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Safavieh Mattress Reviews

Safavieh is a popular, low-priced furniture brand that is famous for their rugs and designer furniture. They are sold across the Internet and in major brick and mortar retailers like Walmart and Macy's. They make a variety of mattresses in foam and hybrid varieties, which most customers find comfortable initially. There are some complaints, however, about durability issues.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.4/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $131-$591

Trial Period: No Trial

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Safavieh's Owner Satisfaction

Some sleepers are cozy with these mattresses., but others have described not feeling as satisfied. Sleepers were mostly positive, but there were some negatives that they described. Get more information below to see if one of these mattresses will work for you.

Safavieh's Supportiveness

Having a supportive mattress is essential for having a good night's sleep. Sleepers describe these mattresses as highly supportive at first, but there are some issues with long term support. Make sure that the mattress is spec'd for your body type of firmness preference before purchasing.

Edge Support
Edge support is important to most folks and makes it easy to get in and out of bed. These mattresses are generally well regarded on edge support, but there may be more declining edges over time.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
In bowling ball tests that show the density of the mattresses, things are fairly even in terms of support throughout the mattress. Some folks have mentioned that support may degrade over time for some.

Safavieh's Durability

Mattresses with longevity will last between 7 - 12 years based on the materials in them. Mattresses with springs tend to last longer if they are well made than foam mattresses -- though this is not always the case. That said, mattresses that don't have good durability will start sagging much quicker no matter the materials. These mattresses get mixed reviews from sleepers. Some find them to be fine when it comes to durability, but others have had issues.

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Great budget mattress. Great feel and very cushy

So I've has a few days to test this mattress out and i'm quite pleased with it so far. With mattresses, they are a dime a dozen. With so many manufacturers, sizes, firmness levels, etc, it can be quite a pain choosing a mattress these days. This mattress is your typical full size mattress however it's a hybrid one so it has the standard coil spring foundation in addition to a layer of foam material on top for added comfort. What I initially liked about this mattress was that it doesn't require a box spring like other conventional mattresses do. This seems to be the new thing for mattresses and it's one less thing to move and one less thing to buy in my opinion. With these box springless mattresses, all you need is a platform frame and you're good to go. I bought a relatively inexpensive one and it works just great for this mattress. First off, the thing about this mattress is the shipping. It's a mattress however it comes shipped in a square box. Comes packaged like a giant sushi roll and you simply cut the plastic wrapping off and the mattress unravels itself; kinda cool actually. Moving a traditional full size mattress meant a couple people and possibly a hand truck. This packaging/shipping method was far more easier to work with than if it were a normal mattress/box spring. I believe this mattress is a medium however it's quite plush. The top layer of the mattress offers a good deal of comfort without the sinking feeling some other mattresses have. It's firm enough to provide adequate support yet is also comfortable and you get that cushy feeling whenever you sleep on it. For those wondering about edge support, it's not quite as firm as a normal mattress however there is some edge support on the bed. If you sit directly on the edge of this bed, you'll probably slide off. If you plant your rear end a little bit off the edge then it's fine. Only thing I noticed about this bed (and not a huge thing) is that certain parts of the bed produces a crinkly noise like the sound when someone balls up a piece of paper. Kinda of a wax paper like sound to it. It's noticeable for me since the part of the mattress that makes this noise is right where I lay my head. Not a big thing and perhaps with some additional expansion time, it'll go away. Overall, very nice mattress for the budget conscience. Offers good support and very comfy.

Is a keeper!

First I wanted to state that this mattress comes in a tall box because it is compressed into a roll and is covered in plastic. And it is heavy so I suggest that if you are an older female like me, that you get some help because I didn’t! And just for your information, I placed the mattress onto my purchased metal frame that I have been using for several weeks. When you are removing the plastic, be careful that you don’t cut the mattress. I was very careful but could see how easily it could happen. I received the Full size & it was rolled from head to foot so make certain you have it turned this way because mine began unfolding / expanding before I got all the plastic off. That is another reason to have help. From what I could see, it looks like the mattress is 1st covered in a plastic bag before being wrapped in several layers plastic to protect it. I can’t be positive because I cut the bag and the mattress began expanding. So I did a lot of heavy lifting, moving, and bending which didn’t help my lower back. At first I thought the mattress was too firm/hard even with the pillow top. But I was still looking forward to sleeping on the new mattress and felt this was a good time to ‘check it out’. The next morning my back was much better. But to be certain it was the mattress helping my back, I’ve slept on it several nights to make certain. My back isn’t perfect (which will take some adjustments) but my back feels much better in the mornings.

