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Steinhafels Mattress Reviews

Steinhafels is a major furniture and mattress retailer with numerous locations in Illinois and Wisconsin. When it comes to their mattresses, they sell both high end name brands and budget-conscious choices. While most customers are satisfied at first, there are some that had issues with Steinhafels' customer service, return policies, and mattress durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.2/10

No Back Pain: 7.2/10

Price: $68-$9798

Trial Period: Not All Returns Allowed - Read Policy

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Steinhafels's Specifics

Steinhafels is well-known in Illinois and Wisconsin as a major force in the furniture industry. When it comes to their mattresses, they sell both luxury brands like Stearns & Foster and Aireloom, and also budget-friendly brands like Dreams. Customers like Steinhafels selection for initial comfort overall, but many had issues with durability from many of the mattress brands sold through their stores. Also, there was some confusion around their return policy when it comes to their mattresses -- the customer needs to buy a mattress protector and must pay an expensive restocking fee to enjoy the 120 night trial.

If you are looking for a quality mattress, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses. Online mattresses offer good deals, generous trial and refund policies, warranties, and solid customer reviews that many have found as solid alternatives to in-store offerings.

Quality of Materials

We'll go through the mattress brands that Steinhafels sells to customers and describe the ins and outs of their products. Here are the details:

Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic is a high-end memory foam focused mattress brand. While they are well-known for their all-foam mattresses, they also have hybrid mattresses, which include pocketed coil support systems. While most people like their Tempur-Pedic mattresses for their firmness options and high profile designs, they are very expensive versus competitive alternatives, and the cooling varieties are quite a lot higher than other specialized mattresses.

Beautyrest: Beautyrest is known for its range of pocketed coil mattresses, with both lower end budget-friendly options and higher end mattresses with layers of luxury materials. They also have multiple firmness options for those that want something more specialized to their bodies. Overall, customers find that these mattresses are comfortable, but there were some mixed reviews when it came to long term comfort. Others found that they could find similar mattresses for less elsewhere.

Stearns & Foster: Stearns & Foster is known for their high profile pillow top mattress designs. With thick layers of foam on the top layers and a variety of firmness options to choose from, most customers appreciate their Stearns & Foster mattresses at first. However, there are numerous reports of durability problems. When taking the longevity with the high price for the materials into consideration, many customers are happy looking into alternatives.

Aireloom: Aireloom is another luxury mattress maker, which boasts a selection of handcrafted mattresses that feature luxury materials like cashmere over pocketed coil support systems. When it comes to initial comfort, most describe these mattresses as fluffy and comfy, but many have had problems with durability and quick sagging issues. When taking this into consideration with the high price, often in the many thousands of dollars, many customers find these mattresses to be poor bargains.

Sealy: Sealy is known for their posture-focused mattresses, with their Posturepedic technology. Many of their mattresses have zoned coil systems that are designed to work well propping up the middle spine while relieving tension around the hips and shoulders. With a variety of pricepoint options to choose from, most customers can find what they are looking for. However, there are some issues with longevity that are reported by sleepers, which can cause some to think twice about the value of the purchase.

Dreams: Dreams is a very cost effective mattress company, which mostly makes innerspring and all-foam mattresses for significantly less than others. There are some disagreements about this brand around durability and initial feel that some customers had a problem with.

Overall Comfort

Most customers feel comfortable on their mattresses at first, but there are some complaints about durability, which cause some people to want to return their mattress. Be aware of the return policy before purchasing as there are some reports of shoppers being confused.


Steinhafels has a wide range of available mattress firmnesses available. Each of the brands mentioned above are known for having a wide array of firmness options available. For most sleepers, medium and medium-firm mattresses are the most ideal. However, for those that are very slim or heavier in body size may need something more specialized to them.

Back Pain Relief

While the Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest, and Sealy's higher end models do a good job at alleviating back pain over a short horizon, there are some sleepers that have reported issues with durability, which may cause issues with degrading comfort and back support over time.


Some Beautyrest and Tempur-Pedic's Tempur-Breeze selection do an exceptional job cooling. However, other options may retain some heat.

Who Are Steinhafels' Products Right For?

