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Spa Sensations Mattress Reviews

Spa Sensations is a brand of affordable foam mattress that is commonly sold at Walmart and Amazon -- they are made by Zinus, a Chinese-made mattress company. Their mattresses are extremely affordable. They use CertiPUR-US foams so they won't offgas nasty toxins into your home. Most customers report loving their Spa Sensations mattress at first, but some had durability concerns after a few months.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.6/10

Price Value: 7.6/10

No Back Pain: 7.5/10

Price: $99-$458

Trial Period: No Trial

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Spa Sensations's Owner Satisfaction

Getting to the bottom of customer reviews can be a relief when digging through all the noise when shopping for a mattress. Customers don't always respond well to these mattresses. Some are happy with the feel and comfort of their mattress, but others complain about how it feels for them. If you are contemplating ordering, see below for more specifics that may be helpful.

Spa Sensations's Supportiveness

These mattresses get mixed feedback from customers on support. Though some sleepers find these mattresses to be comfortable, others have had issues with alignment long term. If this brand is on your short list, make sure to read more about it before purchasing.

Edge Support
Edge support is definitely an important indicator to those with mobility concerns. Others don't mind a slight dip on the side when they sit on the edge. These mattresses may not be perfect when it comes to edge support so make sure to do added reading if it is an important item for you.

Spa Sensations's Durability

Finding a mattress that is highly durable is the best, and when our mattress causes us back pain after only a few months, we feel terrible However, it is getting more and more difficult to find a durable mattress nowadays. With more products available than ever, some brands are sacrificing quality. In terms of these mattresses, some sleepers report durability concerns. Durability issues don't happen to everyone, but make sure to read more about the warranty and the return policies.

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Don't pass this mattress up

This is an amazing mattress. I own two (in Queen) and am about to order my third for the guest room. My first purchase of this mattress was over two years ago and it still sleeps like brand new. The quality, price and durability are all excellent. I highly recommend this to my friends and anyone looking for a new memory foam mattress. It is medium in firmness and substantial enough for heavier body types (which we have in our family) while remaining very comfortable. hands down, an excellent purchase.

Love this mattress!

Going on three month and I can tell you I this mattress! I sleep more through the night, and my back and shoulder pain is gone. With all the reviews I had to get me a kink size mattress. Well worth it!!!

Fantastic Mattress!!!

It is the most comfortable mattress that I have slept on in 30 years. I weigh close to 300 lbs and I thought I would bottom out on the frame but I don't even come close to the bottom. I feel like I am suspended in air. With microfiber sheets, I am neither hot nor cold.

Fantastic buy

This bed is worth every penny. I was skeptical at first but I do not regret it. There is no need to limit yourself on a type of fabric for your sheets. I use all types and the bed still conforms to your body perfectly. The bed is light so sometimes it does shift depending on what side in getting off of. But it's easily pushed back. Would definitely buy more for other rooms!

Soft and comfy

We purchased this mattress to put on top of a box spring. We let it expand for 24 hours. It is very soft and comfortable! The one thing that bothered me at first, was this new mattress is shorter than my former spring mattress with a foam topper on it. (I like my bed to be higher). After a few weeks on it now though, I don't really notice the height difference anymore. (I could purchase risers or a new platform but have decided not to). We have now been sleeping on this about a month. It is still very comfortable and just as soft. We have hip and back pains, and this mattress has been wonderful! It has taken the pain away from those pressure points. We are both side sleepers and it sinks down enough to accomodate for your arm and shoulders sinking in just the right amount. We bought jersey sheets from walmart too, and they stretch and fit perfect on this mattress! (Plus they are soft!!!) Very happy with our purchase!

Great bed overall

Great firm bed it’s not hard to me but it is firm and it rose to 12 inches .There is a little odor when you first unpack it but that went away after like 4 days for me . I let my mattress air out for like a week because the smell was bothering me after 2 days, so I gave it a week.

