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Stearns And Foster Mattress Reviews


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Spring 2024 Updates: Stearns & Foster offers free white glove delivery for their luxury style, high-profile mattresses in about 2-3 weeks. Recent customers describe some complaints about durability with Estate & Lux Hybrid collections.

Stearns and Foster has been around for over 150 years with its last few decades being a part of the mattress conglomerate Tempur-Sealy along with brands like Tempur-Pedic and Sealy brands. With such a long legacy, they have become a recognizable name-brand known for luxury craftsmanship and high profile hybrid designs. With most customers experiencing the pillowy comfort they are known for, there have also been reports of durability concerns from customers over the recent years.


+/- lasting support
+/- firmness
+/- expense

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 250 Overall

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.5/10

No Back Pain: 6.5/10

Price: $1699-$8998

Trial Period: No Trial

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Stearns And Foster's Specifics

Stearns and Foster have offered high-end mattresses for generations. With most finding refreshingly comfortable mattresses at first, there are also many reports of durability concerns for this brand. For those that are looking for competitively priced durable mattresses, see our list of top rated mattresses or if you are looking for a luxury pillow top feel, consider taking a look at the Dreamcloud mattresses.

Read on for more details about Stearns and Foster mattresses...

Quality of Materials

Stearns and Foster mattresses are innerspring and hybrid. Though they use high end materials and use authentic craftspeople to manufacture their mattresses, there are numerous reports of the mattresses sagging over a short period of time, especially their lower priced collections like Studio, Estate, and Lux Hybrid. Also, it's important to note that some of the model names that Stearns and Foster reports on its website may be different from the names you find in-store.

The pros: High end materials and design with a name brand.

The cons: Reports of sagging, durability, and warranty issues in some cases.

Mattress Types

Stearns and Foster has four different mattresses. We will go through each in detail.

Estate Collection

The Estate Collection is the entry price point to the Stearns and Foster brand. Their covers feature a Tencel blend so it keeps cool. Under the covers is a layer of quick response foam, gel foam for pressure point relief and cooling, and the pocket coil system at the base. The slightly higher end Estate Rockwell comes with Indulge memory foam, exclusive to Stearns & Foster. Most report liking these mattresses, especially initially, but there are some complaints over time about durability.

The pros of this mattress is a competitive hybrid design.

The cons are that reviewers report quicker sagging and bedding breakdown than average.

Price Range: $2299-$4998

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

Lux Estate Collection

The Lux Estate Collection is quite similar to the Estate Rockwell mattress with the addition of Indulge HD memory foam. It also has an additional micro-coil layer for added contour and adaptive pressure relief. These mattresses come with three firmness options with two optional pillow top options. There are overall good customer sentiment about this mattress, but there are some complaints about lumpiness and durability in some cases.

The pros: An extra pillow top layer provides extra softness to those who desire it.

The cons: There are still reports of some durability problems.

Price Range: $2899-$6998

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

Studio Collection

The Studio collection is Stearns & Foster's entry-level budget focused collection. With a streamlined approach to their mattresses, their designs offer a pillow top and standard medium-firmness options. With responsive pocket coil and heritage tufted cover, customers can get the tailored Stearns & Foster feel for less. However, there are some complaints from customers concerning longevity and compression in the top most layers, especially in the pillow top version.

The pros: Entry-level price point. Well balanced feel with pillow top option.

The cons: Reports of durability issues and some heat retention reported.

Price Range: $1699-$3798

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

Lux Hybrid

The Lux Hybrid is similar to the Lux Estate, but instead of offering an optional pillow top, it has a thick layer of Indulge HD memory foam on the surface layer. It comes in cushion firm, plush, and ultra plush. Customers report with good results overall. But there are others who mention disagreements about firmness and sagging over time.

The pros: a solid hybrid design for those that want a memory foam by a luxury brand.

The cons: Despite the extra layer of foam, there are still reports of durability issues.

Price Range: $3199-$6398

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection is the highest end mattress offering by Stearns & Foster. It offers a similar feel to the Lux Estate Collection, but has an extra foam layer and an extra pillow top option for added softness. Another layer is added below the gel foam for an even softer profile. This mattress is quite expensive, but at 16'' for the pillow top has a very high profile. This top of the line mattress doesn't have as many negative reports about durability, which is a big win for customers. Rare complaints mostly mention firmness issues.

The pros: Top of the line with many layers of firmness-focused foam and pillow top layers provide a cozy feel.

The cons: Some reports about heat retention and firmness issues for some sleepers.

Price Range: $4499-$8998

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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Finally experienced Sleep-full Bliss

Was really considering the new Foam/Gel topped mattresses, just because that is the "new" marketing for mattresses. My wife and I narrowed it down to the Stearns and Foster Reserve Firm and the Sealy Kelburn II. I was so ready for new a mattress as my lower back was always sore each morning. We went back into store and tried the two mattresses and she said I like the Stearns and Foster. I was hoping she'd say the Sealy Hyrbid but I actually felt a traditional style mattress was the best choice. Boy am I glad she chose the Stearns and Foster. THe bed arrived the next day in great condition, we let it air out from the packaging and put on a new mattress protector/topper. She added a little spray of fresh cotton scent to the topper and when we fell into bed that evening, it was bliss. We woke up Sunday morning, actually earlier than we normally do and both said....that is weird, we slept 7 hours and it feels like we slept 10.....and I had no sore back. We just laid there for couple more hours and enjoyed each others company. The Firm mattress is still very soft and with the light topper that carries a bit of filling it, it works perfect for the both of us. I weigh ~180 and the wife is ~120 One of the best purchasing decisions we ever made.

Made for me!

The S&F Reserve No.2 is absolutely hands down the best mattress I have every layed on in my whole life!! As soon as you lay down on it, you are engulfed by a comfort second to none- sending you to dreamland immediately!!

Five stars

so far, like the product

Very comfortable so far...

We have the mattress for about 1.5 months and so far it's very comfortable. Much better than the last mattress that caved in the middle.

Best night sleep in years good quality


Love the comfort

I have SI joiny dysfunction & was so afraid having a new bed but it did not make my situation any worse. Love the comfort, sturdiness & quality! Hope I can say that in a few years & there is no breakdown.

I love my new mattress best purchase made

The edges stay firm but the bed conforms to your body

Mattress Feels Bespoke

I have never slept better than on my Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid mattress. A complete restful night's sleep is so important and I had no idea what I was missing until I slept soundly on my new S&F mattress. I now look forward to going to bed and wake up each morning well rested, energized, and excited to greet the new day. I love my Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid mattress and recommend it frequently. It is a well-built, solid mattress designed to provide lasting comfort and stand the test of time. When my new mattress arrived, I was ecstatic. It was even better than expected. It is beautiful to look at, but is solid, strong, and durable. The hand-tufting, encased coils, edge protection, rich fabric - the precision and craftsmanship - all give this quality mattress a luxury feel. The mattress has a lot of heft and durability. It is a solidly built quality mattress and foundation that feel like they will stand the test of time. *This reviewer received a mattress at no cost as part of a product sampling program.

This mattress is exceptionally adequate

This mattress is a very recent purchase. So far, so good. My hope is it will withstand ordinary wear and tear and afford me a good night's sleep for years to come.

good mattress

very soft and comfortable, but seems to developed cavity over a period of time.

