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Sleep Experts Mattress Reviews

Sleep Experts is a Texas-based mattress retailer owned by Mattress Firm with over 30 locations. They offer the latest name-brand mattresses and designs including traditional mattress brands like Serta and Simmons Beautyrest, and also newer popular online options like Nectar and Purple. They get good reviews from customers overall in terms of service, but you may be able to find better value and selection elsewhere.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $159-$4999+

Trial Period: No Trial

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Sleep Experts's Specifics

Sleep Experts was purchased by Mattress Firm in 2015, so you may start seeing their stores changing names. Since their inception, they've focused on having better customer service than other retailers and have been able to deliver on that promise for many customers. However, recent reviewers describe mixed interactions.

In terms of mattresses, Sleep Experts sells mostly name-brand mattresses from traditional mattress brands like Tempur-Pedic, Serta, and Beautyrest, but over the years, they have also expanded to feature other popular online mattress brands too. Most of their mattresses offer good initial comfort, but for the price, you may be able to find better perks buying direct. For quality options, See Our Top Rated Mattress Brands that sell online and ship direct to customers.

Quality of Materials

In the past, Sleep Experts sold mostly Serta, Simmons Beautyrest, and Kingsdown mattresses, but since the Mattress Firm ownership, they have begun to expand their offerings into other popular Mattress Firm offerings as well.

We'll go through Sleep Experts' options below so you can figure out which brand to look at more closely before going into the store. Here are the details:

Simmons Beautyrest: Beautyrest is a popular name-brand mattress that has a variety of pocketed coil mattresses at multiple price points. Customers like their unique pillow top varieties. Some reviewers mention issues with durability over a short period on some models.

Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic is a household name for its memory foam focused mattresses. Having sparked the memory foam revolution with its NASA-designed foams, Tempur-Pedic is still a great option with multiple firmness choices. However, over the years, their mattresses have continued to be priced high versus competitive alternatives. If you are interested in buying a Tempur-Pedic, buying direct may offer better perks.

Serta: Serta's iComfort line is their most popular, with a multitude of price points, firmnesses, and designs for keeping your spine aligned. They get good reviews on initial comfort, but have many issues with durability reported by customers.

Kingsdown: Kingsdown mattresses have higher profiles and more luxurious feels for the price. However, some have questioned the craftsmanship as some have experienced issues with sagging.

Sleepy's: Sleepy's was originally a mattress retailer, which was purchased by Mattress Firm and rebranded into a proprietary mattress brand that offers budget friendly mattresses. Recently, they also have partnered with Sealy to create a line of pocket coil hybrid mattresses under the brand Sleepy's By Sealy. Overall, customers appreciate the firmness options and range of prices available, but there are some that describe quicker sagging and degrading than average.

Stearns & Foster: Stearns & Foster is a name-brand with a legacy of luxury style mattresses with thick, pillowy comfort layers. Their mattresses come at a variety of thickness options and firmness ratings, with some of the most popular being their medium-firm and plush varieties. Where Stearns & Foster excels is the in-store bed test and the first few nights of sleep according to reviewers. However, there are many who report issues with durability in the top layers over time.

Popular Online Brands: Sleep Experts also has expanded into offering popular online brands that can try out in their stores. These include Nectar, Purple, and Intellibed. Out of these options, Nectar is one of the better rated options available. However, there may be some benefits in buying direct from these brands, which includes extra discounts, trial periods, and also less potential of getting a legacy model.

Overall Comfort

With a multitude of mattress choices, most customers like what Sleep Experts is offering. However, there may be better value found by buying direct for their top rated choices, such as Nectar, Purple, and Tempur-Pedic. Other name-brands offer good initial comfort scores, but some complaints abour durability are mentioned. Take a look at Our Top Rated Mattress Brands for more options.


