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Signature Sleep Mattress Reviews

Signature Sleep provides a direct to consumer mattress through its online and retail partners. You can find their products on popular sites like Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, and more. Their claim to fame is affordability with many larger size mattresses selling for under $500. If you are on a really tight budget and need something temporary, you may be intrigued by this brand, but there have been reports about quality issues and durability problems with some of these mattresses.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.5/10

Price Value: 7.5/10

No Back Pain: 6.8/10

Price: $79-$749

Trial Period: No Trial

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Signature Sleep's Specifics

Signature Sleep is a budget and low priced mattress brand that is often found in online storefronts like Walmart and Amazon. These mattresses focus on foam and foam-focused mattresses of differing thicknesses and pricepoints, designed to excite budget-conscious customers. Overall, customers have mixed things to say about their comfort, with some describing issues with durability over a very short period.

Quality of Materials

Signature Sleep offers discount mattresses and focuses more on discount and passing on savings than the highest grades of materials. Although this sounds like a good bargain at first and many customers find initial comfort, there are many that have problems and many reporting issues with sagging and durability over a very short period.

Mattress Types

Signature Sleep has 4 Collections of mattresses that include their mattresses sold in popular retailers. We'll go through each and share the ins and outs of the products so you know what works best:

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection by Signature Sleep offers the lowest prices. These mattresses mainly are all-foam mattress designs, including slim memory foam mattresses like the Memoir, Contour, Essential, Silhouette, Sunrise, Basic Plus, and Super Back Saver. These mattresses have layers of foam designed to provide multiple firmness varieties to sleepers. Slimmer mattresses will remain firmer, while those that are thicker will offer a softer feel. These mattresses are very low priced, but also suffer from durability issues and sagging over a short period.

The pros: Very inexpensive foam mattresses with lots of firmness and thickness options.

The cons: Problems with durability reported.

Price Range: $79-$399

Gold Collection

The Signature Sleep Gold Collection includes some higher profile options like the Revive 5 Zone, Siesta 13'', Inspire 12'', and Select mattresses. These offer encased coil systems that lay beneath foam layers to properly cradle the spine. Overall, these mattresses are more initially comfortable, but the craftsmanship tends to degrade faster than average with reports of sagging over a short time.

The pros: Higher profile mattresses with pocketed coil support systems.

The cons: Many issues with durability reported.

Price Range: $289-$599

Black Collection

The Signature Sleep Black Collection includes higher profile, more luxury style mattresses. The three mattresses found in this collection are the Inspiration 10'', Aura 12'', and Justice 14''. These mattresses have layers of memory foam, often gel infused sitting over encased coils that move independently to support the spine. While these mattresses are luxury style, they are still very budget friendly and offer a bargain for the amount of mattress. However, customers report that these mattresses have issues with durability and sagging over a shorter than average period.

The pros: Luxury style mattresses with multiple thickness and style options.

The cons: Problems with durability and sagging reported.

Price Range: $548-$749


The Signature Sleep Nanobionic Collection comes with one mattress, the Reset 12'' Nanobionic Pillow Top. This hybrid mattress sleeps cool and helps with muscle recovery with the addition of Nanobionic® technology in the cover that turns body heat into infrared light and has been scientifically shown to help relieve muscles. Ideal for those that are active, this mattress also has Talalay latex for responsive comfort and pressure relief and pocketed coils for support. Overall, this mattress gets good reviews from customers at first, but durability problems are a concern with these mattresses.

The pros: Nanobionic® technology helps with muscle recovery and keep things cool on the top layer.

The cons: Some issues with durability are reported. Some found it softer than expected.

Price Range: $439-$849


Signature Sleep has a wide variety of firmness options with their mattresses, ranging from very firm slim mattresses to softer pillow top mattresses. For those that are slimmer or average sized side sleepers, aim for something medium or medium-soft. Those that are stomach sleepers will prefer firmer varieties. Since there are durability concerns on these mattresses, larger sleepers may not find what they are looking for.

Back Pain Relief

Overall, those that find their Signature Sleep mattresses initially comfortable can find temporary pain alleviation. However, due to the reports of sagging, these mattresses may aggravate the spine if they begin to sag.


With the exception of the Naniobionic® technology, some customers felt warm in some of these mattresses. If you are a very warm sleeper, you may want something more specialized.

Who Are Signature Sleep Mattresses Best For?

Those that are looking for a very budget friendly temporary mattress may find Signature Sleep products useful, but may be disappointed if their products sag. Others may do better with our list of top mattresses for the money.

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You Get What You Pay...Cheap is Cheap.

BUYER BEWARE! The reviews on this are highly inaccurate. I bought mine in the middle of April and am going to be very honest...this mattress does NOT live up to the hype. For the money, it's worth the buy but for the quality it's worth the wait if using all the time.

Mattress was delivered timely in a box and easily set itself up after we "opened" it.
Mattress was good to sleep on nightly for about 3 months.
Mattress is durable and handles dogs.

Mattress had a funny smell(to be expected) for about 72 hours.
Mattress started to "lose" it's firmness and had a sinking feeling upon laying on it after 3 months.
Mattress is now the cause of many aches and pains.

Do buy this if you need a quest room mattress. Do NOT buy this if you plan on sleeping on it every night and need something semi-firm. If you like the soft sinking feeling, this could be a great buy. However, if you're like me and have lower back issues, do not buy this. As with anything, you pay for what you get. I didn't expect much out of a $300 mattress and I didn't get much. I gave it three stars because it's only worth three stars. This is NOT a 5 star buy unless you just need a guest room mattress.

The photo that I've attached is me pressing down with an outstretched hand and I am crouching so that none of my body weight is on top of it. The compression resulting is deep and shows the mattress is cheap.

it's not like what it says 3 layers of foam

there is only two layers of the foam, one is the white memory about 1", then it's the yellow regular foam, about 5", it's not like what it says 3 layers of foam, you can buy these two layers in Walmart with a much cheaper price.

Firm and comfortable

This is a really comfortable mattress! We bought the twin size for our 5-year-old, but I'm thinking of getting a big one for us too. It did need to be aired out before use: the instructions recommended 48 hours and that was sufficient.

Memory Foam lover?? - Just go for it!

I was looking for a Memory foam "Queen" mattress around 8-10 inches thick for under $300 and after a week's research, zeroed in on this one based on the following:

1. Price - I don't think you'll find this kind of mattress with a better price anywhere on the internet.

2. Comfort - Like it is mentioned in the description, it is not too firm, and not too soft - Just the way I wanted. I have been using it for a week now and I can say it is quite exceptional. I can't say it is the best mattress you can ever find, but for this price, I think I can.

3. Shipping - Free Shipping and the mattress is packed in a hassle-free, easy to carry cylindrical bag (40 lb)

4. Odor - Unlike some have mentioned in their reviews, I didn't have a problem with the prolonged odor. There was a little "mattressy odor", but just for about 5 - 10 minutes.

Also, it just took 10-15 minutes for my mattress to restore to its original size. And I'm glad I bought it.

Bottom line - Awesome product!! Highly recommend it to people who like to sleep like a baby!

This bed is absolutely fantastic. My boyfriend immediately asked me where he could ...

This bed is absolutely fantastic. My boyfriend immediately asked me where he could get one and was shocked that it only cost me 200 bucks. I've been recommending it to everyone. Minus one star for the packaging. It was so difficult for me to get out of the bag that I almost threw the darn thing through a wall. Other than that I am so extremely pleased with the quality and comfort of this mattress!

Update: I've been sleeping on this mattress for a few months now. About three months ago I woke up with a little back pain. It has been steadily getting worst and I now can't even lean forward without it hurting. I've had to spend a lot of money to get treatment and my doctor says this mattress is likely the cause. It's definitely a comfortable mattress, but it really doesn't give any support. I still like the mattress and will try adding a firm mattress topper to see if that fixes it. Minus one more star...


This has been by far the best mattress I've bought. Came 1 day early perfectly wrapped and boxed well , i opened it and laid it flat like it said and the bed came to FAST a little over 12 inches more like 13 inches (No complaints) the mattress feels great firm but yet soft with all my curves. It has a slight smell to it , not a bad smell just like a mix of plastic and hair Spray lol but again not a bad smell. All that matters is the mattress is awesome and the price is great!!! I am currently laying on it as I type. Tonight will be my 1st night sleeping on it so I will give an updated feed back in 2 days.. I know i will have nothing negative to say . The best feels GREAT.

Not durable

Using it for almost 8 month. The middle part became soft and don't have a strong support for my body. The edge part is still firm because it's barely used. Won't choose memory foam mattress again.

Sleep great, save money

Mattress shopping made easy!
3 year update -
Still as nice as the day I bought it.
No deformation.
No tearing or wear.
No smell.
No discoloring.
No issues.
Comes with a high quality, washable cover!

I've never been more satisfied with a mattress.
It's comfortable. Priced well. And beats dealing with mattress salespeople.
I've seen places try to sell you a mattress like this for 550$. Never go mattress shopping again.

I am a skeptic and a cynic - and I LOVE THIS MATTRESS

I am just going to be blunt here... I'm a crabby, cynical person most of the time. Or at least, I was. I am beginning to think that was a result of never in my life having gotten restful sleep. I can't really describe the feeling of waking up in the morning and feeling like I have the energy to face the day, instead of trying to figure out how I can sleep a little longer and not get fired.

We've only had the mattress a week, but in that time I have gotten the best night's sleep I've ever had, every single night. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say I wish I had bought this mattress two years ago. I'll update the review periodically and if anything changes, but for now I have to say that the rest I get on this mattress far exceeds anything I ever expected, hoped for, or believed possible. Really. It's that good.

The mattress is firm, but comfortable. Perfect, really, for this 240-lb guy. My wife can't feel it when I move around or get up- it's as if we are on two different beds. She's a much daintier framed person than I am, and she says the firmness is perfect for her as well. The smell that some reviewers noted was not an issue for us. The manufacturer has either corrected that issue, or we have a bad sense of smell.

I will close by saying that I am not a person who embraces change readily. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. I was not that excited about getting this mattress because I have spent the past forty-odd years of my life sleeping on a particular mattress style, and I didn't expect to like having to get used to a different type of mattress. I love my wife though, so when she told me that it was either me or the old mattress that would be leaving the bedroom permanently, I did what any loving husband would do, and grumbled under my breath while I ordered this mattress.

I hope my wife doesn't see this review, because she was right. 100% totally right. The sort of thing I will never hear the end of. This mattress is amazing.

From Firm To Soft In 6 Month

This went from being a slightly pliable cement slab to a saggy, mushy hammock in 6 months. So we probably got a total of 4 good months out of it. I only weigh 140 lbs and my wife weighs even less. I absolutely despise even the thought of chiropractors, but I had to visit one for the first time in my life today for the pain this is causing my back.

Not a good buy.

but you won't find anything that's more comfortable than a basic memory foam bed you can order ...

I've bought several memory foam beds over the years. You can spend thousands of dollars on big name brands in on-site stores, but you won't find anything that's more comfortable than a basic memory foam bed you can order online like this one for a fraction of the price. You'll probably want to replace whatever mattress you use in 5-8 years, so those that are advertised to last 20 years or longer aren't particularly useful anyway. This particular one didn't have the very strong sweet odor that memory foam products often have. Sometimes it takes days or maybe a few weeks for that odor to dissipate, but this product had just a whiff of that smell (which isn't offensive), and it was gone in 24 hours. Also, it didn't take more than an hour or so to expand to its full capacity. One thing about memory foam beds - they continue to "spread" over the long term, so you have to make sure to get a tight mattress protector and fitted sheets that will keep it from getting rounded corners and a saggy midriff. Finally, opening these can be tricky as they are so tightly wrapped that it's easy to accidentally slice through the mattress as you're trying to slit open the cardboard and then the plastic wrap it comes in. I would buy this again. For the price and the immediate comfort and good night's sleep, it's a steal.

