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Spring 2024 Updates: Sam's Club continues to ship a variety of brands, mostly delivering within 1 month. Recent reviewers have mixed things to say with some complaining about durability and perceived quality for some models.

Sam's Club, a division of American retail giant Walmart Inc., is one the largest membership-only retail warehouse stores. Similar to Costco, it provides bulk products at a discount, including groceries, household essentials, electronics, and even mattresses. With a focus on competitively priced mattress options, Sam's Club carries some name-brand mattresses as well as others that have good prices for buzzworthy materials. In some cases though, the quality and longevity of mattresses may leave something to be desired. Take a look at our top rated alternatives or learn more about their offerings below...

Mattress Score

Overall Score 7.7/10
Customer Satisfaction: 7.6/10
Price Value: 7.7/10
Back Support: 7.5/10
Price: $199-$6998

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Longevity: 7.7/10
Body Conformability: 7.6/10
General Support: 7.5
Softness: 7.7
No Motion Transfer: 7.5
No Odor on Delivery: 7.7
Good for Hot Sleepers: 7.6
Sex / Bounce: 7.7
Good for Heavy Folks: 7.5
Silence: 7.7
Warranty: 7.4

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Sams Club Specifics

Sam's Club is a discount warehouse retailer that prides itself on selling name brand and off brand goods at better prices than are found elsewhere. When it comes to mattresses, Sam's Club has both name-brand options and a wide array of off-brand discount options.

However, with that selection comes a hidden truth:

Some of these mattress models may offer less durability and comfort than found elsewhere.

This is because most of their options have extra margin built in so that the mattress brand can make profit and so can Sam's Club. Additionally, because Sam's Club negotiates with the mattress company to buy in bulk, you may get mattresses that have been sitting in a warehouse for a long period of time. Some have mentioned that there has been obvious wear and tear on their mattress due to the mattress sitting before they received it.

What you are buying is warehouse store convenience.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands
Sam's Club has both name-brand and off-brand budget options for customers. Some of the name-brand mattresses include Sealy, Serta, Tempur-Pedic, and Simmons Beautyrest, but options like Nectar, Allswell, Molecule, and Zinus are also budget innovators.

We'll walk through each of the brand options so you'll know how customers feel and what to know before you make your purchase.

So here they are...

#1 NectarNectar is one of the most popular online mattresses with 3 different all-foam mattress versions that focus on superior pressure relief and well-balanced comfort. Customers mostly have good things to say about the comfort of these mattresses, but there may be better trials and perks to be found buying direct from Nectar.

The pros: Highly rated mattress brand with well rounded foam comfort.

The cons: May pay to buy direct from Nectar.

Price Range: $1949-$5698

Final Score: 9.7 / 10

Online Only: Check Best Deals

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#2 AwaraThe Awara brand offers 2 latex-focused hybrids with natural comfort layers and pocketed coil support systems. Customers have really good things to say about the value and comfort of these mattresses. However, it may pay to buy direct for more perks and trial periods.

The pros: Well-rated natural and latex focused hybrids.

The cons: May be better perks buying direct.

Price Range: $1099-$2099

Final Score: 9.5 / 10

Online Only: Check Best Deals

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#3 AllswellAllswell crafts a variety of affordable hybrid mattresses that drive more value than traditional mattress brands. Most customers like their offerings with some rare complaints about durability problems. However, longer trials and better perks may be found buying direct from Allswell.

The pros: High value hybrids at affordable prices.

The cons: Some issues with durability. May pay to buy direct.

Price Range: $227-$997

Final Score: 9.3 / 10

Online Only: Check Best Deals

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#4 Tempur-PedicTempur-Pedic revolutionized the mattress industry with their TEMPUR® material that we commonly call memory foam. These mattresses offer a contouring effect for sleepers and over recent years, have been combined with pocketed coil systems for extra comfort. The one downside of these mattresses is the price point. They are much more expensive than online options with similar features.

The pros: Name-brand memory foam comfort in a variety of comfort and firmness options.

The cons: The price point is really high compared to other online only options.

Price Range: $1949-$5698

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

Online Only: Check Best Deals

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#5 MoleculeMolecule is a mattress-in-a-box brand that was created with active folks in mind. The Molecule ArticLUX mattress (which is not sold directly on Molecule's website but is available at Sam's Club) is an all-foam mattress featuring an antimicrobial cover and 3 layers of foam that were designed to promote airflow. Although it's available at a fairly competitive price point when compared to Molecule's direct mattress offerings, some customers did report issues with support and firmness.

The pros: Foam mattress with cooling properties to prevent heat retention.

The cons: Some complaints about support and firmness.

Price Range: $379-$599

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

Online Only: Check Best Deals

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#6 GhostBedSimilar to their other collaborations, Sam's Club carries a GhostBed mattress model that you won't find directly from this mattress in a box brand. The Sam's Club GhostBed mattress is a 12'' memory foam mattress that features layers of breathable, soy based memory foam and gel memory foam that helps to regulate temperature and keep things cool. Priced lower than other GhostBed mattress models, this mattress should have a medium-firm feel. Still, in some cases customers have brought up issues with sinking around the edges and the varying mattress height/thickness in some areas. For these customers, it may be helpful to check out the most up to date offerings and upgrades that GhostBed has to offer directly.

The pros: A cooling, memory foam mattress in a box.

The cons: Some customers brought up issues with support and mattress expansion.

Price Range: $499-$899

Final Score: 8.9 / 10

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#7 BeautyrestSimmons Beautyrest is a luxury and mid-grade mattress brand that has grown in its recent acclaim with its line of Beautyrest Black products. These mattresses offer the luxury feel of pillow tops and pocket coil systems, which customers love initially. However, there are some negative reports on sagging over a shorter than average timeframe.

The pros: Wide range of initially comfortable innerspring and hybrid mattresses with luxury features, like the pillow top.

The cons: Some had issues with lasting comfort.

Price Range: $549-$4699

Final Score: 8.6 / 10

Online Only: Check Beautyrest Deals

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#8 Scott Living by RestonicFollowing their fame on HGTV, Drew and Jonathan Scott partnered with Restonic to create the Scott Living by Restonic mattresses. These mattresses come with a cover featuring 2Cool fabric technology and layers of high density support foam and gel memory foam on top of individually wrapped coils. The mattresses carried by Sam's Club don't have all of the latest upgrades that are available, however the prices are a bit lower than the upgraded models. While customers mostly like the Scott Living mattresses, there have been some complaints about durability overtime.

The pros: Competitively priced hybrid mattresses from celebrity backed mattress brand.

The cons: Latest upgrades are not available at Sam's Club. Some mentioned issues with mattress longevity.

Price Range: $649-$1199

Final Score: 8.5 / 10

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#9 NovaformNovaform is a budget-focused mattress brand that is found at major retailers like Sam's Club and Costco. Its Sam's mattresses feature both its more expensive and also more budget-focused offerings. With a focus on foam designs, customers mostly like their feel at first with some disagreements about durability.

The pros: Foam focused mattresses. Range of offerings at Sam's.

The cons: Some issues with durability reported.

Price Range: $469-$1199

Final Score: 7.8 / 10

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#10 ZinusZinus is known for their various lines of ultra-affordable mattresses. With both innerspring and all-foam options, Zinus is able to keep prices low because of outsourcing manufacturing overseas. These mattresses though initially comfortable have issues with durability. However, for the extremely low prices they offer, they may be a good option for some as a temporary mattress.

The pros: Extremely affordable innerspring and all-foam mattresses.

The cons: Issues with durability and material quality.

Price Range: $199-$729

Final Score: 7.8 / 10

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#11 Member's MarkThrough their own label, Member's Mark, Sam's Club sells a huge variety of goods from food items and household products to clothing and furniture. The Member's Mark Hotel Premier Collection mattress is a 12'' thick, all foam mattress-in-a-box with a layer of gel memory foam on top of a durable foam base with air channels. While some customers appreciate the price value of their Member's Mark mattress, others have mentioned some issues with firmness, support (including edge-support), and construction.

The pros: Affordable all-foam mattress-in-a-box.

The cons: Some issues with construction, firmness, and support.

Price Range: $249-$549

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

#12 LulaaBEDSam's Club carries a 12'' foam mattress from LulaaBED that is flippable and features a soft and a firm side. With a removable, washable cover, the LulaaBED flippable mattress has layers of gel memory foam to help keep things cool and an air channel based with grooves cut out to help circulate air. While some have found their LulaaBED to be comfortable, other customers have brought up issues with odor, firmness, and durability.

The pros: A flippable mattress with both firm and soft sides.

The cons: Disagreements surrounding firmness, durability, and odor.

Price Range: $349-$749

Final Score: 7.5 / 10

#13 SealySealy is a name-brand, which is very well-known for its Posturepedic mattresses, which are aimed to help maintain good posture and back support at night. They offer foam and pocket coil mattress varieties. At Sam's they have a wide offering with higher priced and budget options like Sealy Embody. Customers have good things say about initial comfort mostly. Those that had issues mostly mentioned long term comfort.

The pros: Well-rounded name-brand mattresses. Good prices at Sam's.

The cons: Issues with longevity reported. Better deals buying direct from Cocoon By Sealy.

Price Range: $399-$2899

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#14 SertaSerta is a very well-known because of their large scale advertising campaigns through local and national retailers. They have a variety of budget and higher grade mattress options. Their iComfort line offers hybrid mattress options with zoned support for the spine. These mattresses generally offer good initial comfort for most, but there are issues concerning lasting comfort. Additionally, as related to Sam's Club experiences, there are some reviewers that have mentioned the mattresses delivered felt markedly different than the in-store sample.

The pros: Many options of mattresses across a variety of price points. Good initial comfort for many.

The cons: Issues with quality control and lasting durability reported.

Price Range: $239-$1299+

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#15 Abbyson LivingAbbyson Living makes a variety of furniture items found at Sam's Club. Their mattresses offer affordable gel-foam varieties with cooling comfort foams and a 3 layer design. Overall, customers really enjoy the initial comfort, mentioning balanced pressure relief but good support. However, for the price there are some doubts about longevity.

The pros: Well rounded foam mattresses for good prices.

The cons: Some disagreements about long term comfort.

Price Range: $249-$899

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

#16 Lucid LimitedLucid Limited offers very affordable hybrid mattresses and mattress toppers. With simple, streamlined designs, Lucid Limited are quite affordable, but have some disagreements with lasting comfort.

The pros: Very affordable mattresses. Streamlined designs without frills.

The cons: Initial comfort and longevity suspect.

Price Range: $129-$449

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

Sam's Club Mattress AlternativesThis is probably the best time ever to buy a new mattress. Over the last few years, 100s of mattress brands have launched online to compete for your business. And what this means:

You can find lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Going direct to the mattress company online, rather than buying through a retailer is one of the most affordable ways to find a mattress for a higher value. If you are willing to spend a little extra time learning about brands and how mattresses will fit your body, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and countless aches and pains.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online is becoming the best way to buy a mattress, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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Purchased this bed for my daughter as she was transitioning from a twin to full. My husband was very skeptical when the it arrived as it came in a box 2ft by 4ft. rolled up. However it was easy to set up and my daughter had a fantastic nights sleep.

Purchased for Mom and Mom Loved It

I purchased this mattress for my mother who needed a firm mattress. She loves it. It provides firm support, is comfortable, and easy to set up. It comes folded so it needs some time to unfold and air out but once you get past the initial reaction of a bed in a box, you will love it. My mom loved it enough that I purchased another for my daughter. Great quality for the price.

Best bed ever!

The way the bed was packed was amazing. A very comfortable bed. The frame is sturdy. I love this bed!

Super HAPPY!

This is a remarkable bed for the price. The 1st few nights I was skeptical but now after 3 weeks, I am in love with my bed. My hips aren't hurting anymore and I am sleeping much better. The bed does hold heat, so heavy covers aren't necessary. You don't need to spend $3000.00 on a bed bc this bed is just as good if not better for just a fraction of the cost. You have to give yourself a few days especially if u were used to sleeping on an old mattress bc it will feel really firm at first but you will adjust. As I described it earlier today this bed is SUPER GOOD!

Mattress is awesome!

I have not been able to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time but since I got this mattress, one day, I slept 13 hours and did not even get up stiff or I look forward to going to sleep!

Withholding one star to see how well it lasts...