So much better than our previous mattress

We purchased this (king size) mattress to replace our 6 year old (queen size) memory foam mattress. We actually 'liked' our old bed, just needed a larger one. I never dreamed that this bed would be so, so, so much better. It is extremely plush and above all...COOL!! We are now in love with our bed!! Time will tell how well it holds up, but we will enjoy every single night until it is replaced (and I would definitely buy another!)

Feels good but takes a while to air out

I bought this for my 10 year old and she loves it. Sleeps much better and is easier to wake up for school. I used this full sized mattress was used in a bunk bed with no issues. The only negative is the smell is very strong for the first few days. Its a chemical foam rubber smell. After 1week it still has a smell but it is much reduced. I think it will be a good bed. I lay in it from time to time and it feels nice.

It to air out and fluff up. You will be Happy!

Love! Definitely recommend. I shopped around for mattress toplers first and bought two online. Both were huge dissapointments. We finally decided to try this after reading reviews. It's a greast mattress!! The biggest issue i saw in Reviews was the smell. It does habe smell to it but, let it sit for 48hrs to air out and achieve maximum thickness. You will be happy!

Worst mattress ever!! Save your $$!!

After following the instructions and allowing the mattress to expand for over 48 hours, the mattress was uneven and lumpy and never made it to the full 12 inches. Some areas were 4 inches high while others were 6 inches high. Looked nothing like the picture online. Back it goes!!

Know what your buying.

Over all the mattress is comfortable. And compared to the name brands that sell for thousands this is a smarter way to go. I have had it for over six months now. The only complaints I have are One: There is only about 2.5in (maybe less) of the memory foam from what I can tell and the rest if just foam. They cover it with an unwoven material which conceals the separation of the two foams at first but over time after washing the removable cover you can clearly see the separation. TWO: The removable cover is already starting to show some wear and drooping at each end of the bed which I just tuck under with the sheets but its still an eye soar. So after my findings I guess I'm disappointed. I could have got a memory foam topper and a foam block used a mattress cover and saved a couple hundred bucks. Just so you know what your getting. Hope my review helps. SRY no photos of the cover. Its in the wash as we speak.

Know what your buying.

Over all the mattress is comfortable. And compared to the name brands that sell for thousands this is a smarter way to go. I have had it for over six months now. The only complaints I have are One: There is only about 2.5in (maybe less) of the memory foam from what I can tell and the rest if just foam. They cover it with an unwoven material which conceals the separation of the two foams at first but over time after washing the removable cover you can clearly see the separation. TWO: The removable cover is already starting to show some wear and drooping at each end of the bed which I just tuck under with the sheets but its still an eye soar. So after my findings I guess I'm disappointed. I could have got a memory foam topper and a foam block used a mattress cover and saved a couple hundred bucks. Just so you know what your getting. Hope my review helps. SRY no photos of the cover. Its in the wash as we speak.

Not for long term use

We bought this mattress 2 years ago. From 2 months ago both me and my wife started to feel back pain everyday in the morning when we wake up. For few weeks, we were puzzled about how both of us were having same lower back pain in the morning, we were blaming it on the holiday shopping and other trips we made during the holiday season. However, by the end of the holiday season we realized that the cause was something else. Finally, we figured out that it was our mattress which gave us 2 months of irritating lower back pain. So what happened was, over the time, the memory foam became soft and midsection of our bodies started to sink more than the rest. We now stopped using this mattress from last week and don't have back pain in the mornings anymore!

I love this mattress

I love this mattress. I had one in my college apartment, and bought another after I moved out. This is by far, the most comfortable mattress, and the price is great ! I had no issues with this from the box to my bed.

Ordering and shipping

Ordering and shipping was a breeze! Unpacking easy. Its a good mattress. But it hasn't expanded to 8” yet. Its been 5 days... it will work for the grandkids.

It's terrible

It's terrible. Had it less than a month and never slept worse. Sore all over. Thankfully, Wal-Mart is good at handling returns.

Feels like a DREAM

Feels like a DREAM . This is our second Zinus Spa Sensation Mattress. They are incredible mattress and the prices are unbelievable Feels like a $1200 mattress NO KIDDING !! Do not hesitate to get one . Simple to set up and a DREAM to sleep on FIVE STARS

So glad I purchased

So glad I purchased this mattress for my day bed! My company have all raved about the good nights rest they had on it.