Just the right amoount of firmness and had no odor unlike others

I have only had this mattress for a short while so my review to this point is only for initial quality impressions. I will update this review periodically as to how it is holding up.
I purchased this mattress in the 12" queen size for my guest room. That was the last room in the house we hadn't already switched from traditional box spring to memory foam. When I unpacked it the first thing I noticed was the smell. Or I should say lack of smell. I absolutely LOVE the king memory foam mattress that I have in my master bedroom but it took nearly 2 weeks for the odd chemical smell to go away. This mattress had none. We had house guests arriving 2 days after the mattress so this was a big concern.
Another concern was the amount of time it would take to decompress. In my experience it's anywhere from 24-48 hours. Again, with guests arriving time was of the essence. I am posting a couple of pictures with my review. The first was taken just a few minutes after unpacking. The 2nd was taken no more than 4 hours later any I'd say the mattress was 98% "inflated". I took a measuring tape to it and the 12" mattress was already 11 1/2" thick at this point.
We did still stay off of it for 48 hours but our first house guests to use it gave it rave reviews! They had never slept on a memory foam mattress before but were now looking into getting one themselves. They were absolutely shocked at how little we paid. They said (and after testing myself I agree) that the mattress is firm without feeling too firm. There is a little sink... but not too much sink. More like laying on a firm cloud.
This mattress will get more use than the normal guest bed as both my wife and I use our guest room semi regularly so as not to disturb each others' sleep when our work schedules don't coincide. I really hope that this mattress maintains it's current feel after any breaking in period. I will update soon and let everyone know but for now I highly recommend this mattress!

No more monkeys jumping on the bed.

This Mattress is great! I waited on writing this review for a couple months to be certain I wasn't biased from getting rid of my 12-year old spring mattress. It is wonderful to sleep on. Gone are my mornings of stretching and trying to pop my back and neck. I am a big guy - 6'4" 330Lbs, and the wife is a solid 5'11''. I was worried about sinking too much, but after reading hundreds of the reviews here on Amazon, researching foam density on my own, and fighting off salespeople at 3 different mattress stores We went ahead and got the 12" Signature Sleep King. Have I mentioned that this mattress is awesome.

We call it the giant marshmallow. Laying down on it you get the slow sinking feeling of a well earned sigh at the end of a long day. We also ordered the "Zinus Modern Studio Platform 1000 Metal Bed Frame" and it is a great height to sit on and put on shoes and socks, the edge does sink, but it does not throw you off. And bonus, without the need for a box-spring there is lots of storage underneath. The Hi-density bottom layer of foam prevents you from over-sinking and the memory foam on top is just enough to conform to my hip and shoulder even when I lay on my side. My only complaint, and it's not ever addressed in the reviews, is that it makes 'adult time' a little more work because there is no spring-back. The good side to that lack of bounce, is that there is almost no motion transferred, I could pretty much have a girlfriend over on my side without waking the wife on the other.

Love our mattress

Love our mattress. We bought it almost 2 years ago and it is still great. It unfolded nicely out of the bag and was ready to sleep on after 24 hours. There was a smell to the mattress, but since then has not been noticeable. Especially with a mattress cover. This mattress does get hot without the mattress cover on, but my husband sleeps with a fan next to him and that seems to help. So glad I found this and didn't have to pay the crazy amount of money other brands ask for.

bad mattress , avoid buying it

The mattress was not in a uniform shape, one side was 6" n other side 5". Did not like it and would not recommend to to someone too

Very comfy but can get hot by morning

Came rolled up, was easy to unpack and the odor problem seemed small to me. This is my first memory foam mattress and I am replacing an air bed. It took a couple nights to get used to the firm yet gentle support of memory foam but the way it traps body heat is more of an issue for me. If I fall asleep with even a thin quilt I awake overheated. I am finding by using just a sheet, or throwing off the covers when I first get warm enough I can reduce the accumulation of body heat significantly. Apparently, the sensitivity to too much heat varies widely among individuals so this may not be a problem for you.
The mattress comes with a stiff black backing on the cover so it works great without a frame. I find that getting up and down onto my 8" mattress on the floor is much less of a problem than I anticipated. The foam is so thick you can literally fall onto it with no fear of hitting the floor!

This mattress is Soft Hot Intolerable Trash

The manufacturer describes this product as "4 pound foam density/9 ILD-which is medium/firm". . . not true.
This mattress is SOFT, or Medium/Soft at best and one SINKS at least 5 inches while lying on it; maybe even a little more once the "foam support core" becomes warm with your body heat.
The packaging was nothing like the neat packaging of dual layer fabric and a plastic bag described in the instructional video posted by the manufacturer. Mine arrived unceremoniously wrapped in plastic film, and once it was freed from it, it became evident that its bottom was full of fabric debris and dust; not a good sign I must say in retrospect. Perhaps I did not receive the same quality of product that the manufacturer advertises on their Amazon post. Who knows, as most things from China, its quality was dubious straight out of the package.
The mattress was allowed to expand and regain its shape as instructed by the manufacturer. Heck, the girlfriend was over to stay the weekend with me, and we didn't even sleep on it for a couple of evenings thinking that it would firm up but no cigar. Fact of the matter is. . . This turned out to be a piece of junk that has brought nothing but sleepless nights tossing and turning and getting up to allow it to cool down a bit so that it regains its shape, to then start the same cycle of misery all over again. I'm definitely not keeping this hunk of. . . Soft Hot Intolerable Trash, and I hope that this review convinces you, reader, to think carefully before investing your hard earned shekels on it.
Save yourself the trouble and the sleepless nights, and spend the extra one or two hundred bucks on an American made product that has been tried and tested through and through.

I highly recommend if you like a firm and comfy mattress at a great price!

Absolutely love it! I bought the 12" king size almost a month ago. It's delivered compressed and rolled up in a large box. Just open, unroll and let it rise! See it in action in my time-lapse video:) NOTE: In the video it was under 12" just after opening but has since risen to the full 12+ inches.

It's a firm mattress but super comfy and when you lay down you feel yourself slowly sink into the mattress a few inches as it conforms to the shape of your body. With my old spring mattress I was having back problems and tossed and turned waking up multiple times during the night. With this mattress I haven't had any more back problems and have been sleeping through the night for the first time in years! The only issue I've had is that I've over-slept a couple times!

Priced right - but too firm.

We liked the price. That we give 5 stars!
The sheets stay on it - 5 stars
It is our first foam mattress so it just might be naturally SUPER firm -3 stars
But, it's very very very firm - if you like that then it's a great mattress.
Us, we prefer slightly less firm.
No odor - 5 stars
Love that it comes with it's own cover protector - 5 stars

Please let me know if my review helped!!


Well worth the money I would recommend to anyone with a size constrain such as RV or trailer use. Only downfall is it doesn't measure a true six inches but hey either do I.

this was a horrible mattress. Looks like it was built lower in ...

this was a horrible mattress. Looks like it was built lower in the middle. There was no way to send it back it was sent to us. I had to trash this mattress. You can see the lower level in the photo

I'm one of those Amazon buyers that won't really give a review unless the product was exceptionally terrible or exceptionally go

Well, let me keep this short. I'm one of those Amazon buyers that won't really give a review unless the product was exceptionally terrible or exceptionally good. With this foam mattress, I figured I'd give a review on it since it is one of the pricier items I have ever bought online. I am a 22 year old male student roughly 6 foot and 205 pounds - this mattress is the perfect fit for me in terms of firmness vs softness. Believe me when I say that two people can easily fit on this mattress and be equally comfy. The problem with my mattress is that 2 corners never inflated fully so if you're standing above the mattress looking down it appears lopsided. You can only really notice the dip if you put your pillow in the corner (if you have someone else sleeping in the bed with you) I'm not sure if customer service will do anything to correct this, but I'll contact them later and let you all know how it went.

8 Months Later, Still the best Mattress we've ever had!

We purchased this Feb 8, 2014 and it is still amazingly comfortable, as the day we purchased it. We have the King 12" version. I spent a ton of time researching different types of memory foam, densities, materials, etc... and scoured countless forums and read hundreds of reviews on amazon. I narrowed it down to 3 mattresses and ultimately decided to go with this one based on price and the excellent reviews. We had been sleeping on a coil-spring mattress for about 4 years and it was unbearably uncomfortable. It became warped and didn't lay flat. We both slept horribly on it and I often had back pain if I slept wrong on it.

This foam mattress shipped in a few days and was delivered under our car port. I took it upstairs by myself. It comes bundled in a long cylindrical bag about 1ft in diameter and 7ft long. I cut it open and made sure to flip it the correct direction before opening the interior bag. It folded out and expanded almost to full height within a few minutes. The ideal wait time is about 48-72hrs before sleeping on it; however, we only waited a day. We haven't experienced any sagging or other issues in the 8 months that we have owned it so far. Some reviews mentioned a bad smell, but ours really didn't have that bad of an odor. We vented it for the night and next morning and then slapped on a mattress protector and called it a day.

It is very comfortable, but also very different than an innerspring. The best way I could describe it, is that it is more stationary and solid. If one of us moves, it doesn't move the whole mattress; therefore, doesn't wake either of us up. Some reviews mentioned that it is firm and not comfortable to lay on your side. I did find it immediately more firm than my old mattress; however, I have had the best sleep on it out of any other mattress I've had. I sleep on my back, stomach and side, just depending on what is comfortable to me at the time. I also did not note any more heat coming off/staying in the mattress than a normal mattress. I sleep with the ac on on about 70 though. As far as durability, nothing has changed since we purchased it. The dog has had a few accidents on it while we were gone; however, thanks to the mattress protector we purchased, it was unharmed (King Size SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector - Vinyl Free). I am 6' 2'', 230lbs and my lady is 5' 11'', 160lbs, so combined we have almost 400lbs on the bed. I would say it can easily hold up to that amount of weight without any issues. It was a night and day difference between our coil mattress and would never go back. If you are on the fence, I wouldn't hesitate to grab this. It can be had for under $400 and you can't find a better mattress at that price.

Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

Having dealt with several different air mattress companies on Amazon, none lasted more than 90 days before either their seams burst, they distorted way out of shape, had a chamber let go, or some other issue. This in spite of the fact that the bed was generally used one or two days in a weeks time. So, decided to just buy a Foam mattress since that should last and if you figured out what I have paid over the last 11 months, it should be cheaper in the long run. So, I ordered this product. Here is what I found:

1. First, do not believe the description provided on Amazon or the video on how this unit will arrive and what it will look like. Perhaps at one point the company actually vacuum packed this in a tight plastic roll and then placed it inside of a nice carrier that you could move around, but no more. The unit arrived as a tightly rolled bundle in clear plastic that was NOT vacuum packed and not contained inside of a nice Blue movable container. This roll was in a shipping box that had obviously seen much better days.

2. When you release the plastic, the unit expands and un-rolls. ENSURE that you have this where you want it PRIOR to cutting the plastic away!! Once it is open it is a monster to try and move around by yourself!!!

3. Once the unit is open, there are conflicting instructions that tell you to either use right away or to wait for 48 hours. Within 20 minutes, the center of the bed had inflated, but the sides were VERY lacking. So, I waited 72 hours to do anything with it ( had a convenient trip so I was away for that time). Upon arrival back home, the bed was mostly evenly inflated with the center being slightly higher. Sat on the edge of the bed and immediately sank several inches (compressed to less than half of the original thickness). Moved about 2 feet in on the bed and there was very little compression.

4. So, made up the bed and waited another 24 hours to try the bed. Still same issue. If you sit on any edge of the bed, you sink much more than you would on any other type of mattress. The longer you sit there, the more you sink in!!! After three weeks, it is still the same.

5. As for the memory foam, I do not think that does very much at all for comfort unless you weight very little. I weigh 200 pounds and the foam provides very little support. It certainly gives, but that is about the extent of it. My pillow top mattress that is 20 years old had a lot more support than this bed does.

6. If you sleep in the exact middle of the bed, it is comfortable and well supported. If you move toward any edge, you lose support. So, if you are only going to use this for one person, it will probably work fine. If you are going to use it for two people, you might have issues.

I am not sure if the problem is that the unit was not vacuum packed and so the edges have lost some of their lift or what. But if I had known that it would do this, I would probably not have ordered it.

This bed is probably more usable as an occasional visitor bed than ANY air-mattress that I have tried, but that is about where I would stop. If I was going to make any suggestions here I would say go to a regular mattress place and try out their mattresses and see if you can find one that will work for you. I think you might be happier in the end.