LOVE this mattress

The Safavieh Harmony 10'' SPRING Mattress, White in a Full size is a really comfortable mattress. When it was delivered, I was shocked to see it rolled up in a box. It was vacuum sealed in plastic. I just opened the box and cut the plastic to open it and the mattress just came open easily. I like the pillow top on it, makes it comfortable. Took about two days for the mattress to lay completely flat. It forms to my body and I do not toss and turn as much as I use to. When someone else is in the bed, you barely feel them move. I am really surprised at how incredibly sofa and comfortable this mattress is. I am considering buying another one for my other bed and maybe for my son's camper. It will be easy for him to put it in there because of it coming rolled up vacuum sealed in a box. It is in a tall box and is on the heavy side. The full size weighs 65 pounds so you may need help carrying it. When you cut the plastic off, make sure to be careful as to not cut the mattress itself. Also, position it where you would like it to be so that you do not have to keep moving it. Having someone to help you is a very good idea. After sleeping on it for a week, I do not wake up with back pain as much as I use to. I definitely will be recommending this Safavieh Harmony Spring Mattress to my family and friends. This is my new go to mattress for my home and for mine and my son's camper. Love it.

Perfect for college and guest rooms!

I was surprised it came in a small enough box to fit in any car, so if you have kids going to college, this is a mattress you can transport easily while it's still boxed. Once you take it out it takes 2 days for it to flatten. It's pretty comfortable to my surprise, considering the price is not high. Mattresses are expensive, but this one is a deal including the free shipping. It doesn't need a box spring. I've looked at several mattresses in this price range and for a 10 inch this is a very good deal.


This product is pretty comfortable, although I did add a mattress pad/cover to it for protection purposes. The sheets I have are for deeper mattresses so they are a bit 'loose'. Loved how it came all wrapped up. Made it very easy to move in to my new place and set up!


We purchased the king size and have been sleeping on it for the past 3 months now. It's very comfortable and I have no complaints.

Just what I needed for a good nights rest!

Just what I needed for a good nights rest!

Coils coming through already.

Falling apart in 2 months

Great sleep

Customer service helped me choose a firm mattress. I am happy that I went with Kiss. I really have been having the best sleep when I'm on my the new mattress.

very comfy mattress

I received this Safavieh Serenity 11.5" spring mattress in the Walmart Spark Reviewer program in exchange for an honest review. My daughter who is almost three had been waking in the middle of night very often. She would fall right to sleep when she would get in my bed but as soon as I put her back in her toddler bed she was up again. I knew it was time for a new mattress for her and this was perfect. The mattress arrived in a rather small box, at first I thought they had my order wrong but after opening I realized the mattress came in two pieces and rolled up. It was wrapped so tight in plastic as soon as I ripped the plastic open the mattress unrolled. It has the top and bottom piece and the top actually zips onto the bottom to keep them together. Having it come in two pieces made it a breeze getting it up to my daughters bedroom. I recommend waiting to cut the plastic open until the mattress is in the room it will be used in. The top piece is a memory foam topper very soft but firm, I don't think we will have an issue with the top having indents of where my daughter sleeps anytime soon. I did sleep on the mattress a few nights to give an accurate review. It is really nice there is no squeaky or spring popping noise when I move. Many nights my daughter asks me to lay with her until she falls asleep and the moving off the bed would wake her. On this mattress someone can be jumping on one side while the person on the other side will stay still. My only concern so far with this mattress is the top part is slightly bigger than the bottom so it hangs over the edges. If you are on the edge of the bed it feels like you are on a slant and will fall off. Other than that it is a nice comfy mattress.

Sleeping on Cloud 9!!!

WOW! Mattress in a box! I didn't even know that was possible, especially with a spring mattress. Because it arrives in such a convenient size, it makes transporting it to its final room very easy---no more hassle with trying to maneuver corners, stairs, etc. That being said, it is pretty heavy, so be sure to have another person with you. "Assembly" was very simple. Inside the box are two large rolls--one is the mattress, the other is foam topper. Remove from box and lay it on your bed foundation/bedspring. Next, just begin tearing the plastic and slightly unroll it, then continue to remove the plastic. I would recommend just using your hands and not a knife to remove the plastic, so as to not damage your new bed! Be careful as you do this. This is where additional hands/partner is a must! As you unroll it, it will eventually spring open pretty fast, so have someone around to help release it in a more controlled manner. Next, unroll the mattress topper the same way. It attaches via a zipper. Don't worry though, the zipper is small and several inches from the edges, so there is no way it will become bothersome in the future. The mattress is almost fully expanded, but took another hour or so to fully expand to the dimensions of my full-size boxspring. The directions state to allow for a full 48-hrs for full height, but it CAN be slept on immediately once it is out of the box! :) I couldn't even wait till night to try it out. I took an amazing afternoon nap and felt so well-rested. Later that night, my wife and I slept like babies! Felt so refreshed the next day. With each coil being individually wrapped, minimal motion is transferred across the bed---so no more disturbing your partner when you need to get up! Surprisingly, the edges have decent amount of support on them while sitting or getting in/out of bed. I also did NOT notice any "fresh-out-of-the-box" odor, but I did wait a few hours before putting on the sheets...just in case. Highly recommend this mattress!!

