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Target Loft Bed Reviews

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Target is well-known for its wide array of affordable brands across both lifestyle and home products. When it comes to loft beds, they have less selection, with under 20 products to choose from. However, their most popular loft beds get good reviews from customers overall, with a small amount of shoppers noting issues with assembly.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Material Quality: 8.5/10

Design Options: 9.1/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

Price: $199-$1207

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Target Loft Bed Details

Target is known for its price competitive home decor products. Their loft beds focus mostly on those for small children with a mix of novelty and useful attributes. Their top rated options include those with extra storage and shelving. Customers like what they buy, but some folks may not find what they are looking for.

Quality of Materials

Target focuses mostly on mid to lower priced products. These mostly include wooden options that offer solid wood and fibreboard constructions. Also, there are some all-steel options that promise price savings. Below, we'll go through their most popular loft beds available and discuss the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside the most popular Imagine Storage Loft Bed:

The Imagine Storage loft bed comes in multiple different color palette options, including white or cherry colors. These offer extra storage with drawers beneath the head of the mattress. It can support up to 250lbs and is 48'' high. Most customers like their purchase, but there were some that had issues with assembly and damage on delivery.

Next, here is what's inside their Senon Kids Loft Bed:

The Senon Kids loft bed is metal and comes with a built in desk, which is ideal for those that want extra space to study. Overall the design is less expensive than wood options, but there have been some complaints about durability with some models.

Next, here is what's inside their Cody Kids Loft Bed:

Cody Kids Loft Beds come with a bookcase along the foot and 3 drawer dresser along the head of the bed. This item is wooden and is 40'' tall. Most customers like their Cody Kids loft bed, but some may have issues with assembly and longevity.

Who Are Target Loft Beds Right For?

Those that are looking for wooden options that are low to the ground will do best here. See our List of Top Rated Loft Beds for great alternatives.

Browse Target Loft Bed Customer Reviews

Love it!

I've been looking for a long time for a loft style bed for my 6-year old daughter and with this going on sale and my 5% Target card discount, I jumped on it. It's sturdy and she loves it. It's tall enough for storage and short enough to tuck her in at night. She loves to play in the cubby area below. We purchased one of those stick it battery operated lights so it's perfect for a wind down cozy reading area. Easy to assemble and doesn't take over her tiny room - we love it.

Safety Issue: Drawers are falling apart and nearly injured my daughter

We recently purchased this item for our 4 year old daughter. After only a few months the drawers are completely falling apart. The dowel pins and hardware that are provided are not strong enough to support this design. In addition, the particle board that was selected for this design is made of poor quality and is contributing to the drawers falling apart. The particle board is crumbling at the edges and is breaking apart at the connection points with the hardware. The technical design along with the material selection has created a safety issue. When my daughter went to open the dresser the face fell off and nearly injured her when if fell to the floor. I assume that all items from the South Shore company use the same technical standards and material selection. Therefore, I will not purchase an item from this brand in the future. Extremely disappointed considering the price paid along with the perception that South Shore furniture had experience designing and manufacturing kids products.

Super Cool/Chic Bed/Space Saver :)

I bought this bed for my daughter and she/I love it. It saves space. It wasn't difficult to assemble. The only small (not so bad) thing is that, if your child falls asleep and you have to put him/her in bed, unless you're a strong tall-lifter, you're gonna have a hard time putting a sleeping child up there, because the front cubby is in the way and makes it very uncomfortable; so make sure your child falls asleep in bed, so you don't have to go through that. Other than that, this bed is wonderful. I love it :)

Awesome & Fun Bed!

Purchased this bed for my five year old daughter. She loves it! Already has a blanket and dolls set up in the "cubby" underneath. Ladder is sturdy and there is plenty of storage space for toys and clothes. Took us two days for my husband and I to assemble bed and additional dresser. Didn't really have any issues with directions.

Great additional storage

We bought this bed for our daughter's room so she would have more storage and would be able to play underneath it. After getting replacement parts for the ones that were broken during shipping (the manufacturer was great about getting the new parts to us quickly) we got it all put together and it's wonderful. The extra cubby on the top is very handy, she likes to put her dreamlite in there. After sleeping in it the first night my daughter told me she slept like a baby and LOVED her new bed!

