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Sleep Country Mattress Reviews


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Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: Sleep Country offers white glove delivery and mattress removal service. Recent customers have mixed reviews with most complaints mentioning delivery and returns.

Sleep Country is the largest mattress retailer in Canada, featuring over 250 stores. They sell mostly name-brand mattresses like Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, and Beautyrest along with popular online brands like Simba Sleep and their own brand, Bloom Mattress. Overall, they have good ratings from customers, but there are some complaints about delivery, exchanges, and returns.


+/- experience
+/- delivery
+/- firmness

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 7.7/10

No Back Pain: 7.8/10

Price: $249-$14500

Trial Period: 100 Day Exchange (Fee Required)

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Sleep Country's Specifics

Sleep Country is the largest mattress retailer in Canada. With their focus on selling a wide range of sleep products to fit anyone's mattress needs, they have both high priced name-brands and budget-friendly options.

With a wide array of stores to choose from, they have developed a larger mattress selection than many local retailers with over 8 brands to choose from.

With a traditional mattress retailer business model, often the underlying materials and craftsmanship are marked up substantially. When buying a high end mattress, this can be $1000s in extra cost.

You are buying a personal and convenient sales experience.

This may sound like a good deal to those who prefer to have an in-store buying experience, but many mattress buyers are turning to online mattress brands, who streamline the distribution process and cut out the expensive in-person sales experiences to pass on more value to the customer.

Read on to learn more about the Sleep Country offering...or take a look at Polysleep and Douglas, some of the top rated mattresses in Canada.

Mattress Brands

Sleep Country sells mattresses from over 10 name-brand and budget mattress brands including well known labels like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Simmons Beautyrest. We'll go through each brand in detail below so that you can get a better sense of what you are buying.

Here are the details...

#1 Simba

Simba is one of the most exciting online mattress companies offered in Canada. Originally started in the UK, Simba gained popularity by using a wealth of mattress customer data points to craft their mattresses. Over the years, they have added more products with 3 unique hybrid designs featuring micro-springs and thick layers of their proprietary foam, Simba-Pure®. These range from more supportive in their lower end Simba® 1500 to more pressure relieving in their Simba® 5000 Pro Flex. Overall, these mattresses get good reviews and customer sentiment. However, it may pay to buy direct in terms of trial and added perks.

The pros: Highly rated mattress options.

The cons: Some complaints related to buying from Sleep Country.

Price Range: $799-$2199

Buy Direct: Get The Best Deal On Simba

#2 Bloom

The Bloom Mattress by Sleep Country is their mattress in a box option that comes with four options featuring all-foam designs. Their Bloom River mattress is the most affordable at just $399 for a queen. Their highest end is the Bloom Air mattress and features four layers of foam with extra cooling and airflow layers. These mattresses get good initial comfort scores from customers, but durability complaints from some.

The pros: Price conscious all-foam options, conveniently delivered.

The cons: Durability problems reported about these mattresses.

Price Range: $299-$1179

#3 Sealy

Sealy is a popular name-brand mattress maker that has been designing mattresses since the 1800s. Their most popular mattresses are from their Posturepedic line that features zoned support coil systems that are more ergonomically aligned to your spine while you sleep. While these in-store mattresses get good initial comfort scores from customers and feature multiple firmness varieties. However, there are complaints about longevity and sagging in some of these models.

The pros: Ergonomically crafted mattresses with a good blend of firmness choices.

The cons: Issues with durability reported by some sleepers.

Price Range: Depends on Location

#4 Serta

Serta is another well known mattress brand. Their iComfort line has both all foam and coil support system designed mattresses. They have multiple pricepoints to fit most budgets and some nice sleep technologies like gel-infused foams. These mattresses get good results at first, but some customers complained about degrading comfort.

The pros: Well known brand of mattresses with firmness options to fit most budgets.

The cons: Problems with sagging a concern.

Price Range: Depends on Location

#5 Simmons Beautyrest

Simmons Beautyrest is a desirable line of mattresses that feature pocket coil support systems and multiple firmness options. They have both lower end models and higher end options, like their Beautyrest Black mattresses. Customers like these mattresses at first -- especially those with the pillow top. However, degrading comfort is a concern for these mattresses and some have found they need to be replaced more often.

The pros: Desirable initial feels with multiple pricepoints and traditional comfort.

The cons: Some problems with sagging reported by customers over a short period.

Price Range: Depends on Location

#6 Kingsdown

Kingsdown are thick, high profile mattresses that have pocket coil support systems and desirable features like natural and advanced comfort fillings. These mattresses get good initial ratings in terms of comfort, but are plagued with some durability concerns from sleepers after a shorter than average period.

The pros: High profile mattresses with desirable designs and comfort layers.

The cons: Durability issues are a common complaint from customers.

Price Range: Depends on Location

#7 Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is a famous mattress brand that helped start the memory foam mattress revolution. Their Tempur® material is high grade slow response foam that contours around the body. Since launching, they have expanded their offering to include multiple firmness options, cooling foam, and pocket coil support systems in some of their mattresses while still focusing on their memory foam advances. Customers usually have good things to say about their Tempur-Pedic mattresses, but there were some complaints about their high prices versus similar high quality competitors.

The pros: Memory foam focused mattresses with multiple firmness options.

The cons: High prices for the materials are a concern.

Price Range: Depends on Location

#8 Dormeo

Dormeo is a European mattress brand that invented the Octaspring, an all-foam spring. Their Octaspring mattresses use less material and facilitate greater airflow than other all-foam mattresses available. Additionally, Dormeo makes more traditional foam mattresses too with innovative features. That said, their mattresses get mixed reviews from customers. There are common complaints about sagging on some of their models.

