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Southerland Mattress Reviews

Southerland has been in business since 1893, founded originally in Nashville, Tennessee where they still manufacture mattresses. They are most well known in mattress stores across the south and mid-west as a price-competitive option against many of the main brands. They offer a variety of mattresses under different brand names like Southerland, Englander and American Sleep. With both memory foam and pocketed coil options, most customers like their mattresses at first, but some customers experienced issues with durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.3/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $399-2399

Trial Period: No Trial

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Southerland's Specifics

Southerland has two different types of mattresses -- gel-memory foam based all-foam mattresses and memory foam hybrid mattresses with pocketed coil support systems. Customers like their mattresses at first, but there were some complaints about durability and quick sagging issues for some.

Those that are concerned about durability and long term comfort, take a look at our top rated mattresses for great alternatives. Specifically, the Dreamcloud mattress provides a high profile pocketed coil mattress that is high rated by customers.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Southerland has two mattress lines, the Signature and the Signature Gel. While the Signature Gel is an all-foam mattress, the Signature line features pocketed coil support systems that react independently to the body to properly cradle the spine.

We'll go through each of their mattress lines in depth below:

Here are the details about the Southerland Signature Line:

The Southerland Signature line has four mattress options with various thickness options -- The Ultimate, Luxury, Deluxe, and Classic. What varies between these mattress options are the foam comfort layers and the firmness of the options. The Classic Alto mattress offers a traditional innerspring feel, while the Luxury and Deluxe (Mozart, Harmony, Cappella, Sonata, and Arietta) all have thicker layers of memory foam above the coil systems that are customized to the firmness choice selected. The Ultimate mattresses, including The Rhapsody and Serene, has a layer of innersprings below the pocket coil matrix with a thick layer of foam on the top layer. Customers find these mattresses initially comfortable overall, but some had issues with durability.

The Pros: A multitude of hybrid mattress options with firmness options.

The Cons: Complaints about durability and sagging for some sleepers.

Here are the details of the Southerland Signature Gel Line:

The Southerland Gel mattresses have four options -- the Juneau, Gemini, Emory, and Cascade. These mattresses vary the thickness of the foams that are used in the mattress. The types of foams that are included in these mattresses are copper-infused memory foam that help diffuse heat away from the body. Beneath these layers include firmer high density foam that support the spine. Most customers like these mattresses at first, but there are numerous reports of sagging over a short period.

The Pros: Competitively constructed memory foam options in multiple firmness options.

The Cons: Problems with sagging reported by customers.

Overall Comfort

Southerland mattress has a variety of firmness options and does a good job providing a large selection of comfort layers in their mattresses. However, there are issues with sagging reported and that could cause some sleepers to think again about this brand.


One of the things that Southerland does an excellent job on is providing a variety of firmness options to sleepers. The above chart is the kind of firmness range that you can expect to find from Southerland.

Back Pain Relief

While the materials used should do a good job comforting and supporting the spine initially, the reports of durability issues means that comfort could degrade over time, possibly aggravating issues further.


With the inclusion of perforated foams and copper-infused memory foam, most of these mattresses should sleep cool for most sleepers.

Who Are Southerland Mattresses Right For?

Southerland are good temporary options and preferred for those with unique firmness requirements. For those looking for long term comfort, take a look at our top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

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Never had back issues till sleeping or rather trying to sleep on this mattress. Started sagging immediately. I am a small person. Should not be this uncomfortable. Broke down on edges immediately. Turned it ,tried everything. Do not buy this mattress. You will regret it.

Worst mattress ever

This mattress started sagging only two weeks after purchase, both sides of the bed had deep indents in it causing both my husband and I back pain. I took it back to the furniture store where I purchased it from after 2 months, to be treated with the worst customer service ever. They inspected the mattress without taking off the plastic I wrapped in, stating they found nothing wrong with it. Poor quality, horrible comfort, and warranty. Save your money and keep looking.


