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+1.9x back pain relief

+1.7x side sleeping

+2.1x quality feel

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Summer 2024 Updates: Saatva's made to order mattresses are typically delivered within 9-21 days. Recent reviewers report high rated comfort and good customer service experiences overall.

Saatva has innovated over time with their mattresses. Their original Saatva Classic mattress is one of the best mattresses online for those looking for a traditional innerspring mattress feel. With an edge on quality, Saatva invested in better coil technology in their Classic, and lavish layers in their foam Loom and Leaf and all-latex Zenhaven mattresses. Over the years, they have innovated further, with their Saatva Latex Hybrid, the Solaire number bed, Saatva HD for larger sleepers, pocket coil Memory Foam Hybrid, and their pain-relieving Saatva Rx.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 9.5/10
Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10
Price Value: 9.4/10
Back Support: 9.5/10
Price: $925-$5050

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Longevity: 9.4/10
Body Conformability: 9.5/10
General Support: 9.5
Softness: 9.7
No Motion Transfer: 9
No Odor on Delivery: 9.4
Good for Hot Sleepers: 9.2
Sex / Bounce: 9.4
Good for Heavy Folks: 9.5
Silence: 9.3
Warranty: 9.8

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Saatva Specifics

Saatva's brand has expanded over the years to include quite the line-up of mattresses. From their flagship Saatva Classic, they have expanded to include the all-foam Loom & Leaf, Solaire, Zenhaven, Saatva HD, Saatva Latex Hybrid, Saatva Rx, and Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattresses. When it comes to their Saatva Classic, they offer a dual-coil innerspring design with luscious layers of comfort foam with three firmness levels to choose from (and a thicker / slim option too). Their Saatva Latex Hybrid features GOTS certified organic textiles and quality Talalay latex layers over a luxurious pocketed coil support system.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, most sleepers have excellent things to say about their Saatva mattresses, free white glove delivery, and firmness.

Quality of Materials
The Saatva Classic features lots of options -- with three firmness varieties and a 14.5'' and 11.5'' thickness option. It also offers a 'coil on coil' support system that focuses on long-lasting support with a top foam layer that breathes easier while being more responsive. No feeling trapped from a contour here.We'll go through what's inside their Classic Mattress, which comes in 3 firmness options and 2 height options:

Layer 1: The first layer is the Euro pillow top, which features pressure-relieving comfort. With two thickness options to choose from, sleepers report more pressure relief for the thicker option. In both cases, there is an exclusive Guardin™ botanical antimicrobial fabric treatment to the top layer of organic cotton. This layer features pressure relieving memory foam to help cushion the hips and shoulders.

Layer 2: Beneath this pressure relief layer, there is a middle-spine support layer, which acts in conjunction with the below middle-spine support.

Layer 3: The individually wrapped pocket coils are 4'' and wrapped in foam providing a well-balanced support structure for the spine while not aggravating pressure points.

Layer 4: 7'' of high-profile coils that resemble many traditional mattresses, providing firm support and better structure than many other options on the market.

Layer 5: A 1'' layer of base foam keeps the coils in place and a 5'' foam layer around the mattress provides the bed superior edge support.

Next, when it comes to their Latex Hybrid mattress, Saatva focuses on responsive, but balanced comfort with a generous Talalay latex layer, pocket spring support system, and other layers featuring GOTS and OEKO-TEX® certified textiles. With a more supportive, bouncier feel, their latex hybrid offers a good option to those worried about chemical sensitivities and eco-friendliness.We'll go through what's inside their Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress:

Layer 1: The first layer is their organic cotton cover, which is a breathable and natural option with Guardin™, their botanical antimicrobial treatment.

Layer 2: Their 100% organic New Zealand wool provides a sustainable fire barrier while providing temperature regulation and airflow to the top layer.

Layer 3: The Talalay latex layer offers an ultra-responsive, but conforming feel, which melts away pressure point pain without that 'stuck' feeling that some mention feeling with memory foam.

Layer 4: The following layer is the encased coil support layer, which features firmer coils along the edges for extra edge support, and well-balanced, supportive coils that cut down on partner disturbance while adjusting seamlessly to properly cradle the spine.

Layer 5: The last layer is an eco loft pad that anchors the bed and provides stability to the layers above for long term dutability.

Lastly, their new Memory Foam Hybrid mattress features cooling foams and pocket coils. This medium-firm mattress will provide sleepers with balanced support, while also helping to regulate temperature to keep things cool.Let's take a look at what's inside their Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress:

Layer 1: The cover is a breathable, organic cotton that has been treated with their botanical antimicrobial treatment Guardin™. The cotton is quilted into wool and other natural materials, and features lumbar zone quilting to promote healthy spinal alignment.

Layer 2: Next is a .5'' layer of gel-infused memory foam that's strategically placed only in the center of the mattress to provide pressure relief and support to the lower back.

