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Symbol Mattress Reviews

Symbol mattress company was founded in 1961, focused originally predominantly on commercial mattresses including mattresses for schools and health care facilities. Over the past few years, they have used their commercial backing to release consumer products through retailers in the Midwest, Northeast, and South Eastern U.S. They boast American made fabrics and manufacturing and use certified Certipur-US foam (which is low in volatile organic compounds) on some of their mattresses. Most customers like their mattresses at first, but there are some that experienced issues with durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7.1/10

No Back Pain: 7.2/10

Price: $189-$1259

Trial Period: No Trial

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Symbol's Specifics

Symbol's foray into the consumer space over the last few years has brought a variety of mattresses, mostly focused on thick pocketed coil mattresses with layers of foam on the top layer for comfort. When it comes to their reviews from customers, they get good scores on initial comfort, but some mixed reviews on durability with some complaining about sagging issues.

Those that are concerned about durability and long term comfort, take a look at our top rated mattresses and specifically the Dreamcloud mattress for a high profile pillow-top pocketed coil mattress that customers review highly.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Symbol has three mattress collections, lower priced Traditional Series, mid-priced Premium Series, and higher-priced Contemporary Series.

We'll go through each of their mattress options in depth below:

Here are the details about the Symbol Contemporary Series:

The Symbol Contemporary Collection is their highest end with mattresses including Arabella, Centerpiece, Cool Blue Hybrid, Meditation, and Liberty. These mattresses all feature gel-infused memory foam in the top layer. While the Liberty is all-foam, the other options have pocketed coil support systems and multiple firmness options. While most customers find that these mattresses to be initially comfortable, some had issues with durability.

Next, here are the details of the Symbol Premium Series:

The Symbol Premium Series mattresses are all pocketed coil or innerspring varieties. They feature layers of gel infused foam or memory foam above the support systems. These mattresses include the Harlow, Signature MCS, Jaelyn, Signature Aria, and Marisole. These mattresses get good responses from most sleepers initially, but there were some disagreements on longevity and firmness from some sleepers.

Lastly, here are the details of the Symbol Traditional Series:

The Symbol Traditional Series mattresses include the Cobble Hill, Saranac, Catskill, and Laurel mattresses. Each of these mattresses are innerspring or pocketed coil varieties, with foam comfort layers on the top of the mattresses and varied firmness options. Overall, customers like their mattresses at first, but some had issues with durability and sagging issues.

Overall Comfort

Symbol has a wide range of mattresses with firmness ranges providing a good amount of comfort for most sleepers at first. However, there were some issues reported by reviewers about long term comfort and support. For those that experience sagging, comfort can be a degrading factor.


See the above scale. Symbol has a wide array of firmness options to choose from. Those that are slimmer in body size and side sleepers should consider getting a softer mattress, while those that are stomach sleepers should consider firmer options.

Back Pain Relief

Due to some sleepers mentioning degrading firmness, long term back support may be an issue for some sleepers. This may lead to discomfort for some.


The inclusion of gel-infused memory foam should keep things cool for most sleepers. Those that live in very warm environments may still retain some heat.

Who Are Symbol Mattresses Right For?

These options may be best for a guest room or other temporary solution due to the mixed reviews about long term comfort. For those looking for long term quality, take a look at our top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

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Symbol Mattress

We purchased our queen matress about a year ago. Loved it at first but now its broke down in the center. The place where u bought it tells me its not in warranty since i didnt buy the box springs with it. WELL I WASNT INFORMED OF THAT WHEN U PURCHASED IT or i would have got the box springs. Now im out 600 dollors on a 5 year warranty mattress. I will tell everyome i know about this. My company i work for purchases all its matresses from these people for campers. NOT ANYMORE

Symbol Mattress

We purchased a Symbol Executive king set approximately 15 yrs ago. It came with a 10 year warranty. We turn it regularly and it remains the most snug, yet firm and comfortable set immaginable. We are now searching for a dealer in our area for a queen set for the guest bedroom.

Finally happy with my bed

I am not generally picky at all about my bed, but my last Tempurpedic mattress was falling apart after the last 8 years and I needed a new one. I went into the local mattress store and noticed the low prices of Symbol. After laying on the bed, I was sold. The only thing I haven't liked is that it is sagging a tiny bit, and it has been just about 5 months. But, so far, definitely comfortable!

Indents and poor quality

After reading the other complaints and answers, I guess I'm basically screwed. My queen size mattress is 3 1/2 yrs old and has indents in it. I've been rotating the mattress every 3 months so now both sides have intents. Also I have never seen a queen size mattress that you could lift with one hand, which leads me to the conclusion that this is a piss poor quality. I will NEVER buy or recommend a Symbol mattress to anyone.

