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Sleep Outfitters Mattress Reviews

From Alabama to Indiana, Sleep Outfitters has over 160 stores in 6 states. They are known for their personalized service selling name-brand mattresses. Overall, customers have had good things to say about the service, with multiple reviewers talking about helpful and knowledgeable salespeople. However, there were some exceptions when it came to value, warranties, and exchanges that caused some customers to complain.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $99-$5499

Trial Period: Exchange (Fee Required)

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Sleep Outfitters's Specifics

Sleep Outfitters started with just one store in 1983 in South Charleston, West Virginia and growing to over 160 stores in six states today. Their vision is to bring a better mattress shopping experience to customers in the region.

What does that mean about their selection? Their selection inludes both luxury and high-end name brands like Tempur-Pedic and Stearns & Foster, and also smaller more budget friendly brands like Symbol and ENSO.

However, there is a hidden truth with this selection:

The prices are often much higher for the materials used than buying direct from online brands.

This is because Sleep Outfitters has to pay its salespeople, support its network of retail stores, and make a profit. Also, they have to do this while passing profit to their name-brand mattress suppliers too.

What you are buying is personalized service and sales experience.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands

Sleep Outfitters has both high priced and lower, budget friendly options. However, one thing to note is that their selection is somewhat smaller than other larger mattress retailers, but they do have some specialty options.

We'll go through each brand in depth and discuss the positives and negatives so you can understand what you are buying.

So here they are...

#1 Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is one of the best known mattress brands for its memory foam mattresses. In recent years, they have expanded their offerings to pocketed coil mattresses and others include cooling gel-infused foam. These mattresses get good marks from customers because they have a wide variety of firmness and materials used. However, they are quite a bit more expensive than online brands that use similar materials.

The pros: Memory foam focused mattresses with a wide variety of options.

The cons: Higher pricepoints for the materials is a difficult thing to stomach for many customers.

Price Range: $1499-$4949

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

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ENSO is a budget brand that has a good variety of options and specialty features. They have charcoal infused foams that help with cooling and silver infused materials for keeping microbes at bay. Most of their customers are satisfied with their mattresses and found they were getting a good value, but there were some problems with durability reported as well.

The pros: Affordable all-foam mattresses with good features for the price.

The cons: Some problems with durability and low-grade materials.

Price Range: $299-$699

Final Score: 7.6 / 10

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#3 Sealy

Sealy has been around for a long time, selling traditional innerspring and pocketed coil mattresses. Their Posturepedic line is their most popular with 100s of different pricepoint and firmness options. They even have affordable foam mattresses too. These mattresses get good scores for initial comfort, but there are some customers that have reported sagging.

The pros: A wide variety of pricepoints, firmnesses, and materials -- all focused on aligning your spine while you sleep.

The cons: There are some durability problems reported -- especially for more affordable models.

Price Range: $99-$2859

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#4 Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster is a high priced, luxury mattress brand that has been around for generations. They have high, thick mattresses that include pocketed coils and luxury materials. While these mattresses are something to see and feel good initially, there have been reports of faster sagging than average with them.

The pros: High end mattresses with luxury materials. Good initial comfort.

The cons: Problems of sagging reported by customers over a short period.

Price Range: $1074-$4599

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#5 Symbol

Symbol is a larger mattress company that predominantly focuses on specialty mattresses like health care and schools. For everyday customers, they make a variety of lower-grade, budget-friendly mattresses. Their mattresses get mixed reviews from customers on comfort and durability. Some have had good experiences, but others have complained about the quality of their mattresses.

The pros: A range of mattresses that are low priced and budget friendly.

The cons: Some complaints about durability and initial comfort.

Price Range: $219-$539

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#6 Comfort Revolution

Comfort Revolution is a Sealy mattress-in-a-box maker that sells predominantly through its retail partners. They sell at a mid-grade price and come in an all-foam designs. Though they come in a variety of thicknesses, some customers have mixed reviews. Some have found comfort with these mattresses, but others have had problems with durability.

The pros: Mid-priced all-foam mattresses that are shipped direct to customers.

The cons: Some had problems with sagging over a shorter than average period.

Price Range: $139-$1449

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

Sleep Outfitters Alternatives

Surprisingly, right now is one of the very best times to buy a new mattress. Over the last few years, there have been 100s of new online mattress brands that have come to market competing for your business and this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress from an online brand direct is one of the best ways to get better quality materials and craftsmanship for less money. If you are willing to take a little extra time learning about which mattresses fit your body and budget, it can save you $1000s of dollars and endless headaches.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store in person, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or explore our reviews for the Top Rated Mattresses.

