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Shifman Mattress Reviews


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Spring 2024 Updates: Shifman mattresses can still be found at some mattress retailers and through Macy's, Bloomingdale's, and Neiman Marcus department stores. Some recent reviewers have brought up issues with lasting support.

Founded in 1893, Shifman Mattresses uses high-end materials to handcraft their luxury mattresses. Their mattresses are very high priced and can be found at mattress retailers and at exclusive partners such as Bloomingdale's, Macy's, and Neiman Marcus. Although Shifman mattresses are boast hand craftmanship and even some luxury materials like cashmere in some cases, some sleepers may find that there is better value and comfort to be had elsewhere.


+/- expense
+/- lasting comfort
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Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.6/10

Price Value: 7.1/10

No Back Pain: 7.4/10

Price: $930-$27133

Trial Period: None

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Shifman's Specifics

Shifman is known for hand crafting their mattresses out of luxury and natural materials including natural cotton, latex, cashmere, and even horse hair in some models. Many of their mattresses are two-sided and designed to be flipped for added comfort. Even given the high price, there are some customers who have brought up disagreements with durability and longevity.

If you are concerned about the durability issues reported and interested in competitively priced mattresses, take a look at our top rated mattresses for alternatives. Especially take a look at Dreamcloud's mattress, which offers a high profile, pillowy design for a competitive price point.

Mattress Types

Shifman offers a variety of innerspring options through their own collections and exclusive collections with department stores. The names that they advertise on their website may differ from those seen at retailers, but we'll go through some of their most popular offerings which will be similar to what you can find at retailers. Here are the details...

The Handmade Collection

Exclusive to Bloomingdale's, the Handmade Collection features hand-tufted mattresses and natural materials including alpaca, New Zealand wool, and natural latex in some models. These double-sided mattresses feature a support system of individually wrapped coils encased by foam, and range in firmness from firm to ultra plush. While this collection of mattresses are popular at Bloomingdale's for their initial luxurious feel, they come at an exceptionally high price point for the materials used.

The pros: Initial luxurious feel.

The cons: Price is quite high for the materials used.

Price Range: $3165-$18665

Final Score: 7.5 / 10

The Metropolitan Collection

The Metropolitan collection of mattresses are another Bloomingdale's exclusive line made by Shifman. These mattresses feature a quilted top, natural cotton, and memory foam over a coil spring support system. The mattresses in this collection are generally firmer than the Handmade Collection. Although they are among the more affordable Shifman mattresses at Bloomingdale's, they are still priced quite high given their materials and composition. Some customers have also brought up issues with durability.

The pros: Shifman's lower priced collection at Bloomingdale's.

The cons: Prices are still high for materials used. Some customers mention durability issues.

Price Range: $1698-$8438

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

The Latex Collection

Another exclusive collection to Bloomingdale's, the Latex collection features both hybrid and all-latex mattresses. Natural latex provides a pressure relieving sleep surface that can be slightly firmer than traditional memory foams. These mattresses are hand-tufted and also double-sided and meant to be flipped. Although natural latex can be more costly than memory foam, these mattresses are still very high-priced for the materials used. If you're interested in an eco-conscious latex mattress, check out our list of top rated latex mattresses.

The pros: All natural, eco-conscious latex mattresses.

The cons: Extremely expensive versus other top rated latex mattress options.

Price Range: $3632-$14498

Final Score: 7.4 / 10

The Hotel Classic Collection

The Hotel Collection Classic by Shifman is Shifman's exclusive collaboration with Macy's department stores. These two-sided mattresses are flippable and feature layers of cotton, memory foam, and either a traditional innerspring or an individually wrapped coil support system. Some models also include layers of wool and latex. Overall, these mattresses are more expensive when compared to others with similar materials and composition. Some customers have also mentioned issues with firmness and longevity.

The pros: Mattresses available at popular department store.

The cons: High price points as well as issues with firmness and longevity.