Sleep Experts has a variety of firmness options available. The above graphic shows the range of mattress firmnesses that you can expect to find. For those with heavier body types, select a firmer mattress for ideal support. Those with lighter shapes, will prefer softer mattresses to alleviate pressure points.

Back Pain Relief

There are some reviewers that have mentioned finding back pain relief with some of these mattresses, especially the higher rated brands like Nectar. However, be warned that some other brands have durability issues and that can undo relief.


Cooling has become a top requirement in the mattress space. The top contenders for cooling include Nectar and Purple. For those looking for something specialized, look to our top mattresses for warm sleepers for those that do the best job.

Who Are Sleep Experts Mattresses Right For?

Sleep Experts mattresses are best for those that are looking a personalized mattress selection experience and a well-rounded mattress selection. For those that are looking for more value, take a look at our our top rated mattress brands to learn more how buying a mattress online may offer you more.

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Browse Sleep Experts Customer Reviews

My girlfriend and I are new to the area...

My girlfriend and I are new to the area, and after visiting three other stores, we finally got around to Sleep Experts. We are glad we did! Laura, the manager, was super polite and helpful. She patiently showed us around 10 mattresses before we found just the right one with an unbeatable price to boot! Don't be intimidated by the MSRP's, these guys have some great sales and can even work out a discount. If you're looking for a mattress, look here.

Fantastic experience!

Fantastic experience! The store manager, Charles Mott, was awesome! He was knowledgeable and walked me through everything I needed to know. I went in to buy a pillow topper and walked out with new box springs and a frame! He explained how integral the box spring is for back support, etc. I will definitely come here when I am ready for a new mattress and I want Charles to sell it to me!

I called & spoke with John...

I called & spoke with John to ask about the differences between 2 kinds of memory foam. After work, my husband & I went into the store a little after 7:30 pm.

John was there to help us out.

He was phenomenal! Very knowledgeable, personable, friendly, funny, just a great guy all around. He told us to take our time (they close @ 8pm). Brought 5 different pillows for my husband to try out.

We decided on what mattress to buy and John was willing to stay after close to make sure we got all the best deals.

(We walked out about 8:30 pm)

This guy deserves a raise/promotion.

Very easy to talk to, definitely a people person.

I had the most amazing customer service today...

I had the most amazing customer service today with Jacob, the Assistant Manager, and Bryce, the associate. Jacob took his time to customize the options he presented to us by carefully listening to what I wanted to buy and for what purpose. After patiently walking me through many options, Bryce proposed another option that ended up being what I went with. These two worked patiently, thoroughly and diligently as they made sure to accommodate not only what I wanted, but also the day I wanted it delivered on. The service was amazing, the discounts were amazing, and they just made a lifetime customer out of me. Thank you again guys!

These guys truly know what they are talking about...

These guys truly know what they are talking about. Jacob and Lukas both helped my wife and I, choose the bed that would perfectly meet our needs, and got us a killer deal!!!

In a world where there is LITERALLY a Mattress Firm on EVERY corner, this store in particular is a cut above the rest. Make it a point to check them out if you need a new mattress

We walked into this store and weren't acknowledged...

We walked into this store and weren't acknowledged by the sales representative. He was helping two other customers at the time but a "hey, let me know if you have any questions" would have been appreciated.

The minute I walked in we were greeted...

The minute I walked in we were greeted. Sales associate Orlando introduced himself to us and asked us what we were looking for. My son told me he was looking for a mattress for me. He proceeded to show us different selections of mattresses and I tried about four of them. When I found the mattress that felt the best to me Armando then talk to us about what price range we were comfortable with. Knowing that price he showed us several mattresses. I was satisfied with the mattress i picked. The delivery was scheduled for the following day and they called to confirm. They said they would be here at 10:45 and they were here at 10:45. The guys that set up the mattress were professional as to exactly where I wanted it placed in the room set it up and did not leave a mess. I will definitely shop here 4 the other mattresses I need for my new home. Thank you Armando for the best Red Carpet Service ever.