This was a practical, positive and fun purchase...Make sure you have cleared an ample room for this mattress to expand on opening. So far this is a wonderfully dense, firm, supportive yet pillow soft top mattress...the box springs were fun to open also innovative...Just reserving one star to see how long this mattress will hold up...For now it is wonderfully comfortable, quick delivery and a great price.

Best mattress we've ever had

We have tried many different mattresses over the years, but this mattress set is by far the best sleeping, and best value we've ever had. It is firm enough to be supportive without being too stiff. I recommend watching the YouTube videos people have posted on how to set it up. It definitely helped. Good quality, easy to put together. There was a slight chemical odor when we unboxed it, but after a little Fabreeze and a weeks time it was gone. Best night's sleep in a long time.

In this case cheap is good

We bought this mattress for our daughter

and she says "it's to die for" (translation=fabulous)

Great Bed

I read all the reviews about this mattress before I ordered it for my grandson. When it was delivered to my daughters house she called and told me it came folded up in a square. I had to laugh because I knew this was how it came. I also ordered the good stand for the mattress and my grandson loves it. My daughter tried it out when her son went to a sleepover at a friends house. Now she wants one. I also ordered one for my granddaughter when she gets home from college. I just hope this lasts longer then the last bed I bought her from somewhere else.

Five years of comfort!

We have been sleeping on this bed for five years and we love it! It has held up beautifully and is ultra-comfortable. We did purchase a 2" memory foam topper because the model we got did not have a pillow top option. This replaced our memory foam mattress which we will never go back to. Even our adjustable bed was not this comfortable.

We bought a second in queen-size for our guest room and everyone who sleeps on it raves about the comfort. Caution: It is FIRM and may take some getting used to if you currently have an old mattress. We loved it from the first night and I greatly miss it when we travel.

Easy assembly and set up, great price, comfortable and serviceable.

BUT, watch out for stubbed toes on the middle leg of the foundation. We finally got an inexpensive box spring and conventional frame to avoid that problem. It's also good on a platform.

Very Happy with purchase.

Nice and soft, good night sleep, and both my husband and I wake feeling well rested. As a side sleeper this mattress is excellent.

Really happy with purchase

Really happy thus far with purchase. I had never purchased a mattress online before so I read as many reviews on this and other mattresses as I could. I must say I agree with the majority of the reviews. The full size mattress coming in such a small box does kind of make you wonder if this was such a good idea, but once you release the mattress it grows into a full size 13" mattress. I find it very comfortable and though it's only been a short time I've owned it, I think the quality is good. I guess time will tell on that. I am very satisfied with the quality and definitely with the price. At this point I would purchase another and would recommend to friends.

good bed

My husband can't feel me tossing and turning all night anymore so he LOVES this bed. The selling point to me was how it was delivered: it comes wrapped up (pretty much shrink wrapped w/ all the air sucked out) about the size of an industrial trash can. It was very heavy to get up the stairs, but we wouldn't have ever been able to fit a regular king mattress up there if it wasn't packaged like this. The edges don't have a ton of support but I don't think it's an issue. It's big enough that you don't need to be near the edges anyhow. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase. I would recommend this mattress/frame set.

Fantastic Purchase

I shopped and shopped for a new mattress and boxspring with a reasonable price. This was by far the very best deal. It came in a box with Jeston-like packaging and it was incredibly easy to set up. After sleeping on this bed for 3 weeks now my back aches have been alleviated. I prefer plush/soft and this fits the bill.

Very pleased with the mattress.

The mattress arrived as expected - in a vacuum compressed roll inside a carton. Was very pleased that after opening, and laying it on the existing box spring set I had, the mattress expanded to a full 13 inch height. My wife feels more comfortable on this mattress than the previous Serta firm we had. She has back problems.I hope the mattress holds up over time. We shall see.

Amazing deal and amazing hassle free shipping!!

The padding is 3 inches of memory foam!! Then the springs! I did shop around and found this set to be the best value with high end quality! Bought this set for our guest bedroom, now no one wants to leave. The grandkids dont even want to sleep with me any more...they want to sleep in the new bed!! Would purchase again!

Enjoying My Purchase

I spent lots of time looking for a quality mattress that would not take me to the poor house and would fit in the limited space I have. I have not regretted one bit about this purchase. I am verrrry happy with my bed!

Pleasant surprise

When I received the mattress and frames, I thought I made a big mistake. The mattress was in a roll. Once we set it up, we were amazed how comfortable the bed was. Great value!

Pros and Cons. Very Hard!

When I received a somewhat small box, I was baffled by what it could be. The Mattress pops out and expands. The frame is efficient and great for storage underneath. All 4 corners have steel that protrudes a little. ouch.

As for the mattress, it's so firm my hip doesn't sink in at all. It puts pressure on my side and back. No form fitting for side sleeper: ( It doesn't breath well and does get hot too. I should not have let the price lure me to it. Oh well. Live and Learn.

Great value

This queen set was very easy to set up and a great price. Shipped fast.

Quite the set-up!

This mattress and box spring set is pretty cool. Box spring comes folded in half, just open it, flip it over and you're set. Put the rolled up mattress on top, cut off the bindings, and POW!, the mattress explodes to full size, and you're ready to go. Mattress is pretty firm, and appears well made.

Toooo hard

Bought this bed 2 months ago and all I can say is I havent slept since! Tooooo hard wish I could get my money back!

So Comfortable!!

Purchased full size for teenager daughter. I'm completely satisfied with comfort and quality. No complaints at all. Firm but far from "brick". We had a ball unwrapping it thinking that it may attack us, lol. Search "Tasaria" on u tube to see video.

Better than I had hoped.

This mattress set is phenomenal. It comes in two pieces. The mattress was simple to unbox, incredibly easy to put together, and is extremely sturdy.

Good mattress but not a 13in

Moderately firm , the reason I did not give it a 4 stars is Because the height never reached 13 inches as ordered only got to 11.5 , waited full 48 hours before using it as directed also mattress has strong chemical smell at first . The reason why I decided to keep it was that it was comfortable enough an a great price But the description is not accurate no where near 13,

this mattress set is a great buy!

I bought this set in a queen size for a guest bed. My guests loved it, and so did my #2 son. So, my #1 son has purchased the king size now, and loves it! They all agreed that it's a great buy in quality, comfort, and price. I don't know how long it will last, but for the price I'd say it's worth a try for anyone.

so far, love this mattress

Have only had this mattress for two days, but so far love it. With the high profile of my bed, box springs can not be used, but with the built in springs this mattress has plenty of support and the pillow top makes it soft.

The price rocks!

Great value

this was a blind buy but, happened to be a great value as well as a great support and made very well. My son really enjoys this bed as for me it gives more support than I anticipated.


The bed smells like mildew and I’m having trouble getting the smell out. The mattress looks great but it obviously has been sitting along time in some warehouse.

Excellent Deal for a mattress + frame

We purchased this mattress and frame set off when it had a $100 instant rebate to bring the total down to $274 for the set. Based on the reviews, we figured to take a chance and see how good it was. The mattress is 13" with a nice pillow top but it is FIRM....not a bad thing, but it is FIRM. We bought it for our 6yo daughter and she LOVES her new big girl bed. The FIRMNESS is great for kids in the growing age, so we are very happy with it. The frame is very very simple to set up and is very strong. Once the frame was assembled (about 15 min) we opened the mattress and it exploded/expanded to full size in seconds. The mattress comes rolled up under extreme tension, and popped open immediately when you open the bag it comes in and cut the straps.

You DO NOT need or want box springs.....the frame is all you need.

Once the mattress is on the frame, it does sit a little high up, but our 6yo daughter can hop right up onto her new bed.

Overall, for the price we paid it was a steal of a deal.


I would not hesitate to recommend this set and YES I would purchase again......A+ grade.


I've had it for about two weeks now and absolutely LOVE IT! My mom came over and laid down on it and decided she was going to order one for herself! Very comfortable and easy to set up.

Great purchase great value

First, we experienced ZERO issues with any smell. Opened the box, let the mattress shape itself and sheets went on. No airing out. We slept on the mattress that night. We replaced our $3k mattress with the new one. After the first night my wife woke up and said "my back doesn't hurt this morning. I slept better then I can remember." Overall we love the mattress and we are glad we bought it. We only have couple of off comments. First, the box was in shreds upon delivery. Second, you can not sit on the edge of the bed anymore. It has no structure to support you. Hence how they are able to ship it the way they do. Lastly, although we are enjoying the mattress we thought it was going to be a bit more firm. Not a deal breaker. We would recommend this to a friend. It's a nice buy.

Awesome mattress set!

We purchased this mattress set for our 16 year old daughter and she LOVES it! It arrived in great condition and was easy to move up our stairs where we unrolled it onto her new bed. It is quite high with the included box under the mattress, but she's tall enough to easily get onto it.

Best Purchase Ever

Best purchase ... i ever made on mattress, WELL WORTH THE MONEY, EXCELLENT BUY

Not 13 inches

I bought this about a month ago after already having purchased a king size bed that we are very happy with. Unfortunately this bed never expanded to 13 inches, it expanded to 10.5 inches only, we are returning this one and a new one is being sent. I hope the replacement is better.

So uncomfortable

We’ve had this bed for over 2 weeks and my 4 year old has woken up almost every night since! It is hard as s rock and it still smells like chemicals. Even though we aired it out outside for 2 days. I am hoping we can get our money back. I’m not happy at all with this purchase. Oh and not to mention the fitted sheet i bought Won’t fit

Overall good product

I can appreciate a firm mattress as I don't like to sink into it. This mattress is VERY FIRM. You can't beat the price, so I was okay with it. I bought a 2" memory foam mattress topper to make it a litte softer and it's perfect. Overall very happy with the purchase, but only with the topper!


I've had the about for about a month and I'm not pleased with it. It is good quality but to firm.

Good for the price

Sleeps good. I put it directly on a platform frame but to me its a little low. I might buy a low profile box springs. But overall it's worth every penny.

Best mattress I have ever bought

My husband and I were looking at beds for a long time. We just moved to MO from CA and needed a bed, that wouldn't deflate lol. We decided on this mattress because of the height and the different layers of padding. He likes a soft bed and I like a firm bed. This mattress is the perfect combination for us. I don't wake up with a sore back and neither does he.

Best purchase ever

This bed has far exceeded my expectations! Mine and my husbands sleep quality has been greatly improved with this bed! Excellent purchase !!

Great value for the price

We selected this mattress because for the price, it had the best value. We are very happy with it.

An unexpected surprise was how it was shipped. I thought it would be shipped in a full-size 60"x75"x13" box. Instead, it showed up in a half-size 24"x24"x36" box. Prior to shipment, the mattress was folded in half, then rolled up, and then wrapped with two straps of tape. Out of the box, it was the width of a twin bed, instead of a full bed.

Note to new buyers: to have the mattress unroll right-side up.

Look at the ends of the rolled up mattress prior to unwrapping to see which side is the spine of the fold, and which side is the edge of the mattress. This because once the tape is removed, the steel springs in the mattress will cause it to unroll and pop open to lay flat. You will want the mattress to be right side up.

Great bed for a teenager

This bed is great. I didn't know what to expect when the bed arrived in a box. However we were pleasantly surprised! My daughter loves the bed. The best part was how easy it was to get the bed upstairs. The packaging is so innovative...a bed in a box!

So very cool!!

I purchased this mattress and box spring to replace a defective iSerta that I had ordered online as well. I was a little hesitant, but the reviews really helped me decide. I am so happy I went with this one! Setup was not only easy, it was FUN! The way the box spring unfolds is really cool, and I loved watching the mattress expand once the plastic was removed. It makes my bed sit up nice and high and is FIRM and extremely comfortable. I love it!

Great product

Great product! Mattress sleeps well. It because it's correct size easily and didn't smell like plastic. Box springs were very easy and quick to put together!

Like Sleeping on a cloud!

I ordered to sets of this item. One for me and one for my husband. Since we prefer our own bed each this is what we decided to do. At first we were skeptical and we searched at a lot of different stores and online but we kept coming back to these products and boy are we glad we did. We both got the 13" set even though he is a slim individual and I am not. And we both find them amazing to sleep on. It is like a little piece of heaven. We highly recommend this for everyone.

Love It

I love love this mattress set! It was way more than what I expected.

Good buy

I bought this mattress online for my guest bedroom. When it arrived I thought, how could a mattress & box spring be in these 2 small boxes.

The box spring was simple to assemble & the mattress grew like nothing I had ever seen. It went from a flat rolled up product to a 13' mattress in no time. It is very comfortable if you like a firmer bed. Happy. happy, happy!!