I am on my second mattress set in 4 years...

I am on my second mattress set in 4 years. The current set is about a year old. It is not worth the time and money to get it home. The current set is sagging in the middle. My neck and back are killing me. I am disabled and of course I live on a fixed income. If I could afford to do so I would go purchase a new set by another maker. Then I would drag the Symbol out and burn them. To get them replaced the last time I can not tell you how many phone calls I had to make and how long it actually took for them to replace the set. The warranty is not worth the paper it is written on when the product has to be replaced on a yearly basis. Take my advice do not purchase Symbol Matresses! The local store that sells their products has terrible service as well. After having this product I realize that I over paid. It is not worth more than $150 at most brand new.

It'll Do

Bought a Symbol on clearance from the store down the road for a guest room. No complaints, but no cheers either. Guess I can't complain.


I've had a Symbol for 10 years. Love it every night. I've seen that the newer models, you can't flip. But, mine you can! Get your hands on an older model and you'll be dreaming zzz's until cows come home.


I am on my second mattress set in 4 years. The current set is about a year old. It is not worth the time and money to get it home. The current set is sagging in the middle. My neck and back are killing me. I am disabled and of course I live on a fixed income. If I could afford to do so I would go purchase a new set by another maker. Then I would drag the Symbol out and burn them. To get them replaced the last time I can not tell you how many phone calls I had to make and how long it actually took for them to replace the set. The warranty is not worth the paper it is written on when the product has to be replaced on a yearly basis. Take my advice do not purchase Symbol Matresses! The local store that sells their products has terrible service as well. After having this product I realize that I over paid. It is not worth more than $150 at most brand new.

After just few months...

After just few months of owning this matters it started to sink in the middle. Now 2 years later the matress says more than the two inches required for replacement, but Symbol will not honor the replacement. 3 out of 4 of the foam walls supporting the outer edge of the matress have caved outward, giving my matress an off trapazoid shape. It is uncomfortable and after a mere two years I am told that my matress is clearly faulty but unreplacable. I do not recommend buying a Symbol matress unless you keep in inside of a wooden frame to keep the sides from collapsing. This was an awful experience.

We purchased a Symbol Executive king...

We purchased a Symbol Executive king set approximately 15 yrs ago. It came with a 10 year warranty. We turn it regularly and it remains the most snug, yet firm and comfortable set immaginable. We are now searching for a dealer in our area for a queen set for the guest bedroom.

This mattress didn't even last me 4 years...

This mattress didn't even last me 4 years! I just had to replace mine, I will never buy another mattress from your company again!! $800 down the drain

Worst Matress Ever

Had a friend talk us into this brand. Decided to give it a try. In lLess than a year and a half.. the center was wore out with the recommended rotations (every couple weeks) and using the box spring recommended for it. They replaced the mattress after filing a complaint. Now.. a year and a half later.. same exact issue. Poor quality, poor function. and poor sleep because of it. Will NEVER buy from this company again. We'd give it 0 stars if we could!

I have a queen...

I have a queen “soft, plush” set in my guest room. My 86 yr old Dad and his wife slept on it and said “it was their best sleep ever” and are looking to purchase the same set, closer to home in Maine

Great Quality Mattress...

Great Quality Mattress Sets! USA Made Since 1961! Definitely Best Quality at Best Prices in the Industry!

I purchased 2...

I purchased 2 "comfort innovations - Edison" mattresses a few years ago. After ONE summer of use (3 months), massive divots formed in the middle of both mattresses. When I say massive, I mean to the point of not being able to sleep comfortably because you could feel the frame underneath you through the mattress, and felt trapped by the sides of the divot. Attempts to contact the company were ridiculous. We called them multiple times and they never bothered to call us back. Horrible customer service! Do not bother to purchase mattresses from them unless you like sleeping in a mattress ravine.

I have one of the more affordable units...

I have one of the more affordable units, the Belair, now discontinued. I also sell these beds. They are a fantastic mattress for the price. Very comparable to any name brand.

I thought I was buying a great mattress...

I thought I was buying a great mattress for my 10 year old when we purchased the Signature MCS Series. $$$$$ Turns out the quality is terrible! The mattress started to dip with a few weeks. My son is 72 lbs and nearly 5 ft tall. There is absolutely no reason why this mattress should be developing a dip in it. The sales rep told my dealer that body impressions aren't warranted!! Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable! If your mattress can't support 72lbs spread out over nearly 5 ft., what would happen if this mattress would have been used by an adult! Terribly disappointed.

Local dealer does not honor anymore...

