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Sleepys Mattress Reviews

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Spring 2024 Updates: The Sleepy's brand continues to be sold at Mattress Firm locations. Some recent reviewers report mixed feelings with some mentioning sagging and firmness issues.

Sleepy's Mattress is a wholly owned Mattress Firm brand, offering mattress in a box selections and mostly very competitive prices. With mattress varieties in foam, innerspring, encased coil, and hybrid designs, there is a wide range to choose from, both in-store and online. However, over the years there have been some disagreements about durability and perceived quality as well as sometimes lack of availability for certain models.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 8.2/10
Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10
Price Value: 8.3/10
Back Support: 8.4/10
Price: $199-$3799

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Longevity: 8.2/10
Body Conformability: 8.2/10
General Support: 8.4
Softness: 8.1
No Motion Transfer: 8.2
No Odor on Delivery: 8.3
Good for Hot Sleepers: 8.4
Sex / Bounce: 8.1
Good for Heavy Folks: 7.9
Silence: 8.4
Warranty: 8.3

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Sleepys Specifics

After the Sleepy's mattress store chain sold to Mattress Firm, they have used this brand to market their proprietary line of mattresses. Sleepy's mattresses include all-foam, traditional innerspring, encased coil, hybrid, latex, and 2-sided mattress options. With initially good ratings for value, over the years customers have reported more issues with durability and perceived quality in some cases.

If you are concerned about long term comfort, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses. Specifically, Brooklyn Bedding and Nectar mattresses provide well-rated comparable mattresses for competitive prices.

Quality of Materials
Sleepy's focuses on both modern and traditional designs, with budget-friendly materials. Across their offering, they use charcoal and gel infused foams, which provide contour and some temperature regulating abilities. In recent years, they have also added gel memory foam hybrid designs. In terms of construction quality, there are some common complaints from customers about durability and quicker dipping and degrading over time.

We'll discuss the ins and outs of their current mattress collections and discuss how customers react:

Innerspring Collection
First, we'll discuss what goes into Sleepy's Innerspring collection. These mattresses offer foam layers over traditional innerspring bonnell coils. Overall, customers like the value but there are some complaints about perceived quality and degrading over time. Here's what's inside:

First, we'll go through the Sleepy's Basic, which is a firm mattress that is among the most popular mattress of their innerspring collection. This incredibly affordable mattress is thin, with an 8.25'' overall profile. Here is what's inside The Sleepy's Basic Mattress:Cover Layer: The cover is made of a synthetic stretch knit blend that's quilted into a layer of foam for a comfortable sleep surface.

Layer 1: The comfort layer consists of 1'' of firm support foam that rests on top of the base layer.

Layer 2: The base layer, which also provides the mattress with it's overall durability, is a foundation of traditional Verti-coil springs.

Sleepy's next traditional innerspring mattress is also firm with 9.5'' thickness. Here is what's inside Sleepy's Rest Mattress:Cover Layer: Similar to the other innerspring options, the cover is made of a synthetic stretch knit blend.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer consists of 2'' of firm support foam that provides some subtle pressure point relief above the base layer.

Layer 2: Similar to the Basic, the base layer is a traditional Verticoil innerspring support system that provides firm support for the back and spine.

Memory Foam Collection
Next, we'll discuss what goes into Sleepy's Memory Foam collection. Each memory foam mattress offered by Sleepy's offers at least 2 layers of foam, including both infused and high density layers. While most describe these mattresses offering great comfort at first, there are some that describe quick sagging. Here's what's inside:

The most basic Sleepy's memory foam mattress is a medium-firmness three layer 8'' memory foam mattress. Here are the details of the Snug Memory Foam Mattress:Cover Layer: The Snug's cover is a designer synthetic blend knit cover, which is soft to the touch.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is 2'' of gel-infused foam that contours around the body and provides pressure relief.

Layer 2: Another layer of poly foam provides added contour but a faster response vs. the top memory foam layer, which helps keep sleepers from feeling too stuck in the mattress.

Bottom Layer: The last layer is 4'' of support foam, which provides a base firmness to the mattress and helps properly align the spine.

The next Sleepy's all-foam mattress is the streamlined Basic Foam Mattress, which get mixed reviews from customers. Here are the details of the Basic Foam Mattress:Cover Layer: The knit cover layer has a traditional Euro-top feel that gives a classic feel to the top.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is a thin 7/8" layer of medium comfort foam that contours to the body.

Bottom Layer: The last layer is a generous 5.5" layer of support foam that gives the back even support across the mattress.

The next Sleepy's all-foam mattress is the budget-friendly 8" and 10" Medium Memory Foam mattress. Here are the details of the Medium Memory Foam Mattress:Cover Layer: The knit cover layer has a modern designer feel that gives a soft feel.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is either 2" or 2.5" of gel infused foam that keeps things cool while also relieving pressure points with gentle cushioning.

Layer 2: The second comfort layer is either 2" or 2.5" of conforming foam that provides a gentle transition while further contouring to the sleeper(s) above.

Bottom Layer: The last layer is 4" or 5" of support foam that provides support for the spine and structure for the mattress.