I bought this bed only a couple of months ago and at first, it was a dream, but now it has a lot of sagging in the middle of it. If I only saw this review site before I bought. :(

Okay Mattress

Bought a couple of days ago. So far, pretty satisfied. Is it the best mattress? No. But, it's pretty decent. A little worried about the durability from these reivews.

Bought it, and then returned it

Luckily was able to return this. I was really dissappointed with the material. From the get go, there was one area that poked into my back. It was a little strange and I thought that it may have been a defective product. But, after risking once, I won't be risking again.

That's why they call it a cheap mattress

I thought that I was going to be getting a real value out of this mattress, but uncfortunately, this is exactly what you would expect out of a cheap mattress. Something that leaves me in pain in the morning is exactly the opposite of what I wanted to purchase. I wish I could give 0 stars.

Sleeping like the dead

I got this bed in 2001 and am still happy with it. Every night I sleeping soundly and without any problems. I wish they made more exactly like this one!!

Great mattress...

Great mattress, I bought one for my mom and she loves it.

The worst...

The worst mattress I have ever slept on in my life. Within one month of sleeping on mattress, it's like laying in a fox hole. I regret not complaining immediately. I would give zero stars if I could.

Over 2 inches...

Over 2 inches the mattress has sunk in less than 6 months. I am not a large person...rotated etc. Regret not taking it back within 120 days. Now..we are stuck. Jumped thru hoops for we can get ANOTHER poor quality mattress.

Worst mattress...

Worst mattress I have ever owed! $1200 mistake

Terrible quality...

Terrible quality for the money. In less than one year we have craters where we lay and have done all the recommended turning of the mattress etc.

This is a wonderful company...

This is a wonderful company. They treat people very well with much respect. Would advise anyone to do business with them. They are honest and good-hard working people, who always keep the customer in mind.


The bed was bad after 18 months and back issues ensued at 36 months! Tried to get the warranty to cover the bed but they wanted me to pay $250 for them to complete the warranty.

Cheap and lying information when buying this mattress set.

We bought two sets of these, what looked like Big Lots mattresses. We were told they would be the same. When delivered they were two different types of mattresses. One was very cheap and after 3 nights it began to sink down a little. The next night it was worse. I have awaken with back problems each morning and in the middle of the night. Worse. CHEAP, set of what we told , was a wonderful set. $250 for warranty. Dear Lord, had we known. This true, negative comment will be shared all over the internet. LEAVE THESE CROOKS and their mattresses alone.

6 Years later, desperately needing new mattress

We purchased this mattress almost exactly 6 years ago from Nebraska Furniture Mart's mattress selection (in Kansas City 2012). The Southerland was presented to us as a Simmons equal, made by a proud USA company, and sold for less of a cost of most mattresses ($659.00). I've had a few years of restless sleep and segments of back pain, but I've been making other excuses for the problems (maybe gaining a few extra pounds, maybe stress, maybe needing to get some more exercise)...until now. I have had severe back pain while sleeping to the point it is constantly waking me up during the night and spasms upon waking. It's been months now and I finally gave in and have tried sleeping on my sofa and my child's twin mattress. Both have been better periods of sleep than in my own bed. The store I purchased the mattress told me today that in order for the company to uphold the warranty, and potentially replace the mattress, they would need to prove there is a 1.5" permanent depression in the mattress. In my case, the mattress has no depression when not laying/sitting on it. In my case, my mattress just doesn't seem to have the same strength of resistance to my weight when laying on it. I have a "Firm" mattress but when laying on the mattress I feel like I am in a long curved shape, putting a strain on my lumbar back curving the wrong way.

Don't buy it!

Started off great, by the end of the first year my husband was sleeping upstairs in the guest room. After the second year, I was sleeping in a hole. In order for them to even consider doing anything you have to jump through hoops and it doesn't show when it is just sitting on the floor. When you lay on it just hope you can manage to turn over or even get out of the bed. We have packed folded towels underneath trying to get some support but even that is breaking down. Haven't had a good nights sleep in a very long time. Any mattress you cannot turn will end up with a sunken place in it.