The pros: Innovative mattress brand with foam focused designs.

The cons: Some problems reported about sagging.

Price Range: Depends on Location

#9 Distinction Series

Sleep Country's Distinction Series is a budget friendly brand that feature both open coil and foam mattresses that are thin and economical. Overall, these mattresses are good temporary solutions, but they may not be as comfortable as other options available.

The pros: Budget friendly mattresses with low profile mattress options.

The cons: Issues with comfort and durability reported.

Price Range: Depends on Location

#10 Kluft

Kluft is an ultra-luxury mattress brand with its roots in California. Known for its handcrafted designs, its mattreses feature many luxury materials, such as cashmere, alpaca, silk, and high-end latex. With prices in the $10,000s for some of these mattresses, their hand tufted styles get good initial customer sentiment with most describing fluffy, cozy sleeping experiences. However, these mattresses have many reports of sagging faster than expected. While ultra-luxury customers may not mind replacing these mattresses every couple of years, others have reported being suprised by how fast comfort suffered with regular use.

The pros: Very high-end, handcrafted mattresses with luxury comfort layers and good initial feel.

The cons: Many reports of fast sagging reported.

Price Range: $7,200-$14,500

#11 Other Brands

Sleep Country also sells other brands from time to time, including Purple mattresses and Casper mattresses. Also, depending on location, there may be some additional mattress brands offered. While the Purple mattresses get good customer sentiment overall, there were some complaints about feel and firmness at times. Average sized sleepers may be more likely to find Casper mattresses comfortable, however, some customers have brought up disagreements with firmness and have mentioned higher price points.

The pros: More mattress brands offered in certain locations and at certain times.

The cons: Some disagreements about comfort and durability reported.

Price Range: Depends on Location

Sleep Country Mattress Alternatives

A surprising fact: this is one of the best times to buy a new mattress.

Over the past few years, there have been many new online brands in Canada and the US that have come to market to sell direct to customers. What this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Since these brands are well-funded and eager to please customers, buying direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. By taking a few minutes to learn about the best mattress for your body, you can save more than $1000 in mattress costs and frustrations.

To get started, read what customers are saying about our Top Rated Mattresses.

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Maybe it should be 3.5...

Maybe it should be 3.5 stars. The sales person did not bother me when I was browsing the mattresses which is nice as it can be a stressful purchase, trying to figure out what type of mattress I like. I did not need someone hovering over me and trying to hard sell me something. The good thing was I more or less knew what I was looking for, so I was just doing a price comparison and seeing what was out there. After I had saw all the mattresses on display, then did the sales person come over to ask me if I needed any assistance. I asked some questions and found out they do price-matching. So it may be a good idea to check out other places first before coming here. The sales person not only did a price match for me, but was willing to work within my budget. In the end, I bought the mattress and a mattress protector from him and arranged for the delivery which was free. The delivery was pain free though the delivery men were pretty perfunctory. It was bringing in the mattress, laying it against the wall and got me to sign for the balance and off they left. It has been a couple of weeks and I love my mattress (Serta Perfect Sleeper). There was no smell and it did not need any breaking in. So if you know what you want, and do not need much explanation, maybe Sleep Country is a good place to shop for mattresses.

Terrible service...

Terrible service in this particular location. Never had such a terrible service with Sleep Country before!! I called yesterday to order aqua gel pillows for pick up but they refuse to hold them for me. I was advised they do not hold pillows for anyone and they have plenty available so I don't have to worry. I went there today and was advised they are out of stock?!?! They should have some respect for other people's time!! Totally ruin my day! I will never go to this location again nor recommend anyone else. I called another Sleep Country store in Surrey and they immediately offer TO HOLD THE PILLOWS FOR ME FOR PICK UP NEXT WEEK though I haven't paid yet. I wish I could give them zero star for the terrible service!!!

Bought my premiere Seally mattress...

Bought my premiere Seally mattress 5 years ago and it had sunk in my sleeping area to the point that I was waking up with back pain and spasm everyday. As they have a 10 year warranty on their products, I took it to task. I send in the measurements required and qualified for a replacement. I went back to my Broadway store and they where happy to help me pick a better firmness for my back issue. Not only did they do it with a smile, it was delivered 2 weeks later and didn't cost me a dime outside the tip I gave the delivery men. Now I have had pain free sleeps and waking up feeling human again and not in any pain. Thank you Sleep country, I would be happy to refer you any time!

Terrible service...

Terrible service. I ordered a full bed set with bed frame, mattress and pillow two weeks ago at the vancouver downtown location. The sale rep told us that everything will be delivered next Monday. On Monday we received a phone call saying they won't deliver until Tuesday. On Tuesday they showed up with only mattress and pillow. The delivery guy said the frame is out of stock and will be delivered to us shortly. One week passed and no one contacted us. I finally called the store. The rep told me that the frame was never out of stock.... so I asked him when this can be delivered (apparently if I didn't make this phone call, this frame would never be delivered). This rep obviously couldn't care less. He told me nothing he could do, just wait another week. If I haven't received the mattress already, I'd have cancel this order. Very disappointing service and poor management from such a big company.

I went in on Monday for a bed...

I went in on Monday for a bed, got one the next day, and when it turned out I didn't need some of the parts I bought, they refunded me immediately. Totally happy with every part of the service, from the guy who sold me it, to the delivery guys who told me what parts I didn't need and had bought by mistake, to the guy who didn't make a big fuss when I wanted a refund. (My apologies to assorted service people: I'm bad at remembering names!)

Good customer service...

Good customer service in the store but they give you a 3 hour window where you need to home to accept the delivery. The delivery was late which is definitely unacceptable.

Horrible warranty and awful customer service...

