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Sit N Sleep Mattress Reviews

Sit 'n Sleep is one of the most popular mattress retailers in Southern California with 38 superstore locations across the region. They sell many name-brand mattresses such as Simmons Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic, iComfort and more. They are known for great sales experiences and positive interactions with customers. However, there have been some complaints about returns and the quality of some mattresses. We'll go through the ins and outs of their selection.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $229-$11099

Trial Period: 60 Day Exchange (Fee Required)

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Sit N Sleep's Specifics

Sit 'n Sleep is one of the most successful mattress retailers in the United States. They are successful because of their ability to sell name-brand mattresses at a markup.

What does that mean about their selection? They have a wider name-brand selection than many other local retailers, which is a big win for customers.

But with that selection comes a hidden truth:

The prices are usually much higher than what you would pay online.

This is because Sit 'n Sleep has to pay its salespeople commissions, pay for its retail space, and also make a profit on mattresses that they don't themselves manufacture.

What you are buying is more personal customer service.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands

Sit 'n Sleep sells a variety of name-brand mattresses such as varieties sold by SertaSimmons, TEMPUR-Sealy, and King Koil. They have 15+ mattress brands sold at their locations, and have both more affordable mattresses and those that are really expensive (and maybe not worth the money). We'll go through each in detail below.

So here they are...

#1 Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is the original memory foam mattress -- with materials invented by NASA to be used for cushioning. Tempur-Pedic has recently become a household name with their Tempur-Breeze line that offsets the warming effects of memory foam. Overall, they are a good brand with high end materials but run expensive versus other online all-foam options.

The pros: High end memory foam mattresses at a high pricetag.

The cons: Some issues with durability and heat retention on some models.

Price Range: $1599-$11099

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

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#2 Technogel

Technogel is the original gel mattress that has a top layer of cooling gel on the surface layer. This gel is unlike other mattresses and is not infused into the foam, but rather has its own texture and unique feel. The Technogel mattresses run expensive and are higher end, but for those that have back issues and need something cooler, they are well rated.

The pros: Gel materials and other high end manufacturing for warmer sleepers.

The cons: There are some that had issues with durability.

Price Range: $3999-$11099

Final Score: 8.8 / 10

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#3 Simmons Beautyrest

Simmons Beautyrest is one of the most loved brands of the mattress retailer mattresses. Although most sleepers love the initial feel of pillow top and Beautyrest's luxury design, the issue with the Beautyrest for some sleepers is that they have issues with body indentations after a short time. For a high pricetag, this may not be worth the risk for everyone.

The pros: The design of the mattress leads to feelings of comfort initially.

The cons: Some problems with durability.

Price Range: $799-$4999

Final Score: 8.6 / 10

Online Only: Check Beautyrest Deals

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#4 King Koil

King Koil offers a more traditional innerspring design at a competitive pricepoint. For those that are leary about buying a mattress online, King Koil offers some of the better value for your $ in a mattress retail environment. However, there are some cons, including some reports about durability issues.

The pros: Some good deals can be found with the King Koil brand.

The cons: Some issues with durability long term.

Price Range: $549-$3399

Final Score: 8.4 / 10

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#5 Sherwood Bedding

Sherwood Bedding offers a variety of innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses at a competitive pricepoint versus other retail mattresses available. However, with this perceived higher value, there is a catch. Some of these mattresses have issues with degrading quickly and that means that initial comfort can quickly dissolve away.

The pros: Mid to low-cost mattresses for the retail environment.

The cons: Issues with degrading materials and low quality at times.

Price Range: $600-$2400

Final Score: 7.8 / 10

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#6 Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep is a budget-friendly brand from Simmons. It comes with a variety of options in a lower price point than Beautyrest, but with a similar design. With hybrid design with pocketed coils and memory foam on the top layer, these mattresses look interesting. However, there are some that had issues with durability and comfort issues.

The pros: Lower priced hybrids for a retailer environment.

The cons: Some problems with quick breaking down for some sleepers.

Price Range: $299-$1199

Final Score: 7.5 / 10

#7 Five Star

Five Star is a mid-grade innerspring mattress line that is exclusively sold in mattress stores. It is known for featuring gel memory foam on the top layers to keep things cool. It gets some mixed reviews from customers when it comes to durability issues. There are some that had sagging problems after only a year.

The pros: Reasonable innerspring mattresses for retail stores.

The cons: Issues with sagging and durability after a short period of time.

Price Range: $539-$1169

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

#8 Sealy

Sealy is a well-known name in the mattress world, with its Posturepedic brand being the flagship for zoned comfort and spinal support. Their innerspring mattresses come at a variety of pricepoints and feature memory foam and pocketed coil designs. There are some that had problems with longevity problems with these mattresses.

The pros: Variety of pricepoints and a recognizable brand name experience.

The cons: Issues with price value for the materials used and durability.

Price Range: $599-$1399

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#9 Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster is a recognizable name in the luxury mattress category. With high profiles and traditional luxury designs that come with a long tradition of mattress making, it is no surprise that customers buy their mattresses often. However, there are many complaints about durability issues after a short period of time with this brand, which negates the luxury excitement.

The pros: Luxury designs and beautiful look and initial feel.

The cons: Lots of issues with durability and longevity complaints.

Price Range: $1199-$10799

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#10 Kingsdown

Kingsdown has a lot going for it -- with a variety of designs that range from innerspring, latex, and memory foam mattresses. Most customers can find what they want, especially with their mattress match system that is available in some retail locations. After the initial comfort period, there were many complaints, however, about degrading mattresses.

The pros: Mid-grade mattress materials and lots of variety of designs.

The cons: Problems with complaints about longevity and durability.

Price Range: $700-$2500

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#11 Serta

Serta is well-known for their iComfort and Perfect Sleeper mattress lines that come with an array of design options. They use innovative materials like gel infused memory foams and pocketed coils. Overall, the versatility of this brand is showcased with their price variations -- so folks in most budgets can find what they are looking for. That said, there are some complaints about durability for some of these mattresses.

The pros: A variety of designs with versatile materials and pricepoints.

The cons: There are some complaints about durability for some models.

Price Range: $649-$4,200

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#12 Spink & Edgar

Spink & Edgar are higher end luxury mattresses that go for a higher pricepoint than many budget options or online brands. They come with high end features like wool, egyptian cotton, flax, silk, and micro-coils. These mattresses are decently priced for the materials used, but the question of comfort is an issue for some. These mattresses have some issues with complaints about durability and longevity.

The pros: High end mattress designs with natural and traditional materials.

The cons: Some problems with durability and initial comfort.

Price Range: $2799-$7999

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

#13 Primo

Primo mattresses offer ultra-affordable mattress designs. With a range of innerspring and all-foam offerings, many folks are drawn in by the low prices. As of this writing, there was also a promotion for a 'free mountain bike' with a purchase of a Primo mattress. These types of marketing gimmicks appear exciting, but there are some value issues with these mattresses. Some have had issues with degrading material quickly after purchase. Others have reported feeling initial comfort is not up to par with expectations.

The pros: Very affordable mattress options with a variety of firmness options.

The cons: Some complaints about initial comfort and longevity.

Price Range: $269-$1029

Final Score: 7 / 10

#15 Hybrid Infinity

Sit 'N Sleep has gone big on Hybrid Infinity with their infinity warranty and 365 night trial similar to many online brands. The exception is that this brand is currently only available through retailers. The brand offers mattresses with a cooling cover along with gel infused foam and memory foam layers on top of an edge-reinforced pocketed coil system. With options that range in firmnesses, shoppers can find something that works for them. However, there are some disagreements reported, including offgassing odor and some disagreements about being too firm.

