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Sweetnight Mattress Reviews

Sweetnight mattresses are sold across popular retailers, like Amazon and Walmart. They focus on super-affordable memory foam and coil mattresses, with multiple thickness varieties, which translates to varied firmness and feel. Most customers are satisfied with their purchase overall, but there are some complaints about initial expansion, comfort, and odor reported by some customers.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8/10

Price: $248-$658

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Sweetnight's Specifics

Sweetnight offers both all-foam and coil mattresses with foam comfort layers. One of their big differentiators is their low prices for the size of their mattresses. Also, one of their mattresses offers a flippable design for dual sided firmness.

When it comes to customer experiences, many report satisfactory experiences, but there are others that reported issues with initial comfort and odor in some cases. For those looking for high value mattresses for their budget, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for the money.

Quality of Materials

Sweetnight's mattresses offer affordable materials and craftsmanship. While there are many that experience good amounts of initial comfort, there are some disagreements about perceived quality in some cases with some customer reports describing mattresses not expanding or feeling uneven in support and pressure relief.

We'll go through each of their available mattresses and discuss what goes inside.

Here is a full breakdown of what's inside the 2-sided, 10'' and 12'' Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Sunkiss:

Cover Layer: The cover is a rayon-cotton blend that wicks away moisture from the surface layer and facilitates air flow.

Layer 1: Depending on the mattress thickness selected, a gel infused memory foam layer provides pressure point relief and contour for the hips and shoulders. *Customers report concerns that this layer doesn't inflate all the way and is firmer than expected in some cases.

Layer 2: A transitional ventilated foam allows for heat to move away from the surface, while relieving pressure.

Layer 3: A layer of zoned partition foam is designed to support the spine while facilitating pressure relief from the layers above.

Layer 4: A last layer of high density support foam further reinforces the supportiveness of the mattress with firm support.

Next, here is a full breakdown of what's inside the 8'', 10'', or 12'' Sweetnight Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is a rayon cotton blend, which helps wicks away moisture while being airy to regulate tempurature.

Layer 1: Following the thickness chosen, there is a gel infused memory foam layer, which relieves pressure points and keeps cool. *Customers have reported some issues with this layer not inflating all the way or feeling different than expected in some cases.

Layer 2: A ventilated transitional foam layer provides air flow to diffuse heat from the surface, while providing some support to the spine.

Layer 3: The last layer is a high density base foam layer that gives more support for the body and structure to the mattress.

Next, here is a full breakdown of what's inside the 10'' or 12'' Sweetnight Island Pillow Top Hybrid:

Cover Layer: The cotton cover provides a soft and fluffy top layer. This layer also offers a gel infused memory foam layer, which provides a contour on the top layer. *Customers have reported some issues with the top layers not expanding or feeling firmer than expected in some cases.

Layer 1: Below the pillow top layer, there is a comfort foam layer that enhances pressure relief, but also provides some support to the back.

Layer 2: Individually wrapped coils react individually to the body's curves and provide support for the body. *Customers describe this layer as responsive and firm.

Next, here is a full breakdown of what's inside the 10'' or 12'' Sweetnight Twilight Plush Pillow Top Hybrid:

Cover Layer: The cover is knitted cotton and features a breathable high density foam in the top layer, which is plush for added pressure relief. *Customers have described issues with compression in the top layer not expanding in some cases.

Layer 1: After the pillow top layer is a gel infused memory foam layer, which provides further pressure point relief for a plush feel.

Layer 2: Below, is another layer of high density foam, which further relieves pressure and acts as a transition for the support system below for an added quick response.

Layer 3: Individually wrapped coils adapt individually to the curves of the body to provide support for the body.

Lastly, here is a full breakdown of what's inside the slim 8'' Sweetnight Ocean Blue Plush Pillow Top Hybrid:

Cover Layer: The cover is a soft and plush feeling cotton cover, which has breathable high density foam in the top layer for added pressure point relief and softness.

Layer 1: A layer of cooling gel infused memory foam provides added pressure point relief and contour, but due to the height of the mattress it still provides a firm feel overall.

Layer 2: Pocketed coils provide firm support to the spine and body. Customers describe these coils providing a firm feel.

