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Springwall makes a variety of mattresses inluding Reverie, Chriropractic, and Sesame Street brands. They specialize in memory foam predominantly though they also manufacture traditional innerspring and hybrid models. Their recent flagship brand is Reverie with its recent advances in its DreamCell foam technology. Overall, their bedding is all about finding the right spinal alignment for the uniqueness of each costumer.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.3/10

Price: $199-$9099

Trial Period: No Trial

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Springwall's Owner Satisfaction

Making sense of customer satisfaction can be a great guide in finding yourself the right bed, but it isn't that easy. Overall, these mattresses get mixed reviews from customers. Some found them to be a super comfortable sleep, but others experienced restlessness. Read on to figure out if they will work for you.

Springwall's Supportiveness

Most reviewers feel well supported by these mattresses, but some had some complaints about feel. For those with wider frames, take a look at the firmness ratings before buying as you'll want to make sure that your body is aligned as it should.

Edge Support
For those that want a mattress they can sit on with their legs dangling off the sides, these mattresses have above average edge support. That said, some have had complaints so make sure to review more.

Springwall's Durability

Reviewers provide mixed ratings about the durability of these mattresses. We are all on the hunt for mattresses that are going to last 10 years or more, but sadly, not all mattresses will last as long as you would hope. If a mattress that has mixed reception on durability is on your to-buy list, do a last look at the warranty and return policies to make sure you are safe.

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Adjustable fit

The bed was adjustable to fit in my bedroom and it was comfortable enough to lay down and get a nice rest. I did not have trouble with the assembly. The warranty had 1 year. But after 1 year you have to pay for it. If it gets damage you could exchange it or get a refund. I think it won't get damage since it was in good shape. The staff that work there were not nice. They were arrogant and did not greet or smile at customers at all. Employees now in days are all arrogant and mean. The value was great. There was no damage to the bed. It is well worth what it cost. The assembly was a little bit hard but I did with help of others.

Do Not Buy

We like a firm mattress. Our queen size Springwall Lunar Natural HP Euro Posture foam mattress felt good when we bought it. After 2 months we noticed sagging on both sides. By 4 months we began having back aches and stopped using it. We notified the store and manufacturer. They sent a rep who measured the mattress sag without any weight on it. According to their standards it was acceptable. What a joke.

Matress Uncomfortable And...

We are not impressed with the Kendra spring wall mattress purchase or the commitment of this company to provide a comfortable well built product. We purchased our mattress in 2012 and after a year noticed a dip on either side where we lay. After about 2 years the dips increased. It is now about 1.5-2 inches deep. We are both healthy weight adults. We turn our mattress regularly but still cannot fix the issues. We recently flipped it on its back and are now sleeping on a new memory foam mattress on top of the bottom of the mattress. Not a great solution but the mattress is very uncomfortable. We recently learned that Springwall has a warranty for the mattress so we contacted them to inquire about what to do. Following a submission of photos of the indents and measurement after flipping the mattress right side up, we were provided with the following information: 'Image 2597 shows an impression on your mattress of approx 1.5 inches and unfortunately this still falls under normal wear and tear and is not considered defective . In order for it to be deemed defective the impression has to be greater than 2 inches. If in future the impression becomes greater than 2 inches please resubmit.'' We now must purchase a new mattress or sleep on a very uncomfortable Springwall. This is very unfortunate. Please do your research prior to purchasing from Springwall.

Another Disappointment In...

We also had this queensize mattress less than a year when we started getting sore hips. Wrote the manufacturer in Toronto. They sent a representative down to look at the mattress and we haven't heard from them since. Sent another letter - no reply. Can only sleep a couple of hours without waking up in pain. There also seems to be a lump in the middle that feels firm compared to the sides.
Carol from Glencoe, Ont.

Worst Decision I Ever Made!

Similar to another reviewer, I tried this bed in the store at the brick, and my boyfriend and I both loved it. BUT after a month at home, it started to dip and sag and when you laid on it parts would give way and be softer than others. We have turned it every week, added support underneath, and now a year later I sleep in the middle diagonally because it's the only long strip in the mattress with uniformity in support. I am saving up to throw this one out and replace it, because unfortunately we spent over $1500 what has become my worst purchase EVER.

I have had continuous back problems since buying this mattress. I wouldn't wish a night's sleep on this mattress for my worst enemy!

Best Bed In Our Home

Purchased twin size for our son from Sears 11 years ago. one year past the ten year warranty and bed looks and feels like new. more comfortable than the other beds in the house. son says he's not moving out of the house without this bed. occassionally used for overnight guests. lots of comments from them about what a great night's sleep they had and where did I find that fantastic bed. maybe we just got lucky but we love it. would highly recommend this bed. paid 400 for the twin but that was over ten years ago and it was a half price sale at Sears. great investment.

Mr B

bed bought was the chiropractic approved Imperial queen. Moderately expensive and initially felt quite comfortable. After one month though bed was giving me continuous back pains, and after six years, carefully rotating and flipping as instructed in the book, even my wife says the bed is terrible.

I usually sleep on a piece of foam that is almost 20 years old and get a better rest than this bed. Also another much cheaper bed bought at the same time is still quite comfortable and in excellent condition. Therefore i would suggest it is unwise to buy a bed from this company, and not to trust the recommendations of the chiropractic associations, although i am a frequent user of (good) chiropracters.

