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Tempurpedic Adjustable Bed Reviews

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Tempur-Pedic has been a market-leader in all things sleep since launching their very first memory foam mattress. When it comes to their adjustable base, they are a trend-setter, bringing 4 different adjustable bed options, with plenty of features, such as massage and even smart sleep tracking in their most advanced options. Customers have good things to say about these beds overall and appreciate the wide ranging options. The only downside is that it costs for this level of market-leading technology.

Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.7/10

Comfort: 9.8/10

Durability: 9.7/10

Price: $749-$3998

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Additional Tempurpedic Adjustable Bed Information

The Tempur-Pedic power bases and smart bases are some of the most interesting sleep technology to come on the market. With four different adjustable bed selections to choose from, sleepers who are looking for both basic and more complex solutions both are winners with their offerings. When it comes to customer satisfaction, shoppers have overwhelmingly good things to say about these adjustable bases, but these do come at a higher price than some other options.


Tempur-Pedic offers a complete solution of features for those that are looking for an adjustable bed, including both comfort features and even smart sleep tracking features. Tempur-Pedic offers 4 bases to choose from. Here are the details about the features included:


    - Head & Foot Lift
    - Zero-G

TEMPUR-Ergo® Power Base

    All in EASE® and:
    - QuietMode™
    - Underbed Light
    - USB Charging
    - 2-Zone Massage

TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base

    All in TEMPUR-Ergo® Power Base and:
    - Snore Lift Response
    - Sleep Coaching
    - Voice Control

TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend

    All in TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base and:
    - PerfectSeat™ (Better Seated Feel When Head Lifted)
    - Pillow Tilt (More Support In Neck When Lifted)


Each of these products requires some assembly, but the assembly is done by delivery professionals if purchased through Tempur-Pedic directly. While the EASE® is relatively simple to assemble, the higher end models feature more electronics so it is good to have peace of mind that it will be assembled for you on delivery.

Quality & Durability

In terms of quality, Tempur-Pedic has created one of the most sophisticated, market-leading solutions. Durability is always a concern with electronics, but there is some good news. They offer a 3 year full parts and labor warranty and 5 year full parts warranty. The metal structure itself has a warranty of 25 years.


With the QuietMode™ feature in the TEMPUR-Ergo® options, customers report a quiet experience overall with these adjustable beds.

Who Are These Adjustable Beds Perfect For?

The EASE® and TEMPUR-Ergo® Power Base are both wonderful options for those that are looking for aleviating back pain and sitting up in bed. For those that are sleep geeks or just really want a base that adapts to them, the TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base and Extend both offer excellent options.

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Best investment ever

No more lack of sleep or back pain, I enjoy every night

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