The next popular Sleepy's mattress is higher profile Doze memory foam mattress, which adds thicker layers of foam to cradle the body. Here are the details of the Doze Memory Foam Mattress:Cover Layer: The top cover is like the other knit covers available from Sleepy's. It provides a soft, moisture wicking feel.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is charcoal-infused memory foam, which offers 2.5'' of cooling and contouring for the body.

Layer 2: An additional 2.5'' conforming foam layer provides some bounce and transitional support.

Bottom Layer: The last layer is a thick 5'' layer of base foam that keeps the mattress supportive.

Another memory foam option from Sleepy's mattress is the thick 12'' Curve mattress, which offers a soft feel and thicker foam layers. Here are the details of the Curve Memory Foam Mattress:Cover Layer: The Curve starts off with the same synthetic blend, moisture wicking knit cover.

Layer 1: 3'' of charcoal-infused memory foam really contours around the body, ideal for side sleepers with smaller body types.

Layer 2: 3'' of conforming foam provides more pressure relief with a bit of response as well. Still this facilitates a very soft feel.

Bottom Layer: The last thick 6'' layer of base support foam means less feeling trapped in the contour in this mattress.

The last of Sleepy's memory foam options includes their Quilted Foam and Quilted Gel Memory Foam mattresses, which are available in 10'', 12'' and 14'' profiles. Here are some details on the Quilted Foam and Quilted Gel Memory Foam Mattresses:Cover Layer: These mattresses start with a quilted top layer that provides a pillow like sleep surface. The Gel Memory Foam mattresses have additional cooling properties that promote air flow.

Comfort Layers: 1.25'' or 1.5'' of soft foam and fiber as well as other foam layers such as contoured foam, open cell foam, or gel foams.

Base Layer: For the main support, these medium feeling mattresses have anywhere between 3.75'' to 8.5'' of high density support foam bases.

Hybrid Collection
Next are their Hybrid mattresses, which include gel memory foam layers for increased cooling and pressure point relief. With both a basic version and options with tailored firmness, each share similarities in design.

Customers offer some mixed sentiment with some rave reviews, but others have complaints mentioning firmness and support.

First, we'll go through their streamlined Sleepy's Basic Hybrid Mattress:Cover Layer: These mattresses start with a 2-tone knit cover, which provides a moisture wicking surface that is airy and keeps things cool.

Layer 1: A carbide gel memory foam layer provides medium-firmness pressure relief, ideal for average sized sleepers.

Layer 2: Another polyurethane foam layer provides a transitional layer and is responsive to cradle the body without sleepers feeling stuck.

Layer 3: Lastly, there is the individually wrapped coil support system that independently reacts to the sleepers above for a more restful, balanced feel.

Next, we'll go through what's in the 12", 13", and 14" Sleepy's Gel Hybrid Mattresses:Cover Layer: Each mattress starts with a stretch knit cover, which provides a smooth, breathable surface that wicks away moisture and keeps things cool.

Layer 1: A gel memory foam layer is tailored to the firmness option selected. For softer versions, this means a thicker and more pressure relieving experience.

Layer 2-3: 2 layers of air-flow foam are also tailored to the firmness choice, and offer air channels for better temperature regulation.

Layer 4: Lastly, each of these have individually wrapped coils. These are enhanced with extra edge support for more stable sleep.

Willow Collection
Next is their Willow collection, which are Sleepy's latex hybrid mattresses with 3 firmness options and a eurotop option. These organic-focused mattresses are some of Sleepy's most expensive and are designed for those that like the feel of latex.

Here is what's inside Sleepy's Willow Latex Hybrid Mattresses:Cover Layer: The first layer is made of breathable cotton for an all natural, soft surface feel.

Layers 1-2: In the first one or two layers, there is PURLOFT wool for all-natural pressure relief and temperature regulation. In the medium and plush version, there is also another wool or loft layer for extra pressure relief.

Layers 2-4: An Organic Dunlop latex layer offers tailored firmness and responsiveness. This layer is firmer than and more bouncy than memory foam. In the firm and medium version, there is also another layer of cotton yarns.

Layer 5-6: Lastly, there is a zoned quantum edge individually wrapped coil system that keeps the body supported.

Sleepy's By Sealy Collection
Lastly, the newest addition to Sleepy's lineup are their mattresses co-branded with Sealy. These mattresses feature thicker layers and some euro-top offerings. Here's what's inside:

First we'll take a look at the higher end plush mattresses. Here are the what's in Sleepy's By Sealy 13" and 10.5" Euro Top Mattresses:Cover Layer: The first layer is a stretch knit rayon cover that wicks away moisture and provides an airy feel on the top layer.

Layer 1: A soft response gel foam layer is stitched into the euro-top. This layer is 1" thicker in the plush version.

Layer 2: A medium comfort foam layer provides transitional support to the layers above, while also relieving extra pressure. In the plush version, there is also another 1" layer of medium gel foam for even more enhanced pressure point relief.

Layer 3: Lastly, 8" 5-zoned pocketed coil support systems are in both the plush and medium-firmness offerings. Its zoned design supports the middle spine, while enhancing pressure relief in the hips and shoulders. Beneath this layer is another 1" base foam to keep everything in place.