The pros: Moderately priced hybrids with nice trial and warranty.

The cons: Some issues with odor and firmness reported.

Price Range: $749-$2799

#15 Online Brands

Sit 'N Sleep also sells a variety of popular online brands, such as Nectar, DreamCloud, Casper, Leesa, and Purple. Many of these mattresses are highly rated, especially the Resident Home brands, DreamCloud and Nectar. However, there may be some differences in buying direct versus buying in-store. In some cases, buying direct comes with added perks in the forms of discounts, free bedding, and better sleep trial experiences. Also, at times retailers may have products that are sitting compressed in a box longer than buying direct. Sometimes this can lead to issues with proper expansion and feel versus buying direct from the online brand.

The pros: Some top rated online mattress options available.

The cons: Some differences in perks, trial, and sleep experiences possible.

Price Range: $599-$5198

Sit 'n Sleep Alternatives

Something that a lot of folks don't know: this is one of the most exciting times to buy a mattress. There are hundreds of brands that are coming into the market and selling direct to customers like never before and this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress online direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. If you are willing to take a little extra time reading about the best mattresses for you, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store in person, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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Browse Sit N Sleep Customer Reviews

The best experience I've ever had buying a mattress

The best experience I've ever had buying a mattress. Benny Etinger made all the difference. He was incredibly patient with my boyfriend and I during the purchase process. Loves to help you find just the right mattress and is not happy until each person is completely happy and satisfied.

Benny is knowledgeable, friendly and so helpful. He took all the time on the world with us and helped us make the right decision.

Love Sit N Sleep. Great customer service all around up to delivery. One stop shop for all your dreamy needs.

F is for Fantastic Fred

F is for Fantastic Fred :o)

I went in for a good foam mattress and tried about 8 of them. Great selection. Knowledgeable and patient sales rep.

I wouldn't think that buying a new mattress would be so pleasant

I wouldn't think that buying a new mattress would be so pleasant . I bought it 5 minutes before they closed the store and I am extremely happy with my purchase . Scott helped to choose one, and he was quick and made sure that I am satisfied with my purchase . I also needed to return the box spring and that was so easy to do . Thank you Scott ! :)

Shel Day made my day

Shel Day made my day, he was very helpful and made purchasing my mattress very easy. He was not pushy or aggressive, he was caring and was concerned about meeting my needs. I love my new mattress and my new pillows, I couldn't be any happier with my purchase and experience at Sit 'n Sleep with Shel Day.

We just purchased our new mattress

We just purchased our new mattress from Sit 'n Sleep and we couldn't be happier. Benny (aka Bernard) helped us throughout the entire process and was very patient as we asked several questions and tried out several mattresses. Plus, he was very knowledgeable and was able to properly answer and address any issues we were concerned about. Hopefully we won't need a new mattress for a very long time, but whenever we do, we'll go back here.

My boyfriend and I came in to get a mattress

My boyfriend and I came in to get a mattress for our new home. We were planning on shopping around several stores, but we didn't need to because we found everything we wanted at Sit 'n Sleep!

The manager, Doug, greeted us warmly right when we walked in the store. We hadn't bought a mattress for years and needed lots of help. Doug took his time to help us from beginning to end. He must be a mattress whisperer because the first one he showed us was perfect and he worked with us to get a great deal. The next time we need a new bed, I know where we're going.

Walked in with my girlfriend to browse

Walked in with my girlfriend to browse, walked out with a great new mattress and a great deal Our sleep consultant, Casey, was very friendly, helpful, patient and he worked diligently to meet the price point we were aiming for. Mattress buying can be stressful, but it's 1/3 of your life so let Casey help find the right bed for you.

Doug the store manager was so helpful and nice

Doug the store manager was so helpful and nice. Worked hard with pricing and showed us a ton of great options with out being pushy. Although, we didn't buy anything today I would highly reccomend them and would return.

My Fiance and I were in search for a new mattress

My Fiance and I were in search for a new mattress and this was our first (and ended up being the only!) stop. The experience was educational, fun, and one of the most satisfying purchases we've ever made. We were helped by the store manager, Doug, who was amazing.

When we entered the store Doug met us. I was afraid of some aggressive sales guy and so immediately I said we were just looking and told him what our budget and needs were. He didn't bat an eyelash and said, "Great! I just want to educate you both and see if we can start the path to finding what you need." He was never pushy and he encouraged us to have fun laying on all kinds of mattresses. We even bounced around a bit on them and were laughing and having a ton of fun...he encouraged all of it! The whole time asking us questions and helping us find the perfect mattress for both of us. He even cut us the BEST DEAL I'VE EVER GOTTEN on anything in my life!!

We could not be happier with the purchase, the experience, and the fact we feel we have an honest and quality friend in Doug. Thanks DOUG!!

I was very satisfied with my experience here

I was very satisfied with my experience here. After experiencing a few weeks of back pain, I finally decided to go and shop for a mattress. It was a Sunday and thankfully this location wasn't packed with customers. Bernard Etinger was the salesperson who helped me and I explained a few things that I felt were important to me for a mattress and he showed me a few options and made the process unbelievably simple! He was very generous and helpful. I am very happy to have done my business here and with Bernard. When I was checking out he asked me if I wanted the mattress delivered on a Friday or Saturday, and I said Saturday but soon after regretted that request as my back was ready for this mattress right away.

I contacted Bernard and he was able to change the delivery day to Friday, which was extremely nice of him to do.

I'm glad I came here as I felt supported in my search of a new mattress as well as able to ask questions and trust the person selling me the mattress. Bernard really made it simple when I was overthinking what I should be buying when really the answer was apparent (the right mattress was the first one I tried as it supported the different ways I slept.

After a disappointing store visit

After a disappointing store visit and talking to the right people, we found a mattress that we enjoyed! The customer service provided by Rosalina from compare was amazing, she was understanding and super friendly. She was able to work with me to get my a delivery and mattress exchange. The mattress test was helpful. I recommend this company for a good mattress and customer service in the long run. Now I can look forward to sleeping every night! Thank you very much.

Ask for Benny

Ask for Benny. He guided us to the correct mattress and stayed within our budget. Great stuff.

Unhappy with our choice

Unhappy with our choice. Purchase was $3,000 and,I wake up with my back hurting. Called Sit n Sleep transferred to customer service. They offer to come out and test the bed but no refunds or exchanges. Very upset with myself.

UPDATE the above review was for the store in Laguna Hills. I apologize I did not know that I was posting to a different location.


