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Titan Mattress Reviews

Spring 2024 Updates: Titan mattresses are currently shipping normally, usually within 3-7 business days. Recent customers mention mostly happy experiences with rare exceptions.

Titan mattresses by Brooklyn Bedding offer specialty mattresses designed for plus-sized folks. The firm-level coil support systems create a truly durable sleeping experience for those that have had issues with mattress sagging in the past. These mattresses come in two options, a firmer and a more pressure relieving variety. Both are budget-friendly, feature heavy-duty pocketed coils and are made in Brooklyn Bedding's mattress factory in Arizona.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $699-$1799

Trial Period: 120 Days

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Titan's Specifics

The Titan Mattress brand is specialized for those that are plus-sized and have had problems finding a mattress that is durable enough to last. These mattresses come with a variety of features that focus on durability, like 'heavy duty' TitanCaliber™ coils and high quality foams. Those that are above 200lbs and have had issues with mattress durability will be refreshed by these choices.

Quality of Materials

Both the Titan Plus and the Titan Plus Luxe have a variety of high quality materials used to create a more durable sleep experience for those that need it most.

Here is what's inside the ultra-supportive Titan Plus:

Cover Layer: The quilted cover has 1'' of gel-infused memory foam that diffuses heat and alleviates pressure point pain while resisting body indentations.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is 2'' of TitanFlex™ foam that is more responsive than memory foam and contours. This layer is firmer than other varieties to support more weight and be more durable.

Layer 2: Over 1,000 6'' TitanCaliber™ coils cradle the spine. These heavy duty coils resistant more than traditional mattresses while still adapting to your body.

Layer 3: The bottom layer is 2'' of high-density base foam that gives the mattress structure and lasting durability.

Here is what's inside the more pressure-relieving Titan Plus Luxe:

Cover Layer: A quilted cover with 1'' of gel memory foam for additional pressure-point relief for side sleeping.

Layer 1: 2'' layer of patented TitanFlex™ foam responsively contours around the hips and shoulders while remaining specially designed for larger sleepers.

Layer 2: 1'' of Energex foam enhances contour and support at once with a responsive cushion.

Layer 3: 8'' of TitanCaliber™ coils are designed for added support and independently respond to the body's curves for less pressure points and partner disturbance.

Layer 4: 1'' of high density foam provides a base layer to the mattress for added durability and mattress stability over time.

Overall Comfort

For those that are larger in size, these mattresses are reported to do exceedingly well and provide a comfortable night's sleep. For those that need a lot of support, the original Titan Firm focuses on that, while those that are side sleepers report more pressure relief in the Titan Plus Luxe.


These mattresses are built firmer than many other mattresses. However, one secret about mattress firmness is that those that are larger will experience firmness differently. The Titan Firm mattress will feel closer to a medium-firm for larger sleepers, though those with lighter body types will experience it as much firmer. The Titan Plus Luxe will feel closer to a medium for larger sleepers with smaller sleepers still getting some pressure relief benefits.

Back Pain Relief

These mattresses should alleviate back pain from mattress sagging for most sleepers. Due to the design of the mattress and the focus on durability, you should feel secure that it will last longer than standard options.


This mattress does a good job cooling with the gel-infused memory foam on the top layer and airy layers beneath.

Who Are The Titan Mattresses Right For?

Titan Mattresses are best for those that are larger in body size and looking for something more durable, but also who doesn't want an extremely firm mattress. These are perfect for larger back sleepers or side sleepers (Titan Plus Luxe specifically) over 250lbs.

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built well

surprisingly heavy and built to last

liking it

One of my friends works for Brooklyn Bedding and asked me to try this out. So far, I'm liking it. Definitely is firmer than the average mattress, but not uncomfortable in any way.

So far - so good

I'm a bigger guy - the bed is comfortable - I don't feel the platform underneath the mattress. We'll see how it holds up.

New Mattress

Awesome--very comfortable, prompt service and delivery

I want to love it....

