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Spring 2024 Updates: Sleep Number now offers their Climate360™ mattress, which provides active warming and cooling as well as their other smart bed features. Recent reviewers have mentioned issues with customer service and durability, especially related to electronic issues.

Sleep Number has innovated over the years, from their firmness number technology and now their smart mattress and anti-snore features. With more smart technology than ever before such as sleep tracking and automatic adjustments of temperature and firmness, most sleepers find the Sleep Number 360 mattresses very interesting. However, durability is a concern for many customers with reports of some components wearing out faster than expected given the high prices.


+/- lasting support
+/- expense
+/- temperature

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 200 Overall

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.5/10

Price: $699-$11499

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Sleep Number's Specifics

Sleep Number has revolutionized the mattress industry with adjustable number firmness and more smart features than ever, like sleep tracking, responsive comfort, and active warming and cooling on some mattresses.

These are exciting to customers, but there have been some complaints about durability. Specifically, some customers have reported needing to replace electronics and adjustable air bladders due to faster than expected breakdown.

If you are concerned about a long lasting comfort and are interested in finding a more cost-effective long term approach, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses. Specifically, if you are looking for a number bed with a trial and a competitive warranty on the componentry, take a look at our review of the Saatva Solaire mattress.

Quality of Materials

Sleep Number makes five different lines of mattresses. Each of them has the core DualAir adjustment, which allows sleepers to customize their firmness level nightly. These are air bladders that can be adjusted by remote control. Although Sleep Number has optimized these for years, the durability of these bladders and the pumps to fill them is much less than a standard memory foam or innerspring mattress.

The pros: Couples can set firmness preferences nightly so the bed's feel will adapt to your wishes.

The cons: The technology is more expensive than other online options, and there are some customer concerns around the durability of the air bladder systems.

Mattress Types

We'll go through each of Sleep Number's lines in depth. The biggest differences between them is more or less cooling, memory foam, plush feel, and technology options that affect the final price.


The Sleep Number 360 Classic Series is the entry point (and lowest priced) offering from Sleep Number. It offers two different mattresses: the c2 and c4 smart beds. The main difference between these models is the thickness of the memory foam comfort layer above the DualAir system. The c4 offers a 9'' overall profile, 3'' memory foam comfort layer, and adjustable firmness on each side of the mattress. These mattresses come with sleep tracking built in and can provide you a SleepIQ® score.

The pros of this line is that it is the most affordable line and offers all the customization features that make Sleep Number popular.

The cons are that some complain that the technology has durability problems.

Price Range: $699-$2199

Final Score: 7.6 / 10


The Sleep Number 360 Performance Series offers a higher profile than the Classic series, with the addition of more memory foam. The entry level of the series is the p5 and offers an overall 10'' profile with 4'' of comfort layers. These mattresses also come with a sleep tracker and Responsive Air® technology that subtly adjust the firmness while you sleep. The latest addition to this line, the pSE Special Edition, includes temperature balancing features that absorb heat and releases it as you cool.

The pros: Mid-grade Sleep Number option with more between you and the air bladders for additional memory foam comfort and cooling.

The cons: Despite the additional foam, the durability of the air system is still a concern for sleepers.

Price Range: $2149-$4099

Final Score: 7.5 / 10


The Sleep Number 360 Innovation Series is the luxury line of Sleep Number's lineup. They include the i8 and i10 smart beds, as well as the newest iLE Limited Edition Smart Bed. The thickest mattress in this lineup, the i10, has a 13'' overall profile (the comfort layers total 7''). These come with the addition of temperature balancing technology, along with the sleep tracking and smart fabric for a cooler sleep surface.

The pros: This is the highest rated Sleep Number line, which offers more features that are alike to a layered memory foam bed.

The cons: Though this is the highest rated Sleep Number, the bed still uses the same bladder technology that customers complain about durability issues. The price for these mattresses is quite high versus competitive offerings.

Price Range: $2849-$6899

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

Memory Foam

One of Sleep Number's newer collections is their Memory Foam line, which offers more pressure point relief with layers of contouring memory foam on the surface layer. Their m7 Smart Bed utilizes airy open cell technology in the 5'' memory foam surface comfort layer for extra air flow to diffuse heat away from sleepers. Overall, customers have good things to say about initial comfort, but there were some complaints about durability for the luxury price tag.

The pros: Both contouring and support customization in one mattress.

The cons: Some complaints remain about the durability. The price tag is quite high versus some competitive alternatives.

Price Range: $3349-$5299

Final Score: 7.6 / 10


The newest Sleep Number collection is their Climate360™ smart beds, which offer active cooling and warming along with dual firmness adjustability, SleepIQ, and responsive air. With 13" total height, there are 7" of pressure relieving comfort layers over the adjustable air support system. Overall, customers report comfortable mattresses and appreciate the smart features, but there are some durability complaints about the adjustable air and the electronics.

The pros: Top of the line smart features and sleep tracking app. Adjustable firmness and dual-sided temperature.

The cons: Some complaints about durability. The price for the technology is very high versus competitors.

Price Range: $7999-$11499

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

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Going with the C2 and adding my own bells and whistles

Very grateful for Candid Reviewer's advice. We were interested in the C2 after seeing the excellent rating it received from Consumer Reports, with high marks for durability, side and back sleeping. We went to the sleep number store, stuck to our plan and avoided being up- sold, and bought (on Amazon) both the recommended fiber topper and a gel topper to experiment with once the C2 arrives. We also are using our old metal frame with a queen-size bunkie board ($69), for a nice savings compared to the $300 foundation from sleep number. More $ for new sheets and bedding!

Not perfect but best mattress I've had in....well ever.

3.5 stars if I could. Last November, we got the Sleep number C2 due in part to the top review here.

This is my 8th mattress/mattress adjustment in 6 years. We upgraded from my 20 year old twin sized mattress and until now we have been plagued with back problems. The sleep number has been great for good night sleeps and no back problems anymore. My Sleep #35, wife's #30

Why the 3 stars then....

Overly glorified air mattress. Our 5th mattress was an $80 air mattress with a built in pump. I freaking loved that thing but the wife not so much. The sleep number is no different. The problem lies in the bladders. There are two independent bladders so two different firmness can be achieved. The split, there is a very noticeable casm between my wife and I if go to close to her I roll down. If I'm not centered have a tendency to bottom out do to air shifting. That said the bladders are to thin and I bottom out with my side set to a 50. I prefer to sleep on a 35-40 but for lying in bed with my head up I need to adjust the bed higher so my arse isn't on the hard plastic lower mattress. Speaking of lower mattress, this thing is composed of about 12 hard plastic rails that are aprox 4"-6" high. I've got my bed on my old box spring and it slides all over causing me to jam a falling out rail back in every week or so.

Cuddlings a pain with the grand casm to work around. Sex must be planed so the bladders can be at 100 each.

All that said the C2 is a good mattress but I have made some improvements to make it a great mattress: 3" gel topper and a 3" down quilted topper under the bladder mattress to lessen the bottoming out. I'm eventually going to build bed frame for proper height, box spring containment, and support for sides of the bladders.

The sleep numbers best quality is it offers options it's short comings are easily fixed and it's way eaiser to move than normal mattress set.

I will not buy any other bed again.

Best bed I ever had. I'm a big person 300 Plus pounds...At year 10 the pump went out and I called...they still had my info and sold me a new pump at 1/2 price. It's went through 2 moves and is still great! My husband is also big so it stands up to heavy folks. Folks on the phone were friendly and helpful. I'm looking now to buy my son one.

So far, So Good!

We decided to try a sleep number bed based on the other reviews here, and the fact that I haven't been able to sleep for more than 4-5 hours at a time and waking up feeling like I had been run over by a truck. I am by nature a skeptic, not wanting to believe ads and doing my own research is much more important than just taking some ad at it's face value.
We have had the bed for a little over a week now and I can say that I'm up to about 6.5 hours of sleep. We are still adjusting to the concept of setting the number to one that is most comfortable. I'm a 65 and the wife is at 75. Time will tell. Overall, the bed went together nicely, wish some of the zippers were better in quality and it does take some getting used to the foam boarders. They sit a bit higher than the mattress so you can definitely feel the edges. Having said that, I sincerely hope that this will be a long term solution for us.
I did make a YouTube Video of the unbox of the mattress that provides some insight into what it takes to set up this mattress.

Warning: Sleep Number Beds Last Only 6 Years

My wife and I purchased a sleep number bed, a 5000 Queen Set, Dual, Ptop, Wireless in 2006. The bed was installed by the company's installers and has not been moved since that time. My wife and I are the only one who have ever slept on the bed. We do not have children and so no child has ever jumped on the bed.

About a year ago we noticed that the sides of the bed were pushing out and there was a depression on both sides where he lay when sleeping. Even with full pressure this did not go away. This kept getting worse so we called Customer Support.

The first person we called told us that we should have put a piece of plywood under the mattress to increase support and if we had done so we would not be having problems. However, neither any of the instructions nor the installers said anything about the bed needing extra support.

When we called back to order the almost $400.00 repair parts this person said she did not know anything about needing plywood support and there was no written indication about this on the previous person's phone call. It seemed the lady was suggesting my wife was lying. I can only conclude that the other person should not have inform us about this design flaw.

Also read the warranty information carefully. I did not. After 7 years I am responsible for over 44% of the cost of the repairs.

I will say these beds are very comfortable and you will enjoy the comfort they afford. However, do not believe that they will last for 20 years. Mine lasted for 6 years. If you have young children who like to play on the bed keep them off this bed!

I wish I had not purchased this bed since I cannot find a good sleep position and will purchase another mattress

This is for the C2 select comfort bed.
There are many mixed reviews about these beds and they are basically very expensive for an air mattress with very cheap and thin padding between the cover and air mattress. My biggest problem with the bed is that it has very little adjustment. While the numbers go from 0 to 100 they are in increments of 5 so there isn't as much adjustment as there would appear to be (intentional deception?). I'm kind of stuck in the middle so that if I make the bed soft enough I wake up with back pain, when hard enough to not have back pain I toss and turn all night. I wish I had not purchased this bed since I cannot find a good sleep position and will purchase another mattress. If you do buy it decide quickly if you can adjust it for your comfort level. I kept thinking I could get the adjustment right and let the return period expire. Also, returns are expensive and difficult.

One moth in and love it, after a few tweaks

Great bed but..... they should call it build a bed. Sleep Number has an odd business model and they want to charge you for all kinds of silly extras.
The key to buying this bed is wait for a sale and only buy the bed no extras as other reviews state here.
The good : The bed is adjustable and you quickly find the right amount of air firmness you need. The mattress is super light so making the bed is a breeze.
The Bad :sleep number charges insane amount for the base get a good piece of plywood, the sleep number base is plastic don't pay for delivery or legs for the base.
The bed feels as others stated like a camping mattress what made the bed great for us is a 2 inch gel memory foam the bed went from bad to a great night sleep, So lets call this a build a bed start with the base model customize it yourself.


After having the bed for the past 10 years, I have had the bed pillow top replaced 2 times because of mold issues. I called the warranty again because the pillow top is coming apart after 4 years and they say i have to pay 60% for a new replacement. This is crazy. Went to buy by Sterns and Foster and they have a full replacement on their beds if they come a much better bed then the Sleep by number.


I purchased a C2 bed and slept on it for a week, and each night woke up with back pain. It is honestly the worst mattress I have ever slept on. I started sleeping on the floor because it was more comfortable. The materials are not worth $1,200, they are probably making over 300% profit margins because the cost couldn't be more than $300 for the whole bed. The side walls and chambers do not meet together well, so there are dips all throughout the bed. A pillow top or cushion could not cover up the unevenness of the bed.

BUYER BEWARE: They will not refund you the $90 shipping it cost to UPS your bed to your house, and they will charge you another $90 for labels to return the bed via UPS

ONLY buy the C2 mattress, no upgrades (comprehensive overview)

My wife and I did extensive research before purchasing a Sleep Number bed, and we were surprised by much of what we learned. I want to share some of that information now, then I'll return periodically to report on how well we're sleeping.

There are two main reasons to buy a Sleep Number bed: (1) so you can change the firmness of your mattress to suit your preferences, which may change over time, such as during pregnancy or while recovering from a back injury; and (2) so you can have a different level of firmness on each side of the same mattress to accommodate two sleepers with very different comfort preferences. If you don't care about either of those benefits, there's no reason to buy a Sleep Number bed that wouldn't be just as well served by other, cheaper options, such as a spring mattress.

All Sleep Number beds use the same quality of pump and air bladder (the size of the bladders may vary, but it makes no difference to comfort). The taller air bladders or "upgraded" layers of padding are not necessarily desirable. In fact, customer reviews are consistently highest for the most basic model, the C2, which gives you the most "bang for your buck" and seems to produce far fewer complaints than their higher-end models.

A Sleep Number bed essentially is a glorified air mattress. The benefit of an air mattress (versus springs or memory foam) is that you can adjust the firmness of the bed from 0 to 100. In practice, this means the bed adjusts from uncomfortably soft (to the point of sinking into it like a hammock) to uncomfortably firm (like laying on a board). Most people will prefer a sleep number somewhere between 30 to 60. Presently, my wife's "sleep number" is a very soft 35, while mine is a fairly firm 60.

You only need the MATTRESS (which includes the air bladders and pump). The Sleep Number box frame is overpriced and not required. Any appropriately-sized box frame will work. The Sleep Number salesperson will likely warn you that traditional wooden box frames tend to expand and contract as the temperature and humidity change, but their "special" polymer box frame won't. Ignore the sales pitch. You don't need it as long as you have a solid, flat foundation for the mattress. We used the box frame from our previous bed, and it works great.

Do NOT buy a "high-end" Sleep Number bed. Customers appear to be consistently and significantly LESS SATISFIED (long-term) with Sleep Number's upgraded models. Search the Internet, and you'll see a distinct pattern in customer reviews: The simpler the model (C2 is the most basic), the happier the customer (on average). The upgraded models also seem unjustifiably overpriced. For instance, in the C3, Sleep Number merely adds a little foam padding and a slightly taller air bladder, but the price jumps by $300 or more! (You could buy a thicker mattress topper of better quality foam for half that price or less.) In short, the most cost-effective (and frankly, most comfortable) choice is to buy the basic C2 model, then purchase a 1" to 3" thick, high-quality memory foam topper from another supplier. You'll spend less money AND sleep better! One caveat: Don't overdo it on the thickness of the memory foam toppper. A topper about 2" thick is plenty to add a touch of luxurious softness, while the C2 mattress provides you with a highly-adjustable firmness level. Thicker toppers have a greater tendency to sink in and sag (a frequent complaint about memory foam after extended use), and thus, can negate the benefits of buying a firmness-adjustable air bed in the first place!

A queen-sized C2 Sleep Number mattress with dual bladders (so each "half" of the bed can be set to a different firmness) costs about $700.00, and the Sleep Number mattress protector (which adds a 10-year warranty) costs another $200. After tax, you're looking at around $1,000 for an air mattress with a warranty that, by many reports from other customers, may not actually be backed by the manufacturer. Nonetheless, having had TWO very disappointing experiences with two different high-end memory foam beds (each in the $1,000 price range), my wife and I decided to give the C2 a try. We will be satisfied with our purchase if our bed stays inflated for at least a decade, and adjusts in firmness when we need it to. Only time will tell.

When you buy a Sleep Number bed, you can pay approximately $160 for delivery and setup, or you can pay about $90 for UPS delivery. Unless you're physically challenged or disabled, I'd save money by opting for the UPS delivery. The bed is easy to set up yourself. It arrives nicely packed in a relatively small box with clear instructions. To save even more money, wait for a promotion period when Sleep Number offers free shipping, and then make your purchase. That's how my wife and I escaped paying any setup/delivery costs.

When your Sleep Number bed arrives (assuming you didn't pay for setup), it is easy to assemble. You lay out the mattress cover on a box frame, unzip the top, insert foam stiffeners around the perimeter of the bed, drop in the air bladders, attach the air pump, inflate the bladders, and zip the top of the mattress back on. Done! It only took me about 30 minutes to set up a dual bladder Queen-size bed, and at least half of that time was spent waiting for the bladders to inflate (the initial inflation is slow).

On the first two nights of sleeping on our bed, we tried an old, 4" thick memory foam topper that we had stored in the closet for the past five years. As expected, the 4" of foam was TOO thick and allowed my spine to sag. Even with the C2 mattress itself set to a moderately firm 50 on the first night, and a very firm 70 on the second night, I woke up both mornings with a lot of back pain due to the sinking effect of the (thick) topper. I also sweated a lot both nights because memory foam runs very warm and doesn't breathe well. My wife had no complaints about the mattress itself (she chose a much softer sleep number of 35), but she also sweated and felt uncomfortably hot due to the memory foam topper. We reminded ourselves that we bought this bed to get away from our disappointments with memory foam, so the topper went back into the closet.

On the third and fourth night, we slept with no topper at all (only the C2 mattress and the very thinly padded mattress protection cover we purchased). Initial comfort wasn't great (it doesn't feel "soft as a cloud" because you feel the air bladder pressing smoothly but stiffly against you through the padding). However, the level of back support and sleep-through-the-night comfort were both dramatically better. I woke up with almost no back pain. That confirms the C2 mattress's ability to fulfill the firmness and support needs that we couldn't get from our two previous, high-end memory foam mattresses. Now the task is to find an appropriate topper to add that extra touch of initial softness against our backs.

After a lot of research into memory foam alternatives, we settled on the Downlite Extra Plush Bamboo Top Mattress Pad (sold here on Amazon). Once we've received it and slept on it a few nights, I'll write a separate review for that product, as well as return here to report the overall results on our happiness with the C2 mattress. Stay tuned...
[UPDATE 7-19-2013: After three weeks on this bed, we're definitely sleeping much better. The first week was a bit rough as we adjusted to the new feel of an air bed, but the last two weeks have been great. The C2 mattress, combined with a Downlite Extra Plush Bamboo Top Mattress Pad, is substantially more supportive than the memory foam mattresses we used previously. Although the initial comfort doesn't feel quite as luxuriously soft when you first lay down on the bed, our actual through-the-night sleeping comfort is outstanding. My sleep number has hovered around a (firm) 65, while my wife continues to prefer her much softer 35. We both agree the Downlite topper made the bed feel substantially better since it is just thick enough to prevent us from feeling the air bladders in the C2 bed.

I also noticed that the Downlite topper feels firmer and more supportive than the upgraded beds we tried out in the Sleep Number store, reinforcing my suspicion that higher-end Sleep Number beds use layers of memory foam which probably sink in over time and cause back pain like we experienced with our previous memory foam beds. That probably accounts for why the higher-end Sleep Number beds are reviewed much more negatively than the basic C2 mattress. If you can give up the pleasure of that initial cozy feeling you get from memory foam, the C2 mattress and Downlite topper are a great combination that will give much better (and adjustable) sleep-through-the-night comfort and support for those who suffer from chronic back pain. So far, we're quite pleased.]
[UPDATE 9/10/2013: After two full months sleeping on the C2 Sleep Number bed and our Downlite topper, I am THRILLED with the improvements in my neck and back pain--which have essentially disappeared. Each time I lie down on the bed, I'm still aware that the initial "cushy" softness of the memory foam is missing, but after lying down for a few seconds, that observation immediately gives way to a pleasant impression of how firm and supportive the bed feels against my back. After two months, that same initial impression continues to replay in my mind when I go to bed each night.

More importantly, I can now attest with full confidence that the C2 mattress and Downlite topper combination alleviates ALL of the neck and back pain issues I was experiencing with the memory foam mattresses and toppers we have previously slept on. In two months, I haven't had ANY serious problems with pain--and that's a remarkable change from the almost daily pain I was experiencing before.

More impressively, a week ago, I strained my back badly when I slipped while raising a sailboat mast and strained to catch the mast before it slammed down onto the concrete. The last time that (same incident) happened, I couldn't move out of my bed for two full days and I suffered excruciating lower back pain for three weeks before I recovered full mobility. This time, although the pain and strain felt nearly as bad as last time, I was able to get on my feet the next morning and now, a week later, although my back is still tender, I'm recovering exponentially faster than before with near-full mobility and can again lift modest amounts of weight (like my one-year-old daughter) comfortably. The only possible explanation is that this bed is so supportive, it is accelerating my recovery. I now realize now that the last time I injured my back, the memory foam topper we had at that time was probably exacerbating the strain at night, stretching out my pain and debilitation unnecessarily.