Great Price, Great Quality, Fast Shipping, and most importantly VERY COMFORTABLE!!! LOVE IT AND VERY SATISFIED!

Great Purchase

Was somewhat undecided on purchase until i read all the reviews. The only complaints were the smell. Never noticed the vanilla smell, love the mattress. However, we did spray it good, just in case. Finally a good nights rest, without breaking the bank!!!!!


Very good mattress for the price, have looked at others and for the price, the quality and comfort are very good. I bought this for my son and he is enjoying it, very comfortable and he falls asleep really fast, conforms to the body and he is a big boy.

so glad I purchased this

I waited 3 months before posting a review, to see if my opinion would change. I LOVE this mattress. We purchased it for a guest bed because of the price, but have claimed it for our own. The first few days, it had a strange odor, but that soon dissipated. It is so comfortable, and I now sleep so well. I did add a memory foam pillow, and I now look forward to going to sleep. It is pretty cumbersome to move to another room, once it has been unpacked. When it arrives, it is in a 100 lb box, so you need help getting it in place, & it is kind of funny when you unpack it, but all worth it once it has expanded and you sleep on it the first time! Will be purchasing for our other beds !

Don't be fooled by the reviews...

I read the reviews on this product before purchasing it, and was shocked and dismayed by the actual product.

First off, when we opened the box it was shipped in, the mattress reeked of mildew. At first, I thought, "Well, it just needs to air out." Or, "Maybe it's made from a natural material that smells different." Hence, we decided to let it air out. Ten days later, the smell continued to grow.

Secondly, the sides and edges of this mattress are weak (at the very least). My husband sat on the edge one morning and almost ended up on the floor. Then, I reached over to get something off the nightstand and the same thing happened. I've never seen a mattress with edges like this in my life. Ever.

Lastly, the bed is not comfortable. At all. It states firm, but it's more like lumpy and uncomfortable. After a few days I woke up with a sore back.

Instead of trying to ship it back, we took it back to Sam's Club and purchased another Serta, which we are extremely pleased with.

In the end, all I keep asking myself is: How did this particular mattress receive such high ratings (from so many people)?

Do yourself a favor. Don't let the reviews fool you. Don't buy this mattress.

I need help with this

I just purchased my bed and it’s hard as a rock. I bounced a penny off the bed. I purchased this same bed for my son last year and decided to purchase one for me. Welll maybe I should’ve ask him more questions prior to purchase. We are a young couple ages 35 & 39 and neither of us like it. Does it stays like this the entire time? Worse sleep ever.


This bed is extremely hard and very uncomfortable. Wished we had not purchased it.

very good bed

My Tempurpedic mattress became very soft after only 3 years' service. I loved it in the beginning but after one year or two, I felt that I did not turn around during sleeping and woke up with one side the body sore. So I decided to shop for a firmer and more lasting bed. The idea of buying a bed online without trying is somewhat uncomfortable, but the decision was made thanks to the reviews posted here.

I don't regret a bit after sleeping on it for a month.

A great night sleep with a firm feel

I waiting 120 days to post... I bought this in January 2016 while experiencing a lot of back pain, coupled with my wife experiencing severe lower back pain... Within two weeks, both of us had noticed huge improvements not only to how our backs felt but that we were sleeping better. This mattress is pretty firm (which I like)... but yet comfortable to lay on. I would recommend this if your having mid-back or lower back pain... I think you'll feel a difference too.

Comfort like ive never experienced

I purchased this mattress a month ago and wanted to give it a full month before I gave my review. The matress was delivered the day before I went on vacation so I had 1 night sleeping on the mattress before sleeping in a too soft hotel bed for a week. This mattress was just what i needed to get a good nights rest. Ive been sleeping comfortably ever since.

Best Bed Ever

Bought this after looking for a new bed based on the reviews. For the first time in years my husband and myself are finally getting a good night sleep. I love sinking into the memory foam and having the support of the individual coils. My husband doesn't even wake me when he gets up at night because there is very little transfer of movement. Be prepared for a heavy mattress though. I started not to buy due to the shipping costs and then when FedEx delivered they left my mattress beside the road next to my trash on trash day. My husband who is in a wheelchair had to help me get the box containing the mattress up to our home. The mattress is excellent but I am upset with the shipping costs and it couldn't be brought to my door!

Great mattress at a great price!

I was skeptical at first, but who isn't when dropping that kind of money. This mattress is wonderful. I bought it for my husband and I. We have a king-sized bed. I'm very pleased. So pleased I am purchasing the queen-size for my son.

Best investment !!

I Love this mattress!!! I am sleeping well and feel very rested every morning! The is is the best investment Ive made in years! It came right to my door and was simple to set up!!

Good Zzzz

This is a very comfortable set. I got it for my daughter and she absolutely loves it! She doesn't even want to sleep with me anymore! I'm seriously thinking of replacing my mattress with one like hers. It's very comfortable.

Best purchase ever!!!!!!

I bought this matress for my son and when it arrived, after setting it up, tested it out. My first thought was "I want this mattress!" My son is happy with it and loves his new mattress. Thank you Samsclub. I will be buying one for myself.

This product was a good purchase.

This matrrress set has been given nothing but good remarks by my sister. This mattress set has help with keeping her spirits high while she is coping with cancer treatment. She has enjoyed her friends and family members telling her that she has a nice mattress set. She also reports that she is getting some rest on the set.

Great Purchase!!

I am so glad I purchased this mattress and box springs through Sam's Club. Not only was it a great price, Sam's Club had a great tracking method so I was able to see when my order was shipped and expected delivery date. My son lives the mattress and box springs and comments on how soft and comfortable it is. My husband are considering ordering another set for us! Thank you Sam's Club!!!!!!


I just received it today and it is wonderful. As soon as I sat on it, I felt like I was in a spa. It's not too firm and not too soft, just perfect. The only thing I have a problem with is the shipping. The box spring did not come with the mattress. Box coming tomorrow because it's still in transit. other than that I'm loving this Euro Top Spring.


Okay, I must say, that like some other customers that also purchased this item, I wasn't sure what to expect. It looks really convincing on the web site pictures, and the reviews were also. But I wasn't expecting this thing to arrive in a 3x41/2' box! DON'T let that fool you! I must admit I've NEVER seen a bed packaged in this manner, but when we opened it, it was better than I could have imagined. It is very nice, big, soft but also firm. We bought this for full over twin bunk beds and I must say, I am very impressed! I think I will be purchasing another for a guest bedroom. Price is unbeatable for the quality!

Great bed

The bed is much more comfortable than expected. My daughter loves it and my husband sleeps on it too. Now we have to get one for our room.

Excellent mattress!!

This mattress combines the stability of inner springs with the comfort of memory foam. My husband and I both loved it the first night. It is also a great value!

Great value

This mattress set is extremely comfortable. The set is very deep, so on an antique bed, it sits very tall.

nice mattress, good value

I was doubtful to buy something like this online. For one thing i was curious how they would ship it, and how it would survive through the shipping process. The video on the website was very interesting how they do the packaging, and even more interesting to unpack.

Great Purchase

I bought this for our son as a Christmas gift. He was extremely pleased with the quality and convenience of this mattress set. We couldn't imagine how this could be delivered in a box and be taken up a narrow small stairway and turn thru a narrow doorway, but it did and could not be more pleased. He says it is very comfortable. Glad I made this choice.

Heavenly mattress

I bought this mattress sight unseen. Just reading the good reviews from other members sold me on the purchase (actually bought 2). The product, literally, comes rolled up in a box... I thought, "oh my, what have I bought... this looks bad", but, after wrestling that box upstairs & into position, we carefully cut the outer wrapping & that mattress seriously uncurled & grew. It looks great, feels great, is very comfortable & both of my teenagers say they feel like their sleeping on a cloud. It is heavenly!! :)

Do Not Buy unless you like sleeping SUPER FIRM

I never ever write reviews for anything but knew I must let everyone know that this bed is so hard/firm. I feel like I can’t say that enough so that you know befor you buy it. It’s like sleeping on the floor. I actually think the floor may be more comfortable. We have tried everything to get it to losen up. I am so disappointed because we had searched and searched for a new matress and when I read all the positive reviews I was so hopeful and excited. It just didn’t turn out the way it was suppose to. I will say two positive things...I liked the smart base frame and the smell of the matress wasn’t bad at all and

went away quickly. We unfortunately are returning the matress as it is not at all what it seemed it would be. I wish we could keep it but I know I could never sleep on “a floor” every night and be happy.

Way Too Firm For Me

This mattress is I what would describe as extra firm - very uncomfortable.

I wanted to return it but quickly decided that would not be possible. The mattress was delivered highly compressed in a box and can't be shipped back to Sams.

too firm and too hot

this mattress is so hot .. I switched back to my old mattress in three days. it was comfortable but firm. it holds heat and seems to intensify it. woke up every half hour searching for comfort. after three bad nights .. I went back to my old mattress and this one is leaning against a wall in the spare room.

box spring - great! mattress - meh.

I bought this for my elementary school age son. the mattress and box spring arrived together and were ready to go out of the box. bed frame is a ten so far. love how sturdy it feels. the mattress will do, i guess. i am disappoint that the "structure" isn't stronger - the edges of the mattress sag. makes the sleeper slide off if not sleeping right in the middle. i wont buy the mattress again.


OK, so a Mattress in a little box? Yeah right. my husband was skeptical alright!. We both moved the JUMBO box from the large to into the house and down 5 steps by ourselves. Yes, its Heavy! WE set up the frame in the spot we wanted BEFORE bringing the mattress box in! Then Removed the mattress from the big box next to the frame. It was inside a very LARGE bag! once out of the bag, we cut the tape and BAMM! boy that thing EXPLODES open! lol! It was awesome!!! I mention this because THATS why you want it next to where you are setting it up! IT comes in one of those shrink wrapped vacuumed sealed bags....we cut the bag open, and it just GREW! we placed in ON the frame, and it was sorta smushed, but within about 30 ins, it already started to regain form. My husband kept complaining about the one corner or the 4" follow top pad was more "smooshed" than the rest, but after about 2 hrs, it was perfectly matched to the other corners!. It took an entire day to get into FULL form, and we abided by the 48 setup time, and by then, it was PERFECT and fully expanded. You would NEVER know this was a rolled up mattress or that it came in a box, all smoothed up! :) Don't hesitate to buy this totally awesome mattress! it is unbelievably comfortable! I LOVE that its not on a box spring (none of our other beds are), and for those of you who are under 5' 1", it MAY be a little high to climb into bed? But its REALLY a nice height! we like our beds a little higher. Its a good 12" mattress, w 4" pillow top! Did I mention its AWESOME??! Its very nice and firm, (but not hard!). Very supportive! I used regular queen sheets and mattress protector pads and they went on great w/o any problems or being snug. So, my skeptical husband, he's totally SOLD!.........its only been 3 nights on the bed, but we give it 5 stars!. (PLUS: Sam's just service told us any problem or change our minds, its fully returnable! THATS how I new it would be GREAT!! You definitely need TWO people to put this together! (3 if your not very strong!) Its only heavy to get into the house to where you want to set it up! otherwise, two people is more that sufficient to set up! OH, and frame was a breeze set up as well! its about 12" off the ground. So can fit storage bins if necessary underneath! ENJOY! its TOTALLY AWESOME!! (some facts: I am 5'8", 135lbs, & my husband 6' and 240lbs.)


Came late in very beat up boxes. Comfy as I like more firm beds. Metal box springs are smaller than the mattress by about 2" all around.

Great Product Great Value

We have had our night therapy iCoil 13" for about a week. It is VERY comfortable. It was also very affordable and we didn't have to break the bank for a new mattress.

The mattress is very hard.

From other recommendations I thought the mattress would be plush. The mattress looks great but boy is this mattress hard. No give what's so ever. Going to have to return to Sam's. Can't sleep on the mattress. Had company sleep on the mattress and they said the same thing. Too hard.

sleep better than $2000. bed

after spending thousands in memory foam, this bed is working.

Good back support and a lot less morning pain

Absolutely Love this mattress!!!!

This is the absolute best mattress for the money we have purchased in the last 25 years! We bought expensive mattresses ($ 1500.00 to 2000.00 range) 3 times over the last 25 years that wallow out in a short time and are useless. This is very comfortable for the price if you like a slightly to medium firm mattress! Time will tell about how long it will last. Very Pleased with ordering and delivery etc.