I read so many reviews on this mattress before I bought it. I checked the company’s BBB rating. I felt good about the purchase. I’m on night five of sleeping on it and having a rough time. However, I went from a soft pillow top to this, which is a very firm mattress. I really felt like I needed a firm mattress to support me. I know it can take longer to break in a new mattress so I’m hoping this is the awful break in period, but I’m not able to sleep the 8-hours I’m use to. I often wake up in the middle of the night with such bad back pain I struggle to go back to sleep. I wake up in the morning stiff and it takes a few hours to become normal again. I really want to love this mattress so I’m continuing to sleep on it. Everyone I speak with says eventually I will love it and never buy anything else but right now I’m struggling to see that. Hoping for good things in the end!! :)

great mattress

Comfrtable and supportive

The Mattress is firm

The Mattress is "firm" as stated. Hopefully it will "soften-up" a little. Otherwise I like the mattress, and shipping was fast, had the Mattress 1 week to the day when ordered.

So, so happy with this mattress.

I have struggled to find a mattress that is firm enough (but not back breaking) for a long time now. I stumbled across the Titan, and it piqued my curiosity right away. I am a side/stomach sleeper and my boyfriend is a side sleeper (he is also 6'3 so he needs decent support), We agreed to try the Titan, and we were not disappointed. It was a bit stiff at first out of the box, but after a couple weeks it became more cushy. I no longer wake up with back pain and he is sleeping much better than he has in a long while. Eventually, my bf did decide that he'd like to add a topper, but that just suits his tastes better. I found the mattress to be perfect all on its own. So very pleased with this mattress and highly recommend it!

Sooo comfortable

Sooo comfortable

Great and Very Firm Mattress

I was looking for a very firm mattress and this one is definitely that. My husband is 5'11 and 240 lbs and I am 5'5 and 120 lbs and it is very comfortable for both of us. The sides do not squish down like our last mattress. We got the cool gel in the top and it is very comfortable but still very firm. It was very easy to order, received quickly and took a few minutes to unroll out of the box. Again, it is VERY firm so if that's what you are looking for this is a great choice.

Provides good support and stability

Provides good support and stability for two heavy sleepers.

this hybrid mattress is furm

this hybrid mattress is furm and very comfortable. Best sleep i have ever received.

Good but very firm

I like the mattress. It was delivered in a timely manner and easy to set up. It's firmer than I expected though.

I like the firm structure

I like the firm structure of the matress and comfort of sleeping on it each night. I was attracted to this matress over other brands due to its hybrid construction and the quality of the material used. I am also glad that it was mad in the united states and was not shipped from overseas.

Amazing mattress

Amazing mattress no issues at all Best part no sinking

Tennessee Titan

The ordering process was easy. The timeframe for delivery was reasonable. The mattress arrived in a vacuumed sealed box and popped into shape once the bag was cut open. It is a dream to sleep on. Very well constructed and beautiful. I would recommend Titan to anyone who needs a mattress for above average weight. The cooling top really helps if you get heated during the night.

Firm...for back sleepers....side sleeping a

Firm...for back sleepers....side sleeping a little uncomfortable when compared with tempur pedic

Construction and quality are very

Construction and quality are very good

I love my new mattress.

I love my new mattress.

Super comfortable. I fall asleep

Super comfortable. I fall asleep much faster and the support is to die for.

Absolutely love this mattress and

Absolutely love this mattress and the feel of it. Please know you MUST give it the appropriate time before deciding if you like it (I think 30 days is suggested). I was so unsure of it at first, was even leading toward not liking it. But I have it the time and it’s amazingly comfortable.

My husband loves our new

My husband loves our new Titan bed. We needed a firmer mattress since he is a big guy. The Titan was a better choice for us . Brooklyn Bedding was very helpful in helping us choice the right mattress. Great company.

Enjoying it!

I’ve only had it a couple of weeks but the process from order to receipt as really efficient and fast. Customer Service was excellent!!! Looking forward to writing another review as time goes by.

Pleasantly shocked. Love this mattress

Pleasantly shocked. Love this mattress so far

So far so good.

