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Savvy Rest Mattress Reviews

Savvy Rest is well known for their organic and all-natural bedding, mattresses, and furniture. Their mattresses specifically are all certified GOTS-organic, which means that the textiles they use are organic only. Also, their Dunlop latex is USDA certified and GOLS certified as well. You can even customize the individual layers of latex in your mattress. Of course, this customization and quality in material comes at a price.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.4/10

No Back Pain: 8.4/10

Price: $999-$4999

Trial Period: No Trial

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Savvy Rest's Owner Satisfaction

Online reviews are a great resource to discovering if a product will work for you. Sleepers have positive things to say about these mattresses and their comfort, but there are some that had mixed experiences. Look at the details below to see if one of these will work for you.

Savvy Rest's Supportiveness

A mattress that supports your body is what matters to a healthy spine. If you have a bed that doesn't support you, you are probably not getting the best night of sleep. Most customers were happy with the support from these mattresses, but some had issues with the feel.

Edge Support
These mattresses offer good edge support, which is beneficial for those that like rolling over towards the side of the mattress at night. Some that are heavier and have larger builds may still experience some sagging along the edges.

Savvy Rest's Durability

Customers gives these mattresses mixed reviews on lasting comfort. We all hope to find a mattress that remains cozy for 10 years or more, but sadly, not all mattresses are built for lasting comfort. If a mattress that has mixed reception on durability is on your to-buy list, do a double-check on the trial and warranty policies and price to make sure that you are comfortable.

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I ordered my bed through a local Savvy Rest

I ordered my bed through a local Savvy Rest store and had an incredible experience. Our contact at the store was incredibly knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I have been so happy with my purchase. I started a search for an organic bed and quickly landed on Savvy Rest. Prior to purchasing my new bed, I woke literally every morning with a backache as my prior bed was causing me issues. I no longer wake up with backaches and wake up refreshed. I've gone from dreading going to bed at night (as I was not comfortable and knew I'd wake up with a back ache starting at some point in the night) to now looking forward to going to bed every night - eager to get sleep - which is not something I've ever looked forward to doing! We ordered the three layer bed along with the platform for it. We kept the platform in the natural, unvarnished color so we could stain later if we chose to but it is so pretty as is (like a whitewash color) I don't know if I want to do that now. But it's the perfect height and was also a very happy purchase for us that I would recommend to others. I was a bit skeptical I'd like the platform foundation at first when I ordered it, but I love it as much as the bed. It's beautiful and creates the perfect height for the bed itself. I also ordered organic pillows - they are amazing! They are so comfortable! We also purchased an organic mattress protector to keep the mattress safe from our pets. I honestly can't say enough great things about our bed or our shopping experience with our amazing and wonderful consultant at the local store. I only wish I'd made this purchase sooner. Thank you, Savvy Rest and special thanks to our wonderful consultant at the local store!

Our sales person

Our sales person was just amazing! She was very patient, making and unmaking bed so we could try a lot of options! She gave us really good advice also. We love our mattress and knowing that they are all natural is so comforting!

My mattress shopping experience

My mattress shopping experience at Savvy Rest was wonderful! Great healthy product, superb informed courteous service, on time easy delivery, and best of all I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years- even through hot flashes. I highly recommend Savvy Rest natural latex mattresses!

Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest was the only place I could find this bed liner. I do think it is on the expensive side but I had already paid so much for my latex bed I figured it was just extra insurance. It is very durable looking and feeling.

It took many phone calls

It took many phone calls to many different people in order to finally get our delivery.

i am very happy

i am very happy with the customer service. Everyone has answered my questions and doubts. I liked that people had time for me and the store is not crowded and too full. The dog loves her bed and so do I love mine. The woman who delivered and set up the bed was also very helpful and kind.

Very good

Very good Company and good products. Follow up could be better and customer service should be a little more pro-active.

Delivery date had to be changed due

Delivery date had to be changed due to other work going on. The new delivery date was complicated by ice and the delivery guys were absolutely fabulous. This is our second purchase and we love Saavy Rest beds! Also, the new and improved foundation is terrific!

Satisfied with service

Satisfied with service! Mady at the store was great. Mattress is a little firmer than expected but we are getting used to it.