I bought an Englander Egel...

I bought an Englander Egel mattress that Southerland owns or makes. I've gotten such a run around from these all these people I don't know who is responsible. The mattress started falling apart after two years. I'm still trying to get warranty service for it put they keep handing me of to one person that handles the all the southeast US and he doesn't return phone calls or Emails. Do not buy from these people. If you have a problem they just keep passing you around hoping you give up! I'M NOT GIVING UP!

Mattress springs were poking through...

Mattress springs were poking through the padding within 2 years of purchase. The mattress failed and has a huge "nest" area that sinks about 4-6 inches deep and is about 12-18 inches across. I will never buy another southerland mattress. I bought this one to support a local company. NEVER AGAIN. The store I bought it from will not honor the warranty and say they no longer carry Southerland due to similar problems. I called and left numerous messages with Southerland's customer service - no one returns phone calls. I finally reached someone but when I sent the paperwork off to replace the mattress - NOTHING.

All I know...

All I know is that ever since I bought my Southerland mattress at Bedzzz Express, I now know what it means to get a good nights sleep!

I purchased a mattress from a local store...

I purchased a mattress from a local store in 2014 that was a Southerland product. The mattress was great at first but became harder and stiffer after 2 years. The foam actually became less flexible. There is nothing in the warranty that covers this type of ware. Amerigel Discovery Gel - By Southerland Bedding, Queen, Medium Firm.

I purchased an Englander Egel...

I purchased an Englander Egel mattress Dec 2012 and we loved it till it failed in Jan 2017 (less than 5 years). I filed a warranty claim and was sent another mattress by Southerland BUT it was a completely DIFFERENT mattress. Southerland has made no effort to resolve this issue. We are stuck with a HORRIBLE mattress that we will have to replace. I do not recommend this company.

Warranty Claim when Weekend Only no longer sales their product.

After initial purchase 6 years ago the mattress was defective. For whatever reason Weekend only quit carrying their product. For a claim they quoted their fine print and could care less. The warranty price was like buying a whole new mattress. I would never waste my time or money with this group again.

So comfortable for about a year. Then sagged really bad.

It's a foam pillow top with springs underneath. For about one year, it was so comfortable. Then it sagged so bad, we got egg shaped pockets to sag into. I only weigh 110 lbs.

Horrible worse mattress ever

I bought this mattress from an auburn mattress dealer. It was a second one purchased. I felt like I got screwed all the way around. My back continually hurts and I have a mattress pad. I spent 3700 and hopefully I will buy another one from a more reputable dealer. The company should reimburse the customer and take the mattress back. Do not buy this mattress. Southerland was conveyed to be a great company and it’s not.

Sagging already?

I thought I was crazy at first because the mattress is about a year old. How could it sag so soon? I am a small/skinny person and have an indent on the side of the bed I sleep in, I am trying to rotate it to have a fresh side. The problem is you can't sell a mattress to anyone else. I guess I'm stuck with it : (

Badly made

bought Southerland Carly Plush mattress 6/19 it's not been a year and the mattress has a sag in the middle of it, and it's still not comfortable for me, unfortunately they are letting me replace it with the same brand name which I would have rather get a different Brand name like Serta or Sealy.. but $499.00 mattress is this what u get then I will have to go up in price for a better night sleep. I would not recommend buying this brand..

Because your money and body deserves better

This bed is HORRIBLE. I purchased this bed for my then 6 year old daughter who weighed around 45 pounds. This bed lasted less than a year. It felt as if there was a hole in the middle of the mattress. I would have opted to return this mattress or voice my complaint, but the furniture store that I purchased it from had gone out of business. This bed reminds me of a taco. When you lay on the bed, it seems as though you are being folded. PLEASE DON'T PURCHASE, READ THE REVIEWS, MONEY IS TOO HARD TO COME BY! My daughter will opt to sleep on a pallet with blankets and covers on the floor or in the bed with me that sleep on her bed! This will be a POOR investment!