Completely Satisfied!

Like most people, I was very leary about purchasing something as important as a bed without being able to lay on it first. Both my fiance and I had been fighting thru back pain and restless nights, also we had a $400 budget and thought finding a quality bed for that price was going to be hopeless.

After reading the reviews and doing some research on these mattresses, I was able to talk her into giving it a try. The reviews prepared us for the 2 separate shipments and the fact that the mattress was compressed and rolled into a lil box.

We let the mattress decompress for a few days and then put it to use. Let me say that I am VERY pleased with the quality and we both noticed an immediate difference in back pain the first night. We've been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks now and neither of us have back pain and she is sleeping all thru the night! We purchased the 13 in mattress and HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE with any doubts. Do it! Dont spend 3-4 times as much for mediocrity. Thanks you!

The bed is soft but firm.

I bought this for my parents for a Christmas Gift and they got the mattress first and could not believe that I bought a mattress that came in a 3x3 box. when she opened it they were surprised. They let it set out for 72 hours while waiting on box springs and they were amazed at how much it was deflated to fit in box and then 72 hours later a full size queen bed ready to sleep on. They say it was a good buy. Although like I said it was a gift so they don't know how much it was but for the price and them telling me how comfortable it is we are thinking of buying one for us in the future.

It is an extremely firm mattress.

So, even though it is a pillow top, it is very firm. Which, works fine for me. However, my fiance is struggling with this mattress. So, we are going to have to buy a mattress topper, to help ease some of the firmness of it.

Most Comforatable Mattress Ever

I have owned other Foam Beds before but this Hy-Bird model with foam and springs beats all. It is the best Mattress Ever.

Impossible to return

I bought this bed because there were great reviews and a good return policy in place, so it seemed like buying a bed online might actually work. After deciding this bed was a little more firm than I'd like, I submitted the return request. They gave me no instructions on how to return the mattress, but sent FedEx the next day. This bed expands a great deal when you open it, and there is NO WAY it will fit back into the box. I was told that FedEx would pack it for me, which sounded odd, but I thought maybe this case was an exception. NO, FedEx came and expected a package as they usually would, not a giant expanded mattress. So I called back about this and after sitting on the phone with someone for half an hour, the guy told me FedEx was going to call me to work something out. Again, leaving the problem to FedEx, a completely unresponsible service. When FedEx doesn't call me all day, I call them and talk to a very pleasant woman. She tells me FedEx doesn't accept packages that big and if I need it shipped with them I will have to package it in an acceptable sized box. She gave me a lot of suggestions on how I could deal with this incredibly stressful situation, which is more help than I ever got from the responsible company. I still can't get the bed in the box, so I call back to the responsible company and express how disappointed I am in the amount of help they've given to me. This person is finally working to help me out, but only seems to know to submit a problem form to some other people working there. He told me they would call me back and if not to tell customer service a number that links them to a form explaining my problem so I don't have to repeat myself AGAIN. While this is nice of him, it's still not a solution and here I am 2 days later without a solution!! I have no idea why everyone seems to be clueless about this problem! I am not the first person to do this but it is thus far impossible to return! Thus far it has been 4 days of me trying to figure out what to do and sleeping on an air mattress. Don't make the same mistake I did, expecting returns to be easy. FedEx should not be responsible for this and this problem should not happen again.

over all

*comes in 3 boxes. one was mattress, one was frame, and last box was headboard mounts.

Great price for the value of the product

I bought the queen size with the bed frame based on the reviews. I have to say- I really appreciate the input that people put into writing the reviews. I bought this for my teenage 17 yr old son that out grew his twin bed. I wanted to get something affordable but yet worthy of sleeping on. The bed came as expected -I was at work and my son was home- he brought all the boxes in. So I did not see the package. I told him to try and put it together before your Dad gets home. My son and 25 yr old son in law put it together pretty quickly- so the ease of putting it together was ok. Since I went with this, I wanted to get a good mattress pad. Paid $100 for a good one- my son says he is sleeping on a cloud.. Absolutely loves it. Feels like a regular bed to me when I sit on the edge of the bed. In fact, He spends more time laying on his bed more then ever. If you are thinking of getting this bed- I would definitely tell you do not hesitate. It is worth the price and is comfortable.

I was happily surprised!

I read all the reviews and decided to give the mattress a try. I love the mattress! It honestly exceeded all my expectations. I like mattress better then the one I own that I paid $1500 for.

Happy Teenager?

I purchased this mattress for my teenage son, he finds it much more comfortable then his previous mattress.




Great mattress

I bought two of these mattresses online, sight unseen, for my kids when we moved into our new house. I wasn't too concerned about how they slept for two full size adults since they were going in my kids room (both weigh under 100lbs). Well shortly after they arrived we had family come for the holidays and both kids had to give up their rooms for the grandparents. Everyone said the mattresses were extremely comfortable and slept great.

Worth it!

At First I was concerned about buying a non-high-end mattress. When this was delivered and I set it up it was very easy the mattress is amazing you can barely tell when the other person moves the support is incredible it did not have a weird smell and it took less than 30 minutes to set up.

Best Tax Return Investment!

I purchased it because I needed a new mattress. I came across this set and was sold on the price and most of the reviews.


Shipping- comes in a box and easy to move to any room it belongs.

Bed frame is super easy to set up. 5 minutes.

The mattress is super comfy. It's not too soft/ fluffy with a little firmness.

12" Night Therapy Spring Mattress Bed

I was skeptical but hopeful when buying three twin 12" Night Therapy Euro Box Tight Top Spring Mattress & Bed Frame Sets and one in the queen size. We bought a weekend property which needs repairs and knew we'd never be able to work without decent beds to sleep on at night, and after reading all of the favorable reviews I decided to buy Night Therapy beds from Sam's. A huge selling point was the ease in which the beds can be packed, hauled in the back of a truck, and then set up. We fit the twin sets in the back of my husband's short bed truck, and my father took the queen set. While we painted and cleaned the house, my teenage daughters set up the bed frames and popped open the mattresses- the twin beds were set up in less than 20 minutes! We slept well on the mattresses that night- they were comfortable and much more heavy and sturdy than I thought they'd be. The mattresses are firm, but the top is a bit cushiony and there is give- not "rock hard" firm like I'd feared. I measured the mattresses the day after we set them up and mine were all 11-12 inches thick, and the frames did not sit too low to the ground (I forgot to measure the total height including the frame). We didn't set up the queen, but I'm sure it will be as comfortable as the twin beds. I would definitely recommend Night Therapy to friends, and honestly believe I could not have found a better deal on beds for ease of set up, quality, and comfort anywhere else (I looked). We are very happy with this purchase and look forward to our trips to our new property!

Doesnt last

After only just 4 months this mattress feels like laying on a flat pillow that sits on bricks, great at first. Wears out very quickly. I think it may have to do with how its packaged, they save money with compressing it into a box but i think it compromises the quality

Very happily pleased with value and quality.

We have always paid around a thousand dollars for a queen mattress. We took a chance on this around $300. dollar mattress based on the reviews by other consumers. We have now been sleeping for 3 months or so on this mattress and I promise never to spend $1,000. on a mattress ever again. This mattress is just as comfortable and firm as any mattress 3x its' price. As suggested by other reviewers, we simply placed it on a plywood sheet fit to the mattress. I don't quite understand why other reviewers said that placing it on a conventional mattress foundation would ruin it - but I did follow their advice and did not place it on a conventional box spring foundation. Summary: very pleased with quality and price.

Best bed in a long time

I have put off writing this review until I thought I could give it a proper review. We have had the bed roughly a month now. It was the 1st time we ordered a bed online. i went by what we had seen in stores and the reviews I read on the Sams website. The price helped too. We absolutely love it. At first it felt a little more firm than what we wanted. But we figured it had to be given a chance you know bed in a box role up just needed time. Glad we gave it time. After about 3 nights, we slept better, got more rest, and didn't have pains when we awoke. For me 5 ft 9 and 300 lbs I sleep better, I don't wake up in more pain than I went to bed with. This was a big deal. My husband doesn't snore as badly I have noticed if at all. We both seem to have a little more energy. I think this is the best buy we could have made and the price didn't hurt either. So far no dips in the bed..

Not as advertized

Said the matress was soft. Not true it is like a rock. Said it might have a slight odor. It has a strong odor and yet to go away.

Like sleeping on the floor

No padding on top makes this mattress awfully hard to sleep on. I bought an extra thick mattress pad but must spend more money on a foam layer as well.

Buy it!!

I bought this for my spare room. It came vacuum packed in a little box, and I thought "Oh, no". Opened it, it popped right up, and you cannot believe how comfortable it is. I sleep on a $3,600.00 mattress, so I know a good mattress when I lay on one. I absolutely would recommend this to anyone!!

The bed sleeps very well. Bi-fold springs issue

The bed sleeps very well. However we did have an issue with the bi-fold box springs. There was no support in the middle of the top part of the bed nor the middle of the bottom part of the bed. The bed was sinking in where there was no support. We spent under $10.00 for additional support & now no more sinking spots. All is well.

Very good!

I bought one about 4 months ago. I'm 64 5'10' 250 lbs. I've got chronic back pain. The foam-spring combo works very well. This has made the back better. I was a little apprehensive about a vacuum pack mattress but it has worked out very well. As noted in other reviews it has a soft edge. If you roll to the edge you can start to slide off. Give it a try.

Great bed, great price!!!

Wow is all I can say. I did thorough research on this bed prior to purchasing, and was please to see that much like current owners this is a great buy!! Bed is absolutely comfy, frame is an easy set up. shipping was reasonable. I was completely shocked as to how it feels.. great value!

good value for the price

I've been using the mattress for about a month and it is an excellent product. It has some smell at the beginning but it goes away after a few days. It may not be too firm but I like it. I would not get the Bed Frame. I prefer a regular box spring. When buying sheets make sure you get California King.

The mattress is hard to position on the frame keeping the skirt in place. The mattress is very heavy, you may need to get it upstairs. The Item is delivered from Sacramento California.

Great bed for amazing price!

I needed a bigger bed but didn't want to spend a ton of money. I came across this bed because I figured since I was a SAMs club member I would find a better deal. When I saw the bed for $377 but only online I was very skeptical. After I read tons of reviews I figured I would try especially since I could return it.

-It came as promised on time from fed ex.

-The box the mattress came in was a little beat up, other boxes where fine, nothing was damaged

-It was so easy and amazing to set up, I did it by myself in 15 min

-The mattress was like magic opening up without any creases, dents, or unevenness

-I didn't like the bed skirt so I didn't put it on, I like the look of metal frame

-Frame is taller then regular frame for box spring, lots of storage space

-bed is super comfortable

-frame is well put together, doesn't squeak

- I did not notice an odor from mattress

Great Mattress

I ended up with three of these for the kids and I was quite skeptical at first. When they arrived they come in rectangular boxes small enough to make you think there was a mix up in shipping. That's because they vacuum pack the mattress into a very compact shape.When you unfold them and break the seal though they fill out to their correct size and my kids love them!!! They are very comfortable beds.

The frames themselves are simple but well thought out. Since the mattress doesn't have a box spring, the frame is higher off the ground to give it the right height. It also adds the extra benefit of providing ample extra storage under the bed.

A definite smart purchase and a definite would recommend!!!!

Awesome Bed

We bought this bed for our 3 yr old Grandson and he loves it. He had a little toddler bed that he had just about grown out of, he is tall for his age. My daughter was worried he would fall out of bed as it is pretty high from the ground. To her delight and surprise when she checked on him the first night he had not moved at all while sleeping. She was surprised because he typically moves around alot on his smaller bed. He is so comfortable in this bed and sleeps so peacefully in it. My daugther was impressed with how easy it was to set up and living in a 3rd floor apartment, was happy it came in boxes. I cannot say enough good things about this bed! I highly recommend it.

So good that I bought TWO and am buying a third!

