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Sleep Number i7 Bed

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The i7 bed by Sleep Number is a medium firmness mattress that is easily customizable with its adjustable air support system. It comes with more pressure point relief with added foam layers on the surface. Most folks find their i7 bed to be comfortable, but some had issues with durability and feel.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 7.6/10

Starting Price: $2799

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Sleep Number i7 Bed's Firmness

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Utterly disappointed

Have a i7 360 smart bed. Slept good for two nights and haven’t slept since. Do not buy this bed if you like to sleep next to someone else. My wife sleeps at 75 and on this bed. I go to sleep at 20 and wake up at 5. Which is laying on the box spring. My wife either wakes up because she is falling down the hill towards me, or because she has to climb back up the hill to get comfortable. I wake up with the wind knocked out of me and with another bruise, or because the box spring isn’t comfortable. If you’re number is more than 20 different. Not sure why this wasn’t part of the sales process. I will never recommend this bed to anyone I like.

Awesome sleep!!!!

I bought my mattress in Oct and have been sleeping like a baby since. It’s magical!!!

Best Bed EVER!!!

I purchased the I7 Sleep Number around 1.5 months ago. This has been the best bed that I have ever owned! My back pain has nearly vanished and my sleep number score varies between 87-96 each night so that means I am actually sleeping throughout the night rather than tossing. I love this bed and would recommend it to everyone!


My Wonderful Wife Bought the i7 with the adjustable platform about a month ago. We absolutely love sleeping in it. The best rest for sure.

Excellent nights sleep

My wife and i purchased this bed when we were ready for a new mattress. We had talked about it in the past, and decided to give it a try, agreeing to return it if “both” of us weren’t satisfied. I’m happy to say that we both love this bed. My sleep number is 100, while hers is 35. It was amazing to see how different we were, and how one of us had to surrender comfort for the other person. She also likes how I have stopped snoring at night, and no longer wake her up. I like how she no longer kicks me in the shins, and wakes me up to tell me to roll over. We are very happy and will be upgrading to a larger size when the time comes.

Sleeping so much better!

I just started using a sleep apnea machine which involves a difficult adjustment period and which significantly interferes with sleep. However, because of my new bed, I have been able to fall asleep immediately after the multiple nightly adjustments of my CPAP. Also, I wake up without any pain or stiffness!! Woohoo!

So comfortable, that I never want to leave:)Verified Purchaser

We bought the bed four months ago...and, we’ve both have had a great’s sleep ever since. My boyfriend & I have varying work schedules, so getting a good night’s rest is key. The FlexFit adjustable feature is ideal for when one of us is wants to sit up to work from bed, while the other is sleeping. The Responsive Air Technology has helped relieve the stress on my lower back because it constantly adjusts to provide the best support!

Great bed

Bought for spare room and it's nicer than my 10 year old sleep number model 9000

Love the bed tilt, and the sleep IQ!

This our second sleep number bed, we bought the first one 14 years ago. Love the new features. The bed tilt at the head is great for when you are sick and need to elevate to help control cough. The sleep IQ is a wonderful feature. So far do good, we have had our new bed less then a month!

Best sleep ever!

I have always wondered how a movable base could better my sleeping. I went into the Sleep number store with the idea that I would purchase the i10 but the salesman showed my wife and I that the i7 fit our requirements better and we saved a bit of money. This bed IS expensive, but how do you put a price on sleep? I am sold, this mattress and frame give me the the best sleep ever! This is my 3rd Sleep number bed. I purchased my first back in 1997 and haven't looked back. I cannot say enough for the adjust-ability you have with a sleep number bed because it provides may beds in one.

Exactly what we needed!!

We did a lot of research over the last few years. We decided after testing many different mattresses that the i7 was the one we wanted. We have had it now for a little over two months and we couldn't be happier. We are sleeping better and are very comfortable.

Love the set up

They installed it two days ago. Still trying to figure out the remote just as bad as the new tv setup, but fun learning

Best Bed Ever

We have slept on a sleep number bed for the last 12 years. When we moved we ordered a new bed. The technology changes are incredible.

Need to improve

I purchased the i7 spit king with flex 3 base and had problems with it from the start. The mattress had a chunk of foam missing from the edge. This was replaced but the installer put the mattress cover on backwards so the magnets did not align with the base. The was fixed without a problem. However, the two purchased remotes keep getting connectivity errors. Based on calls to support 1st we replaced the pump. That did not fix the problem. Then we replaced the base. That did not fix the problem and now there is an annoying noise when I move. I don't know what to do now.

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