I was really expecting to love it. But for some reason

Given the high ratings, I was really expecting to love it. But for some reason, my mattress didn't inflate properly. It's lumpy and the middle inflated the 10 inches but the edges didn't. I'll update my review if the replacement is any better.

Very disappointed. CR from Amazon asked me to dispose the ...

Did not regain its size even after a week. My guest ended up sleep on the couch. Very disappointed. CR from Amazon asked me to dispose the mattress and they refunded the entire cost.

This bed is from the #Gawds!

I was very cautious about buying a memory foam mattress and even more so... Buying online/ site-unseen. I couldn't be more happy with my choice! This bed is a good dream factory and REM enducer! Coupled with a great mattress protector/ cover (which I also bought here on Amazon and wrote a review) it is the perfect addition to my room. Some peeps wrote reviews about a chemical smell... I didn't experience that at all... Maybe because I put freshly laundered sheets (lavender detergent) on it before I took my nose dive into my #REMCycle. This is one of the smartest buys I've made on Amazon in my 10 years of using this site. I'm going to add a photo of how complete my room looks now... And after I hit submit in this review... I'm going to dive back into my bed for another nap!

Defective unit or simply bad product? You decide!

Package was a wreck upon receipt. Notably, inner packaging, mattress wrapping is NOT as advertised or described. The mattress comes simply compressed in rolled up plastic, no "outer bag" as described. After 48 hours, this mattress has NOT "fully expanded," ends and edges are lumpy and misshapen. I have requested a refund through Amazon and will update results here but returns are simply impossible. Once you've broken the seal, without factory equipment and space to mechanically compress, roll and wrap, it will NOT fit back within the originally shipping box. You're either stuck with it or could try purchasing a queen size mattress box and try returning that way.
Noteworthy, I ordered the exact same mattress in a twin size for my boy. That box came clean and undamaged, although still no outer bag. Immediately that mattress expanded fully, I slept on it a few nights and loved it and after a few weeks I was confident enough to order the queen size for myself.
Before considering this mattress, read some of the "negative" reviews. I did, but after the twin size was nice I decided to risk it and purchase the queen. For me, that was a mistake. Way I see it, you've got a 50/50 chance...

Very Firm

I usually like a firm mattress but this was too firm. I bought it three months ago and finally realized that my back aches may be due to the mattress. So I purchased a memory foam 2 inch 3 lb density mattress overlay and instantly felt the difference. Much softer but not too soft.

Most heavenly bed of comfort

This mattress is amazing I purchased a full a year ago because I loved my boyfriend's , it's so amazing my mom bought a queen for her self. Laying on this mattress will literally heal your body! I like a firm mattress and my mom likes a soft but we both love this one because it's firm but then it forms to your body which makes it feel like heaven!!

Nice and comfortable

Great Mattress! I would've gave five stars if the packing wouldn't have ripped and my mattress wouldn't have a stain. That's a delivery and packing issue, but it's a great product.

Honest answer

Update: after a few months, we are still in love with this mattress. Best sleep I have ever had in my life. Go ahead and get it!! I will say that if you live in high humidity environments, the foam does become softer. We are in GA with average humidity and it is perfect for is. But I would recommend researching how your environment will affect the density of the foam.

So I was a bit skeptical about purchasing a mattress online, but after reading the 100's of reviews on this mattress I thought, How can so many people be wrong? I decided to purchase, and here is my experience. We received the mattress in a very short time, 4 days to be exact (ordered on Wednesday evening, arrived Monday morning). I purchased a platform bed to go along with this mattress, as we were upsizing from a queen to a king. The mattress arrived in great shape, and was vacuumed sealed to about 1" thickness, then rolled into a large tube like shape. Once we removed the outer packaging and exposed it to air, it inflated to full size almost instantly. This really was a neat thing to watch. We allowed the mattress to expand for 24 hours, but after the 24 hour mark we could not see a difference in size and it measured to a full 12 ". So we decided to go ahead and sleep on it. At first, the mattress was very firm. There is two sides to this mattress, one is just the white cover and the other is a grey side that has the zipper to remove the cover for washing. I accidentally placed the mattress with the grey side up then decided to leave it that way to see if it would be ok. It was waaayyyy too firm. After an hour, we flipped the mattress and realized there is about a 2"-3" soft foam on top of the dense foam that eliminated all of the firmness we were feeling on the other side. The feeling of this bed is hard to describe. It is soft and comforting, yet firm in all the right places. Moving from a spring mattress to foam, it has been an adjustment. I have adjusted well, but my husband says his butt and belly sink in and his feet feel awkward because they feel like they are elevated above the mattress. But know, this mattress is medium-firm. It is not soft and fluffy and a bed of roses. It is supportive, yet you feel the mattress molds around you. We are almost 1 week in, so I am hoping that our results stay positive! For the price, you are not going to get a better mattress. If you are wanting a PosturPedic, then skip this mattress and spend the $1500 on one. There is a difference in the price for a reason. This bed is great for Memory Foam beginners and those looking for an inexpensive option to comfort and support. If you are still sleeping on a spring mattress, its time to give it up and move on.

Happy Gambler!

Initial Reaction: I. Freaking. Love. This. Mattress.

Now, let's not get too ahead of ourselves, I only recieved the thing yesterday. But I am in mattress heaven. I am a 30 year old, 5'6", 125 pound female who has been sleeping on the same coil spring mattress since I was 19. For the past I-don't-even-know-how-long I have not been sleeping well. I'll wake up in the middle of the night tossing and turning and cannot go back to sleep. Maybe once every three nights I would get a good-night's sleep. But, overall, I've been one very tired, very grouchy girl. Needless to say, I decided it was time for a new mattress.

Now, I'm not gonna lie, I had probably every 12-inch, full-sized memory foam mattress on Amazon "in my cart" at one point. I just couldn't decide which to pick. Ultimately, I came to this conclusion: Buying a mattress online without trying it out first is a GAMBLE. A big one. Now, I figured I could afford a $270 gamble much more easily than I could a $450 or $600 gamble. If I didn't like it, that would suck. I'd be mad, but at least I'd only be out $270 and not $450-$600. I'd be mad (Hello, single teacher here! I don't have deep pockets!), but I could survive it. And, given the reviews, ratings, and specs on this mattress, I decided to go all-in.

I'm feeling like I should hit up Vegas now or something, because it seems my gamble has DEFINITELY PAID OFF. This mattress is firm, but not too firm. Goldilocks-style, you know? Just right. Firm enough for sleeping on my back, soft enough for sleeping on my stomach or side. Every part of my body sinks in and is supported evenly -- the key word here being "supported." It fully supports ALL of me. And, for a girl with a butt my size, that says a lot. Generally my lower back, just over my butt, gets little to no support, because my big ol' hiney is taking it all. My upper back and butt make an arch and my lower back between gets left unsupported (like a foot with a high arch in a shoe with no egg). Lumbar support is my BFF. When I first laid down on my back on this mattress I really and truly felt little tingles in my lower back. It was like it had never felt the support before and it was cheering for it. Happy back = happy me. And on this mattress, I'm happy on my tummy, my side, and my back. I'm just... Happy!

Here's what I should note: I am a single girl and my adoration for this mattress is based solely on that. I have no idea how it would hold up if shared.

As far as pictures go, you can see pictures of the mattress from the product description, so I decided to add pictures of the packaging. The box it came in was a little beat up (and its ink got ALL OVER ME, so watch what you're wearing when you haul that box around!), but the mattress was still secure in its plastic wrap inside. While nothing was wrong with my mattress, I could easily see how others might get damaged in shipping. I guess that's just another gamble you have to take. And it was a little hefty and awkward to maneuver, but I managed to get it to my room, on my bed, and inside my mattress protector all by myself (and I'm no He-Man!).

Do I think you should buy this mattress? That's your gamble to take.

too many issues to give a third shot.

I unfortunately had to deal with the large items department to return this mattress twice as i received defective or not as advertised mattress twice.

I didn't notice any smell chemical or otherwise.
comes shipped in a bag that was easy to open and remove.

Bad: just about everything else.
Soft, but probably too soft. my three year old is enough weight to make it nearly compress to the box spring. maybe just two defective ones?
The packaging said made in china, but not really surprised.
The first mattress only expanded to just over 5 inches at the edge, and might have a peak around 6.5 or so in the center. (see picture)
The 2nd mattress only reached 4.5 inches and it had some sever deformities around the edges. I've shared pictures that show how only the middle sagged and never expanded. one corner was still flat and wouldn't expand. the inner edge that was wrapped the tightest (center of the role) was wrinkled and never recovered from shipping even well after the recommended 48 hours.

bottom line. I'l look elsewhere.

Update: after receiving a 2nd mattress with issues i purchased another one by visco kids from amazon. here is the link.

Surprisingly comfortable.

I just moved into my first (own) apartment and needed furniture. Sleeping on the floor is nice at first but gets old very quickly. I knew I wanted a queen-sized bed. Did not have a bedframe at first. Very surprised with the packaging, and to be quite honest, was skeptical about the comfort of the mattress (due to the low-profile nature... my previous mattress was a sealy pillowtop).

Immediately after unpacking, it aired out and measured just, under 6-inches thick. I slept on it that night, regardless. It was quite firm. Eventually purchased a used Ikea Malm bedframe and slid the mattress on top of the standard slats. It really does look quite nice. I've been sleeping on this mattress/bed for about 2.5-months now. I can't tell if I'm just getting used to it, or if it started to soften a bit. The mattress did seem like it contours and soften much better with time. Maybe its the slatted base too.

I recently went back to my parents' house and tried out my old mattress... I missed my new bed immediately.

Take-away message: Comfortable, but fairly firm at first (compared to a pillow-top). Modern-looking with a platform-style bed. Gets more comfortable with time. Slatted frame base may help with even weight dispersal and allows the bottom of the mattress to "breathe".

Great at first, 2 years later it's like sleeping on a flimsy marshmellow with no support.

I really enjoyed this mattress for the first year, year and a half. Then my lower back started hurting, and about the same time my wife started complaining about her left shoulder hurting. This is the side she sleeps on. She slept in our guest room bed for about 2 weeks with no shoulder pain. Then came back to our room for the last week she has been complaining about her shoulder again. Well, it's been about 2 years now. Today I spent a lot of time examining the matress and observed that it was flimsy like a marshmellow. I actually sink in to it without the firmness and support it had when I first purchasec this mattress. This would explain my wife's shoulder pain and my back ache.

Looks great! Exactly as I imagined thus far...

Just received this 8" twin version yesterday and am already very happy with what I see. Am letting it expand for the full 48 hours recommended before sleeping on it, but by touch it feels nicely firm and has a good tension to its surface already. The picture I've included was snapped less than 15 minutes after unwrapping, and the unwrapping was simple. I did NOT need to use a scissors to open the package. Also, there is ZERO odor. Shipping was quick. I'll update this review once I get a sleep or two under my belt with it. But so far, looks excellent!

UPDATE: Okay. I've slept on it and it is exactly what I wanted! A very firm mattress that provides excellent support. Again, this was pretty much full size within 24 hours and expanded quickly from the start. Also, again I will state for the record, there was ZERO odor with this. Just a great, great product!

SECOND UPDATE: And just for the record, per the info the came with the mattress, the actual dimensions are 75"L x 39"W x 8"H.

A YEAR LATER UPDATE: So. I've had this mattress for a year now and... I still love it! There has been no deterioration of the firmness over time. No odor. It has been perfect. I am very happy that I purchased this particular memory foam mattress and if and when I need a larger size, this brand will be at the top of my list of considerations.

Risk worth taking

Just had my first night sleeping on it! It was great, so comfortable. I think it was the best night sleep i had in a long time. One small issue I had was with shipping. I chose one day shipping with Saturday delivery becaue I'm moving in my new place on Saturday. It didn't arrive. So I had to sleep on the sofa for two miserable nights. But this has nothing to do with the mattress. It's all ups' fault. Amazon was really quick to refund me the shipping fee so that's good. Now back to the mattress. It came in a box which means it is easy to handle. A bit heavy but I had no trouble getting it to the third floor by myself. Unpacking is very easy too. You just need to be careful only cut one plastic cover (there are two) at a time. I accidentally cut both at the same time so the mattress was getting inflated in the middle of it, which didn't cause much problem though. Since I'm starting off in a new place, I have a bunch of other things to build and assemble. Unboxing the mattress might just be the easiest task.