Steinhafels is a good choice for those that want to try a mattress in-store, want a name-brand option, and support a local retailer. However, if you are looking for something similar that is higher rated by customers and has a better trial and warranty, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

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When my husband and I bought our house

When my husband and I bought our house 5 years ago, we went to Steinhafels to furnish it. We were on a bit of a budget being a newlywed couple, and were able to find everything we needed within our price range. We picked out items that looked way more expensive than they were and had a great experience with the salesperson and with the delivery process. Well today we realized now that we are doing better financially, we should probably buy a nice mattress and bed set. We walked into Steinhafels expecting to be bombarded by salespeople trying to get us to buy the most expensive items in the store. So we were pleasantly surprised to meet Stephen. He gently approached us, and listened to what our needs were. He wasn't pushy, but he was helpful and present. He related to us, he let us lead and just helped us along the way. We ended up buying an amazing Tempur-pedic mattress and a beautiful bed set. The price was reasonable, especially with the no interest for 5 years Steinhafels credit card. We were even able to get $300 off some pillows and a mattress pad. I cannot wait for our delivery next week. They're even going to take our old, worn out mattress for us so we don't have to worry about disposing of it. I am so very happy with our experience today. We will never shop anywhere else for furniture. Steinhafels has earned our loyalty.

I had Chris as a salesman

I had Chris as a salesman. He was all over me until I said I wanted to check the clearance area. He said he couldn't sell in that area, but I found him there later helping someone else after he tried to drive me to the most expensive sofa. He also mislead me on the mattresses. I was looking for a sofa and a full size mattress and box spring. I made myself clear. He informed me the mattress/boxspring was $649. After I decided I wanted the mattress he was still helping another couple so I asked for help from someone else. This employee informed me the mattress was $649, the boxspring was another $100 and the frame $79. I HAD clearly told him I wanted a mattress and a box spring. I BTW he also said no one makes flippable mattresses anymore. I told him I had just bought one from Biltrite. Biltrite did not charge me for a frame either. Steinhafels delivery fee for A SOFA is $119 whereas Biltrite was $75. Check other places. I believe this place is a furniture scam.

I've shopped at this store many times

I've shopped at this store many times over the years. Decent selection - the place is pretty big - and nice people, I've never had complaints about staff - but this review is mainly about mattresses. This is definitely not the place to shop. We stopped in here a few months back to check out selection and prices in mattresses. They do have quite a few to choose from. Mostly high end mattresses that are priced 3-4 times their actual value. Way WAY too expensive. Years back I worked for an ad agency for a mattress company, so I know a big about what goes into a mattress and it's cost (materials and labor). Truth is, anything over $900 for a King pillow top is just wasteful. This place had all their mattresses priced way too high. Most places do this - but then offer "sale" prices that seem like a deal but get the prices back to a normal mark up. Not here. I see their commercials now for mattresses and I shiver. Terrible. As for the other furniture- we've had some hits and misses. They have some good quality stuff and some budget stuff. You get what you pay for.

Steinhafels delivered a new mattress

Steinhafels delivered a new mattress to my house that smells absolutely revolting, if not deadly. It is off-gassing so badly that we have to have the windows open in our bedroom 100% of the time just to survive the stench in our house, and it's winter in WI, 5 deg F outside. We can't sleep in our own bedroom it's so bad. Heaven only knows what the gasses are and how carcinogenic they are. Actually Google knows. Urethane foam off-gasses dangerous carcinogens as it turns out. Our entire house smells like we have 5 open cans of enamel paint sitting in our bedroom. Why would you sell products like this at all, much less without warning your customers of what they're in for if they buy a mattress? Of course the answer is, you wouldn't sell any $3,000 foam mattresses if you told your customers the truth. Now our old mattress is gone (hauled away by Steinhafels) and we only have this deadly fuming mattress. Do your homework first, unlike me, and learn what Steinhafels doesn't want you to learn. Don't buy from Steinhafels. #Deception #Criminals #Cancer #TruthInSales

Um, I called to get a quote on a mattress

Um, I called to get a quote on a mattress that is sold at a few other stores. They refused to give me a price over the phone. Guess who's not going to Steinhafels.............

Bought three separate things shortly

Bought three separate things shortly after moving here and had all good experiences. I shopped at three different mattress stores all on the same street and this had the best mattress for a reasonable price. The salespeople weren't pushy and annoying, but were helpful when I needed help. The mattress was delivered promptly and they were careful walking through the house with it. I picked up a dresser and a table from the store to assemble and both look great. The dresser had a slight problem with one drawer but steinhafels sent me an email the day I got it saying if I had any problems to fill out a form and they'd come fix it (no cost to me). I took them up on it and the guy came and fixed it quickly and was friendly and competent.