I loved my mattress experience...

I loved my mattress experience. Staci and CJ were great. Helped us find the bed that was best for us to address our needs. Same day delivery. They took us through all the mattresses and let us test them. I hope you buy your mattress here!

My husband and I went in to buy two twin mattresses...

My husband and I went in to buy two twin mattresses for our boys. We were greeted at the door, the customer service was GREAT, we weren't pressured at all and were encouraged to try out the mattresses to get a "feel" of how firm or soft each one was.

There was a great sale going on, but the prices seemed reasonable even if they weren't on sale. Our salesperson CJ was professional and knowledgable, and very nice. We had a great shopping experience. :)

Horrible customer service...

Horrible customer service!!! The sales experience was ok but their delivery service is worst than the cable company !!!

Not only did I NOT get my order when promised, I'm not even sure when they are supposed to come - I still haven't received a call from the local folks. I had to call the 800 number to get help.... still waiting for answer... and still stuck at my house.

You can buy a tempur-pedic at the same price anywhere else. Service is the only defining differentiator. I understand when the ball gets dropped but they are kicking it down the street. I rarely say this but I would NOT do business with this company!

Meh. I've experienced better.

Meh. I've experienced better.

Was told I could spread the payments out for 90 days by providing an initial payment via credit card plus providing a checking account for bi-weekly payments for 90 days. When I asked the salesperson about how that wont payoff the mattress total he then told me that you'll get a remaining balance payoff. That payoff would have been around $200 so i was cool with making a few other payments to have a smaller final balance at the end. It sounded kind of like layaway only you have the mattress. I hesitantly applied and used their credit I was approved for.

Well that wasn't true! Turns out their "credit" or "financing" (as he told me) through Progressive is more like rent to own (like Aarons or Rent-A-Center) where you pay a lot more in the end but get your mattress the next day.

After 90 days I never got a bill in the mail so I looked up my account online to find it was going to be a year by the time I paid it off, plus all that interest.

I was furious!!! That store should be glad they weren't open yet when I found that out. I ended up calling the HQ and then Progressive to get an "extension" for my payoff date and they allowed me to paid it off like I had planned to in December.

That's the last time I ever "e-sign" a document. By not having that document in my hands I never knew about the extra $300+, or the length of the "lease" and that it wasn't ending after 90 days as promised.

On top of that, all I wanted was an affordable mattress, but now any savings I got at the store has been used as a "early pay off" fee of about $45 or in other words, I spent an extra 10%. Save today, waste it tomorrow.

Stacy is AWESOME...

Stacy is AWESOME! Came in to browse on Wednesday and walked out with 2 new mattresses for my kids. Here it is Sunday and I'm back to see Stacy to buy a new one for myself!

These guys are great!

These guys are great! Had such an amazing experience looking for beds even though I so wasn't looking forward to it. We told our sales guy that we would be back because we had to think about it. We didn't get any rude remarks or feel any pressure to come back and buy. They all were so kind and even threw in a couple of their expensive cold pillows. We will definitely be telling our friends and family to come here when looking for a new bed!

I needed a mattress...

I needed a mattress. I drove by, saw the store, walked in. Now, luckily for the indecisive me, it was only for my guest bed, so I didn't need top of the line stuff. The seller took me to a sale rack, most of which were used for guest beds, etc.

The guys there were helpful and friendly. I made a joke about the fancy beds, and one asked if I wanted to try them. I declined.

They were able to give me a three hour delivery window. The delivery guys were actually a bit early (they didn't call first), so I was glad I was home at that time. The delivery charge also included a take-away of the old mattresses.

They were excited to be on their last delivery; I was excited to get my guest room set up. ... They forgot to take away the old stuff (it was in the garage--out of sight; out of mind). I went in the next day and the person told me they'd come out Monday (this was a Saturday). I had the same time window (6:00-9:00 p.m.). They were there at 6:40.