People warned me against buying a mattress online and I was skeptical about it myself. But equivalent product in local stores will cost at least twice as much. Eventually, after reading many reviews, I decide to take the risk and I'm glad I did. Now I hope this review will be helpful to you if you are uncertain about purchasing a mattress (this one in particular) online (Amazon specifically).

This was just as nice as all the reviews said! We are VERY happy with this purchase!

This mattress is MUCH nicer than any other memory foam mattress we looked at! I got this to go on the top bunk of my 3 year old son's new bunk bed and we are SO glad we went with this instead of the one at Ikea that was $25 more. This one is about 1.5" thicker than that one, but I felt like this mattress is much more dense than the other one. My son has slept on this mattress for 3 nights now and he hasn't woke up any of those nights (He is usually up at least once a night, so this is a big deal!). I really feel like he is sleeping so much better on this than he was on the traditional inner spring mattress that he was using.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it fluffed up out of the package as well. I pulled it out a day before we set the bunk bed up, but it was fully fluffy and ready to use within about 6 hours. It did have a slight smell, but it was MUCH more tolerable than a lot of other memory foam products that we've tried over the years, and it was completely dissipated within 24 hours. If you stick your nose straight to the mattress now, you might be able to smell it a little bit, but its very very minimal.

Edited to add: the zip off cover is a phenomenal addition! So handy for cleaning!

Overall, I'm SUPER happy we went with this mattress! I think we will probably be getting another one to put on our guest bed as well!

Best thing I ever did

Wow! Best thing I ever did. I was having lower back pain every morning sleeping on a too soft mattress. Since I began using the memory foam, absolutely zero back pain. Love it. Like the way it was packaged and shipped too; environmentally conscience. No odor or anything, just unpacked it, let it expand and began using it. I'll never go back to a spring mattress. Thank you memory foam!

Its amazing how easy and cheap it is to get a ...

Its amazing how easy and cheap it is to get a memory foam mattress in the mail. I'm sleeping on my second one, and I havn't been able to sleep well on regular mattresses since. And...I sleep much better than I ever did.

I got this mattress for the purposes of a temporary living situation, but didn't like it. After careful examination and research, I found that the mattress I have been sleeping on has 6" of memory foam. Most of the available mattresses are 3-4" of memory foam. Yes, the density matters, but I think that the amount of memory foam makes more difference than the density. So, I found this mattress to be firm, and I didn't sink into it like I am used to. Perhaps if I slept on it a while....not sure. But of course, this is all personal preference. This looks to be a high quality product, but my preference is a plush mattress that, for whatever reason, is much softer than this one. If you sleep on a mattress with similar specs as this, this would be a good product.

Want a great night sleep? Buy this!!

I wanted to wait a while prior to writing a review so I can give this a fair shake and have some experience sleeping on this mattress. Shipping was fast, box was heavy and the unpacking of the mattress was easier than I thought.

First and foremost, if you purchase a king size then get your spouse or a friend to help you if you have stairs. Set the box on the bed frame and then start opening it, this will make it much easier. The smell is horrible when you cut open the plastic and get to unrolling the mattress but is disappears quickly. The mattress will start to fluff up and get to the size that it should be but that can take up to 5 days for it to fully expand but you can still sleep on it the first night.

The mattress is absolutely fantastic for me (6ft and 210lbs) and it helps me sleep soundly at night. My wife on the other hand thinks that the bed is too hard for her and she does not like it as much as I do but she agrees that it is better than our old pillow top mattress. The mattress stays cool at night and you don't get overheated when you sleep. My parents bought a comparable one at Costco for $799 and we sleep better on ours than we do on theirs when we house sit for them.

Overall this is a great mattress and we are happy that we purchased this. Very highly recommended!!

Hot sleep

This is fairly comfortable, however it sleeps extremely hot . I wake up with sweat because the mattress doesn't breath!

Great mattress for more than just sleep

I was skeptical about buying a foam mattress because I was worried about how sex would be differrent thinking that it would be a constant fight not to sink into the mattress. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's actually better if anything. The mattress came in only a few days and did have that chemical odor initially but it was completely gone in a week. Sleeping on it has been great, It has surpassed my expectations.

Worth every penny and then some!

First off...this mattress is phenomenal! I was skeptical but it is as great as the other reviews. I wish I would have bought this instead of shelling out $2,000 for my own mattress and foundation. I really can't tell the difference between this mattress and my serta. My only advice is to 1. Open it in the room it will be going in. 2. Let it air out for a minimum of 24 hours. The foam (all foam mattresses) is incredibly smelly. I will be purchasing another one of these when it's time for my daughter to have a big girl bed. Could not be more satisfied.

Excellent Firm Mattress

We purchased this mattress in early January, but I didn't want to write a review until after we'd slept on it for awhile. We've needed a new mattress for quite some time. We'd gone to our local mattress stores and outlets, the mall, box stores, Macy's, JCP, etc. We finally decided that we would try a memory foam mattress. I checked Amazon not really even expecting that they would sell mattresses. I also wasn't entirely comfortable with purchasing a mattress online. But really, laying on a mattress at a store for 2 minutes doesn't give you any more insight into how comfortable it's going to be to sleep on every night than reading a review online. Bottom line is that every person is different and what makes for a great night's sleep for one person will cause misery for another. We're very happy that we purchased this one, and in particular that we purchased on Amazon for a fraction of the price we had found in stores. We've now been sleeping on this mattress for almost 2 months. What a change to not be woken up after just a few hours with a back ache. It's incredibly comfortable. Its firm, but soft as well. I know that makes almost no sense, but it's hard to describe. It's firm and provides a lot of support, but it doesn't feel "hard" when you lay on it. If you like a softer mattress that you can really sink down in to, this is not the one for you. Others commented on the odor, but for us, the odor went away before we ever slept on it 48 hours later. I would highly recommend that you don't unpack this and then plan to move it to your bed frame. It's very heavy and very unwieldy once it's "inflated". Best to place it where you want it and let it expand while you sleep somewhere else for a couple of nights. As I said, everyone is different, but we are very satisfied with this firm mattress. The fast shipping from Amazon was just an additional plus.


The harding thing about this mattress is getting it out of the shipping plastic. LOL!!! Full size will be used in the living qaurters of a horse trailer. True to size and very comfortable, thinking about getting one for my home. .

So far so good. Should use a different shipping company

I've slept on this bed before, my boyfriend has one. Very comfortable. He's had it a couple years and it seems to be holding up great. My only issue. The UPS company it was shipped through. I about died when I came home and saw the box covered in OIL!!! It was already a day late, which happens but Oil??? Really???
We inspected the bed throughout and luckily it was double packed in plastic and didn't get hit with the oil slick.
The bed seems to be taking shape nicely. It's been sitting for the 48 hours, on the floor as my bed frame was just delivered today.
I plan on emailing seller and alerting them of how UPS handles their products.

Great mattress for the price!

I have been sleeping on the mattress for about six weeks now and I think it is one of the best mattresses I have had. Now I don't claim to be an expert in mattresses and this is the first memory foam mattress I've slept on, but I am able to get a better nights sleep and don't have the soreness I get from the several innerspring mattresses I've used in the past. There doesn't seem to be the pressure points that the innerspring mattresses caused. Now I can't say this is the best memory foam mattress because I have not slept on others, but I will say for the price it is well worth it. I'm a big guy about 300lbs. & the 12in. mattress holds up very well, not sinking in to much. I have not noticed it being any hotter than an innerspring and I sleep hot(if anything I may be sleeping cooler). As for size and shape I'm satisfied with it. The only con I have is that it is a little difficult to get out of due to the way you sink in it, which I would imagine is the same with all memory foam mattresses. All in all I would recommend and have recommended this mattress (my parents are going to get one). I will update this after 6 months, 1&2 years.

Buy this mattress to improve your quality of life!

Purchased in February 2015. BEST purchase I have made in many, many years! Superior quality, speedy delivery, and this mattress delivers everything promised in product description. It does make one warmer than most mattresses, but I put an old fiberfill duvet filler on top of mattress to create an environment where air could get in, then bought moisture wicking sheets that promised a cooler sleep (Better Homes and Garden brand-purchased from Wal-Mart for $45) and the heat issue was gone. I have fibromyalgia and my husband has osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. The quality of our sleep has improved greatly and we both wake up with measurably less pain and have fewer sleep interruptions at night. My husband hates to spend money and was against the purchase but has changed his tune; he agrees 100% that it was a great purchase. I have reccommended this mattress to several friends and family members. I slept on my daughter's Tempurpedic and loved it but couldn't bring myself to pay so much for a mattress so I did some research and decided the Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam was the closest in quality to Tempurpedic. After sleeping on my mattress for two and a half months, I would put it up against a Tempurpedic any day. Great product!!

NOT ALL MEMORY FOAM IS THE SAME.....if you like FIRM yet COMFY....this is the BEST BED!!!!!

I have been sleeping on memory foam mattresses as soon as the knock-off ones were parents and grandparents both have the expensive one that is advertised everywhere....but they have a larger budget than I I can tell you these mattresses are really evolving....that can be good and can make things better for us, but sometimes things changing does not mean they are fact sometimes they get this case, memory foam is evolving in a better way but the process to find the one for you is becoming more time consuming and frustrating....there are soooo many choices how do you know which foam is best? 1, 2 , 3 or 4 in?...gel infused?.....regular foam?....8,10 or 12 in?.....I mean the choices are endless...and that is the part that gets to me....I spent nearly a total of 30 hours researching and comparing.....and I know alot about these things...and it still took me that long.....I can tell you my grandfather told me when I was a kid something I never forgot he said "you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so you should make sure you find a good bed, it will help determine the quality of your life, health and happiness, so don't skimp on a good bed!" He was right.....but what is a good bed? That is really up to each person.....

Here is what I did this time looking for a new mattress.....

1. Went to a mattress store. Laid down on nearly all the mattresses and took notes. I already knew I wanted a higher thickness like 12 inch, but I wanted to test the new gel infused beds, the latex beds and the expensive ones....then I tried the knock-offs.....and wrote down my findings....I know sounds bizarre, but it works for would not work for my husband he would just go in and buy the first one that felt good and we would have ended up spending nearly $2000.00 instead of $ that is why I go alone!!

2. I came home and did a search for "what to know when buying a memory foam mattress." What this did is give me all the current information on the type of foams they are making now and what the specs are (what is the difference between a 3 inch and 4 inch foam?....what is the difference between a 10 inch and 12 inch bed?.....differences between densities of foam?)....This them helped me determine that I wanted a bed to last longer than many beds, I need a firm bed for my back, hips, shoulders and knees, I wanted something that would keep the firmness yet provide support and be comfy...sounds like I wanted everything....oh yeah...and not break the bank!!....I learned that the higher the bed, the more likely it will last longer, the thicker the top layer of foam is with a density of at least 9, the longer the memory foam will stay firm.....

3. Now that I knew the type of bed I was looking for (firm, 12 inch height, 4 inch first layer of foam with a density of at least 9)......I went to Amazon to see what they had for sale....I found several....I then narrowed them down by price....from $200-500....among these I looked at the reviews....and just because many people have purchased an item and it has several good reviews does not mean that is the best mattress.....actually this one had the fewest people purchase it but the highest reviews out of those few, now I had about 3 beds that me this criteria....

3. I checked online in a search to find out the best memory foam mattresses consumer reports and other entities have put on the web, and found a few that matched up with the ones I had found on Amazon......however, none of them matched up with this one.....nearly all those other beds were higher in price, did not have the density I was looking for or were not 12 inches.....

4. So, out of all the beds, I had 3 to choose from, I looked on other sites to compare prices and I can tell you Amazon beats everyone hands down.....even the big discount retailer (wally world)....where I have purchased mattresses from before, did not compare to Amazon in terms of price or shipping time......