Suffice it to say that I am well pleased with the Downlite topper and our C2 Sleep Number mattress. My wife--who is now pregnant--has remarked a few times that she misses the cushy softness of the memory foam a lot, but even she (with her much better back) agrees that this bed's supportiveness is still much better and gives her better "through-the-night" sleep comfort. She just likes her bed to be very soft feeling, and this topper just isn't as initially soft as a more foam-like material would be.]
[UPDATE 3-11-2014: Well, my wife just completed her pregnancy with our third child and she has said repeatedly throughout the last trimester that she was glad to have an adjustable bed. So far, we've had no air leaks, no signs of premature wear, nor any other complaints. We continue to get good support and comfort from this bed. My wife still occasionally mentions her desire to put a one-inch memory foam topper under the Downlite topper just to increase the initial softness a little, but it's such a small issue, she hasn't really gotten around to it yet. We're plenty comfortable. I can definitely say now that the approximately $1000 investment in this bed was well worth it. We're glad we bought it, and continue to find the adjustment feature useful whenever I have a strained back or my wife's body is changing as it does through a pregnancy and thereafter.]

[UPDATE 12-28-2015: Well, years later and this bed is still holding up great -- with no evident signs of wear, despite three little girls who occasionally jump on it (though we tell them not to) -- and still giving us sleep-through-the-night comfort. Every three months or so, it seems we have to readjust the bed: deflating it down to its lowest setting (20, I think), then inflating it up to its highest setting (100), and then dialing it back down to our preferred sleep number (mine is 55 or 60). This seems to recalibrate the bed's pressure gauge. If we don't do it, we notice that after a few months our sleep number starts to feel "softer" than it is supposed to... as if the bed has let out a little air and/or fallen out of calibration. It takes so long for this to happen that I don't think it can be attributed to a leak (the bed never goes flat!). It just seems to be a quirk that is easily resolved using the recalibration method I described.

Also, having slept on this bed through several more hot seasons, I will say it again: we sleep much cooler on hot Georgia nights than we ever did on memory foam! Overall, we're very pleased with this bed. It's not dreamy soft, but it is comfortable and supportive.]


We spent a fortune on the mattress, base, sheets, pillows, etc. After sleeping on it my husband had an allergic reaction to the materials which caused welts all over his body. We obviously couldn't keep this. I called customer service to schedule a return and after being on the phone for almost an hour was told I couldn't return the base, the sheets, pillows, and mattress topper. The only thing they would take back was the mattress itself, but still charged me another $199 to pick it up. I am disgusted that a company that is supposed to be top of the line has such terrible policies. I spent a small fortune on this, and they won't refund me until 7 days after pick up which is a month away. I will never purchase anything here again, and will warn off friends and family. My neighbor was going to buy one this week, but after telling them my horror story, they have decided against it.

Love the bed, hate the technology

We are on our second Sleep Number bed, going with the adjustable bed this time to help alleviate sinus problems, and had we not loved our older Sleep Number we would have looked elsewhere. All was great for almost 2 years, then for the past few weeks the remotes started to loose their connection to the bed and its associated systems (air-inflation system, adjustable base, dual temperature heaters). Every night I have to re-pair the remotes to the bed, and this is getting old quick. Sleep Number's customer service was absolutely no help, they walked me though the pairing process (I think I can do it in my sleep now), and claimed success … if only they had listened they would know it always works, for a few hours, then the remotes loose their connections again. I hear folks have great luck and bad luck with Sleep Number's customer service, I guess I will just have to start calling each night and having them walk me though the re-pairing process until I get one of the good service techs.

A review 6 years in the making

Sleep Number beds are pretty good BUT... there are few things you need to know before you make the purchase. First, if you like a firm mattress, Sleep Number is great because you can keep it firm over time. Second, if you like a firm mattress and your co-sleeper likes squishy, well, you've seen the ads. That stuff you probably figured out. Here's what you may not know: Sleep Number with no foam on top is hard as a rock no matter how low you set your number. So, be prepared to add a mattress topper. The good news here is that if you bought the thin Sleep Number, like I did, sheets will still fit over it. The bad news is that you are going to struggle finding one that doesn't make you sweat and you'll need to replace it every 3 years or so. There are models that have a thick foam top and that's supposed to eliminate the need for a separate topper. But, foam compacts over time so if you get that model, you are right back into the short lifespan of a standard mattress. Finally, Sleep Number beds will need to have parts replaced. You're going to need new air bags, hoses, and a pump. It will happen a lot sooner than the advertising leads you to believe. And, while you wait for these parts to arrive on your doorstep, you're going to be sleeping on your couch. So, you may fall in love with your Sleep Number the first week you sleep on it but be aware that you are going to spend about $200 every other year on parts. We've had ours for 6 years. We've spent $800 on two mattress toppers, one replacement air bag and a replacement pump. Warranty? Yes. That's with the warranty.

Delivery / Service

Scheduled delivery day was scheduled for a Friday. 30 minutes before delivery was contacted and said would not deliver because of large amount of rain during the night. Delivery company wanted to deliver the following week. I offered next day, but was declined. All around poor customer service. The Sleep Number stores were open and all other furniture stores . Other stores willing to deliver same day.


If I could give a 0 star review, I would. The bed we received was not the bed we tried in the store. When we received our bed, it started to sag in the middle after less than a week. I had a migraine headache every day I slept on this bed either from something it's made of or the way I was forced to sleep on it. I called to return it and they wanted to sell me "accessories" to make it sleepable. A bed this expensive should just work. I am now having to pay $499 to have the bed and the base returned. This is excessive. The bed is crap and the company is a scam with bait and switch. Do yourself a favor and get something else.

The cost of ownership is high

I replaced my original Sleep Number bed 3 years ago with the P6 mattress after replacing the foam layer and the air pump. I regret that decision. The mattress covers do not hold their shape and the foam layer that lies over the mattress air bladders can and does split where the two bladders meet. The air pump on my original bed failed and had to be replaced. The P6 is only 3 years old and the mattress cover has stretched as badly as the 10+ year old mattress cover did. I was offered a new mattress cover at a prorated discount of almost 300 dollars. Be feels great until.....

Just a TERRIBLE purchase!

My king sized Sleep Number 360 i8 sunk in the middle within a year of purchase. I contacted Sleep Number. First they sent me a 1 inch thick plain piece of foam the size of the whole mattress. I followed the instructions on how to use it, Useless. Then they shipped the whole big foam thing. Again we followed the instructions (quite a pain) and it was better for about 3 months. Then it sunk in the middle again! We are less than 2 years into this bed purchase; and for $3,000+ and two replacement parts, I have a useless bed. Sleep Number spends all their money on marketing and pretty stores and then designs and builds and sells shoddy products. The bed was TERRIBLE! I have asked them to resolve it by refunding me. Of course, I get the party line that it's past the 100-day mark for replacement. I guess this is a $3,00 hard learned lesson. Don't make the same mistake!!

Run the other way!

I purchased an i8 after trying it out in the store along with the highly recommended mattress pad. We receive the bed and immediately it doesn't feel like the same bed in the store. You can feel the lump of air underneath you and it was curved upwards for the highest setting which wasn't comfortable at all. The first night we woke up in the morning and the "cooling" mattress pad was so hot we both sweaty. I had to take it off and exchange it (couldn't return it since it had been used) which was a $219 disappointment. After trying to make it work for a month, we gave up and sent the bed back also. It cost $249 to send it back because we were outside of their delivery zone, so after over $500 in delivery fees alone, it was an expensive lesson, but we couldn't keep an overpriced air mattress. Be smart, don't do it!!!!

Worse experience ever!!!

extremely unhappy with the comfort of the mattress, but even more so with all the unnecessary fees they add even to return the product....... $400 in delivery charges. That's ridiculous!!!!!

Overpriced Junk after 3 years.

Paid almost $6,000.00 for this i10 bed, after less than 2 years the bed started dramatically sagging the same way our 10 plus year old innerspring pillow top mattress had. I lived with it thinking the air chambers would some how take care of the problem and that it was a normal thing. Unfortunately living with it this way for almost 3 years has me tossing it out, I can't sleep! I toss and turn, no matter the pressure setting I constantly toss and turn at night. I called to find out about warranty and was told I would need to spend almost $400.00 on new foam. No way am i going to spend another dime on this garbage, just purchased a new Avocado mattress with a pillow top. Half the price and 10 times better warranty, sleep number is a rip off.


Do not do business with this company unless you plan to keep your "bed" forever. If you need to return the bed, they will screw you royally and treat you like dirt to boot. This is the absolute worst company with which I have ever dealt in my entire life. They creep right up to the line of committing fraud with their entire business model. Their business practices need to be investigated by government officials, and I will advocate for this at every level of government -- local, state, and federal.

Long term comfort problem resolved

Our issue may not directly relate to newer beds since we have had ours for over 8 years. However, my husband was never happy with this bed until we decided to dismantle it. We found that the top layer of foam was cheap eggshell type foam that had torn in the middle. When we removed the foam and replaced it with a quality foam, my husband and I were amazed and happy with the results. He is comfortable and getting up without backaches for the first time since we bought it. I am also not experiencing the hip pain that I had for over a year.

Better make sure the bed is right for you

IF not your customer service experience will be horrible. For one, the adjustable base is not returnable. Secondly, returning a high end bed like the ILE we bought for something like a i6 will be a wash financially. Lucky for us our final purchase was over the phone so we did not sign anything that would have prevented us from returning the whole bed. Two weeks on from returning the bed we still have not received our refund. When we called a week ago, the CS person said the claim had to be manually submitted (why did it take the customer calling to initiate soemthing) Every person from the guys that picked up the bed to the two CS people I have spoken to the last 8 days has given a different line of BS on when to expect the refund. I work at a bank and know that it only takes a few presses of a button and you get a credit card refund within 2-3 days tops. Absolutely horrible customer service so please make sure the bed is 110% right for you.

Fullerton shor5. Of my expectations

If I sat up in bed put back against wall bed slid off end of bed when I called about it hey said they were aware but offered no help. Never warned me of issue here itt is 10yrs latter I am soo exhausted positioning mattress all day long exhausted Feel like I’ve been working or sleep nuunnnmbeer for free all these years. I have incurablain disease called corps soo painfully has suiiiide rate 700% higher cancer or aids try to talk call transfers Orr dropped. They have made large real years very painfull having to get up & fdpsttiiioning bed and I’m alone have no help me to move mattress spent a lot trying find way to fix it. I cannot recommend a company that refuses to speak to an unhappy customer they say transfer me to someone then call goes dead hndrescalls unanswered or ddisconncted


It is a rip off. We have had the bed for 90 days and not happy at all. You can play with the settings forever and never find the right position of firmness. Not a good night sleep. Then try to return it and your nightmare begins. I relied on what the sales person told us or did not tell us. The flex frame $2000 is not returnable. Yes it is in the fine print of the brochure but the sales person never said it, He was just anxious to make the sale. Definitely not worth the money, there are so many better and less expensive choices

Use to be good

We have had a Sleep Number bed for 10 years. In 2018 we decided to update our mattress. That was a mistake. There was nothing wrong with my older mattress we just wanted to upgrade to the adjustable bed. The old bed I could easily take part my self when we needed to move, (military). This new bed had to have someone delivery it and set it up, another $200 charge. I hate the magnets that are underneath to hold the beds in place when you adjust the bed. They are too strong and one of them has actually ripped out of the mattress part itself. I called to have it replaced and they wanted to charge another $99 to have someone come put a new cover on the bed. I told them that wasn't going to happen. I was told that because of the magnets they had to do it. I am perfectly capable of doing the work myself. Told them to take the magnets off and I will do it myself. I just find it very frustration and suspicious that I now have to pay someone every time something is wrong with the bed. I had an I8 and the new one I purchased was also the I8. The difference in the quality decline surprised me. The old mattress was definitely better. Why didn't I return it? Well I was hopping I would get use to it, but a year later I still hate it, if I change now it will cost me more money and I already paid $8500 for this set. Why don't I go back to my old mattress? Well I would if I hadn't already given it to my daughter. My old bed was sleeping on a cloud and I can say it was the best sleep we had, made all our back problems go away. This new bed hasn't done that. I will never purchase another sleep number bed.

DElivery Problems

I bought a Sleep Number bed because I am suffering from bone cancer and needed something that would help to relieve pain. It wasnt until the end of the purchasing process that I learned it would take two weeks to deliver it. When it came, the base was defective and they took it back and rescheduled a delivery for another two weeks. Afer a great deal of protest they agreed to a one week delay for one that, hopefully, will not be defective. This bed cost more than $4,000 and I can find no excuse for their lack of quality control or ability to resolve the problem more quickly. Had I known this, I would have compared the bed to competitors. The bed may be fine, but I don't know yet.

Most uncomfortable bed I’ve slept in 60 years

We bought a sleep number bed thinking we would be able to control our sides to make it comfortable for two people to sleep. It’s fine for hardness and softness of each side of the mattress but my husband can’t sleep unless the head is elevated and I can’t sleep with it elevated and wake up with a backache with the head elevated. Why couldn’t you put a control on both sides of the bed? It’s a rip off that we would have to buy king size bed to get that feature because a king size bed would not fit in our room. Why don’t you tell buyers that so people know? Do not start off your answer with me with the word “unfortunately”. Sincerely, Lesa Uhlenhaker


Wow their marketing and fancy stores really baited us into buying. Spent $3k on a King and accessories. Could not believe how cheap the materials were upon delivery. This is basically a blow up mattress that you could get at any camping place, with 3 inches of a foam topper. The blow up is rested inside of a very cheap foam frame and sits atop a base with a small fan motor in it. There can't be more than $200 of material cost here. I literally could go to WalMart - get a king blow up by Intex for $50 and add a $79 3" thick gel infused mattress topper and then let the air in or out for comfort. This company is really a sham!! Also, watch it when you go to get out of the bed! Since the sides / frame are thin foam just enough to hold the air mattress in place, it will collapse on you as soon as you swing your legs around to get out. Husband and I have fallen off the bed numerous times when getting out. Last, for one final insult, they will charge you $199.00 to come pick it up when you try to return it with a 10-day window to come out!! RUN !! Don't be sucked into their marketing hype, these products are very low quality. You're paying for their marketing costs, very fancy stores, and commissions of the people inside.

Terrible Bed!!! Awful Customer Service!!

Purchased bed 3 years ago, the men who delivered the king size bed, were in a big hurry and only stayed about 5 minutes because they were behind schedule. Not our problem. the bed was a disappointing from the beginning, Finally when sides were falling out and I literally fell out of the bed to the floor, we called customer service and were told they would for over 100.00 they could send us the replacement pieces and someone would come to put them in since we are both over 75 and handicapped. two very nice gentlemen came and inspected the bed and replaced the one side that had been sent. upon examination by them they said the other side was defective and needed to be replaced. Also when they lifted up the mattress they said the frame only had three roller balls and should have six. they contacted Sleep Number while here and were told we would be shipped items to further make the bed usable and would be receiving a call from Sleep Number in 24 hours.That never happened. After a few days I called Sleep Number and talked to a woman who said she could help but I would have to pay a fee.I told her I felt the bed was defective. She became very belligerent and said she would keep the order for a few days. The bed has now fallen down on side the the rollers were missing and is unusable. So, today we went to a mattress store and spent 7500.00 for a real bed that is unconditionally guaranteed. Habitat for Humanity is coming to pick and try to repair Sleep Number bed. Ironically, while we were in mattress store another couple were in to replace their Sleep Number Bed they had had for about 3 years. Highly recommend if you are in market for a good mattress shop, look closely at warranty, and check out other beds than Sleep Number.

Potential Buyers Beware - Poor Product Quality and Misleading Warranty

Disappointed with the quality of products, limited warranty, and excessive cost for prorated warranty parts. I purchased your product for my daughter's bed and I couldn't be more disappointed. After only three years the pump has malfunctioned. I paid an exorbitant cost for your product partly because I thought I was buying a quality product that came with a 25 year warranty. To my disappointment the warranty is structured in such a way that it is misleading and obviously so limited because your products must have a high failure rate. I haven't lodged a product compliant in many years but I will tell you that the shock of your ridiculously priced replacement parts and lack of meaningful warrant has quickly turned me against your product and I am anxious to share my thoughts and product review with any potential customer I reach.


I bought the ILE mattress over the Labor Day sale. This mattress is absolute garbage! I tried sleep number settings from 35 to 70 and could NOT find anything comfortable where I could sleep on my side. This is nothing but an overpriced air mattress. BEWARE...they will charge you $200 to return a mattress after their "free" in-home trial period! This is on top of a $200 delivery fee! Absolute garbage customer service! And read the fine print about their "25 year" warranty, too. It's a 2 year warranty that's then prorated after that. NO ONE said a WORD about that until the mattress was delivered. NO ONE said anything about a $200 return fee either. I will be leaving 1-star reviews on EVERY website I can find to let people know NOT to buy their products. And ANYONE who asks how my experience with sleep number was will be getting a stern warning before purchasing! STEER CLEAR!

Comfortable at First!

I bought the C4 mattress almost 1 year ago. Its comfortable at first but then starts to lose its structure and sink in the middle between the two sides. Mattress first of all is too light in weight. Its hard to keep in one place. When you put pressure on the sides, its sinks like a Walmart air mattress does. If you like to cuddle with your significant other at night, you might want to try a different bed. After 6 months or so, the center of the bed loses its strength and becomes a deep hole. I called customer service and complained and they said nobody else has complained about that, but I see in the reviews many people are experiencing the same thing. Keep in mind, this mattress arrives in a small box similar to a $75 mattress you would buy at Walmart. Its not a full mattress with material support that just gets filled with air. It has to be inflated and the air is the support. I'm very disappointed I wasted $2000 on this.

iq10 not worth the money

The iq10 I bought , has had 3 warranty problems, and now it's having more. They replaced the foot warmers, the remote, and the brain. The brain was replaced 2 weeks ago because of E3 connectivity errors, and now they say they are working on a fix, but have no time frame for a fix. I have been on the phone with them so much and am getting no positive response .I have to reset the bed every night , and they tell me that I will have to continue this and give me no time frame. I would not recommend buying a sleep number bed

Worst mattress ever

Hands down the worst mattress ever. The 1st one was a perfect mattress with one flaw. .. the sides break down but a perfect sleep. New mattress. And it sinks everywhere Not firm at all. And hate it. The mattress stinks. Have had a support ticket for 3 months and they will not replace the mattress. And they won't answer my calls or emails. Absolutely bad Investment in the mattress. They give Zero Refunds This company is a fraud. .. Stay away from Shady company.

Poor Customer Service

One star is too much. I am sure this mattress and system works for some but not for me. And frankly, I think their customer service and policies are a scam. I bought the ILE. Should have known there was an issue as they later discontinued. Basically, the sides sloped. We called right away and they told us to try different settings. Called again and they extended the trial time. Called again and spoke to a supervisor but instead of sending someone out they said they would just pick it up. That is nice but you cannot return the $3000 base. Yes that was discussed but was not clear that was the case when we went to the store right after purchase, found out they could do nothing and had to call, contacted them on the phone a few weeks after purchase, and then 2 more times. Frankly they strung us along on telling us to try different numbers. The last time we called and inquired about the base they said it was against the law to take it back. Not sure what that law is...maybe the law of good customer service. Now I have a $3000 base and forced to buy 2 doubles or a king and use the functionality of the base the same on both sides, which does not work so I guess I buy 2 twins. And the app to change the bed settings id no longer available, not discussed but I am sure nits somewhere in the fine print. They are more than happy to have you return the mattress because they have you locked into the overpriced base that has issues. The guys picking up the mattress did not seem surprised. Don't get sucked in by the commercials and fancy sales reps. Do not buy the base, period. And for me, there are better mattresses on the market.


We purchased a high end sleep number and I have never had so much pain in my body. Hips, elbows, all my joints ache since getting this mattress. I have tried various settings , do not get this bed.


All the other companies who have an adjustable base will take back the base and mattress within 100 days and refund your money...... this company WILL NOT. Yes they shove a thing for you to sign which no one takes the time to read which says they will not refund the 2 grand for the base. So buy it if you must knowing they will take back the mattress but just know you will be out 2 grand if you return it.

I would recommend avoiding

My "comfort foam" failed in a little over one year making the bed way too soft and painful. I was forced to troubleshoot the issue myself wasting hours. When I finally diagnosed the issue, despite it being under warranty, Sleep Number insists on charging me over $100 for a "technician" to come install this simple part and would not let me replace it myself. Their product was defective in under 2 years, costing thousands of dollars, and they still feel entitled to go into my pockets again!? BUYER BEWARE.