A lot of pieces!

My five year old has a very small room. With Christmas just ending and no play room in the house we had to make more storage. The bed is finally out together and does look beautiful but there is a ton of pieces to put together. I was able to put together the cabinet and my brother put together the bed portion and drawers. It will definitely take two people to lift the bed into it all. Little tip, so not secure the bed slats until the bed is ontop of the furniture. You just have to unscrew them the secure it all together. All in all I am happy with it. Very sturdy and my daughter loves it!

Poor quality!!

This bedroom set when delivered had many cracks, scratches, and busted corners. However, I blame that more on the shipping than the original manufacturing. But shortly after purchasing (about 4 months) the drawers started to fall apart. The face of the drawers busted and would pull right off! I didn't expect a solid wood structure at this price but thought it would at least be able to last a year or two! The pressed particle board proved not to be able to house pjs, socks, and underwear for a five year old girl! Never put anything heavy in the drawers they are just very poor quality! I would not recommend this product!


I haven't assembled the actual bed part yet as we still need to get a mattress, but I have the 2 end pieces done. It was pretty easy to put together. I'm always skeptical about the durability of furniture these days since it seems like nothing is made of solid wood anymore (at a decent price anyway). The two end units seem pretty sturdy & they have a good weight to them. So far I am pleased. My daughter is excited to get the bed. We've already freed up space in her small room by utilizing the storage in the end units. Her room has an angled ceiling so the height of this loft bed is perfect for her room shape.

Great little bed!

This bed is perfect for my daughter. She has a small room and it fits fine. The extra storage is great. And she loves the hideaway underneath!! It was mis leading… I thought it came with the extra dresser. And not the easiest to assemble .

Good purchase for the price

This is a cute bed. I got it for my 5yr old and she loves it. It isn't as high as I was expecting, but I should have checked dimensions instead of going by picture. Small damage to corner during shipping. It's not high quality but for the price and space saving quality I'd say it's worth the purchase if you're looking for loft bed that you'll get a few years out of.

All in all a good piece, just needed to glue the pegs of the dresser to keep from falling out.

So far it's looking pretty good for our almost 4 year old. We had to re-drill holes to get screws in. We could get the screws in about halfway before we just couldn't anymore and just drilled them. The faces of the drawers fell off after a few days, so we had to go back and glue the pegs in. Other than that so far seems like a pretty sturdy set up.

Love this!!!

We purchased two of these for our four year in white and one in the light brown and they are so cute but I do like the white one a lot better. My kids LOVE them and were beyond excited when we revealed their new rooms to them!! We haven't had any problems getting them to sleep in their OWN beds since we got these!!

mom of four

We bought this bed for our oldest daughter, 5, and she loves it, they play hide out under it, tons of storage space and it looks so cute!

Works out well

We bought this about a year ago for my then 4 year old daughter's new bedroom. My husband was able to put this together fairly easily with some assistance from me. It has held up surprisingly well and fits the small space of her room fantastically. She's not had any problems maneuvering the stairs, even in the middle of the night. The side storage has been great as it allows her to store books, a water cup and even put her headbands when she forgets to take them off before climbing up into bed. I looked at several similar bed set-ups, including some high-end dealers and feel that we definitely got the best deal.

Imagine loft bed

Great choice for our 3-year old! It definitely took two of us (a few hours, several nights) to assemble this but it was relatively easy to put together. There were not extra pieces of all hardware, though, so when a piece got broken, we had to call the company to request another piece. They were very nice and said they would send a replacement piece to us, via FedEx. I'm excited to show her this surprise tomorrow!!!!

Fun bed

This is my 4 year old daughter's bed and she loves it. Making the bed is a little difficult because of having to lift up the mattress. My biggest complaint is that they printed the warning label on the frame inside the mattress area above the level of the mattress, so it can't be hidden, really pretty disappointing. It arrived in 3 shipping boxes, make sure you are home when it is delivered and was a 6 1/2 - 7 hour build.

