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Spindle Mattress Reviews

Spindle is a consumer-direct mattress brand that offers all natural, latex mattresses, which are ideal for those that suffer from allergies and want something that is all-natural and eco-friendly. Building their mattresses with organic cotton, natural wool, and US-made Dunlop latex, take a look to see if these could be right for you.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 9/10

No Back Pain: 9/10

Price: $1799-$2799

Trial Period: 365 Days

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Spindle's Specifics

Spindle was founded with a mission to bring healthier and organic materials to sleepers across the US. With devotion to latex mattress designs, they have expanded over the years from offering just 1 all-latex mattress to including both latex and latex hybrid (with pocketed coils) options.

Customers have mostly good things to say about their experience with Spindle's mattresses overall. Those with complaints mostly mentioned disagreements about adjusting to the responsiveness of latex.

Quality of Materials

With customized latex mattress options and organic Dunlop latex comfort layers, most shoppers describe good quality for the price. Unlike other mattress in a box companies whose mattresses come rolled and preassembled, Spindle's latex mattresses require the customer to assemble the mattress by layering the heavy sheets of latex on top of one another. This may take an extra pair of hands to do comfortably. Each of the firmness options, therefore, have different instructions on how to layer the latex. This is not applicable to the latex hybrid (pocketed coil) version.

First, we'll go through Spindle's all-latex mattress. Here is what's inside the customizable Organic Latex Mattress:

Layer 1: The cover is made from organic cotton and Californian sheep's wool as a natural fire barrier. It makes a soft, cozy sleeping surface that is naturally cool during the summer months.

Layer 2: Now there are the first of three layers of Dunlop latex. The first 3'' layer is a softer, more responsive latex to provide a small amount of contouring and pressure point relief.

Layer 3: The second layer of 3'' Dunlop latex is firmer, providing back alignment and further pressure point relief.

Layer 4: The last 3'' layer of Dunlop latex is the firmest and provides a solid foundation to the mattress and gives lasting support for the back.

Next, we'll go through Spindle's pocketed coil mattresses. Here is what's inside the Organic Hybrid Mattress:

Layer 1: As with the latex version, the cover is made from organic cotton and organic sheep's wool as a natural fire barrier.

Layer 2: 3" of organic Dunlop latex that is medium-firm for pressure relief with substantial response and bounce.

Layer 3: The encased coil system moves independently to the body's curves, while cutting down on partner disturbance.

Overall Comfort

Most agree that Spindle Mattresses sleep comfortably. Some have reported not being able to find the perfect firmness level for them specifically even though the customer service is excellent, and others have mentioned that the assembly for the latex version is a bit intensive for those that are single or live alone.


Spindle offers four different firmness options: Extra firm, firm, medium, and soft. Overall, these are quite true to their name based on customer feedback and most people will be able to find a good mattress for them. Additionally, they offer a split firmness king latex mattress version for sleepers that disagree on firmness.

Back Pain Relief

Both the medium and the firm options should alleviate back pain for back or side sleepers. Softer mattresses may not be good for pain especially for heavier build folks.


Though latex should sleep cooler than other types of foam, some extremely warm sleepers may find the wool to be a bit too warm for them.

Who Are Spindle Mattresses Right For?

Spindle offers a very well rounded all-natural latex mattresses and those that are looking for all-latex and latex hybrid mattresses who don't mind some extra leg work to assemble should absolutely consider this brand.

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The most comfortable mattress I

The most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. I also recommend getting a latex pillow.

My wife and I are

My wife and I are very happy with our new Spindle Natural Latex Mattress. We have been sleeping on it for over two months and it has lived up to its promises. Set up of the mattress was quite easy once all the layers were unwrapped and the cover was laid out on the foundation. I assembled our King size bed by myself in less than 30 minutes - and I am not a big guy. The mattress is stable and very supportive. There is very little motion transfer when one of us gets in or out of the bed. The edges of the mattress are firm enough and we don’t seem to leave any imprint after a full night’s sleep. And as advertised, the bed does not get overly warm during the night. Overall, we are very satisfied!

We bought this bed for

We bought this bed for my 4 year old and everynight I lie in bed with him and want to stay all night!! He loves it too ;)

I am so happy with

I am so happy with my purchase of the Spindle mattress. I searched and searched and having a more natural, nontoxic mattress was important. I tried 2 other brand mattreses, one hybrid spring/latex mattress that was just tol hard and felt it pushed upqard and one all latex organic mattress that was clmfterble but the stitching were horrible and had the worst smell. Then I read about Spindle and just lived the idea of having a zipper and then having tje option of adjusting the comfort layer. I interacted with Neal both via phone and e-mail and he was always super nice and answered my queatione (that were many) and gave me lots of information. I was a bit cincerned about the smell of latex since I had a bad experience with one company but felt it was worth the risk. Having a latex foam that is poured in USA also appealed to me rather than having a latex foam that is poured in Sri Lanka for example and then shipped to the USA. Receiving the covers and the latex layers, I found it easy to put together the mattresses we got one XL twin in firm and one XL twin in medium (to put together as one king) My husband and I both liked the firm and I ended up ordering one extra layer firm. I think my husband will qant to have the extra firm but we are holding of for now. I love the mattresses. The smell is actually nice, like a sweet smell. The feel is great. The cover is also so soft and zipper is of good quality. I could not be happier with Soindle. I highly recomend their mattresses. I also want to mention that the mattresses fits perfect nezt to each other where there is almost unnoticible that it is 2 twin XL and not a king. I thought to put a 1” topper on it but we might not. However we do have a waterproof cover from naturepedic over it, it is not thick but maybe helps a little bit. Thank you to Spindle, I sleep so good, a very supportive mattress for my back. I am 5’4”, weigh 120lbs.

