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Sherwood Bedding Mattress Reviews

Sherwood Bedding Group makes a variety of mattress brands including Sherwood Bedding, Lumina, and Encore that are innerspring, pocketed coil, and hybrid mattresses. They also make Evosleep and Dunlopillo, which are memory foam and latex options. You may find these mattresses in local retailers such as Mattress Firm. Folks describe them as comfy in store, but may experience durability issues once at home.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.8/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 7.9/10

Price: $600-$2,400

Trial Period: No Trial

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Sherwood Bedding's Owner Satisfaction

Finding out how customers really feel is sometimes a difficult task -- especially with some companies moderating reviews. These mattresses, unfortunately, don't score as well with customers. There are still sleepers who are perfectly cozy with these products, but others that are not as much. Learn more details about the mattresses below.

Sherwood Bedding's Supportiveness

Some customers describe feeling good support in these mattresses, but some others have been dissatisfied. For those with achy backs that need spine alignment, do some added reading to make sure the mattress you buy fits you.

Edge Support
There are some mixed reports about edge support for these mattresses. Some feel that there is evenness in support across the surface, but others had issues with lumpiness.

Sherwood Bedding's Durability

In addition to having good support, having a mattress that really lasts is key for shoppers. We all are hopeful our mattress will last a decade or more and stay just as cozy as day one. Unfortunately, not all folks have had good things to say about these mattresses in regards to durability. If you are considering buying for nightly use, read the reviews to make sure that it will match your body type before buying.

Browse Sherwood Bedding Customer Reviews

Love This Mattress

This is such a great mattress. We found it at the local mattress firm and couldn't be more pleased.

It was good in store but...

The mattress felt excellent in the store, but once we slept on it for a month it started to cause back pain. I am hoping it is just an adjustment period, but afraid if it isn't.

Bad Mattress

This mattress was great in store. But after we got it home, it started to sag within weeks. After a few months, it is starting to affect my sleep because me and my husband are tossing and turning all night long. What a disappointment.

Not Great

We got the Oasis Resort and within the first year it had completely deteriorated. Massive sagging issues and big lump in the middle. This is not what we wanted and now we are stuck with it because our warranty claim was denied.

$1400 mattress fail in just 4 years.

We bought a $1400 Sherwood mattress and after 4 years, it was sagging so much I woke with a back ache. Went back to the store and they said they no longer carried this brand because customers were unhappy. Contacted Sherwood and their 20 year warranty was meaningless because they determined it was just fine. More money DOES NOT mean quality.

Good in begining. Disappointment soon after

When we first got the Sherwood Oasis mattress in 2013 the first 2 yrs it was a good comfortable mattress we were happy with. After year 2 it began sagging in the center and by year 5 it had to be replaced

Seams unraveled after 3 years; will not honor warranty

The seam of this mattress is coming undone after 3 years of normal use. Sherwood will not honor warranty because my kid spilled water on the mattress, which soaked through mattress pad and caused some yellowing of mattress. I think the yellowing is actually coming from INSIDE the mattress, and is brought out by the water. This is an obvious manufacture defect that the company refuses to fix due to a minor and UNRELATED stain. The 20-year warranty is bogus, and the quality of this mattress is lousy. Avoid.

7322-Marshall Super Pillow

I am a 81 year of age Male, sleeping alone on this model 7322 & mattress purchased 4 .5 yr ago & will be visiting mattress firm to see what compensation I will get , as mattress is in poor shape & hollowed out 6" deep from 170lbs, cannot spend rest of my days on this , it was great for 2 years, lacking durability as others have reported.


I bought this $4000 mattress and within 18 months it was junk... like a 300# person slept in the middle for ten years

Bad Mattress / Crappy Warranty

My 13 year old complained about back problems. My husband and I noticed that the mattress sagged and the box spring was broken (very cheap pieces of wood) pieces of wood dangling under the box spring. Contacting anyone at Sherwood was a feat in itself. After getting a hold of someone (3 days later) we submitted pictures and a Inspector came out. Sherwood emailed that they are happy to replace, but I'll have to pay for shipping cost ($300 + $100 for removing old mattress). In the meantime, my son sleeps on the floor until this gets resolved. DON'T BUY SHERWOOD.

Not dependable

We got a king size plush Sherwood. Great price point, had it for LESS than two years and there’s only support in the middle. Where you actually lay is sunk in to the coils. Awful and uncomfortable. My last mattress lasted 10 years before it wore out. This brand is not worth a dime.

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