Horrible warranty and awful customer service. The mattress they sold us fell apart after a year, then they said that the mattress was slightly discoloured and they wouldn't warranty it. This mattress has no stains on it, any any discolouration is from the short time we owned it(it has a mattress cover over it, so staining is impossible. Obviously, this is the case with EVERY warranty people try to use, and they have no intentions of replacing anything unless you buy their extended warranty, which everyone knows is a cash grab. I highly advise people to shop at the brick instead, and let them peddle their throwaway products to the uninformed consumer.

We went here to--wait for it--get a mattress...

We went here to--wait for it--get a mattress. We talked to Arif (young guy, late 20s). I'm not usually impressed with sales staff (having my worked retail throughout secondary school), but he was expectional: we never felt pressured and we both felt like he was actually interested/invested in finding what we would be best suited with. He had clearly invested time into learning about the products in the store (I took notes on his explanations and checked them out when we got home). We ended up getting a semi-foam semi-conventional mattress (it's basically about 1.5 mattresses thick with a foam layer on top of the spring core). We were think of getting an all-foam one but this felt almost as amazing and was a fraction of the cost (27%). He even asked us what type of bed we had and let us know we wouldn't need a box spring. I really can't think of anything he could have done better. Also, they have these Spanish foam pillows--I don't know how else to describe them but a slice of heaven. Between these and the mattress, we both agree we've never slept so well. When my friend from work was looking for a mattress a couple months later, I pointed him straight here. If I could, I'd give this place 4.5 stars, less 1/2 because I feel like the prices on their supplementary products are quiet exaggerated. That could be from their warranty (I don't remember its details).

I have now been to three different Sleep Country...

I have now been to three different Sleep Country stores in the lower mainland to search for a bracket to attach our generic head board to our Sleep Country frame. While each Sleep Country has given me a different answer and does not have the part that I am looking for what has been in common in all three stores is the level of disinterest on the part of their sales and support staff. In each store my request for a little assistance seems to put them out considerably. I have bought several beds from Sleep Country over the past few years and they seem to be much more engaged and helpful when you want to make a more expensive purchase.

This location...

This location customer serviced the hell out of me. And I loooooooove when that happens! I popped in to purchase some new pillows as I had house guests arriving aaaand I didn't want to make them sleep on grotty old pillows - AMIRITE?! I had purchased some back in the summer, but couldn't remember the name - thankfully I was in the system so Sherry found them no problem. She didn't happen to have those particular pillows in stock but had comparable ones that I turned out to like better - yay! Sherry even gave them to me at the sale price I paid in AUGUST for the other set! Double YAY! I happened to lay down on the "heavenly" bed as I was test driving those pillows. Swoon. I have heard many people rave about this bed - it's the one the Westin Hotel uses, and I can see why!! Turns out it was last years model and it was on mega sale! Sooo I purchased the biggest pack of gum I ever have in my life. Delivery scheduling was easy peasy and the delivery dudes were efficient, accurate and a pleasure to deal with. Delivery, frame, mattress and box spring, and removal of my old mattress for a fraction of what I thought a queen size bed would cost. Mind blown. Body happy. Thanks Sherry!

My partner and I were shopping...

My partner and I were shopping for a spare room mattress for guests and had great luck at this store. My first impression was not great until the female sales person greeted us and went the extra mile. The men at this store stayed seated with their feet propped up on the desk, uninterested in working with two women. I would have left, but the lady who helped us exceeded expectations. She found us the perfect foam mattress and tossed in the bed frame as well as a deep discount on two new pillows. I would definitely return to this location and shop with her again! If all the staff would have been eager to assist, I would have given the store 5 stars.

My 82 year old mother has recently...

My 82 year old mother has recently put in all the documentation for warranty on her bed purchased 7 years ago from Sleep Country, which is sagging badly. She was told she would hear within two days and it has been three WEEKS and two phone calls to them and nothing. Is this how the "warranty" works? Not impressed Sleep Country. My mother now refuses to even consider purchasing with you and although we have bought several beds from you, I'm now rather leery. Why buy a mattress anywhere else? Well...better response to issues?!

Horrible experience...

Horrible experience. Losing my hair and sleep because they do not have one customer service or a person to do any job right. The Box spring I bought with the mattress has bent metal frame within 6 month of buying. While still under warranty this box spring has caused my household so much trouble. We go to their local office first, where we do not get much information from. We mail the address they asked us to and got a response that a work order has been opened. And that's it we don't hear from them for another month. While we call back to find out what happened to the work order, we understand that the mail should be 4 mb only, if it's more, it wont be viewed or something not sure on the detail here, but sounded tacky. What a surprise!) . We send them pictures again, but it was not right, then this happened again for a month where they kept us going round and round and finally they respond saying that because there is too much bent in the metal frame, they won't be able to fix it under warranty. And I was shocked that after all this, all they had to say was that. And what a horrible reason not to repair this for us. There is not one employee in that organisation who is standing up and doing their work. People are just forwarding mails here and there. Extremely unprofessional behaviours and correspondence too. They finally advise us to quickly make another purchase at their store because I can use my existing guarantee with it. I was like you've got ta be kidding me after what you put me through with the present situation. Also note that this particular model of cot has been removed from production because of some deficiency, and yet they can't seem to give me a warranty. Rip off and a scam!

I bought my mattress a few years back...