PLEASE READ ALL! BUYERS BEWARE! This is review is based on Sleep Number the Company. Not per store. My wife and I purchased the i8 queen and the Flexfit 2 base which we tried at the store. It felt good. After trying it at home. Our backs and shoulders hurt badly. Nothing like at the store. We figured let it break in. So for 2 weeks, we tried all adjustments. From 0-100 it just didn't work for us. We called support. They were very nice. They said try for at least 30 days so your body gets used to bed and the bed gets used to you. We did. Sorry to say, Still no good. It just didn't work for us. It happens. Here is the complaint at this point though. We then had to try another model because to return it would cost $250 restocking fee. They told us the C4 would be firmer. We were confident one of the sleep number beds would work for us. Well it was firmer. The problem is with the C4, it is only 9 inch. I am a 270 lb guy. Even set at 100, I felt the platform nozzles under the mattress. So now we called, explained our issues. They said you only get one exchange. We thought we were stuck with this thin mattress made for a 9 year old kid. Well after putting up a stink. The manager gave us an ultimatum. One more exchange. But no return allowed. Not even for the $250 fee. The P6 was now suggested. But if we didn't like it we were stuck with it and we would have to pay around $5000. So we made the harsh decision to return and pay the $250 fee, not to mention the original delivery fee of $200 and take the loss. Now they tell us the base is non returnable, but it can still be used with most mattresses. So at $1899+ as long as it worked the SAME with other mattresses we would deal with it. Well here is where the MAJOR COMPLAINT COMES IN PLAY. The delivery guys come and take the mattress away and put on a support bar and give you a free remote. Well what sleep number sneakily does is, - THEY STEAL the pump from your base. The Bluetooth feature that makes the base work with the phone app is in that part, which is now GONE! ACTUALLY STOLEN! The Remote must be is subpar because it loses connectivity every time you go to use the thing. So here is the problem in a ripped-off nutshell. Flexfit 2 Base that you are stuck with if you purchase from sleep number no matter what, that is supposed to work with your Smart Phone. Endless head and foot positions Partner Snore Technology Under bed lighting WELL WITHOUT THE PUMP THE FEATURES YOU PAID FOR, DON'T WORK. NO SMART PHONE TECHNOLOGY HEAD AND FOOT POSITIONS WORK SOMETIMES, CONNECTION ISSUES. I SAY AGAIN! SLEEP NUMBER WILL NOT LET US RETURN THE GARBAGE BASE! PRICE $1899 + TAX PLUS DELIVERY!!! WE GOT SO RIPPED OFF. PLEASE. PLEASE THINK BEFORE BUYING A SLEEP NUMBER. WE LEARNED THE HARD WAY. WE NOW OWN A PURPLE. It is Awesome !

HORRIBLE BED and customer service

Where do I start??? My bed is 14 months old and the air chamber has gone out on one side. Well, it took one week to get the plugs in the mail to diagnose the problem, now they are telling me that a technician cannot out for THREE more weeks to fix the bed. So, my husband and I are taking turns sleeping on the couch because you cannot sleep on one side of our bed. I am beyond furious! I spent 6,000.00 on this bed and they can't get someone out within 3 weeks to fix my bed? This is a joke! I even spoke with a supervisor and he said he cannot help me in any way and the three week out appointment is the only one they have. If that is the case, they need to hire more technicians to provide customer service care. I would not recommend this product to anyone. We have had problems since we got the bed and customer service is NO HELP whatsoever.

Like sleeping on a cheap air mattress

We ordered the Sleep Number mattress for Christmas. The company charges a $200 "professional set up fee" to deliver the mattress. The delivery guy carried the king sized mattress alone-that is how light it is. He put it on my bed and plugged it in. I could have done it my self in 2 minutes. The mattress is extremely uncomfortable and cheap feeling and makes sounds all night long. I called to return it since they offer a 100 night trial and was told I would have to pay another $200 to have it picked up. I asked if I could drop it off myself at the sleep number store just a few miles from my house but was told that was not an option. I would highly discourage anyone who is considering a Sleep Number mattress. I cannot possible cost them more than $50 to manufacture this low quality air mattress. So uncomfortable not matter what the setting. It is a silly gimmick.

Back still inflamed and I have to pay for it!

I bought a C4 in hope that it would help my lower back and hip pain. I understand that no mattress is perfect. What I don't understand is several companies have free delivery and return EXCEPT Sleep Number and a couple others. But many are 100% free trial. If you don't like it, you pay nothing. I ordered a C4 only to realize later that they get you with the FINE PRINT! They did tell me the delivery I would be charged for (BUT AT CHECKOUT). And there is no way around this. All they do is plug up the mattress into a hose, connect it into a box, plug it to power, and connect it your wife. I could have easily did all that myself. And the delivery is $200! My back is royally screwed up and I can easily carry the mattress because all it is is just an air mattress/air bag wrapped in whatever foam material of the actual mattress. I called to return the bed and then they hit me with another fee, a pick up of $200! The absolute sad thing is, you cannot bring it to them yourself, they do not inform you of this when buying, so you're screwed out of $400+ just to try out the mattress!!!! (The reason I say $400+ is because I bought two pillows and there is no return on them, no exceptions. And the pillows killed my neck and increased my headaches) This company is a straight SCAM. They are making an easy $400+ per customer for all those who do not like the product. And there simply is just no way to tell if you will like a mattress just by laying on it in the store for 10 minutes. The only thing laying on the mattress in a store will tell you is if you immediately don't like it. If you know you don't immediately hate it then the rest will be a process. Some people it's a week, some a few weeks, some a month, etc. For me it was a month until I realized this mattress doesn't do anything for me. If it's too firm its supportive of my back but I can't sleep because the rest of my body is uncomfortable and I'm waking up every hour. If its too soft then it doesn't support my mid section and I wake up in the morning in pain. This morning was the final straw. I'm in so much pain right now and after calling the company and telling them how it wasn't right they did absolutely nothing! NOTHING! Sleep number is now a richer company from me by $500 and all I got was....."Oh, sorry, enjoy the rest of your day." LITERALLY THE LADY TOLD ME TO ENJOY THE REST OF MY DAY AFTER I TOLD HER IT WASN'T RIGHT AND SHE HANGS UP ON ME! I'm sure they're laughing all the way to the bank with my hard earned money. I can understand a delivery and pick up fee of some sort if that's what the company wants to do (maybe $20) but not $200 to set up and $200 to pick up! This is just absolutely ridiculous beyond measure! And they don't tell you any of this until you are checking out and have given them all your information (at the counter looking dumb founded) and until you call them and tell them you're not satisfied and that you want a return. My only recommendation if you want to own a sleep number, sleep in someone else's bed for several days (your parents, a good friend, someone, anyone). This is the only way you'll know if its good for you. Unless you have $400 laying around and like to throw away cash then go for it. Otherwise, DON'T. Save your money for companies that have much cheaper and better quality beds than some $30 air mattress wrapped in a $50 memory foam. I could have built my own sleep number for $80, SERIOUSLY, over having to owe $500. The single star is because they don't have zero stars to choose from. And now I'll just be seen as that customer who's upset blah blah blah. Please learn from my misfortune and think before you buy! DO NOT buy this mattress. It's seriously just a cheap air mattress in memory foam. Unless you know for a fact because you slept in your brother's/parents/cousins etc, sleep number for several days then go for it. But if you're on the fence then I would avoid this company and go with a company that does free delivery and returns. Bed companies rake in millions selling their expensive mattresses, they can easily afford free delivery and returns. And when I initially called about the return before being transferred to the people who actually handle that part, the first lady offered me a 3 inch plush cover. She said if I didn't like it I could keep it for free but it was just some effort to get me to keep the mattress. Initially this plush cover is $180 for one side (split king)! But now they want to give it to me for free! Yeah right! Lastly, to put things into proper perspective for those who aren't convinced, as I just stated, I ordered the split king because I was going to buy the base later so my wife and I can raise/lower at different levels (thank God I didn't). Each mattress only weighs about 25 pounds!!!!! So The entire king would be 50 lbs, THIS ISN'T A REAL MATTRESS PEOPLE, WAKE UP!!! I knew I made a mistake the moment they were setting it up when they carried each half upstairs, one person per half, like it was nothing smh!! But I tried it anyway, unbiased, just in case because I wanted to justify getting raped with the delivery fee.

Do you really Want to Repair a Bed?

Consumer Reports Gave High Marks to the Sleep Number Bed, but failed to consider the maintenance issues related to this bed. I'm retired and don't abuse my bed and had it for just a couple of years. Why would anyone buy a $2,000+ "air" bed that could leak has electrical pumps, and could fail st any time. Mine did forcing me to waste a day to go to their store to get special fitting to test & figure out for myself what was leaking - the pump, the air cables or the bed itself. It turned out it was the main bed air bag that leaked. I was told by their store to contact customer services for a new air bag. I waited 27 minutes for Sleep Number to answer the phone, charge me $70 for a new air bag and wait a week for it to be delivered plus wasted several hours of my time fixing a "BED", which I can't sleep on for another week. Are you willing to take this risk and waste money/time for repairs for just your bed???


paid 8,000.00 for the bed frame was cracked after 3month now the mattress is losing air customer service is not so great for a a bed that is so expensive , i have so many problem with sleep number i have been asking for a refund buyer beware and make sure you ask questions, sorry i purchased this bed. we hope they will either refund my money or repair the bed the bed is only 3month old what is going to happen in years .

Terrible Customer Experience

Full Disclosure: Terrible Customer Experience trying to return the bed within 100 days. Read the fine print or you will lose a lot of money. The purchase of our i8 bed was a simple decision as my husband and I have very different comfort levels. We had a great in store sales process and experience. Even the delivery and set up was outstanding. Unfortunately, our problems began about two weeks into our 100 nights. Our base was not responding to our phone app commands and even more concerning, the commands from our remote. Additionally, the base changed the sleep position on its own as my husband and I slept. On more than one occassion we awoke to my husband's side of the bed going to "TV watching" position. Most concerning our sleep numbers were WAY OFF. The next morning sleep number would show us our "great sleep score" but the reality was we'd barely slept. There was no way to tell the system it was wrong... As this kept happening, we decided to return the whole thing. This was far too expensive of a purchase to have these types of challenges and experiences. That's when the customer experience was terrible. Immeidately, Sleep Number told us "the bed can be returned but the base can't".... and they'd decided to start enforcing the policy that the base and the bed were seperate things AFTER the purchase. Yes, we were still within the 100 days. Returning the "bed" was fine (even though they tried to charge for that), but we couldn't return the base which is approx 70% of the cost. Sleep number "aplogizes for our technical challenges" and "waived the pick up fee" for our bed (during the 100 night free trial) but we are still stuck with a very expensive portion of the bed that Sleep Number refuses to acknowledge as part of their 100 nights free. I suggest any person looking to "try" or "purchase" make sure you are committed because the company doesn't honor the 100 nights "free". They use questionable business practices to lock customers in to very expensive trials--even when there are product failures.

Prorated Warranty -

Bought a bed for my son. Pump lasted 2 years and 10 months. Called for service and the cost of a new pump they told me was 700 + dollars. I bought the bed for $800. Either way their "prorated warranty" I ended up paying almost $300 for a new pump. So now the bed has costed me $1100. I guess they forget to tell you that your going to keep paying for the bed even though you paid one price in the beginning. My son loves the bed but we will just get a good non pump reliant mattress in the future

Avoid this company

I bought the sleep number bed hoping to get what I paid for; comfort. I bought the ILE and have regretted it ever since. The bed is not comfortable, feels like an air mattress and does not comfort me at any setting. I bought the flex 3 with the foot warmer. While I like the idea of the warmer it is unnecessarily hard. The worst part, when they came to “fix” my bed at the urging of customer service, one of the 2 men who came stole my engagement ring off the bedside table! This breaks my heart to no end. I have received no help from this company and to boot, now you want to charge me $200 to pick up the bed! I thought I might upgrade my bed to the I10, bet I will not do that now. I know I should not have taken my ring off, it was left there with my watch as I took it off every night and that was a difficult morning. I am suffering through cancer treatments and my routine was off that morning. I regret ever coming to this company, and I am more than upset with this company and their non-action. They are still working for this company, so beware!

Mediocre bed at best

After having spent ~15 years with an older generation bed, we purchased a Queen Dual p6 360 Smart Bed in August. We purchased two remotes, and it took four calls to customer service in order to get the control unit to detect the second remote. The base unit also has three very bright lights on it; I understand if the Select Comfort base is used to hold the controller, but we have our own base, and the three LEDs light up the floor of the bedroom, an undesirable condition. Sleep quality: the bed itself sleeps very warm, and when I went to call to return the bed, I got talked out of it by a smooth salesman. I just wanted to return the darned thing, and instead got sent some sheets that- again- don't really improve the sleep experience. My SO tosses and turns in her sleep, and I can't sleep on this thing, I feel every movement. The old Select Comfort bed was much better, and it cost maybe 1/3 as much. Not a pleasant experience with support, a poor experience when I went to return it, a regrettable design error (bright lights in the bedroom at night), and a poor experience from a comfort perspective: sleeps too warm, and the whole bed moves when she tosses and turns. I write this as an investor in Select Comfort (owned stock for >15 years), and an owner of the previous generation of bed who used it for that period of time. Not a good bed at all. I regret this purchase.

BE Careful when you sign terms and Conditions - these are just blow up mattresses

I wanted to return this bed because their customer service and the bed is pretty much a blow up mattress that's all it is, when they were installing (we bought 5 mattresses from them) I couldn't believe the box they came in and then they just blow it up we got the i8 and the others were the full size and queen. We wanted to return and their is no return you are stuck with the frame that cost over 3k but they'll be more than happy to pick up the blow up matress that cost maybe $500 ******DO NOT BUY THIS BED******* it's a scam

We never even got to try the mattress out....

We never even got to try the mattress out. They changed the delivery date within 24 hours of when it was supposed to be, to 2 weeks later. They never called us to let us know. We gave our bed away the day before SN was supposed to be delivered. So when we called they were completely dismissive, no compassion what so ever, and offered to cancel. So naturally we did, as we were just going to go buy one from some where else. However, even though we used a debit card (same as cash right?) It's going to take 10 days for us to receive the refund. So now, no new bed, no old bed, and no cash to go get a different bed. I highly do not recommend.

Sleep Number is a great mattress!

Sleep Number is a great mattress! I have owned it for over 4-5 years now and no problems yet. I had gone thru 2-4 mattresses in 2 years before I found Sleep Number! I saved so much money. I was so tired of spending money on a bed and then trashing it! That was so hard for me to do! Plus, my back was only getting worse! After having a Sleep Number mattress, it's hard sleeping anywhere else. Hotels, Airbnb, etc, isn't comfortable anymore. I find myself wanting my Sleep Number bed! It is pricey but isn't everything GOOD! in life, $$$? Was it worth it? YES! Comfortable? Yes How is the staff? Great! I was helping by all three amazing works there! Joel, the manager of 4 years. Michael, who has been there for 12 years he said and is a master or expert at Sleep Number! And Veronica, who has been there for a little over half a year. She is great! Loved them all! Made me feel like family. Location? In the Santa Anita Mall. Between Nordstrom and Jcpenny. Down stairs, next to footlocker. They have bathrooms. Clean? Yes

My husband and I came into the store...

My husband and I came into the store today to inquire about the different variations of mattresses sleep numbers has to offer and the holiday sale. Elliott approached us while he had another customer. He was very polite, professional and great at bouncing between us and his initial customers without any lack of attention. He started with a demonstration for us to show us exactly how the bed works along with all its features. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and personable. Elliott was very patient when my husband were undecided and had so many questions despite it being very close to the store closing. We thought the extended holiday hours were in effect. We never felt rushed or forced to make any purchases or decisions we didn't want to. He never tried to upsell and offer what he thought was truly right for us. After printing out several different quotes on various options we considered, Elliott was still very patient and took his time. At the end, we decided on the iLE King and left at 10PM. My only reason for the 4 stars? Despite the sale of 50% off, it still came out to about $3200. This was just for the mattress +taxes and no extras. (Delivery was free) A bed for over $6,000 is very steep. Just bare bones mattress. This is absolute no fault of Elliott's. I just hope the mattress lives up to its reputation. Then it will be well worth the money spent. Thank goodness for the 100 day trial period. We are looking forward to how it will do for us. Sleep number is very lucky to have Elliott and they should definitely know this! He is passionate about the product. As a customer, he can relate, as an associate, he represents it exceptionally! That's why he is great as what he does. As a business owner, I would hire him to be my brand ambassador in a heartbeat! Thank you Elliott for your very professional, thorough and patient assistance tonight!

Do not buy

Do not buy . Paid 2000 dollars for my stupid bed 3 years later the pump goes out and it's not even covered by the warranty . Don't buy, there are better beds out there

Came at a pretty dead time...

Came at a pretty dead time but after a few seconds of coming in Elliot noticed me and asked if I had any questions. He was extremely knowledgeable about the products and did not make me feel any pressure about buying products. In fact, he happened to offer to show me how it works which led to pressure being relieved in my back. Outstanding performance from Elliot in my one visit will bring me back when my current mattress needs to retire. The lack of 5 stars is only for the fact that he seemed to be the only one in the store which would mean that if even 2 parties were to come in the store one would have to wait quite awhile.

Had a wonderful experience

Had a wonderful experience. Didn't know much going in but Elliot was very informative and helpful. Let us try many different styles, was relatable, and helped us with a great deal! I would highly recommend this store and Ask for Elliot. Looking forward to getting our bed in less than a week!!!

Let's keep it simple

Let's keep it simple, if you want to buy from Sleep Number, ask for Elliot Sanchez! He is very knowledgeable, talk us through pros and cons, never once trying to push us to purchase the more expensive option. When we were bouncing between types, Elliot was patiently answer all our questions, offered advises and most importantly knew when to walk away and leave us some privacy for discussion!

My parents needed a new mattress

My parents needed a new mattress and decided they wanted to check out the sleep number beds. I called the Arcadia Mall store for their hours and Elliot answered and said that he would be more than happy to demonstrate how the beds worked as soon as we came in. When we arrived he greeted us right away and showed us all the different features and options. He spent about 2 hours with us. What I really liked is that he would step away to give us our space to discuss what we wanted to do. He would check in to let us know that he was available for questions. Once we were ready he put the order in and my parents were very happy. My kids were with us and he made us all feel welcome in the store. We're expecting the mattress in 2 weeks.

Sales people are only there to make a sale.

Sales people are only there to make a sale. They won't tell you about discounts, offers, and price guarantee. There's a healthcare discount for certain medical professionals. There's a $50 discount card if you sign up on their website to get a coupon and free brochure. There's a 30 day price guarantee if the price drops, you can call customer service to get the difference back. Check out Consumer's Reports that says the c2 is all you need. The c4, i Series, p Series, and m Series are all based on the same air chamber, the c2. The only difference is the thickness of the top padding, depending on whether you get the flex option. The x Series adds voice control.

I would give this company zero stars if I could

I would give this company zero stars if I could. The sales associates will lie just to get a sale. I was referred by a friend and was given a referral coupon but instead of putting that coupon towards my purchase the sales associate used it towards another sale. He used my friends name as the owner of my bed and when I asked why my friends name was on my paperwork he says thats how the referral program works. Later when the bed was delivered the delivery guy verified who the bed was being delivered to which is supposed to be my friend who referred me since his name was on the paperwork. The delivery guy explains since my name is not on the paperwork I am technically not the owner which voids any warranty. I went to the store to have the names changed, and even called corporate and no one could help me. Apparently changing the name on an account is impossible even though I was the one who paid for it. So corporate finally let us return it and we would have to repurchase the bed again in our name and corporate would help us with the transaction. Our bed was picked up and you would think after a $3000 purchase corporate would follow up. No they did not. We never received one call or even a letter to apologize. So while we waited for corporate to reply we had no bed to sleep on. I would rather sleep on the floor then a sleep number bed. This company is crap.

I attempted to purchase an i8 split king

I attempted to purchase an i8 split king with base for seven thousand the salesman was very professional but as soon as I brought up the warranty that is supposed to cover the bed 100% the fist year then prorated after that. But it is not!! If a technician has to be dispatched there is a $180.00 charge. They want you to call with your problem and Sleep Number will walk YOU through trying to fix the bed yourself!!! That to me is not a fully warranted item. They don't offer an extended warranty for any amount of years. So in my humble opinion and what I've researched on line and what I've gotten in information from Sleep Number employees you will pay for any issues with the bed system.... Just be aware if you plan to purchase this bed system from Sleep Number. Scott S. (Humble knowledgeable consumer) P.S. If they offered a 5 year full warranty that I could of purchased at an additional cost I would have bought the bed system.

Bed is high quality

Bed is high quality and service is great. Forgot the name of the lady that helped us 2 years ago. By she was good and answered all of our questions. Bed has been flawless for the last 2 years. The only reason it's 4 stars is because we kinda felt like she was trying to sell us on additional items like pillows and stuff but I'm not complaining at all. As a consumer it's expected. Thanks for the great service and excellent bed! Oh and delivery and installation was perfect and on time.