Although I was disappointed they didn't haul away the old stuff (it was a bit annoying to have to wait around again), it all worked out fine.

Hopefully I won't have to buy any more mattresses any time soon, but I'd be willing to use them again.

PS--There are two MFs in this area. I'm not sure of the exact address, but I used the one by the Target.

I recieved quality information...

I recieved quality information about all the beds and was highly impressed with the service. Riley A., and Rex were a huge help. I would recommend them to anyone.

We went in for a quick look around...

We went in for a quick look around. Lauren was so helpful! She was super patient and informative. We didn't feel pressured to buy and didn't feel like she was hovering. We are so excited and can't wait for our bed to arrive. We would highly recommend Lauren and Mattress Firm.

Needed a comfy mattress for our guest room...

Needed a comfy mattress for our guest room. The gal helping me was awesome and helped me find the most comfortable mattress for the lowest price. Definitely stop here if you need a mattress.

Just purchased a queen set for my daughter...

Just purchased a queen set for my daughter today after shopping around. I have to say, as much as a PITA as it can be to shop for a mattress, where you feel like you're buying a used car, this experience was great. This is actually the 3rd mattress we've purchased from Mattress Firm (though technically the first from this particular location - the others were from the one 1,000 feet away!) Collin, the asst. manager, was super helpful, had a great attitude, and really knew his stuff. He helped us find the right mattress for my 12 year old that was both supportive and affordable. As much as I love her, my child doesn't need a $2000 bed. Collin was able to get us a great deal on a really good mattress and have it delivered within days, including taking away the old mattress/box spring, for free. I highly recommend going to see him if you're looking for a mattress and don't feel like dealing with the hassle.

A year ago in January...

A year ago in January, I purchased a queen mattress that I paid over $1000 for. I was looking for a firm mattress, as I have back trouble and need the support of a firm mattress. I was told the particular mattress I purchased was used as the standard mattress for all the Westin Hotels. That seemed like a very good, indirect recommendation for the mattress. In spite of turning the mattress as directed, within four months the mattress was caving in where ever you put your body, left or right side of mattress. The no hassle guarantee was good for 100 days. My sister-in-law stayed at our house while we were on vacation in July. The mattress was six months old. She was appalled with the mattress and wound up on our son's old mattress. Don't buy your mattress at Mattress Firm. Their mattresses are anything but firm. Very disappointed.

We have purchased 3 mattresses/box springs from these guys...

We have purchased 3 mattresses/box springs from these guys since opening day, and I cant say enough great things about them! We shopped around for each mattress prior to purchase, and always ended up at Mattress Giant in the end. Jacob and Joe are both extremely nice, which makes the experience even better. AND, the quality and price are exceptional! :)

Went in to upgrade from a queen...

Went in to upgrade from a queen to a king sized mattress. I had a general idea of what we needed but was unsure of the various materials and technology used in today's mattresses. Emiri was extremely knowledgeable and was able to assist us in picking the right mattress based on how we sleep. We are definitely looking forward to delivery and sleeping on our new mattress.

Jessica was really nice and really patient...

Jessica was really nice and really patient while my mom and I went around trying every bed to decide which was the best for us. Even while I was answering the phone while trying out the beds, she just talked to my mom like a friend would. After I finally decided which bed I wanted, she worked to make sure we both got the most discounts possible. We just moved to Texas from California a few days ago, so it was really nice to have someone very friendly and helpful work with us to get the beds we needed as quickly and easily as possible. :)

We recently bought 2 mattresses from here...

We recently bought 2 mattresses from here. After financing most of the purchase, the salesman informed that i still needed to pay $300 out of pocket. I gave him my debit card and paid it. When i looked at the receipt, I noticed that we had been over charged $300 on one of the mattresses. The salesman told me that "corporate" is who would have to give me my refund. So we left with our mattresses. I have now been calling "corporate" for over a month trying to get them to give me my refund. The only answers i get is that the refund was processed to the finance company already, or let me email accounting and i will call you back when they respond. I have been waiting for return phone calls 3 separate times. I have not received any calls. When i ask to be elevated to a manager i am told that there is a 24 hour turn around to receive a call from the manager. The customer service people act as if i am inconveniencing them and that since it is not their problem, they don't care.