My brother and I looooved Steinhafels as kids

My brother and I looooved Steinhafels as kids - there was something about row after row of stuff to sit on, lay on, and play with (plus free snacks/drinks/play area and proximity to the delicious Culver's kids meal that awaited if we behaved) that made this one of the better places to get dragged to on shopping days. In college I found a crazy nice mattress for an unreasonably cheap price in their mismatched stock clearance area. When it came time for a new mattress, Steinhafels was at the top of my list. Unfortunately, that one magic mattress is not the norm. Also, when you're the one shelling out the big bucks, the store doesn't hold the same magic it did for me as a penniless child. While looking through the clearance mattresses I told the salesperson about my last find and they said I was crazy to think I'd find that again. I gave in and moved on to the regular mattresses, and while another salesperson approached us I explained that I was super indecisive but I would come find him if I had any questions. To my surprise, he actually honored my request. Major points there. I had been planning to get a memory foam mattress, and Steinhafels had two in-house brands that fit my price point. The salesperson talked me out of them, though; he said their budget brand was not really built to last with regular use. He suggested it was an okay buy for a guest room, but if I planned to sleep on it every night I shouldn't waste the money. They do have a more premium version, and other well-known brands like TempurPedic, but I wasn't ready to shell out $1000 or more that day, especially since I was under the naive impression I'd be able to score another amazing mattress for $300 like last time. I switched over to testing coil mattresses with memory foam/plus toppers. I eventually settled on a bamboo-covered mattress from their in-house brand. In the store, it felt comfortable, but in just about a year of sleeping on it it already seems kind of worn. The salesperson who talked me out of the memory foam said this was one of my better bets; I'm a little worried to know what state a cheaper mattress would be in. The other thing that bothered me was when I was checking out I asked if I could schedule delivery for later; I was moving about six weeks after I purchased the mattress but wanted to nab it on sale without having to haul it from my old place to the new. The salesperson really talked the idea down, telling me he couldn't guarantee they'd be able to hang on to the mattress if I left it in their warehouse. What were they going to do, sell it after I paid for it? I was sent home to schedule a delivery on my own. Delivery was fairly easy but late. They seemed weirded out that I didn't want them to take the plastic off and asked for it to be loaded into the basement, but since I was being forced to move it again I didn't see the point in unwrapping it or putting it in a room I'd have to maneuver it back out of in a few weeks. I wouldn't completely rule out shopping at Steinhafels in the future, but I am going to be more weary this time around.

Went with a good friend

Went with a good friend to compare prices on beds and mattresses. Sales associate became pushy, insulted other businesses, was not respectful . He follow us around complaining about his competitor until we told him we were finished and walked out.

I have to say that i really feel lied to

I have to say that i really feel lied to by the salesperson at steinhafels madison - i asked for same day delivery she said no - their website clearly says same day delivery - so im left waiting - they were supposed to call or email me about delivery of my very expensive mattress no call no email - what am i supposed to wait all day at my house for my delivery - the women also lied and told me each modal of mattress has a different name at various stores a fact that was just another used car salesman pitch - thus the same exact mattress was 400 dollars less down the street at A1 shame on you steihafels for ripping off a veteran who simply wanted to get a mattress that would help him not be in pain - buyer beware of this place i hope they are proud of themselves - my next step is to call corporate about this sales person. Another fine rip on american scammery brought to you by thehikerbox please keep reading my yelps as i aim to expose every scam or crap in madison that i can Peace!!!!!!!!!

I received good customer service today

I received good customer service today. We received a defective mattress that was purchased the day after Thanksgiving 2016. In less than 12 weeks the coils failed. A service technician came today and his report allowed us to replace it at no charge with free delivery from Steinhaufels. I was assured by customer service that they will stand behind the warranty and he assured me that this was unusual. I should sleep better tonight.

My husband and I were in the market for a new bedroom set

My husband and I were in the market for a new bedroom set. In our current location size of the furniture played a big factor as well as budget. (We had gone to a previous retailer and had actually purchased a bedroom set, only to find out through reviews that what we bought was junk.) We walked into Steinhafels and were greeted at the door. When we began to look at bedroom sets we were approached by Nancy. We explained what we were looking for and Nancy heard every word. She showed us what was in our budget and a little out of our budget. She gave us information to allow us to make an educated decision why making a choice. We were so comfortable that we bought the set, a mattress and box, and a kitchen table (with assistance from another employee Amanda also amazing). Everything has been delivered as promised and looks amazing. Nancy held our hands through the whole process. I will never buy furniture elsewhere again. Thank you for the beautiful furniture and the quality furniture. I know this is a long review and I could go on for hours more. Long story short, best shopping experience and amazing quality!