Seems comfortable

Seems comfortable but never raised up to the promised height - at best got to 7" on some corners. Also, was a tight fit for full bed that had surrounding borders.

Great So far

Great So far and it's matched his description. It arrived on time. It was at a good price when I bought it. I believe it was on a roll back price. So I got it for 166.38. It is a gift for my uncle for his RV. I have a full size spa sensation that is slightly different from this one and I love it. I've had mine since 2016 and I use for when I go camping haha. Anyways, the fabric that came with this new mattress seems thinner then my other one. The mattress itself seems softer and not as firm as my old one. Which it is still very comfortable and as we speak I am laying on it after the recommended time. Overall very happy about this purchase.

I bought the mattresses

I bought the mattresses for my girls. They were very quick and easy to set up. My girls are very happy with them and sleeping better than with the regular mattress they had before. I only give 4 stars because they have only had the new one for a week.

I weigh ~140

I weigh ~140 and I don't sink in at all (with a platform frame) I got the 8inch, it expanded well, delivery was great, and I love that there is a protective cover on the mattress that can be washed

Soft and comfy.

Soft and comfy. Smells like plastic or something when you first open it - needs to be aired out for a couple days.

Really weary

Really weary about buying online, but now that I have it I'm glad I did. I like it, but wish it wasn't so firm, needs some give to it, or at least offer different firmnesses...

It's comfortable

It's comfortable to sleep on..the foam is good but the size is not exactly as i ordered instead of an 8" full it's just 7 inch

small box big mattress

small box big mattress got it for my 6' son and he loves it plenty of support, comfy to sleep on, and doesn't hold heat (some memory foam mattresses can get hot) very happy with it

Was kinda sceptical

Was kinda sceptical because of the cheap price.... but we loved it!! This fits perfectly in our toyhauler! Super comfortable...

So soft and comfortable

So soft and comfortable!!! And fast shipping!! I bought for our bunk beds for guests and they came very quick with free shipping, foam was soft and very comfortable! I would sleep here and would buy it again!

I bought the 8

I bought the 8" mattress and it is comfortable. I gave it a 4 stars instead of 5 because the mattress did not expand to 8" only 6".

Soft but firm

Soft but firm, taking it camping this weekend in my RV. I'm actually looking forward to a good nights rest.

I love this mattress

I love this mattress so far,firm it's what I wanted . Hope it last For years to come if it does this would be my mattress for years to come for the future generation in our houseGive it four stars because time will tell about durability.

Still only 7

Still only 7 inche even after 48 hours, not 8 as specified. A little on the soft side.

I have to say

I have to say, these a re pretty fantastic for the price. My kiddos love hem on their new beds. Not sure how long they will last.

So I was hesitant

So I was hesitant on buying a mattress online (who isn't) but the reviews were pretty solid. The mattress (full size) came rolled up, and I let it expand in the living room. Nice, comfy mattress! Firm, and my 10 year old loves it. There is a "smell" but it wasn't chemical, I read the pamphlet that came with it and apparently they spray it with green tea scent but its not horrible. Would recommend!

It sleeps wonderfully

It sleeps wonderfully. It is very comfortably and conforms to my body. I am in a travel trailer and there was only a slight smell for a couple of hours.

This is the most comfortable

This is the most comfortable mattress. It's the 2nd one we've purchased. Highly recommended!

Bought this as a bed for my dogs

Bought this as a bed for my dogs. Works great. Super comfortable, doesn't squish down, expanded evenly right out of the box. The cover had a tricky zipper with a lock, but once I figured that out, no other issues. Great price.

I really like my new mattress

I really like my new mattress.Nothing like a goodnight 's rest.

I allowed over 24 hours

I allowed over 24 hours for the mattress to expand. It reached its maximum height. However, the mattress is a lot harder than I expected. When I sleep on it, in the morning my back is sore and does a lot of cracking. I have a hard time sleeping at night because if it. I'll probably have to get a pad or something to put over the mattress to hopefully help it out.

Very comfortable.