Never saw a mattress delivered like this!

OMG!! I have never seen a mattress come shipped like this! How do you get a full sized mattress to roll up so that it fit into such a small box? Because it did come packed like it did it made it much easier go get it into my room for set up. It was much harder to get the old one out. When we opened the box the bed itself was in two rolls one was the springs or bottom part of the bed and when you release the last bit of tape stand back as it will spring open pretty quickly. Although it looks way too small to be the full 11 inches it does expand pretty quickly. The second roll was the memory foam portion of the bed and unrolled easily though not a quickly as the spring part and it did not expand as much as I’d have liked. I was surprised that this bed is a firm as it is. Frankly with the memory foam top I was expecting more give. I do like how firm it is but would prefer a thicker memory foam top. I had hoped it would expand more than it did. I also do not like having to push it back on be bed all the time since it moves when I get up and I can get up a few times a night for various reasons. All in all though I have been sleeping for longer periods of time without waking up and it has helped some with my back & joint issues while sleeping and for me that is a huge difference. How I really appreciate having a new mattress.

Great mattress and shipping is so easy

I needed another mattress for a second bedroom in my house. I was surprised and happy by how easy this was. It was incredibly nice to not have to be waiting around all day for furniture delivery people. This mattress ships rolled up in a box and was waiting for me when I got home. The box is a little heavy for one person to move. Unrolling the mattress and topper was easy. It took about a day for the mattress to lay completely flat for me. I slept on it for two nights and the sleep has been great. It has a great combination of softness and firmness.

Very Surprised

I have to admit I was very skeptical at first. I mean come on A bed in a box and it be any good? Well I was fooled. The first night was just getting use to another mattress. The second night, I slept better. As each night came I slept better than I had in a LONG time. For the first time since my back surgery I actually didn't feel like I was all twisted up and aching from head to toe. I am very impressed with this mattress.

Good for price

This mattress was very comfortable for the price but if you want to higher-quality and softer, I suggest going with a non-pillow top as this pillow top zips onto the mattress. Any queen-size sheets that you try to put onto this mattress without a sheet hook underneath will slip off and it gets very annoying

After two weeks of sleeping on this mattress, we decided...

After two weeks of sleeping on this mattress, we decided we could no longer use the memory foam that goes on top of the spring mattress. It is unfortunately too soft for us and gives us both lower back pain, even when we are healthy people and have no antecedents. The company doesn’t take returns...

Provides additional support which adds to my sleeping comfort....

Provides additional support which adds to my sleeping comfort.

great mattress

Very happy with this mattress. Very comfortable. Arrived quickly and well packaged.

this bed hurt my back although it "feels" comfortable at first I have had major neck shoulder upper ...

this bed hurt my back although it "feels" comfortable at first I have had major neck shoulder upper and lower back pain. It was also a few inches shorter than described which I wouldn't care about if it wasn't a back breaker. Good customer service though as I see this bed sales for double or more the price elsewhere and seems to have good reviews so just not for me.

Good mattress.

Bought this for my son. He says he is sleeping deeper and it is a comfortable mattress. I recommend it.

Five Stars

Great bed! Very comfortable! Great price. Arrived sooner than expected.

Five Stars

Very comfortable! Very pleased with this product.

Nice mattress for the price. A little more firm than plush.

First of all, I think it's amazing how they are able to get these mattresses into such a small box for shipping. Once they are inflated they look and feel just like any other spring mattress. For me, this mattress was a little too hard. I have fibromyalgia and sleep on my side. I wake up to very painful hips. I put a memory foam topper on top of this mattress and that made it perfect for me. But because of my condition, I couldn't sleep directly on this mattress. I wouldn't consider this mattress to be plush, but I wouldn't consider it to be firm either. I have a firm mattress on another bed and it is very firm compared to this one. The mattress appears to be made well and it looks nice. I'd say it's somewhere around a between a plush and a medium firm mattress. It's a nice mattress for the price.

