Mattress Review Site $1,000 Disrupt Scholarship

Our Last Winner (2024): Congratulations Sasha Ovalle See Winner Here

2024 - 2025 Slumber Search Scholarship

The deadline for this scholarship has passed and the 2024-2025 winner has been selected.

Slumber Search believes deeply in the value of education and giving back to the next generation. We benefited from the generosity of others to attend college and start our entrepeneurial endeavors, such as the Slumber Search website. We believe in continuing this sponsorship for those that come after us. We are excited to open our 8th annual scholarship for the 2024 - 2025 school year with a $1,000 scholarship. Eligible applicants can apply below.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible applicants:

    - Are current high school (or home school) seniors in the United States OR are current college students already studying in an accredited post-secondary school in the U.S
    - Are U.S. citizens
    - Have completed or will complete high school, receiving a high school diploma or GED by September 2024
    - Are currently pursuing or planning to pursue a degree at a post-secondary U.S. organization
    - Currently have a minimum 3.00 GPA

Application Video

To apply, we are requesting that you create a short video (no longer than 5 minutes) that answers this one question:
If you were to create a product or business to disrupt a current industry, what would you do and what would it be?

Please make your video showcase you and your strengths, be instructive, creative, and interesting! The video that fulfills these the best will be selected as the the winner of the scholarship.


When is the application deadline?

The deadline for entry is June 30, 2024, 11:59 pm PST

How many scholarships are available?

One scholarship of $1,000 is available

If I win, when will I get the scholarship funds?

Before August 31, 2024

Is this scholarship one-time?

Yes, this is a one-time scholarship. New scholarships may be available annually and if so, you can re-apply!

Will I be asked to verify by eligibility?

Yes, prior to sending the scholarship, we will ask the winner to verify their school status, GPA, and citizenship.

How can I use the scholarship?

On fees and services provided to you at the college or university you are attending -- such as buying books and paying for tuition.

What goes into a great video?

Production and quality matter and we encourage you to edit your video, create video transitions, and shoot the video in multiple locations. Overall, we want the video to be fun, entertaining, and interesting.

Who have been our winners?

2024 Winner - Sasha Ovalle

2023 Winner - Fametta Zubah

2022 Winner - Mireya Ramirez

2021 Winner - Samantha Carl Selorio

2020 Winner - Mia Parker

2019 Winner - Zach Garrigus

2018 Winner - Isabella Kostrzewa

2017 Winner - Karl Green


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