So why this mattress?....I can tell you that the 12 inch provides all the support I need and the longevity I am looking for....this mattress was one of the few on Amazon that actually states the density (which is critical to knowing how firm it really is)...and I also checked the company's website to verify the firmness....and the 4 inch top layer with and ILD 9 (density).....proved it was going to be firm and stay firm for husband lives in a different state and his memory foam mattress is only a 3 inch and 7 ILD and we got it about 2 years ago and its starting to sag already...and he is not even a very big that will be the lst 3 inch 7 ILD that I buy......AND as a BONUS...this mattress was only $254.99 on Amazon....with free shipping.....I mean you just cannot beat it....most ILD 9 / 4 in. foam mattresses start at $500 and go way above.....

After this got delivered ahead of schedule, it came in rolled up in a large what appeared to be a duffle like bag. Easy to open and immediately started taking shape. I can tell you that nearly all my other mattresses have had the "horrible" chemical smell for weeks after opening....but this one had about a day of it and it was more smell.....that was nice.....

I did let it take shape for 3 days prior to sitting or laying on it....its important to do this so you do not impede on its taking full shape...if you lay on it too soon, you may see a sag in that part and it may never come to its full size....I know when you get something you want to use it right away...but you need to allow these to take full says 2 days, but I always allow for another full day.....I would also recommend as others did, you open it up where you want it placed...once it has taken shape its not so easy to move unless you have help....and there are NO mattress handles on the side like other mattresses....

Also, in terms of memory foam being "hot" to sleep on....I sleep "hot" myself and I have not noticed this is any hotter than any other mattress I have ever slept on....I have t-shirt sheets and a thin blanket for summer, but I do not feel this gets hot at all....all memory foam will sink when it gets warm, but even by me sleeping "hot" this one still stays firm....and its August so you know if it works in August, it will work in any other time of the year.....August in Idaho is HOT!!!......when I tried the gel infused mattresses or the ones that have multi layers with air cylinders that "they claim will allow the foam to breathe better and air to flow through so you will not get so hot"....I found several places online that say that is just not true...and I did not notice any difference when I was trying out the beds at the is important that you have cotton sheets and cotton pillow cases because cotton is cooler than raymee, rayon, polyester, etc.....

I can ASSURE you....this is the BEST OF ALL MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES I have EVER OWNED!!! is exactly what they say it is Firm yet soft.....It provides ALL the support I need....yet it cradles you.....I don't toss or turn, yet I don't sink either.....great price....and quick shipping.....

NOT ALL MEMORY FOAM IS THE take the time to do the research for your own I would never prescribe this bed for everyone, I know what I like and need, and this one is it for me!!.....making sure you do your research BEFORE buying really pays off.....

Going to buy another for our camper.....

UPDATE 8/22/2013: Someone asked me a question about the firmness of this mattress and the different weights of people.....I can tell you I did respond in the comments section but I thought I would also put the response here....I weigh around 200 lbs and my husband, I really needed a firm mattress for my body weight....if I lay on a bed that has no support I can tell you my hips, shoulders and back hurts like, this mattress fully supports me at my weight.....some people that weigh less have complained in online reviews they feel the mattress is TOO FIRM....but my husband I believe weighs around 155 and he never has complained....he does have his own mattress (since he lives in Nebraska for work purposes and I live in Idaho).....his mattress is not as dense of foam and that mattress is sinking already....he complains about his back hurting some mornings....he too likes a firm when he visited me in Idaho last week and slept on this mattress, he thought it was GREAT!....even if he weighs less than I said, he said too that this mattress even if its firm, its comfy....strange but true....

I also wanted to point out an issue that I forgot in my initial posting....memory foam mattresses react different in different climates.....for example....I have lived in Hawaii where the humidity is higher than it is in Idaho.....and in a climate that is more humid the mattress will absorb that moisture and be less firm.....this is why I felt its even more important to get a mattress with a higher density so it will stay firmer even in high humidity areas.....I can tell you if I turn on my humidifier in Idaho, this particular mattress is NOT affected by the level of still has remained firm yet comfy.....again I believe this is due to the density of the top layer of foam....the higher the density the more firm it will remain.....the less dense, the more it will allow moisture in and absorb it making it softer......the last time I was in Nebraska visiting my husband and I slept on our older foam bed there, I woke up and thought my back was broken....I kid you not....I was miserable all day.....its so humid back in Nebraska and the memory foam mattress he has is not as dense or it really absorbed the moisture in the air and was way too soft for me.....I sank into it and my back suffered the entire next few days.....the next night I slept on the couch and the firmness of the couch was better than the softness of the bed in that humid climate.....

STILL LOVIN THIS BED....ordering one for hubby soon and our camper!!!

UPDATE 9/2/2013:

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Someone emailed me in the comment section and asked where this mattress was manufactured. It says Country of Origin is China. I would love to purchase USA products too, however, I learned years ago that even thought something says "Made in the USA" it maybe put together here with materials from all over the world. I did research beds that have been "Certified" Made in the USA, and they either did not have the density of this mattress but were still way out of my price range. I did also run into some of the Made in the USA mattresses that cannot guarantee the chemicals they spray on the mattress to be in compliance with the fire standards, come from the, I had to prioritize my wants and needs and what was most important to me was 1) comfort (being firm enough), 2) price and 3) as many non-toxic materials. I did read a few people said there was not a horrible smell like other memory foam mattresses, and in my research, that is a good sign of fewer chemicals in the mattress.

WARRANTY: With respect to the warranty, I don't pay too much attention to those anymore, after the horror stories I learned about people trying to file a claim under a warranty. Not to mention the cost of returning it to the manufacturer is the buyers cost. That is why I wrote my initial posting, it really is all about the denseness of the foam. The more dense the foam the longer it will last...irrespective of the warranty.

UPDATE 2/21/2014:

We purchased another one of these for my husband who lives temporarily in the midwest for work. Its very humid where he lives. We have not noticed any difference in the mattress even with it being in a more humid climate in the midwest. We are still very happy with these mattresses.

I would remind those people looking to purchase or those who have purchased one prior, to make sure you place this mattress on a firm foundation/box spring. They are not made to sit atop something that is not firm. We did not have access to our boxspring one night and we placed this on top of another (spring) mattress so we did not have it on the floor directly. However, after just a few hours, we noticed a significant difference in the firmness of the mattress. It became uneven and we sank into it. Once we put it on the floor directly, it was fine and firm again.

Also, we took off the cover and washed it. It really washed up nicely. I had one mattress before that when I dried the cover in the dryer, it shrank so small that I could not get it to fit the mattress anymore. This cover did NOT do that. It stayed the same size and went back on easy.

seriously buy this one

so i have only had the mattress for a day, so i will put in some updates later, but i just wanted to put in my review quickly in case someone was as skeptical as i was about buying a $200 mattress. This mattress seriously impressed my wife and I, we were thinking "well its probably worth the $200 gamble", and holy crap it really is!

The mattress came rolled up in a nice bag with an arm strap, in about a 5 foot long cylinder (i will post pics), and weighed only about 45 lbs. I had it delivered to my work and had no problem getting it into our mid sized sedan to take it home. Once we cut it open and unrolled it it started to inflate pretty quickly, and within about 4 hours it was to the full 8", though we decided to give it a full day just because we didn't plan sleep on it that night anyway. We did not notice any smell, despite other reviews with the concern, other than when you burry your nose in it.

We have always used standard spring mattresses and over the years i have owned crappy and extremely nice mattresses, but never a memory foam one. Honestly i have always disliked memory foam because i feel like i sink in and cant move around or get out of my little ditch, so that was another reason i was hesitant to purchase this particular mattress.

The memory foam on this is a bit harder than most i have tested out, and that is actually one of the things i really like about it, and though it doesnt hold your indents as long as most "name brand" memory foam, it is undoubtedly the same type of product (other reviews of similar mattresses have claimed that they were just a dense standard foam) I have very severe back and neck issues, and honestly if i could afford a $2000 mattress i could certainly justify the expense, and although i have not had enough nights on this one yet, i can say that it has felt better on my back than any other mattress i have owned including a very nice "Posture Pedic" that my wife and i had a year ago.

We were in the market for a mattress, and looking online i felt like the time i realized that i was an idiot for ever buying HDMI cables anywhere other than the internet. These mattress stores are just highway robbery compared to most online prices even for identical products. But then when i saw the selection of similar mattresses to this one on amazon i knew i had to give it a try, and if it sucked we planned to throw it into a guest room or something.

We paid around $200 for the mattress, and even though i live in a remote city in AK, my Prime membership still provided me with free shipping for such a large item! I would highly recommend this bed to anyone, and have already been spreading word to friends and co-workers. Is it the nicest mattress i have ever tried out? No certainly not, but the price is insane, unbelievable really, i half expected to get and airbed or something, with the fine-print of my purchase highlighting that I'm a sucker, but what i got was a seriously good mattress at a crazy sweet deal!
Also thought id mention that we chose this one over the similar products on Amazon because it seemed to have the most consistent reviews, and realistic description, and i hope that mine has helped to add to that.

Short and Sweet Positive Review -- for You!

Packaging, unpacking and such are weird if you've never done this, but it's all really simple. Here's what I think is valuable to say to you: If you need a new mattress, or you just need better comfort or sleep, by all means take this chance. It all works out. Initially, you'll think it's really firm. It is firm, but strangely soft and comfortable all over your body at the same time. I read the small amount of material that came with the mattress and you can definitely use your existing box-spring as a foundation as long as it's still uniformly strong. Get a cool-feeling mattress pad, cool-to-the-touch sheets, and you're ready to go. I struggle to sleep sometimes, and I LOVE this mattress. I'd bet you'll love it too.

UPDATE - November 2014: Well, a year-and-a-half later and I STILL LOVE this mattress. The only downside is that when I travel (a lot) and sleep on anything else, it almost hurts by comparison. Make no mistake, this is a remarkably different experience than the traditional coil-type mattresses of decades gone by. I'm Pretty sure this Signature Sleep, or something very similar, is the only type of mattress I'll ever buy again. Be confident, and enjoy the rest your body will get.

Really suprised

The item came by fed ex, Yes there is a smell when you first unroll it. That dissipated about 6 hours after opening it. I was kinda skeptical about the bed looking thin was it going to support me. I weigh 215 pounds, so hopefully this gives you an idea for yourself. It has been the most comfortable mattress I have slept on. I don't even toss and turn anymore.

Simply wonderful! I'm finally getting a good night's rest.

I was looking to replace an old and very expensive mattress. Not wanting to spend another $1200, I decided to take a chance and buy this bed. I'm so glad I did!

This bed is so comfortable and supportive, which is very important if you have lower back problems, as I do. I've had trouble with memory foam in the past; some beds were too soft and offered no support, while other were too hard, and it was like sleeping on a rock. This foam seems to have just the right density - not too hard, not too soft.

The bed was heavier than I expected, and was a bit difficult to get into the house on my own. It arrived packed like an enormous bedroll with all of the air sucked out. It weighed about 40 pounds and was about 6ft long. I used a hand truck to get it into the house. I managed to hoist it onto the bedframe, removed the canvas, and then cut off the plastic wrapping. Then I unrolled the bed and waited for the mattress to inflate.

The tags warned that it might take 24 hours to fully inflate, and that the foam might have a slight scent, and might need to be aired-out for a few days. I was a bit alarmed by the latter warning. I suffer from periodic migraines, and have an extreme sensitivity to chemical scents, so as a precaution I opened both my bedroom windows, and turned on a fan to air-out the room. In the end, it really wasn't necessary, as the foam scent was barely discernible. Better still, it didn't take 24 hours for the bed to inflate. My bed had expanded to 6 inches within just two hours and had expanded to its full 8 inches within six hours. I was able to sleep on the mattress, without any problems, later that same day. I enjoyed the first sound sleep I'd had in months. It was so comfortable I didn't want to get up the next morning.

UPDATE: 1/20/2013 - I love this mattress so much, I'm buying my mother one for her birthday.

Don't question!

I've been searching for months for an affordable king size mattress and I was extremely hesitant about buying online, especially after reading some negative reviews. However I couldn't be any happier with this purchase! The mattress arrived in 2 days in a box that was narrow enough to bring up the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment. It is very heavy though, multiple people are needed to move it. We opened it up on our metal foundation and it immediately started to expand. Over the next 48 hours it reached the expected 12 inches. The second I laid down on the bed I was more than satisfied. It immediately molds to your body but offers plenty of support. The absolute best thing about this is you can't even feel your partner move in the bed, there is zero motion transfer! I'm beyond excited and satisfied with this mattress and so happy I didn't let some of the negative reviews scare me off.