Just purchased another sleep number bed today

Just purchased another sleep number bed today after enjoying the last one for many years. I was surprised to see how the technology and options have gotten even better since my previous purchase. If you are looking to buy a mattess, do your homework and first get a demonstration at the conventional spring mattress and memory foam stores, and then come to the sleep number store. Ask for Elliot. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. He showed me by way of something that looked like thermal imaging, where the pressure points (shown in red) are on my body when I lay down. Then he adjusted the air setting in the mattress to where there was no tension or pressure on any part of my body (shown in green). He found the ideal personal sleep number setting for me, which is 40. As far as I'm aware, no other type of mattress can tailor to your body's needs as accurately as a sleep number bed can, not even memory foam. And as far as comfort goes, just try laying on the "i8 360 Smart Bed." It is pure heaven!!! Yes these beds are expensive, but they have a warranty of 25 years and should be viewed as an investment in your health because you will get the best nights sleep you've ever had. Elliot thank you for fantastic customer service.

We had a great experience

We had a great experience with the purchase of our bed. Elliot was very knowledgeable, patient, tended to our needs/requests, and had a great rapport with my family (even my squirmy kids). We will definitely be sending friends and family to your Arcadia store for their next mattress purchase.

If I could, I wouldn't even give it any stars

If I could, I wouldn't even give it any stars. Are you kidding me?? WORST MATTRESS STORE EVER! 1. Worker doesn't even care, the moment we walked in. They totally ignored us. When we finally got the guy's attention, after few minutes it was as if he was UNINTERESTED!! What kind of customer service was that?! He leaves for an hour and when we were ready, the manager had to come out and help us. The manager was at least nice enough. 2. NOT EVEN ONCE PROFESSIONAL! despite the c**ppy customer service, we decided to still get the bed. Most mattresses store would LOVE to have our business! we were going to get two beds if they threw in a discount. EVEN despite not get a discount, we only went for one bed. The guy NEVER returns, they had to do all paper work BY HAND! which was a waste of OUR TIME. They told us that we were able to schedule our own delivery date. Got our number and information. NEVER HEARD BACK! Did a follow up, GUESS WHAT? They had to push back the date because "WE miss the delivery date" Even despite that, we waited till the day they gave us. NEVER SHOWED UP! We called, we were told "OUR FAULT AGAIN" because they didn't have OUR UPDATED NUMBERS! are you serious???? WE had given them the full information 3. DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO TRY TO APOLOGIZE! WORST MATTRESS STORE EVER! Waste of my precious time and money. I found another mattress store, offering better deals WITH THE SAME TYPE OF FUNCTION OF A BED. NEVER EVER GOING BACK AGAIN. I DO NOT RECOMMEND


******NOT WORTH THE MONEY, TIME OR YOUR ENERGY****** NO DISCLOSURE THAT ONCE THE ADJUSTABLE BASE IS DELIVERED IT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. My husband and I bought the i8 queen size bed with the adjustable base less than six months ago and so far it has been the worst sleeping experience we have ever had and waste of money. The bed we tried at the store is nothing like the bed we received. We were sold on the bed because we were told that when one person is moving around on their side the person on the other side does not feel it, which is far from the truth, when my husband gets on the bed I feel every motion, it feels almost as bad as a deflated airbed. Our bed is lopsided and it feels like we are going to fall off the bed. Also, the bed we purchased was supposed to help with body temperature control and the bed causes for us to feel too warm. I have never perspired so much in my life. When I called customer service to complain about the bed they informed us that they were going to replace the bladders so that we would not feel the motion as much but that there was still going to be motion felt with the new bladders and that they were not going to charge us for the bladders or having the technicians come out to fix the bed. ??? They were going to charge us to fix this lemon? They asked for me to check if the material was torn between the base and the bed cover which at that time it didn't seem to be but apparently it was we just didn't know where to check. As for the temperature we purchased the mattress protection cover which is what they said is causing the heat but if we take it off the warranty will be nulled, however, they tried to sell me sheets that were supposed cool the bed down. I informed them I will not be purchasing anything else from them. The technicians came to change the bladders but did not fix the issue with lopsidedness. The bed felt somewhat better but within two weeks the bed is lopsided again and even worse this time. I called customer service yet again only to find that the bed cover between the base is actually torn so here we go again. Now this time we are being sent another bed cover that my husband and I have to replace because if we want for it to be replaced by sleep number it will cost us $160+, which is ridiculous. I asked to speak with a supervisor and I needed to call back because the customer service person hung up on me. I had to call back to get a supervisor, Vick, who was not worth speaking to. A waste of time and energy. Not worth it!!!

After suffering with body aches...

After suffering with body aches and pains my husband and I decided to invest in a mattress that would be life changing. We heard great reviews about the I10 sleep number. This bed is amazing. When we went to sleep number Michael helped us out and asked if either of us by chance were medical professionals and I told him I was. They offer a huge discount for licensed medical professionals all you have to do if show proof of id and license. If you are on your feet all day, workout and suffer from muscle aches or just have problems sleeping, please go to sleep number and check out there mattresses and you will not be disappointed.

poor service


Defective Bed

DO NOT GET THIS BED!!!! I am on my 3rd sleep number bed. My first bed was amazing and King Size. I bought the queen size version and it randomly deflated on both sides. There was no trouble shooting. They sent me a new one and after re-branding it 3 times. The exact same thing happened. I'd go with any other foam bed within the $500 to $800 dollar range. Bed maintenance is a joke. I have health issues and not sleeping is a massive problem. I thought this bed would solved that. It's terrible and really hard to get support.


I placed an order for an i8 360 bed and bedding accessories to go along with my new bed. I received all bedding accessories, no issue. My mattress and base was supposed to be delivered on a specific date. I had taken that specific date off of work for the delivery and installation. Without my consent, Sleep Number rescheduled my delivery for a different date (a date that I was not available). Instead of getting my original delivery date back, Sleep Number blamed the change on me having COVID. However, I have been cleared of COVID way before the delivery date (reason I picked my specific delivery date). Spent hours on the phone trying to resolve this. Since Sleep Number could not accommodate my schedule, I decided to cancel the order. Now, Sleep Number will not accept the bedding that I ordered back as a return because they state, “All sales are final!” However, I do not have the mattress that this new bedding goes along with, due to their mistake. I cannot believe this treatment. It is very upsetting.

What warranty?

I purchased my sleep number bed in 2010. I have wonderful sleep for many years on it. In 2018 I started having pain and discomfort sleeping. I would wake in the morning stiff and sore in my hips. I went to my doctor who prescribed drugs , which worked for awhile. I recently purchased a "Bed in a Box" and my pain is gone!! I called sleep number asking about the warranty and the woman said my topper was worn out and for $60.00+ dollars she would send me a new one. What good is a 20 year warranty if you have to pay to fix the problem? This bed is WAY too expensive to wear out in 8 years.

no stars

On May 21st, we bought our bed at sleep number in Dublin Ohio, we were greeted with a great salesperson Jazmine. Who was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. We have been wanting to buy a new bed for awhile, and we were so excited. I am a RN and my husband is an officer. We have been working long hours and were considered essential workers during Covid-19, we were also excited to be spending time together buying our bed. So here we are, signed the contract and paid for the bed. We purchased on May 21st, delivery was to be on June 5th. We were instructed to take our old bed out, since they do not remove old mattresses. We woke up at 6am on Friday, cleaned out the furniture and the old bed. My husband loaded our bed on the pick up and drove it to the dump. By 11am we were looking for the delivery truck to drive up the drive way. At approx. 11:15 there was a message on the phone stating the bed delivery would have to be re-sheduled for June 24th. That is a whopping 3 more weeks away. All this week we have been getting e-mails that the bed was on the truck, the bed was shipped etc. At 11:00 am instead of the truck coming up our driveway we were being told we have to re-schedule 3 weeks out. I called the manager at customer service. After explaining we had no bed to sleep on, we have no money to purchase another bed, because we had put all our money on the sleep number bed. And our mattress was at the dump. He stated he could not be able to fix that date, but during the conversation he said he would move it to the 18th of June. We were furious, I started pacing, I tried to call the corporate office, there was nobody to take my call. The message said, nobody was in the office. We even asked if we could go pick up a floor model, the guy said, "I am sorry we don't do that". I also asked if we could have our money back and he said, it would be 7-10 days till we get it back. Very poor customer service. I would never go back to another sleep number store again. Needless to say, we still have not recieved our money back, we are sleeping on an air mattress which deflates during the night, so we get up from the floor and pump it up again to get a couple more hours sleep before we have to go to work. This has been a nightmare. Worse experience ever.

Sleep number nightmare

We tried 2 different sleep numbers. First thing to notate, you do NOT need the base to use your sleep number mattress. Second thing to remember, go into the store to try them. If you shop online thinking you can just return and try different ones because of the 100 day warranty, you can't. If you return one, don't exchange. Full on return so the second one you pick will also have the 100 day warranty. This is a horrible loop hole they made to be able to say "Screw you, we don't cause if you don't like it, we are keeping your 2 grand". It is 100% a glorified air mattress. You sink into the middle and every movement your partner makes, you feel it. We have been so disappointed in how cruel their policy is. We are now stuck with a 2 grand mistake.

I'm telling you...this is a rip and run product

There are probably very few repeat buyers for sleep number beds. They are the most expensive, most uncomfortable bed in the industry. Don't believe in the hype, or that they will at anytime refund ANY part of the bed you buy. It s a good 45 minutes on the phone to call tech support for help when the damn thing wont connect to the remote or the app on your phone. Just so that it will go again the next you have to call again. Plus, who wants to call them in the middle of the night because you cant get it to work? There is nothing good about a sleep number bed. No resale value, and they will bleed you dry in cost. You are better off getting a air mattress from Wal-Mart.

Poor Customer Service from Tulsa Store on 71st Street

We finally got our bed delivered after 5 1/2 weeks from the date we purchased it. We first were told it would take 2 weeks but when we got home realized the date they wrote on the contract was for 3 weeks. 2 hours before it was to be delivered we got a call postponing delivery for 2 more weeks. We complained and they moved the date up to 1 more week. Then 1 1/2 hours before that delivery date they called again and postponed it for what they tried to schedule for 3 more weeks. We said absolutely not and finally they moved that date up to 1 more week. We called the store we bought it from in Tulsa, OK. on 71st Street but they said they couldn't do anything about it. We called many different company numbers trying to get it delivered but each call was worse than the last. They were all so condescending and said nothing could be done. We waited another week and finally they delivered it. We bought a 360 split king p6 smart bed and spent a lot of money on it and feel we were treated very poorly by everyone we talked to. We were told to get rid of our existing bed so we were without a bed to sleep in for 3 weeks while they kept changing delivery dates on us.

Worst investment

We purchased the C series and bought 2 xtra long twins with separate frames so my wife and I could adjust to our own wishes. Turns out the 2 frames are not designed to be in the same room, as the remotes bind and all of a sudden my remote will stop operating my side and switch to my wife's. The sleep number adjustment now does not work. Mind you. We are talking about 16 months after purchase and now out of warranty. I wake up with back pain every morning and still paying on this with their 2 years no interest. Don't waste your money. Instead purchase a good quality mattress for less than 1/2 the money. They will give you the run around and not stand behind their products. Stay away from Sleep Number

Finally a pain free sleep!

I'm going on week 2 of having my P5 Sleep Number bed. And so far, I've have pain free sleep. I suffer from back and hip issues due to a car accident and haven't had a good night sleep in 5 years. Until we got our SN bed! It relieves the pressure on my back and I wake up without having to limp out of bed. I couldn't be happier!

Results Already

We have slept in this bed two nights and already I have noticed the pain in my shoulders and fingers have disappeared. My sleep number is 30 and I am positive the bed we had was a 100 causing the pain. So far I love the bed and its features.

Most Comfortable

We tried all of the beds at the store and this was by far the most comfortable.

Best Sleep Ever!

I have a super sensitive back and needed something that would be soft. My partner, is the exact opposite. This bed accommodates both our needs and we have never slept better.

Works great

I bought the bed a month ago. I love how large it is and how you can change the softness.

Very comfy!

Perfect for curvey bodies, after a long time I felt my back being supported while sleeping

Love the new features

this is the 3rd select comfort I have purchased over the years. I love the new features, especially the audio sleep adjustments. I have hip issues, so I'm looking forward to this one!

Best Sleep Ever

replaced a new store mattress and couldn't be happier!

Fantastic Bed

Most comfortable bed and most restful sleep I’ve ever had

So Comfy!!

My first new mattress since I was a child and I love it! Best sleep ever!

Best sleep!

We got this bed a few weeks ago and it’s the best sleep we’ve had in a long time.

Amazing comfort

The bed is a little rough at first being brand new. Once it breaks in a bit it is amazing! The features rock and the adjustable base is a home run!


Bought this today. Great bed fantastic features. If all of the beds this one has everything I need. Great comfort and plushness

Fancy bed!

So far we are not impressed. We still have back and hip pain when we wake up. We’ve tried “find my favorite” several times, used our sleep number that was measured in the store, and tried several other sleep numbers. There was no major difference in our sleep score or the way we felt in the morning. Bottom line, we could have the same results with a $500 mattress instead of a $6,000 setup.

P5 good bed

Its a good bed but, i am def going to upgrade to i10 or 18..

Still trying

Bought bed 3 weeks ago bit of a rocky start trying to get bed to work properly turns out our modem wasn’t working as it should but now the bed is working properly i have much less back pain in the morning than i did but still very early to say exactly how it’s working for us

We keep coming back!!

Thank you Sleep Number for another fantastic bed! Our first SN bed was for my hubby and I. But when it came to my disabled daughter's new bed, we always thought "Well let's just buy a cheaper one at Costco or on Amazon". Every time ... I do the research and get overwhelmed by all the mixed reviews. I ALWAYS end up going back to Sleep Number because I know the quality is reliable and the customer service is phenomenal!! Thank you Sleep Number :)

For couples, reccomend a split mattress

If you have different habits/sleep schedules, I reccomend you upgrade to a full split mattress.

Very Comfortable

I brought this two months ago and I'm very Satisfied with it

Great bed

Love it!!!!!!!! Great bed!!!!! Couldnt live without it!

Our daughter loves it!

We bought the twin size for our daughter several months ago. She loves it. I wish sleep number offered an adjustable base for it (we had to get one from mattress firm) but she has had no complaints! She is sleeping so much more soundly. It would be a 5 star if sleep number could produce that adjustable base!

New bed

Bought this for my children and they love it. It’s great being able to adjust it to each of their liking.

When the bed adjust to your every move.

I was in the hospital for surgery and had to stay over night. I slept on a sleep number bed. It was the best. I felt very relaxed and was able to sleep. I'm getting one for everyone in my household. You won't regret it. Best money you ever spent.

Like the adjustment feature

This bed helps my back. It is on my adjustable frame and works great.

back pain gone

We bought this approximately 6 months ago because we were sleeping on a very soft mattress that my husband loved but my back hated. He sets his side to 55 and mine is 90 and no neither of us wake up sore because of a mattress problem!

Great experience in store

I bought this bed about a month ago, and I'm glad I did. This is a very comfortable bed. I'm sleeping on my back, which I haven't been able to do in years!!!

Have had them bed...

Have had them bed for 4 weeks. After the initial trial period to find out number our sleep quality has greatly improved.

A little pricey but worth it

My husband and I have enjoyed our new sleep number bed. We love the split top and individual controls. Definitely worth the money

Great nights sleep

I now wake up with No more back pain. We are more rested in the morning.


Love the bed to sleep and watch tv Going to buy pillows next


Very good so far have it for a couple years , rest and sleep better

reasonable investment

Got this one and am very happy woth the product quality. Works well, customer service has been easy to get help when the remote acts up on occasion, definitely a good choice for us and our budget.


I am enjoying my bed. Still checking out all the features on the bed.

Where have you been!

For years we've fought with a bed that's not fully comfortable for either of us. Normally beds last you about 10 years well we went through 3 within 2 years! Finally tried the sleep number & what a difference! We both get to sleep at our ideal firmness levels & wake up rested now!

So comfortable

Best decision we made in a very long time. Would recommend


Amazing Best sleep I’ve ever had in my life very happy with it

I purchased this bed...

I purchased this bed several years ago and have been very happy with it. I really like that we can change the firmness from either side. This is wonderful

Great sleep..

Awesome buy. Was just at the store to upgrade my mattress..

Best Bed Ever

This bed is very comfortable and relaxing. Easy to maneuver and assemble.

Lovely lovely bed

Love the auto adjust feature keeps me cradled all night long

Great comfy bed

Love the auto adjust feature, keeps me cradled all night long


I bought this Its good........................... .

Maximum firmness

I've suffered with back pain for years and never able to find a mattress firm enough. The C2 is capable of being extremely firm for me and still soft for my wife. Best of both worlds

Love My Sleep Number 360 c2

This is my third bed! Love them all.My stepson just bought one for his new bride.

Great Value

Just bought this bed for a family member, and they are sleeping great! Love Sleep Number!

Perfect fiit

Stayed at a friends place and was able sleep in this bed. Awesome

Great sleep

I tried one of these at a friends house and it was so good that I just went out and bought one it is the best night sleep I’ve had

Not the greatest

Difficult to find the right number. The auto adjustment doesn't seem to do much if anything. The time listed as bed time, exit times and wake time are off by at least an hour, with no option to adjust to correct time. I'd give this mattress a fair rating.

My side is very inconsistent

I've had my bed for 3 months and it deflates my side all the time. I have to adjust back to my number every night.

Have had bed for...

Have had bed for almost 2 months now. Still getting use too. Finding that perfect number.

It’s ok

I am not really happy with this bed. Too hard said Goldilocks! Can’t get it adjusted to be comfortable.


Bought the bed over a year ago-would do it again if I needed one.

Great features

A friend bought this and is very happy and completely happy

Great mattress

I liked the whole bed and its products are of excellence

Best bed ever!

Bought this bed a couple weeks ago and could never go back. My wife and I have different preferences and nothing works better to keep us both happy.

So comfortable!

I bought this bed because my wife and I couldn’t find a mattress that we were both comfortable sleeping on. This bed not only meets both of our needs, but it has also helped me sleep my first full month in a long long time. Love this bed.

It's okay

We are sufficiently satisfied with our sleep by number bed. We do need to buy the mattress topper pad for it though.

Glad I Bought It

After many months of debating whether or not to upgrade or not, my husband and I are so glad that we did. Being able to adjust either side is perfect for us


I got my bed in on Tuesday and it is comfortable the only thing I think the 360c2 should cooler on it too

Best sleep I’ve ever had!

I couldn’t be happier with my bed. The features are amazing and it’s the most comfortable bed I’ve ever owned! I’m able to customize the firmness based on how I’m feeling which helps with back pain. Tracking my sleep patterns also allows me to be smarter about when I’m going to bed and the quality of the sleep I’m having. Highly recommend the investment!!

Awesome Bed

I bought this bed about a month ago and I love it. My sleep has improved, it’s comfortable, I love the auto adjust feature so if I’m on my back, side ir stomach it’s always comfortable

Great bed

Bought a few months ago and definitely enjoy more than previous beds

Very pleased

I bought this bed about 3 weeks ago and it is great. I was looking at a more expensive one but picked this one and have no issues. I get better sleep and am not stiff in the morning.

I love my 360 bed

Since I have this new bed I have had no more back issues or health issues it's very comfortable. I like to play with my mole control to the beds

Great bed for a great nights sleep

We purchased our bed in April of 2020 and we love it! This is our second sleep number bed and it is still the bed best with the best comfort we have experienced. We love the improved controls and the convenience of being able to adjust the settings with our phone and all of the improved features like the automatic pressure adjustment that maintains the best pressure no matter what position we are in and it adjust to the temperature in the room with out us having to check the pressure ourselves! Great improvements from a great company!

Very Comfortable

Sleep Number as a company has been great. The input I receive from their email alerts and from the bed itself are fun and useful. Oh yeah, and the mattress is very comfortable. :)

Great bed!

We have had our Sleep Number bed for several months and we love it. We love that we can adjust each side to our comfort level and the bed sleeps so good!!!

Love our bed!

We have had our bed since January and, for the most part,it has improved our sleep. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I had to buy a topper to make it softer. I would recommend couples buy the feature that allows each person to control back support. We didnand I regret that.

Still learning

I bought mine in March and I'm still learning how to experiment with the features. Originally I didn't buy the remote but soon discovered it really is easier than trying to use my phone.

Best investment we ever made!

We purchased this bed 3 years ago and we love it. My husband has severe back pain and this bed has helped greatly.


had 6 months enjoy sleeping on it very much it is so soothing

Extra Comfy!

Best bed I have ever purchased. Love the ability to elevate the head and love the unserved light!

Great, Lower Cost Sleep Number

This mattress is a great entry level bed in the world of Sleep Number. It's supportive, light and just an overall great investment to your health.

Very comfortable!

I purchased this bed about 9 years ago and am still enjoying the comfort. The only problem noted so far is that the sleep number setting will sometimes change by itself. Couple of button clicks later and I am right back in the lap of comfort!

Great bed!