Overall Comfort

While most customers had good things to say, there were some reports of issues with initial comfort for customers. Those negative reviews often mentioned top layer comfort issues and non-expanding mattresses in some cases.


Take a look at the above chart. Those that are softer and medium options may do best for slimmer side or back sleepers, while the firmer options are best for back and stomach sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

Most customers had good things to say about comfort and support, but there were some that described issues with uneven support that may cause discomfort in some cases.


Customers have good things to say about heat retention overall with rare exceptions, which should provide peace of mind for those that sleep warm.

Who Are The Sweetnight Mattresses Right For?

The Sweetnight mattresses are best for those on a tight budget or are considering temporary options or secondary sleepers. For those looking for highly rated budget-friendly offerings, take a look at our our list of top rated mattresses for the money.

Browse Sweetnight Customer Reviews

Good mattress

Like I can flip mattress over for firm or less firm.

Terrible purchase

Both sides are too firm. It so uneven its like sleeping on a hill. Its the worst mattress I have purchased. Also arrived late.


Not a great mattress yet I ordered another thinking it could be better and it was worth so now I feel stuck with this "ok" mattress. Not recommended

Deal on Black Friday

I got this deal on Black Friday, before purchasing I looked up reviews and did some researching,Easy to open. It’s rolled up in box. 24 hours later it’s a complete mattress. How it pops up to a mattress.If you like a firm bed then you may enjoy a night sleep on this, if you prefer something a little more plush........ you may need a topper.For the price I got this on Black Friday deal was good price, for it’s a quality mattress.

No smell, Great firm side

The mattress had no smell when opened from the box and it is nice and firm on the opposite side of the sweet night tag. Just what I wanted!

Very very comfy and great quality for great price

This is a great mattress. Took it out of package and let it do its thing. It is very comfortable and the cover is nice. Was easy to set up, only took me 15 minutes by myself. It is like sleeping on a cloud. I love it and will buy again when I replace the kid's mattresses. It was also a great price point Highly recommend

best mattress

The first night, I slept soundly and woke up the next morning feeling better and the back pain and stiffness was not as severe. Every day the mattress expanded some more. After 24 hours, it was fully expanded. Last night was my third night sleeping on the mattress and I woke up with no back pain or stiffness. Absolutely miraculous! As I mentioned earlier, whenever I would injure my back it would take months to heal and not experience pain. This memory mattress is one of the best mattresses I've ever slept on, Other mattress are too hard or too soft. Bad mattress will let me wake up in the middle of the night, but since the use of memory mattress, I can sleep until the morning, my sleep quality has improved a lot. I overall have had an excellent experience with this mattress. I get a great night’s sleep every single night. If I had known how different I would be sleeping with this mattress. I now recommend it.

Super comfy i Highly recommend either the breeze or the sunkiss styles

I am surprised by how comfortable this mattress actually is, i researched a ton of different brands and i narrowed my choices down too 2. The sweetnight sunkiss and the necter. I decided to buy the sweetnight considering it was about half the price. I've had the sunkiss for about 2 months now and nothing has changed at all, this mattress is super comfortable, the cooling gel really works, i had no smell at ALL since the second i opened it. I don't usually write reviews but this mattress deserved my time as does the company. My brother just bought a sweetnight breeze 10' and they're both about the same. The only difference between the two is that the sinkiss has the 2nd firm side. The breeze is exactly the same as the sunkiss's soft side. Buy one i promise that you will not regret it.

So comfortable!

What more can I say? This is one of the nicest mattresses that I've ever slept on.

Better than my old one

I replaced a Sealy motion mattress for this one. I’m still not totally happy with the sleep but it seems better so far. I’ve had shoulder surgery on both shoulders so if I sleep on my back it’s ok. This mattress is tiny bit larger than my support frame. I have this mattress on the firmer side which I like better than the soft matteress. I’m not having pain in my back as bad as before. I am sleeping longer than before as well.

Persistent odor

Bought for our daughters room and the smell has remained so strong after over a week —if the door is closed or pulled up the odor collects in the room!!

The softer side is firm enough

The convenience of the mattress being shipped in a box is great! Much easier to move around. We started with the firmer side because the bed we had was sooo soft I wanted something firm. That did not work well for me. I am pretty small in size and it felt like I was sleeping on plywood; didn't make a dent in the mattress. So, we turned the mattress over to the softer side and it was fabulous!!! My husband is a larger man and he agreed that the softer side was comfortable and didn't wake up in pain. Great purchase.