Very comfortable. Couldn't believe such a great feeling gel mattress was so reasonable

Ordered 2 for my granddaughters

Ordered 2 for my granddaughters, they now sleep like a baby! Very comfortable too!

I feel like I'm sleeping on a rock

I feel like I'm sleeping on a rock!!! I chose this mattress based on the reviews, the features that it offered and the price. WRONG MATTRESS FOR ME!!! I wake up in terrible agony with my lower back. I wish I had the option to exchange this mattress for a MUCH softer one. I guess I'll just have to suffer through for now until I can replace "the rock" with something MUCH softer.

For the price, it is VERY GOOD!

For the price, it is VERY GOOD!!!! Give it at least two days to "air" out. After that you will enjoy a great night's rest. Would rrecommend this for an extra bedroom mattress.

It took a few nights

It took a few nights to get used to it. I really like the way it cushions your body, but it is kind of hard to turn over at first. But we've only had it a week, so I'm hoping I'll get more used to it. Side benefit - the fitted sheet doesn't pull off anymore!

We love this mattress!

We love this mattress! It inflated within minutes and is very comfortable. I highly recommend it!

Very comfortable!

Very comfortable! Fully expanded in a matter of a couple hours. My only little complaint is that it smells a little odd.

This item was bought for my son.

This item was bought for my son. He states it is comfy. It was shipped to the house on time and the box was not overly heavy and easy to get up to his room. Only thing I noticed is that it only ended up inflating to about 7 inches, not the full 8 inches as stated.

It's very comfortable

It's very comfortable, it was ready to sleep on the same night. I would definitely buy again.

This mattress is heaven on earth.

This mattress is heaven on earth. You will not be disappointed. If you like firm get the 8". 10 and 12 are softer.

Bought it

Bought it, laid it out for 24 hrs and we are really enjoying the bed. Exactly what I expected out of the bed!

Unfortunately this bed did not work out

Unfortunately this bed did not work out for me. I do have some mild osteoarthritis on my spine and after reading some other reviews of people with back issues who said this mattress worked out fine for them, I figured I give it a try. The first night seemed ok with maybe some minor stiffness and aching in the morning but the second night, I woke up at 5am which is about now and had to put back my old air mattress as my back was really not feeling well at all and now I cannot lay down once it gets that way. It's too bad this mattress didn't work out because it does feel like good quality bed but the problem I think is that the bottom section of mattress is just too firm and the other 2 top layers are little firm as well and in turn puts pressure on the back and side as you lay on it. It does feel ok when I go to sleep but now I wake with a moderate back pain and stiffness. The bed itself is worth buying for maybe someone without back issues. I like the bed quality but it just not a good fit for my needs. So I am returning and will try another softer or thicker mattress. that is not so firm.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable, I am happy! Opening the mattress was really easy. I did notice it did have a slight smell to it, but its been wrapped up in plastic for months at least...also, everything you buy new has a smell. Furniture, Clothes, Shoes...think about it. It is a full 8". I let it sit/air out for about 30 hours before I slept on it. It is much comfier than my last spring mattress that was sinking in. It is firm but also has a soft top to it so it is very comfortable. I do recommend this mattress.

I've only had the mattress for a day

I've only had the mattress for a day, however right out of the box the cover has a hole in the side of it. I assume this was done prior to packing since the vacuum on the bag was held. Other than that so far so good, but really too early to tell. No dips or smushed edges like some other reviews mentioned.

I ordered this mattress for my 4 year

I ordered this mattress for my 4 year olds bunk bed. While the mattress is comfortable, The off gassing odor is sickening. its been months now and there is no level of airing out that will help this mattress! It's gotten to the point that i began to have migraines behind the odor not to mention my daughters asthma acting up and my 4 yo also getting headaches from the smell. I have tried everything, I have even incased the mattress in 3 plastic mattress protectors after allowing weeks for it to air out but still the smell eats through the mattress protectors and even engulfs any linens and pillows on the bed. I would not recommend the mattress.

Firm is not Firm!

Firm is not Firm! Far from expectations and will be returning...I guess I need to search EXTRA FIRM!