The customer service at the corporate level of this company SUCKS! The only reason i gave them one star is because the mattresses have been confortable and i can't figure out how to get the one star off the rating.


I am so thoroughly disappointed with this place...

I am so thoroughly disappointed with this place!!!! I bought my box spring and frame maybe three months or so ago and since then I have had welts all over my body. I went to a dr and they gave me a steroid to make then go away but that did not solve the problem at all. Today I did research on bed bugs and came home to check it to find it had them!!! I had my mattress before with no problems and did not see any red spots on my body until AFTER I bought the box spring. There were NO bugs in my mattress when I checked it (and trust me I about ripped it to shreds looking)there were no sign of them living there. I will be calling the store first thing in the morning to express my anger and disappointment with my product. I spend over $150 dollars on this box spring and frame and cannot believe it was given to me with this problem. Utter and complete disappointment.

Great service...

Great service and a great price I the mattress. They were very helpful and gave us plenty of time to make a decision.

Great service and great specials...

Great service and great specials. I came in to just look at mattresses Bc I needed one eventually but not in a big rush. Randall and Noah were so informative and explained the differences between all the beds. They made everything very pleasant and comfortable. The expert match system was pretty amazing in matching certain types of beds to my body. No pressure and allowed me to really take my time laying on every bed.

I was thinking when I came in that a great bed would be so expensive. I was blown away on how much less it was and I bought one that day! I will definitely recommend to my family and friends to come here.

If I could give negative stars I would...

If I could give negative stars I would.

First off, we found a matress we liked, paid for it, then had to drive to Carrollton/ Lewisville to pick it up.

When we were going to pick it up, the company tried to pull a bait and switch.

Then they tried to convince me brown was first blue, then tried to convince me brown was yellow. None of the matresses they tried to give us matched the picture of the matress we took in the store.

When we refused to take the different mattress, they tried to keep my money saying take what they wanted to give me or get nothing.

One attorney letter faxed to the store later, some supervisor called me. Supposedly the mattress we wanted and had purchased showed up at the store.

We went to the store and there was a mattress with brown accents, but not the one we had purchased, and the one we had purchased was no longer on display at that location.

After traveling to another sleep experts store, we found the mattress we "thought" we had purchased, but at double the price we had paid.

After calling the manufacturer (who we later faound out to be owned by sleep experts) we found out that the "name" of the mattress on the invoice matched the mattress they were trying to force upon us.

Sleep experts offered to keep their mattress and give us $100 "trade-in" off FULL price of the mattress we really wanted, and had pruchased, even though the mattress they were forcing on us had never left the store.

A slap in the face since less than 10 days ago we gave them over $1500.00, the new sale price of the mattress we wanted was $3000, and the full retail is $4500, and the other location was selling the mattress we were being forced to take for $999.

We discussed the situation with our attorney, and we could fight, but we could lose and have to pay their attorney costs since the third mattress they were trying to give us had the same "name" as the one on the invoice.

We picked up the mattress and their crappy free pillow (that our dog wouldnt even lay on)

The mattress sucked. The manufacturer agreed to swap out the mattress if it sank 3" in 12 months.

In one month, it sank 2 3/4 inches, but never hit the 3" mark, mainly because the sides where they measured from sank in as well. From the corners, it sank 5+ inches.

So, if you want to shop here, bring a condom and lube because they are going to rape you up the rear.