Yes i would buy gain

So far so good

good mattress

still getting used to it

Review from stephanie of Charlotte, NC

I am not accustomed to writing a negative review, especially after reading so many reviews that are positive; but please beware because you too could experience the same circumstances that we are currently experiencing. Unfortunately our experience with the Dartford Ultra Firm Mattress Set is not so positive; perhaps it is possible that we received a “substandard set”. At any rate, my husband and I saved and planned for this very expensive purchase for our retirement comfort and because we wanted a very high quality mattress. Additionally, before we made the decision we read numerous reviews, and we were convinced that this Stearns & Foster mattress would be the best for us. Well we’ve had our set for a little over one year and we have rotated it approximately twelve times just to keep it balanced, and still it has sags and there is a very conspicuous ridge in the middle of it.

We were informed that Macys has a very strong Customer Service satisfaction rate, so we contacted Macy’s regarding our experience and they advised us that an inspector would evaluate our concern and provide feedback to them. As we assumed it would be, the evaluation was not to our advantage. So it appears that the purchase that we thought would be very satisfactory especially given the reputation of Macys and Stearns & Foster, did not provide us with the value, quality and comfort that we expected Macys to stand behind. I would advise everyone to think twice about purchasing a mattress at this price point from Macys.

Review from Mari of Beacon, NY

Purchased adjustable mattress from Sleepy's. I paid almost $4,000 for this mattress. A hole appeared in the mattress after two years. It is getting bigger. Stearns and Foster refuses to either repair this mattress or replace it. I am still paying off this mattress.

Review from Marcel of Farmingville, NY

I have to give Bedding 0 stars. I have the bedding for less than 5 years. My husband and I are senior citizens (72 and 75 years of age). We took the proper steps, according to the Warranty Claim. Which is a process consisting of taking numerous photos of the king size bedding: remove mattress, box spring take photos, measure sinkhole with a string etc. That being said - this was not an easy job. The photos did not show the sinkhole correctly due to our inexperience of performing this task. Our claim was denied. I wanted a representative to come to my home and take professional photos - that is not their policy. They would like us to retake the photos - they do not care that it would be basically a hardship for us to go through that procedure again. Do not buy Stearns and Foster Bedding. What good is the warranty.

Review from Debbie of Levittown, PA

I purchased the Beth Luxury Plush mattress on 5/27/2012 from Ashley Furniture Company. There is a sag in the middle and no matter how much I try not to roll into the sag I wake up in the middle of the night in the center where the sag is with back and hip pain. I read the reviews and realize I am in a hopeless situation. I am waiting for my appointment to have my sag measured but I already feel like it is a waste of time. It's really sad how this company is selling consumers very expensive mattresses and then have all these crazy loopholes in the warranty. Just from the number of consumers that have complained about the same issue I'm sure they realize that this is a major issue with their mattresses. I am already preparing myself to buy a new mattress because it is impossible to sleep on my Luxury Stearns & Foster. I am currently sleeping on a Futon bed in my spare bedroom as I wait for my measurement appointment.

Review from Sonya of High Point, NC

We bought a Stearns & Foster mattress about 3 years ago. We were told it would provide great support for our back. We were also told it would not sink in on each side. This mattress sinks on each side and there is obviously a big hump in the middle. This all started within the first 6 months. We have turned the mattress, stood it up, whatever we could think to get rid of the sunk in parts. We are extremely disgusted that we spent so much on this mattress and are currently shopping for a new mattress. My husband and I are tired of waking up with extreme sore backs. My husband a lot of times ends up on the couch to get a better night's rest.

Review from Yolanda of Washington, DC

I purchased a Stearns and Foster Cora Queen sized mattress from Sleepy's in Maryland in June 2014. After a year, I noticed indentation in the center and on the top corner. I noticed that my body aches and that it's hard to get out of the bed because of the center indentation. For the past six months, I noticed the back aches worsened. I put in a claim form to Stearns customer services on February 26th and have not heard from them. After reading complaints about the same exact thing regarding the Stearns and Foster mattresses, I see I'm not the only one. I paid a lot of money for this. My last mattress lasted the whole 10 years before needing a new one. After reading the complaints, it looks as though it's difficult to get your money back even though you are under warranty.

Review from Love of Fenton, MI

I'd like to start out by saying that I have loved and slept incredibly well on my S&F Thornwood Lux Firm mattress for several years. Additionally, everyone who has slept in my bed has commented on how comfortable it is (even now, admittedly). However, having said that we're at the 6 or 7 yr mark and it's definitely showing signs of wear. I'm a bigger girl, so I understand that takes a toll and can create indentations. I rotate my mattress a few times yearly in an attempt to delay wear, but now it's hard to find a spot without a dip. I tend to wake up in the morning with a sore lower back, and I can no longer sleep in past 7 or 8 hrs. I have read that mattresses tend to give you 7-10 yrs on average, and I was hoping that being a more luxurious and reputable brand I'd make it to the end of that time frame with this one. Although I was looking to possibly replace it with another S&F, some of the reviews of newer models make me question if that would be a wise decision.

Review from Chet of Myrtle Beach, SC

Please beware of a mattress from this Company. We are having the same issues as mentioned by most on this site - sagging and dipping of mattress where you sleep. Stearns & Foster will not do anything. Paid thousands for this mattress. Do not buy this product. Poor craftsmanship and very poor customer service. Beware Beware Beware!!! Would give "0" stars if it were an option. Shame on you Stearns & Foster.

Review from Annette of Boerne, TX

I purchased my third set of Stearns and Foster mattress in June 2014. Eight months after it started to sag. I filed a claim with the retailer, they sent their expert at my expense. Conclusion was that for the warranty to take place the mattress had to have 1-1/2 inch of measurable sag. Out of luck and out of $2,705.17 for the Emilia Rose PL Queen mattress. Needless to say that we cannot sleep on that bed any longer because it may not fulfill S&F's 1-1/2 inch requirement but the mattress sags and there is no good sleep on it, not as the retailer suggestion that the "mattress is conforming to your bodies". Very, very disappointed. I guess that we no longer be purchasing this brand.

Review from Wally of Alexandria, VA

Bought the Stearns & Foster because of thinking more money means better product. No way, it is the opposite with the Stearns & Foster firm baroque. It is very uncomfortable mattress compared to my Serta perfect sleeper. I own Serta perfect sleeper firm already and this Serta is much better for me than Foster. I'm in progress of returning back the Foster any day now just waiting to order another Serta perfect sleeper for half the price and much better comfortness. Now I know when people say more is not better and like channel designer said less is more.

Review from of Saugatuck, MI

I honestly can't believe how awful this mattress is, and I've purchased quite a few over the years. Like many before, I got this one from Art Van because they've always made the process easy, and have a good selection. I went through their mattress match-making system and really took my time selecting. I thought I made a good choice, and was very happy with it at first. Within a year, we both could feel a definite sag in the middle, developed worsening back and hip pain, waking constantly.

I called Art Van and they courteously sent a service rep out to "measure" by stringing a line across the top with weights on both ends. To meet the requirement for "failure" I learned that a mattress has to have a 1 1/2 inch measurable sag. The problem with this is that the plush top mattress can still have the foam and cushion stay "up" while the firm foundation under it has clearly weakened. Mine "measured" about 1 1/4 inches so it appears I'm out of luck. I sure wish I would have looked for reviews because it certainly is easy to find people who have had the same terrible experience. Let the buyer beware.