I bought my mattress a few years back from these guys and it was a very pleasant experience.. I really only went in to look...I always saw the lame ass commercials with Christine McGee and thought it would be the last place I would support..but there I the market for a mattress and Sleep Country seemed like a logical choice...why buy a mattress anywhere else..right?? *groan I was greeted right away by a guy wearing a suit that looked like it was made out of an old couch...he was SOOOO "that" sales guy...toothy grin and a "I could sell Ocean front property in Saskatchewan" look in his eyes... Aside from the creepy salesmanship he was very helpful...he let me try a ton of beds...he took the time to explain each one..asked me questions about how I may back was..and so on....did you know that is you are a side sleeper you should have a softer mattress?? And if you are a back sleeper it should be firm?? Fun stuff no???... In the end I made a purchase of a Sealy Serta Pillow top mattress...only $595..what a steal! AND when they came to delivery it they asked me if I wanted to donate my old mattress....which they get cleaned and give to families in need...I thought that was pretty cool and I was happy to give my old mattress a new home...

My girlfriend and I...

My girlfriend and I have been looking for a mattress for awhile. Most of the shops we visited just wanted to get us to buy right that moment and didn't seem too concerned about our budget or our needs. So it was a real treat to wander in to Sleep Country and not be pressured. Our salesperson explained the differences between mattreses and helped us to select the Serta icomfort at a substantial discount. It was delivered on time as promised and the entire experience was awesome. I would strongly reccomend Sleep Country.

We had an excellent experience...

We had an excellent experience with this location. Came in ready to just do some research, and ended up with a wicked good deal on a sort of no name brand Temperpedic mattress, pillows, the whole lot. We were able to get in on some overstock from the recent home show, and even go a discount for buying the pillows at the same time as the mattress. They were able to deliver the next day, and delivered actually within the time frame they said they would ("what?!?" I hear all you Shaw customers saying. "Companies can do that?!?"). My only point off is for the little company tidbit I got from the delivery guys; looks like Old Christine McGee has done some serious slashing to the company benefits and such. No more summer BBQs and Corporate Retreats for the lowly delivery guys anymore. Christine! I'm shocked! What do you have to say for your self! But seriously, buy yourself a decent mattress. We spend dumb amounts of money on big screens and cars, but your bed makes the difference between a good night and a very good night. Wonk, Wonk, Wonk, sermon over. Oh! And call your mother and floss while you're at it.

Nimmi helped me pick the perfect bed...

Nimmi helped me pick the perfect bed. I did not feel pressured to buy the most expensive and ended up with a pillow top, platform and headboard. The past two nights I have had an excellent sleep on my new bed. Employees at this location were nice enough to let me exchange a couple of pillows that were unopened for a duvet cover instead. I would shop here again, very nice staff. The delivery was on time and the delivery guys were very professional. They also took away all of the garbage. A very pleasant experience.

Not the cheapest and not the most expensive...

Not the cheapest and not the most expensive place to get a mattress but a gentleman named Nader helped me pick out a bed. Gave him my budget, outlined my preferences, and he provided options and took me through the features. Once I landed on a model, he went to the next level to check for any floor model availabilities in southern Ontario. No nonsense, gave me space and time and just the right amount of attention that I never felt pressured. Would recommend Nader at this location to steer you in the right direction on a mattress.

Good experience so far...

Good experience so far. Sales person was knowledgeable, helpful and tracked down best prices for us. Eagerly awaiting delivery of our new bed for some good sleep!

Horrible scam of mattress...

Horrible scam of mattress and so called warranty I purchase a back bed 15 months ago to be having recent back pain after 4 hours sleeping because it dips as I am sleeping I showed pictures but because the dip does not show they will not exchange for inner issue with mattress since spring not popping out which speaks volumes of their IQ

Came in here looking for a good pillow...

Came in here looking for a good pillow. Along came a man named Cherry. He was great! He showed me quite a few options and we then had a nice chat. I was happy that he was so funny and friendly. I didn't end up finding the right pillow but the experience was good. I recommend his services! Thanks Cherry!!

Just don't go there...

Just don't go there! The sales reps are awful, really bad customer service! They don,t know their product, don't want to help, they don't take time to talk to me and just walk around like zombies! Believe me, just go to the one at Rosedale station.

It was all nice and good...

It was all nice and good when I was purchasing a headboard but when I tried to exchange it, there was zero customer service. I will never purchase anything from them again.

Do NOT shop...

Do NOT shop here if possible! We were ready to buy a king size mattress and had the worst customer experience here. The individual that assisted my husband and I was so rude and sexist that we ended up calling the Regional Manager to report his behaviour. The funny thing was that we did not have to go into any detail; the RM knew who we were talking about almost immediately. While the RM did apologize for our experience he also made excuses for the sales associate's abhorrent behaviour by saying "Where he is from they treat women differently." Needless to say we took our business elsewhere.

Well I had bought a pillow top...

Well I had bought a pillow top Sterns and Foster sleep set from Sleep Country in 2007. It started to sag terribly so I called them to ask for advice on what type of bed I should buy next to avoid this. The operator told me I should pursue the warranty. He emailed me a kit, I took some pics and filled out the forms. They approved my application and shipped me a brand new Sterns and Foster box spring and mattress. Saved myself $2200 and I didn't even have to ask for this replacement. They offered. Mohammed at the Danforth location was very helpful! The delivery guys were excellent Thank you

No matter what sleep country...

No matter what sleep country show room you go to, all the mattresses are shipped from their warehouse in North York. I will never buy from sleep country again. I purchased a tempur-pedic two years ago and it is a completely uncomfortable bed that I toss and turn in all night. I spent over $1000.00! Go anywhere else!!!

We came in here looking for beds...

We came in here looking for beds and frames. But we wanted to get both at the same time. Unfortunately they didn't have the frame we wanted. The sales rep was nice enough and was able to speak to me in English and my friend in Mandarin. We may be back if we get the frame and need the mattress.

We've opted out to go to a different...

