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Sleep Science

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Sleep Science builds a line of latex and memory foam mattresses. Their claim to fame is their 'wedge' technology that provides edge support to every piece of the mattress. Additionally, they are Certipur certified, which means they have low VOC and no formaldehyde in their mattresses. They also use bamboo material in some of their mattresses. Their mattresses are made popular through their relationship with Costco warehouse stores where they are sold at a competitive price vs many of the retail sold mattresses of similar material quality.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.3/10

Price: $399-2499

Trial Period: Depends on Retailer

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Sleep Science's Owner Satisfaction

Reviews are a great way to distill the benefits and drawbacks to a mattress. That said, it isn't always easy to stay focused through all the noise from other brands. For these mattresses specifically, customers have mixed emotions. Some are excited about their new mattress, but others are not very happy.

Sleep Science's Supportiveness

Most customers report feeling supported on these mattresses, but others had issues with feel over the long term. For those with wider frames, take a look at the firmness levels and overall specs as you'll want to ensure that you're adequately supported.

Edge Support
For those that want a mattress they can sit on with their legs dangling off the sides, these mattresses have above average edge support. That said, some have had issues over the mattress life so make sure to review more if you need edge support for mobility reasons.

Sleep Science's Durability

These mattresses get mixed reviews from customers on lasting comfort. Everyone wants to find the comfy mattress that stays that way for 10 years or more, but sadly, not all mattresses are built for lasting comfort. If you are thinking about buying a new mattress that isn't an A+ on durability, make sure to take an extra look at the policies on return to make sure you are protected.

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NEEDS GOOD FOUNDATION - dont use bunky board!

We bought this mattress over a year ago...had no idea that they sold a separate foundation. Spent months replacing the bunky board we got from Crate and Barrell 2 times and dealing with back pain, even called the mattress mfr. The mattress mfr said they recommend their foundation instead of bunky board. Ordering it today, hopefully it will take care of the problem but paying $50 more than if I bought them together from the start. They need to update the description and recommend the foundation if they don't buy it separately OR don't even sell the mattress alone. Description said it needs a 'solid' foundation...what does that even mean? I had a hard time trying to find a bunky board that is solid wood from many retailers. Crate and Barrel's new bunky board is made of compressed cardboard! A painful process, but I like the mattress.

Works well for us

The mattress is definitely on the firm side but we both find it about right. After 11 months, the bed seems to be wearing very well... no signs of change in feel or shape. The adjustable bed is used in zero gravity every night for one of us and not used at all for the other. The adjustable bed works well for back sleepers but not side or stomach sleepers.

Six years later, we still love it!

This bed is the best we have ever slept on, even 6 years later. We have the queen, and now want a Cali king (we now have a dog sleeping with us), and will be buying another one of these latex matresses from Costco. This one will go into the guest room, and it looks brand new. It has not settled or sagged at all, even though it is used every night, by 2 people. It is NOT hot, either. The memory foam mattress we bought from Costco first, was hot, however. So we returned the memory foam and got this latex mattress. We are so happy!!!

Not so great!!

I did what i thought was plenty of research before i bought this bed.. I've waited a full year to try and get used to it, and kept telling myself and my spouse it would get better. Not only was it hard and uncomfortable but, from 3 months on, it had big depression on both sides. It seemed to get worse , not better! The only good thing is i bought it from Costco, so they agreed to take it back, no problem! Yea Costco!!

very good customer services

I bought this bed on July 7, 2016. It was my first Costco online shopping. As in warehouse shopping, the online service was very good. The delivery company did not call me to confirm the delivery time but Joshua and Carlos did great in the delivery of the bed and setting it up. Brandon at the distribution center was excellent. I could test the bed before the purchase. The latex mattress feels cool in summer compared to other types of mattresses. I hope I enjoy my bed for many years to come. I love shopping at Costco!!!

Super Comfortable; great support

I've purchased 3 of these mattress so far. The first one about 3 years ago, then another one the following year and another one a couple months ago. the first one was in a guest room and the other two were for two of my kids who loved the bed when they slept on it while visiting!