Review from Megan of Nine Mile Falls , WA

I've read the negative reviews about Stearns & Foster and agree with every one of them. My king mattress is a Queens Gate ultra firm, is five years old and is defective in the center. Of course the fine print in the "warranty" specifies the inches that it has to sag and says I'd have to pay for inspection and transportation. I couldn't figure out why my back and hip (I'm a side sleeper) were hurting and waking me up at night. Then I felt the center of the mattress, which is where I was sleeping, in a moment of revelation. And although you can't see a sag in the middle, you can feel the difference between that area and the parts of the mattress that would be the twin size areas. It's insidious and of course gives the manufacturer an out from giving me any consideration. So I'm sleeping on one side of the mattress, which will also obviously degenerate.

I'll never again buy this brand. I tried to call their customer service number, and was told via recording it'll be closed due to "unforeseen circumstances" and they don't know when it'll open. Lovely. Whatever happened to pride of manufactured product, or customer satisfaction? I'm not even trying to deal with Sears, which is not much better. I'm waiting for Sears to send me the credit card statements so I can send it on in another post.

Review from Jennifer of Mequon, WI

I've read the negative reviews about Stearns & Foster and agree with every one of them. My king mattress is a Queens Gate ultra firm, is five years old and is defective in the center. Of course the fine print in the "warranty" specifies the inches that it has to sag and says I'd have to pay for inspection and transportation. I couldn't figure out why my back and hip (I'm a side sleeper) were hurting and waking me up at night. Then I felt the center of the mattress, which is where I was sleeping, in a moment of revelation. And although you can't see a sag in the middle, you can feel the difference between that area and the parts of the mattress that would be the twin size areas. It's insidious and of course gives the manufacturer an out from giving me any consideration. So I'm sleeping on one side of the mattress, which will also obviously degenerate.

I'll never again buy this brand. I tried to call their customer service number, and was told via recording it'll be closed due to "unforeseen circumstances" and they don't know when it'll open. Lovely. Whatever happened to pride of manufactured product, or customer satisfaction? I'm not even trying to deal with Sears, which is not much better. I'm waiting for Sears to send me the credit card statements so I can send it on in another post.

Review from SUSAN of Fredericksburg, TX

So we received our 4th replacement from Stearns and Foster and decided to switch the type of bed all together. Sears was great to work with, they even credited us $890 on the difference of the upgrade so we paid an additional $300 to go with the lux estate ultra plush hybrid bed. This bed is soft as expected unless our other plush beds that were delivered were hard and felt cheap and the knobs were laying on top of the mattress instead pulled down. The adjustable base sometimes goes down on it own and smells weird still after 3 months. Smells like hay is the only way I can describe it. But I would recommend the lux estate hybrid ultra plush bed if you are looking for the softest bed!

Review from Zorina of San Diego, CA

I would give zero stars if possible. I purchased a high-end Stearns and Foster bed a couple of years ago. I noticed the indentations about a year after purchase. I thought my back and hips were hurting due to exercise, but I think it's this cheaply made bed. I can't believe they are allowed to stay in business with ripping people off. We had a bed before this one for about 20 years and no problems. I don't think beds should cost $3000 and last a year!

Review from Charles of Cedar Park, TX

We bought a Stearns and Foster in March 2013 at Sears in Columbus, OH. We now feel like we need to buy a new mattress because of the indentations and sagging causing us back pain. Will never buy another Stearns and Foster.

Review from jennifer of Dacula, GA

Have this Stearns and Foster high profile for just over a year. 14 mo. to be exact. I weigh approx. 130. Live alone! Stay home 6-8 mo. a yr. This mattress crapped out in about 6 mos.!!! I'm disgusted! 3 grand plus for the Lux! No! I've paid people to rotate, after a few weeks I'm in a rut. Just awful.

Review from Ina of Madison, AL

Bought a bed March 2015. The middle is already sagging. Called the customer service for Sleep Train. Erica informed me that all claims would be denied because I did not have a bar with a leg in the middle of my frame. Of course, I was not informed that was recommended when I first bought the bed for $1800. With all the bad reviews, on this site alone, I will STAY AWAY from any Stearns and Foster bed forever!!! The customer service was of no help. On a side note, as I was talking to the salesman about my problem, someone else walked in with the same problem. Guess what kind of bed that was??? Stearns and Foster.

Review from Rachel of Jacksonville , FL

We purchased a Stearns and Foster king Douglas House LXP with box springs for $2,500+. Clearly this is the worst mattress we have ever owned. Within a year the mattress sagged, though not more than 1 inch. But it was like sleeping in a wagon wheel rut. Hips, shoulders, back and knees ache every night. Stay away from this product.

Review from brad of East St. Paul, MB

We bought our king size mattress about 6 months ago and two months into it there were sagging spots on each side. The indentations are so bad that sleeping has become very uncomfortable. I feel cheated and taken advantage of. Will never EVER buy another S&F product.

Review from Georgia of Avon, IN

I bought the Stearns & Foster Queen mattress for $1500.00 and within 2 years the middle sagged so bad I had a hard time getting out of bed. I am physically fit, normal weight and swim laps regularly, walk and stay active. This bed made me feel tired and achy every morning. I finally replaced it with a Jamison for half the price and sleep great now. I put the S & F upstairs in the guest room but no one wants to sleep on it. It will go out on the curb.

Review from Laura of Brick, NJ

My Husband and I purchased a King Stearns & Foster Mattress/Box Spring from Ashley's Furniture. 22 days after sleeping on the mattress - deep sleep indentations started to incur on both side. I called Ashley's upset and scheduled a rep to come out to measure. 1" in deepest spot (after 22 DAYS!) and rep said warranty only replaces at 1 1/2". Again, why should we even have to call a rep after owning a mattress for 22 days?? I read reviews warning me about sagging issues prior to purchasing and I took a chance that it wouldn't happen to us. Just like other postings - I was also told to just keep having a rep come out until it reaches 1 1/2". Very disappointing that we replaced a good mattress that we had with this one. I will not be purchasing a S&F again.

Review from Byron of Glenmoore, PA

I purchased a Stearns and Foster queen size bed and box spring that was promoted by the sales representative as a superior bed set that was very firm. It was firm to my satisfaction when tested on the showroom floor, so I purchased it believing I was going to receive a very firm, high quality bed set when delivered..Shortly after delivery, the bed dramatically lost its firmness night after night. The normal body indentations you were to expect I read about on the Stearns and Foster website that were surpassed in the first two months.

Updated 12/16/2015 - I purchased a queen Stearns & Foster bed set, and after only a couple of months with just myself sleeping on it, the bed began to sag uncomfortably. But not to the satisfaction of the warranty requirements when measured by an individual Sealy sent out to my house to measure the bed in a place on the bed where it is impossible to sleep. Plus it was measured many hours after I had awaken and was off the bed, whereas any indentation that was there had risen to a perceived normal level. Customer service was unprofessional and unsympathetic when dealing with me and my concerns regarding the purchase of their product and the questioning of their warranty evaluation methods. If you are considering purchasing a Stearns & Foster bed, do your homework by reading the many reviews on the net, test many beds and research the ones you test. Good luck and happy shopping.

Review from Betty of Killeen, TX

I bought a Stearns and Foster Firm Luxury Mattress in March of 2014. I thought I was buying comfort, boy was I wrong. When waking up in morning, we find that our hips are extremely painful (we are both side sleepers). We also find that we roll to the center of bed. I called Ashleys (that's where I bought it from) with my problem. Appointment was made and craftsmen came out. He said that I did not have a depression of 1 1/2 inches and that there was nothing they could do. I said what about my warranty, he said I did not fall in the guidelines. I bought a firm bed not rock hard. So I'm stuck with a product that I cannot use without waking up in pain.