I love it!

This bed not only I love it but daughter does too.


The only reason why I am giving this product a 4 star rating is because one piece of the bed was broken when it arrived. The south Shore company was very nice about getting a replacement shipped out as soon as possible. But it was meant to be a surprise for our daughter. She was rather disappointed she couldn't sleep in her room because it was still a disaster zone from being in the middle of it getting built. Easy assembly directions, so far looks great!

Love it!

We bought three of these beds and have had them for several years now. One of them does squeak when my oldest shifts in it, but he is also 13 and has just about outgrown it. One piece arrived damaged, and South shore was quick to replace it at no cost to is. The screws for the handles on the dresser were a bit short, but, again, the company was quick to ship is new, longer ones when the handles fell off. The kids love taking out their toy boxes and sleeping in their forts with these beds. We got one of those battery powered LED lights and stuck them under the storage area for reading nooks, too! Very pleased with the product, and even more pleased with the company's customer service!


I had bought this bed for my daughter, and was so excited to get it! But when I was opening all the packages, checking all the pieces, I noticed a lot of them had chipped up corners (didn't receive a correcting pen like everyone else) but there was two pieces that are so broken I can't even use them! Needless to say, I'm not very happy!

Poor quality and design

My daughter was very excited to get a loft bed, but I definitely wish I hadn't bought this one. This bed was very difficult to put together. Pieces that are supposed to have to be hammered in could just be gently pushed in, but now those pieces are just pulling out, so all of the drawers are slowly breaking apart; we've had to glue everything. We may have to move this at some point, but I'm not sure it'll survive without completely coming apart. This this was such a waste of money. I would not recommend buying it.

Love it!

I have two little girls, ages 2 & 4. It's the perfect height for both them and myself and the extra storage area is great. The girls just adore the cubby hole and the bed is a lot bigger in person than it seemed in the picture. My husband and I were able to put the bed together with little to no difficulty. It took us about the full day. The edges are a little sharp so little kids need to be careful. I am very pleased with the product overall.

Great bed for storage and play

We just installed this bed about a week ago for our 3 year old. He loves it and is even going to sleep by himself now. It has great storage options and has allowed us to store his toys a lot easier and cleaner. I would say my only concerns with this bed so far is that the front panel where you put the books wiggles a little bit when he uses it to get in and out of the bed. We will probably try to reinforce it some how because I am a little worried it will break. Also, all of the edges along the top are kind of sharp so I worry about falls and cuts. On the first day my son cut his ankle on it but has since been a little more careful so hopefully this wont happen again.

Great product

We love the look of this bed, also it is very sturdy. When we put it together I thought the bed would collapse In but my husband got on the bed and bounced around no movement.

Great Bed For The Price

We love this bed for our 4 year son. I read all the reviews before buying and for the most part they were all great. I was very happy when the shipment came and all the pieces were inside. I think some people had issues with this. It took my husband 5 hours to put it all together. This bed is very sturdy and solid. So sturdy we had to have four people move the bed once we had it all together. We made the mistake of trying to move it after the top piece was screwed in. My suggestion have it exactly where you want it then screw the top piece on. I am very pleased with this purchase and my son love his new bed!

Good first bed

We are happy with this bed. Yes, it's heavy. This is a good thing. If you've put together [...] furniture, you'll have no trouble putting this together as it uses the same fasteners and illustrated directions. [...]

LOVE this BED!!

We purchased this bed for our three year old son for his "Big Boy Bed". His room is small and we wanted to optimize the space. My husband put it together in two days after we received replacement items from South Shore. I have to say they were very pleasant to deal with. There is no squeaking sound with any movement as I read in an earlier review. I guess if its put together right there shouldn't be a problem. My only complaint is that it is very sensitive to scraps and starches. Other than that it is PERFECT. My son loves it! We love it! We shopped around before we purchased this bed from online. We usually like to physically see the item first before we blindly purchase anything. I have to say this was a GREAT choice. The price was right. Especially if you have a Red Card from Target. FREE SHIPPING. Amazing. It saved us ALOT of $$$! And a 5% discount too!! I would recommend this bed to a friend and I have. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you to Target for selling it and giving GREAT discounts and to South Shore for making a GREAT product.