I have a son with special needs who is now a teenager. It was time to find him a new bed and mattress but I did not want to put a ton of money into something that he may ruin yet I also wanted to buy him a solid quality mattress that would support his frame and be good for his back (he is a BIG kid). I read the reviews on this bed and took a chance - GLAD I DID. Ships from California. Took about a week to arrive. Comes in three different boxes. My husband and I had it up and assembled within 30 minutes. The quality and performance of the mattress is incredible. This feels like a $1000 mattress. Firm, but it forms to your body every time you move so you never notice how firm it is - feels very supportive. It isn't hot and doesn't make you sweat. The cloth outer is soft and ca be wiped down easily if needed. This mattress is so good that we upgraded our daughter to the same bed and she absolutely loves it. So do we - so my husband and I are buying ourselves one after the holidays in a larger size. I'm not one to think that a mattress should be slept on for 10 years. It just doesn't seem sanitary and mattresses break down. This mattress provides a cost effective and super high quality solution to your mattress buying dilemma. The only con - I wish the frame were a bit more sturdy and taller. It isn't low but it also isn't high. I would say the frame with mattress is about 3.5 feet from the floor . Not bad but I prefer a higher bed. Also - the frame isn't junk by any means but if it were a bit heavier gauge that'd be okay. Bottom line - this company can get me to shut up and take my money any time. I can't wait to buy my own for my bedroom!

Just Fabulous

So I received the bed about a month ago. It was amazing. Yes, be careful when opening the mattress. My husband about fell over. It was a really neat seeing it pop open and fill out. My husband and I both have bad backs and both have had neck surgery. We have had a lot of problems sleeping in the past, but since I have received this mattress the tingling in my right hand has completely gone away which woke me up quite a bit on the other mattresses. It was like my hand was asleep. My husband and have been sleeping peacefully every night. It was the reviews here that made me decide to buy and I am glad I did. The bed is not too firm or too soft. It is very supportive and I am able to finally get the rest I have missed for far too long. YOU WILL BE A FOOL TO PASS UP THIS MATTRESS!!!

also have the king size. love them both

I have had the king size for nearly a year and it's still perfect, so good that when we moved we bought the queen size for spare room enstead of taking the old spare bed with us. We tried to refold the king size, vacuum sealed it and folded in half. A week later when we unpacked if it bounced right back perfect. Best beds out there for sure. All other beds are so uncomfortable now.

Love it!

I have been shopping around for a long time looking to purchase a mattress. I looked at all the reviews for this one and they amazed me that everyone was in love with it. I have to say I feel the same way. I really liked that the mattress has the inner springs and foam on top. It took a few days for my body to adjust but now my back feels so much better. It contours and hugs your body. The "box spring" is so sturdy. We had issues with previous box springs and was happy this one is completely made of metal with a fabric cover. Set up was very easy and quite a site to watch the mattress fill with air. It had a slight odor but not noticeable. My 5 &7 yr olds loved the scent and would come in just to smell the mattress for a few days, lol. Overall, this was an amazing value! I'm so happy with it and no complaints from the hubby.

So far so good.

I was a bit confused when I received the box springs in a smaller box than I expected. The mattress was rolled up. So far I sleep very comfy and have no big issues. The only thing I can say is that I was expecting the mattress to rise more than it did. It's not as high as I imagined it. Great mattress though.

Cabin loft bed

I'm getting ready to order my second one! Purchased for a cabin loft thinking it would be much easier to get up the ladder than a boxsprings and mattress. Didn't realize it would be so comfortable. We are replacing another mattress that isn't so comfortable in the same loft. Great purchase and great value.

Good for the dollar

Only had a couple weeks but so far we love it. Even it lasts for 5 years and buy again it's still cheaper than the big names. Very comfy and firm. Should do well for those with back pain. Would recommend

Great Purchase

I bought this be becuase I knew it would fit in my upstairs bedroom. I just loved it, the mattress is very very comfortable. The bed frame was very easy to set up, took only 10 minutes. I think the only thing I am unsure of is the mattress has a smell to it and I am not sure that is because it is new or because it was in that box for so long. But other then that I love my purchase and I am even thinking about getting another one.

Can't beat it for the money

I bought this for my mom and she loves it. I couldn't believe all that comfort popped out of a box! If I wasn't there to un-box it I wouldn't believe it was possible. Thanks for an affordable, quality mattress.

A Really Great Deal

I was really skeptical about my purchase as I helped the Fed Ex man get the boxes in the door. When I saw that the mattress was folded in the middle and rolled into the box, I thought this was going to be a dud purchase.

Great mattress for the price

We were looking for a mattress for our guest room. Great quality mattress for an awesome price! Shipping was super cheap. Received the mattress rolled up so tight it didn't even look like a mattress.

Once unrolled the mattress took it's original shape.

Very comfortable and would recommend to anyone even if you're looking for a mattress of your own.

Full comfort

This mattress was ordered for my son, a sophmore at college. Arrived on time, set up with no major effort; anybody can do it. At 6' 195 lbs he reports it sleeps wonderfully well.

Great service, purchase, and merchandise.

Hard as a rock!

The bed was delivered on time and unwrapped same day. The mattress had a slight bend and a huge lump across the middle that took a week to disappear. I waited the 48 hours required before putting any pressure or weight to the mattress. It is really hard and there is not plushness to the pillow top at all.

Not as comfy as it looks

When reading the description and looking at the picture, it seems to represent as a comfortable bed. It's HARD HARD.. went out and bought a Pillow Top cover today.

Glad I took the chance!

We have put off "mattress buying" way too long! It would mean an all day trip to the city . . . indecision . . . $$$$$, so when this Sam's sale mattress ad hit my eyes . . . . I said, "GO FOR IT! At that price, there's not much to lose!"

Very pleased with purchase!

Based on the other good reviews, I decided to order this to replace the old mattress in my spare bedroom. I have to sleep in there sometimes when the hubby snores so I wanted a comfy mattress without the hastle of having to shop around at the mattress stores. It arrived quickly (in about 5 days) in 3 separate boxes. Set up was quick and easy. I didn't notice any odor from the mattress like some other reviewers said. I did let it air out for several hours but slept on it the same night. On my old mattress I would wake up with my back and shoulders hurting. I have no pain when I wake up from sleeping on this mattress so I know it has good support. It's firm, but not too firm. My daughter has also slept on it several times when she comes to visit and it gets her approval too. I also like the space under the bedframe. It gives me some extra space for storage and my cats like playing under it too.

Great Mattress

Very Comfortable mattress and great night's sleep! Best mattress we ever owned and I LOVE the King sized bed


Best online purchase made to date! I was skeptical about buying a mattress without testing it out first. I read the reviews and decided to go ahead with this product. I am extremely happy with it!

Perfect Bed for Teen Son

Very easy to assemble. Nice amount of space under bed for storage. Mattress is very comfortable. Perfect size for my tall 17 year old son.

Great Bargain

We were surprised at how easy it was to set this bed up. Actually much easier than a conventional bed. I think this is the bed of the future as far as the components. I had read the reviews where they said to stand back when the mattress was opened so we did. We invited neighbors over to watch and took a video of it. Fun, fun, fun. The bed is very comfortable and I am glad we bought both a queen and king for our lake house.

Second one I've bought

I bought a king size for my bed about 6 months ago and still love it. Replaced an old mattress on my son's bed with this one and it is great. Puffed right up out of the box to full size and he is sleeping great on it. I even had to sleep in with him one night and had no back pain in the morning like with the old mattress. Best deal online!


I bought this mattress in a king and it is

Sunk in where my husband sleeps and on my side where I sleep with a hump in the middle! Hard as a rock! Do not buy!

So far so good

We were swapping out our queen bed and wanted a king and figured if we didn't like this mattress and box spring it wasn't such a big investment.

So far we're thrilled. We also bought a new king bed headboard,footboard,and frame online. It was easy bringing the bifold boxspring upstairs. Based on the description online I imagined a one piece boxspring folded in two but it is actually two pieces each folded in two and compressed.Easily unpackaged and voila a sturdy two piece box spring . The mattress was pretty heavy and we couldn't imagine that this relatively compact box could turn into a king mattress. We opened it as per the directions and couldn't believe how this scrunched up mass stretched out into a king mattress. It seemed to expand completely immediately and we slept on it that night. We have only had innerspring mattresses before and we thought we might sink into this foam on top mattress but we both consider it very firm, not medium firm as I have seen it described. We gambled on this purchase without trying it out in person but we love it.

Great value

I first tried this mattress out when I was visiting my daughter home. I could not believe the rest I got. After the visit, at home ,I did not sleep as well. So I decided to get one. Give it three days to fully expand and air out, since it came compressed wrapped in plastic and in a box.

Excellant Product

After a very perplexing receipt of a bed and mattress in two boxes I was very pleasantly suprised when after we got it set up, at the comfort of the bed. I would recomend this product with out hesitation.

Good quality and price

So far the bed seems to be of good quality. Very comfortable. Very good price. Easy to set up.


We read the online reviews before purchasing-it is just as wonderful as everyone says. Bought a queen for a spare bedroom-am now looking at the King!

Lovin' it!

This purchase was for my son's 8th birthday present. He wanted a bed as comfy as Mommy and Daddy's bed. He loves his new bed! I slept with him one night to check it out. I personally think, he has the most comfy bed in the house now!

we were pleasantly surprised !!!!!

once we completed the set up of the box springs and the mattress fully expanded we were very surprised that the mattress and box spring looked completely normal. Since we ordered the set on line for our cottage we didn't know how comfortable it would be and we have never been exposed to a bi-fold box spring. But I can tell you, so far so good. Very comfortable and looks great !!!!!!

So easy! And comfortable, too!

Ordered this after I realized that I couldn't get a full sized mattress into my suv to get it home from my local Sam's. For the same price this one was delivered! And, yes, the box is large (about 4' x 3' x 3'), and heavy (use a handcart)... but unpacking was pretty simple.


Sent my husband to buy a new mattress/box spring set for my 6 year old daughter about 6 months ago. BIG MISTAKE! You sat on the mattress and you sink all the way down. I never liked it. Decided to sell her old bedroom furniture and get a new set. Little worried about having the mattress shipped to me but it came in just fine and fluffed up right away. I LOVE THE MATTRESS!!! My daughter loves her new mattress as well. Added a padded waterproof mattress cover and it's golden. One thing I knew before buying was the current twin sized sheets wouldn't totally fit. I opted for the 12" mattress for a sleigh bed with trundle and no box spring. So I don't mind getting/trying to find new sheets. Debating now to get one for our bed.

Great Purchase

I purchased two of these for my teenage boys. They sleep like an expensive mattress. I have a Stearn & Foster in the master bedroom and these are comparable to that mattress that I paid thousands for. The delivery and setup was extremely easy. Took about 5 minutes to set it up. Much better than going to a furniture store and having to get the mattress home. They are wrapped with all air removed therefore; they easily fit into a small box. Cut the wrap and they pop right into position. We have had these for a couple of months and so far no issues. Providing the quality continues to last I will definitely consider buying more of these in the future as needed.

Nice for the Money

Solid bed. Surprising when it arrives rolled up. Very nice quality. No smells. Good purchase.

great night sleep

I bought this bed to replace a roll away bed that my grandchildren use when they visit. They are thrilled to sleep on a real bed now and I'm very pleased with the quality and comfort. I sleep on a Select Number bed myself, but I have used the new bed occasionally and I always get a good night sleep. I am more than happy to have guests stay now. I also enjoyed watching a 12' deep mattress expand to full size from the box it was delivered in. The frame is very sturdy and was easy to put together. The dust skirt that came with the frame is nice and helps hide all the things that I'm able to hide under the bed. Great purchase!

Two for one

I was supprised that they could get a queensized mattress in such a small box. Mattress is very firm but the pillow top makes it a good rest. Ironically, I received another one the very next week and had to call Sams Club to return it so that I didn't charged for a second one.

Way better than mattress purchased at Macy's!

more than what i expected... back stops hurting, sleeps good on it. totally way better than the bed my daughter purchased at Macy's - she paid 2x as much the price of what i paid for this bed. and totally much more comfortable. I love it. daughter buying one and we'll put the macy's bed in the guest room...:-) By the way, the matress came in a BIG box... the frame care separately - a week apart... the bed came within 2-3 days of online purchase.

So Far So Good

I bought this a few weeks ago and so far I love it. As other reviewers have noted, it's fairly easy to set up- the mattress is heavy but I had help. Putting the bed skirt on is odd because of the lack of a flat smooth surface, but it does the job. I had no issues with smell from the mattress. My concerns are: How long will it last, and will it get hot during the summer months? No way to tell at this point. For the price and convenience, this deal could not be beat>

Wonderful purchase!

I bought this for my 4-year-old daughter as her first "Big girl bed". We both love it! This bed is so comfortable and I find myself falling asleep in it as well! The price can't be beat and we're extremely pleased with this purchase!