So far so good.

Best sleep we have ever had!

We have been sleeping on it for over 3 months now. We love this bed. We have noticed that we truly miss it when we go out of town. It is comfortable and supportive and our back problem have disappeared since we have been sleeping on it. This is the best bed we have ever had.

Awesome bed

Awesome bed

Great mattress. Very firm and

Great mattress. Very firm and comfortable. The best we’ve had yet.

Super great worth the money

This mattress is perfect my husband and I have gone through 3 to 4 mattress in the last 4 years because the structure eventually just gives out but this has been supportive. So far absolutely perfect

Great mattress abs excellent customer

Great mattress abs excellent customer service

One month in and so

One month in and so far so good! :)

Takes a few weeks getting

Takes a few weeks getting used to. My back was crunchy at first, but once it was broken in, it was comfy. Very firm.

Big Firm Bed - Better than memory foam beds!

I went from a Nectar all memory foam mattress to this great hybrid. I'm loving how firm it is! I had lower back pain from the nectar and moving activities and they wouldn't let up. After sleeping on this for about a month I can definitely say this is a great bed and I don't regret returning my other mattress to get it. If you are "bigger" and have lower back pain or slept on a crappy mattress before, this is the one for you. Nice and firm! You can sit upright on it and it can hold it's shape!

Fantastic Mattress

This is a fantastic mattress. I’m a 330lbs man and my partner is 165lbs. We both get a great nights sleep on this mattress and I don’t wake up with back pain any longer. I’m so so happy with this mattress.

We love our Titan Mattress!

We love our Titan mattress. We purchased a queen-sized Titan Hybrid with the top cooling panel and it feels incredible to sleep on. It is firm and fully supports my husband’s back/spine. For the past few years he has woke up feeling sore and frustrated because he didn’t get a good night sleep. This past summer, he had back/spine surgery. He’s 300+ pounds so I began searching for a mattress that would relieve those pressure points on his back. We are so pleased with this mattress. At first, I was reluctant to purchase a mattress online, but everything went smoothly. There were a couple key points that made me purchase this mattress. 1. It’s made in the USA. 2. I appreciated knowing that it had a 120 night trial period. 3. I had peace of mind knowing that if it wasn’t comfortable – we could return it and it wouldn’t cost us a dime. What a huge weight lifted of our shoulders. 4. I also appreciate the 10 year warranty. 5. I also appreciated this video. - this video sold me as to the quality of this product. To end this review – all I can say is – “Try it! You’ll like it!” or maybe you just might say:”Try it! You’ll love it!”

It’s a lil firmer then

It’s a lil firmer then I thought but overall really comfortable and I’m a really big goy and my girl doesn’t feel me move in my sleep anymore or when I get out of bed so she sleep better aswell highly recommended this mattress



Just perfect in all areas

Just perfect in all areas

Very good mattress. Unlike other

Very good mattress. Unlike other mattresses I don’t feel like I’m sinking in or not getting support. Doesn’t over heat either.

Best Investment! No more back pain

I've slept on this mattress for 2 months. I'm 5'11" 235lbs. Initial thoughts on the first couple nights was that this mattress is too firm. It felt like it had no give when I was laying on it. My wife felt the same way as she is significantly lighter than me. I was very concerned I was not heavy enough to make this mattress work for me. I planned to give it 30 days as the manufacturer suggested and within a week it was apparent this was a great investment. It has great support for my back because it is firm. It was not warm for me which I was concerned because I didn't buy the cooling pad. I can tell you buying a mattress on the internet was a risk and I needed to rely heavily on reviews and videos. The videos were not reviewed by people as heavy as me and the written reviews was mixed. Had I laid on this in a mattress store I would not buy it because of the initial thoughts of it being too firm. The mattress is heavier than most and is noticeable when you lift it and rotate it. I highly recommend this mattress.

Great product

This mattress has really surprised me. I love how it has helped me get a complete night's rest. Super comfy, firm and love it. Great price too.

Warranty Replacement - Excellent Customer Service!

