feels better than it has in years!

For years, I used to wake up practically hunched over with back pain. It was a struggle getting through my morning and I thought that this was just a facet of aging. Then, I started sleeping on the Medium Firm hybrid mattress from Tomorrow. To say that it's changed my life is an understatement. I wake up now with no backache; instead I've got a spring in my step!

Top Quality

This mattress is so well constructed. I travel a lot and I find it better than the best hotel beds. I can already tell after a few months that it's going to stand the test of time. Best quality at a very affordable price. I highly recommend it.

This Bed Never Gets Hot

I don't know how they did it, but Tomorrow Sleep has made a bed that stays cool all night. I've grown used to waking up in the middle of the night hot and uncomfortable, tossing around trying to find a cool spot. I tried sleeping without a blanket, keeping the window open, and even using the AC in the dead of winter. Who knew all I had to do was change my mattress? I'm finally able to sleep through the night and not be a sweaty mess in the morning.

Yep, way better than my old bed!

This bed is definitely better than I expected! I often sleep right up to the edge of the bed and with my old mattress, I've actually fallen off of it a few times.... embarrassing and painful, I know lol. Not with my new Tomorrow Sleep mattress! When they said this bed has edge support, they meant it! I can also tell that they put a lot of work into the full construction of the bed. I have 2 toddlers who think my bed is also their bed, and so far, this bed has lived up to the demands of a busy family life. I decided on the Medium Firm and it is fantastic!

Nice And Cool Baby

This mattress helps keep us cool and comfortable when sleeping, unlike our previous bed, which was all-foam and super hot! Now my wife and I fall asleep with no trouble... our dog Pete seems to really enjoy it too!

Finally! Back support!

I use to wake up with really terrible backaches from my old spring mattress. However, once I started sleeping on my new Tomorrow Sleep bed, I have been waking up with much less pain and soreness in my lower back. I got the Medium Firm and I think it's giving me the perfect amount of support... best decision I ever made!

Great firmness!

My husband and I both have lower back pain, and the medium firm mattress offers great support. We also love the fact that we aren't disturbed when one person gets up in the middle of the night. The set-up was so easy too!

We will definitely recommend this mattress to our friends and family!

A prescription for anyone sleeping with back pain

I am in my 3rd week sleeping on the firmer model. It is my first experience with sleeping on a memory foam mattress so I am still adjusting but very impressed with the support and comfort. I did suffer from lower back pain with my last mattress that was only 4 months old. The Tomorrow mattress is a pleasant surprise. I sleep on both my back and side so at this point I would say it's excellent when sleeping on my back. Not so sure yet about the side sleeping. Also, I have not had it long enough to access durability.

Right for side sleepers

Got the softer version of the mattress and it's actually firm enough for back sleeping and just right for side sleeping. (130lbs, 5'5). The mattress still sleeps on the warmer side for me but it's nice for fall/winter.

Construction of mattress could've been better since there are foams that protrude from the whole covering.

Finally a mattress I love

I am a personal trainer and many nights I go to bed sore. This is the first mattress that feels great to fall asleep on and even better to wake up on. I wake up feeling well rested and not sore. I am so happy to have found this great mattress .

Best sleep every night!!

We purchased the medium soft 2 weeks ago and have literally have had the best sleep every night since. I would recommend this mattress to everyone. Soft comfy top and supports perfectly. My wife and I absolutely love this mattress. We researched every online mattress and found Tomorrow's had little to no odor and they werw right! Love it!

Money well spent

So far so good. We were hesitant at first with the medium soft mattress but as side sleepers we made the right choice. It conforms nicely, doesn't sleep hot, and still provides support to prevent back pain.

Best memory foam we tried!

On the 5th try we finally landed on a memory foam mattress that my wife and I both love with the Tomorrow mattress. I prefer firmer and she prefers softer but we both love it! Only been less than a week but hopefully it lasts.

Unflippin' believably great

From the start, customer service stepped in to help me in the most professional and friendly helpful way. The firm and soft comparisons helped me make up my mind that SOFT was for me, especially after enduring a way-too-firm mattress for years! The first night my anticipation was very high... and it was even better than I'd dreamed possible; unflippin' believably great!!! I LOVE this mattress and have been telling anyone I know looking for a mattress about the Tomorrow's Sleep solution. I feel so good about the very reasonable investment compared to other mattresses too, and I'm passing that information on as well. PS: My 2 cats give their paws up approval too.