We bought a mattress, box springs, headboard

We bought a mattress, box springs, headboard, and frame from here to be delivered. On the first delivery they had exactly ONE of those items correct. They brought a queen box spring for a double bed. (!). Seems like something they might want to double check while loading the truck?? So we had only the mattress and slept on the floor for a few weeks. After much emailing/calling back and forth, they attempted to deliver the rest of the stuff and still did not bring a frame that would work with the headboard. Have these people seen furniture before? It's amazing they can load up the truck, drive it all the way to the delivery and then be surprised that the pieces that THEY BROUGHT don't work together. The headboard is a decent piece of furniture hence the 2 stars instead of one. Otherwise, with this kind of inept customer service after the sale, we will not be visiting Steinhafels again.

The store is really huge

The store is really huge and the selection is amazing. The store manager Mike was very nice to us and helped us make our selections. They have more mattresses than any other place nearby so it's easy to compare and shop.

I have purchased many items from Steinhafels

I have purchased many items from Steinhafels and over the years their quality of their furniture have went down extremely. I purchased a table from them and within a month the wood table was cracking. The table was replaced and 7 months later I am back for an extreme amount of cracking. I also purchased a mattress that is now sinking in! Steinhafels will never get another dime from me as they do nothing to assist their customers.

In the past 2 months

In the past 2 months have purchased the following: queen mattress & box spring (Simmons Platinum Plush), 3-piece leather sectional sofa, 2 leather chairs with ottomans. Negotiated prices down a bit and when they went on sale even more the salesperson credited us the lower price. Delivery went well - on time, clean, friendly. In other words they did what they were supposed to do and did it well. Every time I have been to Steinhafels with or without purchasing something it has gone well and I have been treated well by the sales staff.

It really takes quite a few mistakes to earn a one star rating

It really takes quite a few mistakes to earn a one star rating so I will let you know my experience so hopefully you can avoid the same pitfalls. 1) 10% off everything really doesn't mean everything. It excludes custom furniture and mattresses which was everything we were purchasing. 2) They may not charge you for everything at first. We received a call one week later stating they had left out the foot board charge on our order. 3) The 120 sleep night guarantee requires that you purchase one of their mattress covers. A decent one will run you over $100. 4) There is NO negotiation. After one of the pillows we ordered was supposed to be in stock and wasn't available we had to beg to get a portion of our delivery fee refunded and this was an $8k+ purchase. Read later for their remediation offer after they had messed up everything. 5) Delivery dates will move and will move to be a later date. We planned on having the 100th anniversary of our house party and set a date that should have been safe. The delivery date slipped from mid November to late then to middle December. They don't notify you of a date slip you have to check your on-line order. 6) Your furniture may come damaged and the delivery people will try to hide the damage. Our bed had small damage on it and my husband caught the delivery team trying to hide that a piece had fallen off the bed. The dresser had multiple scratches on it and we wouldn't accept delivery. 7) If your custom furniture comes damaged you can either have them try to fix it or wait another 12 weeks for delivery. They offered us $100 off the $8k+ order to wait an additional 12 weeks so we opted to have the furniture repaired. 8) Your delivery will come late so don't plan on leaving a small window open. The truck "broke down" and they were over two hours late. When they switched trucks that probably damaged our furniture. 9) If the delivery team thinks it will be a tight fit getting your furniture into your house they will make you sign a waiver that basically states they can destroy your house with no recourse. They delivered the furniture but left scratches on our walls. After talking with a few other people about our experience we found out that two friends had sued this company for various reasons. This is probably the WORST experience I have ever had with purchasing any large ticket item. I escalated the issue and nobody seemed to care about this horrible experience. Do yourself a favor and AVOID STEINHAFELS AT ALL COSTS!

A salesperson at the new Crystal Lake IL store

A salesperson at the new Crystal Lake IL store told my 89 year old mother, with Macular Degeneration, that she had 120 days to return a +$2,000 mattress. So my mother, who lives only on Social Security, felt confident purchasing a mattress from Steinhafels. Unfortunately the salesperson neglected to tell her that she would have to purchase a qualifying mattress protector to be able to return the mattress. My mother was not happy with the mattress so she purchased another mattress from a different retailer. She then called Steinhafels to pick-up their mattress. The salesperson said 'NO WAY-Look at your receipt'. My mother doesn't see well enough to even read the receipt so she is so very upset. Why didn't the salesperson be sure that she understood your return policy? Now my mother has to borrow money to pay for the new mattress she purchased. I always liked Steinhafels but they should be ashamed, or perhaps proud?, that they misled an 89 year old woman.

Just helped my daughter buy a new mattress

Just helped my daughter buy a new mattress at Steinhafels in Crystal Lake. What a great experience! Tara Collins did a fantastic job helping my daughter get the right mattress for a reasonable price. i recommend this establishment without reservation.