Lastly, we'll take a look at the streamlined tight-top offerings. Here are the what's in Sleepy's By Sealy 12" Plush & Firm Mattresses:Cover Layer: Similar to the other Sleepy's By Sealy mattresses, these offerings come with a soft stretch rayon cover that is breathable and moisture wicking.

Layer 1: 1.5" of soft gel foam provides a gentle contour to the plush version for enhanced side sleeping. In the firm version, 1" soft gel foam is supplemented with .5" of ultra firm gel foam for more balanced support.

Layer 2: Another comfort layer provides additional balanced pressure relief and support. The plush version offers 2.75" of medium gel and comfort foams for a balanced contour, while remaining plush and supportive. The firm version offers 1" of medium gel foam and 1" of firm resiliency foam for added support with some gentle pressure relief.

Layer 3: The last layers are 8" of 5-zoned pocketed coils that provide targeted support to the middle spine and more pressure relief to the hips and shoulders. This layer is supplemented with 1" base foam layer for added stability.

Overall Comfort
With a wide range of options, most customers report finding a mattress that works for them in terms of initial comfort. 8+ out of 10 customers* describe these mattresses as initially comfortable. However, there are also signficant complaints, especially about degrading firmness over time. Many customers report issues with durability and their mattresses losing comfort faster than expected. Sleepy's By Sealy have also received good initial comfort reports, but there are some durability concerns.

FirmnessSleepy's has a variety of firmness options available to sleepers. Take a look at the above for more details. Generally speaking, the foam mattresses will run on the medium-firm side, while the pocketed coil mattresses will have more versatility. That said, if you don't know what will fit your body type, take a look at our helpful scale on our article describing the best mattresses for side sleepers or best mattresses for back sleepers.

Back Pain Relief
In terms of customer scores, there were some mixed reviews around back pain relief. While some described, initial comfort due to proper firmness, some reported having issues with durability and back pain that developed over time.

Sleepy's offers some nice cooling features, such as gel and charcoal infused memory foams. While some initial designs had good sentiment on heat, recent reviewers have mixed things to say with some mentioning more heat retention than desired.

Who Are Sleepy's Mattresses Good For?
Sleepy's offers a convenient and wide range of mattress offerings for strong and affordable prices. However, with the recent complaints about durability, these may be best as temporary solutions. Take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for the money competitive alternatives.

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Great Mattress

Purchased Sleepys king size over a month ago. I have never had a more consistent quality sleep. I work a lot and have soreness in my back and legs (not injury pains) and used to only sleep around 5 1/2 - 6 hours a night. I sleep soundly now with the Sleepys mattress. I would recommend this to any and everyone that's looking for a new mattress. First time I've slept past 9am in many years.

Wonderful Mattress!!!

I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and I have Fibromyalgia, arthritis, severe back pain, chronic pain for the last 18 years. Every mattress I had before caused some sort of pain, even with memory foam mattress toppers. I decided to try the Sleepy's Essential 8" Memory foam mattress and I'm so happy I did, I'm SO pleased with this mattress!!! it doesnt make you feel hot and it doesnt sag when you lay down on it; is a firm feel but its very comfortable. The first night I slept on this mattress I slept through the night and that is something I could never so before. My sleep is so much better since I purchased this mattress and I recommend this to any one who suffers from back pain or similar problems that I have. It was worth every cent I paid for it! Thank you so much Mattress Firm!

Great Purchase

I purchased this mattress and have been satisfied ever since. I love the feeling of sleeping on a firm mattress with a little cushion so this was perfect. I liked sleeping on the floor as a child because of the firmness, now I have comfort and firmness.

Essential 8" Memory Foam Mattress

I was surprised when they delivered it how it was compressed , After 2 hours of expanding it was ready to try in the comfort of our own home . It sits a lot lower than on the old matters ( felt like you would fall off a mountain with that one ) So far a delight to sleep on an we picked it out ourselves .

Great for spinal pain sufferers!

Sleeping so much better. Happy to have a great mattress.

Nice and firm

I slept on this for about 2 wk and a half. First 2 wk smelled, so I tried to air it out the first couple of days by taking off the cover/ wash/ keep upright w/ windows open, ventilate etc. After 2wk the smell is alright. I like mine firm, so this one is okay. I prefer slightly more firm but overall this one is alright.


Bought it for my son, he is very happy with it and sleeps well at night.

Love it

The price quality and service can't be beat great job Mattress Firm

Essential Firm

I brought this for my I Uncle who has mobility issues. After he got use to it, he was able to get in and out without any problem.

Awesome comfort

I received my bed on Jan. 25th, 2018 and it's just absolutely great.


Is firm firm firm I love it!!! Just like I expected thank you so much


My first night on this amazing mattress. I love my bed.

Bed is soft but does not return...

Bed is soft but does not return to it's original position well. I've been sleeping on one side and after about a week or two there is a noticeable difference in height between the side I sleep on and the other one.

Perfect comfort

I sleep so well on this mattress and that’s what count. Love this, love love love!

New mattress

My wife and I live the new mattress and the price was right...thank you

It is very good!

I’m very happy with my new Bed! The pillow top is great balance between plush and firm mattress!!