This is the most comfortable mattress

This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned! and the price cant be beet!

This is a great mattress

This is a great mattress, I didn't know what to expect for the prize but it is actually super comfortable and really nice. I purchased this for my son but my husband and I love it so much we are now considering getting one as well.

We are very pleased

We are very pleased with our purchase has just the right support for us. Great value especially since we caught it on sale

This is rather firm

This is rather firm, though it does seem to support you when sleeping. The gel is good, I have not been overheated since we got this.

When we opened the mattress

When we opened the mattress, it omitted a strong musty odor, made the air un-breathable in our bedroom. After exhausting with two box fans in the window for 4 straight days, no sheets or anything on the still smells, just not as strong. If it continues through next week, I'll be requesting a replacement. The mattress is comfortable, I wish I could lay on it for longer than 10 minutes before the stench drives me away.

This mattress was well priced

This mattress was well priced and seems to be good quality and definitely is comfortable

Two years ago, I ordered

Two years ago, I ordered the queen-size for my bed - MOST COMFORTABLE bed I have ever slept on, and I have a Sleep Number bed too - so I bought four twin-sized for the kids.

I received this today

I received this today after buying it online from walmart. A few things im concerned with but hoping they will fix themselves after the recommended 48 hours of letting it rest after opening. 1. It has a very very strong chemical smell 2. The mattress seems lumpy and misshapen in several spots as if it gas bumps. It has different thicknesses on it and due to that there is a slant on both ends of it. 3. I specifically purchased this mattress to ensure i get one that is 39 by 75 inches. This mattress said it was but its measuring as 70 by 38. Its saying almost 8 inches thick on one side and almost 7 on another for thickness (i think its because of it being lumpy as i mentioned above). Not too happy about this at all. If these issues dont resolve within a week, i will be contacting the company and requesting that they arrange for it to be picked up as i should not have to lug this back to walmart.

Bought it for my 3 year old

Bought it for my 3 year old and 6 year old very comfortable not ideal for an teenager but my 2 boys love it

I have been using this bed

I have been using this bed for more than a year now and I really like this bed. It is comfortable and I feel relaxed after waking up.

First off the mattress was 4 days late

First off the mattress was 4 days late,bummer! No fault of Walmart but rather Loomis, wrong address on shipping sheet, why am I not surprised? Any way it came in a big heavy box, extremely well packed. We followed the instructions on the directions for unpacking and it was expanded and ready to use with in 2 hours. And sleep we did, finally I could wake up in the morning with out a sore back, but best of all my hubby (who snores a lot!) has not snored once in the 2 weeks we have had this. Wonderful, comfy sleep. does not get overly warm like some other foam mattress. We placed it on our box spring and happily toted the old Beauty rest mattress to the dump. Would I buy this again? YES!

Haven't slept on it yet.

Haven't slept on it yet. It's been over 48 hours since I have taken it out to let it expand...still not at full capacity. I'm gonna go ahead and sleep on it because my last mattress has mold and have been waiting on this one to finish...I got this one because my last mattress was a spa sensations and it expanded fully and I've had it for a long time. I hope I didn't make a mistake by going with the cool gel. Maybe it just takes a little longer. It's just sloping at the corners a bit.

Not for people over 40 years old or with back and joint pain

This would probably be good if it were supported underneath by a strong canvas that gives. On a good solid boxspring you may as well sleep on plywood. It goes totaly down to the boxsping and i weight 187 pounds

Spa Sensations 4" mattress topper

Ordered this mattress topper from Walmart on line, when it arrived and I unpacked it it gave off a terrible chemical odor that made me break out in a rash, gave me a severe headach,e and made me sick to my stomach. It seems that the manufacturing process was not complete till it was unpacked and opened. Had to remove it from my apartment because of the terrible chemical odor. Got a return notification from Walmart, but it is impossible to repack this into the box. I really do not want to touch it for my health reasons.


Horrible customer service. Our mattress never got to 8 in. No refund option.

Mattress seems fine but...

Mattress seems fine but feels like there’s a dip in the mattress like ur rolling to the middle.. but besides that it’s okay.

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