We couldn't be happier

We couldn't be happier! We love the mattress but may love the people even more. We purchased from the Vienna store and dealt with three different people there. They couldn't have been more helpful in getting us into the right mattresses and pillows. And when there was a slight issue, it was handled with care and efficiency. The delivery guys were awesome as well and went above and beyond. We will definitely be singing the praises of SaavyRest. Thank you.

The order was shipped promptly

The order was shipped promptly, and communication about the order and shipment instructions were clear and timely.

The online purchase

The online purchase was pretty straight forward. I like the product. However, when the bed arrived the box it came in was soiled and disintegrated. Their appeared to be oil on the outer box. Luckily the plastic bag around the mattress kept intact. I'm not sure what happened but I was rather disappointed because I wanted to keep the box for future shipping.

Staff at the retail

Staff at the retail store were very patient, helpful and knowledgeable. We didn't feel pressure to buy right away, and that was greatly appreciated given the cost of the item. We switched out the top layer from a soft to medium right away. This did take a little longer than expected, and there seemed to be some confusion about getting in touch with us when the new layer was available to pick up at the store. Overall great experience, and it seems like a well made, high quality product. Thank you.

I am a repeat customer

I am a repeat customer of After personal assistance with my first mattress purchase from Dominick because my brother lives in Charlottesville and is friends with him, I now feel comfortable ordering straight from the website, where I've purchased a second queen mattress for a guest room and a baby mattress. I haven't had any issues whatsoever, everything has shipped perfectly up to Maine and the products are just exactly as they are described or shown on videos on the website. I am completely confident in every purchase I make and recommend highly.

My husband and I purchased the Savvy Rest

My husband and I purchased the Savvy Rest Esmont Platform Bed. It arrived earlier than expected, and it was carefully packaged. We were very impressed at the craftsmanship and attention to detail. It was a joy to assemble. We had no problems. We are very pleased with the bed. We also purchased two cotton mattress covers and two wool mattress covers which also seem great so far.

No pushy sales people

No pushy sales people. I had a budget, they gave me the information and I made my decision. Approx 28 nights AND I LOVE my savvy rest! [I even referenced a friend to verify the 'natural' aspect - passed]


Overall we had a great experience and recommend them to anyone.

The staff

The staff at Savvy Rest was courteous and helpful. All our questions were answered and I did not feel we were getting a "sales pitch." I liked the layer exchange policy and have used it with no problem. The goal of Savvy Rest is to ensure we are completely satisfied.

I love your product line

I love your product line and your employees seem to proud and invested in your firm's business. It's refreshing to interface with someone who understand the business relationship between provider and customer. Bravo, Arlene

My wife did extensive research

My wife did extensive research, and your very knowledgeable store representative (Lay Lwin Htun )confirmed that research. She used no pressure to complete a sale, and she was extremely informative relative to sale conditions and options. We are most satisfied with your product... well worth the extra $$$.

Very comfortable bed

Very comfortable bed. Online videos very very helpful in showing how to assemble the bed. Was able to assembly myself in about 20 minutes from boxes to completed bed.

This is our second mattress

This is our second mattress purchase for another room. Very pleased

We visited the store

We visited the store twice after conducting research online. Both visits were very helpful and productive in learning more about the product. We were able to try various configurations of the bed, and learned about the materials and compositions used in making the bed. No pressure to buy.

In my life, I have truly never experienced customer service

In my life, I have truly never experienced customer service at this level. We have loved our bed for 9 years, but noticed that there were some problems with the latex. With my parents having the same bed bought around the same time, we could see something had happened to ours that seemed wrong. I contacted customer service and spoke to a lovely person who requested I sent pictures. After very easy communication back and forth they 100% stood by their warranty on the bed and are fully replacing it. It was clearly a flaw in their manufacturing and they were apologetic. Not only is this bed natural, sustainable and good to sleep on, but the company behind it has integrity that is hard to find. I am a loyal customer for life.


overall we are happy with the mattress, several weeks ago I had emailed about a broken zipper on the Kpock pillow case, and no one ever got back with me. I got the sense that since it was not a big deal for you, why bother with me, tho we are a farely new customer, hopefully it was just a simple glitch and someone will email me back with the appropriate action

We love our mattress

We love our mattress. We couldn't be happier with it. Our only complaint in the process is that we finally had to call and ask about scheduling a delivery because we never were contacted as we had been promised. I think someone was out sick in the office so we fell through the cracks. Otherwise the process was great!