nice bed

its a very nice bed. very durable


The bed came in 3 different, very heavy boxes. The boxes were held shut by massive amounts of glue, making them extremely difficult to open. 2 of the 3 boxes even had heavy duty cardboard buffers glued around each corner, making them much more difficult to get into. The 3rd box, which actually contained the bed frame, didn't have the protective coverings, and there was damage to the bed. However, I didn't discover the damage until after I had ripped the box to shreds trying to open it! My husband and I were able to repair part of it, and the other damage was on the back side corner of the bed frame, so it's not seen once against a wall. There were small nicks to the finish on several other pieces. A correction marker came with the kit, but it doesn't match the color well. It took me 2 evenings to put everything together. It was tedious and annoying. In the end, the whole thing looks amazing, but I plan to never buy anymore furniture that has to be put together!

Imagine loft bed

This piece of furniture was the last in a series of three pieces that my husband and I assembled. The assembly is time consuming(about 4hours over two evenings). This is NOT heirloom quality furniture but is sturdy enough to serve for several years and is excellent for small rooms with a need for maximum storage space.

This bed is Awsome!

I love this bed I got it 4 months ago for my 3 year old. It has everything she needs and more. What I really love about this bed is there is a space underneath for her to play or do what ever she feels. It is her own personnal space. It is also easy for her to get up and down and there is a place for her to put her cup at night. There is also a spot for her to put her story books and favorit things. my daughter says she love her bed and so do I. I would reconmend this bed to anyone. This bed is Awsome!

Awesome bed!

We got this bed for our 4 year old son. My husband put it together in a couple hours. I only had to help him lift in up on the two ends. Our son easily goes up and down the latter. It's quite sturdy. The only complaint I can come up with would be the middle drawer of the dresser. We have to push it a certain way to close it, but I think that it partially my husbands doing when he put it together. Other than that we all love it. Very stylish and fun.

Should have thought twice

I was very excited about getting these beds, we ordered two for our sons who share a room. They are a GREAT way to maximize the space of a small room. They look good also.I am actually going to talk to my husband about returning them. They are two weeks old and one ladder broke already. (I have mellow lazy kids, so it wasn't from abuse) and the beds squeak so much it makes me crazy. Every time my boys roll over or move or anything, squeak, squeak, squeak. I feel the price was reasonable on the beds, however at [...] each I also do not want to be replacing them in two years.Also one thing for parents to think about. When your child has an "emergency tummy" in the middle of the night... will they make it out of this bed and down the ladder to the bathroom on time or will you be cleaning up puke at 2am? hmmmm.

Great bed, but scratches easliy

We purchased this bed for our 4 year olds room. We all love it because of the size and storage options. However, the surface of it scratches very easily. We've had it for a few weeks and have had to use the wood marker that came with it several times.

Very Good Bed for the price

I did a ton of research and shopping around before we bought this bed. It is very good for our 5 year old daughter, she loves it. Although it is not solid wood, the construction is good as long as you take your time to put it together solid. This is definitely a two person job. Only drawback would be that i was not satisfied with the supports underneath, but a few screws later, i feel much better. Also the wood supports on the stairs setup were not very good, DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN. I contacted the company and they sent me a new stair set right away. Overall a great bed for your money.

Love this Bed!

Ordered this bed for our 4 year old daughter. She loves the "bunk bed" style and has no problems getting up and down the ladder. Not too bad to put together, I put most of it together myself, needed my husband to help me lift the bed portion onto the dresser tops. This is a solid piece of furniture, although I did tell my daughter not too jump on it :) The space underneath fits the matching desk, or is really cute with a chair and lamp, she like to sit underneath and read books! Love it!

Info on what is included.

Neither the top nor the bottom mattress is included. Nor is a frame for the bottom bed. Great quality, the description is just a little misleading. Be ready to buy two mattresses and a frame. We also bought the book shelf and it is great quality and all in 1 piece when delivered.


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