We've opted out to go to a different sleep Country location that's further away from our home although this location is very close only because the men working there do not know anything about mattresses or customer service They don't even look at you when you're in the store and when asked a question they act like how they're doing us a favour and act so annoyed They don't even know how to use the computer to apply any discount coupons instead leave you with an extra balance Take your business else where. A monkey can sell a mattress better than these guys.

I have to agree with a lot of the reviews...

I have to agree with a lot of the reviews here about the staff's bad attitude. We walked in and asked what prices their mattresses start at. The guy at the desk called over a salesperson and told him we wanted to look at the "low quality" mattresses. Great... Glad to know that I'm buying low quality. I brushed it off with the excuse that English is their second language. The salesperson showed us one of the mattresses and we tried it out. The salesperson asked if we're buying a mattress for the guest room, we said no. He asked if we were buying it as a temporary mattress, we said 'No, is this just a temporary mattress?' He scoffed, replied that it was, and walked away, leaving us there. Needless to say, we were both shocked, got up and left, went to High Sun Mattress in Vancouver and spent our money there for a much better mattress in their mid-range pricing. Five stars for High Sun Mattress, and I wish I could give zero to Sleep Country Richmond and those mattress snobs.

The service here is below average...

The service here is below average for any business anywhere. I came here to specifically look at buying a Tempurpedic mattress. The salespeople here were so uninterested that they, having no other customers, kept talking about their personal business. When I asked about any deals or specials (which I know Tempurpedic doesn't offer), the sales staff scoffed and told me that I may be better served somewhere else (another specific business I won't talk about). I went and spent $3,000 on a Tempurpedic Mattress Set somewhere else. Thanks for your terrific service Sleep Country..I will never step foot in this place ever again.

Wow , just wow...

Wow , just wow I was greeted by mr Wing, and as soon as he knew I have visited another sleep country store already, he said no matter what, he won't get commission so he won't sell to me. Hello? I think as a costumer I should have the right to browse in any shop I wish. And then he just walked away, leaving us standing there until we left. I would never recommend this store to anyone, ever, even if you are walking by please do your self a favor, don't go in! After this, I feel like returning my deposit and perhaps never deal with sleep country again. I guess if a sales person asks you to make a 10% deposit just to hold on to anything at the rate they offer; even though they promise you it's refundable , DONT DO IT. It's a trap. It means you can NEVER walk into another shop again! Argh!

3 people in this location were pretty much useless...

3 people in this location were pretty much useless in helping you. There was no comparing mattresses. They would point mattresses out, and leave it up to you to jump from one bed to another trying them out. No one even offered to discuss what was in them. And prices are for mattresses only, not sets like other places, so they are very pricey. I feel I got really ripped off, I'll never go back

We came to the store hoping...

We came to the store hoping to get help choosing the best mattress. As we entered the store, several sales people were in the store, but they just ignored us. No other customers where in the store. After a bit of looking around, we asked one of the assistants to help us choose. He gave us a look "what the heck are you bothering me for?" and pointed to the most expensive mattress. We tried the mattress, didn't like it, and went looking for the same guy asking to show us some other options. He pointed to a mattress right next to the first one and disappeared again. As it was apparent that we aren't getting any good advice, we left the store.

Had to arrange for a mattress exchange...

Had to arrange for a mattress exchange, and after getting the brush-off from the store at Yonge & KIng, we visited this one with some trepidation. John Baljian could not have been more gracious and helpful. He spent time with us, explaining the attributes of different mattresses, and arranged to get us the best pricing possible for the upgrade. Delivery went like clockwork, and the crew were polite and professional. The measure of a company is not in the initial sale, it's when you need to change or fix something, and the folks at this location truly came through for us.

Don't buy your bed here...

Don't buy your bed here - dishonest sales people and very rude and condescending manager. Al Cranston the sales guy lied to me, sold me a duplicate frame exactly the same as the one I already. He claimed I needed a stronger frame then the one I previously bought at the same store 8 years ago. Delivery men did not remove shoes until I requested and told me they would not remove my old mattress and box spring. All of that had been promised me during the sales pitch. This will say anything to make a sale. Beware. When I called to complain I was treated very rudely.

Best sleep country store...

Best sleep country store! I went there after trying different stores and I loved it. They give good advices, take their times and are a very good sales rep. I met the owner Georges and I like the way he was taking the time and took me through the process.

This was the second store

This was the second store we went to in search of a decently priced tempurpedic mattress. The sales associate John was very friendly and extremely patient (my hubby had a lot of questions). We also appreciated his honesty. We had gone to another store which told us we HAD to buy a boxspring for the mattress but John told us we didn't as long as there was something supporting it. In the end we purchased a mattress ($$$) & platform/frame ($ 243) ! Delivery was quick and efficient. They were also very courteous. Overall, a wonderful experience!

This store is operated SOLELY based on their interest...

This store is operated SOLELY based on their interest in mind. If you deal with one rep, nobody else will help you. I purchased my mattress stating specifically that I had a bad back and needed something to help me sleep better. They sold me a mattress which in 3 weeks got me from sleeping 5 hours a night to no sleep at all. I had to go see a chiropractor which told me to sleep on the floor instead of my $1200 mattress that was supposedly "good" for my back from the so called "expert" advise. I then tried to change the mattress after I came back on vacation (about 90 days after the sale) they refused to do it saying more than 1 month had passed when their sale ADs clearly advertise 100 nights of sleep guarantee! I called head office and they also said the same thing. I am stuck with a bad mattress now that nobody wants to buy even for $500 that i listed on kijiji and theres nothing that I can do ... Save your money.. BUY from costco! They were amazing and I am upset i returned the 1st mattress that I bought thinking sleep country will "help" me better with a more suitable product. Such a money grab with no further service once the mattress is delivered.