Love this bed

Just got our bed today and i love it my wife and i both have bad backs and its perfect


This is the best mattress, hands down!! I did a lot of research and took a lot of different quizzes to figure out what kind of mattress works best for me, and this one came out on top. I have back problems and since I got this mattress last week, I haven't been any! It is plush yet firm and oh so comfortable. I also bought a mattress pad that has made sleeping so good. I 100% recommend this mattress to anyone and everyone!

Look elsewhere

I bought this mattress on 5/14/18 for $249.00 and I hate it! It is as stiff as a board and makes so much noise that even when the dog moves, It rests on a very expensive box spring that has never creaked before. I cannot exchange it without incurring another $100.00 fee. I have a back and neck ache that I did not have before sleeping on this horrible product.

Love this mattress!

My dad bought this mattress for my younger brother. He is very tall and is very active, he loves it! It's so supportive, not too firm or too soft, and very comfortable! I am surprised at how great the quality is for the price.

I love this mattress!

This is the first time i have bought this kind a Mattress, I had my doubts since my youngest daughter have one like this, i have two back surgery’s my doctor recommended me a firm mattress and said this is garbage mattress i said let me try it. I can’t be more happy! I got ut with the adjustable base, the best purchase ever. 5 days and 25more to go for. Since it takes 30days for your body to get used to a new bed.

Firm and comfortable!

The store clerk said we would not regret it if we went with our first choice on a firmer option. The queen arrived in a skinny rectangular box that we thought was the frame because it was so compact. Amazingly, over the next hour, it transformed from a pancake into a thick and luxurious mattress. We got the protective casing which makes me feel 10x better during everyday use that we will never have a problem with our warranty. So far, the bed is exactly what I wanted. When I go to sleep, I have a tremendous amount of support with enough give to make an indent where my body naturally curves. I'm about 125lb, and my husband is about 225. He says his indents do not as quickly rise when he changes positions, so it takes a minute until his side of the bed fills back in. It's only been a month, but I have confidence we are going to love and keep this bed for many years. I highly recommend the base with the header and footer rise. We always sleep with it flat, but the few minutes in an elevated foot/head position really relieve back tension. Thanks for a high quality product!! The bed is also beautifully stitched. I would come back. The deals at mattress firm are competitive for the quality you receive.

Great mattresses

I am sleeping so much better, it is cooler I am not turning as much , I find my self wanting to get in bed n useing the feet n head posture in stead of siting up in frount of the T v in family room get to to work on my I pad ,

Good mattress but not for us

We slept on this bed for over two months and it just did not soften up as much as we had hoped, really barely at all. It is a very firm mattress but is still comfortable to sleep on though it just causes back pain for me and my partner. The cooling is great but make sure you have breathable sheets or it will be just as hot as any other bed. If you are looking for a firm memory foam this is great, just dont expect it to get much softer than what you get the first day.

extremely comfortable

bought this weeks ago and now my son is getting a good nights sleep

Great Quality

I have had this mattress for a few weeks ago and I am glad I went with the Sleepy's cool. It is a bit on the firmer side but this is what I like. For the price you can not go wrong. They had a special and I got a free adjustable frame with my purchase and I could not be more pleased.

Very nice mattress at a fair price

I’ve been sleeping on the twin version of this mattress exclusively since it was delivered on 4/23/18. Some background: I had been experiencing a lot of morning mid-back and rib pain on my old mattress, and was not sleeping well. I am a mid-50s insomniac woman. I tried several models in the store, including Tulo and Serta iComfort memory foam, and chose this one due to its thickness, beefy feel and comfort during the 15 minutes or so of testing. Although it felt firmer than my preference, I figured it would be a good option for my back pain, and I decided to give it a try. I did not think to purchase a new foundation (“box spring”) at the time.

Best Mattress Ever...

I just purchased in store 3 days ago and I love the cool mattress temperature and the fact of it having no springs. It's plush firm like cuddles your body I have a knee injury and in the last 3 days of sleeping on this my knee has felt better.also I don't need a bunch of pillows anymore my back feels great .. I will never go back to springs. This is a great mattress Try it...

Different kind of bed

I bought this mattress a week ago. I have had Simmons and Serra inter-spring beds up until now. We tried it in the showroom and were hesitant as it was very firm but since it sort of confirmed to our body and the price was right we thought we would give it a try. I can say now that it is taking us a bit to get used to this type of bed but are overall very happy with it and are confident that over time it will soften up a bit. It is a well constructed bd and we are happy with our purchase

I am so pleased with this mattress the best thing I like about it is that it is so solid that you can't feel the next person moving on the bed when they toss and turn or get up or lay down it's very comfortable and just what I needed

For once i sleep through the night!

I bought this a couple months ago and love it! I sleep through the night!

Extremely Firm

Have slept in this mattress for 5 nights and was hoping I would get used to the firmness but unfortunately neither my husband or I sleep well in it. My children had a foam mattress and love it so we thought we would give it a try in our new beach condo. They obviously purchased something softer because this is extremely firm. Wake up each morning with a back ache. Going to call about exchanging it.

Great Product

We exchanged a tulo for this mattress and were very satisfied. My wife sleeps better that she has for years. thank you.