Nice new mattresses from hip companies with large marketing budgets seem to be all the rage right now. So when it was time for my husband and I to buy a new king sized mattress, we knew we didn't want to skimp with a cheaper, or mid-range product like we had had for the past 5 years. If you are buying a new mattress, spend the extra few hundred bucks and BUY THIS MATTRESS. Immediately when we got it and tried it out, we couldn't believe what we had been missing out on all of these years with an old regular quality mattress. I promise you its worth it. This thing sleeps like a cloud, and as we all know, quality of sleep can change your life. If you are still teetering between this and a Casper, purchase a TOMORROW SLEEP BED!!! The instructions are extremely user-friendly, shipment was extremely fast, and every night we get home now, we can't WAIT to get into our new bed. Also, the financing option they offer is great - 0 APR. I wish I could replace every mattress in my house with Tomorrow Sleep. Honestly all of ours friends are sick of hearing about our new mattress because we talk about it so much. Once you pull the trigger, you too will know what a bountiful night's sleep, cloud-like naps, and serene rests on the bed looks like.

As far as firmness and feel - I can sleep on soft or firm, but my husband prefers very firm. We got the Medium Firm-ness, and he is very satisfied. The bed has a memory foam feel, but it does not heavily cave in to your body weight like Tempur Pedic. This thing even feels great without a pillow.

Has been really great so far!

The bed has been really great so far. I had been getting back and shoulder pain for a bit on my older spring mattress and knew it was time to upgrade. This was the bed within this price range that I found most recommended for side sleepers and the comparison reviews with Casper and Leesa put this one as more comfortable. I loved that I had the option to choose a softer mattress to make it better for side sleeping. I also got a great deal on the mattress so it was even cheaper than the competitors I had been looking at so that's what's up. I have only been sleeping on it for a week or so, but so far I have been sleeping really well and waking up without pain. The only problem is it has been harder to want to get out of bed now… no really. I overslept a few times. :-D

Amazing Mattress but Medium firm a little too firm for me

Got the mattress. Took a while for me and my body to adjust because of the firmness. So i called them up and told me about my predicament, and they send me a free mattress topper!!! After that, there was no turning back.

Awesome mattress!

I'm so glad I I took a leap of faith on this mattress having never laid on it. It has made such a difference in how I sleep and how I feel when I wake up. It took a few days to get used to but now it's wonderful. I have a medium firm and it's finally feeling perfect.

Finally Sleeping All Night!

I have had so much trouble finding a comfortable mattress for myself. I saw this one and it was less expensive than others online. I was a little nervous buying a mattress without lying on it first, but my fear was gone the first night on my new bed. I am only having one problem. It is sliding off my foundation. I wrote to Tomorrow and was contacted promptly. I was happily surprised. They are making sure I am nothing but happy. So go ahead and order this mattress, you will be happy you did!

No more pain!

I used to wake up every morning with neck, back and hip pain. Of course with a 15+ year old mattress, I wasn't surprised. The kids, the house and everyone else always came first. Well, we finally pulled the trigger and got something for US. We are NOT regretting it one bit! Looking at pillows next! Thank you Tomorrow Sleep!!

Good So Far

So far no complaints. Very well constructed, durable mattress. Medium/Plush still breaking in, feels more towards the med. side, but I don't weigh that much either. Definitely relieves pressure points. I'm a toss and turn sleeper which this mattress does fine with. I prefer a little plusher, but like I said, still breaking in, and I don't weigh much. Wife is strictly a side sleeper and has no complaints. Motion isolation is good as well and sleeps cool. At a higher weight, maybe above 150lbs, it might sink more and feel even plusher.

Good bed but not for me

I ordered the medium firm. It was way too firm for me, perhaps firmer than the advertised 1 to 10 comfort scale rating, but that does not make it a bad mattress. It was just not the mattress for me. Jennifer at customer service was stellar in orchestrating the pickup of the mattress. These are good people to do business with so go ahead and check them out.

So far so good

This is my first hybrid bed and I decided to purchase it after my friend got one. I decided to go with medium soft because of my neck and back pains after the accident. The delivery was quick and it weight a lot because 3 delivery guys had to carry the box to my door. It's been less then a month since I tried it and I'm liking it, just not sure if I should have gone with more firm option because I sleep on my stomach mostly. I think it takes time to get used to it coming from old traditional mattress. Overall considering 100 trial time it's well worth of tying it.

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