READ ME! 6 Months Later....

I loved this mattress when I first purchased as do most people, and I think the high ratings are likely peoples first impressions of this mattress. At first it was very comfortable, but half a year later this mattress is done for it has lost nearly every bit of resiliency. I am 5'11 220lb, Wife is 4'10" 97lb. My wife is tiny and she can already tell it has a loss in loft. I sink in it about 7 inches and feel like I am in a hammock, I am a relatively normal sized guy that is well built. I am now sleeping on the couch every night until I can buy a real mattress which isn't my style, I would rather sleep with my wife, but I can't. Please Listen to what I am saying. I don't want anyone else in this situation.


CRAP. CRAP. CRAP. Don't be fooled by the 8" memory foam mattress when the reality is that it's 6" of hard cheap foam with a 2" memory foam topper glued to it. Unzip first cover and open the second and that's what you get. I have purchased some great memory foam mattress that are true to the name but this is not one. Very misleading. Don't be fooled. And they do make real memory foam mattress that have multiple layers of different memory foam. The illustration shows something to that effect but it's a scam. Compared actual picture to there illustration.

So far so good, the cat likes it too

My first memory foam mattress was from Ikea, and we liked it, but it was time to upgrade to a King Size and I wanted a tall thick mattress. After considering other king sized memory foam mattresses from Amazon, I went with this one based on the reviews and I am happy that I went with this one. My husband loves it and actually said that it was the "best bed ever." I really do love our new mattress but it should be noted that I have a plush mattress pillow topper on it made by Charter Club that I got on sale at Macy's.... So although the mattress itself IS comfortable, it is extra awesome due to the feather topper. I decided to get this mattress instead of a really expensive one because my husband is huge and always ruins furntiure (Athletic like a football player) 6'4" 270lbs and I am 5' 140lbs. I'd rather spend $350 every 5 years then $1,000's and be stuck.
The box it came it was very heavy and I had to have my doorman help me carry it upstairs. If you do not live in an elevator building, arrange to have friends or someone help you. I am very strong but could not have done this myself without hurting myself. I opened the mattress and let it come to for 4 days in the living room and was disappointed that the mattress did not completely rise to exactly 12 inches, only 11. Also, the edges are round not sharp and pointed like the picture. The mattress does not have handles sewn into the sides which makes transporting and lifting it into place difficult. That is why I took away a star. I ordered the Sleep Revolution Upholstered Button Tufted bed off amazon to put it in and its a perfect fit. Overall, this mattress is firm, but soft if that makes sense... We really feel like we are sleeping on a cloud with our pillow topper on it too. If you are on the fence, I would say that I was too, and that I am satisfied with this bed so far. (It has been 2.5 weeks and I will up date in 6 months to a year).
**Edit: we still love this bed. SO happy we bought it. I recommend it for anyone still on the fence.
*EDIT 10/3/2016: We have had this bed for 1 year and 2 months and it is still holding up fine. It should be noted that my husband's side seems to have gotten a little too soft. There is no noticeable big difference though. As I mentioned in my initial review, my husband is a Large man so I expected ANY mattress to fail under his weight. He still sleeps comfortably, does not complain of any pain. There are no noticeable dips or sunken in portions of the bed. I am only aware of the difference when I roll all the way over to his side when he is not home and it is not as firm as my side. Not a major complaint my any means.

I wouldn't recommend sleeping in this mattress during the summer because it ...

Comfortable and yet a little too firm for being a memory foam mattress, takes time to get used to it. Mattress expanded at full size in less than 4 hours, odor lasted for several weeks and I can still smell it lightly after nearly a month of having it. Mattress gets hot from your body's temperature, specially in the summer heat. I think its great for sleeping in the cooler temperatures.

Quite firm. But good quality. Some initial smells.

This thing is pretty decent. I have concerns about how bad it stunk. It really stunk for about 3-4 days. The room it was in gave me a headache for the first 3 days. Then it began to dissipate to a unnoticeable smell after a couple weeks. I'd recommend not sleeping on it for 4-7 days. I do hope the chemicals used are not harmful as advertised as my daughter uses this.

But as far as quality it seems good. I got the 12 inch full. I do think this is a bit firm especially for a lighter weight person like my little girl. It's not a cozy soft bed at all. It's a firm bed, which is fine. And the cover is pretty soft. It conforms to me, but I'm heavier than a 3 year old. I find it more comfortable for back or stomach sleeping than for side sleeping. But it may still be ok for that.

Hard to comment as it's not my actual bed. I just wish I'd done the 10 inch mattress and then bought a softer mattress cover. I could still buy a 2 inch topper but that would make this thing quite tall for a 3 year old. I will probably get one when I can justify forking out the dough. All in all, I think this is a good value. I can't compare to Tuft & Needle but I would assume this is pretty good competition at half the price.

king sized and perfect!

this bed is absolutely amazing! I usually get too lazy to write reviews on products I order from Amazon, but this one definitely deserves it. we bought the king sized bed and it fits wonderfully in our bedroom. we've been using this bed for a few weeks now and it's perfect!! comfy and plenty of space. we don't have a bed frame or a box spring, it's just in the floor. best bed ever!

but we added a 3 inch gel memory foam topper and now it is the most comfortable bed ever

Cannot believe the quality of this bed, especially for the price. It was a bit firm for us and gave me neck aches, but we added a 3 inch gel memory foam topper and now it is the most comfortable bed ever! Heaven! Don't want to get out of it. The topper was $120, so for $500 all in for a king, this was a great investment.

So firm it caused serious lower back pain

UPDATE 5/5/2016
I have spent a considerable amount of time sleeping on this bed now. And I am sad to say that the lower back pain problem has not only NOT subsided, it has gotten WORSE! If I can manage to sleep through the night (which I often can't) I wake up in so much pain that I have a difficult time getting out of bed and getting dressed! This bed is too firm with little give. I expected that after sleeping on it for a while it might soften up but this has not been the case. There is none of that "hugged by a cloud" soft comfort I was expecting. And like I said, I like a decently firm mattress, but this is just too much. At this point I'm considering going back to an air mattress because I can't afford to replace this bed yet. I really wanted to love this bed, but I can't deal with this back pain. My boyfriend also wakes up in pretty bad pain when he sleeps on it, though lately he's been sleeping on the couch because he hates it. While this bed can be a great deal, and it seems to work well for a LOT of people, it's just causing me too much back pain to continue sleeping on. Also, I don't know if this makes a difference or not, but it NEVER expanded to the full 12 Inches. I have changed my rating to one star as a result.

Feb 22, 2016
This bed went down to about $288 and since I have been sleeping on either a pullout couch or an air mattress since I moved into a new apartment, I figured it was the perfect time to get a new bed. I've had numerous memory foam mattresses in my wishlists for a while now, so I've been trying to keep an eye on pricing and reviews, which led me to believe this bed would be a good purchase for me.

The bed is rolled up in a big box which is kind of cumbersome for one person to deal with but it isn't anything too horrible (because I made my BF do it). It definitely wouldn't stop me from purchasing again.

The bed was unrolled on a frame that I purchased (which arrived the same day) and was super flat when it was unrolled. I was worried about it not expanding even close to the 12 inch mark. 24 hours later it was at 10 1/2 inches, 48 hours later and it's holding steady at 11 inches.

The bed didn't smell or anything so that was good. I'm a little unhappy that it didn't seem to hit the full 12 inches. One thing that I did notice though is HOLY COW THIS THING IS SOOOOO ROCK HARD. I like firm beds, but wow, this bed is super hard. I think I read that after a while it might soften a bit, so that will be good.. because while I like firm beds, my BF absolutely doesn't. He's pretty cranky about this one, in fact.

In my opinion, the bed is VERY COMFORTABLE to fall asleep on, but for me, waking up is awful. I had a similar 12 inch memory foam before I moved and it did wonders for my back. So far when I wake up on this one I have some pretty bad lower back stiffness. I'm hoping that this will correct itself over time.

Also, I know this is probably more the frames fault than the mattress but it slips around so much on the frame it drives me crazy. I'm not sure if it's because there is a weird backing on the bed that makes it much more prone to slippage, but this bed absolutely will not stay in place on the frame. If you even sort of lean against it, it moves. I tried to sit down on it and it slipped backwards and I almost ended up sitting on the frame itself.

Now, I've only had the bed a very short amount of time, so I'll update it after a while. I had some issues with other memory foam mattresses where the top layer pulls up at the corners after a few months, and I'm hoping that this one wont do that.

Great memory foam mattress for the price

So far so good. Feels firmer than I originally wanted....but I wake up feeling amazing and best of all...I can't feel my boyfriend move/toss and turn in the middle of the night which means I sleep better. (Woo!) We've only had it for 3 or 4 weeks, but I love it so far, ESPECIALLY for the price.

I bought the 6 inch twin for my mother and then the 12 inch full mattress for myself.

I bought the 6" twin mattress for my 95 year old mother that has been sleeping on a day bed with a 10 inch conventional spring mattress. My mother is 4'10" and getting into the bed had become increasing difficult for her. Her old mattress was also a very firm one, and she didn't seem to be sleeping very well on it. I bought this mattress for her because it is 4" thinner to lower her bed, and also because it is a bit softer than her old mattress.

When we first got it, we unwrapped it and laid it on the living room floor to expand. It was really something to watch as it came alive and immediately started expanding. It took only a couple of hours to expand to the full 6 inches. I laid on it while it was on the floor, and it was plenty firm to be supportive, but it also felt plush and comfy. I wanted to test it because my mother has dementia and aphasia, and couldn't tell us if she hated her new mattress. The next night, we set it up on her bed and got all of the linens on it. She seems to be sleeping well, and it is so much easier for us to get her up on the bed.

Then I started looking for a new mattress for myself. I had been using a double bed with an old box spring and mattress that over time had been built up with two 4" and one 2" layers of memory foam toppers. This was too "foamy". So I got a feather and down topper to go over the foam toppers. This was more comfortable, but anyone that has gotten a feather and down toppers knows what a mess they can be when the feathers start coming through the cover. So I got another one with the same problem. I finally bought a feather topper that had a zippered cover the feathers didn't come through. So I stuffed the other two into the same cover, and all seemed well for a few years. Granted, by this time, the height of my bed was above my waist, but I kind of liked it. It reminded me of the childhood stories about princesses with high 4 posted beds.

Well, I am now 69 years old and the idea of having to fluff a 50 pound feather topper was getting more difficult. So the topper had to go!! Even though I had a new padded mattress pad over the memory foam toppers, I not only had a hard time staying asleep, but I woke up in the morning with back and hip pains that took half the day to walk out. So my search for a solution became more urgent. What mattress would work best for me?? The last time I bought a mattress was over 20 years ago, and the memory foam and feather and down toppers were the only ones available. So the options available were quite confusing - memory foam, gel foam, high density foam, etc.

After a couple of weeks of research and reading reviews, I kept coming back to this mattress. I wanted something firm, supportive, and soft, but not so soft it was like quick sand. This one seemed to fit the bill. So I ordered the 12 inch full size. At this point, I can only say this was one of my better decisions. When it was delivered, I pulled 10 inches of old memory foam toppers off my bed, and put this mattress on top of the old mattress to expand. Within 6 hours, the mattress was expanded to the full 12 inches, and there was absolutely no odor that some of the other reviewers mentioned.

I put on my mattress covers, linens, and blankets, and could barely wait to go to bed to try it. For the first time in weeks, I slept almost through the night, woke up earlier without feeling groggy, and had no back and hip pain!! This will be the second night on this bed, and I am actually looking forward to going to bed instead of putting it off.

In comparing this mattress to some of the more expensive ones, I think the difference is in the cover. This one comes with a thin knit cover, and the others have a thicker quilted cover. If you plan to use a mattress cover, I don't think this matters. This mattress is definitely firm and supportive, but also has a top layer of the softer memory foam. So it is also soft, but not something you will sink into. For me, this is perfect.