Best Mattresses!

I'm very happy with my purchase, the service and everything was great! I wouldn't trade my mattress for anything, and at unbelievable, affordable price, highly recommend them!

Great choice

I love my new mattress couldnt be happier only if i could stay in bed longer

Great product.

We bought our mattress a month ago and it was our best purchase ever. Can't wait to climb in bed every night. No aches or pains ever since our mattress was delivered. We give it a 5 star rating.

Cool Mattress

I had this mattress for about a month and although I love the feel of the mattress it seems hotter than a normalization

Feels like a more expensive mattress

Value was important to us and this mattress was a great purchase.

Very comfortable releived most of my aches & pains

You wouldn't think it but my old mattress was killing me! After one night of sleep on this mattress my left shoulder and back had no pain. Which hasn't been the case for almost a year. I thought I was just getting old turns out is was my bed! Sleepy's cool mattress me and my wife thank you its been over a month and we can't say enough to thank you for such a great Mattress and for relieving what felt like years of pain. I do have one question for you do you make pillows?

Sleepy’s Cool

Too early to tell ... so far I like it. No recommendations yet.

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress a month ago to replace my 12-year-old mattress which was very comfortable. This mattress is very very comfortable.

Quite firm

I bought this mattress with an adjustable base. It is quite firm. It seems a lot more firm than the one I sat on in the store. I have gotten use to it and it doesn't bother me. I have considered getting a mattress topper.

Great experience

We love our mattress and feel as doe we pick the best mattress set for our family!

Glad I got this mattress , my daughter loves it.

I will purchase one soon.

Amazing bed

My husband and I loved the bed. We were in need of a bed it is worth every dime we put in!

It is super cool

I really wanted to love this mattress BUT it is was too firm for me. I feel like I’m sleeping on the floor. The cooling feature is awesome and that is the reason I got but it was too firm for us. We will be returning it.


I bought this mattress about a month ago and I couldn’t be more pleased! It is so comfortable that I don’t want to get out of bed!

Great Purchase

I Purchased my mattress about a month ago I hope slept comfortably from the I got thanks guys


I'm so happy with my bed sleep like a baby..........

Best Mattress!

We exchanged the iComfort for this sleepys cool.. and we absolutely love it!! Best decision we’ve made on a mattress!!

Awesome mattress

I bought this a month ago and love it. It is so soft.

Great night’s sleep!

We’ve now had our mattress about a month and are both enjoying the best sleep we have had in years. Unusual, since I like firm and my husband likes soft. We also got the adjustable bed base, and snoring has gone away too!

Great Mattress

We were scared to switch from our sleep number bed. I was sure we would hate memory foam. Yet I gotta say it's lovely. Super comfortable, supportive and stay nice and cool. I like firm beds, my husband likes soft. This bed works for both of us. We got the adjustable frame which is a nice add on.

Excellent Mattress

Bought this mattress and my wife no longer complains of back pain when she wakes up in the morning.

One week in and all good!

Excellent mattress! Sleepy's Cool 12" is a 7 or 8 on the firm side after a week. I hope it keeps it's feel. The top temper layer has just the right amount of localized sink, but also very supportive for a 250+ lb person. Not hard to move on it like other memory foam, and pretty cool (not hot) through the night. It is comfortable and supportive with back sleep and has enough sink on side sleep. Feels like a higher end brand name memory foam mattress. Working well with the adjustable bed too.

Nice bed

I bought this mattress three weeks ago. It is very comfortable. But the mattress is too warm for me.

Hate it

The person that has a bad back or injuries it might firm your body but it gives you no support and it's hard to crawl in and out of the bed I wish I would have bought this bed

Superior mattresses

Very happy with our purchase and superior support. Absolutely keeps you cool all night. Highly recommend this mattress at a very reasonable price.

Love sleeping again. Mine was a firmer model

I love sleeping again. Mine was a firmer model but it is not to hot. the surface is amazing. I am disabled and have multiple mobility issues and I was able to get into my wheelchair so good edge support. I felt like a queen from the first night regardless of sleep position. Best money ever spent.

firm mattress

I purchased this last month because my wife has a bad back. We are very happy because we sleep very good at night now

Great sleep

It this matter as it stays cool while you sleep which is great for women going they the charge of life. I love this matterss.

cool plush 12' memory foam

Bought about 1 month ago and absolutely love it. Sleeping like a baby at night.

Good mattress

I bought this about two months ago and started using it since Jan 30th. Very interesting packaging but it was cool to see how the mattress came to be. At first I was skeptical but thought we’ll see. At first, I really did t like it. My body had always been used to the pillow top type of mattress. Now I’m very pleased with choosing this mattress and wouldn’t change for anything else.

Medium but EXTRA HARD!!!!

Don't like it...simple... Expensive for no reason!!!!

So comfortable!

Love this bed! Salesman was amazingly helpful!!!!

Guest Seem to love it

I have a little Guest House and my guest have mentioned to me how much they like my new mattresses.

I am cooking, not sleeping.

