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Technogel Mattress Reviews

Technogel® is a brand of mattresses and pillows that uses a proprietary gel technology. The gel has properties of both water and a solid, which enables it to better alleviate pressure and maintain proper spinal alignment while allowing ease of movement. It is used in everything from wheelchair seats, to car interiors, and lastly in mattresses. Most customers describe it as comfortable and pain-relieving, but pricey for the average sleeper.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.7/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 9/10

Price: $3999-$10579

Trial Period: No Trial

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Technogel's Specifics

Technogel has an innovative gel design that incorporates a cooling gel matrix on the top layer. These mattresses get good reviews from customers when it comes to feel, doing a great job at cooling. However, the price for the materials is very expensive and some may find that the value is lacking from these mattresses.

Craftsmanship & Quality

When it comes to Technogel's offerings, they have two mattress collections -- The Original Collection and the Vive Collection.

We'll go through each of their mattress options in depth below:

Here are the details about the Original Collection:

Technogel's Original mattress collection includes the Favola mattress, Estasi mattress, Armonia mattress, and Sereno mattresses. Each of these mattresses feature the thick top gel layer. They also include varied firmness options and comfort layers. The firmer Favola features latex foam, while the others include synthetic foams for comfort and support. These mattresses get good ratings from customers at first, but there are some that had issues with long term comfort.

Next, here are the details of the Technogel VIVE Collection:

The Technogel Vive Collection comes with 1.25'' of body-conforming gel on the top layer. Beneath that, there are multiple layers of foam that are tailored to the firmness preference of the sleeper. These provide a good amount of cooling on the top layer and also varying levels of firmness for sleepers. Overall, customers give good feedback to these mattresses, but there were some issues with long term comfort and price value for some.

Overall Comfort

Most customers find their Technogel mattresses to be initially comfortable and enjoy the cooling contour of the top gel layer. Some were not sure the feel was worth the high price.


See the above scale. Technogel does a good job providing a variety of firmness options for sleepers. Those that are smaller in body type and side sleepers should consider a softer version while those that are larger and stomach sleepers may do best on firmer varieties.

Back Pain Relief

Most sleepers feel much better with these mattresses due to the cooling gel layer. For those that are larger and experience issues with durability, you may still feel discomfort over time.


These mattresses do an exceptional job with cooling. Due to the cooling gel layer on top, these mattresses feel cool to most customers all night long.

Who Are Technogel Mattresses Right For?

These mattresses are best for those that can afford an expensive mattress and really need something specialized.

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Worth every penny

This mattress has been worth every penny I spent. What was important to my wife and I was a cool and supportive mattress. I fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer now we have what we need. Thank you

Sleeping much better

Due to a spinal cord injury, I was only getting 4-5 hours of solid sleep. With my gel bed that has increased to 6-7 hours. I gave a four rating because of the massage feature. It's loud on higher settings and the massage vibration is not that smooth at higher settings.

Totally rested

Wow, this is a great bed. I wake up totally rested. Best sleep I have ever had. I am waking up one to two hours earlier then I use to and feel completly rested. I am not waking up in the night like I use to. A more deep sleep for sure!

Armonia - comfort plus

Purchased two twin XL beds that were delivered a week ago and have experienced the best sleep ever from the first night. This mattress conforms perfectly to the adjustable base providing a high level of comofort in all positions. Customer service was very helpful in deciding which bed was right for me.

Amazing bed, even better customer service

I love this mattress. I was 9 months pregnant when we first got the estasi and immediately noticed my hip pain diminishing. Three months later, I'm happily sleeping on my belly and side again and could not be more pleased with the comfort this mattress provides. It is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. I love this mattress, I love this company even more. The original retailer I purchased this from went out of business shortly after my purchase and technogel went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied. The situation I found myself in was at no fault to them, however they stepped and treated me as their personal customer. You don't find support like this often as a consumer and I was blown away. They stand by their products and guarantees and seriously treat their customers like friends. Coziest mattress ever. Phenomenal customer service. Thank you technogel, you have a customer for life.

My Technogel Mattress Changed My Life

I have experienced chronic and excruciating back & neck pain since I was 18 years old. I suffered a major shoulder and neck injury after slipping off of a barn roof and onto a pile lumber. I never broke any bones (to this day I don’t know how), however the muscles and tissue damage was quite severe. My doctor pumped me full of quarterzone which got me very quickly back to work… three days after the incident if I recall. The quarterzone however only made issues worse years later; the scar tissue became rock hard and began to make my muscles and joints seize. In passing time, I began to see chiropractors, which unfortunately also mislead me by not fixing the problem, but only alleviating it. Pain started to become a way of life for me. When I was 25, I was in a vehicle roll over where my seat belt failed and came undone. To this day I don’t understand how I am alive! My spine was impacted, my hip was dislocated, and my L3 through L5, C3 through C6 were all injured. Again, no broken bones… I know, isn’t it unbelievable? Perhaps I should have been Super Dave’s Side Kick. Tylenol 3, more chiropractic care, massage and other questionable therapies only alleviated the pain that I was now suffering. I purchased a memory foam bed that was supposed to help with posture and with correcting my body; it only made things worse, of which today many researchers are testifying to. Trust me when I say that memory foam mattresses are a complete rip off… I know, I have owned a few and will never go back. For years I suffered. Many different pain relief medicine and anti-inflammatory medication were a normal part of daily life. At one point I was seeing a chiropractor, massage therapist, and acupuncture as much as 5 times a week each. I couldn’t exercise because the pain was so bad. My back and neck issues were literally taking over my life. After an MRI and CAT scan, I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc disease and slight scoliosis… it was time to look at other alternatives. If I didn’t, then things will only continue to get worse. I went shopping for a mattress. I was of course done with memory foam mattresses. I tried other coil mattresses, however they too were not helping. I then came across Technogel in an online forum. It really intrigued me that that this gel product that was invented by the big pharma Bayer and claimed to be a state of the art product. I purchased my mattress and had it delivered. The $5000 that I paid was difficult to swallow, but I was desperate and simply had to try it. Besides, does cost matter when it comes to sleeping and living a better life? The first night I hated my mattress along with the next 2 weeks that came by, but I gave it time. As it turns out, the mattress was actually providing the support that I needed to correct the imperfections and scar tissue. The gel, which is 100% nontoxic and “biocompatible” was providing support and correcting my issues. The “3D Formation” as they call it was doing exactly that Technogel described and provided the proper comfort & support that I required. It really was the conforming product that I needed. Here I am now one year and I have not been to chiropractor, taken any anti-inflammatories, or pain relief medication for my problems. After 18 years of pain and suffering, my Technogel Mattress has literally changed my life.