This mattress does not have gel foam which is memory foam injected with small particles of gel. The gel foam is supposed to be cooler because the gel help to distribute body heat. Memory foam holds heat and tends to emanate body heat. If you plan to use a mattress cover, this is also not an issue. I bought the Extra Plush Bamboo Fitted Mattress Topper on Amazon that totally eliminates any problem with heat.

I know this is a long review, but I hope it helps someone else trying to get past all of the terminology in choosing a mattress. If my opinion of this mattress changes in the future, I will update my review.

myself have a memory foam mattress and love it. I had also recently ordered her a ...

As soon as I heard my mother had been sleeping on the same mattress since 1998, I immediately went shopping for a mattress. I, myself have a memory foam mattress and love it. I had also recently ordered her a platform bed frame and so I wanted to get the tallest memory foam mattress in the market to compensate for the height so I settled on this 12-inch memory foam mattress by Signature Sleep. It came very well packaged and vacuum sealed. The box was almost impossible to get open. It took me a few minutes trying to figure out how to get the mattress out. The box was tightly sealed. I used a knife and carefully cut through one of the edges to get it open. It does have a smell. ALL memory foam mattresses and pillows will have that smell but airs out after a few days. I called up my mother the next day to find out how she slept and she said she slept wonderful and even was able to sleep in. I highly recommend this mattress!

Signature Sleep 12 inch memory foam mattress full size

Ok, here is an honest review of this mattress. I have waited 6 months to review this so I could help someone make a good decision. The Mattress came on time and it was delivered in a tight roll like everyone one else had reviewed. It came to a full 12 inches within a couple of hours. I did however wait 24 hours before putting sheets on it and then sleeping. Got it for $249.00 and free shipping, and the priced fluctuated up and down $50 or so. Since I have had this mattress 6 months it has been a good Mattress. It is actually a lil firmer than wanted but is does have some give. No problems as in sinking or any thing like that. I believe that this mattress will last for many years. It is a very sturdy and well built Mattress that does come from China. It had very lil smell or Oder as some reviews had stated. not sure if the size has anything to do with it but mine which is a Full did not. My only objection to this Mattress is that it does retain some body heat which does in fact make the bed a lil hotter than I prefer which is why I gave 4 stars other than 5. I was in between this mattress and the Signature Sleep Signature 13 Inch Mattress which has the 1 1/4 pillow top. I now have Purchased the 13 inch mattress but have not had it long enough to come to an honest conclusion on both mattress but I think I will be more happy with the 13 inch pillow top. Over all i am giving the 12 inch mattress to my daughter and she is excited, as I said it is a very nice mattress other than a lil firm and retaining some body heat. The 13 inch Pillow top Mattress that Im replacing this one with is a lil more money at $335.00 but I upgraded to a Queen so my review on the 13 inch maybe a lil unfair because its not the same but I will try to be as honest as possible when I do a review and a comparison in 6 months or so. This Mattress compared to the ones in the stores hands down is a way better buy and bargain buying through Amazon and overall I am very happy with the purchase. I hope this review helps.

Will only buy this mattress from now on

First time purchasing a mattress from the web, mostly because I got tired from waking up with lower back pain and was not going to pay a couple thousand dollars for a mattress.

Bought it when the family was out for the week, so I had to do everything by myself; it is very heavy and cumbersome and I thought no way one person can unpack this alone. So I went the way of the pyramids and rolled the box and the pushed it up the stairs.
Once you get it on top of the support structure, you roll it and it expands immediately. Waited patiently for two days and finally climbed on top. It was very hard, way too firm and not in a good way. It looked nothing like the Tempurepedic TV ads where a hand imprint lasts several seconds before returning to shape. When my wife returned she did not like it, so I offered to return it, but she agreed to wait it out for a week. Well, one week later and we loved it, best mattress ever.

It has been several months and either we got used to the firmness or it is giving a little, but no more back pain!

Great bed, even better price!

This mattress is firm and comfortable. I've had it for six months and have enjoyed it. It's the best mattress I've ever owned and I'm planning to purchase a new one once this one breaks down! It's firm, but it's also not hard. I've had some "firm" mattress that feel more like the floor than a bed. This is my first memory foam mattress and I was a little hesitant initially. I was worried the memory foam would bother me because it kind of takes the shape of your body while your sleep. However, I love the memory foam. I feel like the mattress is adjusting to me, instead of having to adjust to the mattress. My wife thinks it's too hard and says it makes her back hurt sometimes but she's always had back pain from her beds. That's the only reason I give it 4 stars. If it were up to me, I'd give it 5! Obviously this mattress isn't going to be of the same quality of a $1000+ mattress but for the $200 I got it for, it's amazing quality! I am glad we got the 12-inch mattress, as opposed to the 8 or 10 inch models. I feel like the extra foam makes the bed more supportive and comfortable. I had no issues while setting it up. It came shrink-wrapped but it decompressed with no problems after I opened the wrapping. If you need a mattress that's really soft, then this probably isn't the best option. But, if you like a firm mattress, absolutely get this one! Overall, I am completely satisfied with my purchase!

Wow! Very impressed, this thing is awesome.

This thing is awesome. Don't look at anything else, buy this one! First of all I live in an apartment multiple floors upstairs. This thing shows up vaccum sealed in a small tube. I was like.. what the hell? This is the mattress? It's going to suck! Man was I wrong. Once I set it up it was awesome. It does take a day or so to soak up air and get full sized but once it does you are set. I've had it for over 2 years without any issues at all. Best mattress I've ever had and the best price I've ever paid.

Plus.. I didn't have to move the damn thing up stairs! Or pay someone to move it. The mail man did the work, haha. Definitely a bonus there!

Very Good but not 6 inches

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is after if fully forms it only measures 5 inches, still it is a very good value, I use it as a mattress on an Ikea frame and it is firm and comfortable and I have arthritis from 30 plus years of skateboarding/snowboarding. Also I have a very sensitive nose and did not notice any smell at all even from the first moment I unpacked it.

Works for me, very comfortable

This is great so far, I really love that it is low VOC. I didn't want a toxic mattress and also wanted something affordable and this is what I found. What is important for your quality of sleep is how much you weigh and what your mattress is going on top of. The first bed I put this 6" mattress on had a hardwood frame with about 6 or so horizontal slats with fabric and some kind of foam on top. This was okay for a while but at 160 pounds, I soon began to feel that the slats were creating pressure points in the mattress. Luckily, I have a spare twin bed that is also hardwood, but has a metal spring type frame. It is essentially an old college dorm bed meant to bunk with a similar desk. With the springs, there are no pressure points created. Everything is soft and even. If your frame/boxspring or whatever has detectible slats and not totally flat, I would recommend getting the 8 inch or 10 inch if you weigh 160 or greater. Just my experience. Now go make an informed decision and rest well on your low VOC mattress.

Very Firm but Comfortable

This is the second memory foam mattress we own. The first is a bit more soft than this one. I consider this a "firm to very firm" mattress.

It comes rolled tight in a box & then rolled tight in plastic. Take it out of the box by carefully opening one end of the box - don't just slice away with a knife, you could cut the mattress. (We unboxed in the garage since the box is dirty from shipping.) Then just pull the mattress out of the box. It will slide out easily & it is wrapped tight in plastic. Carry it to your box spring/foundation wrapped in the plastic. Lay it on the foundation & carefully cut off the plastic with scissors, unroll/remove the mattress from the plastic & place in position. Now it will start to puff up.

Our mattress was ready within an hour. We did not sleep on it the first night because it was still outgassing & the smell would have kept us awake. There was still outgassing 24 hours later but we did sleep on it that night. It was quite firm but comfortable; we both slept well but we are used to sleeping on a memory foam mattress. If you have never slept on one, it may take a couple nights to get used to it.

The queen mattress is actually a bit bigger than our box spring; maybe .75" overhang on each side. That is fine & unnoticeable once the bed is made. I would rather have it a bit large than too small. It does puff up to almost 12" high.

The mattress has a nice stretchy knit fabric that is removable & washable. It zips around the bottom. I think taking this cover off & putting it back on would be a lot of work. We always use a mattress pad; it's much easier to wash a mattress pad. The mattress is also encased in a paper/fabric which is sewn together. It would probably make it a bit easier to slip the mattress in/out of its cover.

Heavenly Sleep!

I've had this mattress for almost 9 months now, and I've intentionally waited this long to put it through some serious use before writing a review. It arrived in a roll, sealed airtight in plastic tucked inside of a tough polyester duffle bag. It weighs considerably more than it looks, but that duffle bag comes with a strap to help you drag it up a set or two of stairs.
After laying it out over my bed and unsealing the plastic, it immediately began to expand, taking about 20 minutes before it reached full mass. I did notice that when you unroll it, it is upside down. Make sure you flip it so the dark grey side with the zipper is on the bottom before you pierce the plastic, otherwise you will end up fighting with a giant, heavy and floppy mattress that doesn't want to agree with you (like I did).
After sleeping on it the first night, I have to say I fell in love with it. It has the right amount of firmness, while also conforming to your body. I’m 5’10” and depending on where I am with my workout routine, I can weigh between 175 and 210. It has supported my weight and aligned my back perfectly. I have never before enjoyed the type of good night’s sleep that I get from this mattress. I wake up refreshed and ready to go.
One thing I will note, as it is apparently true for most memory foam mattresses, it may be cool at first but it will get very warm shortly thereafter. Depending on the room temperature, you can experience night sweats. I've found the careful balance in room temperature (72 degrees) and my body’s response to heat to prevent that from occurring. If you live with a thermostat Nazi, and you can’t get that temperature to the right level, avoid memory foam all together!
After almost 9 months of use, this mattress has held up to the test of time. It feels just as supportive as it did the day I bought it. This was a concern of mine, since I wouldn't be able to flip the mattress given that the underside isn't soft and has a zipper on it. I am no longer concerned. It’s awesome.

Nice mattress if you want to replace it every six months...

Bought this bed 10 months ago. I sleep alone and am an average sized female. The mattress was so wonderful when I first started sleeping on it, I couldn't wait to go to bed! Now, 10 months later, it a mass of valleys and ridges and is horrible. It no longer has it's elasticity and is uncomfortable to sleep on unless you enjoy sleeping in a rut! I will not recommend this mattress at all! Was hoping there was a warranty of some type but don't see one listed. Too bad for me!

DANGEROUS!!! Watch Out!!!

Only buy this bed if you want to get dangerously comfortable! My girlfriend and I were not prepared!
There was no warning sign stating the danger this bed causes! Think you can turn off the alarm and sit there for a minute before you get up for work? NOPE! Not with this bed! You will fall asleep.
Do you need to have bad back pain to get out of going to work, get those pain meds, or because you just enjoy being mean to small children? THEN DON"T GET THIS BED! This bed gives the perfect amount of support and you will wake up feeling great and with no back pain.

A God Send!

I purchased this mattress for my almost 70 year old grandmother, as she was falling out of a twin sized bed. With Osteoporosis and Arthritis, it was a major concern for us. Deciding between the 8" and the 12" posed some concerning questions. She is over 300 pounds and I wasn't sure how far she would sink into the mattress over night and was concerned that she may not be able to get up without assistance in the morning. The 8" is perfect, she is only sinking into the bed about an inch overnight. After her first night sleeping on it, she was in love. She has owned just about every kind of mattress on the market including one of those adjustable beds. None of them were able to give her the peaceful nights sleep she was looking for until this mattress. Before, on regular mattresses, she would wake up every couple of hours with some body part either in pain or numb and would have to change positions On this mattress, she falls asleep in 1 position and remains in that position all night long with no sleep interruption. Before, she was sleeping in until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Now, she is up and at 'em by 10:30 AM at the latest. I can't recommend this bed enough to everyone.

Great product, great value

I bought the 12" queen. It arrived in about 5 business days. It was a little weird getting the box up my narrow stairwell but I did it all by myself (it pays to work out). The most difficult part of the whole process was getting the box open - I was afraid to cut too deeply, so the box ended up getting tattered. Once all the plastic was cut off, I put it in place on the bed - the mattress itself is far less heavy that the traditional spring mattress I was replacing. It looked to be about 12" after maybe an hour, but I waited the 48 hours anyways. I left the window open in that bedroom with the door closed to let the smell fade, which it did after 24 hours. I slept on it and, yes, it's a firm mattress. I put a "fiber bed" on top as a pad to cushion it a little and keep it cooler. It's still firm, but soft, and I really truly love it. Great price, springs back quickly as you move around .... I would buy another in a heartbeat.