Review from Fernando of Plainville, MA

Paid over $2600 for a king-size Stearns & Foster mattress at Sleepy's. Came with a 10 year guarantee. After 2 years, terrible indentation on both sides where we sleep. After trying to use kit they send from Marshall Mattress and downloading pics, could not do. I am a senior and this was very difficult. Called and asked for representative to come do. After much begging, pleading and screaming they sent rep.

Received a call from Sleepy's only 3 days after this (before rep came) and they told me claim denied and mattress satisfactory. I could not believe my ears. When I said, "Oh really? They haven't even been here yet." Person on phone was speechless. After rep came and actually said to me, "THIS MATTRESS IS HORRIBLE" I got a call days later from Sleepy's telling me depression in worst spot was 1" and warranty Stearns and Foster puts out, depression must be 1 1/2". I told rep, "I am going to chiropractor regularly and what am I supposed to do???" She answered me stating I should call back in January and maybe sinkhole will reach 1 1/2." I could not believed my ears.

This is ridiculous and totally unacceptable. I will be calling back every single month demanding they remeasure. I am so disgusted with both Stearns and Foster and Sleepy's. After reading other reviews, I realize this is ongoing problem and horrible company and mattresses. DO NOT BUY STEARNS AND FOSTER!!!

Review from Tracey of Henrico, VA

I bought the Stearns and Foster Italian Garden mattress and right away it had deep body impressions. It was replaced and the new one only 2 months old has the same deep body impressions. For $2800 I expected more.

Review from Nicholas of Ipswich, MA

Always suspect companies that leave no way of contacting them on their website. At Stearns & Foster's website you can read all kinds of fancy writings, but no e-mail address to contact them. There is an 800 number and good luck trying to talk to alive person there. You can even see the "file a warranty claim" link on their website, but it does not work (broken link). It is a shame... The company sells mattresses for thousands of dollars and does not stand by their products. When it comes to warranty their defective items, it hides behind Sleepy's, Mattress Marshalls and the "fine print" on their warranty. My experience with Stearns & Foster was terrible in all aspects: the product - low quality, the support - none whatsoever, and the people there - always acting like I did something wrong and never at all interested in learning why their product failed.

Review from Dragan of Calgary, AB

Just like most people, our mattress started to get the sinkhole. I called the warranty department who sent us a "kit" so we could measure the sinkhole. It was a pain to take all the pictures with string. I put extra weight on the ends of the string which made a difference, BTW. While we were doing the pictures I discovered that the box spring had a huge sinkhole too. It was becoming a huge pain to get the pictures and do the warranty so we decided to try buying a new box spring for our King size bed which solved the problem. When we received our new box spring we took apart our old box spring and discovered that the metal frame bends super easy. I think the problem is in the box spring for a lot of these mattresses failing. It was cheaper to replace one of the box springs than a new mattress.

I am very unhappy with the Stearns and Foster luxury firm bed I purchased 5 months ago. I tried the bed out at Bernie and Phyl's in May 2015. Bed is now 5 months old. No way is this bed a firm mattress. There is no way this mattress has the same support as the mattress I tested out in the store. This is the second mattress I received from the store. Could be poor quality control or dare I say bait-and-switch. I feel the mattress companies do not live up to the quality they advertise. The mattress sags badly and has no core support. It sucks.

I've read many negative comments on Stearns & Foster mattresses. Unfortunately I need to agree with all of them. Their commonwealth mattress that we bought in SEARS in January 2014 was a deep disappointment to us. The previous mattress lasted around 12 years and it was time to change it. Being aware of importance of having a good mattress and after reading some good reviews on S&F we decided to go ahead with their product. It cost us over $2,000 - supposed to be a high end mattress and we were convinced that we've got good quality product.

Few months later we both stated experiencing sagging and uncomfortable sleeping with some pain in back etc. Measuring of sagging as per company's standard did not help to claim warranty because it was showing less than 1.5 inch. Warranty soon expired anyway. Problems with sagging continued growing with geometrical progression and now year and half after purchase we are forced to think about replacing the mattress again. Never more S&F one.

Sleeping in a pothole

This mattress sags so bad in the middle, it's like sleeping in the pothole. You have to hang on to the side of the bed to keep from sliding to the middle. We contacted the store that we purchased the mattress from and they informed us that we do not qualify for any warranty on this. Be careful when buying their hardside mattress, you may have the same problem that we have. I do not recommend purchasing a Stearns & Foster mattress. We truly regret purchasing this mattress.

Huge disappointment

I too, purchased the Sterns and Foster luxury mattress set 5 years ago, however, I started having issues with a huge dent within the first two years. I called to have someone come and look at it, in fact, three different people came to my home and evaluated the mattress. I am so disappointed in this purchase and even more with Macy's who passes the buck to Quality Control. No one has done anything about this expensive Dent issue. And to think, I am the only body that sleeps on this bed and I only weigh 93 lbs. Go figure! My spare room has a Sealy, used by much more weight than I, and used for same amount of time and there is absolutely no dent. Again, go figure! Be advised, do not spend your money on this huge mistake of High Quality.

So disappointed.trusted such a fine old company

This is our third Sterns and Foster Mattress. We had been so please, we saved our money and bought a new mattress for our retirement. We thought at first it was our imagination the mattress was sagging. We rotated the mattress as directed but not solution to the mattress. I have a back injury from a fall. I am in a wheelchair. I am in constant pain and added to lupus I spend extra time bed ridden. I cannot sleep as I am sliding to the end of the bed. The last rotation the mattress looks like a wave. My hope that the mattress will be replaced. If not think I will sell tickets to a new ride BED SLIDE. Our 40 pound dog refuses to sleep in her usual place at our feet. She gets closer and closer to the top of the head board. I am sliding off the bed. I awake to serve pain and inability to move when I find myself in one of the valleys in the mattress. We purchased the bed at Sears. Another fine company that it sounds as if they at least can be trusted to at least listen . I appreciate that people took the time to write about their experience. So sad that this fine company does not stand by its reputation.

Bad mattress

I bought a Stearns and Foster mattress in March of 2018. Started sagging in November 2018. Called Haverty's and they sent someone out to "measure" the density. Said it was "short" by 1/4 of an inch. I've had the mattress less than a year and it started sagging, seriously!!.. They decided to replace. Guess what, the replaced mattress started sagging. Contacting my credit card company and put it a complaint for a refund. I bought from Haverty, not the mattress company.

Junk. Junk. Junk. Junk. JUNK.

You've read it all in other reviews. The sagging. It's all true. $2,567.89 for a horribly, horribly sagging mattress. The entire mattress not just one of the 8 sleep areas -- ALL 8! Only sagging 1 1/4" and not the required 1 1/2" so no warrantee. Can you believe this? Someone should start a class action against this company. Bottom line: Never in your wildest dreams buy this brand of mattress. I have never felt so ripped off in all my life. My back is killing me and my wallet is empty.

Misleading Sales Tactic

I bought a Stearns & Foster mattress and was told I could keep it for 30 days to decide if it worked for me. After a few days I realized it was too soft and was hurting my back. When I called the store, Ashley's, I was told I could only return it for another Stearns & Foster mattress. I had found a firm mattress elsewhere, but they will not allow me to return this mattress unless I get another Stearns & Foster. Be sure if they say you can return it that you really can.