Great knowledgeable sales staff

Great knowledgeable sales staff. Great flexibility in changing delivery date to a later date because our house closing was delayed.

Friendly, relaxed shopping environment

Friendly, relaxed shopping environment. This is our second bed in 4 years and we love them both! Nice selection.

My mattress is very uncomfortable

My mattress is very uncomfortable and it was very difficult to assemble

The Savvy Rest showroom was excellent

The Savvy Rest showroom was excellent, providing models of the various mattress configurations for customers to assess. The sales staff member with whom we worked was professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and very tolerant of our many questions and apprehensions related to purchasing a new mattress. Because we have an antique bed, this required a custom-sized mattress, which turned out perfectly.

For some reason

For some reason the savvy doggy page was hard to find on the main website. I would have to go back to the main search engine (google) and type in that specifically, rather than easily finding it on the savvy rest website.

I only purchased samples

I only purchased samples but I am glad you offer those. I have multiple chemicals sensitivity & it's important to test for tolerance before purchasing.

I think you should have provided

I think you should have provided a print out of the configuration I ordered and had it included with the delivery. I had ppl install for me and they had no idea... It would have saved some last minute texts/email communications on my end.

Shopping experience

Shopping experience was excellent; the in-store staff were very helpful and pleasant to deal with. The delivery staff were on-time, friendly, knowledgable and skilled. They managed to remove our existing king size mattress and box spring down a very narrow staircase without damaging the walls at all. When there was an issue with top mattress layers separating on our king size mattress, the store staff and the delivery staff worked together with us to quickly remedy the problem.

We have THREE Savvy Rest

We have THREE Savvy Rest mattresses and we LOVE them!!! They have improved our sleep quality and our health! I recommend Savvy Rest to everyone!

The Serenity bed

The Serenity bed was easy to assemble and has proven to be very comfortable. I would definitely recommend it to others

Overall, our experience was good

Overall, our experience was good. However, there was an unnecessary ordering delay to receive a replacement latex layer to change the comfort level of the bed. The delivery service was outstanding.

Pretty simple

Pretty simple...placed an order, it shipped quickly. An item was missing from the initial order, called customer service, rectified immediately and they shipped the item out overnight, which was totally unnecessary but appreciated! Awesome company to order from, good folks working there, and am sleeping better because of it. Thanks!!!

We have purchased a full size

We have purchased a full size 100% Talalay mattress previously and love it! We are interested in the future purchase of a queen size mattress as well. Bernardo is a wonderful salesman in the Rockville store and is so very patient and understanding of any questions or issues that we can think of! He is an absolute asset to Saavy Rest and any customers who need help with their purchase! We will always feel we can call him and that he will take care of us! We have had a Saavy Rest mattress for over 1 year and it's still like brand new! It is a more superior mattress than we were used to and we are looking forward to having another one for our other bedroom. We would recommend Saavy Rest and Bernardo to anyone who wants a better night's sleep and a salesman who knows the product and cares about what he sells you. Thank You Bernardo and we wouldn't go anywhere else!!!

Everyone we worked with at the Berkeley

Everyone we worked with at the Berkeley store for our mattress buying experience was helpful, informative, and pleasant. Very positive experience!

Customer service

Customer service was very helpful and courteous. The sales rep at time of purchase was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Overall great experience

Overall great experience. Looking forward to our bed arriving,

As a new mom

As a new mom, I was very sleep deprived, so it was important to get a mattress that would work for the whole family. When I asked the people working at the Saavy store that day what the return policy was, one of them simply said "Since you can exchange mattresses, our customers are completely satisfied" Yes, I should have pressed further- because I actually wasn't completely satisfied, especially given the price (the edges of the mattress were soft, and so it was very easy for toys etc to get stuck). It's great that you can choose the level of firmness that you desire, and that you can try out the mattresses at the store, but they should have been honest about the return policy when I asked.

Excellent service

Excellent service at the store. Great delivery and setup. Extremely comfortable and customized mattresses. Very happy with the service and the final product.