Helps with my back

I bought this bed over 2 years ago, maybe 3 years now. My husband was a reluctant buyer, because we are only early 40's :) He thought adjustable was for the nursing home. But he had enjoyed it just as much. It hasn't helped his snoring, but he enjoys the leg elevation and massage features after a tough day or workout, and elevation of his head when congested. I have had a couple of back injuries from car accidents, and sleep considerably better on this bed than ANY OTHER!! We had a memory foam before this. This is NOT memory foam. Memory foam sinks in with your weight, then when you turn over you fall back into the rut you created. Ours was also hot. This foam doesn't radiate heart back at you. I love that! It doesn't sink in. It has great support. It is nice to be able to sleep elevated without getting up in the middle of the night to prop up or go to the recliner. My bed sleeps just like it did almost 3 years ago. No sagging, indentions, or soft spots. It does creak a little when adjusting, nothing a little wd-40 can't fix. The base and massage features still work like a top. No problem! Good buy!

L-O-V-E IT!!!!!!!

Purchased and received this split King organic mattresses with adjustable bases on April 8th, 2016. What a great product! Both my husband and I absolutely love our mattresses! The adjustable bases fit perfectly inside our existing bed frame, and the mattresses are sooooo very comfortable. I have always been a side sleeper, but no more! I'm able to easily sleep on my back now. Since I am a professional singer, this is a real plus for me. Also, the adjustability allows me to (among other things) raise my head ever so slightly to allow for sinus drainage as well as legs for additional perfectly tweaked comfort. The mattress cover is soft and also feels luxurious. A 3 inch layer of softer 19 ILD natural latex perfectly compliments the firmer 32 ILD layer underneath it to softly cradle with no pressure points yet support my body superbly. Adjustable base works great. Fully articulates for customization. Zero Gravity pre programmed position is heavenly! Don't wait. Buy this now!!! You'll be glad you did! Great price and great product. Thanks Sleep Science - Well done!

Wonderful Bed!

We got this bed a couple of months ago. It is very comfortable. Unaware another person is in the same bed. Mattress is fine for us, not too firm and not too soft. No odor.

Delivery company had great personnel.

One side had a control box (located under the bed) that failed in the first few hours. Costco called the company and we had a new one installed by the company in a few days.

I would suggest going to check out Dreamfit mattress covers (they come in twin xl and their kings sheets (2 twin xl bottom sheets with one King top sheet. Their bottom sheets and mattress covers have extra elastic straps to hold the sheets in place. I found these after much research. They stay in place great. Love my bed!!

Comfortable..natural latex adjustable

The mattress delivery was great..even on time. The mattress itself is nice sinking in like foam. Soft and supportive. The adjustable base is great. I do wish the lights on the remotes would come on before you try to poke the right button. Zero gravity setting is awesome!

Very comfortable

Its very comfortable. Firm for support but not too firm. My wife & I think it is the best mattress we have slept in. No smell at all.

It's SOFT, not 'medium with a bounce'

Disagree with the SUBJECTIVE product details 'Sleep Science comfort scale: medium with a bounce.'

There is missing objective ILD firmness scale info in the product details. For me, 5'3 and less than 120 lb, this is surely a soft latex mattress. In general, The 'soft' designation corresponds to an ILD rating of 19-21. The ILD rating for the medium range is 24-26. After digging yourself, then you find this mattress has ILD 19 on the top 3 inch layer over another 6 inch of 32 ILD.


I had the same mattress in queen. It was wonderful so I decided to buy the same in King and it is awful. The bigger size has no support in the middle. So the sides feels like the queen, but the middle sag tremendously and therefore gives no support at all. After 2 years of back pain, I have finally enough money to buy a different one. This was so disappointing because I still have the queen and still love it.

Sleep Science Queen, 2019

For a mattress that is above the norm; The 10" pad is very supportive of a 260lb man. A Very dreamy firmness and this mattress is easy to lift the corners during making your sheet fit well. The overall weight is about -85-88-lbs, and ladies are able to shift the full mattress with easy. Upon receiving the purchase, the unit did not smell of any odd chemical fumes, and We just enjoy the best sleep and naps of our Year. . . . The value in a modern mattress is a good investment, and the quality will provide a good 15 years span to your resting world.