Have had this bed 11 months and my sleep is so much better! Less body aches and can change the bed at the push of a button form more or less firmness.

Very Comfy

Our sleep number bed has been great. I love that we can each adjust our own firmness and it is so breathable and we don’t get hot when sleeping. I highly recommend it!

Soft & supportive

My second sleep number. I do like the sleep app but since my bed is split queen it does not register if I move from 1 side to the other

Great Features

We spent so much energy looking for the perfect mattress and looked at all the stores and all choices regardless of price. This was the one!

Like the bed a lot

Still testing out all the settings but enjoying my new bed

I love my new bed!

I got it a couple months ago. I like that it tracks my sleep and heart rate.

Great features

I bought this bed a month ago and the pain I use to have in my hips is gone!

Great experience, very friendly staff

I just got my bed and I love it already I slept more than I have in months


Bought awhile back and so glad we did as much better sleep and comfort at night

Love adjustable

The bed is definitely comfortable and when it works, it's a great nights sleep.

Awesome Bed !!!

I received my bed 14 days ago and have had 14 days of bliss .

Great brand

Wonderful and great to sleep on. Best I have ever had.

Great bed!!

Bought this last month and absolutely love it! The half split was the perfect choice. My husband likes to sleep a little elevated and now can. Love the zero gravity feature after working on the homestead all day!!

Love my purchase

I wasn’t sure about Sleep number beds, but I figured I’d give it a try. I love my bed. I love that I can adjust how much air is in the mattress. I love how easy it is to control my bed settings through the app. It was 100% worth the money.


Still trying to adjust the number settings for a side sleeper

Not As Comfortable As We Hoped

When we tried out this bed and the c4, both seemed equally comfortable. We laid on it for 10 minutes and everything seemed fine. However, now that our bed has been in our house for six weeks, my husband and I are still struggling to be comfortable in this bed. We have tried many sleep numbers and purchased a two inch latex topper but still I am waking up with hip pain if I sleep on my side and he continues to toss and turn.

Smart bed

We replaced are 12 year old bed with another sleep number bed and are so happy with are c2 bed

Definite health investment!

I made this purchase 2 months ago with my 3rd Stimulus check lol and I am so happy I did! I am a 20 yr Diabetic and starting to feel the effects of this disease on my feet and legs. I cannot emphasize how much better I sleep and how being able to sleep better has improved my quality of life. Had the opportunity to purchase a few years back and allowed the price to factor in my decision to purchase - this bed is definitely worth the money !

Sleeping better and more...

Sleeping better and more rested worth the investment

Great for the bare minimum

My husband and I did not want all the ins and outs. All we were trying to achieve was the ability to adjust either side and this be does it. Love the fact I can be snuggled on a soft mattress while his is very firm

Fantastic Comfort

I really love my C2 sleep number bed! It allows me to adjust the softness and firmness of the bed. My setting is 35

Best sleep ever

Recently had double mastectomy and the adjustable bed made sleeping during recovery much better

Very Comfy

I love my bed, but I now want to buy the head rsiser.

Wonderful sleep

We have had a sleep number in the master for years and when we renovated our new home, purchased a queen and a full for the other two bedrooms. With entertaining overnight family and guests, they have been a blessing as everyone gets the type of sleep they enjoy.

Great Sleep

I bought his bed several months ago and love it! I love the module that analyzing ,my sleep each night and the many features built into the bed.

Great sleep

Just got this bed 4 days ago. Man, what amazing sleep. We did add the cool temp mattress pad and adjustable flex top king. Sleep has improved tremendously.

The firmness I need

I bought my bed over a year ago and I am very happy with it. It just so happens that the mattress that fit me best is the least expensive. My sleep number is usually around 80-85 and I like the least amount of cushion on top of the mattress so the c2 is great for me.

Love My Bed!!

I've had my bed for 2 years. Wouldn't trade it for any other.

I love my bed

We have had our bed for little over 2 months and my back pain is gone, I'm also sleeping better. I recommend sleep number to everyone..

Smart Bed

The bed is very Comfortable It adjust to my body I would recommend this bed to my family and friends also to anyone else

Sleep Number 360 smart bed

These beds are really nice, wish I had one. I have an older sleep number bed.

Love this bed!

I have only had this bed for a week and I already love it! I’m still playing with my sleep number but it gives you so many options it’s amazing and supportive! It’s a bit pricey but comfort is worth it.

Very comfortable

Bed is very comfortable. Automatic adjustment is really different but works well.

Great sleeping experience!

I bought this bed for my vacation home after having a sleep number bed for the past 16 years. I loved it so much, I bought one for my guest room and then downsized my king bed to a queen and bought another one! They are the best product for the price for sure.


This is my third Sleep Number mattress. It is more comfortable than the other two probably due to the thicker topper than my other C2. But it does not do what all they say it will. It will adjust to turning from your back to side bu it takes awhile. It also did not pick up my heart rate every night but that may be due to my weight. All said I'd probably buy it again!

awesome bed

this bed is just as good as the more expensive bed but much more affordable. added a topper to make it a more perfect height

I hate this bed

Sheets do not stay tucked in....the bed is not really more comfortable than the one I had previously. Since there are no returns....buyer has to keep the frame...I am stuck. Waste of money and now I am usually sleeping in my recliner because I just cannot go to sleep in my expensive Sleep Number bed. Buyer BEWARE

Awesome way to sleep

I have owned sleep number beds for 15 years. I recently upgraded to the c2. It is much improved over the old design. All of the control hardware is located in the base and is super quite when operating. The mattress design is improved to prevent mounding at higher settings. The active air is very nice for maintaining your sleep number settings. I especially like the app that tracks your sleep performance, it is very helpful when trying to improve your sleep experience.

Live the adjustability

After my first night on the bed I had a good night sleep and love the adjustability

Sleep is great now!!

We purchased this bed some months ago, and I have no more body aches. It adjusts according to your body movement!! Great investment.

Great Sleep

We bought my sleep number bed over 6 months ago and we are very happy we did.

Perfect for us!

My husband and I have two entirely different comfort levels. We bought our first Sleep Number a few years ago and it's the only bed we will EVER own! His comfort level is 100- mine is 35. It has brought peace and comfort to our lives.

Great feature!

I bought this a month ago and I am so happy with it...

Greatest bed ever

Got my bed a month ago and I can't wait to get home everyday just so I can enjoy my new bed. Love it.

Great starter bed to the sleep number series.

Bought it and i am happy with the adjustable pressure is an awesome feature.

It’s supportive!

I would give it 5stars if it was just a bit softer. It’s a good bed though and a value at the price point. Worth it purchase, son likes a bunch!

Not properly adjustable - Stupid bed not smart

No way to adjust between 35 and 40 40 too hard and 35 too soft


My partner and I can finally both sleep! I can also feel the bed auto adjust when I lay down. It is delightful!


Love this. Help my back and shoulder pain tremendously.

Best investment for my sleep

I love this new bed, it allows my wife and I to select the best possible way to sleep


Bought this bed a couple weeks ago and sleep has been amazing since


We have had our bed for a few years now. Limited pain remains and neither of us snore anymore

Great features

Bought this bed a while back love it also bought sheets & pillows great bed

First weekend!

First weekend with the new bed, first time using a SleepNumber bed. It's definitely a relationship, finding my number in the store was quick and easy but finding the number that helps me sleep took a little bit of tweaking. I have no complaints and each time I'm in the bed it feels even better than the last time. I'm sure I'll be dialed in soon and watch my sleep score skyrocket!

Tried others came back to sleep number

So glad to have a sleep number bed again. About 20 years ago i bought my first sllep number bed, after 15 years it finally wore out and I had to get a new mattress. I decided to get a memory form one. Bad idea, after a coupke for years I get rid of it. Next I got a gel matress. I immediately regretted that decision. After 6 months of restless nights I bought a new sleep number bed. Best decision ever. Im sleeping better than I was. I'm still adjusting to sleeping on a matress a don't have to fight to get out, but i am so happy with my sleep number

sleep number

I got my bed 3 weeks ago and can't find my perfect sleep number. I wake up several times a night and have hip pain. Could use some ideas.

Lasted many years

I bought this bed in college, over 10 years ago and have used this bed ever since. Recently updated to a larger bed with my wife.

Very comfortable

We got the c2 and it is honestly amazing. So comfortable even without a topper!!!

Firm enough

We bought this bed, we are looking forward to it being delivered.

Great features!

Tried it in the store and loved it! I would recommend to friends!

Great value for money

Originally slept in the I-LIMITED EDITION, which was grand. However, I thought it had too many bells and whistles that were never used. So I moved it to the guest bedroom and grabbed the c2. Very comfortable and just what I needed for a great sleep every night.

Great features!!!

Its very nice firm and stronger!!! Its a good night sleep I have after long time .

Love this bed

I bought my sleep number a year ago due to back problems after a car wreck. It has helped me so much, I don’t get up like a hunchback anymore!

Great Night's Sleep!

This is the best bed if you are looking for a great nights sleep. You won't be disappointed with this purchase.

Very good overall features for one person

I bought thus and used it for 3 months. My neck dramatically improved and relieved of pain.

Awesome features

I absolutely love this bed. It has amazing features and my sleep quality has improved.

Slept overnight on the C2 360/ Naps were just as c

No photo available, at current moment woke up well rested and less back pain than usual comparing to a regular tempurpedic

Amazing sleep

Simply put …. We sleep amazingly well now. The ability to totally customize your sleep experience is awesome. They was I describe it to friends is like “Build a Bed” the only bear you’ll need is the one to cuddle.

Super comfortable

I’m so happy we purchased a sleep number bed I sleep so good and I love how I can adjust my comfort level !


Very comfortable, I haven’t gotten rest like this in years! My body doesn’t hurt and crack every morning like it used to.

It's Just a Gimmick

Sleep Number beds are simply a gimmick wrapped up in some very sophisticated marketing and dishonest salesmanship. Do not make the same mistake as I did. This was the worst retail experience of my life. Do your research about this bed and this company. Caveat Emptor!! The stores are designed like a third rate Apple Store wanna be. They sell only their products in a polished and sterilized fashion, hiding the small print at every turn. First, in the store all the mechanics of the bed are well hidden inside the platforms. Once my bed was delivered and I saw all the lines and hoses that are required I was horrified. The pump is the size of a shoe box with lights flashing on it that don’t turn off. And good luck cleaning under the bed with all the wild entanglement of wires, hoses and contraptions. Further Sleep Number charges an additional $39 dollars for the remote control. Think how you would feel after spending $1,500 on a television set but were forced to shell out an additional sum for the standard remote. This extra cost encourages you to use their app. But you need to know: by using the app Sleep Number is data harvesting everything that takes place on your bed. Yes I mean everything!!! How creepy is that. Sleeping and intimacy are not competitive sports. The bed has a definite dip between the two sides that you feel in its full intensity when you sit in the middle at the foot of the bed. You nearly sink to the base. When it quickly dawned on me what a mistake I made purchasing this bed I entered the second phase of my hellish experience with Sleep Number: their Customer Support. When I called to begin the return process I was put on hold for an hour and forty minutes. That call only ended when I hung up. When I finally do get through to someone is when I found out that they don’t offer a free 100 day trial period as advertised. You are charged an additional $199 plus tax to have the bed picked up. No one ever informed me of this. When queried I was told it was in the small print. Luckily I did not also buy the base. The base is nonreturnable, period. In the end I was out one third of the total cost of the bed in shipping charges alone. The Sleep Number bed is mediocre by the most generous description. The only possible people that I can imagine would put up with this joke of a bed is a couple who have such different firmness needs that they would make this compromise. Sleep Number is a lousy, deceptive company that sells a lousy, deceptive bed. Don’t get bamboozled like I did. There are hundreds of bed manufacturers in the country, why buy one from a company that makes a second rate product and that is so ethically challenged their founder is spending the rest of his life in a Federal Penitentiary?

P6 Bed - A very good bed with quality materials erials

To be honest I bought the P6 bed and I found I only thought it was ok at first. You really need to take the time to find your sleep number. Until you do, it will feel its either too hard or too soft. Once you find your number, you may make a slight number change to get exactly what you prefer. I liked 50. Thr quality of the bed is good and I sleep well every night. What you don't get is that oh wow feeling that you can get on a very nice spring bed with a nice gel top. My wife also likes the P6 but again we are only content with it. The air pump goes off once in a while and you hear it. This bed is a interesting design compared to a spring mattress. Temperpedic is like laying on the beach with a blanket on top. You sink too much unless you get the hybrid. Personally I still like a good quality box spring and mattress the best. I wanted to try this Sleep by number bed as each person can have their own firmness which logically sounds good. I would not bother with their classic models as they don't provide enough thickness on top of the air chamber. The other good thing about the bed is many get over 16 years with their bed compared to spring beds so the value on how long the mattress last is higher than a regular bed. The construction is good and I like the material on the P6. It does keep you cooler than a spring mattress bed. My prior spring bed was more comfortable at first but several years later the padding wears and you sleep only OK.

terrible delivery

I was to have my 360 bed delivered on 7/28 but sleep number called me and said the base was damaged so delivery would be on 8/4. when the delivery men came on 8/4 all they had was the base and no mattress or remote and this was after I disassembled my old bed. Customer service told me that I wont get my mattress until 8/13. What a hoot sleep Number is, slow on delivery and can not deliver the right product or no product.

Great mattress, NOT so great customer care

I placed my order 5 weeks ago. It's now 2 days prior to home delivery and I just received a phone call from SN saying an employee drove a fork lift through my custom bed frame and it will be another 6-8 weeks before my order can be delivered. No apology, no offer to compensate for the inconvenience or rush my order, no loaner...nothing. I requested they deliver the mattress as scheduled, so we can sleep in our bedroom. After waiting 20 minutes on hold for manager approval, I was approved. However, It was their mistake and they were hesitant to cooperate. After I explained that I purchased the bed to recover from a series of up-coming surgeries, they approved my request. I don't feel like SN truly values their customers. The inshore customer service was great. However, once I paid for the whole enchilada, their customer service took a drastic turn for the worse. This was apparent when I called to change the fabric on my head board 1 week after purchase. I spent $7000 and they acted like they were doing me a favor. This is my second purchase with Sleep Number and after this experience, my last.

They take your money and run.

After waiting 5 weeks a rep called to tell me it would be another 6-8 weeks for delivery because someone had driven a fork lift through my custom bed frame. I cancelled the bed frame and asked that they still deliver the mattress on time. They said they would but I waited all day and the bed never came. After calling the store and asking for help, they managed to get the bed here a week later. Immediately I could tell the mattress was not the same as the one in the store. It feels like a cheep air mattress. We tried sleeping on it for 1 night but it's too soft and we feel like we will roll off the edges. I called to scheduled a pick up and was told I have to wait 30 days. I told them I will deliver it back to the store and I want my refund. The reps at the store can't help me, and when I call customer service I'm on hold for 1 hour only to speak to a bone head who's unable to help me with my return. I fear I will have to go to small claims court to get a refund cause they are giving me the run around. I'm out $7000.

Mold in the system & expensive pump broke

The bed is just okay, but every expensive and not very durable. Our pump broke, and it was then that we notice mold in the tubes of one of the 2 chambers. That must be circulating out of the system and into the air in our bedroom. The limited warranty is not very good at all, as replacement parts are very expensive.

Still waiting for delivery 30 days and counting

This company took my money a month ago. I took the day off work to receive delivery. No body bothered to call me to tell me they would not be delivering today. I had to call them. I waited half an hour on the phone only to find out I would have to wait another 20 days for delivery. Some customer service.

New bed delivery and installation

Don't know how good the bed is because we didn't get it. Ordered a $56 00.00 bed, took a month to get it. On delivery day The driver called and say he would be here between these times and I said great I'm here all day. Then he asked if I had a bed frame on my bed and I said yes they always come with one. He then told me they were not allowed to touch it when setting up my new bed. Normally not a problem except I'm handicapped and cannot take a bed apart and no one else is home. So I got very upset and asked what was I to do and he said because of corporate policy they cannot touch any furniture like head or foot board or the bed frame. He told me to call customer service . I did and got the same crap. I told the lady I was handicapped and could not take my bed apart so he could install the new one. I told her I would have to think on it and would let her know in a few minutes if I should cancel the order. I called back and got someone else and had to tell her what was going on and she sent me to the corporate office where you can never talk to any one unless you have their extension. I did not. so I called customer service back to tell them I would accept the bed but that I was very upset at the service then she hung up on me. I called the salesman after the store opened he tried to help but my order was cancelled. Sleep Number may have a good bed for $5600 but they have the worst customer service of any company in the world.

A lot of Money for Quality Control problems 2+ years later

Purchased an I7 bed in January 2019. Had some problems with techs setting up bed chambers properly; took a couple of visits to correct. One of my air chambers developed a severe leak about 2.5 years later; required an complete replacement. Soon afterwards discovered the foam was coming apart; cost me almost $400 to replace as the free 2 yr. warranty had expired. I'm afraid I'll have more failures of other parts of the bed that will cost more money. Bought my first Sleep Number bed in 1998 and had it 20 years with no issues. Quality Control has taken a decline since then. Don't recommend buying one of these beds

Customer Service - ZERO stars

I have had the most horrifying experience of my life with Sleep #'s customer service. First of all- the man who did my in-store demo stated his was the manager and either had no clue or didn't care enough to tell me I needed more than a headboard and frame for this bed, (even after I told him I had no box spring). When your team came to setup my bed, they could not and were just as aggravated as I was. Sleep # offered me a credit for the inconvenience which took months to get resolved. Now here we are- in the middle of the most unprecedented situation of the Century and I am at the mercy of unemployment and the Government regarding the amount of my benefits. You would think your customer service would be understanding or offer ANY kind of help (as many companies are) but they simply said NO. They were not friendly or helpful and said it's past your 100 days and that's it. Given the circumstances I am in with Covid-19 I did not know I could not afford the bed until AFTER my 100 days which is out of my control. I expected to be back to work by now and so did our Company. I am not a person that posts bad reviews, and I'm sure NO ONE WILL CARE about this message since I am just ONE out of 72 thousand reviews, however I am absolutely disgusted and will express how insulted and mistreated I feel. I have/will absolutely share my disgust with friends, family and anyone looking for a bed about this lack of customer service and why they shouldn't purchase a Sleep Number bed.

Sleep Number Is The New Water Bed

This has been THE worst purchase I have ever made. My wife and I have the C4 design from the classic series with the dual air technology (two air bags). We purchased this bed because I prefer a firmer mattress and my wife enjoys a softer mattress. We decided to test one in person. We went through the sales process of finding our sleep number, gaining insight on the various sleep number beds, going through the entire sales pitch etc... We were informed that we could return the bed if we didn't like it, but only after 90 days; not before then. Finally our bed arrived in a few boxes. We opted to install it ourselves. Easy enough, but i was not impressed to learn that the inner-workings consisted of two air pumps and two air bags. In short, we hated it!! The sleep numbers did not match what we selected in the store. It feels like sleeping on an inflated or deflated bag of chips! We even purchased a memory foam topper, as suggested by the sales person, to improve the comfort. This did not help at all. Unfortunately a series of events happened right before the 90 day return window and we were not able to address the issue. 3 years later we are stuck with this bed. We are both having back problems, our intimacy has suffered, and we BOTH wake up complaining! I enjoy sleeping on my couch more. Please understand, it took a lot of built up frustration for me to write this review. I hardly ever write bad reviews or give bad tips. Your service has to be horrendous, borderline offensive. Yet, here I am... pleading with whomever is reading this... DO NOT PURCHASE A SLEEP NUMBER! Save your money, save your backs, and save your relationships!!

The Worst Bed Ever

What a rip off !!! I have slept on a $30 air mattress that was better !! When I returned it I was charged $424.81 for Delivery and Pick Up !!! Bed was so uncomfortable !! I could not get it right , I called after 3 days and they made me keep it for 30 more days . Delivery and pick up was supposed to be between 2-6pm .. they didn't show up till 10pm !! Sleep IQ is a joke , It said I slept so many hours which was not correct . DO NOT BUY These beds are over priced junk!!!

about kari arthur

I bought a sleep number was told it would be delivered in two weeks the day it was to be delivered they emailed me saying that it would be 3 more weeks i called and spoke to kari arthur about the situation she was very rude didnt want to help me at all she also said she was 3 in charge at sleep number all she kepted say ing do u want to cancel so i said yes cancel the order how can someone so unhelpful be in charge at sleep number i will never recommend no one to sleep number poor excuse for someone who is suppose to be incharge i would think they would have someone more qualified for that position unhappy with her


My back killed me for a month trying to adjust to the bed! They tell you that only the mattress is only returnable so you end up wasting $2000 on the base if you decide to return it, along with them deducting a $199 return fee. If you have a significant other that sleeps close to you, this is not the bed for you!!! It feels as if you're sleeping on an air mattress.