Layer 3: A 1.5'' layer of breathable AirCradle memory foam provides body-contouring support and pressure relief. Due to the egg crate style of this foam layer, there are natural airpockets that help with airflow.

Layer 4: The main support layer is 8'' of individually wrapped pocket coils that provide dynamic response, limit motion transfer, and help with temperature regulation by promoting airflow. The pocket coils are surrounded by a perimeter of high-density foam which provides the mattress with great edge-support.

Layer 5: 1'' of foam provides the necessary base to ensure the stability and durability of the layers above.

Overall Comfort
Most agree that the Saatva provides a luxury comfort experience in both their Classic and their Latex Hybrid. Those that do best report liking the firmness varieties in the Saatva Classic, especially side sleepers who appreciate the plush soft version. Those that are stomach sleepers may prefer the firmer Saatva Classic, while those that want a more responsive and eco-friendly experience may enjoy the Latex Hybrid.

FirmnessSaatva offers three different firmness options in their Saatva Classic, while their Saatva Latex Hybrid and Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid are available in a medium-firm feel. While most average sized back and side sleepers will appreciate the Classic luxury firm option, slimmer back sleepers and stomach sleepers may do better with a softer or a firmer option.

Back Pain Relief
Saatva has been endorsed by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations with its seal of approval, and also there is a significant number of customers that have reported feeling relief for discomfort they had from their previous mattress.

Saatva's designs focus on cool sleeping with the airy coil region and the build of the pillow top layer in their Saatva Classic, wool layer in their Saatva Latex Hybrid, and the airy pocket coils of the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid. Most customers report comfortable sleep with only those in extremely warm settings desiring an alternative.

Who Is Saatva Perfect For?
Saatva's mattresses are great mattress for those that are looking for an extremely comfortable experience with a luxury mattress feel at a price that offers a lot of value for the quality within.

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Superb Luxury Mattress And Excellent Service Make The Saatva a Best Bet!

When I left a 35 year career as Creative Director for a major Advertising Agency my timing was perfect - the economy collapsed. I took a job with a major mattress chain creating campaigns to promote certain models.

During this period I visited a number of mattress manufacturers and was amazed that the same mattress meant to sell at a retail point of let's say $2,000 would by a simple change of the name and damask become a mattress set for an optimum price point of $800. This is why it's impossible for the consumer to comparison shop. If you find a mattress you like called "The Cloud" the store you're in is the only store that carries that mattress with that name.

Right down the street that very same mattress may be selling for as much as 50% more or less - the selling of mattresses is unfortunately a shady business and the consumer suffers from it.

I'll caveat the following by saying I am a research fanatic. It's in my blood and it drives most friends and family crazy - I am unrelenting and I go over board. That said when my better half and I realized that neither of us were getting a decent nights sleep, with the exception for our two Old English Bulldogs who could doze off on a bed of nails. I was handed my orders to find a mattress and the search began.

During a web search I found the Saatva site and book marked it along with the dozen others I had saved. When I finally read through the web site I was struck by two thing:.

1) The site is brimming with valuable information. There is virtually no what we call in advertising "fluff" or "weasel words" it's the best education about mattresses you'll find.

2) Claims by Saatva are backed up with facts. spec by spec, apples to apples. In fact there is a comparison chart between the Saatva mattress and other high end mattresses. As an example one comparison of the Saatva at $899 shows that the Saatva actually surpasses an equivalent Kings Down Mattress which has an MSRP of over three grand.

I drove them crazy with endless telephone calls and I'm surprised the company didn't take out a restraining order against me. What I found time and time again is that each person I spoke with knew the product inside and out. If I had questions about the coil system, the foam densities, the gauge of the springs they were answered. The few times there was a question that couldn't be answered ( because no normal person would ask these questions) but that's not me. I would be transferred to someone who could.

Never once was I pressured to buy. There is no "one time deal if you buy today" Pressure what so ever. Saatva means "Truth" and that's exactly what you get.

Now about the mattress!

We purchased the King Size Luxury Firm it was delivered with lightning speed and the plastic wrapping is beyond protective - it's closer to a Hazmat suit. When the mattress was placed in our bed frame - my spouse and I were both struck by how absolutely gorgeous it is. Quality touches abound. From the iron clad strong handles, to the intricate braiding on the sides. The deep tufted upholstered buttons make for an elegant and incredibly comfortable surface.

The Damask is pure 100% natural cotton both gorgeous in look and feel and the Damask ensures the mattress breathes. As far as support and comfort the Saatva mattress is brilliant. We haven't slept this well, this deeply and woken feeling this good in years, and that's a fact.
If you're still reading this novel and aren't comatose by this time, I applaud you. I promise to wrap this up in a minimum of 300 more pages.

The common thread between everyone at Saatva is passion.