Amazing features

Have amazing features that all adjustable beds must have. It has ultimate comfort and can customizable to your likings. The bed is made professional and can comfort back pain. The bed can make your sleep schedule better. The warranty of the adjustable bed is outstanding. This can cover for 20 years which is an outstanding deal. If you are not satisfied with the bed you can 100% full refund back after 101 days. Customer service is as well great but the downside is customer service is through the weekdays. They as well have a customer service email. The service is as well the same as some brands. The deal of the bed is really great and has some very great features added on to the bed. It has many custom features that is really outstanding for the value of the adjustable bed.

Great bed

I like the overall features as it covers with a basic sheet, but can also customize it by replacing it or hitting a switch. This allows me to adjust the mattress accordingly and is pretty nice to have. The warranty covers everything there is from the mattress to the build structure you make. It also gives you a good amount of options and room to work around the warranty to customize your purchase. The customer service was pretty good as it gives me access to everything I need. The value is pretty good as well since there was no problems at all and there was more than enough value for the purchase.

Real quality

You can move the side from the head and the legs up and down to make this as comfortable as possible for you at night. The mattress is from really good quality. The warranty is for 2 years and I got it for an additional price that was reasonable for this kind of bed. Completely describes the quality of this kind of bed, the warranty. The customer service was very helpful in every single question I had. They took their time with me and I felt good as a customer. Would highly recommend the customer service. The value of this kind of bed was very reasonable, a good price for best quality. The bed itself was expensive but last me for a very long time.

Sleeping soundly

Love this bed! With an 850 pound capacity, it is very sturdy and well made. Massage feature is basically just vibrator motors, kind of like the 'magic fingers' beds that used to be in motels. It's nice if you're someone who needs to be 'patted' to sleep, like a baby. Shuts off automatically after about 20 minutes. The adjustable motor is very quiet. Head and foot are completely adjustable so you can make it as comfortable as you need. I have a 10-inch Lucid memory foam mattress, which is very firm, that I bought on Amazon 3 years ago for under $300. Same price today, and it works really well with this adjustable base.
Warnings: It comes flat in a huge box. When the bed arrived, there was a fist size hole in the box and there were only two straps and some tape holding it together. At first I was concerned because there was no styrofoam or packing material to absorb bumps during shipment. But once we laid the bed down I realized that it really didn't need extra packing material. The bed is HEAVY. You definitely need two strong people for this project.
Assembly: The manual doesn't tell you in the beginning that you need to insert 9-volt back-up batteries into the motor box. Those instructions are on the last page - AFTER you've flipped the base over and then have to crawl around on the floor to reach the box. But assembly is simple. Attach the legs, cut away a few strips of zip tie that hold the power cord, insert the 9-volt batteries, and then the bed is ready to flip right side up. Here's where it gets tricky. You need two people to dead lift the unwieldy, 125 pound base and flip it over. You cannot 'lean' it over on its side, because the pressure on the legs could bend or snap the metal bolts. It was a challenge for my daughter and me but we managed. Anyway, once it's right-side up you just need to attach the corner brackets that hold the mattress on. I don't think they tell you that the bed also comes with the headboard attachment kit, which was a nice surprise.
Have slept blissfully for a 3 nights. I bought it because I have moderate sleep apnea and sometimes woke up with headaches. The wedge type pillows weren't much help because I would slide off during the night. With this adjustable bed, I am able to lift the head up so that my sleep is uninterrupted and I wake up feeling like I actually got a good night's rest - either on my back or on my side. No more headaches. I love being able to elevate my legs while I watch TV or read - it really helps with edema. I used an income tax return to purchase this bed. Best thing I've done for myself in years!

Best Decision I Ever Made

I suffer from sleep apnea, snoring and lower back pain. Tried every type of standard flat mattress and nothing helped. Paired the Reverie 5D with Perfect Coud Atlas mattresses, put bed in anti-gravity mode and now sleep great with no pain, snoring or breathing issues. A real life changer. I've been recommending this bed to everyone.

First impressions - AWESOME!

This is just a review about the seller and delivery/setup - as well as initial impressions after a few hours. Will update after some more time.

We purchased a king - which is two twin bases. Delivery was great, as it comes in (2) 140# boxes which meant it wasn't impossible for two people to carry up stairs and do the set-up. The instructional videos on Reverie's site are spot-on and helped us a lot.

Set-up was exactly as shown on the video. The _only_ thing I would caution folks on is that if you are buying it as a king and intend to use it as one bed, not controlled as a split - both remotes can be paired to both sides of the bed, just follow the instructions (easier to do before you set the bed in it's place as it's heavy to lift up!).

We paired this with our existing Casper mattress and it fits perfectly and works very well in every configuration we've tried so far. We also had an existing head-board/rails/foot-board setup that we were really hoping would be compatible with this frame - and it was. We took out the existing boxsprings and slats and the adjustable frames fell right into place. We aren't attaching to the headboard as it doesn't seem to need it.

In our set-up, the wall-hugger feature seems to work well enough - both nightstands remain accessible with the head position pretty high.

Positions - I can't wait to really play with this. Our initial reaction to the zero-gravity and raised foot positions was ... 'Ahhhh'. The movement is relatively quiet, smooth, and we found the massage feature really was a pleasant surprise (in that it actually works well)!

The seller (Low price bargains) was terrific - they were responsive to my ?s and it was delivered exactly on the date promised. What more can you ask!

I'll update this in a few weeks after we've really broken it in, but really happy at the initial set-up, quality, sturdiness, and operation of this bed. And ECSTATIC at how much we saved!

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