Returning it.

We did extensive research on purchasing a bed including reading the reviews on this site. We were convinced to go with a Sleep Number bed primarily because several of our friends have purchased them and been very pleased. We also like the idea of individually controlling the firmness. we visited the store several times and ultimately decided that we would get the C2 and if necessary add a separate 2-inch topper. At first it was very difficult to get used to the bed as it reminded me of sleeping on our $99 air mattress that we purchased from Costco. We also discovered, interestingly, that we like the same firmness (actually softness) and ended up selecting the same number. About a month after delivery, we were in the process of getting used to it when suddenly without warning one morning my partners side completely collapsed. After about five frustrating minutes, and numerous attempts with the remote control, we finally got that side of the bed to re-inflate. Frankly by that point we weren’t thrilled with it anyhow primarily because you tend to roll around a lot on the air mattress, so I called customer service with the intent of returning it. However after about 30 minutes on the phone they convinced me that it was just a faulty mattress and they would send a new one at no charge and extend our 100 day trial period by 30 days. So we went along with that. However it seemed like immediately the new one was even more problematic. We would hear it inflating and deflating on its own in the middle of the day for no apparent reason. Then, about three weeks after receiving it my side suddenly deflated for no reason. Again, it took about five minutes to get it inflated. That was the final straw and we have called to return it. Beware, you will lose your $199 delivery charge as well as being charged $199 for them to pick it up. We’ll see how the process goes. In closing, if you both really do prefer a significant differences in firmness/softness, you don’t mind the feeling of bouncing around on an air mattress, and you’re willing to risk the problems with the potential of a system that could fail after warranty, and this may be the right mattress for you.

Beware of the return cost

I bought the 360 Smart Bed for my handicapped wife who has scoliosis and it did not help at all and when I requested to return it I was shocked about how much was deducted from the refund. My total refund costs were over $491.83. I'm warning everybody think twice before you order any bed from Sleep Number Beds

Overpriced junk

We purchased our i10 4 years ago. The memory foam top is already broken down. This bed was 9 grand and the 25 year warranty is worthless. Just had to pay 800 for our 34% portion of the prorated warranty. Absolutely ridiculous that a bed this expensive can’t last 4 years. Warranty is a sham.

Love my p5 sleep number bed

I bought my sleep number p5 bed in 2013. Today Feb 15 2021, I still love it. I chose 2 air although this queen size bed is for myself. I do not notice a line in between the two like other reviewers said. It is firm ir soft whenever I feel. I sleep on my side, and I had an injury so I choose the right number to go gentle on my leg. I don’t feel it hot as other reviewers said. When I moved to my new house the movers loved it because it is not like carrying a big mattress up and down the stairs. You empty the air and place it in the bag to carry. It is great! I recently changed my mattress cover after 7 years and also a bed topper. And both are great quality. Thanks to my sleep number my sleep improved 100%.

Avoid SleepNumber

These beds are THE WORST. High price, poor quality (pumps go bad) mattress durability is non-existent. Customer service is poor.

I hate It!!!!

I purchases a middle of the line Sleep Number Bed about three months ago and I cannot sleep on it. I do have back problems and they have never been as bad as they are now. I absolutely cannot walk in the morning. We have tried all the settings and even purchased two different toppers, but no help. I am presently sleeping in another bedroom. I am sick that now we need to purchase another bed and throw this one in the trash!

Horrible Experience

Worst experience purchasing a bed in my life. I paid for the bed in January, February is almost over and I still do not have my bed nor do I know when I will be getting it. They have canceled and rescheduled the delivery FOUR times now. Most of the times only giving me a 10 minute heads up that they were not coming. The first time they canceled I didn't even receive a call, I had to call them to find out that they wouldn't be delivering my bed. I have done so much to prepare for this new bed, shoveling, washing sheets, moving furniture, and moving multiple doctors appointments to accommodate their schedule. Not to mention I have been doing all of this while my leg is in a cast. The last time they canceled I had received a text in the morning letting them know they were on their way and the bed would be delivered between 9am - 12pm. I thought finally I would get my much needed new bed, I again rearranged furniture and took all my sheets off to wash and made sure there was no ice on the walkway. With only 10 minutes until noon, I received a call letting me know that they were going to reschedule and I wouldn't receive my bed for a whole more month! I've spent hours on the phone trying to sort all this out and I am just so deeply disappointed with the service that was provided to me. If you are considering purchasing a bed from here, I strongly suggest that you purchase a bed from somewhere else and save yourself countless hours of stress and phone calls. I wish I could give a review of 0 stars because this was the worst experience of purchasing a bed in my life. I paid for the bed in January, February is almost over, and I still do not have my bed. They have canceled and rescheduled the delivery FOUR times now. Most of the times only giving me a 10-minute heads up that they were not coming. The first time they canceled I did not even receive a phone call, I had to call them to find out that they would not be delivering my bed. I have done so much to prepare for this new bed; shoveling, washing sheets, moving furniture, and rescheduling multiple doctors appointments to accommodate their schedule. Not to mention I have been doing all of this while my leg is in a cast. The last time they canceled I had received a text in the morning letting me know they were on their way and the bed would be delivered between 9am - 12pm. I thought finally I would get my much-needed new bed, I again rearranged furniture and took all my sheets off to wash and made sure there was no ice on the walkway. After waiting for over three hours and with only 10 minutes until noon, I received a call letting me know that they were going to reschedule, yet again. On top of that, I would not be receiving my bed for another whole month! I have spent hours on the phone trying to sort all this out and I am just so deeply disappointed with the service that was provided to me. If you are considering purchasing a bed from here, I strongly suggest that you reconsider and save yourself countless hours of stress and phone calls. P.S. If you need to call them at their 1-800 number, plan on being hold for a minimum of 30 minutes before you get to talk to someone.

Several years of comfort not worth the misery

Owned a Sleep Number 8 for seven years now. For five years, the only dissatisfaction was a slight case of trenching, which the advertising led us to believe wasn't possible. Moving the bed to a new home was the first real disappointment since we found out the hard way that it's worth the money to pay Sleep Number a couple of hundred bucks to move it for us because we didn't and had to pay the money anyway because it's too much of a job for anyone else to do it right. My beef is that, at ninety years of age, my wife and I shouldn't have to do without a bed for any longer than one night, if something goes wrong. We think the pump went kaput. (Hope it was the pump because the only way we could order a new one was on the condition that, once we get it, we can't return it. So, we own it, whether that was the problem or not. Troubleshooting was done on the phone to save $99 for someone to come out and do the same thing I did for the tech on the phone. But the result is our responsibility. We ordered a new pump, which our pro-rata warranty covered some of. And we were told that, because it was 12:30 and not before noon, it might not go out until the next day. So, a night without a bed for my wife and me. [at our age——90 and 84 respectively] sitting up in a chair or lying on a too-short couch might be acceptable for one night. When it didn't come the next day, and then the day after, we were told that it might take another day. Then, when it didn't come the next day, and there was still no tracking number, we were told that it usually takes 5 - 7 days to ship from the warehouse. And, only then would the overnight freight we paid 40 bucks for would apply. So, here we are. Already two nights with no beds, and now finding out that it could be another week before we get the parts and, if all goes well, after installing them ourselves, we might be able to sleep in our "luxurious" sleep number bed. This is totally unacceptable; and, I'm here to tell anyone who might want to listen that the money is better spent on a simple, reliable, plain ol' mattress that you can turn over once in a while when it sags. We spent $8,000 on this bed (plus the money we've had to spend on service, and now the parts) and, for the money we've spent, could have had many more new mattresses delivered over the years, without the misery.

They are not good

We bought a Sleep Number bed about 3 years ago. Since then I have had the mattress bladder replaced once, and will likely have to have it replaced again. It leaked the first time, and is leaking again less than 12 months after it was replaced. Either there is a design flaw in the frame that keeps puncturing the bladder, or they are just plain unreliable. It is taking over a month to get one of their techs to come repair the bed, so I can only assume that, since his workload is so full, the beds are inherently unreliable and he is worked off his feet fixing them. Will not recommend this garbage to anyone.

Over priced. poor customer service

Feel very ripped off. First, before I get into major issue with this company the mattress is not that great. Could have spent less for a better mattress. My gf and I wanted to upgrade from a queen to a king. So we put the queen another brand in the spare room and ordered the sleep number. First the queen bed came from another company that charges far less and both agree the mattress is far better on the queen even though we can not adjust it. Now the real problem. The motors on the base were not working well. First called customer service who told me it was my smart phone. So did what they recommended no change. So they then had a tech remote access my bed to confimr that their is a problem with the signal getting to the device. so they say they will send out a tech. The tech could not come in 3 weeks. So the tech comes today and says yes there is a problem with the motor connecting to your phone. We can not fix it we will have sleep number call you to replace you should get the call in an hr. Slow forward 4 hrs later tech calls says hold on we are transfering you. 1/2 hr later tech from a different company picks up and says they will fix it its not a sleep number issue they do not make the base. So have to spend an hr reexplaining the issue. was told oh we can send someone to fix that hold on. half hr later sorry I dont know when we can get a tech out. Will call ya. Still waiting. DONT BUY JUST DONT BUY not worth the overprice and poor poor customer service.

Sleep Number Nightmare

Wrong bed was ordered by store manager, having waited two months then told another two months for the right one to arrive. Cancelled ordered. Horrible customer service from corporate on down. We went to Tempur-Pedic and and they have excellent customer service, are local and care about their customers.

Most horrible mattress ever

My husband and I purchased a sleep number bed 17 years ago. We called every week after for 6 months saying it was the worst mattress ever. Each time they had us try a different setting; low, medium, high, etc. My husband and I had our own choices on each side and tried to sutomize for our own preferences. Fortunately the store where we purchased the bed allowed us to finally trade it in for a different one. This company still spams us with direct mail and other marketing materials even though we have told them multiple times how awful the experience was for us. The experience was so horrible that we avoid staying at the particular hotel chain which uses their mattresses. Don't buy one!

Sleep Number has the absolute worst delivery service....

1...I ordered my i10 sleep number bed in early January. Sleep Number was notified and instead of holding my bed for deliver while I was in the Hospital, they sold my bed and pushed me back 6 weeks because they sold my bed. Finally when my bed fit arrive the last February, when the delivery team got here I was promised they would install my bed with a white glove process. Basically, very clean. in addition, they said they would remove all my old bed when was included in the installation process I paid for. 3....the technician made a phone all and said the could not set my be us as my old web was still in place. Sleep Number Sid they would remove my old bed. After the phone call the techs said they could not install the new bed I PAID @10,000.00 for. 4...upon the next visit to install the bed, the technician said they could not install the bed because their bed recycling company would not accept the bed. never once did they point to a web page or handout the provided the requirements needed to be met before they would install the bed. Ones again the tech made a phonecall and said they could not touch th be and they could not install the bed. the left and now to date May 4th the will no longer get in touch with me and my calls go unanswered . REGARDLESS OFTHERE PROMISES, THEY WILL NOT MEET THEIR OBLIGATIONAS THE PROMISES THEY MADE. I WILLFOLLOW UP AS I ENGAGE INGETING MY MONEY BACK AS AS A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP IS IMPOSSIBLE AS I AND MIRED IN LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE. IF YOU HAVE A REPLY OR WISH TO NO MORE, AKASHUE2@GMAIL.COM

Sleep Number Customer Service

My review is not on the Sleep Number product but on my recent experience with their customer service. We have owned multiple Sleep Number beds having purchased our first in the 90'a when y ey were Select Comfort. We bought them for our kids and as adults the all sleep on the Sleep Number beds. Recently one of the air chambers in our king bed developed a leak. As these have served us for sometime we decided to call customer service and buy two new chambers. The agent who helped me was impatient with the quality of our phone connection and was especially inpatient with me when I questioned the price of the replacement air chambers. I went ahead with the purchase a bit in shock that two air chambers were going to cost $800. When the two boxes were delivered,we found that the new air chambers came two to a box and she sold me two boxes. I called customer service again and was told that they would mail me a prepaid label to return the unneeded box for a refund. That label never arrived. I called two weeks later and the second label never arrived. I called a month after my first request for a refund and FINALLY received the label I sent the package immediately. The story is not over. I waited a week for the refund after confirmation that the package was received. When it wasn't credited to my card I called and learned that it takes 7 to 10 days for the credit to process AFTER the return is finalized. It had not yet been finalized and the agent I spoke to offered to do so then. I feel that if I had not called I ay still be waiting for a refund. This is no way to treat t a loyal customer of 25 years. I will look elsewhere for my next bed.

A Great Mattress - Until It Wasn't

After nearly four years of peaceful sleep, I awoke to lying in the Marianna Trench. My mattress was apparently exhausted in more ways than one, one also being my new sleep number. It took two weeks for what I thought would be a repair team to come to the house. Nope. For $99 (not covered under warranty), they just diagnose the problem. Except they didn’t, explaining it could be one of several problems and I was to call the next day with the results of the experiment they left me to do. After being passed through three customer service representatives I was informed I needed a new air chamber (68% covered by warranty; credit card please) plus, yes, that will be another $99 service call. The repair part is shipped to your house. Then you get to wait, again, for a service team to arrive to install it. As for repair service, my first call was disconnected. My second call I was informed you do not find out until two days before the service exactly what time they will arrive. So if you schedule your life more than two days in advance, be prepared to take the entire day off. In my case, they called at 7AM the day of the appointment to reschedule the arrival time. I will say that all their service representatives were very polite. If you are considering a Sleep Number mattress, here is my advice. Understand the 15-year warranty depreciates faster than a new car and the service call is not included. If and when the bed breaks, bring your patience, your checkbook, and acquire a spare mattress to sleep on for a month.


My wife and I have been loyal Sleep Number customers over the years. We purchased our first 7000 model back in 2006 and loved it. After 15 years, we were due for an upgrade. So we purchased their ILE mattress for half off on Black Friday 2020. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as it slept really hot with all of the memory foam it was made of. So we ended up exchanging it for an S3 model mattress as it most closely resembled our old 7000 model mattress with a pillow top. The mattress is falsely advertised on their website ( for being 11 inches high. It is not. Ours measures approximately 8.5 - 9 inches high giving about a half inch variance in the uneven surface of the pillow top. Don’t let the imagery on their website fool you. They use the same material on the base as the side of the mattress. The bottom of the mattress is where the thin lined seam is and the portion beneath is the base. This makes the mattress look thicker than it really is. Very deceiving! This is nothing but a glorified air mattress that I wouldn’t put a value of more than $500-$700 on. The air bladders sit on the bottom of the encasement cover without any foam support beneath. So if you want to sit up in bed and have it set on a low number such as 30, you will feel the hard base as all of your body weight is in one area rather than being evenly dispersed when laying down. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, we exchanged the S3 for another one to rule out if the height issue was the result of a manufacturing defect. They sent us another S3 and it was exactly the same. So Sleep Number’s resolution was to provide us with two 1 inch thick layers of memory foam to put beneath the air bladders a ComfortFit Mattress layer ( to put on top of the mattress. This brought the total height of the mattress up to 11.5 inches. While this resolved the height issue, we should not have had to add these extra items to bring it to a height that it is advertised at in the first place. The two inches of foam should come standard with the mattress, but it doesn’t. As a result of adding the ComfortFit Mattress layer on top, the mattress now sleeps extremely hot, which is the reason we returned the ILE. We’ve reached out to a rep in corporate that has somewhat been working with us on these issues, in regards to the increased temperature. Instead of providing a solution, we were offered a refund on the mattress and future email communication has gone ignored which is why I am now writing this review. We have since had to remove the ComfortFit layer and they refuse to work with us on finding a solution to the temperature issue. This mattress also has a strong off gassing chemical odor. Another thing to take into consideration if you have a high sensitivity to odors, allergies, or asthma. Furthermore, we have encountered an issue on both S3 mattresses we have had where the pillow top tends to lump up in certain areas. So this lump also shows through the bedding when the bed is made. In addition, this mattress used to contain an S3 label on the side so that you know for sure that you are receiving the exact mattress that you purchased. This is how it was portrayed in the imagery on their website. After bringing the issue up to this same rep in corporate, we were told that they use this mattress cover as a generic replacement for other mattresses and had it removed. I didn’t buy a generic mattress. I bought an S3 and expect to have some info labeled on the product reflecting that. They even went as far as Photoshopping the label out of the image shown on their website after we brought this to their attention. You can tell where it was touched up if you refer to the blotchy shadowing on the left side of the mattress near the head of the bed in the 2nd image down. I have a screenshot of what it used to look like. Makes you wonder if they are using this same mattress cover for the S1 model that is advertised at 10 inches in height. After all, our S3 is only about 8.5 - 9 inches high. The only supposed differences between the two are one inch in overall height, and the 2 inch grey egg crate foam piece that lays on top of the air bladders being 1.5 inches on the S1 and having 5 comfort zones, versus 2 inches of thickness and 7 zones on the S3. The comfort zones are all a gimmick for marketing purposes and to get you to spend more money on the S3. All the comfort zones are, are different patterns in foam. You cannot even feel the difference on where those comfort zones are through the mattress cover. I have attempted to post this review on the Sleep Number website. The review has been submitted, but I have yet to see it live on their site. So Sleep Number is obviously filtering their reviews and choosing which ones to post. This is why I am now sharing this on third party review sites. While submitting a review on the Sleep Number site, they provide you with an option to upload photos, however, it does not work. I’ve tried different browsers, computers, and mobile devices, along with different file formats and sizes. There are several reviews on their site and not one contains any images. What are they hiding? What do they not want you to see? The bottom line is that Sleep Number has really cheapened the quality of their products over they years. They are no longer what they used to be. I would highly recommend looking elsewhere for a higher quality mattress for less money. *** I have photos and screenshots to back up my claims above and would be happy to provide them if you would like to include them with this review.

breaks down

we started in 2014 loving our sleep number bed we thought the warranty was great but as time has went buy it seems the foam has broke down over time , we called a few years after we bought this bed but was told it was normal. We called and was told it would be over $600 to replace some of the foam, our warranty goes though 2030 something I just feel the cost is too much , this was not explained in full on this prorated scale on replacement. I would not recommend this product if you are looking at one of these look long and hard at the sale pitch and the warranty not as good as it seems.


This company will lie to you. They set appointments then say they were there but they lie. I live in a community that has a gate where you have to press our name to get in. They stated they were at the gate and attempted to gain entry but couldn't so they left. Of course we were home but the phone never rang. We watched THE VIDEO OF OUR FRONT GATE AND THEY NEVER CAME THE ENTIRE DAY. THEY DID THIS TWICE.


This review is for the i8 mattress. NOTE that due to the company's undisclosed return policy of $199.00 for bed removal you should run from them as fast as possible!! After first week of horrible uncomfortable sleep (bed sleeps hot and the way it's built DOES NOT keep the spine in alignment as you decrease the Sleep Setting from 100)I contacted customer service (CS) to return bed. CS told me they would send techs out to "upgrade" the bed and would send us a mattress "topper" that would fix issue with uncomfortable sleep - all at NO COST to us. CS also told me to DISABLE the adjustable sleep comfort setting - indicating that was probably causing some of my back pain problems . . . NOTE - the primary selling point of the bed in the store was the "adjustable sleep comfort setting." Techs came out a few days later. They inverted the bed installed several "foam" inserts. A day or so after we received the mattress "topper." I placed the topper on the bed. Initial issue manifested when wife laid on the topper. She IMMEDIATELY began itching all over (she is allergic to latex) the topper is all latex. She ended up sleeping on our couch. I attempted to sleep on the topper for two nights. Those two nights were horrible and painful. I ended up removing the topper from the bed and re-boxing it. The issue was the hardness of the topper and the ridged surface. I ended up cutting and placing a 2.5 inch thick non-allergenic foam padding on top of the mattress. That addition provided some comfort. My wife and I were able to get some sleep but the bed was still not performing as advertised. I wife was still spending parts of the night on the couch and I was still having back pain. After another two weeks I contacted the company and told them to take the bed back. GET THIS . . . the ads all say you can return if not satisfied . . . BUT you have to PAY THEM $199.00 to get them to take it back!!!! The is not disclosed any where! THIS IS A BAD COMPANY AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

Customer Service is Horrible

Customer Service is Horrible, I ordered and i10 with the Flex 3 Base and over $1000 in bedding back in the month of July for a total of over $12K for the whole deal. I received an install date for August 11 and received emails and text messages confirming the install date on August 11 between 12-4PM. So, I scheduled a vacation day at work which is tough to get right now, but it was given to me. On August 10 I received a call from the home installation team say that they would be arriving the next day between 4:30-8:30PM to deliver and install the bed. This really infuriated me considering I took the day off for the install. The next morning, I spend two hours on the phone trying to get someone with a pulse on the phone and even when I did, I got the “we don’t care attitude” or transferred back into the queue. I finally gave up and settled with the fact I will receive my bed later that evening. At 1:00pm I received a call from a very rude customer service person who said I will not be getting my bed that day and I was rescheduled for September 1. I kept asking for the reason which this person refused give. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and I was placed back into the queue again. I called the number of the delivery people who called me the night before and asked what was going on and got the same tough crap attitude and when I became angry the person was laughing at me. After hanging up on this extremely rude individual I called back and canceled my entire order. The person I spoke to seemed to be completely unphased by the fact I was canceling a $12,000 order. Don’t bother with sleep number. Everyone I interacted with was completely unprofessional and didn’t seem to care one bit and didn’t have the common curiously to tell me the truth. They have now lost me as a customer FOREVER and you can be well rest assured, I will be posting this story everywhere online and telling everyone I know how useless this company and their people are.