Sagging on a brand new mattress

We just bought this mattress and it is sagging in the middle

Not happy ....

Like sleeping on button couch from 1960

I bought Purple and Puffy before this one...

I bought a 4" Purple, and it wouldn't let me sink into it. I bought a Puffy next, and it was really bad. Lesson learned: the personal buying process of a mattress can only be done properly through trial, not someone else's word for it (yet you're reading my review). Go lay on mattresses! My wife and I laid on 4 different Stearns And Foster mattresses, and we sort of agreed on one. She loved it, and I determined I could finally sleep again, but I wasn't totally in love. I asked the salesman if Stearns had other mattresses that he didn't represent, and he mentioned there were over a dozen! I found the Stearns brochure and searched for the flagship, softest mattress they make. Found it in Leander, TX of all places and the stars aligned. Now that I'm only in my second week, I probably would have paid double if I'd know what I know now. I'm 175 lbs. and pretty proportional. When I lay on this mattress, I literally sink very slowly for about 30 seconds into the most comfortable supported position, I have flashbacks of being in my mother's womb, lol! I am resting and feeling rejuvenated!


I bought the Sandleigh Queen, which was over $3500 several years ago. After a few months we noticed a huge sagging gully down my husband's side of the bed. He isn't heavy, 5'10" and about 165lbs. When we called them about it they informed us that a 1-1/2" sag wasn't enough to warrant a replacement. It was VERY visible and uncomfortable. It also held the heat to the point that I started sleeping in the guest room. It didn't even last as long as the payments.

I wouldn't buy it again

I bought this mattress February 2015 and it is now February 2020. I have felt a bit of sagging in the middle for probably the last year. Thought maybe it was just in my head or something. I always have tried to sleep evenly on it, alternating sleeping on the left side/middle/right side and I have done a decent job rotating. But I found this website and reading reviews, it may not be the high quality mattress I thought it was. I did my research beforehand but it seems like I'm not going to get the typical 8-10 years out of this one. If I could do it over again, I'd go with something else.

Warranty isn't worth the extra

Bought a sternsand Foster for $3000 ten year warranty. After 5 years of bad sleeps and sore backs, bought a new matterest. This time I did not go to the brick. We tried to get warranty on the saggy old matteress. Sent in all the pictures of the sags with a1" permanent sag. Had one small 1/2" stain from that is enough to void the warranty. Not impressed, so inconclusion can sterns and fostehr continue selling at the brick. So I have another reason not to darken their door. Thankyou I now feel better. Spread the love....Rick


After not even 3 months my 115 pound wife points to a saggy spot where she sleeps

I'm finally a satisfied customer.

Initially, I woke up with hip pain after the first night of sleep on the Estate Hurston Standard Luxury Cushion Firm mattress and was ready to return it; however, due to the pandemic, a return was impossible. Nonetheless, after approximately four weeks of becoming acclimated to this mattress, I am able to sleep comfortably without hip pain.

Hurston Estate Luxury Cushion Firm Sleep Experience

The Hurston Luxury Cushion Firm continues to be somewhat uncomfortable since I am a side sleeper with hip discomfort; it is too firm. I've owned this mattress for two weeks and hope additional break-in time will allow my experience to improve. The Hurston Luxury Cushion Firm Plush would have probably been a better choice.

S&F's attention to detail is second to none!

After happily sleeping on a Stearns & Foster Newgate Luxury Firm Euro Pillow Top for just over 10 years, I felt it was time for a new mattress. I knew I would choose Stearns & Foster again, especially with the new Navy colorway an the amazing details of their new product line. Since I loved my previous model, I choose the Estate Hurston Luxury Firm Euro Pillow Top since it was going to be the closest to what I was used to. I am very happy with my mattress choice. It's firm and the Euro Pillow Top is nicely padded. I would say it needs to break in a bit, but that is expected. I look forward to another 10 years of comfortable sleeping. And when changing the sheets I get to look at a stylish, beautiful mattress! Lastly, I had communication with S&F customer service and they were excellent!

best bed ever.

most comfy bed of all time.

Perfect mattress for my comfort

I have been sleeping on this mattress for about a month and am pleased with my choice. I have lower back issues and prefer a firm mattress and this one is perfect. There was no need to "break" it in. I am sleeping much better now. I feel it was a value too, and I am not at all disappointed with it. I believe I will have it for at least 10 years. I recommend spending a little more money for a very good allergen mattress protector.

Great investment for a good night sleep.

This is my third time buying a Stearns & Foster mattress. Comfortable, durable, worth it.

High Quality Bed/Fair Foundation

It's been almost one month and my lower back pain is better. The only issue I have is that the low profile foundation that came with the bed makes wood stress noises when moving to get out of bed.

Quality and comfortable mattress

I love this mattress. I find it extremely comfortable and I fall asleep quickly without tossing and turning. I sleep all night and wake up without my back aching. I find it very easy to get in and out of bed. Thank you for making a quality and comfortable mattress.

Love my bed

It is very very comfortable yet firm enough for my back and neck!

SF Hurston Luxury Cushion Firm Tight Top (Quilt-Matt)

Not at all as soft as the store demo. After sleeping on it the first night my wife and I wondered if we should go through the nightmare of sending it back. After my further review on the Sterns & Foster web site, we probably should have gone with the softer Luxury Hurston Plush option. If we had the opportunity to compare and try it, we might have known to select the Hurston luxury plush mattress, but the store didn't have that mattress and we didn't know it was an option at the time of purchase. Anyway, we have been on this firm mattress for almost a month and probably mentally getting use to it. We just keep hoping over more time that the mattress, and or our bodies will break-in some more to justify this purchase expense.

Better than I anticipated

The first night I didn't think the mattress was as comfortable as when I tried it in the store. When I got up in the morning, I realized my back wasn't bothering me. Every morning since, I feel really good when I get up which I wasn't the case with any other mattress. This is one of the best investments I have ever made.


I have never slept better! I have had 2 back surgeries and one neck surgery and this bed is amazing. Helps so much! Its firm yet has cushion, it's perfect. The only thing I don't like is that I have to get up and start my day or else I would sleep all day lol

Wonderful mattress!!

I've had this mattress for 3 weeks and I love it! It's firm and supportive but also so comfortable and soft. I have fibromyalgia and really need my sleep. It gives me a great night's sleep! Very happy with it!

Back and hip are grateful!

Has helped my back and hip. Sleep all night!

Thread everywhere

I love this mattress but I was surprised at all the thread that was left hanging on the seams , spent some time trimming it all off , you would think that I would not have to do that.

After a really bad accident NO mattress was ever ccomfortabl

I was in a terrible car accident & NO mattress was ever comfortable after that for any length of time until now. I always knew Sterns & Foster was the best mattres to buy but either could never aford it or just ended up w/ other more economical brands. But after yrs of suffering I finally decided to save & buy them. My old mattress was only 4yrs old & 1100.00 mattress but didn't hold a candle to Sterns & Foster! My 90lb dog can jump up & dwn on his side during the night & I never feel the bed move & Im only 20lbs heavier. Also great 4 my arthritis. Thnk U!

Best mattress I've ever owned

Back pain is gone, when I had it up until the last day I slept on a sealy plush. The quality is amazing. Only thing I would change is the price, but when you figure how long you will use it, it's definitely worth it

Comfortable lying down, weird sitting on bed

When I sit up on the bed against the headboard to read before going to sleep, my butt sinks down and my knees are higher than my hips. Uncomfortable. Otherwise, lying on bed is quite comfortable. Having only bought one other mattress, this one is just as comfortable as previous mattress.