Saatva promises silver but delivers gold and few mattress sellers, if any can make that claim. There is no single piece of furniture in the world that has such a profound effect on our health and well being. Our Saatva is the best investment we have made in years - and it's Bulldog Approved!

Highest Recommendation

We wanted a memory foam mattress because they're so comfortable to sleep on

We've had our king size Saatva Luxury Firm for about 4 months now. We wanted a memory foam mattress because they're so comfortable to sleep on, but hubby is a big tall husky Texan and he sleeps really REALLY hot (as in no covers, not even a sheet, even when I would have a small heating blanket turned on). We tried 3 different memory foam mattresses and without fail, within the first year there would be a big uncomfortable depression on his side.Once we even flipped the mattress upside down (memory foam on the bottom), but it made no difference. So we finally decided to try something completely different. Reviews for the Saatva were outstanding (both the mattress as well as their customer service) so we took the plunge and ordered our latest new mattress. (we've been married about 13 years, and this will be our FIFTH mattress... maybe even sixth??).

I actually fought liking this mattress (cause I love sleeping on memory foam). But I have to say... this is without a doubt one of the most comfortable mattresses I have EVER slept on. You do feel your partner moving... but who cares when a mattress sleeps this nice. I'm crossing my fingers that at the end of our first year there isn't a depression on hubby's side... but so far so good. I love love LOVE this mattress! It feels different from any other mattress I've ever slept on. I can't even really tell you what that difference is, but it's awesome. We BOTH love this mattress.

Also, Saatva customer service is awesome... and their delivery service was amazing. This is not a shrink-wrapped mattress... it's the real deal. Our bedroom is upstairs. The guys went up the stairs, hauled out our old mattress, then back upstairs to set up the Saatva.

Oh, one more thing I love about this mattress. The memory foam mattresses were so heavy I had to struggle every time I made the bed. This mattress I can actually put sheets on without using any swear words... and without needing a chiropractor afterwards. What's not to love??

It's nicely made.

well it's not quite what I expected. It's nicely made.. It looks good but wow is it a FIRM mattress. I tried sleeping on it for four nights. Every night I found that I was waking up about every 2 hours. It became literally torturous to attempt to sleep on. Posting this will of course prompt both an online response and likely a phone call from Saatva customer service since their business is so singularly dependent on online reviews. that's what sold me.. "the best reviewed mattress on Google" with 7,000 reviews. But I found I had to put a memory foam pad on top of it to make it comfortable. It reminds me a little of a hotel mattress.. if that hotel is a Motel 6. They have to have super firm mattresses because they last a longer time. The Saatva Luxury Firm is not "uncomfortable" if you think of it compared to a hard surface. It's just not the ideal sleeping environment. Also.. the motion transfer.. I have to say it's pretty terrible. We used to have a "Do Not Disturb" mattress which had pretty good characteristics regarding not disturbing your sleeping partner. The Saatva is much more like a box of jello. Sorry but that's true. Again. .it's nicely made.. looks good... but is not terribly good at providing a good night's sleep. Wish I could be more positive.

Do not buy! Beware skewed reviews!

Purchased a Saatva luxury mattress back in April of 2015. Not even 3 months later body impressions and sagging developed. Despite rotating mattress as instructed, impressions became worse(solid bed spring underneath). I'm not a heavy person (I weigh about 175, 6ft) and my s.o. weighs less than 100 pounds). Because of this condition, my back has developed excruciating pain. In fact, I thought it couldn't be my mattress because of all the positive reviews (and $1000 price tag). I continued to sleep in it until November when I could afford another mattress (cheap no name) and now my back is back to normal. I'm a busy person, I don't have time to get on the phone and complain but fast forward January 2016, I contact Saatva. I explain my issues to the service representative and I received a very generic response: refund $400 and I keep the admittedly faulty mattress or pay $212 and get a new one. What good is a mattress if I can't sleep in it?! If I pay $212 I'll be out $1200 and no promise if the next mattress will do the same thing. The representative could give me confidence. Judging by the representative's response, this appears to be a common complaint. Yes I read the overwhelmingly positive reviews and saw lengthy no obligation trial for 75 days but how can I be the only one who has a problem? I've lodged a complaint with the BBB and will try to spread the word! Luxury firm mattress by Saatva is very poor quality, DO NOT BUY!


One usually rates a service on a scale of 1 to 10. We rate Saatva at least a 12. Due to my wife's unusual orthopedic complications we had to return
the mattress we had ordered. (Let me point out that for me the mattress was perfect). The staff at Saatva was most understanding, brought no pressure on us, and refunded our money instantly, even before the mattress was picked up. We never heard of anything like this before. We offered
to share the return freight costs but the Company would not hear of it. They only asked if we would consider keeping the box spring foundation. We
eagerly offered to buy the foundations but the Company insisted nay, thanked us for just keeping it. If you need a mattress and want to deal with an
honest company we heartily recommend Saatva to you.