Oh My Aching Back and Hips and Butt!

My 2020 Fairweather Mattress and Boxspring were delivered 9 days ago. I noticed the center of the mattress started sagging after 3 times trying to sleep on it. I went to Kings Furniture in Dayton, Oh on day 8 (yesterday), to complain, and inquire about an upgrade. I was told someone would call me today, and that I should've returned it within 2 days of purchase. I am financing this matters set for almost $900.00, and have spent half of my first week with it, sleeping on my sagging sofa. I'm super pissed, and I want out of this deal!

Ultimate Line of "La Garbage"

Lived in Nashville and figured I'd buy a local brand, big mistake. Spent the extra money on the "Ultimate Serene" Line . The only thing this "Ultimate" piece of junk has me saying is "Serenity Now". 3 years later I'm leaving the house to go sink another $5G on a new bed set up.

Outstanding mattress!

I've never owned a "Southerland Mattress" before, and this is the first time I have taken time to write a review. I purchased the mattress for my guest room, so that my elderly mother can sleep over when it's late. Since she initially didn't spend the night, I spent an evening "trying it out" to make sure it would be comfortable for her. I was very impressed with the gentle support, and comfort of the mattress (I fell asleep on it) After she tried it and commented "how well she slept" I decided to take some time to write a review! Thank you Southerland, for manufacturing such an awesome mattress!!

Should have been a recall!

Do not buy a Sutherland mattress, it should have been recalled for faulty craftmenship! Don't buy from Johnson's Furniture in Newberg, they're crooks!

Floor model was more comfortable than the mattress we received.

My wife and I slept on our new mattress 1 night and we both could not get comfortable, We both had sore backs in the morning and we immediately the next morning went back to the place of purchase to verify the the floor model was more comfortable and it was. A sales person from Brawley furniture in Mooresville, NC asked if they could help but was not helpful at all and i was asked to leave the store.

Mattress not the right size

I got a queen sized mattress but the mattress is 2 inches less in width than the 60 inches. My queen sized sheets are too big for the mattress and am also starting to sag on the sides that my husband and I sleep on.

Mattress met all warranty return requirements except...

Mattress met all warranty requirements except... stain on mattress. mattress sagged more than the 2" requirement for warranty but because we spilled a soft drink on it when we were washing the the mattress cover they voided the warranty. What does a stain have to do with the quality of the mattress. Read the FINE print before purchasing.

SAGGING more then 2 inches on the king mattress in 2 spots where me and the wife sleep.

It's 3 yrs old and started sagging within the first 2 years. Now my wife wakes up in the morning with back aches. SAGGING more then 2 inches on the king mattress in 2 spots where me and the wife sleep.

Worst Bed & Company EVER

My boyfriend and I have now gone through FIVE Southerland brand beds in a one year span. Durability? What's that? The local mattress store kept returning the faulty mattresses because after 1-2 months of 2 normal weight sleepers, significant sagging occurred in different places with each mattress. After giving far more than a fair chance, we are finally getting a full refund from Southerland. Southerland reps also instructed the local owners to not let us have the contact # for customer service, in attempts to stick us with yet another Southerland mattress. NOT WORTH ANYTHING! Read the reviews! Terrible quality, no durability, great only for a few weeks.

Great Mattress

I purchased one of these mattress's 5 years ago and love it, so I purchased one for the spare room and guest love it! Highly recommend it, great price also.

What a high-priced POS

Made in late 2020, this piece of junk turned into a camel's back in no time. Two people sized valleys on either side with a hump in the middle. 2.5 years and it's off to the landfill today.


I’ve had this mattress for a few years, and it is the worst mattress I have ever slept on! I now have so much back trouble- my mom both the same mattress in a full size, that I bought in a king. Her mattress is very comfortable, but the workmanship of the king size is horrendous! I would never recommend a Southerland mattress!

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