Excellent Mattress for the price

I bought this mattress for my 8 year old who was complaining his bed was uncomfortable. I thought about just buying him a mattress overlay at first but then saw the reviews on this mattress and the price wasn't that much more so I decided to just get him the mattress instead. He says it's comfortable and no more complaining from him. I have laid on it and had to make myself get up so I don't fall asleep there because of how comfortable it is. I think I will be getting the king size 13" for us. You can't go wrong buying this mattress especially for the price!


We purchased this bed for my parents because they had a sleeper sofa that killed our backs when we visited them. The boxes arrived and my dad couldnt believe there was a mattress in the box.

The first night my wife had our best night's sleep at their house ever. Comfortable beyond what we expected.

Good Purchase

I was pretty surprised that the bed is as good as it is for the price. If you purchase it, be careful when you unpack the mattress. It is rolled up and when it gets the opportunity for freedom it will pop open and could knock you down. The bed is firm and my back pain has ended. It was not hard to adjust to and I really like it. I am wondering how long it will last over the years but for the price I could buy another in five or six years.

Great quality for the price.

I just moved into my first apartment and I was worried about the price of getting a bed with everything required (frame, box spring, mattress). The price on this was great considering it pretty much had everything it needed. I didn't set it up, my boyfriend did but I heard no complaints on setting it up and it was very comfortable. When he saw the frame he expected it to be uncomfortable but now he loves it.

Pretty hard

Bought this for my sister in law and her husband. I convinced them to get this because of over a thousand good reviews but They were disappointed because it's still hard after even over 2 weeks. I thought it is Euro top so it should be soft enough but it's so firm/hard still and according to my sis-in-law, it wakes her up due to backache. I guess it's not ideal for very petite and light adult :-( Now , I don't know how to return it.

Very economical way to upgrade your bed!

My daughter wanted to switch from a twin to a full but we didn't want to spend a fortune. I am so happy we found this bed! It came in 3 days to california in 3 different boxes. FYI the frame and mattress came one day and the small box with the headboard brackets and bedskirt came a week later. One of the wing nuts was missing from the frame but when we got the headboard brackets there were extras in that box. The instructions for both the frame and mattress were easy to follow! The bed popped open and in minutes was almost the full size. We let it sit on the frame for a couple days to make sure it expanded fully before we made it up. You don't need any special tools and I assembled the frame all by myself. My only complaint is the bed easily slides on the frame, even with a bedskirt. (We used our own bedskirt, not the one that came with it. I think I may purchase those cabinet liners that are no slide. I would put it under the bedskirt so that would hopefully help it from moving. When you make the bed it pushes the mattress around. Not a huge deal, but wanted to mention it. Also, I wish the head and footboard brackets came up a little higher because that would also keep the mattress in place. The height is great and my daughter is thrilled with the comfort and feel of the mattress. It is also a pretty white and has a nice cover on it! Perfect for moving from a twin to a full for your child! I love that you can put storage underneath and don't need a box spring!

Great Buy!

I purchased this mattress set for my dad after buying a bedframe. Although I used the mattress on a different bedframe, it is sooooo comfortable. I tested it before my dad slept in it and I fell asleep right away. He is 75 years old and a bit of a curmudgeon (he complains about everything) and he loves the bed! I am using the frame for my daughter's bed and will order another mattress set...maybe even 2 more. I only wish the shipment all came together...I was so anxious to set it up when the first 2 boxes came. Still great buy!

Best Sleep Ever

Ordered this based on price and overall ratings from previous buyers. The only negative reviews we read were complaints about it being "too firm" which would be a positive for us. We've been using it for 8 days. It's absolutely the best rest I've ever had, even compared to mattresses that cost 4-5 times more.

Delivery--arrived quickly. 3 different boxes over 5 day period. All arrived on different days. 2 of 3 cartons were very very heavy 100+ lbs) with bulky sizes. Be sure to have help lifting and unpacking! Delivered via Fed Ex and left outside with no attempt to ring door bell. Fortunately I was home and had help to move it indoors before it rained. Tracking shipment is minimally helpful as it showed as "delivered" after only one carton was delivered.

Set Up-- easy overall as long as you have help. The frame is in two parts. Total of one screw for each of 8 leg braces plus two bolts to fasten two halves together. Need only a screwdriver. Best to assemble in room where use is planned because a little tricky to maneuver through doorways after assembly. Mattress arrives crushed, folded in half and rolled. King size is Very heavy. Springs into shape fast. Just place it on top of the frame and you're finished. No foul odor noted (I'm typically very sensitive to smells). Be sure to place the bed skirt on the frame prior to unrolling the mattress. Bed skirt is white and decent quality. I'll be replacing it with something color coordinated to my room as soon as I have help removing the mattress.

Use-- so far it's wonderful. Legs on frame are tall, causing bed to be higher than I'm accustomed to. Lots of space underneath for storage boxes but leg braces get in the way of taller items. Almost no movement transfer noted when husband or large dogs crawl in and out. Very firm feel with plush top which is exactly what we like. Honestly the best I've slept in a very very long time. No morning back aches or hip pain as was the case with previous mattress.

Durability--?? Time will tell. I will try to update my review after I've used this for a few months.

Exceeds expectations

I chose this mattress based on the reviews of others on this web site. It turned out to be great advice. The mattress arrived in a large rectangular box. It was rolled up, doubled over and vacuum-sealed in plastic. I rolled it out of the box and to the bed frame, then carefully took scissors, broke the vacuum seal and watched it unfurl. It took 2 days to take correct shape and air. I liked how it was extremely clean and dry. It's firm without being hard. I sleep on my side in comfort. It's so much better than my previous pillow top mattress, and for the price, I consider it a great buy.

Accurate reviews!

We were looking to upgrade to a king but having sticker shock and not going to pay upwards of 1k! We purchased this after reading all the fantastic reviews and were not disappointed! Delivery was easy and setup was manageable, although having two people makes the mattress unrolling much smoother. The unrolled mattress would probably be too heavy for one person to handle. The bed is firm but extremely comfortable. We experienced some sqeaking within a week of having it, but simply tightened the arms on the frame and it stopped. The included bed skirt is a little cheap looking but good until you get around to purchasing another. Buy king sheets, not Cali king. We are advocates for this product and would recommend it - you won't look back and you can't beat the price! Thanks, SAMS!

Easy even for an old lady!

I am 63. I ordered this to convert an antique bedroom set from the 3/4 to full size. I was amazed how east the frame was to set up. It is lightweight, but sturdy. In essence, you are putting together 2 cots, then connecting them. The mattress is heavy, so you might need help moving, unpacking, etc. I was really worried about that part. However, it is compressed, and was fun to watch it "inflate" on its own. The pillow top is very comfortable, and the mattress itself is very comfortable, compared to the 20 year old mattress and 85 year old open box spring I had previously. I have not yet attached the headboard and footboard, but it appears the brackets should fit and work fine. I'm very pleased so far!

i was skeptical

when this mattress showed up in a 3 foot by 4 foot cardboard box, i was very skeptical of it being worth the money; but i had no choice. we had guests staying with us for our wedding and i needed an additional bed. after 48 hours of expansion time, i could not tell the difference between this mattress and my big name one i spent 4 times the amount on!!! it is a really great product.

Great purchase

I was a little Leary about ordering a bed online but the reviews were good and the price was great. Ordering was a breeze. I received all boxes by the date I was given in my email confirmation in fact 2 of the 3 were here within 3 days. My sons had it set up within half an hour. The bed itself is amazing! I can't remember the last time I've slept this good. My husband is a restless sleeper and not once have I woke up to his tossing and turning. We did let the mattress decompress for 2 days on our livingroom floor. My only regret is that I thought about it so long before purchasing.

Great Bed

Bought the bed for the guest bedroom in our son's new home. We had it delivered to his house. He said it was easy to set up, and had it ready when we arrived. The mattress has a very firm feel to it, and we slept exceptionally well for the three nights we stayed. When one considers the price, it is an excellent value.

Not what I expected

The boxes arrived and I thought oh no I got what I paid for. Couldn't believe a real bed could fit in the three tiny boxes. Once I opened them I still thought what a mistake. My wife had that "I told you so" look on her face and said you can't expect to get a real queen size bed for $350. Boy were we both wrong! Great quality and solid base. The mattress is firm yet soft due to the memory foam. We have a $3,500 Tempur king bed in our room but this bed is actually more comfortable. Surprising value and great guest room bed.

way comfortable.

Not to firm but FIRM, not mushy. Comes in a box, put it on the box spring wheren it will be before you cut the cloth off it. I tiwll quickly expand. It is both comfortable and excellent to sleep on. I like a more firm than mushy bed. This was a great deal for us. We use in a guest bedroom and have had nothing but compliments on its comfort.

Finally a great mattress!

My fiance and I got a new king bed about 6 months ago, so we got two twins to put in it. At first they were bothTemperpedics from another store, I hated mine so I exchanged it 2 times from that store for other mattresses unfortunately, I didn't sleep well on any of them. Then I ordered a sleep number and didn't like the first one which was 1500.00 so they swaped it out for the 550.00 one with different options. I kept giving it a chance but it just didn't feel right, I slept terrible all the time so I returned that one too.

Great! Better than expected!

I wasn't sure what to expect but took a chance and was so glad that I did. I was very skeptical when mattress was delivered rolled up in a box. I expected that the mattress would never be comfortable and wouldn't be anything like a regular mattress...boy was I wrong! The bed is extremely comfortable and a great value for the money.

Best bed ever!

I am 8 months pregnant so I was very hesitant to change my mattress set and didn't want to take a chance on being uncomfortable. Once I saw the reviews and ratings that put my mind at ease. I have had the bed almost 1 month and I must say that this was a very good investment. Since I am having a baby soon I have to save every penny and this purchase has saved me hundreds! I am very happy and so is my husband.

good value, satisfied.

So far so good! Supportive, comfortable, odor free. A little warm. Features needed to go up 100 year old narrow stairway. Packaging coming apart when delivered.

Great purchase

The purchase was divided into 3 packages. one was delivered separately, which was a bit confusing. They all arrived in w week. The packaging of the bed itself was bursting at the seams and not in the best shape. I am a small woman and i didn't have too much difficulty getting it up stairs and unpacked on my own. The plastic popped the moment a piece adhesive was removed which startled me. that's not a negative just a mild warning for those like me who start easy with loud noises. I unwrapped it and let it sit for the full 48 hours requested. No Odor issues. Firm and comfy which is perfect for my taste. The frame seems fine after having my dogs jumping on and off while they played with each other. with my weight it totaled @240 lbs on the bed. So far it has been a great experience. No regrets.

Daughters new bed

I bought this after reading another review, a little worried because it was not name brand, and when it arrived in a box I was even more worried. HOWEVER when opened up and taken out of the suction bag it was amazing. It is on my daughters new bed now and she LOVES it. I am almost tempted to replace my name brand mattress with one like hers

Very pleased with the Serta Elmridge mattress

Very pleased with this mattress. It was delivered yesterday with some very slight damage... some of the fabric on the bottom of the spring was torn but easily repaired with a staple gun. Who will see it under the bed anyway?

Comfortable but expected better quality stitching

We bought this for our son as a birthday present. They don't carry this in king size in the store so we had to order it online. Arrived sooner than projected, which is a plus. After we laid it on the frame, I noticed loose threads in several places. For the price of this mattress I expect better quality. Hopefully none of the threads will unravel. My son said it is very comfortable but didn't feel quite as soft as the sample in the store. Overall he's happy.

Good luck trying to return any Serta product!

First of all I have to say that this mattress is far from being firm, and no exaggeration but it is so soft that your whole body sinks into in, also if you try to seat at the edge of the mattress you will slide off because it completely collapses. I have other Serta mattresses but their quality totally dropped. This is my second attempt and none of the two mattress are suitable to sleep on. Now I have been waiting for over a month to return the product - as they said that mattresses cannot be returned to the club anymore. Beware! It is a hassle. Think at least ten times before placing an order because as far as I can tell you are probably be stuck with a bad mattress and will not get your refund.

Sound Night's Sleep

I have had this mattress for 4 week. So far, so good. Very soft and plush. Eight months of neck and back pain gone after first night. Great cuddle feeling from the memory foam. Feels like being wrapped in a cloud all night. No trouble getting to sleep. Don't be fooled, cool layer has not kept the night sweats away. Still subject to damp nightshirts. Overall a good mattress with a good warranty.