NOT HAPPY... YOUR CHEATING ME LARRY... spent over $3,000 and my Mattress has collapsed on areas of the Mattress... So I call and SIT and SLEEP and they send a 3rd Party Company to inspect, the Man shows up on Saturday Midday on June 23rd, on Wednesday June 27th I got a Letter saying my CLAIM was denied, the POSTMARK was from Monday June 25th... soooo, the Inspection happened on Saturday June 23rd Midday was submitted to the Manufacture on Monday June 25th, reviewed by the Manufacture on Monday determined that the Claim would be denied, then they sent the Denial to SIT and SLEEP who then produce a letter that they drop in the Mail on Monday June 25th... I Call SCAM... NO WAY should that happen that quickly, I CALL DENY DENY DENY... I would like to know WHO OWNS the 3RD Party Inspection Company, and I would like to know WHO OWNS the Mattress Manufacture Company, DOES SIT and SLEEP have any OWNERSHIP of Either of these Companies... AND... WHAT IS THE PERCENTAGE OF DENIALS ON WARRANTIES... I was told my mattress needed a 6/8 of an Inch variance, AND, I was told that my MATTRESS was at 5/8 of an inch variance... YOUR CHEATING ME LARRY... the FIX WAS IN... SHAME

I could not be happier

I could not be happier or more satisfied with my experience here. I came into the store this passed Saturday with limited knowledge of what I wanted. I was greeted by Doug, a manager at the store. He was attentive and thoughtful, let me describe what I thought I was looking for. He asked me questions about my sleep style, price range, and expectations of a mattress. I did not feel sold to or overwhelmed at any time.

Doug worked with me fully engaged for about an hour. We tested different styles, discussed benefits / drawbacks, and I settled on a mattress. He worked with me to accommodate my budget, put me at ease that I had made a good decision, and the purchase was delivered exactly on schedule. I would recommend this store to anyone looking for a mattress. Ask for Doug.

~ Jason

Doug L. was really nice to work with

Doug L. was really nice to work with. Its a sales job, but he definitely listened and tried to help. Went there the first time at night and he gave us a good overview of options. Didn't buy anything and when we we're leaving he didn't pressure us or anything, just gave me his business card. Went back the next day and he got us set up and even worked with the price a bit too. Good prices, great staff. See you in 8 years Doug L.!

Bernard Etinger is an exceptional salesman

Bernard Etinger is an exceptional salesman! It was a very pleasant surprise to have found a salesman who was honest, knowledgeable, and really had my highest and best good at heart.

He offered fabulous customer service and went above and beyond to make sure my experience was top notch. No matter what the purchase is from a matress to pillows he wants the best for your sleep health. I highly recommend him!

Pretty happy

Pretty happy with my purchase here, got a new mattress and bed frame for a reasonable price. Worked with Fred who initially gave me the hard sell but I like to take my time when making decisions that cost a lot of money so he gave me some space to test all the mattresses out on my own which was nice. At most online places there's no restocking fee on returns/exchanges so although that isn't the policy here they waived it for me when I brought it up.

Only thing that wasn't great was delivery, where the guy kept saying how much trouble it would be to set everything up and acted like he was doing me a huge favor by even trying. He even had to convince his partner that the bed would fit through my doorway so that was a bit of a hassle. They finally decided to bring it in and everything looks great.

I went to Sit 'n Sleep

I went to Sit 'n Sleep last Saturday, in hopes of finding a mattress that would help to alleviate my tired, aching back. I walked in and was greeted by Sleep Consultant, Benny Etinger. Benny was very courteous, professional, patient and an all around nice guy. He allowed me to test several mattresses until I said, "this is the one". My entire in store experience was good.

Today, my new mattresses were delivered by Eric and his partner who were both very nice, thorough, quick and efficient - another great experience.

Wonderful customer service!

Salesman tried too hard

Salesman tried too hard to get me to buy additional products. So much so that he was deceiving. He kept telling me I can throw in a brand new$200 pillow for $100 each and a mattress protector for $100 ($267 value). When I received my statement, the items were all at full price, it was only the mattress that had been discounted to offset those fees. The deceptive part was he had the ability to simply reduce the price of mattress, which he apparently had the ability to do regardless of the additional items being added on. He just wanted me to spend more money and tricked me into thinking he was getting me a deal as a "working mother." After I approached him about the pricing, he said "yeah all of the discount coupons were added on the back end so you just cant see it on your receipt." I realized later he just wanted to upsell as much as possible, even if that meant lying. The delivery time mishap was remedied however.

My wife and I went into Sit 'n Sleep

My wife and I went into Sit 'n Sleep unsure of what we were in for. Neither of us like sales pressure, neither of us knew anything about buying a bed. We've had the same mattress for years. Luckily, we saw Wayne. He took us through selections that met our price range with no fuss. He knew exactly what he was talking about and went above and beyond to make sure that we tried all the beds that could match our needs. We were in, out, and happy in less than 45 minutes.

I had the pleasure

I had the pleasure of working with

Bernard Etinger today. He was a remarkable sales associate. He spent a lot of time getting to know me and my sleep preferences. The knowledge of the products from beds to pillows was very encouraging. He has a wonderful energy and a passion for helping people. It's rare to find a salesman where you feel your needs are greater than the commission. Bernard put me in front of everything. He's a a trustworthy man and I will continue to buy mattresses from him in the future. I highly recommend going to see him.

Sold me a lemon

Sold me a lemon and charged me to take it back. They always screw up the delivery time and give an automated call saying the driver is 20 minutes away when it takes him well over and hour and a half. Disorganized company. They brought me mattresses with rip pillowtops and I had to send it back to get a new one and wait. I think mattress companies give them the poorer quality made mattresses

They don't check their mattresses merchandise prior to loading it on the truck. They need to implement a new system and tell the delivery crew to check their items before loading it on the truck. I got a new bed from macys and very happy. Very organized and best of all if your bed is damaged they won't charge you to take it back. It's free. And great prices.

We had a great experience with Wayne

We had a great experience with Wayne! He helped guide us through finding a mattress that was a fit for us, and it was delivered the next day with no problems. We shopped several stores, but felt this was the best quality and value for our budget.

I imagine that selling mattresses is a hard business

I imagine that selling mattresses is a hard business. There are a million models, no one wants to spend too much money, and your income requires you to upsell.

AND, what a trash experience this evening. Although I did have fun trying out their sleep comfort machine - the gentleman who assisted me (05/02/17) got frustrated when I wasn't interested in dropping 2Gs on a Tempur-pedic. So frustrated apparently that he stopped talking to me mid conversation and simply walked away.

Although this was funny after the fact - what kind of wild customer service are they slinging at this establishment?

Kendrick Cole is a fine salesman

Kendrick Cole is a fine salesman and did everything he could to sell me the best possible mattress.

I love the mattress I have and he gave me a great deal on it since it was the floor model. I got about $2500 off and only had to pay around $600 for an extremely amazing mattress which was tailored to fit my sleep style.

Best place to get a mattress in LA!

Shell helped us get the perfect mattress

Shell helped us get the perfect mattress for our new house at the right price. He was quick to assess our needs and we were in and out of the store in a timely manner. The bed was delivered free of charge the next morning and installed quickly. All around friendly, reliable service and I will definitely return when we furnish our guest room!

Thanks for many wonderful sleeps, Shell!

Sheldon was a great salesman

Sheldon was a great salesman and put us in the right bed, at the right price. He understood our budget and our needs and guided us in the perfect direction. I highly recommend this store, and ask for Sheldon!

-Elliott and Sara

Just left this Sit n Sleep location

Just left this Sit n Sleep location. We had excellent service from BENNY! He was able to really help me and my wife out on buying our first bed as grown-ups. lol. He also gave us a great deal. GO TO HIM :)

Purchased a foam mattress

Purchased a foam mattress with adjustable base and headboard. Was given a wonderful deal by Doug Lunsford! Definitely come check this place out if you're in the market for a new bed or mattress. Their professional no pressure attitude and amazing selection is just unbeatable!

Doug is awesom

Doug is awesome. This is my second time purchasing from this place and they always make me and my family feel welcomed they have excellent customer service they don't pressure you into buying anything they just let you know they are there and to let them know when you are ready or need assistance. Will definitely be back when I decide to get a new bed or bedroom furniture.