Staff knowledge

Staff knowledge and helpfulness very good. Local store afforded us the opportunity to see and try the mattress as well as discuss the product with a knowledgeable sales associate. It was a deal clincher for us even though we were aware we could purchase a similar product on line for less. After 30 days my wife and I are pleased with the product and the experience.

The purchasing process

The purchasing process was simple, and delivery came more quickly than promised.

Customer service and follow-up

Customer service and follow-up with Savvy Rest was excellent. I've always received great recommendations and assistance in choosing a mattress and have purchased mattresses from them for years as a result.

Heavenly mattress

Heavenly mattress. Like sleeping on a cloud. We sleep much more soundly on this mattress.

Very nice buying experience

Very nice buying experience (helpful, not pushy). Have reduced 1-star as custom order will take over 6-8 weeks and regular discounts didn't apply. Note: This is not a review of actual product which is yet to be received.

I was familiar with Savvy Rest

I was familiar with Savvy Rest products through family members. Then became a bed owner myself, so when I purchased my Harmony topper from I knew exactly what I was looking for. Navigation was user friendly and the checkout process was a snap. My topper was delivered exactly as specified and in perfect condition. I could not be any happier!

Excellent product and service

Excellent product and service. The sales team is well informed and supportive without being overbearing or pushy to make a sale. They are truly a service oriented staff and want to make the decision yours, but with a focus on educating their clients to know what they offer and what meets the customers' needs. I have had back trouble and GERD and needed to get something to prevent me from turning to my side in my sleep. I had been using a wedge and this meant that after I turned, my back was twisted. I learned that an adjustable frame could put me in a neutral v-position that would prevent my hips from rotating in the middle of the night. I now sleep on my back and have an elevated upper torso to assist me with my digestive and sinus issues. I now sleep through the night for the first time in years. I ordered from a California store when I was visiting family and it was shipped to Texas in four boxes. The setup was easy with one other person, even with my bad back issues.

After doing extensive research online

After doing extensive research online, I was pleased to find a showroom closeby. It was refreshing to have a no-pressure experience. The sales staff answered all our myriad questions and were very knowledgeable about the company and the product. We did purchase a King split mattress with adjustable base. The delivery staff were exceptional. We have since exchanged two layers but have been very satisfied with the product and customer service. I would urge all my friends and family to purchase a natural mattress and highly recommend a SavvyRest product.

So far we are happy

So far we are happy with the product. Mattress is firm but very comfortable. It requires more care than the conventional mattresses, but it is ok. It is considerably pricier and that is my only complaint.

Costs more

Costs more than it should

hey were very helpful

They were very helpful in determining what we needed and everything is perfect!

Great bed

Great bed. Wish I had bought it sooner. Thank you.

Latex smell

I purchased the Savvy Rest mattress last year and for nine months solid I can't get rid of the heavy gagging latex smell in this mattress. it is so bad that I sleep on the old mattress in another room. I have tried to call Savvy Rest and they sent me some product to kill the smell. Nothing works and I paid $2400 for this mattress. it is so heavy it gives you a headache when you are in the room. T he windows are never ever closed and I live in the North. Ceiling fan runs 24/7. Air filters run as well. Nothing. this is the worst purchase ever. And they won't fix the problem. Beware of this mattress. this is the Dunlop. Maybe the more expensive talay may not smell but I won't take a chance on this brand again. $2400 down the drain.

This Mattress Disintegrates

I purchased a Savvy Rest Serenity mattress over ten years ago. After about 5 years, it began disintegrating -- the edges literally turned to dust. The latex was crusty and crumbly. Savvy Rest replaced it for me. I just threw out the second mattress because again, it was turning to dust. When I first bought the mattress I lived in NYC, but then I moved to AZ. Perhaps latex is not compatible with such a dry climate?

Very soft topper, misleading information and very expensive

I bought vitality topper, I was told by their customer service that although they don’t prefer to use ild, but it is around 21-25. When I received it, I found it very soft, softer than my 19 ild topper that I replaced. I hit next layer and woke up with pain. Unfortunately, no return. However they accept layer exchanges on mattress. Still don’t understand the reason. Also the top is in cotton encasement and I think, if remove the encasement it will be thinner than 3 inches

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