If you buy from Steinhafels well then read this first

If you buy from Steinhafels well then read this first - I spent 1800 on a mattress that supposedly has a 25 year warranty. I tried to schedule a warranty appt and got nothing but the runaround - they do not honor their warranties, Ben their customer service operator hung up on me, and the mattress is falling apart after 3 years. It was not abused just slept on. Shame on you Steinhafels oh FYI Ben should be fired for his rudeness and the whole company should be shut down as just another sad case of modern American service. Basically they gave me the big fuck you and thanks for your money. I would never do business with them again.

Make a better product!

Make a better product! I purchased a mattress from Steinhafels Dream Series and we have had it for almost two years. Two weeks into owning the mattress I called to express my dislike for the product I wanted to send the mattress back under the 30 day sleep guarantee however, when I called they said I had to sleep on it for at least a month before sending it back. A year into owning the mattress I called because my husband and I felt like the memory foam had decreased to the point we felt like we were sleeping on the floor. I had a technician come and measure the depressions and I received an email saying that they had to be 3/4 inch of a depression before my warranty kicks in. I have recently scheduled another appointment for a technician to come to the house and measure the mattress and every month after until I receive a response that I feel fits the warranty. I feel like Steinhafels ripped us off on a mattress. We should not have be looking to replace a mattress two years after sleeping on it. Recently I woke up in so much pain I went to the doctor and had a sprained shoulder from sleeping on this poorly made product. Shame on you for putting out a crappy product and not standing behind it.

I had an issue that was quickly resolved

I had an issue that was quickly resolved with satisfaction and now have the mattress that's right for me. Its a great place also to find large area rugs. Becky Z is a good and caring sales person.

We came here looking to find a new mattress

We came here looking to find a new mattress. We found one on sale that was pretty comfortable at the time. We ordered it for pick up. When we received it and got it set up in the bedroom, I noticed that it sunk on my side. I know nothing about quality furniture but I do know that a new mattress shouldn't sink the first night you sleep in it, (and no, the sinking has nothing to do with my body weight). We called a mattress tech to check it out and they were pretty quick to come out. He confirmed that the mattress was a bum mattress and that we can take it back. Now, this review wasn't due to the nature of the faulty mattress we originally purchased. I understand that mistakes happen and defective products are sent sometimes. It was how Steinhafels handled it next, was what I really found to be unprofessional and poor customer service. When we notified them about the faulty mattress, they said we could return it for an equal price mattress; this sounded fair. We found something a little higher and we had paid the difference, which is also fair. Where things got dicey was how they handled the shipping. They first told us that they would pick up the defective mattress for free and then they recanted their offer to do so. So we decided to drop off the mattress and we were also told that we would get free shipping to our place due to the faulty mattress situation and again they retracted what they said. There was too much back and forth and Steinhafels should have stepped up and should've stuck to what they originally offered. It was such a hassle receiving a defective mattress and they made it worse by having terrible customer service. Avoid this place at all cost.

We purchased a new bed

We purchased a new bed, mattress and end tables. They sent an email with a two hour window of when to expect the delivery. They were late on the delivery by 30 minutes. Wasn't the worst thing but annoying. After they left, we noticed the foot board on the bed was damaged. We called our sales person and left a message and got no call back for 5 days. To this day he hasn't contacted us. We called and talked to someone else, they scheduled a new delivery for replacements. The delivery window was again not accurate. We were told it would be delivered between 1:45 and 3:45. We got the first phone call from the drivers at 5:05pm saying they could be here by 5:30. We cancelled the delivery for the day because we had plans for the evening. I talked to 3 different service people and they all said there was nothing they could do and we have to wait to reschedule a third delivery day tomorrow. We were given broken furniture, late, and then their delivery team was 2 hours late and never gave us notice so we had to cancel all the while getting no help from any staff member. We now have to wait another week for delivery to hopefully happen without a guarantee about what time or stop number we will be because they can only operate based on "what is most fuel efficient for their truck." If their goal is to make repeat customers, they aren't doing a great job with that.

Steinhafels had the best combination of price AND comfort

Steinhafels had the best combination of price AND comfort for the mattress we wanted. We looked all over Green Bay. Leslie was VERY helpful! The only drawback was that we had to wait a while due to the XL Twin size not being in stock. She called to let us know as soon as it came in.

The person who waited on me seemed a bit scatter-brained

The person who waited on me seemed a bit scatter-brained. He didn't provide great customer service. Beware of the "Free Delivery!" advertised. It is only if you buy a mattress for more than $500. They also void the warranty, if you do not buy a $75.00 mattress protector.

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