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Browse Sleep Outfitters Customer Reviews

Wonderful experience!

Wonderful experience! Joey is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have a pinched nerve and have not been sleeping well for years... He asked specific questions and could relate very well. He went above and beyond in order to meet me and my significant others needs for a great mattress just for us. Thank you!

I had a very positive experience

I had a very positive experience at sleep outfitters. I was greeted when I walked in, but was not met with an overly aggressive salesperson. I explained that I was in the very early stages of mattress shopping and had no idea what my options were or why some more so much more expensive than others. He gave me a very helpful explanation of the differences between the higher and lower end mattresses and showed me a visual tool. He also explained the 120 day guarantee they have, and explained how the process would work when I was ready to buy. He seemed most concerned about finding me the right mattress rather than selling me a mattress. Job well done, thanks.

we bought a king bed here

we bought a king bed here about 2 months ago. great people with great service. delivery on time and both the sales and delivery people very knowledgeable and friendly. Definetely recommend!

Was there on President's Day

Was there on President's Day and the place was hopping. Only one store representative available due to others out with an illness. Doug(I believe that is correct) was a master at handling the four different groups who were shopping for new mattresses. I know he sold at least two while we were there. The first group left the building excited about the deal they received which only made us stay longer to try to get a deal ourselves. My mother-in-law left with an incredible deal and we made some very good purchases ourselves at bargain prices for bedding. Our experience was outstanding!! My mother-in-law is expecting delivery today and we can only hope it goes half as well as our experience in the store! Thank you Sleep Outfitters of Paducah!

Just had new bed delivered

Just had new bed delivered . Zach was a very knowledgable salesman at the store in Paducah by IHOP! The delivery staff was excellent! Our box springs would not fit our bed so the delivery guys immediately started giving us suggestions on options to fix the problem . I was surprised about how much they knew about the products . We went back to sleep outfitters and Zach quickly fixed the issue! We are very satisfied with all of the service we received!

First time ever being there...

First time ever being there and was greeted and the sales lady Laticha O'Rea was very helpful..We had all kinds of questions and tried a lot of display models..She was wonderful and wished more sales people was like her.I highly recommend the Danville, ky store to purchase a new mattress and ect.And ask for her,because she helped us out alot..And we finally purchased the mattress we wanted.Thanks for your help..

I would not recomend this place...

I would not recomend this place to anyone.they don't put the consumer 1st. I have had 2 different mattresses so far.the 1st one was defective.

had to go through crap to get it replaced,could not get refund.although it was a defective. they will not replace the one I have now.I would recomend going to a furniture store before buying here again.they do not stand behind what they sell.on a scale from 1 to 10, I would give them a 0

I love this place.

I love this place. Me and my wife went in and was taken care of right away. The manager was very helpful. We had been shopping around for a few months for a sterns and foster bed and I'm glad we stopped here. She beats any pricing in the US. It's a no brainer. I won't deal with no other.

My husband and I dropped in last night...

My husband and I dropped in last night, as we have been mattress shopping in preparation for moving to our new home. We have relatively different taste in mattresses, so this had the potential to be a struggle. Matthew, the store manager, spent over an hour with us, showing us a large variety options. He was extremely knowledgeable and we didn't feel pressured to buy anything. We ended up choosing a Sterns and Foster that we both love. Matthew got us a great price and we left very happy. I would highly recommend both Sleep Outfitters and Matthew while in your own mattress hunt. :)

I had a fantastic experience

I had a fantastic experience with this location. Julie was incredible! Knowledgable, no hard pressure sales, encouraged us to shop around and gave us a great deal. I shopped around at least 6 different stores. This location had the best prices, customer service and selection. I highly recommend them for your mattress needs.

I hate buying beds

I hate buying beds because they are expensive and it is hard to decide on one when you know you will have it for a long time. The manager at this store (Rachael) helped my wife and I pick out the perfect bed for our guest room--it's actually so good we opt to sleep there some nights rather than in our own bed! She didn't even try to upsell us, she just found what we were looking for in the price range we were looking for when she could have easily tried to urge us to spend more. She even threw in free delivery!

Stay away!

Stay away! Slimy salespeople who don't care about you. Delivered a damaged bed and refused to take it back without a $150 restocking fee. Was rude and defensive.

Mary and Doug were both extremely helpful

Mary and Doug were both extremely helpful and patient with us in our mattress search. Both extremely knowledgable with all brands and different mattress types. We were in the store for a LONG time and never felt rushed. Definitely recommend working with them. Great customer service!