Called for assistance regarding faulty mattress...

Called for assistance regarding faulty mattress. Manager was incredibly rude, and repeatedly cut me off without allowing me to explain what my concern was. He was condescending and unprofessional. Would not recommend buying a mattress from this location.

Before we purchased the first of our three...

Before we purchased the first of our three Sleep Country beds a few years ago, we shopped the entire city because we didn't have a clue what to look for and where to go. We ended up purchasing from the Royal Oak Sleep Country. The second bed, we looked around a bit but settled here again. The third bed (yesterday), we just drove to the store. Knowledgeable and patient staff. Absolutely no pressure. My only suggestion is to never buy a bed from SC at regular price. Wait a week for the next sale. The sales are too significant to miss out on. We always do a mix and match and save hundreds. This is our go-to store.

My experience is to buy ANY where else...

My experience is to buy ANY where else!!! Went there after going to another location - service was not only bad but they would not honor pricing on the web - there was always an excuse - bought elsewhere at another reputable mattress place!

Sleep Country a Disappointment ONCE AGAIN!... AND AGAIN!

We purchased this Sealy Posturepedic Optimum mattress from Sleep Country less then five years ago for over $2000. In that short time the support has deteriorated to the point that there is now a dip in the mattress, however it can't be seen (or measured) on the pillow top. This dip basically causes my body to have no support whether I'm on my side or back. I'm an average sized guy, 6' at 175 lbs, I can't imagine the torture a heavier person would endure trying to sleep on this mattress. Unfortunately, because there is no visible change to the mattress Sleep Country will not warranty the product. I'm going mattress shopping soon, it certainly will not be at Sleep Country and it certainly will NOT be a Sealy Posturepedic Optimum. UPDATE from my last post, Sleep Country responded with this... Reply from Sleep Country Canada May 6, 2019 Hello Jim, We are very sorry for this, we are not sure if an inspection was done based on your post. We would strongly recommend having the mattress pass an in-home or online inspection to properly review whether a warrantable defect is present or not. You can call us at 1-888-736-7647 in order to help you set an inspection up. Thank you I thought before going out and spending another $2000 on a mattress I'd give this a shot. A technician came out and basically said if there isn't a (minimum) 1 1/4" dip in the mattress then Sleep Country WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THE WARRANTY. I asked him how often does he see this much of a dip in a mattress, he said it's very rare. So buyer beware, when shopping at Sleep Country and you walk out the door with your new $2000 mattress know that in 4-5 years you'll be doing it AGAIN. It's a great business model for Sleep Country, not so much for the consumer or the landfill.

Poor Warranty

Bought an expensive mattress 4 years ago. We spent almost $2K on a King size Sealy pillow top. After 4 years there is little to no support in several areas of the mattress an dI sleep in what is easily a 4 inch well on the mattress. Contacted Sleep Country and was directed to a website requiring a picture with 1.25" depression in the mattress. Unfortunately the pillow top manages to mask the depression and we could not make the picture show what is happening. Upon contacting Sleep Country to this point a technician was sent out to inspect the mattress where he agreed there is no support below the pillow top and recommended replacement. After a week of no response we contacted Sleep Country and they said that the 1" depression pictures precluded us from claiming warranty even if the technician agreed there is no support below the pillow top. At this point we will never purchase another mattress from Sleep Country or Sealy.

Handling and delivery

Today we had our second delivery ,this over $400 king size mattress was a handle like a garbage bag, one man grabbing it by the material while the other was watching, carried it to the house and dropped it on its edge “ absolute a NO-BRAINER!!! The one they delivered a week before the same way delaminates on the sides within 2 days. After extensive complaining to customer service with assurance it won’t happen again I would strongly suggest not to buy any large mattress from SLEEP CONTRY for this very same reason.

customer service

bought an adjustable bed and when it was delivered there was a broken cap holding one of the bars. service guys came 3 times to the door with no cap. they finally just put tape to hold it in place. I don't understand how you can show up without the replacement piece. A wasted 3 days. ! so frustrating. I GAVE UP

Wish I could give zero stars

DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT BUY A MATTRESS FROM SLEEP COUNTRY!! We purchased a $2600 mattress from Sleep Country and within 6 months it was breaking down to the point that it is causing sleep deprivation and physical pain. We contacted them and they sent out a "Customer service rep" to check it (at a non-refundable cost of $50). The guy didn't even touch the mattress. He put a level across the top and said it didn't sag enough to be replaced. He refused to sit on it, lie on it or even touch it. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Run, don't walk to any other mattress store.

Disgusting delivery experience

Great in store service. However on the morning of delivery we were told delivery of a box spring and mattress was to be between 3pm and 6pm. At 6:30 we called customer service just to be told the time slot was in fact between 4pm and 7pm (NOT TRUE). At 7:10 customer service told us that they had emailed the delivery staff (I guess no one has a phone) and they were waiting on a reply. We asked to speak directly with the driver, who never called us to explain why they were late, and were told they are not allowed to give out their number. At 8:20pm they showed up and simply said "Well we are finally here". No apology. My wife became very angry and told them they should have called. One of the men said "Why, I am not your son", and "if you become hostile we will take back the bed". My wife told them "No way are you taking this back". Upon which they left the two pieces outside on our porch in the snow and walked away. We had to bring them inside ourselves and do everything they were supposed to do. This is a disgusting example of the way the delivery services run today. No more shopping for us at Sleep Country.