Looks are deceiving

Looks and feels fluffy but for a heavy person it becomes a very hard surface to sleep on


I have been sleeping on this king sized version for 3 weeks and am returning for Wynstone Eurotop.

It is super plush and difficult to turn over. Started having daily lower back pain, which I hadn't had in years. You literally ARE cradled. I move around a lot and feel like I am laying in a body molded cloud. I bought 3 mattresses, The twin Wynstone is way more comfortable , plush enough but easy to turn . I bought a glenmoor plush for guestroom and it is plush, but much easier to turn from side to side.

Hard and uncomfortable

This set arrived two weeks ago, I was anticipating this from the day i purchase it online November 11, well November 29 it arrived, the guys set it up, I put fresh sheets on it was ready when it came time to go to bed, my husband got n bed first and I said how does it feel he said no different form the other Serta we purchased in January so I get n bed and he was right no different we had returned one Serta because it was so hard and now this one is so hard and it is supposed to be plush we had to pay a guy to take the other back and he charged us quite a bit now I guess we will have to stack some blankets to try and soften it up because we have no way to get it back to Sams because we live about 40 miles away. Smh dissatified customer.

Amazingly soft -- too soft, actually

I need a pillowtop mattress to help ease pain from a type of inflammatory arthritis. I'd checked out the Elmridge in a club and it felt divine, so I decided to go ahead and buy it. Store nicely clued me in to online buying (because I live a great distance from the city, it saved me a lot on delivery). Mattress was delivered and set up, and I got my best night's sleep in nearly two years. I didn't change positions once! It took a couple of nights to realize I COULDN'T change positions! This mattress is so soft sitting up in bed is impossible. Changing positions is extremely difficult. My back is starting to hurt from straining to get out of bed in the mornings. Thanks to some suggestions from the Serta helpline for Sam's Club members I will be exchanging this for something a little less cushy. I can't recommend this for anyone else because it is so, so soft.


I've been shopping for some time for a mattress that will relieve my back but what I got was a mattress that gives me chronic neck pain. I mean I'm getting the worst cricks in my neck after just 2 months of having the mattress. I like to sleep on my stomach but my sleep apnea won't allow me too so I have to sleep on my back , the problem is I wake up and my arms are numb like they've fallen asleep, tingling etc., because your body sink down into the pillow top but your arms stay out like your getting out of a hole, which cuts the circulation off to you arms. I hope there is a 90-day return policy cuz it's gone if so...


The mattress was delivered on Wednesday August 23. By Friday August 25, I was disappointed by it. I rolled in toward my partner. When I lay to take a nap, I end up in my partner's impression on mattress. My lower back is hurting. I was so looking forward to the mattress! I will be taking it back to Sam's this Saturday September 2nd.

Great Mattress Set

It is very comfortable and good for my back

Too soft - you sink in it like quick sand

I bought this for my son's room after he moved out for college. He came home and slept on it last week and said it was horrible for sleeping. So, my husband gave it a try and after a few hours came back to our bed so then I tried it too and it is just awful. I wish I had never bought it. The pillow top is so soft that you sink down into it and can't move.

It is the worst bed I had

I am not happy

Do not recommend

It was delivered Thursday and we slept on the mattress that night. We tossed and turned that night waking up with our backs hurting.

Love it!!

Couldn't be happier with purchasing this mattress set! Delivery and set up were easy. First night sleeping on this mattress had us both wondering why we waited so long to bit a new mattress. BEST nights sleep in years!!!

A bedroom welcome mat!

Every night my mattress reminds me that I made the perfect choice! I am now getting the best rest and sleep ever! The service by Sams employees was wonderful! Thank you Serta! Thank you Sams! G.W.

Very comfortable !

Love this mattress we bought a month ago !!

Excellent mattress

Delivery was a week earlier than expected and the White Glove service was terrific.

The mattress is well made and provides good support. However, the plush top was insufficient to cushion my wife's arthritic joints so we purchased a 1.5 inch gel foam pad topper. That did the trick and we're both sleeping better and waking without low back pain. This was a great purchase at a good price. We've been members of Sams Club for many years and have always been satisfied customers. We are pleased that we took advantage of this special offer and recommend this mattress to anyone searching for a good, supportive mattress.


So far it's very comfortable and soft. Only had it three days now. It does seem like the pillowtop holds heat. That might be good in the winter but not in the Summer. and it's so soft I wonder how long it will stay that way. Time will tell. I just don't want it to wear out and be big dip in the middle of the mattress. I really hope it last just like it is.

Serta Luxury Bed

I have had the mattress for 2 weeks and have been sleeping well. I replaced my 12 year old mattress. I am very happy with my purchase, and the price made it very attractive.

Save your money...

I bought this mattress thinking it was comfortable. Visually the mattress is really nice and it looks like its a high quality mattress. However after a month, the mattress felt like it was sinking. I made sure we had a quality foundation, however that didn’t change the sinking. Unfortunately for me I already invested in this mattress and have to keep it. So my suggestion to my fellow consumers check and compare thoroughly before investing in this line of mattresses. Thank you for your time.

Really soft and comfortable

It’s been two weeks and it still needs to air out some. But, it is really soft and comfortable. 4.5⭐️

The mattress is firm and comfortable

I bought this mattress over a month ago, and it was delivered a couple of weeks ago. I love it. It is high and fits the bed perfectly.

Very comfortable!

We are enjoying this mattress! It’s firm yet really comfortable. We were impressed with the white glove delivery. The delivery men took our old mattress and box springs and set up our new set!

Good Value

We bought this a couple of weeks ago to replace our older firm king mattress. So far, we are very pleased with the purchase. The mattress is very comfortable, yet is firm enough to have good support.


Thought the pillow top portion of the bed would be thicker. Bought my husband the one for 699.00 and his looks better than mine

Terrible quality

This is our second mattress in 3 years... the first mattress began to sag where my husbands and myself bodies lay. You could see our body imprints when we removed the sheets. Under warranty they just replaced the matress for us after weeks of phone calls and emails with Sam's club. Terrible customer service! We've only had this mattress for about a month and it is more terrible than the first one. No support what so ever! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Example: Great features!

Example: I bought this a month ago and am so happy that I did...

Sleeping on a cloud

I purchased this mattress set a month or so ago. Very comfortable. Soft but not too soft. They are very tall and the platform bed were purchased at the same time was so high we had to return the box springs. The return process was hassle free with the exception I had to return the set vs the box springs and rebuy the mattress only. Excellent value

Matress Awesome - White glove a joke

I husband was in the next 18 months ago and suffered a severe head injury . Because of the nature of his injury and propensity to reinjury if he bumps his head , he has not been able to sleep in our existing bed and has been in an oversized recliner since we left the hospital . I was very excited and spent alot of time researching mattresses. I figured with a California King , and lots of pillows, the matress would be long enough so he would not bump his head on the wall . Its awesome to have a sense of normalcy and actually get to sleep in bed together and get a good nights rest after all this time . We love this mattress . I have had back issues in the past and have slept very well on it . I would've given this mattress five star rating . Unfortunately, when they came to set up the white glove delivery I was told by freight company that they were no longer able to haul off the old mattresses . Our old mattress and bed was put on porch so they could set up the new one . Hauling it off ourselves wouldn't of been a problem before the accident , but everything is a bit more complicated now . To further complicate matters , it rained later that night , making the mattress even heavier and more of a struggle for us to try and move ourselves. We had to pay for a Uhaul and the dumpsite fee. I would recommend if you are counting on the " haul away" feature in the white glove delivery like we were , that you verify with the freight carrier before you order . I feel Sam's is falsely advertising because they should know the policies of the freight companies they contract . Bottom line : Serta was a WIN: and Sam's was a FAIL.

Not as "pillowy" as it was in sams club

We've had it a month now and we were hoping that the pillow top would soften up like the store example we tried. The bed is firm as if it had no pillow top. It is not uncomfortably firm but firmer than in store. We both sleep well with this bed and find it comfortable, just not as comfortable as in the store. We are on the fence on whether to return it or not.

The bed hasn't gotten hot or make you sweaty so that's a plus. But it certainly is not cooling.

Had I wanted a medium firm bed this would be the one and it would get 5 stars. We ordered the pillow top for a reason hence 3 stars.

Great Mattress

I bought one in October and we liked it so much we bought another one for our son last month!

Sleeping like a baby!

I was afraid this mattress was going to be too soft and cause back pain- but it is perfect! I’m sleeping like a baby and have great support without feeling like I’m sleeping on a board.

Great Mattress

Very stable (movement has minimal effect on other sleeper) and it is not hot. I really like the hybrid qualities.

Satisfied in VA

We bought the mattress a couple of weeks ago and love it. It replaced a 10 year old mattress. The mattress is extra thick which was different. Overall, we are please with the purchase.

Soft yet firm

This is a perfect bed for my husband and I! He’s a big guy at 6’6”. We don’t feel each other move in bed. It’s SO comfy! We love it, it’s been perfect since day 1!

Happy wife, happy life

I bought this bed about a month ago and my wife has been so very happy

Very good bed

I am very happy with the bed. The white delivery and haul away was excellent!

firmness is comfortable

only have this mattress for a couple of weeks,but so far it is real comfortable. it is much better than the sleep number that was always breaking. I have back and hip problems and can sleep on this mattress pretty well.

I am impressed with the thickness of the mattress.

This mattress is a great buy for the quality and price.

Never slept better

This mattress is simply awesome. Our last mattress was a Sleep Number and this Serta Hybrid beats the “stuffing” out of the Sleep Number.

They made it right 100%

Received mattress and box springs and mattress had a rip in it from the delivery company. Sams made it right 100% with no push back as soon as they could. Very pleased. This mattress is very nice and comfy.

Plush but needs side support.

We have a Perfect Sleeper from 15 yrs ago, still a guest favorite and going strong. Because of that we got Elmridge. Delivery guys were great, unfortunately it came sooner than expected and our remodel wasn't finished so we only have been sleeping on it for 5 days. When we shifted the mattress into position in the box springs by the handle straps on tore off immediately. It is plush and comfy, but it is a bit awkward to get out of bed, the sides aren't as firm as our old one. It also seems less supportive in the center. I'm not sure if its a good recommend or not.

Not Quite Like the Store Sample

The mattress doesn't feel as soft as the one I sampled in the store. I'm hoping it will after a few months.

We love it

Wonderful purchase

Not Soft Enough

I laid on this bed at the Sam's Store and it was really soft. The mattress that was delivered to my house is not soft. I wish I would have never bought it.

Best sleep I have had in years

I prefer a soft mattress I was sleeping on a memory foam mattress it just wasn't soft enough for me. I made a trip to Sam's Club to try this mattress out and bought it was the best purchase I have made in a mattress and the delivery men was very careful with my mattress and even moved my memory foam mattress to another bed room for me. I do recommend this mattress.


It's only been a week, but I love it. I'm a side sleeper with hip pain. I was waking up 20 times a night to switch sides. This mattress is perfect. Seems to cradle me in comfort. Perfect softness for my hips and firmness for low back pain. I'm no light wt. I highly recommend this mattress for anyone over 60 with arthritis in hips.

Super Bed

Was searching for a bed to be soft on pressure points and found this one. After receiving it I thought it was going to be too firm but turns out it's perfect. Great firmness with just the right amount of softness. Only thing that concerns me is the edges are springy and worry they will say over time but in the meantime I don't sit on the edge of the bed.


I bought this about a month and a half ago. I’ve been extremely happy since day 1. It’s soooo comfortable and has amazing support. I’ve never slept better.


So far so good. Only issue is due to its height, I have to use king sheets which don’t fit perfectly. The mattress pad also is too short to be secured beneath the mattress. Make sure to read the info provided. I had to construct a support to attached to the bed slats as per info.

Not as expected

Six weeks in and we both dislike this mattress. It already has a dip where my husband lays and it feels lumpy. The worst part of all is twice I called Sam's and twice was told by them that Serta would be contacting to make arrangements for a pickup and/or replacement. Two weeks later, two phone calls later, we have not heard a word. Serta people where are you.

New bed

I was told that it doesn't feel like the one in the store. My daughter likes it. She loved it in the store. My son in law liked it in the store. Says its way to soft at home.

Very comfortable!

We bought this mattress and box springs a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with our purchase. The mattress is so comfortable! It is just the right amount of softness and cushions your body. It’s soft but allows you to move freely. It is taller than our last mattress, but that doesn’t bother us. You may want to consider the lower box springs if you don’t want a tall bed.