Purchased a brand new $1600.00 complete mattress set

Purchased a brand new $1600.00 complete mattress set from here with warranty + the warranty that came with the mattress guarantee. Less than a year later mattress sank 14 inches and store will not honor their warranty or the mattress warranty. I am a business professional myself and I have informed all clients and customers of my dealings with this company and I steer them elsewhere. I have made it my personal mission to put my story all over the internet and steer at much traffic as I can away from this business do to their practices. I am ashamed to have purchased anything from this business.

My fiancé and I needed to buy a bed...

My fiancé and I needed to buy a bed for our first apartment. Sleep experts was terrific! We went to a few other mattress stores and did not like the sales reps. Jacob, the manager, was incredibly knowledgeable about each type of bed and asked us questions to find out what kind he thought we would like. We made sure to go back and buy the bed when he would be working in order for him to get the commission and because we loved dealing with him so much! When it was delivered the men were so nice and extremely quick! We are very happy with our purchase :)

This store was clean and has super informed...

This store was clean and has super informed and friendly service. We worked with Leslie and she is helpful without being pushy as well as highly informed about the product. Purchasing from this location and working with Leslie is the way to go, you won't regret it.

Great customer service...

Great customer service. They didn't push me to spend more or buy add ones. I got next day delivery even though I bought the mattress right before closing and they could have said no. I'm very happy with my bed and how they treated me.

Do not buy a mattress here

Do not buy a mattress here!! My mattress started sagging but not enough in their opinion for them to replace it or offer a refund. I spent almost $3,000!! Totally disgusted!!!

Fabio helped us pick out an amazing mattress...

Fabio helped us pick out an amazing mattress and went over all do the details very thoroughly! We are so happy with our interaction and purchase. My husband had something important fall out of his pocket and when he called two weeks later, they had it right there for him. Now that's customer service!

Salesperson was helpful...

Salesperson was helpful - that part was fine. I ordered and paid and was told someone would contact me the following Tuesday before they delivered on Wednesday. I coordinated the movers and everything else to arrive that same day.

Lo and behold, I get a call at 4:59 on Tuesday telling me they can't deliver the next day and it will be another week. A lot of "sorry" was offered but not a dollar knocked off for my inconvenience. Now I'm stuck in a hotel for another week at a $400 cost.

NOT happy about that. Let's see if they screw it up again next week. A business that was concerned about a customer would have special delivered it sooner, but they know I won't need a mattress for another 8 years. Ergo, I needed to slam them on Yelp.

Terrible service.

This is the worst...

This is the worst place/ company to purchase a bed from!!!

I was happy with the salesman & delivery man.

My first impression of the bed when i laid on it at home it feel kind of saggy maybe used.

I waited for my husband to get home to see what he thinks. And he said the same thing it was saggy.I believe I was sold a used mattress. This bed was horrible our old bed was alot better 10 yrs old and didnt feel this way.I inspected the bed and found hair woven in the mattress!!! Gross!!! we were sold a used mattress. Called mattress firm the next morning and they are useless. We have to pay for the delivery for them bringing the mattress plus now we have to pay for them to pick up the used mattress. PLUS WE HAVE TO WAIT 10 DAYS FOR OUR REFUND BECAUSE WE PAID WITH A CREDIT CARD!!! SO NOW WE HAVE NO BED TIL OUR REFUND!

Great customer service...

Great customer service. I wish I knew the guy's name that sold us a mattress, but he was very helpful! The store is very clean too!

I went in rather skeptically...

I went in rather skeptically but couldn't have been more pleased with the service I got from my salesman (Jesse), the excellent price (they matched an online retailer's price), prompt delivery, and meticulous and courteous delivery/installation men. I'll definitely return when I'm in the market again.

Not a great customer care

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY! Don't listen to the salesman, read the print. The "Love Your Mattress Guarantee" only last 3 or 4 months. I was fitted and purchased my mattress here and I am very disappointed. The " EXPERT MATCH DIAGNOSTIC TEST" and customer service was not what I expected! I could have gotten a better price (and I expect customer service) buying the mattress from another place of business.

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