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Solstice Mattress Reviews

Solstice Sleep Products make a variety of hybrid, innerspring, and memory foam mattresses for the US market and acquired Jamison Bedding. Solstice products are predominantly sold in the midwest and in Florida. For those familiar with Solstice, they are known for being price competitive versus other in-store options. However, they have had issues with durability and customer service complaints.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10

Price Value: 7.2/10

No Back Pain: 6.9/10

Price: $1495-$2250

Trial Period: No Trial

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Solstice's Owner Satisfaction

Some sleepers are content with their beds, but others are not as pleased overall. Despite those that had a good experience, overall these mattresses have lower than average satisfaction from customers. Read on below for more information from customers if you are interested in buying.

Solstice's Supportiveness

Some have described these mattresses as being supportive, but some others have been dissatisfied. For those that are sensitive to support because of health reasons, do some added research before purchasing.

Edge Support
There are positive and negatives reported about edge support. Some feel positive about the mattress supportiveness across the surface, but others felt like there was unevenness.

Solstice's Durability

Customers find that durability is one of the most important attributes to finding a mattress. We all want it to be just as comfortable at the beginning as it is a decade later. Unfortunately, not all sleepers have felt that these mattresses were durable enought for them. If you are considering buying for your main mattress, read over the specs and policies to make sure it will work for you.

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Great product

Great product

Bought top end Jamison mattress...

Bought top end Jamison mattress springs squeak horribly after less than one year. Had to escalate to the CEO of the company before I was given a replacement after getting no where with 'customer service' for 4 months.

I am writing from Wisconsin

I am writing from Wisconsin. I purchased a Solstice Sleep Products mattress for my son fall of last year. Within two months of purchase, the mattress started sagging. For the past four months I have been working diligently to get the mattress replaced. While the company agrees it is a faulty mattress and covered by warranty, they want it returned to the manufacturer in Indianapolis, IN. We live in mid Wisconsin. The cost of shipping is almost as much as the cost of the mattress. The store where we purchased it at has gone out of business. Just want all buyers to beware of poor quality products and no customer service with this company! Very disappointed in Wisconsin.

I bought the Bar Harbor

I bought the Bar Harbor after the sales person assured me Marriott Hotels use this mattress n all their hotels. I was looking for a Beauty Rest and decided on this one..MISTAKE... after only one year it sags, makes a groaning noise if you even lean on it, it is so hard and uncomfortable I have taken to sleeping on the couch. Contacted the company twice with no response. Filed a complain with the BBB

I bought an Ashley B 183

I bought an Ashley B 183 HB Jamison Queen set and frame from Smith's Furniture Galleria on 8-31-14. We noticed it was harder than it seemed in the store after sleeping on it. My husband Bobby wanted to have them take it back immediately, but I thought it just needed breaking in. We have realized after two years that all our joints hurt more and more, and the mattress and box springs are just getting more compressed and harder instead of softer the more we sleep on it. We are unable to get a good night’s sleep. We were sold a discontinued model that Solstice was not going to produce any longer. These box springs and mattress should have not been sold anymore. They knew there were complaints about this product, yet they continued to sell them. Nobody told us they were bad.

Poorly Made Mattress

We bought this mattress a few years ago and within a month, we noticed it sank where we slept. Told the sales person and was told we need to turn the mattress and flip it.. Yes, we turn it and flip it, it still sinks in the areas we slept.. ridges next to the sleeping area are very noticeable, when you roll onto the ridge, it definitely can be felt. This mattress is easier to turn than flip, I can turn it myself. The mattress is a king size and so heavy, it is not possible for me to flip it by myself.. The sales person was nice talking with, said to keep flipping and turning it.. which we are.. We have another king mattress and never have had to turn or flip it. Have had it for over 15 years and it sleeps so much better. It is my recommendation anyone reading this comment, look for another made mattress. I am hoping the manufacture will help me correct this problem. I am about to trash his one and invest again in another mattress.

Disappointing mattress quality and lack of warranty support

This “Marriott Mattress” did not live up to expectations. Significant body depressions were present within 2 years despite regular mattress rotation. Sleep quality was affected by depressions. After a protracted warranty claim process, my claim was denied. To be covered, the depressions had to be at least 1 1/2 inches deep. My depressions were deep enough that we rolled in and out of them. 1 1/2 inches is a trough! This company does not stand behind their product. The warranty is worthless.

Do not buy

We purchased a Lucerne mattress made by Solstice and were dissatisfied from the first night. We were told it was the Marriott mattress that we loved at hotels made by Jamison. Within a year, the mattress had body depressions, even with turning it and we were waking up with back aches. Just purchased a Sealy Grand Valley on sale at BJ's and what a difference. Will never buy an off brand again.

Solstice Twin Mattress

I purchased a Solstice Twin Mattress two years ago from Simms Furniture in New Port Richey, FL. Within 2 months it starting showing body impressions, I weigh 115. The mattress cannot be flipped, so I started rotating it regularly. It continued to get worse and there is no escape,because the impression is dead center. I'm sleeping in a hole, and I am not a satisfied customer. What good is a 10 year warranty if the customer is not satisfied! I will never buy another Mattress from this manufacturer.

Poor quality

In only a few months it feels like your rolling out of bed!! We told the rep that we wanted our money back and he won't do it. He said to send photo. You can't SEE it you have to lay on it to feel where your rolling off. Will NOT get another one from him!! We are out $1400 and stuck with a crappy Mattress!! DON'T BUY FRIM"MATTRESS BY APPOINTMENT"!!!!

Bought a Solstice king firm mattress

We bought a King firm Solstice mattress model JAMA52 1060 from Kimbrell furniture company. We live in Salisbury NC only have had it 6 months bought August 4 of 2023.This mattress is already sagging where my husband sleeps and starting to sag on my side now.Want to know if it can be replaced.Worst mattress we have ever bought.Should have stay with Serta never have had problems with those mattress had one for 15 yrs before we replaced it.Only went to this one because we went to a King sign bed from a queen and this mattress was recommended by Kimbrell Furniture for its firmness and my Husband liked it until it started sagging.Claims it doesn't need a foundation or box spring.

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