Very comfy

Purchased this for the second bedroom, tried the medium firm side, it is soo comfy, very supportive. Now I want to move to the second bedroom lol

Have a little faith!

My mattress arrived few weeks ago. It's heavy in the box, and I had to fight to get it down the hall and into the bedroom -- a helper would definitely have come in handy. Unboxing it was also a chore, but once it was out and the plastic sheath was removed, it unrolled itself and began to decompress. Mine worked better than described! The first of the mattress fully open it was taken 30 SECONDS after I got the plastic off. It was taken at the 5 MINUTE mark; already at nearly full decompression! I'm still going to give it 24 hours to stretch and breathe, but a quick test-drive assured me that it's gonna be a perfectly comfortable, supportive mattress. (The paperwork warns of a temporary odor; my mattress has none.) I couldn't be happier

Comfortable but shipping not so great

First off, I want to say my biggest concern was the shipping. My mattress came in a tattered up box, basically torn apart with both ends of the box completely gone and the mattress slipping out. Not happy about that as I was worried about the mattress condition and how would I move it like that as I live in a high rise apartment. After the ordeal to get it in the apartment I opened it up and it popped opened as soon as I cut the plastic. Nothing seemed damaged to my relief since I didn’t know how I would possibly return it with its size and shredded box. I’ve used it for a few days and it seemed stiff at first which means I probably need to break it in. But I slept great with no tossing or turning and I stayed cool the whole night. It’s a good firmness as I didn’t sink in to it. So far I’ve had no problems. Will see how it goes as I continue to use it in regards to my back pain.

Comfortable to relax on!

Love this soft comforting mattress. It is very easy to open and set up. I can finally relax on it after a tiring day from work.

You need 2 people to move this monolith.

I didn't like this review parameter. I spent a night on it, I didn't buy it because I needed a chiropractor and there are tons of reasons for poor sleep besides a mattress. Here are the facts: I'm amazed that you can ship a king size mattress in the box this was shipped in. Modern science has made it amazing and wondrous how you can vacuum a mattress into the thickness of a 2x4 on edge (1.5" for the uninitiated) and roll it into a cardboard carton. I hope with Bezo's billions he can put those scientists on how to remove the weight with the volume. I've moved mattresses before. This box makes you believe you can fly. That one person can carry this up 17 stairs to the master bedroom. I'm not a giant man but at 200 pounds and fit, I'm not small. I thought I'd die trying to wrestle that thing on a shoulder and get it to its home. It's heavy! Do not play around or you will have back pain and probably need surgery more than a mattress. So far it's good. I'm okay with this purchase. The review parameters? Meh....

Great buy!

Initially, I was a little skeptical of a mattress in a box. But we have loved it from day one and are extremely happy with our purchase.

Best Mattress I've Ever Owned

This is the best mattress that I've ever slept on, and I'm 72 years old. I am a light sleeper and when my wife gets up during the night, I don't wake up. It has a soft, pillow top with a firm layer directly underneath it. I am a side sleeper and pressure points are non-existent. I have been sleeping on it for about a week now. Time will tell how it will last. It appears to be made from quality materials. Wish it was made in the US.

The mattress is awsome!

I am very pleased with this mattress. I‘ve been wanting a memory foam mattress for years but could never afford one. I did a lot of investigating before I decided to buy this. It arrived quickly, in a heavy but surprisingly small box. It airs up very quickly within an hour. I did not get any chemical smell when opening the package. After airing out I cant smell anything. So far I am very comfortable in any sleeping position. All in all this is a great mattress with plenty of support.

Good mattress for back pain

Come in a roll and it took a couple days to get to the fullest. This hybrid mattress is more on the firm side, but not rock hard, it is very comfortable since it is memory foam on top, the bottom is spring, but it doesn’t make squeaky noise which I am very glad! In general, it is a good buy, I have used it for a couple weeks, so far works great for my back pain.