First, this is not what I would call a soft mattress. It is firm, in fact, much firmer than I remember my original Titan being (this was a warranty replacement). Thankfully, I am no longer waking up with back pain and am sleeping through the night much more consistently. Setup was a breeze. I opened the packaging and let it air out in the morning - we were sleeping on it that night. A word from the wise - if you are taking it upstairs, don't bother with the box. Take it out and use the plastic wrapping as a grip. I was able to get it upstairs with no issues and the wrap stayed intact until it was in place for me to open. Brooklyn Bedding was very communicative during the entire warranty process. They even sent me a complimentary topper when we discussed how my wife and I were having difficulty sleeping. I was unable to find a place that accepted my old mattress - Brooklyn Bedding completely negotiated for the old mattress to be collected by a local company. Overall, fantastic support and highly professional.

Spine fusion of my Lumbar

Spine fusion of my Lumbar in 2018. Insomnia from back pain has been difficult to manage. The Titan Mattress has allowed me to attain REM sleep again. Thank You Brooklyn Bedding for creating an amazing sleep experience and improving my health.

Excellent purchase for plus size sleepers

Amazing, my husband and I both are having less back problems and sleeping deeper. Setup was so easy, and doesn't require hours to expand. Have only had it for month or so, so can't speak to how it will hold up, but it feels like amazing quality.

Would Recommend!

I am 6’0, 340 lbs and my husband is 6’3, 370 lbs and this mattress has been great for us. We have had it over a year now and have no regrets. I was worried it might be too firm when we first got it, but we slept on it and we got used to it after a few nights. Since then it’s felt perfect, it’s supportive and no body impressions have developed so I’m happy about that. I’m glad we decided to try this mattress since it was half the price of the other mattress for plus size people that we were looking at.

Changed my sleep

235 lb stomach sleeper - I had purchased multiple beds over the past ten years, which were all fine until they broke in then I slept awful. The titan mattress gives me the support I need and the comfort I want. I can't recommend this mattress enough if you are considering getting it.

so for the mattress is

so for the mattress is holding up. could be a littlie firmer for me but over all it great.

I wish the was more

I wish the was more soft went I sleep in my side my weight is 230 feel to hard for me but my partner like.

If I had wanted to

If I had wanted to type something in this box I would have done it in order

Titan mattress

After reading reviews, decided to go with Titan. I am 5'6"& 230 lbs and this mattress sleeps great. My wife loves it too, sleeps in same bed now. We had a tempurpedic that we paid much more for that had broken down. If possible, we will update review in a couple of years. Recommend this be.

Excellent mattress. Tried other mattress

Excellent mattress. Tried other mattress and after apx 2 month they have ripples, Titian mattress is still like new and still comfortable.

Titan Review

I have no complaints with this mattress as of yet. Previous mattresses always ended up sinking on me in the middle. This Titan mattress gives me ample back support and a great nights rest.

Great Matress

Still getting breaking it in. Getting better with each passing week.

Very Satisfied

A wonderful mattress and well worth the investment. My Titan mattress is nice and firm but soft-topped and very comfortable in my normal side-sleeping position. Mattress came vacuum packed, rolled up and was easy to install. Brooklyn Bed customer service was very timely, professional and helpful answering my questions. I sleep alone, am male, 65-yo, weigh 350 lbs and have hip and back issues. I recommend Brooklyn Bed to all seeking an incredibly comfortable mattress for a most restful nights sleep.


Very sturdy. I kind of miss my softer mattress, but I expect this one will last longer.

We love our new mattress.

We love our new mattress. My husband is a large man and he feels secure in this mattress. It doesn’t sag on the edge of the bed and supports his weight

Great quality mattress

Mattress quality is great. It’s comfortable but a tad too soft for my liking. I’m not sure what the other reviewers who said its too firm had been sleeping on before. Besides that, everything is perfect. It gets pretty heavy once it fully holds its shape after taking it out of the package, so be prepared for that.

Well made, fair price, great

Well made, fair price, great for back sleeping, just a tad bit too firm for me when I side sleep.