Worst mattress ever is the S & F Lux. We bought in 2017 paid 3k for it and the tufts are sagging making a bigger hole. We are not big people 140/170#. Called S & F about warranty of the sagging tufts all around the bed they said that was not under warranty!!! Please stick with a serta do not buy any of s &f beds save your money!! I have severe back pain and hip pain this bed made it all worse. You do not wake up refreshed it causes more pain. Stay away!!!! Please listen to me or you will regret! Also sleeps hot and sags after 5 months!!! You was warned.

super disappointed

I have always slept on SF mattresses. I have loved all I had prior to this last purchase. I bought a SF Hurston LXF and within 3 months it started to sag. At first I thought I was just imagining it. How could a SF mattress fail like that? It wasn't flippable, but I could turn it, so I did. Within months that end starting sagging as well. I only weigh 126 lbs and I am the only one sleeping on it. There really wasn't any reason, as far as I could tell, for it sagging so quickly. Luckily I reached out to Macy's and they sent someone to inspect it. The inspector agreed and it was replaced with a SF Hurston LXP. I have only had it two weeks so I haven't noticed sagging. But, it is so soft that it feels like it rolls. Almost like a waterbed. Way too soft for me. Also, I am a side sleeper who sleeps in the fetal position. When on my side, my torso, which weighs more, dips lower than my legs. It really stresses my hips. That doesn't seem like something that should happen in a supportive mattress. I am going to have to return this one as well. I won't buy another SF which I can't believe I am saying. Like I said, I have always had SF mattresses and loved them, but it would seem the quality just isn't what it used to be.

First night on a Stearns & Foster

Simply amazing. Temperature and heat dissipation was excellent. My wife is 90 pounds (side sleeper) and I am 200 lbs (sleep on my back). We both felt that we had the right amount of support, the right temperature and woke up rested. We were skeptical when we went to sleep but woke up in delight and felt our money was well spent upgrading to a S&F product although our previous mattress was a higher end Sealy. We highly recommend S&F Estate Hurston for the level of comfort, support and temperature. Also, this model allows you to keep using your 10-12 inches so you do not have to invest in new deeper size fitted sheets.

Best mattress

We must have tried out at least 10 "firm" mattresses before the Stearns and Foster. You may pay a bit more, but the price is well worth it. We sleep more soundly and have no aches or pains in the morning. Love it!

So very comfortable

We love our new mattress set. We were both having trouble sleeping and very uncomfortable on our former mattress. As we've aged with various orthopedic issues, aches and pains, our preference has been for a little softer mattress but with good back support. This Stearns and Foster hit the mark. We had a S&F mattress set for years until it wore out and we replaced it with one that turned out not as well made or comfortable. So, when we couldn't stand it any more, we went back to S&F. A very good decision! We raved about it so much that a friend went and purchased a King sized version a few weeks later.

Better sleeping

We are sleeping great our sleep has been so much better it has been a deeper sleeper.Also when we get up we feel very rested.

Quality n Comfort

This is my second one..Mybold one is in spare room..I love my Stearns n Foster I will never buy a different brand..The foundation though one of the end pieces had to be stapled back on, but other than that I hope it lasts as long as my other one or longer..I have a lot of metal in my back and my back feel a great on a Stearns n Foster..Wonderful night's sleep..

Why did we wait so long?

After over 20 years with our old mattress, we finally moved up to a premium Sterrns and Foster product. We could not be happier; we fall asleep faster, wake up happier and can't help but tell everyone how happy we are. Such a great product ❤️

Quality mattress set

We really like our new Stearns and Foster mattress set. It replaces our previous mattress which was a Stearns and Foster we had for 21+ years. The sales person was very helpful in assisting us with our selection.

Awesome purchase

The product is really nice - our sales rep was very helpful in making the decision to buy.


I just replaced my 20 yr old S&F with another S&F. Didn't get rid of the old ones. Moved them to a spare bedroom because our son loves sleeping in it when he comes home. I will always be a happy customer

Best Ever!

Mom is 85 and was sleeping on a mattress that was 25 years old. After falling in the garden seven weeks ago, I finally convinced her to buy a new bed. She said this mattress is helping her back feel better. That's a lot coming from a woman who has had multiple back surgeries and rods! Thank you!

Very comfortable mattress

Excellent sleep at night on this mattress. Very firm and supporting. Glad I chose this mattress.

The Real Perfect Sleeper

We did a lot of research and shopping to replace our old 20+ year old Stearns and FOster mattress. We were so very happy with the quality and comfort of our old S&F mattress that our search for a new mattress was limited to all of the S&F mattresses. We needed a firm mattress but preferred the comfort of a pillow top. If a firm , yet comfortable mattress is what you are looking for , this is your mattress. It is a nice hybrid between a coil mattress and the new technology in the form of gel layers and memory foam layers. Did I tell you I have not gotten a bad night sleep since we got this mattress. Lying on this mattress literally feels like you are lying on a cloud on top of a firm surface, achieving the clear benefit of both. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.....


We feel this is the best mattress we have purchased to date! We sleep cool and wake refreshed. This hasn't happened for a very long time. Would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone looking for a good nights sleep. Delivery was delayed to Covid 19 but this was no fault of Stearns and Foster. It was in town just unable to be delivered. Thanks to your customer service department it was delivered! No more sleepless nights!

I wouldn't buy this product anymore.

This wasn't exactly the product that the sales man showed us in the store and NFM didn't return them for us. We purchased 2 of those. We asked the sales person for the hardest pillow and high profile, which these we got don't have any of the features.

It's fantastic!

The difference in our sleep was immediately noticeable. Admittedly our bed was very old and needed replaced, but we have been sleeping so soundly ever since it was delivered I really can't say enough about how comfortable this bed is. The quality is obvious, and we couldn't be happier with this purchase.

Mostly good

Love this when I sleep on my back (rarely). Love that it deadens the motion when partner rolls over or thrashes about. Less enthused as a side sleeper.

Love it

From the first night sleeping on our new mattress, it has been wonderful. It is very comfortable. Well worth the price!

Sags very quickly, even with rotation

We purchased our original Stearns and Foster from Macys. It quickly began to sag with a firm hump in the middle. Filed a claim with Macys once, sag was not deep enough. Filed years later again due to severe back and neck problems. Fortunately, the claim was approved and we were getting a new Stearns and Foster replacement! The new one came late June 2020. After only 1.5 months, our bodies have already caused it to sag and unbearable. We have rotated once with relief since the sag was only where we had laid. I know this other end will begin to sag just the same and we will definitely be looking for a new mattress that is not Stearns and Foster.

terrible quality of product, warranty is a joke, don't fall in their trap

I had purchased a new stern and foster mattress three years ago from mattress firm. The mattress started to sag after a couple of years, when I contacted their warrantly department, you can't talk to a person, everything is automated and they never respond to emails. The warranty on this item should be good for another 7 years. Never expected to get treated like I was as a consumer.

Will not buy another $4500.00 Stearns and Foster mattress - just go to COSTCO

Very disappointed. Purchased through Mattress Firm - another train wreck decision. Will not repeat this mistake. First purchase a lower priced mattress. Started falling apart within the 100 sleep night period - threads breaking - sagging - terrible. Second, returned for high end and higher priced Stearns and Foster - over $4,000 USD. This mattress in not even close to being firm and certainly does not live up to the hype. I suspect the 'durability' issues referenced in the other reviews lie ahead for me as well. I do not think my quality expectations are too high.