Price Range: $5479-$15719

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

The Saint Michele Collection

The Shifman Saint Michele Collection is their exclusive line of mattresses for luxury department store, Neiman Marcus. These double-sided mattresses feature both hand-tufted and quilted options and come with either a wrapped coil or traditional innerspring support layer. Available online only, some models feature natural latex and plush cashmere too. Overall, these mattresses are very expensive when compared to other euro top, hybrid mattresses available online.

The pros: Plush hybrid mattresses.

The cons: Expensive, especially when compared to other online mattresses.

Price Range: $1790-$12815

Final Score: 7.4 / 10

The Frette X Shifman Collection

The Frette X Shifman collection of mattresses is Shifman's collaboration with Italian luxury linen and textiles company Frette. Decorated with Frette's signature chain motif, these traditional innerspring mattresses are hand-tufted and double-sided. Available exclusively at Bloomingdale's, these mattresses include layers made of natural cotton, wool, horse hair, latex, and even an additional layer of micro coils in some models. Available in firm, cushion firm, plush, and ultra plush firmness options, these mattresses come with a very high price tag.

The pros: Traditional mattresses with firmness options.

The cons: Very high prices for the materials used.

Price Range: $6571-$22714

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

Shifman Collections

Shifman has an extensive catalog of their own mattresses sold at retailers nationwide. Some of their popular lines include: the Masters Collection (innerspring mattresses with a high content of natural materials like cashmere, wool, cotton, and latex), the Modern Comfort Collection (hybrid mattresses featuring cotton, memory foam, and individually wrapped pocket coils), the Quilted Collection (traditional innerspring mattresses packed with natural cotton), and the American Heritage Collection (double-side mattresses with cotton and individually wrapped coil systems).

The pros: Some more affordable Shifman mattresses available in the Quilted Collection.

The cons: Prices are still high for the materials used when compared to other top rated mattresses. Some complaints about firmness and longevity.

Price Range: $930-$16000+

Final Score: 7.6 / 10

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I bought my first Shifman Mattress...

I bought my first Shifman Mattress in Bloomdales in 2001. It lasted me over ten years and was only tossed out due to the impossibility of getting such a heavy, well-made mattress down my third floor tenement stairs. I switched brands to my regret and have never gotten the good night's sleep I had with my Shifman. I can't even turn the mattress over because it is a one-sided mattress, something I was unaware of. When this one bites the dust, I'm returning to Shifman. It is a costly product and worth every cent.

I am extremely disappointed...

I am extremely disappointed with the performance of our Shifman mattress but even more disappointed with their customer service. We purchased a king pillow top mattress 20 months ago. Within a few months, large depressions began to form on each side of the bed. I called the store and was told to turn it more frequently than the once per month recommended by the manufacturer. I followed instructions and the depressions worsened. It felt as if we were sleeping in a trough with hills on either side! I contacted Shifman and received no response. I then contacted the store where we purchased the bed. They sent out a representative as well as the Shifman rep. The Shifman rep told us this was normal and we should turn the bed 90 degrees and sleep on the short axis for a month or so until the middle of the bed compresses. He never touched the bed or took any measurements to judge the depth of the depressions. Bottom line.....they will do nothing to correct the situation. Shifman has a 10 year non-prorated warranty but, clearly, they don't stand by their product. My only hope, at this point, is that the furniture store has a higher ethical standard and will make this right. Lesson learned- price is not a predictor of quality.

$4,500 for a queen size mattress and foundation...

$4,500 for a queen size mattress and foundation and a back ache every morning! When I called their customer service, the response was (1) it was my fault because the mattress had not gotten used to me yet (after five months?) and (2) what do you want us to do about it? Then, she hung up. A second call was even worse. Someone who said she was Eileen screamed when I protested about the first call and said 'I can put you on hold' before hanging up. The crudest, rudest people I have ever encountered in business. Needless to say, their creation is out of my house, and none will ever return.

Shifman Mattress

A good nights sleep is of utmost importance! I've bought Shifman mattresses in the past and although they are bit pricey, they are top quality, comfortable and well worth the get what you pay for. I would highly recommend Shifman Mattresses!!!!

Most comfortable bed

We have been had 5 different beds in 16 years. This is the first bed that is so comfortable and supportive that we are getting the best sleep we ever had.