Wow. Like this was incredible easy. I've bought mattresses at other (nameless nearby) stores and this was by far the best experience. Jon gave me a heck of a deal on a truly plush mattress and the delivery price was included. What more are you looking for from a mattress store?

I purchase a mattress...

I purchase a mattress and it was to be delivered on a Sunday, between 9:00 am and 12:30pm. They were to call me while on route to my house. At 12:25 they called and asked if it was acceptable if they came around 2:00pm. I told them no it was not acceptable, my father has passed away the night before and I had to be at the funeral home at 2:00pm. They hung up on me. They did not call back to apologize, ask me to reschedule the delivery or say they were disconnected. So much for red carpet service. I canceled my order and it took 3 weeks to get my credit back of over $6000.

Very impressive customer service!

Very impressive customer service! Love that there was not a big push for me to spend more than I had planned. I called from out of town to find out about a mattress for my UC student's apartment. Craig was so helpful - reviewing the details for the item I had selected online, giving me great directions to the store, and promising to be ready for us when we came in the next day. Transaction was quick. Craig helped us load it up. We are very happy!!!

I moved into a new place

I moved into a new place and my box springs (full) wouldn't fit. I walked in, told them what I needed and it was taken care of in 10 minutes. Delivery was scheduled within a week. They were able to have a split box spring made for me very reasonably!

We bought a mattress

We bought a mattress for our son here several years ago and when we needed another one for us, we came back here. Both times Jon gave us great customer service. He was patient with us, educated us, and truly listened. He definitely had our best interests in mind. I would highly recommend this location, and be sure to talk to Jon!

Our mattress and base...

Our mattress and base were just delivered ahead of our scheduled delivery time window (they DID call before to make sure that was okay with us first). This company has been a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.

Worst return policy ever...

Worst return policy ever. Period. Informed at the store that I had 90 days to return the mattress if I didn't like it, 120 days to exchange the mattress for one of equal or less value, and was politely asked not to even think about doing either of these for at least 30 days (the time it takes to break in the bed). Well, I don't like the bed, I don't want the bed, and when I tried to return it there is nothing they can do because it's been over 45 days. I'm on day 60 as of today, 15 days over their policy and it's just out of their hands. I would never buy from any sleep outfitters again! For a product that I will spend decades of my life using and had tried to invest in something that would benefit me for my long-term health, I have had a horrible experience. If I would have known about the Purple bed before I went to Sleep Outfitters I would be a much happier customer. Buy anywhere else, purple is backed by science and teaches you about sleep so I would start there. Let these people go out of business, they certainly don't care about you or your long-term health.

mattress shopping

we were very pleased with mattress purchase the sale person Diane Morrison was very professional. everything went the way she described. She knew her products and wasn't pushy at all.. The delivery was prefect very nice young men. I would go back the this company again thanks....

New Bed

I was pleased with my sales experience with Lourdes Gasaway in the Tory OH store. She showed me different brands and styles giving me time to get the feel of each. When I returned a week later to purchase my new mattress, again I was allowed to get comfortable. She took very good care of me. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new mattress. When the guys to make the delivery, we ran into a small problem. My home is an old home and my bedroom is on the second floor. They were unable to get the foundation upstairs. Again, Lou step in and took care of everything. The guys left the mattress on my old foundation, so, I had a bed overnight. The new foundation was delivered the next day. The delivery crew were polite and careful . I would recommend Sleep Outfitters to anyone.

Sherri in Barboursvile WV

We ordered a Cassatt Luxury Plus Mattress and box Spring which arrived in January. After a few weeks it was sinking in where my husband and I were laying. We knew it had to have a defect somewhere So we were in Barboursville WV (which is not where we purchased the mattress set) and happened to talk to Sherri. She took care of us as if we had purchased the set from her. She ordered us a new mattress without hesitation. (We looked at a few others but decided what we had best suited our needs) She assured us if we had any problems, just to let her know. And it arrived a few days ahead of schedule and she called and we moved up the delivery date. You should be proud to have an employee like her who cares about the customer first. Thank you Sherri

Guntersville store great

Went in with specific request and salesman Jeff helped me find what I wanted very pleased

Great customer service but......

We bought the Sealy King bed at a Sleep Outfitter in Tennessee. Customer service was A+. Four months later, after sleeping on the bed, we noticed sagging in both spots where we sleep. We were taken care of by the management, using the warranty we had. We received a new bed just like the first one but only 2 months into it we are noting sagging again. Conclusion? Something isn't right with the materials used. Would not buy another Sealy. Very disappointed in the bed but thankful for how we were treated at the TN store.

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