One touch of the Technogel Part of the mattress and I was immediately hooked. I knew this was what I wanted to sleep on every night. The cool sensation I get From the technogel when I lay down on my Estasi+ Queen Mattress is so nice, and like no other bed I have ever laid on.. The entire mattress is really comfortable. So comfortable i regret having to get out of bed in the morning. I feel the mattress provides my back with perfect support. In the almost one year I have owned this mattress I have not detected any decrease in the comfort or support, which I am hoping stays the same for many years to come. I liked the Technogel so much i also purchased two Bed pillows and two seat cushions. (If you want to feel the maximum amount of coolness from the Technogel, you can remove the Factory-provided cover, which I did. I then put my own cover .on. In the case of the bed pillows, i put on standard soft pillow cases.) If you want to sleep quite cool and comfortable, I recommend you check out Technogel I am so glad I switched to Technogel.


We finally decided we needed to replace the decade old mattress we had. We looked at a number of different mattresses that Healthy Back Store had to offer and finally settled on the Estasi+. We like memory foam so this is a great fit for us. I am one of those sleepers that usually gets hot, and the Technogel is a great invention for people like me. Best investment we ever made! Best sleep we've had in years.


Beats my old Temper-Pedic bed. Outstanding comfort!


Most supportive bed I've ever slept on. Very happy with my Vive Mattress!

Technogel Estasi II mattress - Cal King

We have had the mattress for 1 year now and I like it very much. It has gotten more comfortable, since we first slept on it. My husband is 6'3" and has back problems and he sleeps much better now, than our spring mattresses. I am only 5'3" and I usually sleep on my back, but now I can occasionally sleep on my side as it is much more comfortable. It is pricey compared to other mattress, but what made a the decision was the warranty being 20 years. Most mattresses only average around 10 years. After 10 years it is prorated. We have had numerous brands of spring mattresses and they always leave an indentation on the spot where we sleep on each side of the bed. This bed gives you the added support and comfort.

Unsatisfactory Mattress

About a month and a half ago, I purchased an Estasi Technogel Mattress for $4650. Worst bed I've ever slept in. Traded it for the firmer Sereno for roughly a thousand dollars less. Yet it cost me $700 more to switch them out. I had hoped the Sereno would be a more comfortable bed, but it wasn't. That's two now of the 4 mattresses in the line. I can't try the other two because they have latex in them and I can't afford another $700 to switch again, so I think I'm stuck. I put a 2 inch memory foam topper on it and I'll live with it. But I'm very unsatisfied and do not recommend Relax The Back. Sorry, gang.

Very dissapointed

Hi, I have this mattres for 2 weeks now. I have the etasi 2.0 and it is not comfortable at all. Since i start sleeping on that mattress, i have back pain, hip and knee pain. I am very disapointed as the feeling i had in store when i tried it was flooting on a cloud. And the experience at home is not the same at all. I just don't understand. I am yet to contact support and see what they can do for me. But for now, not happy with the product.

Overrated & Overpriced

Thinking you get what you pay for ... we decided to purchase a split king for an adjustable base. In the store we were given a very convincing sales pitch. We tried it out and it seemed promising, plus the trial period was a bonus at least we thought. However, the bed started to give in the middle and is mushy. The trial period was almost over and I wanted to return our purchase. Unfortunately the restocking fee is $1000 per twin xl. So essentially $2000 to return our split king, which we did not want to pay. Especially since we were now deep in the pandemic and not sure what was about to happen with the economy. Since then I have had to start physical therapy to help relieve back and hip pain. I would not recommend this mattress to anyone. It’s overrated and overpriced!!! We have had our mattress 2 years and I needed a new one like 18 months ago. Do not purchase this mattress you will regret it in 6 months, guaranteed.

very bad choice and very bad customer service

We bought two technogel mattresses, both of them FIRM, about four years ago. One of them has gone really bad. The middle section has sagged quite a bit and, furthermore, it is not firm anymore, very "squashy", for lack of a better word. I have gotten a lot of back pain because of it so, most probably, we will throw it away. We contacted the customer service. They asked us to send pictures but we did not qualify the "one inch" sagging requirement. I believe we are very close to one inch. But still, for such a high brand, they expect their clients to absorb up an inch deformation in four years, for such a very expensive mattress? What also amazed us is that they only looked at the sagging and did not care less about the actual condition re the firmness etc. Extremely disappointing. We emailed them about it, but they never got back to us. All in all, this was both a very expensive and disappointing experience. We also feel we were grossly misled by the warranty when we bought the mattresses. We bought them from the "Relax the Back" store and they looked so confident that we would be taken care of. We have not been at all. So, if I could give negative starts for the review, I would.

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