We just purchased a mattress

We just purchased a mattress with Benny Etinger - he was great. Best mattress purchasing experience we've ever had. Quick, efficient, and did not rush us, but gave us options tailored to our needs.

Thank you Doug

Thank you Doug at sit n sleep for an outstanding and professional sleep system purchase. Looking forward to the delivery and first night sleep on my new mattress with adjustable frame. Go see Doug at sit n sleep in Culver City and get yourself an excellent nights rest.

Had a great overall experience

Had a great overall experience, Shel worked with our price range, listened to our needs and worked hard to help us find what we want. Prompt delivery next day, two nice gentlemen assembled bed frame extremely fast. Excellent quality matress (supposed to be open box, but arrived in ideal condition, i triple checked). They took away old mattress too. We are very happy and will shop there again.

Douglas Lunsford was my Sleep Consultant

Douglas Lunsford was my Sleep Consultant on 3/13/2018 and he was excellent! My entire shopping experience was so easy and pleasant.

Douglas suggested several mattress sets for me to try based on my body type, their computer analysis and my budget. He never rushed me, never tried to "up-sell" me, and was patient during the nearly 1 hour it took me to decide on the mattress firmness and brand I wanted. Definitely ask for Douglas when you shop for a mattress and have zero idea of what you want or need. His experience was invaluable to my purchase.

Delivery was conveniently scheduled for 3/17/18 and the delivery guys arrived on time. They were friendly and very helpful taking away my old mattress/springs and installing the new ones.

And, last but definitely not least, I LOVE my Stearns Oak Terrace LCFEPT Queen Mattress Set. It's exactly what I wanted and needed to sleep like a baby.

Thanks Douglas and Sit 'n Sleep Culver City!

Good selection

Good selection, good pricing, good sales help from Douglas Lunsford.

Went in yesterday with my husband

Went in yesterday with my husband and kids to get a new mattress. We had our budget set and wanted to get in and out. We were helped by Wayne and he made the process super easy. We found a mattress well within budget and it was super comfy! Wayne has tons of mattress experience and was not there to waste our time or sell us extras. We got out of there within an hour and are very happy with our purchase! My husband and I both left talking about what a positive experience we had there. Thanks Wayne!

We had the most terrible experience with Sheldon

We had the most terrible experience with Sheldon. Went in looking for different mattress options and when we asked Sheldon to see mattresses in a lower price range than the $2.5k mattresses we've been seeing, he responded with "have you not been seeing the prices on the mattresses we've been seeing? What side of the building are you parked?" And then he proceeded to show us to the door.

I've never seen such terrible customer service. Went to the mattress store across the street and purchased our mattress there instead. Wow. I'm still shocked from this experience. Would not recommend this place for anyone. Definitely has the used car dealer vibe.

My boyfriend and I have been in here twice now

My boyfriend and I have been in here twice now and both times we were fortunate enough to work with Kevin. I hate going to mattress stores or really any store where they have a sales person working with you, because they usually put a ton of pressure on you to buy the most expensive thing there. Not Kevin.

Both times he helped us out he went through each mattress brand, qualities, and firm-ness with us. He was very knowledgeable and entertaining, making each experience fun and not as frustrating as we thought it'd be. He really knows his mattress brands and is very candid about what we need. Most sales people (I've been to other mattress stores so I know) push the most expensive products because they get better commission, but Kevin lets us know what we need and don't need, never steering us towards the expensive stuff after we let him know our budget.

Thanks Kevin for your patience with our multitude of questions and hope to be back again soon.

I have had so much trouble with this company

I have had so much trouble with this company! The customer service is amazing when you're buying a mattress but don't expect ANY help above and beyond the bare minimum if you have any complaints.

I bought a mattress about 9 months ago along with a mattress pad cover ($150!) that is supposed to be cooling. The mattress pad cover is terrible! It's wayyyy too big for my mattress and slips all over the place. Also, the bed feels warmer with it on. #fail

I asked to return it and they would not. The man on the phone (I believe Mike was his name) was actually super rude about the whole thing. He said mattress pad covers are not allowed to be returned and said in a condescending tone, "that's like trying to return a pair of underwear." 1) Had I bought this at Target or any other major retail store with a halfway decent return policy, they would gladly accept the return. In fact, they would even accept someone returning underwear if they did not like it. 2) Underwear touches my body. The mattress cover does not. It is in between a brand new mattress and clean sheets and was on my bed 1 night before I realized it was completely awful. So, terrible customer service instance #1.

Now, onto incident #2 which is ongoing. The mattress I bought has been saggy in a way that did not feel normal since I got it. I hemmed and hawed about trying to return or exchange it given my terrible experience with the mattress pad but finally I did decide to have it inspected for a warranty return. Turns out it is defective. The guy came out, did some measurements, and 2.5 weeks later I get a letter from Sit 'n Sleep saying I can get a new one under warranty. Yay, I think, great! Nottttt so much. Turns out the warranty exchange is void if you don't do it within 15 days?! Why?????? I waited over 15 days from the time you did the inspection for you to tell me I could have a new mattress which is FINE because it's not like this is an emergency situation. But why do I have to get to your store within 15 days or lose my opportunity? THAT IS CRAZY AND THERE IS NO GOOD REASON FOR A RULE LIKE THAT. I'm going out of the country for 1 month and I don't have a chance to get there in 15 days.

Not to mention, they want me to pay an $11 recycling fee and a $50 transportation fee to get a new mattress WHEN THE ONLY REASON I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS IN THE 1ST PLACE IS BECAUSE THE ONE THEY SOLD ME IS DEFECTIVE. Why should I have to incur extra cost for your deficiencies? Then, I ask the customer service guy on the phone to transfer me to a manager and he says they are not available and MAYBE they will call me back today. He can't say for sure when, or even if, anyone will get back to me.

This company has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I will NEVER give them my money again and will be doing everything I can to get my money back and be done with them forever.

Dennis And Alan are amazing

Dennis And Alan are amazing!! Great customer service helped me pick the perfect bed. Alan tapped dance for me after completing the sale. I looked at Bobs discount furniture but way better deals at sit n sleep.

This mattress store tricks and diseves you

This mattress store tricks and diseves you. I purchased a medium firm California king mattress that had a ten year warranty. After two years the mattress started sinking in. I had to wait a week for a third party company to come inspect the sink hole in my mattress, then another week for the inspection results. Sit n sleep customer service representative said my claim was denied however, they will replace it anyway. I was told to go to the store to pick out another mattress but all I wanted was the same one I had, minus the hole. Ofcourse, the mattress I had purchased was discontinued and there were no similar mattresses in store. The store representative recommended another mattress at a store location far from me, I was told that mattress would be the closest to the one I had. So without much choice i ordered it. I recieved the new mattress, after paying a delivery fee, and realized the mattress was hard as a rock. I called customer service back and they told me that my new mattress was the same as my old one and that I just have to get used to it. Then the representative said she'll do me a favor and allow a one time warranty exchange if I pay a 20% restocking fee. This is ridiculous, I feel robbed by sit n sleep. I'm definitely not getting what I payed for. I'm not at all happy with there customer service or there mattress. I'm definitely going to be shopping somewhere else from now on.

Ken is an excellent sales person

Ken is an excellent sales person and helped us out a lot. Thank you Ken for your great service! And...Alberto and Raul from truck number 25 were very helpful and did a terrific installation job of our Tempur-pedic split mattress California king adjustable bed to fit our existing bedframe. Excellent service! Thank you gentlemen.