Excellent Mattress. First time that

Excellent Mattress. First time that we have ever slept on a Natural Latex Mattress. Great Company. The main reason I purchased from Spindle Mattress is the fact the when you call them you actually are connected to a Live Person not a voicemail system. Also the fact they are 4th generation Mattress Company. Again let me emphasis the importance of answering a call. Something that has been forgotten in Business. We were so impressed we purchased another mattress within 3 weeks.

We are very satisfied with

We are very satisfied with the mattress. We are sleeping very well, on the mattress and not in the mattress. We received it promptly and it was fun putting it together. We added a monster frame to raise it off the floor a little more. My wife was interested in a Temperpedic mattress and I was able to convince her to get one made of natural rubber. We are both happy we bought the Spindle.

No lie, I actually look

No lie, I actually look forward to going to bed. Best purchase ever!!!

Love my spindle mattress. It's

Love my spindle mattress. It's incredibly comfortable and very cool. Perfect mattress. Best one I've ever owned. I also own a Casper and I used to recommend casper to friends, but now that I've tried Spindle's mattress, it's all I can recommend. Much more comfortable, the Spindle provides support in all the right areas and like I said before, does not get hot! Absolutely love it.

I don't "feel" the mattress

I don't "feel" the mattress under me, when I sleep.

best mattress I have had

best mattress I have had so far.

Great mattress giving great nights

Great mattress giving great nights sleep. Much better feel compared to memory foam. No 'wrap around' feel which makes it harder to roll over.

We are super happy with

We are super happy with our Spindle mattress. We are now lifelong customers!!!! Thank you for a superior product and service.

Highest quality mattress you will

Highest quality mattress you will find. A bargain at twice the price.

We purchased two mattresses, one

We purchased two mattresses, one for our son and one for ourselves, and we all really like them. The customer service is excellent --- we needed help determining whether a mattress would fit in a bedframe and had some questions after we received the mattress, and Kim and others at Spindle took care of everything with patience and good humor.

It was easy to put

It was easy to put together and was comfortable from day one. Natural latex is the best option for me and anyone who wants a good night sleep. Glad I made the decision to give it a try.

I spent 17 years on

I spent 17 years on a box spring bed and 10 years on a water bed followed by 2-3 years on a futon then 20 years on a Select Comfort air bed. NOW, about 1 month on a natural latex bed which I have found to be close to a perfect sleeping experience from day one. AS in the story "GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS" this bed is: 1. Not to soft; 2.not to hard; 3.ZZZZZZZZ.

Absolutely love the new mattresses!

Absolutely love the new mattresses! I was a little hesitant ordering 2 without having any experience sleeping on a latex mattress before, but I sure am glad that I trusted other reviewers and went with my spindle purchase! It is the best feeling knowing that my family is sleeping on a truly non-toxic mattress that is also super comfortable!

Fantastic customer service and product.

Fantastic customer service and product. All questions were answered in detail. Very informative and a great company to work with!

I've had a Tempur-pedic brand

I've had a Tempur-pedic brand memory foam mattress, and a store-bought latex foam mattress, but this Spindle mattress is the best mattress I've ever had. Highly recommended.

Love this mattress, and we

Love this mattress, and we are picky! Quick delivery. Easier to put together than we thought. We are sleeping very well. Would absolutely get it again.

Amazing. I’d never tried latex

Amazing. I’d never tried latex before so was a bit worried but all the research I did suggested it was a good option. It’s easily the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. Will never go back to a regular mattress. Also I’m 6’1”, 195 lbs and I typically like a firmer mattress but found the medium spindle to be perfect. Much firmer I think would be too firm.

I decided the firm mattress

I decided the firm mattress was what was most similar to our other latex mattress. After two weeks of use it turned out to be a bit to firm so I ordered the topper with cover in a medium firmness. The comfort adjustment was perfect. Now resting comfortably. The topper came in the cover, was easy to get out of box, lift onto existing mattress and provided a little extra height which was nice additive. Love the Spindle product and highly recommend it for quality sleep at a very reasonable price.

I did a lot of

I did a lot of research and ultimately chose Spindle. I liked the idea of adjustability and their use of clean and natural ingredients. I purchased the base, too, and was quite pleased at how simply and solidly it went together. I was able to set-up the mattress sections by myself, too, with the aid of the video. The comfort and support of the mattress has been everything I could have hoped for. I wish I had made this purchase years earlier! Thank you, Spindle! Great product!