Awesome Comfort!!!

I love how comfortable this mattress set is!

Great product

Brought in January after much searching and research. Was NOT disappointed. It is a great mattress set. We had shipped to home. Service was excellent and we would do again.


There is no side wall support which kind of worries me. But so far it’s really comfy

like the Plushness But I Return it for .....

it seems my mattress came with defect half of it two soft or weak spring and the other side has more firmness, otherwise the mattress very soft, some people like it to dive in the mattress But me I do Not I have to return it after a week, Thank Sam's Club for the great service

Luv it, Luv it

This was a gift for my grandson and his new wife. They just luv it, best gift ever


Pleased with the firmness. My husband has back problems and is sleeping very well. Need to buy new sheets, this bed is very thick, over 20 inches.

Sinks too much

This mattress was very comfortable, but after laying in it for a while I felt like I was sinking in a hole and my lower back started bothering me. I'm going to return it and I would like some advice on a mattress that is still somewhat soft but is firm

Best Mattress money can purchase!

We purchased Serta to replace a Serta. Our son took our old mattress explaining how good a Serta mattress sleeps.

Not soft enough

Let me start by saying I was looking for a soft, supportive mattress. I’ve since learned (by taking a free online quiz to find the best mattress for me) that because of my size and weight, (5’7, 125lbs) and my age (54), and my sleep positions (side and back) and my issues, (lower back, hip and shoulder pressure point pain) and my comfort preference, (soft mattress) I need a soft, supportive mattress. This may feel soft and supportive to a heavier person, but to me it was just not cushy enough. I gave it 3 weeks to soften, but it’s never going to be the cloud like softness I’m craving. It also felt hollow in the center. Not that I sunk down, just not substantial.

Very soft pillow top

Sleep great- tall,so may want 5’’ box spring if u have a tall bed frame

Best sleep

Firm but soft top, best sleep in a long time.

Easy to roll from side to side and even find myself sleeping on my back now. Super comfortable!

Too soft for me

After sleeping on this mattress for a couple nights now, I feel I made a mistake choosing it, in spite of testing it in the store. It's too soft for my liking. You sink down into it when sleeping (kind of like memory foam), and this makes it more difficult to turn over or reposition yourself during the night. If you like a soft to really soft mattress, then this mattress is for you. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = very firm, and 5 = very soft) I would give this mattress a 4 or 5. I would prefer a 3 for myself.


Bought this mattress for my daughter. She said it was the first time she woke up well rested without back pain. She is an athlete.


Great mattress helped me go to sleep and stay asleep would recommend to anyone

very good sleep

I am happy with the purchase of this mattress set.

Not What I Expected!

I read several reviews before purchasing this mattress. I thought it would engulf my body as I laid down. We've had the mattress for about one week and it feels the same as it did the first night. It is firm and I don't sink in it at all!!! It feels like I'm laying on a stiff board. It's not comfortable to me however my husband likes it. I wanted a softer mattress. Disappointed.

Not very soft.

Very firm mattress. The one in the store was ultra soft and plush, not so with the one I received. Hopefully, with some wear it will get softer.

Very Comfortable

We both like this mattress. It is very comfortable. I would certainly recommend the lower box spring with it as it is very high

Great Night Sleep

My wife and I when looking for a mattress found this one and love it from Sam's Club . I suffer from low back problems and have been sleeping solidly and well rested ever since receiving this mattress, and would highly recommend it. The only negative in the whole process was the delivery company, the driver tore two large branches off of a tree in my driveway backing in. The sad part is they couldn't even lay they to the side, they just drove around them. Called Sam's Club customer service but didn't really get any satisfaction there.

It's like a dream

Great mattress.

Luxurious Comfort Equal To The Bellagio Beds

I love this bed. I was looking to recreate the experience my late husband and I had during our wedding weekend at The Bellagio, Las Vegas, and this is it! The price was amazing for the quality you get so I was able to purchase some luxurious bedding and a beautiful headboard within my budget. I haven’t slept this well in years. I strongly recommend this bed to anyone seeking a five star luxury experience!

Not my type of mattress

Hard to move once in bed. My neck hurt on the first day of sleeping. I do not know if I should have gone for the firm kind. It is just so hard to switch it as heavy it is to carry around. My wife is insisting to keep it because of the moving reason. Can you do anything about that?

What I got is different on what I tested at sam`s

I bought the mattress set a couple days ago and I feel so bad due what I got was different on what I saw and tested in the Sam`s

I don't know why the surface is too hard as a consequence is not comfortable it all

What I tested in Sam`s was very soft and comfortable but the product that I got it even is the same product (name) doesn't feel the same.

Something is wrong...

Excellent Mattress at a Great Price

I bought this about a month ago and very happy with this comfortable mattress. I am also very satisfied with Sams Club white glove delivery.

Extremely comfortable

We've only had it a week, but have slept thru the night.every nite since we got it.

Very Comfortable

I have had this mattress for almost a month and am very pleased.

Love it!

So far I love this bed! Based my purchases on ratings and recommendations and so glad I did. Great value!


A great nights sleep.

Don’t Waste Your Money SAG after couple Nights

Bad Experience with Serta outside looking good but after couple nights SAG on mattress bought 2 mattress can’t do anything Very Disappointed will back to SEALY , Recommendation Don’t Buy Serta this model even on sale

Absolutely NOT Big People Friendly- PASS

If you are a heavier person (300 Lb plus) DO NOT BOTHER with this or probably any memory foam mattress for that matter. I would sink too much once settled in a spot then it was uncomfortably difficult to roll over to the other side and to get out of bed. The cooling effect lasts all of 5 seconds. The mattress never fully plumped up like in the photo on the website. I literally got up after a few hours and went to sleep in my guest bedroom which has a regular firm mattress on it. I will be returning the mattress ASAP.

Horrible Return Process

The best seems like good quality but it was too firm for my wife. The return process is terrible, this is a mattress in a box. Since we bought it in the store the only way to return it is to bring the king sized mattress back to the store. I don't exactly know how i am going to strap this mattress to the top of my Kia Optima to get it back. This is not what i expected as far as the hassle free return and easy sleep trial period.

STINKS TERRIBLY - even after two weeks unboxed!

I'm sorry. We took this mattress out of the box and: 1. The box appeared as if it had been resealed 2. The plastic bag containing the mattress was torn open - 20'' (I took a photo) 3. We removed the mattress from the bag and let it expand 4. the ODOR emanating from the was a horrible chemical smell! 5. We had family coming in a week, so leaned the mattress against the wall so that it was only touching on the edge on the carpet - and against a corner of the wall - almost no contact - in the hopes is would ''off-gas'' - fan on high. 6. We waited until the morning of the day our daughter was arriving, and put it on the queen frame with a mattress pad and sheets. 7. The smell was muted somewhat - at first. Our daughter slept on it one night. 8. Now, fully two weeks later, the smell was coming through the bedding! 8. My wife just removed the mattress pad and sheets to let the mattress air out, but they stank so badly, they have to be washed. 9. We have the mattress up against the wall, the smell undiminished. 10. Thankfully, during the initial setup, the ''DO NOT REMOVE'' tags were torn off (no handles on the mattress), we set them aside, so if the smell is not gone in another week, we will be forced to initiate a return. There is no way anyone with a sense of smell could sleep on this mattress. Disappointed that our ''GREAT DEAL'' has turned terribly sour.

Price and quality perfection

Member's Mark Hotel Premier Collection 12'' Queen Mattress. Picked up at store, was in a box wrapped in plastic. Did not notice any smell and it unfolded quickly without any curling of sides. My teen boy is using this mattress without a box spring and he says it is awesome and comfortable. Price and width was a selling point for us.

Deceiving description

With mostly good reviews, my husband and I thought we would save some money and get a decent mattress from Sam's vs overpriced ones elsewhere. Man, were we wrong! When we first tried it out we thought ''this is nice''. It was softer than the medium-firm description. But the more you lay there, the deeper you sink. You get sweaty it's so hot. And uncomfortable. We had a crick in our neck the first few nights we slept in it (notice ''in'' it, not on it, because you are in this thing!''). You sink so low as your head stays on your pillow that your neck is in a very awkward position. We added a topper that helped some, but the mattress still sinks and sucks out topper in with it. It stinks right in the middle. We both wind up in the middle in this hole every morning. It's like a nest. A nest made by some gigantic bird that thinks we are its babies. If you like to sit up on your bed to watch TV or read, you can forget it with this one. Your bottom sinks in as you sit there and your little legs hang on to the top to keep you from getting completely devoured by the mattress. Reminds me of an old episode of ''The Twilight Zone'' or ''Tales From the Crypt'', I can't remember which one, but the bed was eating people. I really do not want to go through the hassle of trying to return this bed, especially because there is no way to get it back in the box. I don't live near by my Sam's Club either. On top of this mattress ordeal, they charged me twice for another item and can't take care of giving me a simple refund over the phone. They want me to drive sixty-six miles round trip to do that. I am very disappointed in customer service right now.

Not good for me

I can not get out of this bed it suck me in. edge of the bed sink in when you sit on it , no support. I used it with a adjustable base it like laying in a bed that will not let you move my butt sink in when I use the adjustable base to recline . I felt like i was stuck in this bed no movement no bounce what so every, when i try to turn over it is so hard do..... not the bed for me

poor quality

Got for my guest bedroom. Only half fluffed up about 8 inches. Very soft, more like a topper than a mattress. Unfortunately I’m stuck with it because I have no way to return it. Total waste of money.


2 months after purchasing this mattress it began to sag in the middle. 2 people sleeping in this bed wind up laying up against each other in the center of the mattress. THEN - since I can't read ''fine'' print - SAMS CLUB will not allow me to return the mattress because I threw away the box. THEY REQUIRE YOU TO BRING IT IN FOR THEIR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WITH THE ORIGINAL BOX. I am so disappointed in the mattress and SAMS CLUB. WHO KEEPS A BIG BOX STORED JUST EXPECTING A TRUSTED STORE LIKE SAMS WOULD SELL THEM SOMETHING CRAPPY THAT THEY WOULD NEED TO RETURN IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Only had for a few months, our take so far.

I gave it 3 stars because it took almost 2 months to air it out enough to sleep on it. And it still has a slight odor. It is comfortable so far. It is firmer than the others we have had in the past. We are spinning it foot to head every month to keep it firm longer. This is our 4th memory foam mattress and the 3rd type we have tried. We are hoping it will last longer than the others. The others became too soft and you sank into a hole after a year or so. (The hybrid foam and coil types are a waste of money!!!! They get lumpy after a couple of months.) I hope this helps others

Soft or Firm

I purchased this mattress in January of 22 and and wasn't sure about a memory foam mattress. So the firm side is really firm I slept on it for a month and a 1/2 almost 2 months.. And I flipped it to the soft side.. There is not much difference between sides So if you like a really firm mattress this will be for you. The last 2 months of sleeping on this mattress there is an impression from my body. I weigh 300 plus pounds. The impression was not real deep but you could tell where I lay, not by site but when you lay down.. The other issue I had is it made my knees hurt because there's no give at all. I bought the adjustable base to go with it and that's what helped with me keeping it so long. I have returned the mattress with no problem I purchased it online and they came and picked it up without a problem. I am a back side sleeper, whenever I tried to sleep on my side my legs were not flush on the bed so your bottom leg would be elevated slightly so it wasn't comfortable. And lastly when changing the sheets I noticed that tiny white specks were coming off the cover of the mattress. I ended up vacuuming the top before putting the mattress protector back on. It seemed like it was some type of the latex from the cover. I hope this helps you.

I think it defective because...

I think it defective because in 3 weeks, my side was lower and to move to the other side, as if i have to step up needing energy and effort. I am going on vacation tomorrow, so in couple of weeks, it's going back.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sams Club

Are Sam's Club mattresses any good?

Sam's Club carries a wide range of mattresses, including both name-brand and budget mattresses. While some of their mattresses receive good initial comfort ratings, there are mixed reviews about other mattress models being too firm and/or too hot.

What mattresses does Sam's Club carry?

Well-known brands such as Serta, Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic and more. Still, some customers may find a better deal or more value when buying directly from these brands online.

Which is the best Sam's Club mattress?

If price isn't a concern, the Beautyrest Black and Tempur-Pedic mattresses both receive positive ratings from customers. For more budget-conscious customers, it may pay to shop around online for added perks and discounts.

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