Sleeps like a Dream

Love this mattress. I bought it for my guest room but if it were a queen I would use if for my own room. It's soft and seems to cradle for a good nights sleep. I was skeptical when I saw this mattress show up in a box. Surely there is not a full mattress in there, but there is. Once you let sit for while it fills out nicely with no strong smells. It is a good buy.

Hard ~ Does NOT feel like a Plush to me

I have been using this mattress for about 20 days. I first want to say that comfort is a very subjective thing. What might be hard to me may be soft for you. I recommend reading as many reviews as you can find. This EXACT mattress is sold and reviewed on a another site ( Google the whole name of this mattress to find it ) This mattress is listed here on Amazon as a “Plush” level of comfort. I personally find this mattress to be rather firm. I was seeking a true Plush and I feel this mattress is too hard to be called “Plush” The other site that has this EXACT mattress listed describes it as a “Plush firm” I feel that is the more accurate description of this mattress. The pillow top is very thin and hardly filled. It seems to offer little to no cushioning. The mattress feels hard. This is a traditional Spring mattress but it has almost zero “bounce” I cannot sleep on it , after a few hours my shoulders and arms go numb. I am primarily a stomach and side sleeper. There is almost no “give” in this mattress. If your looking to sink in a little bit or want to feel soft comfort this is NOT the mattress for you. It currently sells for about $ 237.00 . I feel it looks like a $237.00 dollar mattress. It looks kind of cheap. There are no handles on the sides. The side material looks like nylon/polyester. The top coverings look like a cheap felt material. It's not a total ripoff but it is NOT a fancy mattress. I am unhappy with the comfort level. I even tried using a 3 inch egg crate topper to make it softer. Even with the topper it feels too hard to me. The only good thing about this mattress was the delivery. It arrives at your door and can be unboxed and readied for use by one person.

Easy to transport prior to opening; comfortable night's sleep

Twin beds, for my family, are primarily for guests and/or children. They don't get used that much and so the mattresses we had in place were pretty old and pretty uncomfortable, at least for my aging back. We found there to be two big advantages for this product. The first is its packaging. Given the rolled air-free packaging, we were easily able to throw the package in the car (you may need two people since it's still heavy) to bring to a separate residence. Moving a mattress without needing a pickup is a big advantage sometimes. But you can only do that once. Once the product is open, it is a normal twin mattress size, in this case somewhat thicker than the original mattress. You may, as a result, want to check the depth against your current mattress since older twin sheets might not fit properly (new ones are usually big enough to cover this depth mattress, from what I found). As for comfort, overall, this was far more comfortable than our older mattresses. I tried it for a night and woke up without any back pain that I sometimes get with mattresses that are too soft. I'm used to a tempur-pedic foam mattress; this mattress gave me a little more springiness but just as much support. My guests will be pleased, so I'm pleased as well.

Mattress in a Box

This mattress arrived in a box about 4' x 1' x 1'. My first though was, there's a mattress in there? Yep, there is. Opening the box revealed a plastic bag with the air pumped out, and a mattress curled up inside. I would like to see how they do that! Open the bag carefully, and make sure you have plenty of room, because at some point the seal will be broken and the mattress will expand to full size. Instant mattress... just add air! The mattress is comfortable, but the foam layer is fairly thin. I'll probably get a padded mattress pad to put over it. Other than that, this is a good basic mattress.

I love this mattress

I love this mattress. It is extremely comfortable. It comes shipped in a rectangular box and is all rolled up so it will need time to flatten. It took about a week to lay completely flat and feel proper. The memory foam conforms to your body and really makes for comfy sleep. It also is priced well where as mattresses sold in stores are more than double. I would not hesitate to buy this type of product online, again.

Much to Soft for My Taste

The mattress is good quality, but how much you like or dislike it will depend on personal taste. That being said, it is much too cushiony and soft for my taste but it doesn't matter since I will be using this in one of the guest bedrooms. It comes in a tubular package that you better be strong or have someone to help you.

New type of memory foam in this has no odor thank God, and doesn't need 2 or 3 days to expand.