Poor sleepnight service

I have only had the mattress for 2 days and it is not as comfortable as advertised. I have a bigger problem, I cannot get on the sleepnight web site and register my mattress. I contacted customer service and they go off line when I as a question. The company is making it very difficult to talk with them so hopefully rather than get more upset I will write my review and tell it like it is. I bought a second mattress at the same time to take to my second home, that was a mistake. A return would only cost me. My problem, no customer support from the company. I hope someone sees this and takes action.

good price

love it so far


Did anyone else experience a strong paint smell on the mattress after opening it? If so, how do I get rid of it? Thank you in advance!

We love it.

Well with the purchase.

Good bed, definitely firm, would get a mattress pad for extra softness.

There was a number of reviews saying one side felt like it was leaning and the other side felt like it had a bump in it. And I experienced the same thing. When looking straight on at the bed, it seems fine and alright, but when laying on it. There was a eerie feeling like I was leaning like I'm going to fall off the bed while the other side felt like something was pushing into me. I'm a stomach sleeper so this felt very awkward to sleep on. Well... At this point (2 months of use) either I've gotten used to it or the bed evened itself out. Because I don't notice either anymore and it's a pretty good mattress for what it's worth. If you're looking for something you'd sink into, I weigh about 170lbs, you won't find it here. There's very little sinkage, so I'd recommend getting the softest version you can, a mattress pad, or a different mattress... Probably one that is full memory foam or has a thicker pillow top.


This bed is amazing instant pain relief and sound sleep quality. I love it!!!

Not a soft or comfortable mattress.

I was looking for a mattress that’s comfortable and soft. This one is actually hard and I don’t think it’s worth the price. Should be like $200 less.

Very happy with this mattress

Absolutely love this bed. Comfortable plenty of room. Finally can get a good night's sleep.

New mattress

Good price. Little harder than I had hoped so bad to get a memory foam topper.

Too firm

This mattress was definitely not plush enough for me. I’m a side sleeper and felt pressure and discomfort in my hip and other pressure points while sleeping. It’s made well it inflated to the maximum height and overall well made. Just not soft enough for me. I added a 3 inch memory foam topper to it and now it’s absolutely perfect and I never want to leave bed.

Comfortable Memory Bed

Very comfortable plussy memory form like bed. Its not too soft and hard just perfect in middle. Does not sink down when you sleep on it. Great for people who like to sleep straight. A grade.

Love this mattress! It’s amazing!

Most comfortable mattress ever!

Can’t sleep on it. Can’t get rid of it.

Very disappointed in this bed. I’m 225. My wife is 105. She either rolls into me or rolls off of the bed. She really rolled off of the bed.. We asked for a refund. But we have to Somehow compress it and get it to a UPS Store. Are they serious? I’m going to buy a much better mattress and put this one out on the curb.

Satisfactory Spring Bed

Was easily assembled and has been serving us well for the first 3 nights.

Great mattress... at first

We have slept on this mattress now for two years. It's very comfortable and we have loved it. Except there is a definite indent at our hip area where we sleep. Mine is enough that it is starting to make it uncomfortable. We have rotated the mattress every few months and neither my husband or I are heavy people. Disappointed that a $500 mattress is only providing 2 years of comfortable sleep.

Goldilocks has found her bed.

We had purchased another name brand but it was terrible. Husband tossed and turned all night long and woke up with back pain. First night I felt it was sleeping on a rock. Thought it would get better, but it didn't . Neither my husband nor I wanted to admit it, but we finally did. Life is too short to sleep on a terrible mattress. So glad we did, because we bought this to replace. IT IS WONDERFUL. Husband now sleeps through the night without back pain and doesn't toss and turn waking me. It's soft, but not too soft, sleeps cool and keeps motion to a minimum. Did a lot of research and this had wonderful reviews and we can see why. I don't want to get out of bed in the morning.

Surprisingly comfortable

I got this mattress for our staging job because it can roll it up and fit into my caravan. After trying it, I found it surprisingly comfortable. So I am keeping it for personal use now.

I see buying this product again!

Sleep quality: The quality of this hybrid mattress is very good, to be honest the price was way better in an amazon compare to a regular store in my city. I had very low expectations, but I can say is waaaaaay better then my former mattress. Pain relief: Unfortunately, I cant talk about this particular point because I normally dont have pain in my back and I have never find the need to have a special mattress for that. Comfort: I am the type of person that has to have his A/C at 65 degrees or less during the night. In the other hand, my girlfriend hates that. When I bought this mattress I was trying to look for a product with features that make it cooler. So far, I can sleep with my A/C at 72 degrees.