It's been long overdue

It's been long overdue, and I'm sure Jennifer thinks I completely forgot about writing a review on her and the excellent service I received by her. It's been on my mind since August 28th to be exact! Haha

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by Jennifer Cho, I explained to her that I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. She had me try more than a few mattresses and made sure I lay on each for a good 2/3 minutes to ensure I felt comfortable. She took her time and was not rushing me into a purchase. I finally picked the kings matt series/600 gold queen mattress. She was very detailed with the entire purchase process, no confusions or bluffs.

Her fun and warm personality is what made this purchase so easy. After the purchase she personally walked me out and thanked me for my time.

I highly recommend you see Jennifer. I'll make sure to send all friends, family, clients and colleagues your way.

Thank you!!

Just purchased an awesome Serta mattress

Just purchased an awesome Serta mattress with a killer adjustable bed with all the works! We went in on a Saturday to compare pricing with other local mattress stores. We went back in on Tuesday and they price matched the lowest price we found for our Serta iComfort. In addition, we found a great deal with a floor model adjustable bed and saved 70% off retail. Did I mention both came with a 10 year warranty? We cant wait for our mattress to arrive!! Thanks, Marcus snd Cody!!

My boyfriend and I purchased and amazing mattress

My boyfriend and I purchased and amazing mattress here from Mike. He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable . I recommend seeing him for any of your mattress needs!

I came into sit n sleep thinking I was going to buy a bed

I came into sit n sleep thinking I was going to buy a bed in a box. Mike greeted us with a super genuine approach to finding something even better for the same price (I actually spent less) and what I really loved about the experience is the "bed match" aspect where they calibrate your body to the perfect bed. I feel really confident in the bed I bought :) Thanks Mike!

I recommend this Sit 'n Sleep for anyone

I recommend this Sit 'n Sleep for anyone who is serious about purchasing the perfect mattress. This was my first time visiting a Sit 'n Sleep and I didn't know what to expect. As soon as my husband and I walked in we were greeted and immediately attended to by Jennifer Cho. She was very friendly and super helpful.

She put us in this machine they have to match us up with the type of mattress we needed for the both of us. She had us try out a variety of mattresses we could possibly like. She helped us find the perfect one to suit both of our needs. I highly recommend her to help you find the perfect mattress. She was very honest with us about pricing and quality. She truly cares about helping people get the best sleep.

Jennifer is the best! We are so grateful that she helped us find our mattress. We can't wait to sleep on it.

One year ago, we purchased a beauty rest luxury firm

One year ago, we purchased a beauty rest luxury firm pillow top mattress and had problems with it since the first month of sleeping in it. We called Sit N Sleep to see if we could exchange but they said that it takes a few months to break in. So, we decided to give it some more time. A year went by, and it was even worse: dips, lumps, and sagging.

Long story short, a warranty guy came out to check the mattress and said it was the worst one he's ever seen! Full exchange was due to us!

This is where the 5 stars comes in! We went to the Sit n sleep on La Brea and Mike Strand was able to guide us in the right direction. We must of laid on 20 different beds, and by the end we wanted to go with a really firm mattress, only because our current one was so bad.

We took a day to sleep on it, and decided the mattress he suggested for us was the perfect one. He was honest, straight forward, and knowledgeable without being pushy.

Sit 'n Sleep is great

Sit 'n Sleep is great! Mike helped me pick out a great mattress in my price range and with same day delivery. The overall process was super easy and efficient, and I'm very pleased!

We finally broke down and decided it was time

We finally broke down and decided it was time to get a new mattress. One of those things you just don't want to deal with but know you have to... The last thing you want to deal with is another sales person trying to get you buy something you don't need.... BUT let me tell you something. NOT UP IN HERE. We had the pleasure of working with Jennifer as our sales person and she was awesome! She's extremely knowledgable and genuinely cares about her clients. She steered us in the right direction and tonight we will be sleeping on our new mattress. She was amazing and the best part is I also saw how the other associates worked with their clients and appears the entire staff is friendly and amazing as well.

If you need a new mattress or pillows or just want to lay down for a minute... Go see Jennifer. She's the best!

Josh was great today

Josh was great today with my purchase of a new mattress during their memorial sale.

I'm an internet buyer in most cases but I was glad that I went in to the store for this mattress and custom fit experience.

We love our bed that Alan sold us

We love our bed that Alan sold us! It's a king size Sealy Silver Chill mattress and we are addicted to it. It is so comfortable. We've had it about 10 days and are still getting used to not noticing the other person unless we're touching. It's that well engineered.

Go see Jenny Cho

Go see Jenny Cho!!.

She is the Zohan of mattresses !!. I've looked at every name brand in the book and Jenny really understands and takes care of all your sleep needs to ensure you get a good comfortable and better alignment for body so you can get a goods night rest!. Thanks again Jenny

First time buying a mattress

First time buying a mattress and i was pretty lost on even where to start. Kevin came up and offered some help. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He had me test many different ones in my price range to give me an idea, which really helped to have a clear discussion. He picked out my mattress right away and i ended up always coming back to it. Hands down the best service i could have asked for and i walked away feeling like i made the right purchase!! Thank you Kevin!!!

I enjoyed trying out beds at Sit 'n Sleep

I enjoyed trying out beds at Sit 'n Sleep. Especially when they make you sleep on this machine bed thingy to test out what kind of bed firmness is best for you. Very innovative. Jennifer, the sales associate who helped me in the store, was very nice and helpful. She is a very good sales in a very non-pushy way. If I was planning on buying that day, I would've bought the one that I love very much but did not have the budget for. Like she said, the higher the prices, the nicer beds are. One thing I disliked about the whole experience (the afterthought after I left to think about it) was that she took me directly to a few of the more expensive ones, and also let me try out the adjustable beds. Yes, they are super nice and I absolutely loved the bed that was recommending but it was wayyyy out of my budget. Thus, when I tried the other cheaper ones, I was always comparing to that most expensive one. I wish that maybe asked me for a price range first and find what's best for me. Don't get me wrong, I love her. She's super nice and helpful.

Had a great experience

Had a great experience particularly with the delivery service.

We shopped around quite a bit but realized sit n sleep had what we wanted and the price range/options were great. Sharon helped us and was very efficient and knowledgeable. It was seamless.

Delivery was great. We were given a day, then timeframe and further confirmation right before they arrived. Hector and Rene Jr. introduced themselves and asked permission to enter my home. They were incredibly courteous and friendly. They also offered to help move anything I needed moved in order to fit the bed. They set up quickly and even made suggestion with regards to ensuring my daughter's safety. The bed frame was on rollers on a wood floor and therefore moved a lot. I really appreciated that as it wAs way beyond the scope of their responsibility.

I had such a great experience

I had such a great experience purchasing my mattress from Michael Lucero! He was so professional and set me up with exactly what I needed. I walked away with much more than I thought I could afford, including sheets, pillows and an amazing top of the line mattress. It's been 6 weeks and I wake up from a great nights sleep every morning!

Thank-you Michael!

Great store

Great store, clean, nice sales people, good location

Except you can't get help in a timely manner.- busy store. Maybe I'm just used to getting assistance after browsing- and seeing what I like -

I bought 1 King for our guest room- good selection

Good prices- my family who came from New York - slept well

Returning in August

No hotel for them

Had a great experience

Had a great experience thanks to Rafael he was super knowledgeable and took the time to understand what it was I was shopping for. He showed me exactly the things I liked and did not try to sell me things I was not interested in. Very friendly and a wonderful experience. Thank you so much.