Was Ok but then 4 Years Later

This was great at first. It was very firm which we loved. It slept a bit hot but we made adjustments and got a wool topper. But now 4 years later-I am waking up throughout the night with shoulder and hip pain. After some reading I find that memory foam can 'soften' and lose support. I am so annoyed that after 4 years my mattress is failing.

I bought this Mattress 2 weeks ago...

I bought this Mattress 2 weeks ago, it came on time but the mattress is not inflated to 10 inches. The cover is still have baggy and feel like missing layers

good value, but edges too soft

Bought this model from Costco a few years back. One big reason I chose this one was the design included firm(er) foam edges (that you can't feel), but they help the edges not just compress to nothing when you sit on the them - and it really works. Fast forward to last month, bought another of same model for guest room. While new cover is nicer, mattress is a little softer and... no more firm sides. ;( Yes, the description shows a drawing that shows it still has foam wedges along the edge, but the design has changed so they look smaller, and are definitely not effective. Sides compress down to almost unsittable level. Returned and will replace with (sadly) one that has more robust edge support. Guess Sleep Science figured out what the 'money' feature really was.


After years of suffering from a traditional mattress, I was ready to make a switch. It took a few weeks to get used to, but I'm so glad I bought this mattress. It is very comfortable!!

Worst mattress ever!

I bought this mattress a little over 2 years ago and it is the worst I've ever slept on. I have had back issues ever since, and thought it was due to the fact that I picked up playing golf right around the same time. After traveling for work over the past year and a half, I realized my back is always fine as long as I'm not sleeping in my own bed. A friend just told me Costco would take it back so I will be returning it ASAP.


I’ve been using this mattress for about 7 weeks. It seems to have a ridge in the middle, and it feels uneven to me. This is our third 10-inch Sleep Science mattress, and the first to feel uneven.

Fantastic SLEEP

We have 3 Sleep Science mattresses now and love them. We sleep so sound and deep. We feel great in the morning

Our backs are thanking you, Sleep Science

We've been sleeping, and I do mean sleeping, on this mattress for six weeks now. I was in physical therapy for my back when the therapist asked me, "Could it be you need a new mattress?" I came home, looked at our Sleep by Number and decided we did.

On the firmer side, but love it

We purchased this bed over 6 months ago and I waited to do my review to see how it lasted over time. It was a bit firm for me (a side sleeper) but my husband liked it. We purchased a three inch foam topper a few weeks later and it really helped with my shoulder comfort. Between the topper and the mattress, I sleep so well!! We are very happy with our purchase, would recommend for someone who likes a firmer mattress.

BEST Night's Sleep

We purchased this for my 6'5" son in college because he had the 3rd floor loft up a spiral staircase and we could not get anything up the stairs. This mattress comes condensed, in a box. We had no idea what a great mattress it was until we visited and stayed in his room and could sleep through all the FSU football weekend noise! Since then, we purchased mattresses for our two daughters and two more for our beach vacation rental condo. We have had 3 couples so far that rented our condo and actually ORDERED the mattress while they were still staying in the condo so that it would arrive at their house before they returned. That should tell you how good this mattress feels. It's firm, but not too firm. It gives great support. If this mattress only lasts 10 years, for the price, and the quality sleep we get, it's priceless! Come stay at our direct ocean, corner condo and try it out while you enjoy a New Smyrna Beach, Florida it a "research trip"!

Great mattress and great customer service!

I ordered this mattress from Costco and before I had even received it, I had a letter from the company to thank me for the purchase and contact information should I have questions or problems with the mattress. I have been using now for a week and really like it. I am a side sleeper and this is perfect for me. I would not hesitate to order another when I need one!

Very comfortable, great price and it didn't smell

This was the second Sleep Science 10" foam mattress we've bought and it is even better than the first one. (Usually memory foam mattresses outgas for a few days after being unpacked, but there was zero odor this time.) We bought it for our guest bedroom and we still have the six years old mattress in our master bedroom. The Sleep Science memory foam mattresses are the best value in memory foam for price and performance over several years. We miss our mattress dearly whenever we travel and sleep on hotel/motel beds. We are 100% satisfied with these Sleep Science memory foam mattresses and recommend them to everyone!