I like the Latex mattress

I like the Latex mattress very much. It distrubutes the weight of my body very evenly. I am comfortable enough but still I feel I want a softer, more plush feeling. I plan on buying two (2) more from Spindle but I want to buy the right comfort level. I will not know unless I try the softer level. I plan on sleeping on this mattress for awhile longer to adjust to it for a longer time to be sure on this end before I make a final decision. I heghly recommend your Latex mattress and your service. Kim counciled me and was very knowledgable of the produc, informative to met and has very good people skills.

It’s very comfortable we are

It’s very comfortable we are very pleased thank you

perfect choice for us -

perfect choice for us - medium firm

She said, "I never imagined

She said, "I never imagined a mattress could be so comfortable". I said, "When I get up, I'll take the cartons to the junk room. We're not sending this thing back".

We LOVE our new mattress!

We LOVE our new mattress!


I LOVE MY NEW SPINDLE MATTRESS! I did extensive research but it was a bit scary purchasing without trying it first. Kim, at Spindle, was so helpful - he answered all of my questions and educated me on various aspects of latex mattresses. I highly recommend this company for the quality of their product and for the care they give their customers.

This mattress is wonderful. I

This mattress is wonderful. I have not felt this good in years. The service was perfect received it very quickly. I am very happy to be able to afford a latex mattress thanks to Spindle. Bought Spindle base with mattress and my daughter and I put the bed together in a snap. I very big Thank You to Spindle.

no breaking in period just

no breaking in period just a great sleep

I needed a new mattress,

I needed a new mattress, and after much online research, purchased a mattress and foundation from Spindle. The foundation was difficult to assemble as the alignment of some of the holes and pegs was slightly off. I managed to get it securely put together, but it wasn’t easy. (If you buy a foundation, be aware that the slats have a white strip connecting them down the center—don’t cut that when unpacking!) The mattress assembly was much easier than I expected, and didn’t take me long at all. I watched the assembly video on Spindle’s website, but I also found it helpful to fold the sides of the mattress cover down over the foundation so I could better align the layers. When I felt the latex in the cover, I was a little concerned the (medium) mattress might be too soft, but once it was zipped up it was fine. I appreciate that I can rearrange the layers if I ever want to firm up. As for smell, the latex had a very mild, pleasant scent which is unnoticeable once zipped in the cover. The foundation and mattress covers both had a relatively strong (clean!) sheep smell from the wool. I shook both of these outside and laid them out in a spare room to air out overnight. I only noticed the scent once or twice afterwards. It was very much a natural smell—there were absolutely no chemical odors. The mattress was comfortable from the first, but it still took about a week to really adjust to it. Since then it’s been great. Overall I’m very pleased with the mattress and foundation. I would buy from Spindle again, and I would recommend them to others looking for a natural latex mattress.

I bought and put together

I bought and put together the box spring, but I think it needs to be put on a frame. It is low to the floor and doesn't have back board or front board, if you know what I am talking about. It has taken me a while to get use to it because it doesn't have the spring that I'm use to when I sit down on it. It is definitely different than a bed.

Awesome natural mattress, no VOC

Awesome natural mattress, no VOC smell. Supportive in Medium Firmness, could have even been a bit softer for my tastes. Sleeps cool. With 2 people, assembly not difficult.

A bit harder than I'd

A bit harder than I'd hoped for. Seems like good quality. Have had it for about 2 months.

Natural Latex Medium Spindler Mattress;

Natural Latex Medium Spindler Mattress; not as great as I hoped for, and not as bad as I feared...Best part, not sleeping on a Chinese toxic chemical waste dump....

I have had this mattress

I have had this mattress for nearly two months now, and am still not sleeping well on it. I bought it based on previous experience with a latex mattress topper - my bed has a regular old firm mattress and a 2" medium/firm latest mattress topper. I thought that going all the way - plus the natural cover - would be even better. I used the firmness selection tool on the website to select my firmness, and ended up with Medium. It came very quickly, and with three people it was easier to put together than I thought. However, it is far far stiffer / firmer than expected. I sleep on a mix of my side and stomach and it makes my arms fall asleep sometimes. I wrote an email to Spindle about the firmness, and the owner replied with a "stock" email about how it takes time tibfet used to, etc. This email was not helpful. I have now slept on it for nearly two months, and went back to sleeping on my old mattress configuration and slept MUCH better - solidb uninterrupted nights of sleep. So, I am still dissatisfied with the mattress. I am most dissatisfied with the web sector tool, which does not seem well-calibrated -- for example, it asks for BMI in fairly wide ranges, and I think these should be narrowed to make sure lighter people get the right thing. Also I think the tool should come with more caveats or descriptions of the mattress for people who sleep different ways. In my case, an even mix of side- and stomach-sleepin weighing less than 130 lbs, the Soft would undoubtedly be the way to go. I was also frustrated with Spindle's

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