This is the best place to purchase a mattress

This is the best place to purchase a mattress. The sales people are fantastic! Sean helped us with our first bed which included an exchange and it all worked out perfectly. We love our Beautyrest!

Just this last Memorial weekend Tamara helped us with our second mattress purchase. Tamara was helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Thank you so much! It was a joy to meet you:)

If you want a good mattress, go see Tamara

If you want a good mattress, go see Tamara Manning at this location. She is very good at knowing just what you need. We loved the new mattress tester, letting us know that we needed two different mattresses for our split Cal King. After talking to us, Tamara knew just what to show us. Thank you so much for all of your help.

We received excellent service

We received excellent service from Tamara Manning! She is a very knowledgeable sleep consultant, and helped us select the best bed for our needs. A+ service!

We've been looking to replace our current mattress

We've been looking to replace our current mattress for a while now (nothing wrong with it except too firm based on our sleep styles) and came to Sit 'n Sleep armed with no information of what we wanted. Kevin greeted us and we went through the sleep analysis to understand what types of mattresses we should be considering.

After checking out a bunch, we found one we really liked. However, we weren't just ready to make the decision at that point. We checked a couple other mattress stores that day and after doing some research, we found that SNS had the best deal for the same mattress at other stores. So we returned the next day.

Kevin was there again to help us. Once we decided, he told us that we could schedule our delivery for a time that was convenient for us when we receive the call the day before. After waiting all day for the call, I did get a call around 6pm, however it was automated and there was a pre-determined window set for us. So imagine our surprise when we got one of the later windows. We were under the impression that we could choose the window and were not informed that the delivery time was pre-set and not able to be changed.

We connected with Tamara at the store and she told us that we should have been told that the delivery time was pre-determined depending on the location of the orders that were being delivered that day. We were not told this when we placed the order that delivery times were dependent on location of deliveries. We would have been fine and our expectations would have been managed if we had this information. Tamara tried to reach the delivery company to move the window up a couple of hours but didn't have luck. So, we were hoping the delivery would come earlier in the window rather than later. She did say that we could call the store to see where we were in the order of deliveries to help manage our time.

The day of, we did call the store to see if we had a chance of moving up but unfortunately not. However, we were told they would call us an hour before they arrived. They called us 10 minutes before the delivery. When they arrived, they did wear the booties as requested and were pretty efficient in getting our old mattress out and placing the new one in. We did not have trash left behind or anything aside from a white glove experience.

We are enjoying our new mattress so in the end it worked out fine. The purchasing experience was pleasant until we learned about the delivery. I must say, 5 stars for the delivery team.

Had a great experience

Had a great experience with our very professional salesperson Norma Orr

We chose to order devices to raise our bed

Norma arranged that with no cost to us

There was a "hiccup" with the delivery on the devices

We called Norma,who was on vacation

Another great salesperson by the name of Tamara, took care of the problem

She handled it as if we were her customers

She, too, was great!

We'd never get a bed, mattress etc. from anyone else

They are the best!

I should have posted this a while ago

I should have posted this a while ago. My wife and I purchased a bed worth over $2k from this location. After less than 3 years we noticed a crazy dip in the mattress. I called and corporate said we were out of warranty...WTF I though we had a 8 -10 year warranty. Turned out they sold my wife and I a used "certified" or santized bed. We were never told this and this really made upset and felt taken advantage of.

I spoke to corporate about it and it took me over 2 months to find anyone who wanted to help us. Most people said too bad or wenleft messages for managers and never got a call back. Finally a manager by the name of Shannon offered us a discount on a new bed. Basically spend more money on a bed we know you already paid for. This is a super unethical company and I will never purchase a bed from them again. I hope the sales rep that unethically and knowingly sold us a used bed contracts several STD's and goes bankrupt. He is worse than a used car salesman. F&@$ Sit and Sleep!!!!! You're killing me Larry!!!!!!

Today as in the past my visit was terrible

Today as in the past my visit was terrible. I need a second twin bed for a kids bedroom. Nothing fancy nothing expensive, something "reasonable". I was rudely shown at least three mattresses in the $500-$900.00 range-for a twin mattress only, no box spring or bed frame the man said.

I told the gentleman I didn't expect to pay that much for a twin that might not ever be used unless my kid has a sleep over guest. But he continued to show me another $900.00 mattress that is the stores most popular. As I walked out he tried to explain to me he didn't know what "Reasonable" meant to me.

I actually need another California king bed as well as the twin, but I'll buy it from Costco. No attitudes in addition to saving $$$.

You lost my business, I will never return.

We really dreaded going shopping for a mattress

We really dreaded going shopping for a mattress. We delayed for weeks.

But, I'm pleased to say, we had a great, fast and friendly, pressure free experience here. Just earlier that day we were shopping for hours to find just the right mattresses for a split king bed and everywhere else the sales person stayed with us for the whole time, pushing one bed then another, then another, since we both like different mattress types. So it took forever.

When we walked into Sit n Sleep it was a completely different experience. We were greeted right away by friendly Pilar, then explained to her all the different needs we had for each mattress. She said she would like to show us one bed to try, along with pillows she selected in 5 seconds based on our sleep habits. Pilar said she will come back in a bit, while we lied down, sunk into the BeautyRest Silver bed and that was it. Suddenly there was just serenity. We looked at each other in dismay, we both not only loved the same bed but the pillows, too. We only tried one more firmer mattress in the same brand, but went back to the one Pilar showed us. After getting the price and delivery estimate, we left to take a break for lunch before making the final decision.

Pilar was not upset or pushy or delaying us to stay, just very helpful and friendly.

Pilar greeted us back politely, brought the same pillows to the demo bed again and left us in privacy. She checked on us once to see if we had any questions. The mattress choice was a no brainer at that point. The price and delivery discussion with Pilar was stress-free, easy quick and we walked out of there in less than 15 min. This was the best pressure free shopping experience we've had in a long long time. Can't wait to get our new mattress set! We also bought the two different pillows Pilar selected so perfectly for both of us.

We got our mattress delivered today

We got our mattress delivered today and had an excellent experience with the delivery men. Alberto R. and Omar were polite, friendly and efficient. They had everything unpacked and set up in no time and took away all the packing materials and left the room in great shape. Well done guys!

Here I had the best buying mattress experience

Here I had the best buying mattress experience!!! After I walked in I was greeted by Shannon(or Sharon) . Nice and very knowledgeable woman. She offer us to lay down on special mattress which measure our body and weight and size, sleeping habits, asking if you have any pains etc. I got here eapecially cuz of my lower back pain. After few minutes the program chooses type of mattress for us (super cool!!) With Sharon to help us we look around in type of mattress designed for our needs. Picked one,paid and got delivered 2 days later. In the delivery time frame I got 3-6pm (3hrs window) , delivery guys called me around 2pm that they will come at 3pm. Awesome!!!

After 1st night of sleep my back feels better, I'm really happy with purchase and whole buying experience.

100% satisfaction.

I don't usually do reviews

I don't usually do reviews, but I just went mattress hunting at Sit n' Sleep and they made it a quick and painless process. A big part of that was our amazing sales person, Tamara, who was very professional, accommodating, and well informed. She was able to help me pick out an amazing mattress and box set for over $600 off regular price. I also really appreciated that she was able to inform me of different offers without being pushy or deviating from my price range/intentions.

