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Solaire Mattress Reviews

Spring 2024 Updates: Saatva Solaire continues to be a top pick for those looking for a competitive number bed. Recent customers mention good experiences and value for the price, especially when compared to other adjustable number beds.

The Solaire mattress by Saatva is a luxury number bed with customized firmness. It is a direct challenge to similar Sleep Number mattresses, but includes some innovative differentiators. For one, the Solaire mattress comes with free white glove delivery, a significantly lower price point, and a warranty that is designed to out-compete. Above that, there are more firmness options and a 365 night trial. With this design, there is a lot to love about these mattresses.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

No Back Pain: 9.6/10

Price: $2525-$5050

Trial Period: 365 Nights

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Solaire's Specifics

The Solaire mattress is one of the only online mattress options with adjustable firmness-number technology. With this innovation, they have some interesting differentiators vs other popular number beds, like 50 firmness options, included remote, included white glove delivery, 5 year full warranty, and extra comfort layers. Also, they offer an Upper-Flex option that comes with only a split top so you can get stop snoring while still getting snuggly with your partner. We'll go through the full breakdown below.

Quality of Materials

One thing to note about number beds is how they work. Air is pumped to increase pressure in air pockets within the mattress. This increase of pressure leads to more firmness. However, one thing that is common about air pocket technology is that the electronics tend to decay faster than the life expectancy of mattresses without them. This is one reason why the 5 year full warranty and 25 year warranty are so important to shoppers of the Solaire mattress.

We'll go through each of the layers of the Solaire mattress so that you know what is inside. Here are the full details:

Cover Layer: The top layer is the organic cotton pillow top, which provides an airy and pillowy soft surface layer. This 3'' layer has Zone® quilting for extra support in the middle spine.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is a 1'' 5-zone natural latex layer that is designed to work with your back to provide proper alignment and support. This layer has a subtle bounce that provides a good amount of support to the spine while also relieving the pressure points.

Layer 2: The second comfort layer is 2'' of gel-infused memory foam that provides pressure point relief and contour. Also, the gel infusion helps with keeping cool.

Layer 3: Vulcanized air chambers provide support to the spine (edge to edge) and allow for customization of firmness with included handheld remotes. Above this layer is a moisture barrier to protect the electronics for moisture and sleepers from microbes.

Layer 4: A moisture barrier protects the vital internal mechanical components and keeps things free of microbes.

Layer 5: The vulcanized air chambers offers a multi-directional box baffle design that provides an even firmness throughout the mattress based on the number specifications.

Layer 6: The reinforced power edge enclosure wraps around the mattress to provide a stable base and house the air inflator.

Overall Comfort

Customers give these mattresses good marks when it comes to comfort, and there are several good differentiators against other number beds. They also have an 'Upper-Flex' version that can be used in conjunction with an adjustable base for varying positions.


With 50 different firmness preferences and dual sides comfort for queen sized beds and up, these mattresses can provide soft to firm comfort levels.

Back Pain Relief

With the latex, memory foam, and firmness options, these mattresses should do a great job staying customized to your support requirements, which will help with common sleep based back discomfort.


These mattresses should not sleep warm for most sleepers. The airy pillow top and the latex layers generally do not retain heat. For some very warm sleepers, there may still be some feelings of warmth in some instances.

Who Is The Saatva Solaire Right For?

The Saatva Solaire is ideal for those that are looking for a number bed but worry about the price and longevity. Although the electrical components may still wear out over time, the 5 year full warranty provides more than enough peace of mind.

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Excellent Warranty

After making the decision to relocate, I also made the decision to dump my old mattress/box spring and buy a new one. Easier said than done - so much confusing information. I read reviews in an article in a leading consumer magazine, looked in stores, talked to friends, and ended up just as confused. Was online and saw an ad for Saatva mattresses. I read through material, thought about it, read some more along with reviews, and decided to order online. I had some questions and had an online chat, which answered my questions. The warranty was good and I took the plunge. Ordering was easy - read their instructions about measuring height, etc. Order was processed, I was notified when my order was ready and called to schedule delivery. I am very happy so far and definitely notice the difference from my old mattress. I have already recommended them to a friend. This was an easy process with no pressure at all from them. Believe this was a great purchase.

No-Hassle Delivery

From beginning to end, I loved my experience working with Saatva, almost as much as we both love our new mattress. The website is easy to use. When questions arose, and I contacted customer service, everyone was courteous, efficient, and yet took the time necessary to answer my questions. The sales representatives asked questions about our sleep habits and preferences, and directed me toward purchasing the best mattress for us, even though it was less costly than the one I had been looking at! It was very refreshing to find a company where I could find the customer service number, and have easy access to speaking with a person who listened, and was thoroughly professional. And, even though I live in a remote area, on a difficult-to-navigate dirt and gravel road, the delivery was flawless. And the bed is GREAT!

Superior Customer Service

I’ve purchased mattresses two times and each time the Saatva representative was courteous, very knowledgeable and helpful, and quickly found what I was looking for. It was easy to navigate the site and the representative made it easier. The company’s policies and procedures are very customer friendly. And, the mattresses are wonderful.

Best Night’s Sleep

I went into research mode when my hubby and I needed a new mattress. I must have had a million questions when I found Saatva, and customer service was there for me at all hours to answer every one of them! There is so much more to our story, but I just want you to know you can trust this company. The product is unrivaled. Just superior in every way! We enjoy the most restful sleep EVER! And isn’t that the bottom line?

Hip Pain Relief

I wish I had purchased this bed a long time ago. Please read the specs on this item. They are accurate and factual. Half the price and better quality than the mall bed. I thought I would need hip replacement just two months ago. In less than a week with this bed, all hip pain is gone, as well as back pain. Same with my husband. Please consider, and don’t wait over a year to decide like I did.

