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Target Mattress Reviews

Target sells a variety of memory foam and futon mattresses to customers online and in-store. They also have a partnership with Casper, the mattress-in-a-box brand, to sell their Casper Essential mattress. Overall, their mattresses are very limited in selection compared to other retailers and may not offer the value for the money that you expect. See our Top Rated Mattresses for more information on the best mattress alternatives.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.9/10

Price Value: 7.2/10

No Back Pain: 7/10

Price: $89-$750

Trial Period: Varies Per Product

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Target's Specifics

Target is a major retailer throughout the US, selling everything from groceries to clothing and home decor. They have dipped their feet into selling mattresses, but their selection is still rather limited.

They sell a variety of futon mattresses and some traditional memory foam and innerspring mattresses as well. Overall, their prices are low and you may be able to find better value from other brands online. See Our Top Rated Mattress Brands that sell online and ship direct to customers.

Quality of Materials

Target sells a selection of futon mattresses and traditional mattresses from brands like Beautyrest, Casper, and Sit 'n Sleep.

We'll go through Target's options below so you can figure out which mattress may work for you. Here are the details:

Simmons (Futon): With both the Beautyrest and the Beautysleep lines, the Simmons futon mattresses come in both memory foam and innerspring varieties. Most customers find them initially comfortable, but there are some complaints about low quality and durability.

Casper: Target's main traditional mattress seller is the Casper Essential mattress. It comes with 3 layers of foam. Some like it, but others had problems with the initial feel and the durability.

Sit 'n Sleep: Sit 'n Sleep is a mattress retailer and also brand of futon mattresses. They offer super affordable mattresses and get some mixed reviews from customers on feel and quality.

Little Seeds: A variety of small mattresses for toddlers and children, these memory foam mattresses get some mixed reviews from customers. Some describe a strong odor associated.

Overall Comfort

In terms of overall comfort, most customers say they feel comfortable initially. However, there were some complaints about the durability and quality of some of these mattresses.


Most Target mattreses range from medium-firm to firm. As their selection is limited and focused more on futon mattresses, there are not as many soft mattresses to choose from. Take a look at Our Top Rated Mattress Brands for more options.

Back Pain Relief

There are some positive reports of back pain relief, but not many with these mattresses. The Casper Essential tends to get the most positive reviews, but there were some that had problems with initial comfort too.


There are not many reports of warm sleeping with the futon mattresses. The memory foam varieties did get some negative feedback on heat retention. See our top mattresses for warm sleepers.

Who Are Target Mattresses Right For?

If you are looking for a futon mattress, Target may have something that interests you. However, there are mixed reviews overall about the traditional mattresses. Take a look at Our Top Rated Mattress Brands to learn more.

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Absolutely Wonderful

Absolutely Wonderful and Super Comfortable Mattress

A great mattress

I was looking for an extra firm futon mattress in a full size to replace a worn out futon mattress that was causing my back all kinds of grief and my legs to cramp up at night and this is exactly what I was looking for. The price is competitive and the shipping is novel. Thank you Simmons!

Waste of my time

While it may be comfortable it IS NOT made for a Futon, was unable to use when using Futon in the seated position.

I order for my futon

I order for my futon, better quality then when I originally purchased futon, easy set up, firm and sets up well.

Its good

So its nice, comfy, firm but not too firm for me as i have been sleeping in a recliner for ~3 yrs, i love how it looks in my room on the frame i purchased. My only complaint is that one of the little buttons forming the tufting already fell off and i have only slept in the bed for like 4 nights. Oth...

Perfect for the space

I would recommend this mattress. The gray is the perfect color.

Futon Mattress

Gave to my daughter as a Christmas gift to replace a worn futon mattress. . Fits just right and comfy.

NOT a FOAM futton as advertised its INNER SPRING!

The futon mattress that was delivered is NOT FOAM as described it is an INNER SPRING with an inch of pillowtop! The only thing that matches the description or website is the outer appearance.

i really like the looks and feel of the mattress

it was easy to unpack and put on the frame.

bouncy, cover not removable

This futon's pro's are it's bouncy, forgiving, not flat & hard like futons I had 20 years ago that get compacted. But the con's are the cover is stapled on/attached so can't be removed and the curduory is wide wale and teal color, not so pretty but since we use it as a bed, that's not a huge issue -...

Too soon to tell

So far so good. We've had it about 2 weeks. It is comfortable enuf for a bed but not too comfy for a couch/futon. The springs are great for a bed, weird for a "couch", so you may want to consider this if it's used mostly for a bed. fits the frame PERFECTLY as a bed, but hangs off as a couch and bein...


This is a great mattress. Would have gotten 5 stars except that the color is listed as sage and it is a darker forest green. I like the color and it goes well in my home but if you are needing sage green it will not match. It is very comfortable and does not squeak at all. The material appears to be...

Simmons beautyrest recharged

best futon mattress ever!

super comfortable

This is the only futon mattress I could find that is a great sleeping mattress too. Luckily it is extremely comfortable. The corduroy isn't super attractive, but it is soft and seems relatively durable.