My guests love it

Had guests in for 10 days and they were delighted to have such a comfortable mattress to rest on while on vacation. The mattress was reported to "hug" their bodies and it appeared to have great recoil to it's original state after being vacated for a few minutes. Would suggest it for a guest room.

Great bed for our guest room.

We bought this bed for our guest room, because we enjoyed the bed we had bought 2 years ago for our own bedroom. Sleep Science had a great mattress. Thank you Costco!

great mattress

hypo allergy , firm mattress exactly the that I want , at same time soft enough to give me excellent sleep .

To soft

I already returned to costco. It is listed under firm and it was very soft and spongy. Its great if you like a very soft mattress

Exceeds expectations

I knew I would get good quality beds at Costco. We bought queen plush & wanted 2nd bed to be firm. Very happy.


Early indications are this Sleep Science mattress is a good product. However, there is an important CAVEAT: Sleep Science memory foam mattresses must be supported with a solid base. I purchased a platform bed from Costco with the mattress. The bed had slats as support. I was told by a Sleep Science Rep that I would need a 1/2 inch thick piece of plywood to properly support the mattress. I had two bad choices: 1. Try to (re)box a 78 pound bed and return to Costco. 2. Buy the plywood, have it cut to fit, and, somehow get it home. I chose the plywood. What a hassle. While I recommend the Sleep Science mattress, I caution not to buy platform bed with slats to support it.

Too hard!

Bought this Queen Sleep Science from Costco in June 2015 for a summer home. Read all the reviews and thought it would work but it's just too, too hard. Cheaper guest bedroom mattress is more comfortable! Awake with pain every morning. Finally added a memory foam topper last year to make it bearable, but we're replacing it now - Year 3 (total sleep time slightly more than 12 months!).

A little dissapointed

Despite waiting a over a month, the corners of the mattress never filled out to be fully 'square'. Instead they round off and don't fill the mattress cover completely.

Son LOVES this bed

Even more than a year after ordering, our son still comments on how he loves this bed.

Very comfortable

We weren't sure buying a bed online & in a box would work out for us, but we have been very happy with our new mattress. At first, it feels really firm, but then it gives way so that hips, shoulders, etc are cradled. I am amazed at how light the mattress is, too. When making the bed, it's super light when picking up the corners to tuck in the bottom sheet. I thought it would be really heavy, like other memory foam mattresses. Overall, we're very happy with our purchase.

My back feels good!

The bed is the perfect firmness for my back. I am able to wake up without pain. Costco shopped it very quickly! Thank you!

Poor quality, sagging/sinking in just a year

I bought this mattress 5 years ago. I researched extensively to find a firm mattress and based on good review I bought this. People shouldn't review any mattress until they use it for at least a year. Many reviews here written are just after a week or few weeks. Most of the mattresses would feel nice when new. The real test starts after a year. We loved this mattress in the beginning. Perfect amount of firmness, edge support, no hot flashes etc. After a year it started to sag n sink. We're not even large people I was 135lbs and my husband was 160 lbs. I started to wake up feeling really hot and back started to hurt. In just 2 years this mattress was really uncomfortable and some how we tried to manage it with some toppers but nothing worked. Edge support is gone, foam is of very poor quality. It has actually caused me severe back pain. I do not recommend this mattress. This is the first product from costco that I really really hate.

Worse mattress ever

We bought this mattress thinking it’s firm . Backache started after first sleep on it. Called Costco to return. Costco return good , mattress bad bad.

No bone pain with this mattress!

This is my third Sleep Science Mattress. 1st was a 13” Queen which I gave to friends after I had it 10years. I had to downsize. They still say it is the best mattress they have ever slept on. The 2nd was a twin which was better than other conventional mattresses but I went on to this 10” full size to get back the 3” wedge support all around and it is a much better mattress. I suffer from bone pain and with this mattress I do not have it. The only Con to these mattresses is that they are warm so if you live in a hot climate consider that. If you live where it is cold it will make it an extra plus. I will buy another when this one wears out which I don’t anticipate happening any time soon.