The store itself was very nice, clean, and offered a large selection. They even had a machine that you lay on which helps you pick out the best mattress for you.

Overall a wonderful, easy, and painless process of bed shopping thanks to Tamara and Sit n' Sleep.

Sharon Young is by far the best store manager

Sharon Young is by far the best store manager is the whole world. When I came in I had little idea of what I wanted. Sharon put me in to a bed match device which measured my comfort points and suggested a class of bedding that'd be good for me. Sharon showed me around and helped me find the best bang for my buck.

Because of her exceptional service I will definitely recommend her to my friends and if I need anything I know where to come!

Went to make our 3rd or 4th purchase

Went to make our 3rd or 4th purchase over the years at this store today. We needed a new bed, a Cal King platform. Found the bed we wanted and Sharon introduced herself to us. We also needed our current bed to be removed. Sharon stated that the delivery people were contractors and would not remove the bed. Hmmmmm... We went next door to Ortho Mattress, found a platform bed on sale, that is being delivered tomorrow. No delivery fee or set-up AND removal. The platform we selected was $300.00 less expensive. How can a store in Laguna Hills NOT offer to remove the current bed? Think of the local clientele.

I was helped by Kevin here

I was helped by Kevin here when I needed to exchange my mattress(works to the left when you walk in). He quickly looked into what I currently had just by using my name and then broke down everything to perfection. He brought up some factors of the few different beds which I didnt think about before and was truly an expert of the mattresses...even right down to the process of production of these mattresses and the history and future of the types of mattresses.

They truly are all great salesmen at Sit N Sleep and Kevin is definitely one of them. Even if it is just a defective mattress in need of exchange where they don't gain any commission...Still the best of the best kind of service! Thanks Sit N Sleep!

Jessica Wise was fantastic

Jessica Wise was fantastic. She was helpful, informative, and an absolute pleasure to talk to. She was very professional and anyone would be lucky to have her working for them.

She made our visit very simple and happy.

Thank you Jessica!!!

Jessica was amazing

Jessica was amazing!! Thank you so much in helping us purchase our first mattress! We will definitely recommend Sit n Sleep to everyone we know!

I recently purchased a new foam memory mattress

I recently purchased a new foam memory mattress from Sit n Sleep. The sleep consultant was Iterling Soto. My self and my fiancé went there and he was very professional and helpful. We did the sleep test and both had the same result "soft". The purchase was completely haggle free and instead it was a very pleasant one. There was no pressure on the sales side which made this very comfortable. Besides our sleep consultant being helpful, knowledgeable and very respectful of our budget he made the transition go smoothly. We purchased an eastern king mattress with and adjustable bed frame and he gave us an amazing deal. If anyone is thinking of purchasing a mattress, I recommend Iterling at Sit n Sleep. I will definitely continue to do business wit Iterling as well as recommend him to family and friends.

I have to admit

I have to admit, after years of watching Larry Miller and those TV commercials, I was reluctant to set foot in the store.

What a pleasant surprise..No aggressive salespeople and a large inventory of good quality mattresses. Our salesman "Kevin" was knowledgeable, answered our concerns patiently, and gave us room to try things out by ourselves.

It was a positive experience and I think it's well worth the time to check them out. Recommended!

Had an amazing experience

Had an amazing experience at Sit 'n Sleep! Jessica Wise was beyond helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable! She was very professional and took her time to explain and show me the different types of mattresses according to my sleep assessment results. Definitely can't wait to receive my mattress!! Highly recommend anyone to go see her if they are in search of better sleep!

I worked with Ling on finding my mattress

I worked with Ling on finding my mattress and he did a great job not only helping me, but balancing the needs of others all at the same time. He also pushed hard to meet my budget targets and impressed me with what he was able to do from a cost point of view. I would recommend anyone looking for a mattress to connect with him when you get there.

I was shopping and price checking

I was shopping and price checking for mattresses and wasn't initially expecting to make a purchase right away.

Fred Powell was really great! He greeted me right as I walked in the door, walked me through everything and made sure I found a bed I would love sleeping on. I wasn't expecting to buy a frame or anything either, but ended up getting an adjustable base. I got a good deal and Fred threw in a few perks. Fred wasn't pushy at all, but I was really moved by the product and the cute little video they play for you when they test you for your ideal bed, haha.

There's financing as well!

I visited 3 Mattress Connections right before this and received shoddy, pushy service and the test mattresses needed cleaning. I'd skip the nearby stores and just go to this one.

Walked-in to look for a mattress

Walked-in to look for a mattress. Kevin greeted us and was very accommodating and helpful. He just asked us few questions and he was able to narrow down right away the product that suits our needs. We did not feel pressured to buy anything, or to buy a more expensive product. I went to another store but went back to purchase a mattress. We waited few minutes but we did not mind. The customer service was excellent and price was reasonable. They have variety of products to choose from.

Kevin gave us freebies for coming back which is a plus! Don't go anywhere else. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Note: Besides free deliver, they will haul away your old mattress for free with minimum $300 purchase, not bad!

Had a great experiment here

Had a great experiment here at sit and sleep sales rep ling is da man he help me and my wife pick out our beds show us all types of beds he was a great guy hooked it up. They deliver the bed delivery man was cool he hooked up the bed put it all together

Loved my experience at Sit & Sleep

Loved my experience at Sit & Sleep. Our salesman, Michael Smith was excellent, he gave us space to make our decision and was flexible with us. We used the sleep machine to see what type of bedding we should get and I think it nailed it! We have both been sleeping much better since we got the new bed. Heirloom mattresses- yes yes yes!!!

I do need to go back to the store to return the mattress cover as I didn't like the feel of it, but that is a matter of personal taste. When it is time again to buy a mattress I will return to Sit & Sleep! Your Killing me Larry! LOL!

Please come here

Please come here and buy a mattress immediately from Kevin! Amazing experience and customer service. I'm looking forward to buying another bedroom set just so I can come get a mattress from Sit n Sleep :)



I needed a new bed and had a lot of questions about the new beds. I called up and talked with the customer service rep KEVIN YOUNG. He was so patient with me and actually listened to everything I wanted to know about. Kevin had an answer for every single question I asked, and then he brought up a couple of concerns that I had not even thought of. Wow, it was so nice to be able to talk to someone who actually knew what I was buying and helped me get exactly what I wanted and in my price range. They just delivered my new bed and I am about to take my first nap on it. Big thanks to Kevin Young and Sit 'n Sleep.

So the gf and I paid sit n sleep a visit

So the gf and I paid sit n sleep a visit on Friday September 1st just to browse around and see what type of Labor Day sales they had. We weren't really expecting to buy since we wanted to see what other places were offering. Anyways as soon as we stepped in Michael Smith greeted us and asked if we knew what type of mattress we were looking for. We were clueless so he took the liberty to educate us a bit on the differences of mattresses and placed us on this contraption that helps determine the firmness we each needed. The girlfriend and I were both in different scales. I always loved sleeping on soft beds, however, apparently I was in need of a very firm mattress while the gf needed something a little less firm.

So from that point Michael started showing us all the types of mattresses at different price points that could best suit our need as far as firmness goes. He explained the different types of technology each mattress had and the over all benefits. After trying out different mattresses we settled on a mattress that was just perfect for the girlfriend and good enough for me. Michael made the whole sales process extremely easy and fun. Delivery and set up was a breeze. They took our old mattresses as well. After a week of sleeping on our mattress I can say I've had the best sleep in years. We both no longer wake up with sore backs and have more restful sleep. Thank you so much for everything Michael. Also Michael, if you read this, I really love these sheets!!!