I have slept with the

I have slept with the Titan with for two weeks now and, finally I sleep.

Firm indeed; could be better cushioned.

So far the mattress is what I hoped for—firm! Indeed, I may buy a mattress topper because this mattress is not cushioned much on top. My true satisfaction will be determined by how well this mattress does not sag in a year or two. I’d give this mattress five stars if there was a bit more cushioning.

Best mattress ever and built like a tank

It was time for a new mattress and looked for one to specially work for us b/c we’re “heavy sleepers.” That’s the industry’s way to say that were a bit on the chunky side. So here’s my take on the Titan: Its built like a tank. The sides are reinforced so it feels sturdy and should last a good while. It’s a hybrid (coil and foam) so it sleeps hotter than a tradition mattress, but has a cooling gel top – so cooler than the usual foam mattress. It takes a few days to get used to it. Our previous mattress was a nice name brand and only 5 yrs old, but it sagged too much pretty early on and tweaking our backs a bit. After the first night our backs felt better and now a month into it everything is still great and the mattress shows no wear. The only slightly done side is the firmness. Great for your back, but it takes a little while to get used to if you sometimes sleep on your side or stomach. On a side note, the delivery from fedex was horrible. They banged up the box pretty good and then dropped it off halfway between the drive way and my front door without knocking or ringing the bell. I guess they couldn’t be troubled to take it another 8 feet to the front door. I have the footage of this on my ring doorbell camera. Long story short, best mattress for me and my wife.

So far so good.

Very happy with mattress so far. We will see about durability over the next few months. My wife said that it felt like a board but I think she likes it now. Again, time will tell.

I find the Titan mattress

I find the Titan mattress to be very comfortable and look forward to climbing into bed. I have rheumatoid arthritis so I did put a topper on my new mattress. Even with the topper the mattress remains firm enough that turning over is easy. My only concern is that I have an area at the edge of the bed that is the spot where I sit to watch tv or write, and get in and out of bed. It is much more broken in than the rest of the mattress and It is very important that it maintains its firmness and support. Otherwise I am happy with my Titan mattress.

Firm and perfect for my

Firm and perfect for my back. Holds up well for a big guy like me.

Absolutely love it. Helped my

Absolutely love it. Helped my back pain a lot!

Perfect fit for our space.

Perfect fit for our space. Firm and supportive! Sad that it went on sale for a better price about 2 weeks after purchase though.

Firm but Sturdy

We purchased this Cal King mattress after owning a hand-me-down sleep number bed for 8+ years! That bed had to go ... after a few weeks of research we decided in Titan. This mattress is made to last! It’s very firm as of now, we’ve only had it a few weeks, but you can tell that it will wear in without compromising its quality! I’ll update this review in a few months when it’s really worn in!! I would recommend this bed solely based on the high quality and craftsmanship!

We bought this mattress to

We bought this mattress to replace our 20 year old mattress and it has been wonderful!

Enjoy the quality and comfort

Enjoy the quality and comfort

Absolutely love it. Amazing how

Absolutely love it. Amazing how much better I am sleeping now. Great for the cost. First time ordering a mattress in a box but I managed to unbox it myself. It unrolls and takes its shape magically. Highly recommend!

Love it, no more back

Love it, no more back pain however it took forever to be delivered and they did not send enough screws



Very firm

I bought this for my parents. They are senior citizens and heavier. My mother complained that it was too hard. After I bought a memory foam/gel topper, she loved it. Dad was happy all along, but even more with the topper.

We like our bed. It’s

We like our bed. It’s made well. Comfortable yet firm.



The mattress was well-built, delivered

The mattress was well-built, delivered quickly and was as we expected. Although my husband and I fit the weight requirements, after two months of sleeping on this mattress I just couldn’t take it anymore. It is too firm for me and was killing my shoulders, even with the added pillow top. I think it just is an issue with me and not the mattress. If you like a very firm mattress, this is for you!

Firm but comfortable. Has seriously

Firm but comfortable. Has seriously helped my back pain since switching from my old beat up mattress. Good buy and good value.