This is NOT a firm mattress. VERY DISSAPOINTED

I bought this mattress thinking it was firm, but it is not. I have compared it to other mattresses locally, as I thought this could not be right. I am not happy with this unit. I suffer from lower back pain and need a firm mattress.

Very Comfortable!

This is the second Sleep Science 10" Memory Form Mattress I purchased from Costco. I have a queen size mattress in my primary guest bedroom and have had great reviews from overnight visitors. I also slept on that mattress while my bedroom was being painted. It was very comfortable. This is why I decided to put a twin size Sleep Science mattress in my backup guest bedroom/home office. While it hasn't been slept on, yet, I expect it will be just as comfortable.

My back is so happy

I must say in retrospect that although I gave this mattress 4 stars, it is excellent. Yet when I lie down at night; I don't say "Wow! This mattress is so comfortable"; as I did with our last mattress, a 13 inch Ara. After 10 years the Ara was no longer, "Wow!..." at night and probably wasn't for the last 5 years, but I learned to live with back pain so I didn't pay much attention as the hubby was sleeping just fine. We bought this sleep science 10" after buying a mattress with the same approximate make up for our camper. I was waking up after a night in the camper, sleeping better and my back a happy "camper" (pardon the pun). My husband, disliking me to continue sleeping in the camper insisted on a new mattress. Like I said, this new 10" isn't like "Wow!..." wonderful when I lie down, but I sleep through the night with very few adjustments in my position and more importantly my back is much happier in the morning. A while back another person had written a very in depth review on memory foam mattress' and said that 10" is firm and the higher up in inches you go they become softer. I took his advice to heart before I purchased the mattress in the RV and it paid off.. So while this new sleep science 10" is not "Wow! " when I get in at night, it also isn't uncomfortable. I fall asleep faster and my back and sleep patterns give me enough "Wow!" in the morning to make everything just perfect. I hope that it has a wonderful longevity. We have had the mattress one month. I weight 130 lbs and have had back surgery I am 57 years of age My hubby weighs 159 and is 5'9" at 61 years of age.

Firm but soft at the same time

Grandkids favorite

Okay for the pricepoint

I’ve had this mattress now approx. 6 weeks. I wish it was a little firmer, but this is just my preference. The only negative is that it sleeps warmer than conventional mattress. In all fairness, this is a function of all memory foam mattress, not just this brand. Not bad for the price point if you can live with the warmth. I would have gone with a firmer conventional mattress if cost were not an issue.


No more backaches in the morning.


I bought this a month ago for my daughter bedroom. Very comfy and she likes it. I wish the mattress height was 2 inches more.

Queen mattress

Purchasss for kids bed. Comfortable and firm. No issues and great value for the price.

Best mattress ever

Got this mattress month ago, so far I love it. It came in rolled up or air tight packaging, which was interesting/alarming. But once we opened it, it inflated and became most comfortable mattress I ever had.

Didn't measure up

Over the last year started waking throughout the night with aches in hips and shoulder. Wife has had problems with her hips for a couple years so we decided to opt for a new mattress. This one didn't do the trick for either of us and in fact when we put our old mattress back on the bed it was more comfortable for my wife. This one was perhaps a little too firm. The one position it felt really good was when I laid on my back but I'm a side sleeper. We thought about getting the softer model but decided instead on the Comfort Tech 10" Serene as many reviewers said it seemed softer than a medium. We've had it now for a week and like it much better. My wife REALLY likes it. No more aches for her and I'm feeling much better as well. I don't think there was anything really wrong with the mattress per say and that's why 3 stars. Also Costco took it back without question and NO I didn't have to compress and roll it back up.

Mattress seems to be very comfortable...

Mattress seems to be very comfortable and that both my wife and I have noticed that our back pain is less of an issue since we have started using the new Sleep Science mattress.

Good mattress but more med than firm

Nice mattress but a little softer than I would like - doesn’t seem to hold heat as bad as my last memeory foam mattress Only wish it was a little more firm but that personal preference. Very comfy overall.

Good mattress

Good mattress but it is not firm enough


Perfect firmness, great quality

Twin memory foam

It's very comfortable, w the right firmness. Both of my kids have this mattress!

I bought this...