Great experience verging on fun

Great experience verging on fun. Went to Hawthorne location . My sales person was Chris Vu.I asked him for the best deal they had and scored a Posturpedic for about 60% off what it sells for else where. Got a bed and bed side table beautiful chest of drawers (solid wood).got 2 sets of sheets mattress cover . Top of the line pillows plus free shipping and set up. Under $3,000 (barely--but still...The delivery guys, Chris and Kevin were courteous and efficient and also patient while I deliberated on the placement of the furniture. They live up to their advertising.

OK, we needed or wanted a new mattress

OK, we needed or wanted a new mattress and Sit n Sleep was our 2nd stop. And we met the now (at least on Yelp) famous Doug. We had no idea and for once I didn't read the Yelp reviews (dumb on my part, because I would have known about famous Doug) and so in we walked.

Doug first told us to lay down on this contraption type deal so we can find out what type mattress you need. I'm pretty cynical and thought what a bunch of hooey this was. Well, holy crap I learned something and now we could make an intelligent decision about a pricy item.

We ended up with a great deal and feeling more informed than when we walked in. Doug was so helpful and other than not having a buffet (I was starved at the time) it was a great spot. I highly recommend both this location and the now more famous Doug!!! So there. Now I can sleep.

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service by Michael Smith. Came in with my girlfriend, was greeted promptly and didn't feel pressured or hounded. Told MR. Smith what we were looking for and he showed us some beds. He left us alone and allowed us to discuss it amongst ourselves. We were very indecisive, so Mr.Smith showed us even more options and explained the differences, etc. Overall he was very patient, nice, and attentive. Great salesman too! Overall, we left more than happy and ended up getting what we wanted! The store is nice also and has a lot of different options to help you find what you would be looking for.

Me and my girlfriend walked in yesterday

Me and my girlfriend walked in yesterday and had the goal to find a great comfortable bed like anyone else with a affordable price, like everyone else as soon as we got in we were helped by Michael Smith at this location and honestly I would go back and recommend this man to all of my friends and family he really went the extra mile In helping us with maintaining our budget and making sure we get to sleep in a brand new bed and for that I thank you Sir.

To: Michael Smith making dreams happen one bed at a time.

My roommate and I are in the process of moving

My roommate and I are in the process of moving and both wanted new beds. We visited this sit n sleep and had THE best experience with their salesman, Chris. He is by and far the best salesman I have ever encountered. He was full of energy, super positive, and made us laugh the whole time.

We started by measuring our sleeping positions and learned what mattress is beat for our body type. Then he took us through the store to find us our perfect mattress. He answered all of our questions, listened to our concerns, and threw some excellent deals our way.

I will HIGHLY recommend all of my friends to visit Chris when they need and new bed.


This store was clean

This store was clean and the restroom was really clean. Michael S. was my salesman and he was very professional. He explained everything in detail and got me a great deal on the adjustable bed base I was looking for. I will definitely ask for him next time.

Shopping for a new bed

Shopping for a new bed can be so stressful but Sit 'n Sleep has this process down to a science with their Bed Match technology. Once you know the type of bed that's best for you, it's easier to make a decision. Our mattress salesman Michael Smith was so helpful with all of our questions and patient while we made our decision. I'm so happy with our new mattress and I can't believe how easy Micheal made it for us. Thank you Michael!

Bought a $4,000 Aireloom mattress

Bought a $4,000 Aireloom mattress on 8/16/2014. The mattress began sagging in 2017 and we put in a warranty claim. Sit n Sleep agreed the mattress was sagging, but the claim was denied because we only had 3 2x6 cross slats instead of 5, no one at Sit n Sleep told us do this when we purchased the mattress at the showroom or when the mattress was delivered and set up. I suggest next time you need a mattress to buy one at Costco. Much better service and product warranty support.

Great experience

Great experience, Micheal Smith helped my wife and I purchase our new bed. We went on the bed machine first so he could gage what style of bed would best fit us. Chose a few different ones then went Into what was realistic vs. Budget. Big Mike was awesome. Not pushy at all and was very smooth. Thanks again.

Delivery was great as well. Truck 82 guys were awesome. Super efficient. Carlos and Juan were a great pair. They arrived super early and we're pretty quick setting up.

Can't say enough good things about this place

Can't say enough good things about this place. I had thought about buying a mattress online, but In the end I just wasn't willing to roll the dice. I drove to this store because I assumed a name brand store would have a decent selection, and they did. I walked in and was greeted by Chris. Last thing I wanted was to be "sold to," but I thought well I'll tell him what I want and we'll see what happens.

I told him I wanted a King mattress that was foam and under 1000. I knew my selection would be somewhat limited because of the $1000 limit, and he pointed me to 3 separate mattresses, none of which blew me away, but again, I knew my options were limited. After those 3, he showed me two that were last year's model and were on sale because they were moving older inventory out. The mattress was not a floor model nor an open box so this didn't bother me one bit. They offered free delivery and in the end I spent somewhere around $850. Even though I told him my limit was a $1000, he got me out the door for around $850 instead of trying to get every dollar he could out of me, and I appreciated that. They offered to sell me some sheets and pillows, but they were way out of the range of what I normally spend on those items so I passed. Next time I need a mattress, I will come back here. The mattress I bought is perfect, and I've had great sleep on it the few months I have owned it.

Great experience

Great experience buying an adjustable frame and mattress here. Was especially impressed with our sales professional, Mr. Fred Powell. Fred spent a ton of time with us, helped us find the right combination, and there was zero high-pressure up-sale tactics. Fred worked with us after purchase to arrange some small adjustments and ensured we our experience was perfect. I'm sure every sales rep there is great, but I can't say enough good things about Fred. Ask for him!

Keith Palafox was extremely knowledgeable

Keith Palafox was extremely knowledgeable and pleasure to work with. Even though he was unable to ship a mattress out of state, he continued to help me out and educate me on all of the options! Great guy and I highly recommend coming into see him!

Incredible service

Incredible service. I had planned on buying a bed at a nearby store, but drove by Sit 'n Sleep so I walked in. Kevin B showed me around and explained the types of mattresses they had. I ended up buying a bed that I loved and was right in my price range. A year later, I'm 100% happy with my choice. Delivery was crucial as well. Overall, great experience!

I just (about an hour ago) bought a mattress

I just (about an hour ago) bought a mattress at this Sit and Sleep, and it was such a great experience! Kevin showed me quite a few beds in my price range and desired comfort and even some he was willing to bring the price down for. Shopping for a bed is something that stresses me out, but this was far from the experience. Kevin was very nice and helpful and I am so glad I finally chose the bed I wanted-stress free! If you're looking for a mattress go here first and save yourself the time and energy of going else where!

Pretty dishonest

I bought a mattress at this store, they made me buy a plastic mattress cover or void the waranty. No worries I hate this mattress so much I'm getting rid of it. my cal king was barely the size of a queen. It never occurred to me that they weren't standard size of that they would be so dishonest, that's my fault I guess. Point being there are too many options for mattresses . Don't waste your money with these crooks

Anniversary review!

After over a year with our (still like) new mattress, we are SO happy with our choice! The customer service and follow-up have been excellent - Mary Moore really knows what she’s doing! Would we recommend Sit and Sleep? Absolutely! You’ll be SO glad you went with them!

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