Mattress is boiling hot despite several efforts to alleviate the problem. I have not slept remotely well in a week, and have to change pajamas in the dead of night as well as sheets. Menopause was cooler. It is not “plush” it is quite firm (was in the store as well) which is fine, just misleading. If you buy in store, you cannot return and replace online.. very inconvenient.

Too hard

I have been slipping in the mattress for about four weeks and it is too firm for me

Ummm...comfy but BEWARE

Got this mattress a month ago, it slept cool for like a week and it was so comfortable! About week three it’s hot like a heating pad throughout the night. I literally can’t sleep around 3am because it’s so hot and burning on my back! I had to buy a different mattress protector that helps with heat trapping! That helped alleviate some of the heat. But why did I spend 1k on a mattress that doesn’t sleep cool as it says?!!! I’m so angry!!! And the customer service from the Newport News, Va the worst! I loved the mattress at first and now I hate it! My shoulders and neck and back hurts like never before and I can’t sleep through a whole night! You have been warned....unless mine is defective, I would keep looking for better.

Great mattress!

Soon after I bought this mattress I thought WTHeck have I got myself into...after a month now I can truly say how much I absolutely love my bed! This mattress is so perfect for me!

Great Product and Great Pricing

My father In law and I went into the local mattress firm, we knew our price range and knew what we wanted and wanted to spend. The store salesman was great, listened to us and we got in and got out in a timely manner. My father in law bought it for our new house. We are very happy with our purchase.

Great bed

Was gifted a new bed as a wedding gift. Amazing gift!!!!

Comfortable firm mattress

Very happy with this bed. Great price too! Glad we made this purchase!

Amazing Mattress

Best sleep I've had EVER had! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would love

A foam mattress.

Queen sleepys cool.

Bought this a few weeks ago. It is definitely on the medium firm side of memory foams. It says plush but after trying out many memory foam mattresses this is actually a medium firmness feel. It gives good support and you can feel it conform to your shape as you lay in it for a few seconds. Great movement isolation. Wish it was a tad softer but thats just personal preference maybe it will soften up over the next few weeks. When i bought it I was worried it would feel too soft and i would sink in and not feel supported but it is definitely not too soft. I have noticed it sleeps warmer than my old inner spring mattress and i can feel it capturing the warmth of my body while i lay on it. I got it on sale for $498 out the door queen sized and at that price point i would recommend it. I like the multitude of sacramento area showroom floor locations and the 120 night guarantee.Although there is a $79 return fee it definitely beats the hassle of trying to return to a online only vendor if not happy.

Great value. However, much firmer than plush.

I bought this mattress about a month ago and waited to write a review for my body to get used to it. It states “plush” or even “medium” everywhere you read about me, this is definitely a FIRM memory foam mattress. I’ve had many memory foam (and traditional) sets, and this one is for sure firm. However, being memory foam this is a plus for me. It snugs your body without sinking in like a feather pillow, and you can feel the cooling gel working as you sleep. I got this mattress on special for $500 out the door....queen size.....such a value can’t be beat. The cover is thick, soft and durable. The mattress is really deep and solid. You can actually feel the cooling gel at work. I honestly believe this mattress will last years to come. At $1,000 (suggested retail) I would say it’s a good buy. At $500 it absolutely is unbeatable. Give your body a couple weeks to adjust, and I bet you’ll agree with me.

Comfy and supportive

We were hesitant to buy memory foam because we were used to innerspring, but this was the most comfortable in the showroom. My husband loved it from the first night but it took me a few nights to get used to it. I tend to sleep hot and this mattress keeps me cool. It's also not difficult to turn over in, which was good because I worried about that. It's supportive without being too hard and I don't sink into it like I thought you would with memory foam. We got the adjustable frame with it and I'd recommend that with it.

Great bed

Ok got the bed straight from the warehouse

I pulled it out the box and you can believe me or not

I ripped the plastic off and here was two Stains already on my new mattress I was kinda mad who even QC my mattress didn’t even take the time to over look my matresss and check for stains smh

It took a while for it to break in now I sleep better and wake up refreshed

Excellent Value

My wife and I spent a lot of time researching mattresses after we decided our old inner spring mattress was shot. We decided to shop the local stores to see what they might have to offer. We spotted this mattress and fell in love with it immediately. The sales person was friendly and allowed us to set the display mattress on an adjustable base to try out the combo. So far we have only slept on the mattress for two nights but I can already tell the difference. I am no longer waking up with a sore/stiff back. She is still adjusting to the mattress as she is much small than I am. However, she seems pleased with the purchase as well. Our main concern is the temperature of the mattress in the summer time. Only time will tell if it will remain cool during the Hot summer months however, it does not appear to be hot at the moment.

So uncomfortable

Had this mattress over 60 Days now and haven’t had a good sleep yet. It’s just to firm for me. I wake up sore and body aches every day. Will be returning it

Best ever

We needed a mattress and the one I did not want was a memory foam. So naturally thats what we ended up with, along with the adjustable frame. Now 3 months later I will never have anything else. Love my Sleepys...very comfortable, feels cool during those hot months, and my back feels so much better in the morning. Will never get a bix spring again.

Not a good mattress or company

This mattress is not good at is a med firm but feels more like a soft and after a few weeks it is sagging...I am livid...Im returning it back is worse than ever !!!!