Horrible let it for 3 days...

Horrible let it for 3 days to open it did not fully open was hectic to get out box and then it was not even comfortable or soft for $650 I was upset and they tried offering me a replacement I did not like the cheap quality of that mattress definitely don't want a replacement !

Slow as syrup customer service!

We had high hopes for this one- complete disappointment. We have it plenty of time and space to inflate properly. Our sleep quality went downhill fast. I requested a refund the very next day. We are still laying on it because we have yet to get any money back to go buy something better!!!!

Uneven weight distribution

The material is cheap and the weight isn’t evenly distributed which will put more pressure on your lower spine especially you are a little out of shape. Sleep quality is directly affected by this and I didn’t get good sleeps most of the week. Contacted the customer service rep about the mattress and their attitude is bad and didn’t respond to further questions about the product.

nice mattress

we are replacing our 10 years old traditional spring mattress with this pillow top. I have been looking around and did few research. Finally decide to get this one. After I sneezed to open the box, the mattress expanded. It takes time to get up to full size. It didn’t come with any smell. It is comfortable and nice. The matters doesn’t great job and isolating moment. I m a light sleep. My husband’s any moment I can feel when we used old mattress. This one is good. We don’t affect each other while we are sleeping. Nice to have.

Good bed

So far so good. After the 72hr wait, we finally got to sleep on it and it's pretty comfortable. It arrived on time w/out any issues or damage.

BE AWARE. This is not a 10” mattress as advertised.

The mattress I received is comfortable. Not too soft, not too firm. Definitely middle of the road. I sleep well. So I guess I can’t complain? I just can’t guarantee this review matches what is advertised, as the mattress I received is an 8” mattress. Not a 10” mattress. I’m extremely disappointed in that respect.

worth buying

I'm a 186 lbs. I won’t feel tired when I wake up on this mattress. My job depends on getting a good night’s sleep in order to be fully prepared for my day. This mattress makes me very comfortable. , The comfort/cost ratio is an amazing deal. Recommend this mattress.


If we could zero stars we would. The supposedly 12" mattress never expanded above 10" and had large ridges cross it that looked like a mountain range. When we tried complaining to the supposedly 24/7 customer support with multiple emails and voicemails, we only heard back by email at 6:00 a.m. the next day. The email gave us the moronic advice to "pound on it" and "shake it" and wait three more days. We followed this advice -- getting out some of our aggressions in the process -- and nothing changed. We then went through the same 6:00 a.m. email exchange for two more days and they did nothing. Finally, we gave up, contacted Amazon directly, and thank God they gave a full refund and told us to simply dispose of the useless mattress. Phew.

You don’t need to wait 72 hours before sleeping on.

We had. been sleeping on a worn out mattress in our rv so we ordered this one to replace it. We are full time rv’ers. For a full size mattress, it comes in a pretty small box so we suggest opening the box in the room where it’s gonna go. It fluffed up right out of the box. Directions say to not sleep on it for like a few days so it has time to fully air out and regain its shape. I don’t know about you but a new mattress in the rv is enough to get some emotions going so we found it hard to stay off it. We tried at first to have her just bend over and brace with her elbows. She said the pillow top was very soft on her forearms. We needed the full experience. We climbed on the bed. First thought was, very nice support. I didn’t sink in at all. She was on top and with all the new added firmness of the mattress, she said it was a much better ride. On the old mattress her knees would hurt after but this one is legit. Only recommendation would be is to put sheets on beforehand next time. Oh well, lesson learned.

Very comfortable!

Bought this during a Cyber Monday Sale...replacing an Ikea foam mattress (LONG overdue for replacement!). Arrived in a (heavy) box, had to cut the box to get the mattress out (I'd love to see how they get it into the box to begin with!). Opening the mattress reminds me of being a kid playing with those little pills that you would soak in water, and they would turn into a dinosaur or's kind of a magic trick how it expands into a queen sized mattress! Very comfortable! Nice and cool top, doesn't keep in body heat...always able to find a cool spot! I'm a side sleeper, and this has been great. One week into sleeping, and it's been great.

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