It seemed a little too

It seemed a little too firm at first.

i have arthritis in my

i have arthritis in my back and neck. we have had our mattress for a month now and i no longer wake up with a backache or pain in my neck. My husband is over 300lbs and there is no visible depression in the mattress. We would recommend to anyone that likes a firm mattress.

super awesome bed and i’m

super awesome bed and i’m a back sleeper so it feels great on my back . no more back pain

Great bed but noisy platform

Firm and stable yet comfortable for wife and I. Fits our two young kids when they join us most mornings. Easy to set up. Only negatives was box was destroyed upon arrival but mattress was in tact as well as minor noise from the high rise platform. Had to wd40 a few times and put rubber under legs but still randomly makes noise when getting in our out or rolling over.

Most comfortable bed we've ever

Most comfortable bed we've ever slept on. Especially love the firmness of the mattress and the cooling topper.

Great Mattress

Extra firm as expected. Best mattress I've owned to date!

Best mattress for large people

The mattress is perfect in every way. The extra cooling pad is a must order, and they see it right into the mattress for you if you order it with the pad up front. Takes about 30 days of sleeping on it for your body to adjust though fyi. I have recommended this mattress to several other people. Im very pleased with my purchase. It is sent in a box, all rolled up with air pressed out if it. Make sure you have it in place, on the bed when you open it because it inflates quickly and is a very large mattress to wrangle around if you don't. My wife and I are both 350 lb plus people and it sleeps us perfectly. I can toss and turn with out barely moving her.

It is a great bed.

It is a great bed. My partner loves it but it is a bit to firm for me.

Seems very good

Seems very good

Perfect firmness for overweight people.

Perfect firmness for overweight people. Absolutely love it! Night after night, the foam Is firm and supportive and I am having the best night’s sleep in years!

I really love this mattress

I really love this mattress it’s not as big as I need it but it works for me my hips and pressure point don’t heart anymore thank you

I like it

I like it

Unfortunately the bed was to

Unfortunately the bed was to hard for me even with the mattress topper. But it did keep me sleeping cool. The company does stand by its word. I received my money back. They have an excellent customer service team.

The cooling sensation and support

The cooling sensation and support are tremendous.

Sleeping the night away!!!!!

I have nothing but good things to say about this mattresses. Quality of workmanship to quality of materials and construction are way above any other mattress that I have owned in the past. This mattress was exactly as discribed and the company I find is extremely trustworthy and I don't think I will ever purchase my beds from anywhere else again. If you are on the heavier side this mattress is the the perfect fit for you I promise from just general comfort to not waking up through out the night to no not waking up in pain.

no sagging!

fits well on my thuma full size frame. good height that works with all my sheets. we did add the pillowtop layer and its perfect for both of us. nice and firm no sagging and its been close to a year i believe. The decision to buy was hard since it was SO expensive but i had bought a $300 twice in the last 5 years and both sagged under our weight right away and hurt my back. I was apprehensive since some reviews said it was hard but i think its the perfect softness.

Very comfortable.

Very comfortable.

Titan 🤍

We love the cool gel top, with the structured firm mattress. It's just fantastic. We didn't know what relaxation REALLY was until we got our Titan. Highly recommend!!!! You'll thank yourself later.



If you are a plus

If you are a plus size person this is the mattress for you.


This is the best mattress for me. It took a couple weeks to get used to the firmness, it is very firm. But now I am quite happy with it. It supports me well and I dont feel trapped like my old Posterpedic. I can sleep on my back and either side comfortably. We got two twin xl mattresses; the Titan for me and a different brand for my wife, as she needs a softer mattress.

Good quality

The mattress seems comfortable and looks to be of good quality. I will say that it is quite firm, however it does feel like a typical foam only mattress. If you like that sort of thing it will be perfect for you. My partner loves it. It is taking a little getting used to for me but over all I think it was a great decision.

Easy to set up, been

Easy to set up, been getting good sleep with a lot of support

This is a keeper

My daughter loves her new mattress. No more back pain. This is a keeper.