One side...

One side of the matress is sugging


After 1 week the stitching on the pillow top came unsewn. It made a big hump in the middle all the way across. I complained about it but I was going to be charged an extra $350 to get a new one. I can't afford that so nothing else will be done. Just not right to be stuck with something like this. Never again. Beware!!

Sleepy's Cool

I bought this mattress in October of 2018. I bought it because my friend had the same exact bed and he bought it 9 months prior. His bed was the most comfortable bed I've ever been in. I got all the info on the bed and even went to the same exact store as him. They looked up his account, just to be sure I had all the right info, and I bought the bed. His bed is much firmer than mine and my boyfriend and I sink into the middle of the bed every night. We absolutely hate it. It was the perfect bed for about a week. 2 stars because the customer service at the time of purchase was excellent. It would be one star otherwise.

Greatest Comfort!

I wasn't able to sleep thru the night for years in my old mattress. Finally my wife and I bought a Sleepy. I've had major back surgery that failed, and this new mattress is wonderful. We bought it 5 months ago and I still get a Great nights sleep. And at a better price than my old mattress that was suppose to be better!

dents and hills

we bought this mattress from Mattress Firm last August 2018. At first it was heaven. I slept so well, but now...10 months later its a whole different story. I have had back surgery and I wake up every morning hurting and stiff. The firmness has gone and I feel as if I sleep in a crater. It does not bounce back at all. The middle of the bed is a hill. I have taken pictures to send to them for this issue to be resolved and to date, nothing. I would not recommend this product if you have chronic problems like I do.

Very disapointed

I purchased a Sleepy's Hush Firm mattress for my mother about five months ago. Within the fist month, I noticed ripples forming across the mattress, making it very lumpy and not comfortable to sleep on. Rotating the mattress does not help. I cannot push down the huge lumps to flatten.

Trundle beds for visitors we returned again to Sleepys

After having fantastic service in the past when buying our own bed when we again wanted beds we went straight to Sleepys because we found how important our comfort was to them

It’s like sleeping on the side of a hill

Bought a mattress from Sleepy’s a few years ago. I use it maybe 4-5 months a year. Within a very short time, the mattress caved so deep that it’s like sleeping on the side of a hill. Sleepy’s is the worst. I’m happy for the folks who are pleased with their purchase. I surely wasn’t!! :(

One star too many

One star is the lowest rating but I'd be more inclined to give 0 actually. the mattress itself is so shifted and uneven. To include, we ordered a queen size sleepy hush top from mattress firm and upon delivery the size difference was noted but delivery men "reassured me" that my prior mattress must have been on the bigger size end for queen mattresses. That really didn't seem right. A year later and after having the location we purchased from close, I contacted a different location and inquired about queen size measurements. I was told that queen size mattresses should be 70x60. My mattress is 65x55.... I was told sometimes mattresses are defective and do not expand properly. I would say that's a reach and far from accurate. If this thing expanded anymore or would hang off it's adjustable base that was purchased together as a set. I would avoid this brand at all and even mattress firm. I've been ripped off. If you can calculate surface area this is a serious size difference and even if you can't it is still evident.

Just bought this on 01/18/2020

I laid on this bed on my bCk in twin version, it felt good, & budget is a concern. I wish I’d bought something else, I know I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress with a lot of firmness, but now I have pain where I’ve never experienced pain ever I’ve woken up 4 x since 9pm. I’m only giving it until next payday. I don not care if fees occur for $430+ tax. And now I’m going to have to pay to get adjusted until I can return this. Not worth it. This Sleepys 8” snug memory foam is not worth $299 sorry.

First Item

not even a year old and it is worn in the middle

Greatly appreciated

Amazing support great sleep highly recommend it. Amazing delivery and set up as well

Cheap mattress

My wife and i brought this mattress since our old cal-king was worn out. After a month one side of the bed sinks in when you lay or sit on one side. We ended up using a memory foam topper to help with the sinking. Very unhappy with the mattress. Firm level was great but the only bad think i can say about it is the side walls need more reinforcement.


wayyyyy to soft. terrible edge support, when sleeping 2 people, you feel their every move. I feel like I am sinking in when laying next to my boyfriend.


The frame that allows the feet and head to go-down STOPPED WORKING IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS

Happy with outcome

Mattress Firm was good about replacing my originally ordered mattress with this one. My daughter is quite happy with it. Great great sleep.

Decent mattress but wanted something firmer

They did not have a memory foam topped Very Firm option so I went with Firm. It is a little softer than I would prefer and moves a bit when my husband gets out of bed.

not too firm

Would give it 5 stars because it's still mostly firm after a month but it seems a little too short for a king, at least it is for my bedframe


It is so comfortable and perfect the king size is the perfect size

Just Right!

This is a great mattress for the price!!!! I thought I needed to spend a fortune to get the comfort and quality I wanted, but this Sleepy's Hush 10" proved me wrong. It is solid, meaning no movement on my side of the bed when my husband tosses and turns! I like soft support, but this is the perfect balance of soft and firm!


Fairly firm bed could use just a simdge more support

Sleepy's Hush 10" firm EXCELLENT!!!!!