Purchased a Sterns & Foster Plush top mattress and were excited to get it home after hearing great feedback from the store we bought it from. The first night, after about an hour of sleep I awoke feeling extremely warm and uncomfortable. I tried to fall back asleep but the extreme heat made me unable to so I went and slept on the couch. We had added a mattress protector so felt perhaps this was the culprit - we removed it the next day and tried again. The second night, now without the mattress cover, the bed was still way too warm - albeit slightly better than the prior night. Once again after about an hour in bed I was forced to go sleep on the couch. The next day we called the retailer and have exchanged this with a Tempur-pedic, which we know will be cooler and more comfortable. Th Sterns and Foster was comfortable to start but provided little to no heat dissipation - so unless you like to sleep on a HOT mattress I'd say choose something else

Second mattress - same sagging problem

Awful - this is our second S&F mattress - the first was high end plush pillowtop ($3000+) - it sagged after 7 years and we got a replacement under warranty (along with awful back problems). This one is lower end Estate (not as plush) - 6 months later same problem! Do not buy S&F - the cheap Amazon memory foam mattress is better.

Center Sagging after a few weeks

Rockwell ultra firm. It was so comfortable in the store! Nice, firm mattress,great support. However, after a few weeks it began to dip in the middle and now I am left with a bill for a piece of junk! Make sure you buy the return option for this mattress that has a history of sagging.I wish I had done so. Better yet, don;t buy Stearns & Foster.Biggest mistake of my life.


I had heard so much about this company so I thought I neeeded a new mattress and let me tell you it came with holes, so they did an exchange and it happen again ..holes in the bottom. Please do not waste your time and money.

Finally a Good Night of Sleep

Firm without being concrete slab. Very comfortable. Slept great since the first night.

They don't make them like they used to...

Once know for making some of the best mattresses in the business, the aquisition by Sealy has made them just another reason the bed-in-a-box industry is flourishing. Wanting a mattress I could actually try out led me to purchasing a S&F Lux Estate mattress from a local matress retailer. The mattress was intially fine, and I enjoyed a few years of service before it began to break down rapidly. At just less than five years it was so much softer and the body impressions were so deep we couldn't sleep comfortably on it any longer. An attempt at a warranty claim was denied, because according to the rep, this was normal wear. Who knew it was supposed to wear out in only 5 years? After this experience and with so many online retailers available today, I will never again purchase an expensive mattress from a local store. I'll take my chances on a much cheaper bed-in-a-box, thank you.


Bought My Mattress From J.C. Penny'S And Paid On Sale Price $3,000.00 And Had It For 3 Years And Put My Level On It Because I Told My Husband My Head Felt Like It Was Going Down Hill When I Sleep Because I Only Sleep On One Pillow And Sure Enough The Leveler Told It Was!! Do Not Buy This Mattress.

Poor quality

I paid $2400 for a king mattress. I weigh 110 pounds and am the only person to have slept in the bed. Within a year, I was sleeping in a hole. I called them and filed a complaint and they sent me a kit for them to be able to determine if the warranty would kick in. I was to take the mattress and box springs off the bed and take pictures of the bed frame which I was unable to do and would have had to hire someone to do. Then they sent a piece of string I was to run from side to side and measure the depth of the hole because it did not matter that I was sleeping in a hole. The hole had to be a certain depth to qualify for the warranty. Needless to say, it all felt like a scam. I then wanted to turn the mattress over but discovered there is no other side. It had a box spring like cover on the other side. I then had the mattress turned around knowing it should be like new on that side but I sank in that side within a few months. It is disintegrating under me. No matter where I lay it develops a pocket. It looks like a pock marked bed. I bought cotton batting to fill the pockets so I can survive until I get a new mattress. I wake up with an extreme backache every day. Do not buy their mattress. It was a lot of money for a poor mattress that they knew was junk.

Worst return policy EVER! Do NOT buy!

I spent $2,400 on new Estate S&Foster mattress from Ashley Home Store. Every inch of my back is in pain when I get up and the pain awakens me throughout the night! EVERY mattress company ad I have ever seen has a return/exchange policy so I assumed this multi-billion$ company would to. Policy states: “no return or exchange for comfort reasons “. Comfort reasons? Isn’t that the main point of a $2400 mattress? Or any mattress? Comfort. The bed is waaaay too hard and I am trying to find the right topper, tried a $100 one. No good. Looks like I will have to spend $500-$800 for right topper. Shame on Ashley for not telling me this when I bought entire bedroom set for $7000!

Read this before you buy a Sterns & Foster Product

Before you by from Sterns & Foster listen to what happened to me. I bought a new sterns and foster (Crowley Castle) mattress from Sears 10 years ago with a 10 year warranty. Around 3 years into my ownership the mattress started to development major divots under the memory foam. When I tried to exorcise the warranty they told me I had to work through Sears. The problem was Sears (the great indoors) was defunct and out of business. I called S&F back but with no path to use the warranty because it had to go through Sears. Frustrated we used the terrible S&F mattress for another 6 years until my back couldn’t take it any more. Before I gave up, I called S&F one more time and they told me unless I could find a receipt from Sears there was nothing they could do. They also told me the they understood the issue with Sears and if my warranty was “with in 6 months of out of the normal range they could make exceptions”. Unfortunately for me, with no receipt there is no way forward and with Sears out of business there is no way to get a receipt. Well Guess what? I found the receipt, and it is only 4 months past the warranty date (so I’m with in the 6 months grace period). I call back to S&F and now they change their story and say there is no grace period and there is nothing they can do. If you are considering a product from the Sterns & Foster brand consider how they treated me. I hope this helps the next next person avoid my awful experience.

Sterns and Foster Luxury Firm Mattress , King for $2599

This is quite frankly the worst mattress I have EVER attempted to sleep upon in my entire life. I weigh 113 lbs. and this mattress has been in my home for less than 6 months. Its has develops a 'Valley of Death' on my side, a large hump in the middle with a smaller valley on the opposite side; a side where no-one has ever even laid upon. I purchased this piece of crap from Scandinaviam Design ( A fabulous store minus this mattress) and have the receipt. I've already purchased another replacement bed and cannot wait for that to be delivered. Friends have encouraged me to donate this bed to a shelter or an alike facility. I will gladly throw this useless piece of lumpy material to a land fill. Never purchase this's a waste of money and treacherous to one's spinal column.

Lux Estate Ultra Firm Tight Top: Not so firm after 12 months

I bought a Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Ultra Firm Tight Top in 2020 through my local JC Penney. The mattress is very well manufactured, uses high-quality materials on the out side and conveys a luxurious feel. The firmness was a bit less than what I was looking for (despite the Ultra Firm label I'd say it was a 7.5 when new) but I went with it because I was tired of frequently replacing lower quality mattresses due to their sagging after a fairly short while of 3-4 years. Well, This S&F mattress cost quite some money but didn't even make it to 3 years. After 12 months I noticed that I was waking up sunken deeper and deeper into the mattress. I am 5' 11" and weigh 175lbs. with an athletic build, so I am not really mid-body heavy or anything. Nevertheless, this sinking into mattress continued and now, short of 2 years of usage, I finally gave up and threw this thing out and replaced it with a Plank Hybrid mattress. I never had much luck with foam mattresses but I thought S&F might have it figured out as to justify the price tag. I would suggest you save your money and look elsewhere. I won't be trying another S&F ever again. Oh, I briefly thought about filing a claim but read reports from other customers who saw similar or even worse sagging and the hoops they made them jump through. For what, I asked myself. To get another one after a maybe a month of waiting which then will sag just like the first one? Nah, no time for such nonsense.