Bed great - if something goes wrong - very poor customer support.

August 9, 2021 - called for help --I have pictures clearly showing the problem - wanted and was willing then to pay for a tech to come out - can't send pictures outlying the problems - was told NO, I had to troubleshoot first - was told to disconnect hoses for a while to see what happened - waited 1 week - No change to bed. Took apart bed -- remade bed. August 14, 2021 called for help -- no change with prior disconnect of hoses - was told to exchange hoses and wait. Took apart bed -- remade bed August 21, 2021 called for help. I have additional pictures from a shot looking underneath the bed - the middle support rail is caved in -- that has to be part of the issue. Spent minutes trying to clarify the situation to the phone rep -- can't send pictures -- could not make it clear that it was not the decking or a side rail -- not sure if it is the air chamber - it could be the air chamber is also leaking. Insisted that I did not want this to continue indefinitely - PLEASE send a tech to verify and provide the correct replacement parts. Took apart bed, remade bed. August 24, 2021 -- tech support schedule - I received text and email verifying tech arrival -- took off work -- received a cancellation phone call 1 hour before expected arrival of tech support, took apart bed -- now have to remake bed September 11, 2021 -- new tech support consult. Will have to take apart bed and remake bed again.

Do not buy

Bought this bed almost 6 months ago, took 1 month to deliver, then it has been broken for 2 because of bad manufacturing. They cannot get someone out here to fix it even though we've had the replacement parts forever. I've never paid this much for something with such a bad experience.

Expensive. Does not perform. Poor customer service.

Our original wall hugger bed was great for over 10 years. The "split feature bed" pulls apart as though you are sleeping on two twins pushed together. We were charged to upgrade to their "latest and greatest" 360 which is most definitely not worth the money. After less than a year: Side foam wears out after just a few months which corporate blamed on my husband sitting on the bed to get up!!! Seriously??? We don't sit on the bed as they suggested, we simply sit up to get out of the bed. They then suggested my husband was to old and frail to get up quickly enough to not damage the side foam. Again, seriously???? They charged us to replace the side even though the bed was "supposedly under warranty. The foot warmer has been replaced four times (which we had to pay for twice) Customer service is rude, uncaring and their only suggestion is to pay pay pay to repair their defective product. The foam is so thick that the sleep number feature is ineffective. Both of us have to keep the setting at 100 even though are weight difference is over 100 pounds. The electronics constantly need to be "re set" which they expect my "frail and old" husband to do himself by crawling under the bed to unplug and re plug it in. The only positive thing I have to share is that the technicians who come out (repeatedly) to make repairs, are polite and helpful. Corporate customer service, on the other hand, could not be more rude or uncaring. 20 years ago I would have recommended this company and their product. Today, my suggestion is save yourself the frustration and avoid this company.

Service Call

Where's the booties? You would think that the techs would be trained to put on protective footwear when tromping through your house, just saying.

Waste of Money

After 5 years+. I threw my Sleep Number Mattress away. After only 2 years, I had complained about the constant depression in the center of the bed. Inflating to 100% did not solve the depression problem I have read other reviews and it is not an uncommon problem. Sales department told me , no problem, it is under warranty. However, I would have to pay for someone to come to my home and perform the repairs..What kind of warranty is that? I have back issues which just seemed to worsen using this mattress. I purchased a Consumer Report excellent rated mattress latex mattress for 1/3 the price and I'm sleeping much better and with less back pain.

Terrible bed for a single sleeper

I bought my bed 360 smart bed in October, it was delivered with the wrong adjustable frame that I was showed at the store, my mistake was to accept delivery at all. After sleeping on the bed for a couple of days, I noticed the valley in the middle between the two air mattresses. I called customer service about the bed being uncomfortable and they sent me a pillow top add-on for my brand new mattress. I wasn’t happy with this option, but I thought I will try it. Serval days later after still rolling into the valley, I called customer service again. This time was solution was to send me another piece of foam to put between the two air mattresses that was causing the sinking towards the middle. What I got, was another 1 inch piece of foam to put it on the mattress. I called customer service again, they offered me an upgrade to an I8 mattress for additional $1200. After reading the reviews on the I8 mattress I did not think it was worth the additional money. I had complained about receiving the wrong adjustable frame, but I was told there was nothing they could do about that because that was the only one they had available. Of course they will not refund your money for your adjustable frame because they say they do not manufacture it. That is a bogus excuse they sell the product they should stand behind it. There are a lot better options out there than sleep by number. The show room at the store, is wonderful, Once you get the bed home it’s not so wonderful. I still have the $200 mattress protector that I had to pay for to uphold the warranty on the mattress. The company has a lot of gimmicks, you can do better than sleep by number.


I have to come to this site to leave a review because sleep number website will not allow me to leave a negative review. We have been sleep number owners for many years. 12 years ago we purchased an ILE special edition bed on the special they had at 50% off. It was the most comfortable bed that we ever slept on and we were sold. After owning the bed for 12 years we decided that we would purchase us a new one because we love the old ones so much. When the sale came around we decided to purchase and put our old bed in the guest room so guest can sleep and comfort and we would have a new ILE special edition bed.We have owned the bed for a little over a year now. With that being said my wife and I both have developed serious back neck and leg pain. We noticed when we go camping we have a purple mattress in our RV and when we go camping there’s no aches and pains when we come back home they return. So I called sleep number and ask them could they possibly prorate this bad give us a new one of a different kind this bad it’s just turned in to be the most uncomfortable bed we’ve ever owned. So I decided to remove the bed and go purchase a purple mattress because sleep number will not do anything for us. I get it it’s after my hundred nights sleep and I totally understand I purchased with that in mind. With that being said we did go lay on our old sleep number bed and it was way more comfortable than our new one. I will be removing all sleep number mattress is a total of three out of our house they are going into the garbage never again. After looking at this bed once I disconnected it from the Air and removed it out of the house I was looking at it closely. This thing is so cheaply made with cheap foam and it is a piece of garbage all you are paying for is a piece of foam in an air mattress. Unlike our old ILE bed it was made so quality with different foams. I will be throwing away the new bed and should go back to my old bed but I am not going to do that because I am so pissed at Sleep Number not taking care of us. On top of that they will not allow us to leave a negative review so I have to go to another site to do so. Purchase yourself a purple mattress or another kind and you won’t be disappointed I promise. You are not missing out by not buying a sleep number bed at all. Not to say that I would’ve gave it five stars to our old bed back in the day but this new bed they change the design it is garbage and it is cheap and they are overpriced for what they charge. Not to mention there’s lumps and bumps in my foam underneath that will never could come out which caused my circulation to cut off. That’s all have a good day.

Not Worth the Money

We purchased our Sleep Number ILE king size bed in July 2019. The Sleep IQ technology has never worked. Sleep Number tried replacing the pump system twice, and when that didn't fix it, they quit trying to fix it. After calling the store where the bed was purchased, and sleep number support themselves, they noticed that something weird was going on with my account, where there were two accounts created when we made our purchase. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but we are unable to use the Sleep IQ features at all, nonetheless. I pursued a resolution for this for about a year before giving up. In about two years of my wife and I sleeping on the mattress there are two "holes" where we sleep. The foam pad is completely worn and flattened, which effectively leaves us sleeping on an air mattress. After spending that much money on this set up I'd expect that a) we'd actually be able to use the features we paid for and were sold on, and b) the foam mattress topper would last more than a couple of years. Every night we get in bed, and every morning when we wake up with back pain, we feel the sting of spending so much money on a product that has been so disappointing, especially with a company who has been unable to resolve our issues and just gave up on us. At this point I don't think there's anything sleep number could do to restore my faith in their product or their service. Do yourself a favor and spend your money on something else.

Worst customer service

I bought my Bed in January with an expected delivery date of 3/4 the bed came damaged so the rescheduled at new delivery date another 6 weeks out for April 22 - when I called to check the status when they were an hour after the scheduled window I was just told they were running late but coming, when no one showed up we called again and were told there was a tech illness and we had Ben re-scheduled for June 14, because even though the bed was on a truck in my city they would have to ship it back to the manufacturer and order a whole new bed made. This is the worse logistics management I have ever heard of and seriously a idiotic way to run a business and I were a stock holder in the company I would seriously reconsider my investment. Based on the treatment I have received I have no trust in this company nor their products- I could not recommend purchasing a sleep number and at this time wish I had just gotten another temperpedic .

Never do business with them!!!

Poor business ethics liars thieves they stole $4000 for me, Currently in a lawsuit

Beware of the 100 Night Trial. It costs about $500 if you return the mattress.

Sleep Number bed promotes the "100 Night Trial." I was led to believe that the trial would be free. When we purchased the mattress, we were told about the $200 (two hundred dollars) delivery fee. It seemed high for delivery, but we agreed to it. What we did NOT agree to, was the $249 (two hundred and forty-nine dollars) delivery fee for the return of the mattress. To my best knowledge, this is above the cost of any deliveries in our area. Deliveries for large items in our area are below $100, when there is a cost at all. High-priced items such as these (this mattress was almost $3000 (three thousand dollars) carry no shipping fees at all. I was also told I cannot return the mattress my own. I did speak with Veronica, the "case manager" who told me she did not care about my reporting their practices, and that she would not work with me. This amounts to deception. The "100 Night Trial" really costs $500 (five hundred dollars rounded up with taxes) for those of us who find the sleep number mattress impossible to sleep on.

Awful Company

From the moment I walked into the store I felt pressured into upgrading and buying more than I had intended. When I finally decided on a bed and paid for it a delivery date was scheduled. That's where this company TOTALLY LOOSES it. In as much as my wife and I both work the delivery NEEDED to take place after 5:00PM. The salesman replied that this was possible, he just needed to add a note to the transaction requesting a late delivery time and the schedule looked like it could oblige. A couple of days prior to delivery I received an email with delivery time set for the 11:30 to 2:30 window. I contacted customer service to inform them that, indeed, no one would be home during those hours and was referred to a website which showed next available delivery, for any time, was not before 60 days. Keeping in mind that the original appointment was made one week prior. SOOOO, I called customer service again and was told. in so many words, that they couldn't help and I had to take what was offered. I then replied that I was not satisfied with or able to schedule and appointment for 60 days in the future and if they were unable or unwilling to schedule delivery for a guaranteed after 5:00PM time then I wanted a refund. I was informed that if that is what I wanted then so be it. I told him to wait until I contacted the store. I called the store, was put on hold, and then informed that my salesman was off that day but that they'd leave him a note. The next day I called back to see about scheduling a better time, he looked up my order and told me that it had been cancelled and that there was nothing he could do as that was all handled at the corporate level. So, bottom line, I did cancel the order (for which I paid dead presidents cash) and requested a refund. But no, the "policy" is that stores don't have money available for refunds, that must come from corporate. 30 plus days and still waiting for the last $1000.00 refund.


We bought our bed 4 months ago and we already had few issues with it and the big one is . They give us the wrong size air chamber in one side of the bed and bed it’s sliding and getting out of the shape after 4 months. I demanded the new bed but they told me that they will replace parts and if the bed wasn’t working from the beginning why Not just change the whole bed?!! I wish I never bought this bed.

Comfortable mattress but overpriced

While the mattress is very comfortable the bed is overpriced and customer service is poor. Once you find and set your sleep number you rarely change the setting. We recently replaced an older queen with a C4 split king with an adjustable base. Claiming supply issues Sleep Number removed many of the convenient features on all but the most expensive FlexFit 3 model while maintaining premium prices. The adjustable bases are not returnable. They use magnets instead of a bar at the foot of the bed so competitive mattresses will not work on the base. As a return customer Sleep Number said they would make an exception and let me exchange the base for the model I originally wanted for an additional $1500 (including restocking and shipping fees). The salesman neglected to tell me that the FlexFit2 would become available in two months. The fees would increase the base cost to over $4000 while new customers are $2500 for the same base. This is how they treat loyal customers.

Pissed off and angry

We were told be the sales person that they would remove the old bed and Dispose it. When the delivery people came to deliver the $6000 bed they said they can’t remove the adjustable bed because it was not a old sleep number bed. We were lied to by the salesman. My wife and I are both disabled I am a 100% disabled veteran and can not remove it . When the supervisor Was called and was told about us having and old non-sleep number base therefore they refuse to remove it and then they told us we have 15 min to remove the bed our self or they would put it down as a refuse delivery and take it back . This was unacceptable. I HATE TO BE LIED TO. Now we have to find someone to haul it away. Which will cost a lot of money. This hole situation is BS.

Ed's Bed

There once was a man named Ed. Who every night went to sleep with dread. He tossed, he turned, he sank and he squirmed until he purchased a new Sleep Number bed. Now Ed smiles as he turns out the light at night with his mattress and headrest adjusted just right. Oh what a treat ,that he can warm his feet and sail on sweet dreams for a good night sleep.


I have had a sleep number mattress for 17 years. I had to replace the pump after 7 years at a cost of over $650.00. A year later I replaced the zip on cover for it for almost $400.00. Both need to be replaced again now. I decided to downsize my bed as my bedroom is too small to have a kingsize mattress now. I stopped into a sleep number store in March 2022 to inquire about current prices and to see the upgrades made since my original purchase and to try to figure out when I might be able to afford to purchase. The sales person in the store said he could pre-qualify me for a zero interest for 60 months Care Credit account. Instead he opened the account and told me that I qualified to purchase the bed but that it would only be ordered when I chose to order it after paying off some other bills. I told him in March that it would be October or November before I would be ready to order. He said that I could make changes to the order any time before ordering it if they had other sale prices between then and when I ordered it. Domacio said that it would take 6-8 weeks for delivery because nothing is made until I actually ordered it to be delivered. Now I am able to purchase the bed in August. I no longer need the upholstered headboard or wrap around part because I inherited furniture. Those parts won't fit with furniture I recently inherited. Now I find that what I thought was a preliminary order that could be changed is not true. Sales people in 2 different Sleep Number Stores tell me that the upholstered parts cannot be removed from my order because they have already been built and set aside in my name. Sleep Number Customer Service associates on the phone tell me that I can cancel or change anything else but that I will be sent those parts and charged for them no matter what. With all the Sleep Number Stores in this country I am sure they could use those to display a queen size bed in any store or sell them to the next customer who orders that part. I am told that they will send it to me and charge me for it whether I buy a mattress or not. I have closed the Care Credit account that was set up for me based on half truths and lies. I will refuse delivery if it is sent. I will never recommend Sleep Number to anyone again. Everything is over priced and the sales people are only interested in their commissions and fast talking sales pitches. Don't trust anyone and read everything before you sign it. What Sleep Number employees say and what you read later will not be the same thing. 30 days and 8 months in which to make changes are not the same thing! Rushing someone to sign is wrong.

Small sleep area

We ordered the king split twin mattress thinking it would work better so that each of us can elevate the head or foot of the bed to our own comfort. However, I am actually sleeping on a small twin size bed and do not have spaced to sleep comfortably. We have multiple pets that share our bed and it is frustrating that as an adult I am back in a baby bed.

Sleep number sales and phone support lie

Sleep number beds not worth the cost my old mattress sleeps better and it’s 15 years old. The sales staff didn’t explain that a adjustable base can’t be returned and phone support didn’t explain if I exchange a bed it can’t be returned during the trail period.

Does not last

We purchased about 3 years ago. Shortly before having it for 1 year, my husband's side started losing air during the night. Called customer service and they sent 2 guys to fix it. They put something between the 2 top mattresses and claimed it to be fixed. We were charged $100.00! It was not fixed. We have continued to have issues intermittently but as senior citizens cannot afford to keep shelling out $100 (or more) for them to "fix" it! We are stuck!! His side of the bed is at "0" and we are trying to figure out how to fix it! Don't invest your money! Very dissatisfied!!

Air Chamber Ruptured Just Outside Warranty

My girlfriend and I bought the C12 mattress just over a year ago and for the most part its been a solid investment, plenty comfortable, and no functionality issues. However we have recently encountered issues with inflation on one side of the bed, this issue slowly persisted until the air chamber simply would not stay inflated. After using the websites troubleshooting method we determined that the air chamber was most likely punctured, which came as a surprise as the bed doesn't see any use other than sleeping and has not been subject to anything that would or should cause a puncture. The lack of durability alone was enough for us to leave a bad review, but the issue was made even worse by the fact that sleep number is charging us $140 for a replacement air chamber (which is supposedly 70% off?). We took a real leap paying out for something that was a little out of the ordinary, and are certainly regretting it.

Can't get the bed delivered

Purchased the bed 6 weeks ago. Been looking forward to finally getting it. Re-organized my work day, school pick up for my daughter, etc. to be home during the 2-5pm window. Delivery driver called at 3:59 to say he was 5-10 min away (they're supposed to give 30-60 min notice). I confirmed I'd be there. He called at 4:06 and I missed the call while in the elevator. Called him back at 4:09, 4:12 and 4:15 all of which went to voicemail. The crew at the dock said he pulled in and drove away within minutes. Now I get to wait another 2 weeks until the bed (hopefully) gets delivered. Customer support says that's the best they can do.

Worst Customer Service ever

My wife and I agree, Sleep Number has by far the worst customer service! We paid for replacement parts, for a defective pump, and we've been waiting now 4 months for it to arrive! They said it would be here in a few days. We've repeatedly called them, but they blame it on supply chain issues. No refund, no discount, no compassion. They've lost a customer, and I'll be sure to tell everyone I can! Don't purchase Sleep Number! The moment something goes wrong, good luck getting it fixed.

Mattress Connector?

We have a fully split California king and honestly it's more like two twin hospital beds pushed together. The space between the mattresses is noticeable and you roll into it. Definitely not a bed for couples who like to cuddle or have sex. Has anybody tried a mattress connector or come up with any other ideas to overcome the trench between the mattresses? Very disappointed. We spent over $10,0000 on this bed and now it's like we're sleeping apart.


The bed is good-would probably buy again. But the air mattress failed after only 8 months. The company immediately sent another, but getting it replaced was the problem. Waited 2 weeks, just to have them cancel and delay another week. Getting tired of sleeping in the recliner. Make sure they have adequate installers/repair in your area.

Don't buy it.

We have had the bed for less than a year and it keeps breaking down. It is not worth the money you pay for it.


I bought my first air bed in 1994 no issues and I just loved it so comfy and nice to sleep on. A few years I bought one for my son which is in his guest bedroom over 25 years later. Even bought one for mom and she loved it. The time came and I upgraded my 1994 bed to a new one after about 15 years. I moved in 2017 and did not return selling/donating everything. Black Friday sale 2018 I ordered a new bed to be sent to my shipper to send to the Philippines. SN sent the whole package to the wrong address in Florida it was found and shipped..SN told me the warranty was VOIDED because of shipping overseas....I ordered anyway thinking no issues in 4 beds it would be OK but a sense told me VOIDED WARRANTY should have left it be. In 2022..We got up sinking in. Then it is either EMPTY or 100% full. Finally got it comfortable to sleep at 40. Next day we got it to 100 lower it resulted in pumping more air in and not STOPPING disconnect hoses to empty it. Now we found a major leak followed on line instructions to fix it glued on a rubber patch...RESEARCH shows the rubber in the bladder is breaking up..Got air in to sleep what a night. I woke up laying hard against my wife she had to push me up hill back to go to sleep. Short time later I HOLLERED LOUD I AM FALLING AGAIN I HIT HER. Morning her bladder was on the wood base NO AIR my side heading for EMPTY...We did a temporary repair by removing the bladders and putting in a 60 x 80 foam in. Hard but we slept...NEVER AGAIN SLEEP NUMBER... Original price was $4,000 bought at 50% off STILL A RIPOFF and a SCAM for our money...They either got bought or merged as the stock symbol is different from the original one.. Sleep Number is the new company name changed from Select Comfort...

componemts are purely useless; defects at two months force abandonment!!!