I'm awake

I'm awake bc a "fell in a slope" in my 4 month mattress. Stickley stands by there low quality product. Maybe Shifman Mattresses does too....

Wow Shifman Mattresses

Wow Shifman Mattresses Your refusal to uphold the warranty of your product is quite disappointing. For a product that is so expensive and allegedly so high quality I would expect more from the manufacturer!

Had my first night's sleep

Had my first night's sleep on my new Shifman.. It was incredible! Thanks to the amazing artisans!

Well made but too heavy

I was tired of low quality mattresses and wanted a mattress that could be turned. Research led me to Shifman. The problem is it is too heavy to turnover. Even when my son helps me it is too heavy. Whats the point of having a two sided mattress if its not realistic to turn it. Big grooves develope even when you rotate it. I gave 3 stars because its made relatively well but for the money spent I'll just get a regular new mattress every 5 years.

pillowtop are terrible

went thru 3 of their mattresses all of which bellied within months and had to be replaced. Now on a fourth non pillowtop which may be doing the same thing. had previously owned shifman for years with outstanding performance but they seem to have changed their design to allow the mattress to bend for mechanical beds. we’ll see haw the “tradition” model holds up.

Not what I hoped for

I bought these over 2 months now, and I feel like I’m still sleeping on my old mattresses. It’s unreal how they’ve already sunk in.

Does Not Hold Up

We were looking for a firm mattress and looked at everything in the store. Although the price was high, this one seemed to meet our needs the best. Six months after owning it, we started to have back issues. Now it's a year old and the mattress feels like we are sleeping on a pile of lumpy mashed potatoes. Do not buy.

Best of the Best

I had my first Shifman mattress at about the age of 5. It lasted through my youth and was finally inherited by my oldest children 20 years later and lasted until we moved the family in 1996. I still have a Shifman queen and box Spring I purchased at Bloomingdales and is lasting me up to twenty years and is still in good shape. Nothing I have erer had has lasted this long. They must be doing something good. I have other matresses at home (all hand made) that appear as good, but I have no hesitation paying the price and getting another Shifman mattress in the future

10 years strong

I have been shopping on line for 2 mattress sets one for daughter and one for son, wife and I. 160 lbs and lets say she is 150 lbs. we have had the SAPPHIRE matress for 10 years , we do rotate it and once a year flip, there are NO sags the edges are firm and like the day we brought it home , this is a use quality old fashioned made REAL product .I am surprised how well it is for its age .Its still comfortable and plush every night I lay down I am thankful that I paid a little bit more but not a very quality product thanks to the 13 gauge inner springs

Terrible Mattress and Terrible Customer Service

We bought a high end luxury Shifman mattress and it ended up sagging on both sides of the bed and both sides of the mattress with in a year of owning it. The company rep and the store owner came out to "inspect" our mattress and determined it wasn't "bad" enough. They refused to uphold their warranty and they will not work with us on any level. We just lost a lot of money and got a horrible sleeping experience. Do NOT buy a Shifman Mattress.

Worst mattress and service EVER

Upon purchasing my Shiffman Mattress (5/2021) I followed the directions about flipping it EVERY month for the first 6 months. Because of the the flipping and turning you never really get to "feel" the comfort of the mattress. After about 2 months (total = 8) of trying to sleep on it I decided to call the company to see what is wrong with it. When you lay on the mattress you can actually feel the springs in your back. I called the place I bought it from and within two days I received a call from "Joe" their service man, who said he is going on vacation and will call me to set up an appointment when he returns. He never called. In February I called and complained. In March I sent a complaint letter. Joe called and showed up with another man. He laid on the mattress and couldn't feel anything. I asked him how much does he wiegh? He said 150 lbs. I weigh 200 lbs. He is wearing jeans etc. I sleep in my underwear. The other man said he weighs 230 lbs. and he laid on it. He said he does feel "something". Joe mumbled something about it being a customer feeling. He said he would write his report and I would get a copy. THAT was 5 months ago. I have a name for their mattress. Replace the "f's" with T's

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