Local dealer does not honor anymore. Replaced 3 times in three years. Their mattress, their box support and a standard queen frame. Same areas break down every time from a 5’5 120 lb user. Now I must deal directly with mfg. and supply photos and get someone to help me move both pieces around.

Excellent company!

Excellent company!! been selling their mattresses for 8 years..they 100% stand behind their product!!Great quality for less, as they don't advertise. Fantastic selection, great value! Don't believe the nay's just not true!!

Products may be great...

Products may be great But, support / Warranty is a big disappointment

I purchased a mattress here...

I purchased a mattress here and a few years and it is the best mattress I have owned, still holding up good and comfortable every night I sleep on it, no complaints. I have recommended my friends and family to come here as well because I was so happy with my purchase.

Worst mattress ever.

Worst mattress ever. Only had a year and it sagged terribly in the middle! Hardly ever used. Been trying to get a refund but they want to exchange it! I don't want another one of their mattresses! Terrible.

Worst custoemr service ever.

Worst custoemr service ever. Bought a bed there and it was so uncomfortable. They exchanged it the first time but the second mattress was just as bad. When we contacted customer service they said their 15 yr warrenty only allows 1 exchange. Never again.


I don't even want to give them one star. Symbol is a terrible mattress and they don't back up their warranty. Our first mattress had huge divots in it so they angrily replaced it. The second mattress was just as bad after 2 days we got these huge sink holes but the 10 yr warranty is only good on the first mattress. This company sucks because they brag about quality and service but its anything but.

Beware of the online retailer scam - Two stars for a bad sales practice

I purchased my H219187 Northern Nights Queen 11" Dream Hybrid Mattress AKA "Symbol" Mattress just a few days ago. Well, it came today alongside the warranty card and instructions, I unboxed the mattress but did not remove the plastic from the rolled mattress. As I began reading the warranty pamphlet I find that the warranty is only valid if you buy the matching box spring. Well, the Box spring was not an option when we purchased the mattress. Furthermore, The warranty was a major reason for buying the mattress (10 years). Also, I was expecting a high-quality Nothern Nights mattress and not a "Symbol" low-end mattress? I told the online retailer that at no time did the TV saleswomen mention the need for the boxspring to get the 10-year warranty. They did, however, continue to mention the 10-year replacement warranty. So, I asked for a full refund and got it. To my surprise, they told me to trash, donate or give the mattress away as they do not take them back. How cheap is this product? What a bad sales process for a well-known tv retailer. Now, I have a no win situation if the mattress sticks and I no longer have my old mattress I'm screwed? A bad case of bait and switch if you ask me. Now I'm looking for someone that needs a mattress and is not discriminant. It's free but now it's my problem to solve?

Makes me sad...

I purchased a Symbol Jasmine 1 year and 5 months ago. Sinking in the middle badly I was able to return by warranty to my delight(I am 5-7 170lbs. What was delivered as a replacement was a Symbol Shelton. Much thinner, and way less build quality than the Jasmine, which is no longer in production. Let down in my experience.

Not what I expected

We have had this Symbol Belle Terre mattress for about 30 days not and it is not at all like what we layed on in the store. It has permanent depressions almost 2" deep after only 30 days.


I’m renting this place away from home for out of town work, that is a furnished 1 bedroom. To the point. The Mattress is from Hell itself no rest from this thing at all. I’d sleep beter in a rock river bed . I’m more exhausted from trying to sleep on this than being at work itself. So I looked at the tag for the manufacturer to see it is a symbol, aloe Vera made in 12/2019 in Richmond va. It is JUNK- wont even waist the time talking to owners of the place, But this Crap has got to GO! I'll buy my own mattress ,they can have it back when I’m gone. This outfit is ripping off America!!

Caves in the middle

Nice outside look, but inner construction not there. Caved in the middle after the first year

Symbol Mattress Comfortec

We purchased our box spring and mattress only 4 years ago. What a disappointment!!! It was great at first but quickly went down hill as far as comfort and the sagging is just unforgivable, We are now looking for a new mattress. Don't waste your time or money.

Don’t buy

I bought my saatva “luxury” mattress about 9 years ago. I tried to get a hold of the company to return the mattress after about 3 months but couldn’t contact the company. They’re were so nice when I bought the mattress but not after purchase was final. The mattress started sagging in the middle after a couple of months and is still the same today. I will never buy a mattress online again as there is just no recourse.

Amazing Mattresses at Amazing Price Points

As long as you have the proper support for a mattress (as is the same for any company you buy a mattress from) they will never have any problem warranting your mattress (so long as there's no stains). That being said, their mattresses simply do not have defects or issues. The only thing that causes issues is inadequate support (which will happen with any mattress you buy)

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