I bought their Queen after having the split King some 30 years ago. My main reason to purchase from them was simple: Back then, some 20++ years, the Components "WERE"top-grade", and Customer service and Warranty WERE also "top-grade". Sadly, after a short 2 months, the top mattress is defective (the left side has an 18" crater in it right where one would lay, but it slides you to the edge (side of the bed) where you risk sliding off. I have fallen off twice! The right side (has two excessive bumps causing my spouse to have new pain in her hip and right side). Neither of us has slept more than 5 hours on any given night! We are going to return and get our money back!!! Ha-ha, after reading 1/2 hours of reviews, I wouldn't have bought it. I only did so because of our PAST history~ I am officially stating that this company is using FRAUD to attempt to extract much more money than was agreed upon with myself and their phone salesman. This amount is well over some $1,300.00! BE REAL CAREFUL BECAUSE, IN MY FIRST (KING) BED, IT HAD a decent wireless remote control set-up making using the bed, tailoring it to your own preferences, very easy and user friendly. I didn't find out until the bed was installed, that control of the head AND foot positions of adjustability is now done with a cheap, intermittent switch has to be held with you OFF the bed and hold the up/down position. I read somewhere, after the fact, that they get around disclosing this cheap useless switches, describing them as an "attached remote". Look it up in the dictionary; there is no such thing. A Real Remote Control(called a wireless remote control) NICE TRY, bet some high-priced lawyers figured this loophole out! is what is needed, but I'll go out on a limb here and accuse them of using cheap materials to cover the costs of their executives' bonuses (one got $10 Million, I think it was in last year or 2021. Keep in touch with me. I want my money back, 100% because what I bought, is NOT WHAT I WAS TOLD I'D receive, NOR WHAT I DID RECEIVE!!! and I am working on spearheading a class action against both the financing bank and SLEEP NUMBER


My wife and I bought a sleep number bed (i10) for approx $10,000 a few years back. I have a medical issue and a sleep number bed seemed to be the trick. Delivery was confirmed the morning of (delivery in the afternoon) so we sold our bed prior and had the new owners pick up delivery morning. We received a phone call in the afternoon stating that the delivery truck was having issues and that there may be a delay in delivery. I was ok for a late evening delivery. I then received a call stating that they needed to reschedule the deliver. I was still ok for a (tomorrow) delivery even though we did not have a bed to sleep on. When the company quoted me a delivery date 5 WEEKS OUT I was not ok. I made several calls to corporate explaining my medical needs but fell on deaf ears. I was going to cancel the delivery (which I should have done) but had high hopes for my medical needs. When the bed was delivery 4 weeks out from original date, having to sleep on the couch or floor with blow up mattress, I was pleased with the bed. Fast forward a couple of years later, and our foot warmers stopped working. Called the company who was helping me with the new foot warmers. I was happy until the customer service quoted me almost $500 for the foot warmers. I explained that this was a $10,000 bed which the foot warmers were only used a couple of seasons during the cold months. I would expect a major company to stand behind their product. No no no...No warranty. So to this date, I can say that I am happy with the bed and they way that I sleep along with my wife. The company I would give a ZERO due to not standing behind their product and also the delivery situation. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND sleep number to anyone looking to purchase. There are better companies out their with the same concept of a bed with higher standards than sleep number. Good luck to all...


The in store staff was phenomenal and so was customer service online. I am however extremely displeased with the company themselves. They advertise a money back guarantee within 100 days of service but don't tell you about the $500 dollars you have to pay for pickup and delivery that is non refundable. They also don't tell you about the shipping and handling that you are accountable for. We went in to the store hoping we found a bed that would work. Wound up having to take out a $3000 loan and put $800 down on top of it and by the end of all the fees after we returned a bed that didn't work we wound up owing $280 to our loan and no money back in our accounts. This loan is continuing to accrue interest because of the hidden fees. So when it comes down to it we are still paying $1000 on a bed we don't even have.

Love the bed, Customer support is non-existent

We own two sleep number beds. The controller on one quit so we ordered a new one. Sleep number happily took our money and never told us the part was on back order. We have been without our bed for over four months with no end in sight. Every time we call them they just give us a sob story about supply chain issues, shortages, every excuse in the book. I don't recommend spending this much money on a high-tech bed that won't be supported when something goes wrong.

Terrible service

The most important point I can pass on is make sure to not pay in full when you order. If you go with the no-interest payments, you can hold those payments if they delay and you do not get your bed when agreed. My present delivery date is 41 days from order and payment. Below is a chronological list of my delivery changes, all taken from texts, emails and voicemail transcriptions. The first delay with weather was clear, but they did not delay my delivery, it appears my bed went to another customer and put my delivery to the back of the list. My first order had a 3 week lead time and my delayed delivery had the same new lead time indicating the order started over. I also had to adjust for being home 2 times for delivery, the second time the bed was promised I had called that morning to confirm delivery and told it was scheduled between 2-5 pm. I received a text later that day after I was home waiting that the delivery was still 2+ weeks out. After several calls to my local store, I received a call from Sleep Number offering to take off 10% but adding another day delay to my delivery. I finally cancelled my order after a full month. The information listed below does not include my numerous calls to customer service resulting in incorrect information and increasing my dissatisfaction. From Screenshots: 11/11 email – Bed paid for in full: Home Delivery scheduled for: December 01, 2022 We'll call or text you 1-2 days prior to provide your 3-4 hour delivery timeframe. If this date does not work for you, please visit the link below to reschedule TEXT: 11/11 – Delivery confirmed for 12/1/2022 11/23 email – reconfirm Hi Nick, As a reminder, your Sleep Number® delivery is scheduled for: Thursday, December 01, 2022 TEXT: 11/23 – confirmed 12/1/2022 11/29 email – reconfirm Hi Nick, Are you ready for the best sleep of your life? Your new Sleep Number® smart bed will be coming home on: Thursday, December 01, 2022 between 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM. TEXT: 11/29 – confirmed 12/1/2022 12/1 email at 10:19 am – new date: Hi Nick, Your new Sleep Number 360® smart bed will be coming home on: Wednesday, December 21, 2022 12/1 email at 12:24 pm – new date: Hi Nick, Your new Sleep Number 360® smart bed will be coming home on: Tuesday, December 06, 2022 TEXT: 12/1 – rescheduled 12/21/2022 TEXT: 12/1 – rescheduled 12/6/2022 12/2 email at 8:37 am: Hi Nick, Your new Sleep Number 360® smart bed will be coming home on: Wednesday, December 21, 2022 12/2 email at 9:10 am: Hi Nick, Your new Sleep Number 360® smart bed will be coming home on: Tuesday, December 06, 2022 TEXT: 12/2 – rescheduled 12/6/2022 TEXT: 12/2 – rescheduled 12/6/2022 VOICEMAIL: on 12/2 rescheduled delivery to 12/21/2022 12/4 email at 12:54 pm: Hi Nick, Are you ready for the best sleep of your life? Your new Sleep Number® smart bed will be coming home on: Tuesday, December 06, 2022 between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM. TEXT: 12/4 – confirmed 12/6/2022 12/6 email at 9:28 am: Hi Nick, Your new Sleep Number 360® smart bed will be coming home on: Thursday, December 22, 2022 TEXT: 12/6 – rescheduled 12/22/2022 NOTE: I CALLED DELIVERY AFTER THIS EMAIL AND WAS TOLD IT WAS CONFIRMED TO BE DELIVERED TODAY 12/6, BETWEEN 2:00-5:00. This was not correct and while waiting at home for the delivery I found out that the order was not coming.

Worst customer service!

After a long time researching mattresses and bed frames, we purchased both new, a queen size Thurma bed frame and a queen size Sleep Number mattress. Once the mattress was delivered and we put the mattress on top of the new frame, there seemed to be something wrong. The mattress BY FAR did not cover the cavity on the frame that was supposed to hold the mattress. So we got the measuring tape out and the Sleep Number mattress measured 2 inches (!!!) less wide and 1.5 inches less long than a normal queen size mattress should be and what this Sleep Number mattress is advertised as. We called customer service and were told to wait a week and the mattress would expand (huh??? didn’t make sense, but we waited). Now we just called to let customer service know that the mattress has not changed in size and that we would like to have the mattress be picked up for free because the size is not as advertised. The customer service manager, Donald, was extremely disinterested and could have cared less about what I explained to him. He insisted over and over again that we needed to pay the $250 return shipping fee. He obviously was not sorry at all and made no attempt at getting it right for us. Now that I am researching other mattresses, I realize how outdated it is to charge a delivery and pick-up return fee. And they were not even willing to budge and agree somewhere in the middle. Not good service!

I would give 0 stars if that was an option. WORST customer service ever

My wife and I ordered a bed a month and a half in advance for our relocation across the country. We had a delivery date set a month in advance. The day of the scheduled delivery, I received a call saying that the bed wouldn't be delivered for another 2 weeks. We called our sales rep Tami because we had no place to stay after that night. She said she moved the delivery date to the next day (a day after our originally scheduled date). That day, the bed was not delivered during the scheduled timeframe. We received an email and call saying that the delivery had again been pushed back, this time 10 days. We tried calling and texting Tami, but never got a response. Although we canceled our order, we have incurred another 4 nights of hotel expenses while we wait for another company to deliver a mattress. I wish we had never considered Sleep Number and would strongly advise people to avoid ordering from them.

Remote Control ISSUE!!!

I bought a Sleep Number 360 PSE in January 2023. There is supposed to be an accessory remote control you can buy...what a joke...for the price of these beds they SHOULD provide you with a FREE remote control. Anyway, when I purchased this bed I was NEVER told that due to the unavailability of the chips..probably from China...that there are NO remote controls available for purchase. I didn't know about this until the installers came to set up my bed. I have called Customer Service several times and also called today 2/14/23. I asked one Rep what the status of the remote controls is and he replied "we're close to getting them". I was then transferred to another Rep who told me that there is still no availability and they have no idea when there will be. SO now the Reps are blatantly lying to their Customers. And they are not letting potential Customers know that there is NO availability to buy a remote control. I say AVOID this company and find another bed!!

Not happy with iLE I purchased in 2015

I do not recommend the iLE. I purchased this bed in 2015 & bed was so firm I replaced foam insert in 2017. It’s still too firm. Sleep Number says their beds last 15 to 20 years. Mine didn’t. I’m so disappointed I’m looking at having to replace my mattress.

Thumbs Down

My husband didn't have any complaints but then he can sleep anywhere, anytime, even sitting up. I have been uncomfortable since the first day he bought it. Thought I would get used to it but after 6 years I finally had enough. I tried adjusting my setting over and over but it always felt like I was sleeping on an old army cot. Purchased a new bed to be delivered today...can't wait! Now I need to figure out what to do with this pile of plastic, foam covers and air mattresses.

Don't buy this bed

I totally hate this bed. its just an expensive air bed. connections through bluetooth are a joke.

Bed does not work and customer service will not help

I have had the bed for a little over a year. Had issues, they said I needed a new pump, which cost me over $100. The one side of the bed still did not work. I have called at least 4 times to get resolved. I got hung up on once, very rude person once. After 2 months of trying to get it resolved they are telling me I need to replace the hoses and it will cost me over $100 for the technician to come out to evaluate the bed. The specialist was supposed to call me back in 7-10 days, 2 1/2 weeks later I called them and they said the logs show everything working. All of this after spending over $6000 for the bed. The bed still does not work. The one side does not show me in the bed most times, once in awhile it will work. I will never buy a bed from them again. Horrible customer service (except for one really nice lady) and I get the feeling they just keep delaying so you give up. Be aware this bed will cost you a lot more then the initial cost if anything happened and you will be frustrated dealing with them.

Remote control always malfunctioning. The bed controls do not work. Zero customer service beyond hit the reset button. Must reset every day.

Wish I never bought this bed

Glorified Air Mattress

We bought one about a year ago. Wasted thousands of dollars. It deflates several times every night. We are getting rid of it. We bought a real mattress. I honestly thought this would be the last mattress we would ever buy because we are senior citizens so we spent alot to be sure we had a really "good" one. From what I see, you have to spend hundreds to have them "repair" it on a regular basis. No thanks. Also, if the power goes out, you can't inflate it. Since it goes flat regularly, you end up without a mattress for the night.

Ridiculous Warranty

I got this bed because I have back issues, and it was great for the first year, then the issues started. I purchased a P5 King in 2019. Within a year, one of the air chambers was leaking to the point I was walking up a couple times a night to reinflate it in the app (change number, hit set, put phone down, back to sleep). I contacted customer support and got a new set of air chambers, both sides, under warranty. Installed the replacement on the bad side, and that has been good since. The other side started leaking within about 6 months, but I had a replacement from the prior issue, installed it, things were good again. Now the second one I replaced started leaking again. I did their troubleshooting, which FYI made the problem worse almost instantly. I went from 1 wakeup a night to 2 or 3. I contacted customer support, expecting them to stand behind their product after explaining the issue, and yeah, wrong answer. After being told it would be $133 for the replacement because I was out of the full warranty period, I asked to speak to the next person in the chain. She got it down to $66, which I begrudgingly paid because I would actually like to sleep through the night. I'm waiting for the next person in the chain to call me, but I would not recommend buying this bed unless you have deep pockets to deal with their ridiculous replacement prices, since you can't get the parts anywhere else. The bottom line, it's a great mattress, until it's not.

Deceptive advertising - products to not function

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!! They engage in deceptive advertise and fraud, selling defective products. They sold us products that do not work as advertised and are telling us that it was a final sale and they will not refund our money. As background, on May 20th, we purchased a Sleepnumber C360 Smart Bed for $13,500 and a Sleepnumber Lifestyle Upholstered Bed Frame for $2,800. Plus tax. The bed and mattress were delivered on July 7th. It was immediately apparent that something was wrong. There is a speaker and light function in the bed frame that is controlled by a remote control. That never functioned - at all. The delivery people couldn’t get it to work. Worse, the mattress itself was defective. We called the company within 2 days and they sent out 2 repair people on July 12th. Those repair people identified that parts were missing, i.e., it was not installed properly because of these missing pieces. Regarding the malfunction of the bed frame, they could not fix it or get it to function - at all. They told us that someone would contact us regarding the missing parts, but we, to this date, have never heard back from them. After repeated frustrating calls to SleepNumber customer service, we decided we wanted to return the entire thing and get our money back. SleepNumber is honoring their policy and taking back the mattress and will be refunding the cost of the mattress, although charging us a $249 return fee for a mattress that was not installed properly and did not function. Regarding the bed frame, despite clear evidence by their own repair people that it does not function, they are claiming that that sale is final. They sold us a product that does not function as it is intended to function. They cannot fix it. They will not take it back or refund is. That is fraudulent selling and deceptive practices.

Not worth it

I have had this bed for 16 months. I would not buy again. The bed is not that comfortable and looses air. Sleep number wants to charge me $300 dollars for a new pump to resolve the problem.

I8 Split King - Terrible Customer Support

We originally went with a Split King and due to sleeping conditions my wife and I sleep in separate rooms. We were told that they do not suggest splitting the Split King and wouldn't order us an additional pump and hose so we could split the beds. I'm surprised at what I consider a luxury brand not having any amount of concern to help the customer. I would highly recommend purchasing any mattress besides Sleep Number.


Purchased my bed almost 2 weeks ago, not happy with it. I've had tons of problems. It deflates during the night, and it's uneven in the center even when placed on the same number. They will not let me return until 30 days. So therefore, I'm without a bed to sleep in for the next 2 and a 1/2 weeks. I do not recommend this bed to anyone mainly because of their policies and customer service.

financing your bed. Be aware!

I feel very deceived that things were not disclosed at the Sleep Number store during the financing. I had a perfect credit score and could have bought the bed straight out. I am always trying to diversify my credit so the salesman said we offer 24 months' payment at zero percent. I was like great. That was the bait now the hook. I was led to believe that it was with a bank and would be similar to a car or house payment. NO..NO...NO. The "bank" is a credit card that I had no idea about. I didn't want another credit I cut it up said card and did not activate it and am just going to pay directly to Synchrony Bank. NO....NO.....NO you HAVE to activate the card to access the bank. So not wanting to miss a payment I called to get another card already unhappy. Then a few weeks later I saw my credit score drop by over 50 POINTS!! WELL, they placed the whole balance of the bed on this worthless credit card that I didn't even want. guess what that does. It raises your credit utilization through the roof!! So I now have a card that I didn't want, that if I keep making the minimum payment at 0% interest still my utilization will be crazy high till I at least get it down to a decent number i.e. your credit score is going to be in shambles because you are always going to have thousands of dollars on this card eating it up. None of this was brought up. sleep number salesman said "bank", not saying the bank is a credit card bank (financial institution). I also want to say I like the bed so I didn't return it etc etc. So now I am just going to pay the bed off in full and cancel the card but it takes months and months to get that number back up. That's what pisses me off the most. Also, try to call sleep number support about the card and they throw up their hands and are like " That's between you and Synchrony Bank. I still would have bought the bed I just would have loved the transparency. I am filing with the BBB to report this bad practice. If you don't care about your credit score do it. However if you do. Take all I have said into account.

Not Durable

My spouse and I purchased our bed less than a year and a half ago. Last week, the air bladder started deflating overnight, leaving me sleeping on the foundation by the middle of the night. (Our dogs are afraid of the constant inflating during the night and it's loud. So we turned it off.) Then, because we are 5 months outside of our 1 year full warranty, sleep number charged us 45% of the cost of a new air chamber plus shipping so we can fix it ourselves. The bed is simply not durable. Pluse, the bed is good if you likes to sleep on a hard mattress, but if you like a softer bed, this is not the bed for you. Even with less air, the bed is still not soft, just ... underinflated.

Customer service

Bed is great until you have to deal with customer service. I had one side deflating called customer service was told you have to do trouble shooting your self with plugs they send. But then was told by a supervisor they didn’t have customers do that anymore but would send out a gel pack for left side . Called today to find out when I would receive part to up installation date for part, was told by another supervisor that I did have to trouble shoot because because if gel isn’t right part they would have to send a pump out at my cost also . So disappointment in customer service getting different stories from the supposedly supervisor’s. For this reason alone I would not recommend sleep number beds you spent a lot of money but customer service stinks!!!

Worst investment

Will not stay inflated

Bad product bad customer support

No complaints with the store as well but there are definitely issues with the product and the customer support is horrible. Purchased the ILE with the Flex Fit adjustable frame a little over 2 years ago. Over the past year we've been experiencing issues with the adjustable frame constantly resetting and this issue is intermittent. Recently the smart phone app said to contact the support number which I did today. After an 30 minutes of troubleshooting they send me over to a third party where the adjustable frame came from. I'll get into this third party in a bit. The frame company, whoever they are, advised that we were given a green card with a serial number which they need. Unfortunately I don't have the card and I couldn't get under the bed to find it. Frame company then says to me that I need the remote for the bed. Interesting request as Sleep Number told me I didn't need to purchase the remote and could use my smart phone. After tons of aggravation on the phone with support and after spending $8K on a bed, I now have to make a trip back to the store to get a $34 remote so they can troubleshoot an issue that will probably just result in them sending someone out. Now let me circle back to the third party frame company. Apparently Sleep Number told us the frame was from a third party and if anything happens with the frame, we'd have to deal with them. Honestly my fiancé and I don't recall that. IMO if you sell a product to someone, you're responsible for that product. This is Sleep Numbers get out of jail free card when the frame goes to crap. Sleep Number - that third party is a reflection on you. You chose to sell their products to your customers. Nice way of getting out of supporting a product. I honestly spoke very highly about this bed and even recommended to friends. These beds can cost up to $12K when they're not on sale. The experience I'm getting from Sleep Number support makes it seem like I bought a bed at Costco. Buyers beware because if you're bed has problems the support staff will make you spend hours on the phone while they try and troubleshoot. In the end I imagine they will send someone out but I will have to jump through hoops before that happens. Oh and if you're issue is intermittent, and everything is fine on the phone with support, they assume everything is fixed.

Worst Bed and Even Worse Customer Service

The bed has been a lemon since we got it. Received little if any help from customer service. The bed is falling apart after six years. And all they want you to do is pay for replacement parts and charge if you want someone to install it.

Loss of air

I have purchased 2 sleep number mattresses 1 I had to return shortly after purchasing… because oh total air loss which I had to pay a return charge and a replacement was sent.. That was 30 mo ago and the same problem has Occurred!!! I’m going to contact the manufacturer and get compensated!!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Number

Is a Sleep Number bed worth it?

While Sleep Number is a popular name-brand mattress, there are some disputes from customers when it comes to durability and long term comfort. There are some that report quicker break down than other mattresses due to issues with the air bladder technology and electronics.

What are the problems with Sleep Number beds?

The most common issue reported by customers is the wearing down of the air bladders, electronics, and pumps. Those parts can be an expense to replace and are under a lesser warranty time than other parts of the mattresses.

Is Sleep Number the best mattress?

Sleep Number is one of the most well known mattress brands and has good scores from customers on initial comfort with its number firmness technology. However, there are some complaints about durability on the electronics, pumps, and air technology, which cause customers concern about value over time.

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