Simmons vs Stearns And Foster

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Simmons Beautyrest

Simmons Beautyrest is a very well known brand that has invested in big advertising over the past several years. They have worked closely with major mattress retailers for generations and offer popular in-store options. With a variety of designs like the Beautyrest Black and Recharge lines, Beautyrest is a brand to consider for many. However, not all Beautyrest models are equal, with some of their models having reports of durability issues and their newer online-direct models potentially offering more value.

Stearns And Foster

Stearns and Foster has been around for a while -- and by a while, we are talking over 150 years. It is a luxury name brand mattress and part of the mattress conglomerate Tempur Sealy, of which Tempur-pedic and Sealy brands are also members. Because of the business efficiencies gained in all of those years selling mattresses, there is some serious branding behind them. With luxury craftsmanship and high profile hybrid designs, most customers find pillowy comfort with these mattresses at first. However, over the years, there have also been reports of durability concerns from customers.

Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend Simmons Beautyrest in this match up!

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Mattress Score

Overall Score:
Simmons Beautyrest: 8.4/10
Stearns And Foster: 7.3/10

Customer Satisfaction:
Simmons Beautyrest: 8.4/10
Stearns And Foster: 7.2/10

Price Value:
Simmons Beautyrest: 8.1/10
Stearns And Foster: 7.5/10

No Back Pain:
Simmons Beautyrest: 8.2/10
Stearns And Foster: 6.5/10

Simmons Beautyrest: $799-$6999
Stearns And Foster: $1199-$10799

Simmons Beautyrest:
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Stearns And Foster:
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Simmons Beautyrest's Owner Satisfaction

Simmons Beautyrest has a wide range of mattress products -- for both the high end and the budget friendly. Not all of these options are created equally, with customers preferring the mid to high end options more so than the lower ones. That said, there are some customers that had issues with durability problems with some models, even some higher end ones. However, versus Stearns and Foster, these mattresses are reviewed better overall, with less issues reported about sagging. For those that are looking for the best mattresses, take a look at our list of the top reviewed mattresses.

Simmons Beautyrest's Supportiveness

Beautyrest has a wide range of firmness options to choose from across both the high end and the low-cost pricepoints. Also, the inclusion of zoned coil support systems will also help provide extra support for the spine. That said, degrading support is an issue with these mattresses, with some having problems with sagging support systems.

Edge Support
Edge support is always important to those who like sitting on the side of the bed. Some Beautyrest mattresses will provide a good amount of edge support, but some others may not offer the kind of edge support that lasts.

Simmons Beautyrest's Durability

Sadly, not everyone rates these mattresses well for longevity. Although the Beautyrest brand gets better scores from customers overall, there are some that had issues with durability and sagging issues over a shorter than average duration, including on some higher end models.

Stearns And Foster's Owner Satisfaction

Stearns and Foster offers higher end mattresses with a focus on fluffy pillow tops. Although most customers of Stearns & Foster describe feeling comfortable at first, there are numerous reports of issues with sagging and durability problems with these mattresses. When taking into consideration the pricepoint of these mattresses, many customers have given Stearns and Foster mixed reviews on price value. If you are looking for high value for the price, take a look at our list of the top reviewed mattresses.

Stearns And Foster's Supportiveness

While Beautyrest offers a wide range of firmness options and pricepoints to choose from, Stearns & Foster focuses more on the high end and pillow top mattresses, which tend to be softer overall. Although they also have firmer options, there are many customers that describe decaying support over a shorter than average time duration.

Edge Support
Firmer varieties will often do best for edge support for Stearns & Foster mattresses. Those that have bigger frames may still experience some sagging along the edges.

Stearns And Foster's Durability

Stearns & Foster struggles with reports about durability problems from customers. Some have described that the pillow tops of these mattresses have issues with sagging over a short period. Versus Beautyrest, these tend to be reported more of a problem by customers.

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Five Stars

Outstanding mattress at an unbeatable price. Mattress Firm wanted $1k for the same exact mattress!

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Finally experienced Sleep-full Bliss

Was really considering the new Foam/Gel topped mattresses, just because that is the "new" marketing for mattresses. My wife and I narrowed it down to the Stearns and Foster Reserve Firm and the Sealy Kelburn II. I was so ready for new a mattress as my lower back was always sore each morning. We went back into store and tried the two mattresses and she said I like the Stearns and Foster. I was hoping she'd say the Sealy Hyrbid but I actually felt a traditional style mattress was the best choice. Boy am I glad she chose the Stearns and Foster. THe bed arrived the next day in great condition, we let it air out from the packaging and put on a new mattress protector/topper. She added a little spray of fresh cotton scent to the topper and when we fell into bed that evening, it was bliss. We woke up Sunday morning, actually earlier than we normally do and both said....that is weird, we slept 7 hours and it feels like we slept 10.....and I had no sore back. We just laid there for couple more hours and enjoyed each others company. The Firm mattress is still very soft and with the light topper that carries a bit of filling it, it works perfect for the both of us. I weigh ~180 and the wife is ~120 One of the best purchasing decisions we ever made.

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