I bought this a month and we found it to be way to firm for us. The other issue is the memory foam doesn't spring back very fast so if you roll over - there is a bump and lump under you for several minutes before it re conforms to my body. I was waking up with my hips /shoulders going numb and hurting . I believe this happens because I sink so far into bed. And I'm rather light at 120lbs. so was shocked I sank in so much.

Wonderful mattress

This mattress is soft enough to conform to the body but is also very supportive.

Best sleep ever!

First night with this mattress all the morning aches and pains were gone. And it just gets better.

sleep professional approved

I bought this mattress in July 2017. I was uncertain about purchasing mattresses online without touching or experiencing its condition. The memory foam mattress is very comfortable, cool and did not have a smell as reported by some other customers. I am considering switching from Tempur-pedic to Sleep Science after sleeping on this mattress for almost a year. I'm very pleased. I'm a sleep doctor and treat sleep related breathing disorders. I would certainly recommend this bed as it's a great alternative to those who may not want to fork out the extra cash on the Tempur-pedic. It's firm and quite comfortable. I'm surprisingly impressed.

Not as good as my last Sleep Science

I'll be sending this one back! This is my second try with this mattress. It's suppose to be a 10 inch, but for some reason it doesn't inflate properly. The mattress is uneven, and very soft. The good news is Costco's return policy is amazing. It is very hard buying a mattress with out checking it out first. We this particular one it's a 50/50 chance you'll get it right!

the worse one

I'm still waiting to get 10". its been more then 2 weeks only 8" now and very soft. I did not use yet.


We've now had this mattress for over 6 months and it is terrible. The first month or so was deceiving because the mattress remained firm. But as it has been used you can now visibly see large indentations where my husband and I sleep. As I write this, I am on the bed but cannot sleep due to severe neck and shoulder pain that from my best guess resulted from this mattress. I had to go to the chiropractor today because of my back tensing and freezing up. My husband has also been snoring much more while usuing this mattress. We are young (31 and 35 years old), but this mattress makes me feel twice my age. My husband is a side and stomach sleeper and I am a side sleeper. I do not recommend this mattress at all. In fact we will be returning it to Costco because it is just plain terrible. Don't buy!!

Great Guest Bed!

We purchased this mattress about a year ago to go with our Murphy bed (also purchased from Costco and LOVE) to go into a guest room. Everyone who sleeps on it loves it. When not in use, it is stored on its end when the bed its put away and we have had no issues. It is a little heavier than a traditional mattress but we have zero problems folding it up. Most people get a funny look when we tell them they will be in our bonus room on the Murphy but by the next morning, they shocked at how well they slept and that it is a queen too! We have even slept on it a few times ourselves and agree that it is supportive get soft in just the right places. It's not used everyday so we can't speak to any sagging or lumps that might develop over time with daily use as a couple of other reviews suggest. But for the price, it is the best guest bed ever!

Huge difference in the way my daughter sleeps!

We bought this for my 6 y/o daughter, who was getting up at all hours of the night. I thought switching her mattress might help, but I underestimated. We can hardly get her out of bed in the morning now after she sleeps through the night! She says the mattress is just too comfortable to get up. Great purchase for the money.

wore out after only 2 years

Bought this 2 years and has been getting worse the last several weeks, so I returned it today (thank you customer service). It has formed a trench down the middle and lost most of its support. I am a side sleeper and have hurt really bad lately, but not so when first starting sleeping on it. Was great the first year, but did not live up to its promise.

Wonderful guest bed mattress

Bought this mattress for a recently renovated guest room. Five guests have all had positive comments. Happy we got it.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this mattress!!

I have had this mattress for about 6 months now, and could not be happier. My old mattress, a traditional coil version, was getting older but still somewhat comfortable. Unfortunately, it was also tasty to the new pup, so I had no choice but to replace it. After trying a few other mattresses, I saw this one. A friend had just purchased something similar and raved. I didn't think I would like the foam mattress, my parents had the temperpedic and I really didn't like the feel of it. But I was curious, and its Costco so worst case, I have to return it.

Doing great after 2 years

I am looking to replace the other side of our split king bed and am going to buy another Sleep Science 10" Twin Memory Foam Mattress, because I have loved it for 25 months so far.