Don't Bother

Much LESS comfortable than I expected, not a true 8' thickness, more like 6''. Used for 2 days, I'm returning this.

Bad execution

Very disappointed- When they say ”Four inches of the best cotton batting compressed to finish at 6 to eight inches thick” read it again... 4” cannot become 6” or 8”. It starts at 4 and compresses to a VERY lumpy 2.5 to 3. Cover: 100% poly- magnet for everything- but the bad part is that the 'tufts' are machine cut holes - two per tuft each about a quarter inch long - yes that’s right HOLES in the mattress cover where the stuffing comes out! Nuff said

Too firm

This mattress is firmer than other futons I've experienced. We also have Wolf brand and Gold Bond brand futons in our home and, comparatively, the Au Natural futon is not as comfortable as the others. After more than of month of trying to get used to sleeping on it, we've had to order a mattress topper to try to make it more comfortable. I would only recommend it to someone who prefers a very firm mattress. (A note that this product does not include the frame.) Pros: - It's made in the USA of cotton filling. - Because it's so firm, the filling does not seem to shift as it can in other futons. - Price was better than some other futon mattresses that I researched.

So far great buy.

I have only slept on this mattress 4 times so far so I cant speak to durability but the comfort is excellent. I have a $2,000 foam mattress and matching box spring in my main bedroom and this competes. It is a little be warmer and doesn't conform quite as well, but for the price is a good deal. It completely met my expectations. I put it on a plywood platform that I custom built and is not on a box spring. I am around 200 pounds and do not bottom out when I sleep but I do when I sit on the edge if that matters to you. The gray zip on cover is a nice touch. They say don't put it in the dryer to avoid shrinking and hand scrub. I gave it 4 stores instead of 5 because of the price.

Highly recommend

This mattress is great. I usually don’t like memory foam type beds but this one doesn’t sink in like some do. It is a great mattress with an affordable price.

Casper Mattress

So comfortable! We bought this for our kids room and we now want one for ourselves! We also purchased the with water proof cover too and it it really easy to put on, but it does wrinkle a bit.


Very comfortable. Firm and supportive. Very happy with this mattress.

Like sleeping on the ground

We got this mattress on Sunday and are returning it today. Slept on it 5 nights and there is not much difference from it and the ground. Not comfortable. No give in the mattress. Very hot to sleep on. Wife and I woke up with our backs hurting. If it were a $250 we may have kept it but for $700 there are plenty of better options. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Some adjustment but great overall

We are loving this mattress. It does take about a week to adjust to the difference of this mattress versus our old one. We are both sleeping better and waking up with less pain etc. I did need to get another pillow due to the way I am sleeping on this mattress. Overall a great change for us!

Firm and soft

I didn't know what to expect with this purchase, my more expensive matress S/F matress needed to be replaced, and I decided to try Casper. It was delivered to the front door as expected and it was not hard to maneuver which I had concerns of the weight of seventy pounds. It has been two weeks and I have slept soundly. I was expecting the matress to be a little softer. The queen Casper matress is a firm soft matress and leaning more toward the firm side. I do see this matress holding up for years which my other lasted five. I would recommend this matress eventhough I prefer a taller matress with my bedroom suite. Soft enough, but still a little firm. I did on a separate order, ordered the Casper Sheets, pillow, and matress pad which was just delivered. Please try this matress out if you are looking to replace your existing matress. The Casper company is guaranteeing a full one hundred day trial and full refund of the product if it is disliked. I hope this review helped.

Great so far

Great mattress. I wish More stores would carry. Would have liked to lay on bed before purchase. I do not like the hassle of returns, it's a waste if my time.

No more back pains!

I’ve slept on this for about 3 nights now, last night was the first night I’ve woken up without any back pains. It is a little thinner then our last mattress so, we had to buy a box spring but, other then that it’s fantastic.

Soft and Comfortable

Bought this in Twin size for my toddler son's first "big boy" bed. I've fallen asleep with him in it, it's that comfortable! Here are a couple of things I noticed:

1. It's softer than my Adrenaline foam mattress (king size)

2. It does have a smell/fumes when you open it. I got ours right before we left for vacation so it aired out for 4 days.

3. It's only 8" deep - totally fine with me, but make sure you get fitted sheets that aren't deep pockets. I bought sheets that fit up to 12" mattress and it's just too big for this mattress. Nowadays almost all sheets fit thick mattresses, so you really have to search for ones that don't have deep pockets

4. Great value for the price.


Comfortable, affordable.

I have been sleeping on my new foam mattress for almost two weeks now. It is comfortable and still getting use to it. I was having achy hips and a low back pain before switching and those are slowly going away. I have purchased a foam pillow too to see if that helps more. For the most part, a good purchase.

Good mattress.

Maybe it's because we needed a new mattress so badly or maybe it's because this mattress is so awesome - we love this mattress. My body doesn't ache anymore when I get up in the morning. When I lay down to sleep it feels wonderful. It's a good price for a good mattress. I recommend this mattress.

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