Feels like a waterbed

Haven't slept since buying this bed. I'm under 130 lbs, but the top is so soft that parts of my body sink to the rock hard bottom while other parts float on top. Horrible on my knees, hip, neck, and lower back. When I try to sleep on my back there is big gap under me. Just no support whatsoever. It also softens as it warms up, so it forces you to constantly adjust. As I sink down throughout the night, my pillow feels higher and throws my neck out.

Don't Buy Estate Palace Stearns and Foster

We previously owned a king Stearns and Foster for many years and loved it. So, when it was time to buy another one we bought a king Stearns and Foster Estate Palace. Supposedly a firm mattress with a pillow top. It slept great for about 2 years and then we started to notice deepening holes where our hips were. We rotated the mattress often and got temporary relief at best. We are not big people (130 and 140 pounds). We were in an apartment for a year between houses and just moved in. So, it has only been used for 4 years and only about half-time as we split out time between 2 homes. So you could accurately say that 2 small people slept on this mattress for about 2 years and it is terrible now. We tried to do a warranty claim but the way they have you measure the indentation is ridiculous, especially with a pillow top. So we are out a 2500.00 mattress that should have lasted years. We will not buy Stearns and Foster again. In our apartment we slept on an older king Stearns and Foster and it was wonderful! I can only assume that they used to make great mattresses but not any more. Don't be fooled by the name.

Sagging after 7 months

I purchased the Cassatt in Feb. of 2022. It's now September 2022 and my husband's side of the bed is noticeably sunken in. We both have restless nights because of how uncomfortable he is. I'm hoping to qualify for an exchange, but I am in the process of having someone come examine the mattress. I would not purchase again.

Not what Sterns n Foster use to be :(

We purchase our Sterns and Foster a year ago. Our new mattress leaves both our body indentations where we sleep. Once the bed is made the indentations look horrible. We paid close to $3000 dollars for this mattress! My wife cry’s each morning after making the bed. We are small elderly people, too small to leave indent impressions. We worked with Ashley furniture andSterns and Foster for months on this issue without resolution. We can not afford a new mattress. We are very disappointed !!

Reserve scam mattress

We purchased a reserve Hepburn and the salesman gave us a lower quality mattress. They finally sold us a reserve and said Hepburn isn’t available anymore. We had to pay more money $12,500 total. We sink in the middle. What a problem. 5 months of misery, we bought the top mattress available and it’s a rip off uncomfortable mattress. I have a queen size sterns and foster reserve Hepburn and it’s totally different. It’s comfortable. I feel that you cannot trust Sterns and foster. We are suffering neck and shoulder and back problems now. I’m so tired of trying to fix the problem. It keeps costing more money. This is the worst experience I’ve had in my life with a mattress purchase.

Junky mattress

Don’t buy a sterns and foster lux edition sagged in less then a year and have to jump through hoops to get another one and pay the difference which is a 1000 more Don’t buy from sand d mattress Amarillo

Unusable in 2 years

We bought a Sterns and Foster Preston ll Mattress Sept. 2020. Within a year it was sagging, 2 toughs and high spot in the middle. It became very uncomfortable and after 2 years it was unusable. The dealer was no help-contact Sterns and Foster they told me. Trying to get a response from Sterns and Foster was impossible. We bought an Endy foam mattress and love it-we will see how long it lasts. My recommendation-don't touch Sterns and Foster but I suspect Sealy is just as bad, same ownership and they use the same cheap foam.

Do not buy The Sterns and Foster Lux Estate Hybrid

After paying over 5,000.00 for this mattress, in less then two years it is sagging and your roll in the middle. Not worth the money. I am very disappointed.

Never Again !!! I would give it a ZERO star if they had that rating !

Who ever heard of a mattress that has to be rotated every month after month after month ! Sag after the first two week's and I mean SAG !!!

not worth it

The mattress was gone in less than 7 years. Raymore and Flannagan would not stand by the warrantee, I paid over $1200 in 2013.

Horrible from day 1

This is a horrible mattress. Took forever to receive. It has been horrible since day 1. The mattress after 2 months already is deformed and shows body form. Never will purchase from this company again.

2.7 year old LuxEstate Eurotop Turned every 6-8 weeks using their upgraded FRAME: Now, SAGS after only 2.7 years and Mattress Firm says there is no one to come out and help us!!! DONT BUY STEARNS & FOSTER DONT BUY MATTRESS FIRM

Bought a Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Eurotop from Mattress Firm December 2020 delivery. Used their upgraded frame--turned every 6-8 weeks (no flipping since Eurotop one-sided). We are average weight and height---mattress has developed SAGGING where bodies lay. We use their box spring as well............Local MAttress firm says they have no one to come out and help us---"Submit a few pictures"----they denied any claim and said the mattress was within specs and no help--true BS. No wonder everyone is going to online mattresses. We are a retired couple and spending this much money on a S&F mattress that is unuseable in 2.7 years is unacceptable. Please DONT buy from Mattress Firm and don't buy Stearns & Foster: there is no support after the sale.


So disappointed I have a bad back Paid a few cents less then 2000 dollars and not even 2 years old and it’s sagging on both places where me and my husband sleep. I was told it was a good mattress

Causing back and hip pain after 2.5 years

My girlfriend and I bought a brand new top of the line extra firm Stearns and Foster for over $2000 and it was great for about a year. We rotated the mattress every month, treated it with care, bought a new box spring and frame from S&F made exactly for this bed. We are 29/32 years old and neither of us are over 200 lbs. Both sides where we sleep are sagging at the hips causing us to wake up constantly throughout the night with lower back and hip pain. We've isolated the bed as the problem by sleeping on other surfaces. We only feel the pain when we wake up in the morning or are trying to fall asleep, so it's 100% the bed. I expected this to last close to 10 years at that price point.. my previous mattress, cheaper, bought in the 2000s before everything took a nose-dive in quality, lasted 15 years. Do not buy this brand. The mattress industry is basically a cartel. All online lists including reddit are flooded with salesmen posting fake testimonies, reviews, 'top-10-lists' etc. Best resource I've found for mattress shopping (especially if you're in the US) is good bed dot com. I can't believe I have to throw away a 2.5 year old expensive mattress.. like the thing weighs a TON and obviously it's just filled with the cheapest garbage materials.. avoid Stearns and Foster like the plague. Their quality tanked when Sealy bought them in 2013.

Massive sagging is "not a problem"

We bought our king Stearns and Foster mattress in 2022. After less than a year, there were two huge sags in the mattress on both sides where we sleep. Between those two sagging areas, right down the middle, is a mountain range that you literally roll down. It is patently obvious that there is a sagging issue even looking at the mattress from afar. Yet when the “mattress technician” was sent, there was “not a problem”. This was a $3000 mattress that couldn’t make it through one year. S&F refuses to take any responsibility for their shoddy construction. Will never recommend a Foster mattress, will never buy another Foster mattress. Horrible product, horrible customer satisfaction.

mattress is sagging we have only used it for less than 9 month. paid $2749.00 on sale. has a hump in the middle.

Never had a mattress so bad in my 90 years

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