Sleep Science is the best

I have a king mattress and it drastically improved my comfort over the old standard mattress and I bought a full sized one for my son. We are very happy with them and I swear by Sleep Science now. They are just a little softer than Novaform and my preference despite the slightly higher cost. That said, I always look for a sale to get them for around $100 off the normal price.

Replaced a Tempurpedic

We have had this mattress for a few months now. It was purchased to replace a 15 year old Original (I think they called it Classic) Tempurpedic that developed two channels where we sleep. We loved the Tempurpedic even though others referred to compared it to sleeping on wet sand. We were younger then and liked a firmer mattress. This mattress is similar in feel, but moderately softer so there is a little more sinking in. However, this is far from a firm mattress. I sleep in every position (back, side, front) and have not noticed any issues in any position.

Perfect with 3" Memory Topper

I purchased this mattress in September 2015, about 14 months ago and my husband and I both love it! It is a little firm, but after adding a 3" memory foam topper that I purchased separately, it's perfect. My previous mattress was 10 years old (Simmons, spring type w/ pillow top). It was very expensive and needed to be replaced about 5 years ago. My back had been bothering me for quite awhile before purchasing the Sleep Science mattress from Costco. Now, we both sleep through the night with no pain!

Bad after a year and with severe back pain

Thought this would last long. After a year its become super soft and all the firmness is lost. Its become so soft that even the bed squeaks when i get off. Slpet last week and got up with sever neck and back pain. Could not do any work. What a waste of money!!!!

Supportive and doesn't lose its shape

We've had this bed for about two years now and LOVE it. Every time we go away from home, even if it's to a nice hotel, we can't wait rob get back to this bed! I had back pain from slumping mattresses in the past, but this one never loses its shape. I'm on the smaller side but always sleep on my back or stomach, and my husband is very tall and of lean build and also loves it. So glad we bought it!

Great buy

I had back pain from my old mattress. After using sleep science the back pain is gone. Would recommend this mattress to any one with back ache issues.

Breaks down around 1 year

I had high hopes for this bed with its glowing reviews. It was great the first couple of months, then it developed two canyons where we slept and one high point/ridge in the middle. It started getting uncomfortable and giving us slight hip and lower back pains. I'm grateful Costco return policy, and with that, we ended getting the Sealy Posturepedic Plus Meadowdale mattress through Costco.

Not as firm as the Black Diamond

I bought this mattress to replace a Sealy Newfield that was just not firm enough for my cranky back. I already own a twin size Sleep Science Black Diamond and I think it is great. When I needed to replace the queen size mattress I regularly sleep on I went back to Sleep Science. I bought the 10" queen after reading the reviews and weighing the price difference between this one and the Black Diamond. The price difference was enough for me to give this one a try.

Very comfortable

We just got this mattress this week after replacing a Temperpedic memory foam mattress. This bed is very comfortable for both my husband and myself and far more comfy then our former very expensive Temperpedic. We have a unique situation in that my husband is 6'4" 300 lbs and I am 5' 3" and 125 lbs. With our old mattress he was bottoming out so it was time for a new one. I generally can sleep on anything (although I don't like spring mattresses), however even my husband finds this mattress very comfy and he doesn't bottom out on it. Neither of us would describe this mattress as firm at all as other reviews have, in fact we consider it a medium firmness. Set up was easy, there was no smell and it puffed up to it's normal size within a few hours. As to longevity as I have heard other reviews complaining about, I am not at all worried about it since we bought it from Costco. If it breaks down after a few years, it's going back so no big deal for me. So far so good and an added bonus is our 6 rescue dogs and 3 rescue cats also find it very comfy.

Like sleeping on the floor

Way too firm. Like sleeping on the floor. At least Costco was willing to pick it up. I was worried about returning it, because once inflated I couldn't put it back in the box!

surprisingly comfortable

I was a little suspicious of a mattress that came rolled up in a box, but Costco's remarkable return policy lets you take chances. So....the mattress arrived. we unrolled it on the bed and within minutes, it had taken perfect shape and was surprisingly comfortable. This is for a guest-room, so it won't get tons of use, but so far, so good.

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