A+ Quality

Received our air bed two days ago. This bed is replacing a 'highly televised national brand mattress,' and just from the look and feel, it is WAY, WAY better for half the cost! We like our beds taller than traditional beds, and I do believe that my wife is going to need a step stool to get on this monster cloud! Haven’t slept on the bed, but I’m blown away at the quality and feel of it. Can’t wait to find my perfect setting. Wow, great job!

Unparalleled Features

Best air bed on the market. This bed is like sleeping on a fluffy cloud. Amazing product. Really, the quality of the materials used and the features it offers are unparalleled. This bed is great. Buy it, and I promise you will not regret it. Five star bed.

Saatva Solaire with adjustable base

I love this bed! It is the best bed I have ever slept in. It is my first air/hybrid but I did a lot of research before I bought it and could not be more happy with the purchase. The materials used feel luxurious and look beautiful. The split king sheets are a pain to find and are expensive but the feature is worth the inconvenience as my husband snores and the slight elevation helps. The bed itself is pricey but no more so than other beds I looked at. What stood out to me was that most of the other air/hybrid beds had many terrible reviews after a period of time of ownership. Seemed like these beds broke down and/or had terrible service complaints. I liked the longer trial period and I got a call from someone claiming to be the head of Saatva after I bought it thanking me for my purchase... not necessary but nice that they value their customers. This was a big purchase but I can say I have not one regret and would definitely recommend this bed.

Love This Bed

It was a review by Consumer Reports that brought us to Saatva. We were already an air bed user and it was good to see new choices. From the first online chat to delivery, this was a first class operation. Communication was superior. The bed itself is extremely comfortable and appears over built. The adjustment remotes are hard wired, which took some getting use to, but they are basically set and forget. The topper is far superior to my previous air bed with much better heat dispersal. Memory foam has a reputation for holding body heat. Not the case with the Solaire. Weather you are considering an air mattress for the first time or a seasoned sleeper, you won't be disappointed in Satvaa. Highly recommend

Love This Bed

It was a review by Consumer Reports that brought us to Saatva. We were already an air bed user and it was good to see new choices. From the first online chat to delivery, this was a first class operation. Communication was superior. The bed itself is extremely comfortable and appears over built. The adjustment remotes are hard wired, which took some getting use to, but they are basically set and forget. The topper is far superior to my previous air bed with much better heat dispersal. Memory foam has a reputation for holding body heat. Not the case with the Solaire. Weather you are considering an air mattress for the first time or a seasoned sleeper, you won't be disappointed in Satvaa. Highly recommend

A Great Mattress That’s Not For Everyone

My husband and I have very different needs when it comes to our mattress - he likes to sink into his mattress and I like my side to be more firm. Solaire is exactly what we both need to get a good night's sleep. We love it so much that we decided to splurge and get the split king and adjustable base because we know we will not be disappointed.

A Great Mattress That’s Not For Everyone

This superior mattress is a wonderfully built mattress and will meet most buyers’ needs but there is one issue that I must address here that the buyer must be mentioned so that you will have a full picture of this one issue is one that you will know about before you purchase the Solaire. I live in my Solaire 24x7 and, therefore, it has one problem that can be overcome—sorta—well, maybe more than sorta. Saatva’s big-name competitor to the Solaire does not have this problem but the difference in price of about $1,000.00 makes my workaround worth the savings. The issue revolves around the foam casings that are placed around the interior of the air bladders. When the bladders are filled with air, at any setting from 20 and up to 50 (the max), the foam casings are lower than the bladders causing the user to sleep or sit on the mattress at an angle—or tilted—about five (5) degrees or more. This causes the lower body (legs and feet) to roll to the left or right depending on which side of the bed one or both are sleeping or sitting on (queen or king size mattresses). I have lowered the setting to 15 which is very low and only 30 percent inflated. At this level, one is sunken so low that it feels like sleeping in a shallow end of a swimming pool. I have a mattress-level TV and when my air bladders are set this low, I literally cannot see the bottom half of the TV screen when lying on the bed. Now, for those persons who work all day and simply sleep in the bed for eight hours or so and who might sit in the bed to read for an hour more or less before going to sleep, he or she will feel this sunken feeling but not so much. Likewise, if set on a higher setting, one still feels the tilt in his or her body until falling asleep. It’s not really a bad feeling it’s just maddening. So, one has a choice of sleeping on fairly full to filled air bags, he or she will tilt to the left or right when sitting or sleeping on the bed simply because the air bags will be higher than the lower height of the foam casings and to avoid this problem, one will have to move toward the center of a queen or king size mattress. And, if one fills the air bladders (bags) to a very low setting, you will avoid the tilting issue, but then have the sunken-feeling issue to deal with. Are these issues deal-killers? For me, no. And, I do not think it should be for you. With my family all gone and grown I now sleep alone. I can easily move more toward the center of the mattress and rid myself of both issues. If two are sleeping together on a queen or king size mattress, the same applies. On a twin or double size mattress, sitting or sleeping in the center of the bed is where one sleeps anyway, so avoidIng these problems are a non-issue. Because of the fact that alterations to one’s sleeping patterns have to be adjusted, learning what these changes are and then actually doing them, these changes are not deal killers nor should they be because the positives of the Solaire far outweigh the negatives. I have not discussed the positives of the Solaire because Saatva and customers have made it very clear why this mattress is not only great, well made and otherwise better than it’s competitor, Sleep Number, I don’t have to. These having been done leave me nothing to add. My only recommendation to Saatva is to address the height issue of the foam casings since they are an integral part of the largest part of the mattress.

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