Good Customer Service from Sleep Country - Markham

I just wanted to share my recent experience of my mattress from Sleep Country markham where the service representative - Sarang did a fantastic job in understanding my needs and propose something suitable for me and my wife to consider. We finally chose Sealy - Maybeck as our final choice and Sarang threw in some freebies to close the deal. What impresses me most is the follow up telephone call to remind me of the delivery date and reconfirm our delivery items to expect. I would like to commend the management for training up such a good staff for their front line customer service and would like to place on record my sincere thanks to Sarang for painstakingly expaining the intricacy of sleep. Keep up the good Work Mr. Sarang. Ken Wong

Innacurate if not misleading sales info and ineffective return policy.

The salesperson at their Toronto store provided incorrect information about the Bloom Cloud mattress: about where it's made, the construction and the return policy. The salesperson enticed us with an additonal 10% discount. After purchasing it, we weren't satisfied with the mattress (I was getting rashes) and expected to be able to return it within 30 days, but because they couldn't find the record of our purchase in the system, they wouldn't honour the refund. We have the box, the mattress, purchase order. After weeks of trying with them, we gave up and threw it out. Seems odd that they make it harder than other newer foam mattress companies to return.

Not 'sleep experts'

We have been loyal customers for 15years... purchasing 4 beds . Was having bad back problems so went to get advice from the "sleep experts" to ensure a new mattress would solve my issues. Salesperson was very nice, but had ZERO expertise to impart... merely said to try out the beds and see what is comfortable. Asking him to explain the differences in mattress types was a useless venture. Made my decision and purchased. After a few weeks back paid was back with avengeance... the mattress was too hard. Exchange was quick (although now I bought a higher priced mattress and $50fee). Fast forward one year and the mattress is sagging... back pain is insane! The 1' "body impression" I measured, by following the Warranty Claim instructions, does not qualify for a claim. (need 1.5"). Multiple emails to customer service to finally receive a call. They are only the retailer, not the manufacturer. They would be happy to give me a discount to buy a new mattress! If any of their "sleep experts" had advised me that my original mattress would soften up... ie. body impression, I would not be have exchanged the first mattress. Suggest that they remove any reference to "sleep experts" from their advertising... reading other reviews here it is a common complaint - no advice provided. It's just a showroom. Will not go back.

Very unhappy

I feel like Im sleeping in a hammock...we complained several times. We were told to jump in the middle to even it out. I just want my 9 year old mattress we gave them back :'(



i saw this

if a bed comes and you never seen it before they have started to scam you


Online ordered a mattress on Aug 31,2020. Security flagged the order and requested I call in to sort it out. I called the number and extension of the person who was handling the issue. I called and email and left several messages for someone to get back to me. A week ago I finally received an email stating that they would phone me within 2 days. After 5 business days with no call, I finally got a hold of a real person who after trying their very best to get me off the phone I was able to make some progress. After taking a bunch more info from me, I was assured that they would call me back that afternoon. To no ones surprise, they didn't. This morning I finally got through to a person after another hour on hold where I found a customer service agent who took my frustrations personally, said she was transferring me to their security department, then just transferred me to the same voicemail box I had already left several messages on. I finally used the chat function on the website and had to type out all my concerns again . She informed me that the security department HAD JUST BEEN GIVEN MY FILE and to please wait while they helped me. Out of nowhere I got an email stating that my order had been cancelled and there was no way for me to try a different payment method at all. I wasted 2+ weeks of my time to just get told to basically kick rocks. I've never tried so hard to get someone to take my money. I gave them several chances beyond what they deserved and ended up with a slap in the face. Myself, my extended family, my friends and even my kids will never darken your doorways again. Absolutely ridiculous.

Horrible Service

I bought some products, but the delivery service was horrible. The refused to pick up my old mattress and boxes when I had paid for this service. They didn't deliver 2 pillows. I had to argue with them for 30 min before they took the old stuff. Horrible. Then on top of all that, I had to call the store and customer service. They wasted my time. I had to take time off work to actually deal with that. Who is going to pay for my time? No one. Disappointed.

Bad quality Bad Servise

Go find somewhere else to buy a mattress. We bought a Serra IComfort from them for $2000.00 dollars. The one side of the mattress collapsed and they refused to do anything. The inspector that came out said the mattress had broken down. No a very reliable company to deal with. C. Ross

Horrible delivery and customer service

AWFUL Never again

Worst customer service ever

Absolutely the worst post sales customer service EVER!! To start with, they didn't email me a promotional voucher that I promised at the time of sale. Next, my follow up calls have not been returned. Finally, my emails have also not been responded to. I am horrified at how companies can operate like this!

Excellent service

I recently purchased a new mattress after chatting online with Alex a customer service rep at Sleep Country. Alex asked me about my sleep style and preferences and we decided on the best mattress for me. The two delivery men were fast and courteous. They both wore masks and had booties over their shoes. Absolutely would recommend Sleep Country


We bought two queen mattress and 1 king. Marian elite. the queens are good and firm beds. the king is terrible. it’s is like they have sewen the wrong tag on the wrong mattress. we contacted sleep country and they wouldn’t help us.

poor customer service

purchased 2 elite marian and 1 king elite marian beds. the 2 queen are fine beds. however king is the wrong bed tagged as a marian bed. No NO CUSTOMER SERVIVE ON WRONG BED. HAVE EMAIL MANY TIMES. they respond but no service. phone me before buying a bed from sleep country in medicine hat alberta

Bad mattress

Bought a mattress from you ,it was 1500 dollars , in just a year it is breaking down, your people tell me that it doesn't meet your parameters to replace, have tdywf many times to get it fixed , wish I could get this mattress replaced, lam ready to go to better business to put a clamplant in , if you could help me in thus problem l would be gratful

Horrible service

I called about my 10 year warranty. What a runaround. I was asked to take a few pictures. Easy? Not so....get a measuring tape, take the mattress off the bed, lay it flat on the floor and get started. Seriously?? Now I'm doing your job. To get someone to come and look at it... $50. Plus hst. Do yourself a favour...go elsewhere. I was happy until the warranty come into the picture. Whole different side to them. All smiles and chuckles when you're buying. Not so much when you're taking warranty. AVOID!!!!