Since this is a box spring and a mattress (extra thick topper) you want to be setup properly, and this is BIG; you need a bed frame with wood slots for example that are down in the frame or you could use a low profile box spring under this one if you like the mile high stack look. This is a Euro design so it is a low profile. With a 10" high frame it sits 20" off of the floor to the top of the mattress. This box spring is advanced in that it has individual springs providing comfort, and if you roll over, your bed mate will not be disturbed, but it does not come with a rigid base. Standard box springs come with boards in the bottom, this is pure springs. It has a material wrap like a regular box spring. So here is the deal, depending on how high the mattress is you can get a lower profile wood slat frame or a taller one. Here is an example of both... With a higher clearance: With a lower clearance: Those are available with a headboard also. If you want that super tall bed look you could use a separate box spring for example in an 8" or low profile 5". As is the case with my other bedrooms memory foam mattresses they have a slightly firmer feel when new but even after one night the spots where you use it soften slightly. Here is a super big plus about this next generation memory foam is that it absolutely has no odor. My other mattress smelled to the high heavens when you first unfolded them. So between the smell and the need for them to expand to full height for 2 or 3 days, this is much better. This one achieving the ideal right out of the box is perfect. Now a closing note about feel. So what does that mean in terms of comfort? One man's comfort is another man’s less than ideal. Every memory foam mattress I have ever laid on when new gave me the impression that it was a little too firm, and this one is no exception. In every other case, as I mentioned they get softer very nicely after you sleep on them for a night or two, and only in those areas where you are sleeping on it. So if you are looking for that marshmallow softness right out of the box this is not it. I had a memory foam from Costco that was like that. The only problem is that you sink down in it so far, and yes it sinks like the others where you sleep on it, but in this case you are down in a valley unable to climb out. I had to swing my leg way over the hill to get to the outside, and that was painful to my joint where my leg met my hip. So although it appears like a powder puff it comes at a heavy price. It's like wearing a new pair of shoes. Things of quality get better with age.

Very Comfortable. Great Value.

Very Comfortable. Worth every Penny.


DON'T BUY THIS MATTRESS. ITS JUNK. SCROLL TO BOTTOM FOR THE FINAL 3 YEAR REVIEW ON THIS 5 YEAR WARRANTY PROTECTED MATTRESS. -After 3 days in-Mattress came in rolled up in a tall box for easy shipping. The box IS heavy so do try and get some help. Also you must open the box carefully, it'll almost explode out of the box so watch out. (that was a fun exciting part, im not gonna lie) The mattress took about 3 full days to completely Pop up and expand. Remember, they like vac seal these mattresses so give it a chance to expand. I didn't wait 3 days, in fact I slept on it the first day it arrived and slept so well. Lol -After 2 months, going on 3 and really I love this mattress. It's incredibly comfortable. Doesn't have any funny smells. It stays cool, doesn't trap heaT which is great because that's the only reason I didn't opt for an all temperpedic. -After 3 Years- Um.....I don't know where to start on this. After one year I rotated it. After year 2 I had to rotate it again. Can't flip it because its a pillowtop. I'm at year 3 and the bed is sinking on the sides I sleep on. I switched sleeping sides but this is happening all around and frankly, I should have to switch which side of the mattress I sleep on just to sleep on the sides with the only support left. Im waking up with sore shoulders and a sore back. I decided to buy a new mattress. So I came back to trusty Amazon then remembered out of the blue to check the warranty on the mattress. Ok great, says 5 years warranty and Im only 3 years in. I should be covered right? WRONG. AND THIS IS WHERE THE 1 STAR COMES IN. i would've updated my review to 3 stars from 5 since it didn't last until its warranty period. 1 star, because guess what? I contacted the manufacturer and now they're telling me that its Amazon's responsibility and are stating that Amazon is a 3rd party seller. However, the warranty is clearly a manufacturer warranty and this is a product sold directly by Safavieh through Amazon's platform. This was delivered from Safavieh warehouses, not Amazon. DON'T BUY THE MATTRESS. IT'S JUNK!

Excellent combination of comfort and support; no need for a box spring or other separate foundation.

This is a very comfortable and convenient piece of bedding - memory foam on top for comfort, and a set of springs underneath for support. You don't need a box spring, just this mattress. We found it much more comfortable than our previous memory foam-on-a-wooden-platform setup. Of course your preferences may be different. Another advantage: the item is shipped in wrapped and deflated format, in an oblong square box rather than a mattress-shaped box. So it is easier to carry. Once you get it out of the box, the mattress decompresses itself. Lots of fun to watch, kind of like a magic time lapse sequence.. So: perhaps not the height of luxury, and definitely doesn't feature adjustable firmness much less separate controls for the two sides of the bed. BUT it is an excellent mattress and saves you the money you might spend on a box spring. The combination of foam topper and springs is hard to beat - though, again, you might prefer something softer. Or firmer. Highly recommended, and I would gladly have spent my own money on this.

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