The mattress seems sturdy and balances firmness with cushioning. However the fabric top is extremely slick and both bedding and bodies slide easily off the edges.

It is great for me

It is great for me but it is too firm for my wife’s liking.

Very nice mattress. Too firm,

Very nice mattress. Too firm, but a soft mattress topper helped.

Awesome Titan

The Titan is awesome. It is very comfortable.

We love our Titan I

We love our Titan I no longer wake up with a back ache

Very comfortable we love it

Very comfortable we love it

So far this mattress has

So far this mattress has been excellent.

FIRM really means FIRM

Certainly a quality-built mattress. Arrived tightly compressed and 'expanded' to full size almost immediately after unwrapping. FIRM is an understatement. The foam layers give some cushion/flex but not significant - after a month I'm still wondering if I'll get past the break-in period. We intentionally ordered a firm mattress thinking get some give after the break-in period - is this a sign of super-quality that firm really means firm??? Probably. If you're looking for a SOLID, FIRM, NO GIVE mattress then this is for you.

Seems comfortable so far! Definitely

Seems comfortable so far! Definitely on the firmer side as mattresses go - possibly a little too firm for me which is why I’m not giving it the 5th star but that’s all about personal preference. Definitely has good edge support which makes the mattress feel bigger than others, so that’s great! It’s a good mattress for the price!

Super comfortable mattress! It's supportive

Super comfortable mattress! It's supportive for myself (250lb side/stomach sleeper) & my husband (300+lb back sleeper). It's firm but not hard or uncomfortable. Highly recommend the cooling top if you get hot at night. Only caveat is that the top has a satin feel that makes the fitted sheet kind of slip around. It might be worth it to invest in the sheets made specifically for this bed.

This is the second Titan

This is the second Titan I have purchased. One for myself at home and another to sleep on at a family members house. It just works- excellent price to comfort ratio, I don't bottom out on the frame.

Wonderfull... just give it a little time.

There is a reason they make you wait 30 days before they'll give you your money back. The first week is hell. Our backs hurt so bad from our previous bed that we were scared to relax. The new Titan was hard and stiff. I really thought we'd need a mattress pad. However, as the first month oozed by I began to trust the mattress not to wake me up with aching joints and cramping muscles and it finally began to relax too. It takes a while for the mattress to fluff and lose it's new mattress stiffness. I'm 400 lbs and my husband is around 560. This bed is amazing. There is no sagging. I don't even end up rolling towards him at night like I used to. His side is no longer a huge dip. I would recommend this mattress 100% to anyone on the heavy side, especially couples. It is worth every penny. Just remember that you, and it, will take a few weeks to fully adjust.

Great Mattress

Extra firm mattress but exactly what I was searching for. I would like to try the Big Fig mattress as well but for the money the Titan was the way to go. Best mattress I've owned to date, very happy with my purchase!

Firm mattress for sure.

This bed is definitely a firm mattress. It is a bit too firm and we had to buy a mattress topper to soften it up. Hoping the bed will still give a little over the next couple months.

Purchased for my guest room.

Purchased for my guest room. So far, my guests say they have slept soundly and really like the mattress.

First impression: somewhat disappointed

I am a 300 lb. man and I like a firm mattress. I purchased this mattress (Titan firm, not the Titan Luxe) direct from Brooklyn Bedding because many mattress testing companies and consumer reviewers claimed that the Titan hybrid mattress was quite firm and ideally suited for "heavy" people like me. My first impression (after my first night's sleep) is the mattress is the Titan mattress is comfortable to sleep on, but it is less firm than I hoped it would be. Perhaps the mattress needs more time to acclimate from the compression packaging applied to it for shipping in a box. When I sit down on the edge of the mattress to put on my socks, it compresses quite a bit.... much more than my 18 year old inner spring mattress that it replaced. I am worried that this perimeter support deficiency will worsen over time. I strongly feel that the perimeter of the mattress should be better reinforced with heavier duty coils.

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