Poor Service and Support

We have two of your Ergo Plus Tempur-pedic adjustable bases (3.5 years old). Let me open by saying when they work they are good. One of the beds has quit working 3 times ...the latest a few weeks ago. there has been some communications about trying options but always through an email. The first call in to support took 2 days for someone to respond. Not sure yet when a technician will show up. We were told today that we should call back if someone does not respond by next Friday! We are not talking rocket science here. A motor and power supply. Are these things not kept in stock. Why should it take weeks for someone to check it out. I will not recommend SC to any friends/associates. I am currently looking for other base manufacturers.

Two weeks for a refund

Waited a month for a bed, still didn't ship. I called to complain and was told it would take two weeks to request a refund.

Sleep Country are bunch of thieves!

The sales person gave us all the sweet promises that I can put $150 deposit to lock this great deal and if I change my mind I will get full refund ... which I did change my mind within the timeline of the offerIt has been more than 2 month now and I haven't got my money back, I talked to multiple customer service representatives and had to listen to the most silly excuses of why they can't refund me the money and want to offer me a store credit instead.That's why I call them a bunch of thieves ... I don't recommend anyone to do business with Sleep Country because they can't keep their word

Poor quality and very uncomfortable

After 13 years of bliss on a Westin heavenly bed we went to sleep country to purchase a new mattress. First one was a memory foam that was way to firm and hard. SC was good allowing us to exchange but this one is even more uncomfortable. Getting out of bed is difficult as it’s like pushing into quicksand. The middle of our king has built up into a mountain between us and when sitting on any side of the bed I sink into 80% of the mattress. We’ve used the mattress for 7 months. We spoke with customer service, sent pictures of the structure deficiency and explained our concern. Sleep country replied saying they’ve found no issue with the mattress. We will be throwing this mattress out and writing off the $3400 cost as a learning experience not to shop at sleep country ever again.

Lost stars because of poor delivery service

twice!! the delivery team mess up on their schedule, and the delivery guys are very rude. Thugs to be exact. (I live in a condo so the elevator must be booked for that day, but doesnt have to be specific in time. However, it another unit are using the elevator, then we can either share or wait.) The reason why the delivery team is horrible is, they don't call ahead of time, having the customer to call the call center and check, the call center provided the time slot 3pm-6pm. But it doesnt matter, because the delivery guy will not follow and decides to show up 2 hrs earlier than the time slot. Causing a seen and threaten to leave because the elevator was occupied by another unit. Even when they managed to deliver into my unit, they were in a rush to leave and quickly ripped open the plastic layer, unaware that there gloves were dirty and oily. They had dark hand printed on both side of the mattress so I asked for an exchange... The second time they called, but only rang a few times at 8am. By the time I got the phone they hanged up. There is no way to call back because it routes to customer service line. The customer service department has no way to contact the delivery guy, which once again, the delivey time is unknown!!! Although there customer service (call center) is excellent, but their last mile is HORRIBLE! I'm not going to buy from them again.

Wouldn't recommend

Would not recommend. You might think you're getting a deal on a floor model mattress. Then you get it home and it's hard as a rock (Connor Fusion). You try it out - like the salesperson suggests- for 30 days. Still not in love with it? No problem, right? Except when you visit the store to exchange the mattress you need to pay at minimum $500 for anything else. The other suggestion from a salesperson was to purchase a mattress topper (for a brand new mattress?!) I was also told over the phone that due to covid-19 store closure I would receive an additional 30 days with the mattress to help decide - this not the case (exact quote, "we have you covered"). Overall fairly disheartened with my experience and wouldn't recommend purchasing here.

Won't take back defective mattress

Sleep Country will not take back a mattress that we found defective within couple of days of delivery. The mattress sinks in one side much more than the other and has a sloping surface. The slope down towards the edge increases as you lie on the mattress - you feel like you are rolling off. The warranty is for only two types of narrowly defined defects - dipping/sagging and pillow top shift (don't know what that means. It seems neither are our problems. So we're stuck with the mattress or exchange it for a fee. I would never buy a Serta mattress or from Sleep Country

Ajustable bed

Spent at least 6 grand with these guys . A tempurdeic bed anothe bed and an ajustable bed. The problem is the ajustable bed it brome down twice the first time to get it reaplaced was long enough tne second one broke still under warranty. I phoned them numerous times they said they would get this third party spalding to come to fix i got the run from them to the guy said they never got a call for a previous ajastable repair. I have arhritis in bac shoulers kness . Now i jus got knee surgery i could of used a anustable bed that worked.I have never seen a buisnes that pawns off responsibility for the products they sell to a third party like this and i have never been treated this way by any company in my life


I bought two of the Malouf Zoned Dough Bamboo Charcoal Queen sized Pillows; with shipping it came to $300. A lot of money for pillows i know but I was hoping it would fix my neck problems. So, basically I learned that buying pillows from Sleep Country is like buying undergarments which is a little silly. They don't exchange or refund at all. These pillows which are basically black sponges...are made for petite people or people that enjoy very flat pillows. If you have a larger chest forget it - you will not like them especially when sleeping on your stomach. If you are two people, you would need 4 pillows, 2 per person for it to be comfortable. Also, I don't recommend for people with Vertigo or Asthma. They are apparently sending me a gift card for $150 which I appreciate but it doesn't really fix my dilemma. No more buying anything online.

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