Exactly what I needed, this mattress is perfect it very firm and I've slept amazing well since day one.

I’m not satisfied with this mattress at all...

I’m not satisfied with this mattress at’s not helping my body at all, when I wake up morning, my body is so sore and tired...I’m not satisfied at all....

Guest bedroom mattress

This mattress is in our guest bedroom and is new and we have not had any guests to give us feedback. I believe this mattress is money well spent.

Maybe too firm

After sleeping on it for a week or so I find it firmer that I thought, deff make sure I have it tested also the delivery wasn’t the greatest

A good bed for guests.

Difficult to find a headboard and surround panels to complete the finished appearance. A quick fix for arriving guests but not for regular use.

Sleeping Better

I'm sleeping better and waking up refreshed with my new mattress.

Very nice.

I've had my new adjustable bed for a few weeks now and love it. For me personally, it could always be firmer (like cement) but it is good. I want to thank the delivery guys too. They were here on time, worked fast, were very pleasant and knew what they were doing.

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress a month ago and it is so comfortable!!

Extremely Comfortable

Bought this mattress for my guest room. My sister came over this weekend and was my first guest. She said she has never slept so good and loved the mattress!

I love that my head and feet go up

I bought it last month In the month of JanuaryAnd I love it a lot

Super mattress

I bought this mattress after the salesman recommended it. I had told him I wanted a firm mattress but not too firm. He showed me this one and set it up so I could try it out. It was perfect. I have been using it about a month and I really get a wonderful night’s sleep

Causes pain

I didn’t know a mattress could cause injuries until I got this one. I regret this purchase. It is soft. But it lacks support and my spine ends up torquing in painful ways.


I've asked for a refund fromthe second they brought it. They just ignore you.i had to come a claim worth the federal trace commission


I love the feel of the full size mattress but it’s not big enough. I realize I should of brought a queen size instead.

A much more comfortable night's sleep.

This was to replace a Memory Foam unit that had served its purposed. Over the latter part of the Memory Foam's service, I found myself waking up to an aching back almost on a daily basis. This Coiled unit, together with the adjustable base, has seen my back ache going away and sees me waking to a much better night's sleep.

Great value

Got this bed on sale for the guest bedroom, Guest happy and said very comfortable bed

Very comfortable

Have had it for a month....very was on time...setup was quick and professional..


I am EXTREMELY satisfied with this mattress. I have been in a few rear end collisions that have been the result of years of back pain. I am no longer receiving this pain. The mattress helps me sleep well and when i wake up, there is no stiffness, soreness, pain etc. I have had the mattress now for 2 months and wanted to wait before i wrote a review so that i could monitor my sleep patterns and pain activity.

Good bed

Bed is comfortable. Adjustable sides work well. Fits perfectly in room

Gift to grandson

I bought this mattress for my grandson and he loves it.

Do your homework-buyer beware

When initially purchased early 2015 the matress provided excellent sleep. We rotated the mattress every season (we got a pillow top). The rotation was just for an end for end then. For the past 1 1/2 years one side of hte mattress took on a hollow trough and my back and hips ached miserably. Not so much from the other side. We have since overturned the mattress, it is very firm and we plan on buying a top for this side of the mattress. We also took mattress outside to sun it and air it out for a full day in the sun. Very disappointed for the amount of money spent, just over 1K. For this amount of money and maitenance we did with mattress I figured it would last longer than it has. 9/2020

i had a great experience with Salesperson Nicholas, but somehow I lost the internet connection during

I had a great experience with Nicholas but I lost the internet during check out and I was unable to continue the check out so I had to go buy one from a different place.

i had a great experience with Salesperson Nicholas, but somehow I lost the internet connection during

I had a great experience with Nicholas but I lost the internet during check out and I was unable to continue the check out so I had to go buy one from a different place.

Heads up

I'm 67 and disabled. We purchased a king size adjustable bed 5 years ago which means we have 2 xl twin beds with bases for $6730.98. My mattress has broke down over the years and also shifted inside it's outer cover which can be plainly seen. Unfortunately i cut the legal tags off both mattresses not knowing that it was a requirement of the warranty for proof. I have the original receipt of purchase and info for both mattresses and bases but was denied a warranty claim because of the legal tag. Whatever you do, DO NOT, rip or cut off the tags hanging on the mattresses or you will end up like me.

Extreme Back Pain!!!

I was hoping for so much more with this mattress. However, my back has never been in such pain in all of my life. I'm taking muscle relaxers and aspirin along with using a heating pad with little relief. I bought it and kept it boxed up for several months before using it, so my time to return has passed. Let me just note, I have never had any major back issues other than the occasional 1-2 day pain. I'm on week number 2 of excruciating pain. I cannot wait until my new bed gets here and I can throw this torture chamber of a mattress in the dumpster.

Premature wear. Crater in mattress within 6 months.....

Purchased this mattress from MF. Within five months of nightly sleep (single person) the mattress developed a huge indent crater the length of my body form! Sides broken down. Tracked sleep quality diminished over time of ownership of this mattress compared to my traditional mattress. Turned mattress and now have a high hill, with a downward slop into to the cratered area. Must be replaced! Do not purchase - unless for small children perhaps.

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