Review updated and now not so happy.

REVIEW UPDATE ON 12.23.15: I've taken my original 5 star review and made it now 4 stars.For the price and what this is, it's a good mattress. HOWEVER, I need something VERY firm and this is not firm. To some perhaps, but to most I think not. Now my back is killing me every day and that tight feeling in my legs I put in my original review has never gone away and is in fact worse. I haven't lowered the stars on this further than a 4 because I do think it's a nice mattress, but it's not for me. My back pain keeps getting worse and never goes away and now I walk as though I'm about 80 years old -- and I'm significanly younger than that age. Now my husband and I are faced with getting a new mattress - but this time we'll spend the money on exactly what we need. And if you're wondering, he has back pain as well from the mattress but not as bad as mine. For some this will be a good mattress for them; unfortuantely, in less than a year it became a bad mattress for us.
ORIGINAL REVIEW: I wanted to wait a bit before I reviewed the mattress to really see how I felt about it. I've been sleeping on it now for about a two months and I am delighted by this purchase! I give it a 5 for price/value (I purchased a King size for around $353 -- wowee)and a 5 for comfort. I wasn't home when it arrived and by the time I got home my husband had already gotten it upstairs (it it's big and awkward but apparently in it's blue cloth bag with handle it's not to difficult to get it upstairs). We followed the instructions placing it on the bed before carefully cutting off the plastic. The foam smell was not overpowering and after leaving it for a day with windows open it was completely gone. Once the plastic was off it took it's full shape, though we left alone the recommended full 48 hours to be sure it had indeed reached its full size. This mattress is a hundred times better than my old mattress (I kept rolling to the middle) and the one that replaced it (an off-brand air mattress similar to the Sleep Number bed but it wasn't good. Guess what? I rolled to the middle after a few weeks and mattress never got firm enough after the first two weeks of use).

Now I was leery that I would once again roll to the middle (I was beginning to think it was me) but that hasn't happened. Both my husband and I sleep great. We don't have back pain. I actually thought the mattress was going to be a tad bit more firm, but it's not a problem. I think because our previous mattress had memory foam on top meant I was already used to it. I had worried I would sleep "hot" since I kept reading that memory foam retains heat, but I've not found that to be any different than the way I normally sleep. With a cat and my husband both next to me that is the norm for me, but if the cat is off the bed then I'm usually fine. I don't see it as a mattress issue.

The only thing I've found is that sometimes I feel my legs are "tight" and I need to stretch throughout the day. I believe it may be that I'm sleeping well and not turning much and that could be causing this feeling. It's not an issue and I believe it's unique to me. I do not mark down my 5 stars for this. Oh, and one last thing. In case anyone is wondering what our foundation is, we had purchased a box spring for our previous mattress not realizing it needed a hard surface so we then bought plywood to put down between the mattress and box spring. That's now what our memory foam mattress is on so be sure you either have a hard surface or purchase the recommended foundation to get the best result. So in conclusion, I'm THRILLED by this mattress.

Full Size Purchased for My 5 Year Old Daughter

Paid - $169.00

For the price this mattress seems well worth the money. It was shipped in a bag in which the mattress was rolled very tightly. The mattress after its inflation period of ~48 hours seems firm and supportive. I give it four stars because by it is by no means comparable to a Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress. However at its low price it is a great deal.

The smell or "off-gassing" has dissipated after ~48 hours yet the foam still retains a slight smell but it is not obtrusive and you have to bury your nose in the mattress to really smell it. After placing a water proof cover and sheets on top it is not noticeable.

Shipping was easy and convenient with Amazon Prime.

Side Note: Using in store comparison pricing I saved over 150 bucks in total purchasing through Amazon.

Beyond Expectations

exactly what I wanted and at a price that was far below what I expected to pay.The mattress is a little on the firm side but yet not so firm that it is uncomfortable.Other reviews have experienced a chem like odor but I did not have this problem.I really don't think I could have made a better mattress purchase.I am beyond happy with this product.

After having a tempurpedic, I was worried about getting a king size mattress online and at a discount but I am so happy I did!

So here is some background information: We got a Tempurpedic mattress a few years back and loved it as it provided the much-needed support my husband and I needed as we both have had back issues in the past. Unfortunately, after a couple of years it began to sag on my husband's side (he is 6' and 260lbs) so he was sleeping in a whole. As luck would have it, we could not find our receipt and the store where we bought it went out of business, so we were stuck with a bed that did not provide the comfort or support we both needed.

I began looking for more inexpensive options as we are currently are in a financial bind and could not afford a name brand. After comparing and reading many reviews, this seemed like a viable option. We were still weary of ordering a mattress that would be delivered by mail, but we could not deal with the back pain any longer. I ordered the 12 inch as I wanted it as close as possible to my tempurpedic mattress and made sure the measurements were the appropriate size for our frame and box spring.

We received out mattress rolled up in a huge box. We laid it down on our boxspring, opened it up, and left it to breathe and fluff up for a full 48 hours. Meanwhile, we slept on the old mattress in the living room floor - and even that had not support. It was "fully" expanded that night but we did not want to take any chances in making any dents by laying on it too soon. Finally, we slept on it a few days ago and it is AMAZING! The mattress has plenty of support and it feels as comfortable as my very expensive Tempurpedic. We immediately covered it with a zippered waterproof mattress cover as we do have pets and would like to preserve this baby for as long as we can.

I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with the quality and support of this mattress, I wish I would have bought it sooner! Love it!
I will be sure to come back and edit my review if I have any issues.

My daughter says it's amazing and loves sleeping on it

My daughter says it's amazing and loves sleeping on it. The reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because the corners didn't come out nice when the mattress expanded. They are still scrunched and feel puckered. The mattress ends up looking like a dome. Also, it seems bigger than a regular queen. It goes over the edge of the queen size frame I have and sheets are a strange fit. I'm glad my daughter finds it comfortable but for aesthetic reason, I give it the lower rating.

Great price and comfy

This is great for the price. 12 Inch Version

So I needed a new mattress to replace my old spring mattress that I bought over 10 years ago. It was a welcomed addition to the home. So before I bought this mattress I looked at many different mattresses, spring, memory foam, Latex foam, Normal foam, spring hybrids. I looked at everything for 2 weeks before I took the plunge and bought it. So here is my research in a short break down. To find a good mattress you have to look at what you like to sleep on (Pretty obvious i know, but hear me out) There are three different positions that people usually sleep on, back sleepers, side sleepers and chest down sleepers. For side sleepers its better to get a soft mattress to conform to the curvature of the spine. I would say ILD of 5. and a higher ILD of 8 for back sleepers. Unfortunately the newer model of this mattress no longer states the ILD of the memory foam. So it could be a little more or less.

Also one thing to remember is its not always softer the more foam you have. So in the 12 in version of this mattress has about 3.5" of the cushioned memory foam while the other 8.5" is made out of a really firm foam. Which pretty much means that this 12 in mattress has 29% memory foam. For the price its pretty good. I would say that this mattress is a little soft and not the most supportive, At least the memory foam part. I thing about memory foam or visco elastic foam. Is that as you sleep on it it starts to get softer because it starts to heat up from the body heat. This mattress is usually hard as a rock when you first get on it and this is quite normal but just after an hour after sleeping on it, it gets soft a quite soft. It comes to a point that its too soft and unsupportive. And after it becomes soft the memory foam bottoms out on the heavier "High density foam". I would have preferred if they had used a harder memory foam and a softer high density foam.Btw I am not a heavy guy weighing about 160 at 5"10. But this might pose an issue for people heavier. Some other users suggest that this mattress gets uncomfortably hot after a while but I have not noticed this, possibly the older version of this mattress had denser and more compact foam.

But critics aside this mattress feels a lot like the tempurpedic mattress I slept on. But at 1/10 the cost it feels 80% of that tempurpedic. Which I find is great. This Mattress had all of the aspects of a good mattress including the CertiPUR-US certification which bans the notorious chemicals that may cause cancer and birth defects.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy this mattress,

1. It is miles better than the traditional innerspring mattress. Also if you tend to move around while sleeping this restricts that movement, maybe even preventing you from rolling off the bed.

2. Its one of the most affordable memory foam mattress that has a decent amount of memory foam.

3. It comes in a very tightly rolled box and is very easy to move. (Say a college dorm or apartment)

4. It stays cool even after sleeping on it for a few hours.

Great bed

Better than most expensive mattresses I've had the displeasure of sleeping on. this bed is GREAT and you can't beat the price!

Not very soft when lying down on it. Feels like laying on a carpeted floor. How to return it?

This bed is somewhat dense once fully expanded. It is like laying on a carpeted floor. Also, it is almost impossible to return because once it is expanded it is difficult to repackage it.

I've used a variety of memory foam mattresses, from the best (tempurpedic) to harder ones like this one and ones in between. If you can't afford a tempurpedic then at least try to test one out in person or get reviews on how soft the bed is before buying it.

I love this bed

I love this bed! I wanted to wait tell I got to sleep on it before I made my review. Let me start by saying that I have had a memory foam mattress before. Memory foam is NOT for everyone and takes about a week or two to get used to. You are probably going to be sore for a little bit until you get used to it. This is a great mattress for the price and even though I have woken up sore, I have slept extremely well and so has my fiancé. We both sleep on our sides so the shoulder area is where the soreness is. It expanded to its full amount with in an hour or two, when we took it out it came up to 11 inches almost immediately. We gave the bed about 10 hours before we even touched it. Opened it that morning and slept on it that night and it was fine.

Better than what I had....hoping for better still with time.

First, receiving it, unboxing it and setting it up.
The description says 68 pounds. I wonder if that excludes the box, because this was extremely heavy to move. I put it on a 2-wheel cart and wife and I struggled some getting it up our steps. Note, however, that the box was easier than a full size queen mattress would have been. The most difficult part of the process was opening the box. I own a business with a warehouse and have opened thousands of boxes, but nothing like this. I understand that it has to be heavy duty with the pressure of the rolled up mattress -- but without an actual box cutter, it was hard. Couldn't pull the end opened. Couldn't cut it with scissors. Once I got the box opened, getting the mattress out, on the platform and opened up was a breeze.
It really is impressive how they get 12 inches compressed the way they do. It opened and expanded almost immediately. I never noticed the odor some reviews mentioned.

I put the mattress on a 14" metal frame. I needed the height 14" for the frame plus 12" for the mattress because I have knee issues and it is hard to get up from a lower position (for me). I have a 24" stool that I can get up from easily. What I failed to calculate with this combination was the amount of "give" in the mattress. When I sit on the edge, I sink lower than I thought I would -- lower than on a traditional mattress.

This mattress is comfortable to sleep in. There are two things I have trouble doing. One is to sit on the edge where I don't feel like I will fall off. It is difficult to 'scoot' , i.e. move farther back from the edge - on this mattress. The other thing I find difficult is rolling over. Again, I think it is because the mattress kinda hugs you and rolling means you have to roll out of a depression.

As heavy as it was to move, it slides almost too easily on my metal platform. I'm still trying to decide if I need to put something under it to prevent that. I know some reviews mentioned needing something there.

If I had tried this mattress in a store, I probably would not have purchased it. I went on the Amazon reviews -- so I'm hoping time will tell.
I have only had it a want to give it more time. Actually, I feel like I have to learn to love it because I certainly would never be able to get it back into that box (see picture).

I loved this bed so much

I bought this bed 4 years ago for my daughter. At that time she was 8. I loved this bed so much, I was jealous so I bought one for myself! I have had it and am so glad. It is a firm, supportive bed. I sleep like a log. I prefer a firm mattress. This is not like sleeping on a cloud but it's not too firm either. The quality is excellent for the price! Every time I go to a hotel, I can't wait to come home and sleep in my own bed. I don't stay in lousy hotels either! It's worth the purchase and it is still like new today and I bought it 4 years ago. My daughter loves it too!

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