Great Mattress

We have purchased the Saatva mattress and love it. However, the delivery company was horrible! Saatva personnel finally resolved the issue with the delivery company and Saatva was helpful all the way. I would recommend the mattress, but have them stay on top of the delivery company for you.

... firm mattress I was sleeping on (to help a bad back), this mattress is heaven

Compared to the firm mattress I was sleeping on (to help a bad back), this mattress is heaven. I bought the Luxery Firm Saatva mattress about a month ago and my aging legs are grateful I did. My old mattress was in great shape but it was just the wrong firmness for me. I had tight leg muscles from the pressure points I endured even with a latex topper. Now my legs feel twenty years younger and I am sleeping a deep sound sleep. I am much more alert during the day. My dog sleeps on the mattress while I am at work when he never did before. (His rumpled dog blanket on the bed is the evidence).

I am only giving this mattress four stars for the following reasons: (1) When I do sleep in (up to 10 hours), my back aches a bit. (2) The description of the mattress says the height is 14". As shown in the photo, the entire mattress is a full 16" in height. I guess they don't count the pillow top portion of the product in the specs. I am disappointed to get something other than what I expected. I would have ordered the 11" mattress instead. You will have to buy deep sheets to fit.

My complaints and praise have nothing to do with this brand of mattress, only my personal experience, so let me add that the quality is excellent - even better for the price. The service of Saatva and the delivery company was outstanding.

Questionable Firmness Scale

Good customer service but either unintentionally misleading stated firmness or possible inconsistencies with production. Wanted fairly firm mattress and I though Firm that's 8/10 on the scale of firmness with 10 being a tabletop should be plent . It wasn't. I suspected that by mistake I got luxury firm but after a phone call it was confirmed that I did get the firm one after all. It wasn't bad but unless you're laying level on it, it's mostly useless. Sitting on it you sink in, on your stomach reading your elbows will bury deep in the mattress. Returned it and got Tuft and Needle (supposedly 7/10 firm) for $550 less and it is firmer, yet super comfy and plush!

Awesome mattress

Highly recommend. Purchased from Saatva in May. Absolutely the best mattress I have ever had! Previously had the select comfort bed (setting level 35.) Did not buy select comfort again because the foam broke down over 10 years and the area to sleep in is greatly reduced by the foam boarders around mattress including down the middle. First ordered the luxury firm based on sleep style recommendation of back and side sleeper. Found it to be too firm after one night so we changed it to the plush soft. Customer service was wonderful in helping us switch our order. The delivery and set up went smoothly. This bed is soooooo comfortable. We sleep great and wake feeling rested. Absolutely love it!

Not as happy after just short of a year

UPDATING review for Saatva Luxury Firm purchased almost a year ago...When we initially got bed we enjoyed it very much. Now, almost a year later, we are both finding we have more aches than not in our backs/hips. We did put a 2inch foam mattress pad on to help add some cushion, but....... At this point next week we are going to put the boxes and top mattress in mattress bags and store, in outside room til we can sell it an maybe get 1/4 of the price back. Switching to a foam mattress or sleep number. There is sinking starting on each side, even though every 3 months we rotate the top mattress.

Mattress is uncomfortable, excellent service/marketing

I am going to give this three stars to average out the one star I give it for comfortable. My wife hated it and the coils dug into my side and put my arm to sleep. We bought the plush. It was not a particularly good mattress compared to those you'd find in Sears or Macy's. Price was good and it does not sleep hot like Tempurpedic. This may not be so for other buyers, but it made us unhappy, especially in light of the many positive reviews.

With that said, the marketing and customer service is excellent. They want and heavily solicit good reviews. As a result, they go above and beyond if you are not satisfied. This shows integrity and savvy marketing--you are less likely to get the really negative reviews and boost your positive ones. So--they are skewing the playing field, but in a reasonable way and one consistent with wanting to please consumers.

Disappointed - luxury firm feels like a board - sales rep told me it was gentle, floating feeling - it's NOT!

We were interested in replacing our tired old mattress after 12 years - when new, it had felt like we were floating on a cloud. I was inclined toward a soft plush Saatva but the sales rep suggested that, based on my description, we might prefer the medium luxury firm. We received it a month ago. On the positive side, it sleeps cool, which is nice. On the negative side, this is nothing like floating on a cloud. It's more like lying on a board. When I sleep on my side, the side I'm lying on gets numb and aches. My lower back hurts every morning. My arms tingle. It's miserable. I called after 3 days and the rep strongly suggested that we keep the bed for a month - let the foams relax and we'll get that experience we wanted. Well, it's been a month today. I phoned today and they are trading it out for a soft plush for $99. But I think they should have offered to do it for free, since I originally wanted a soft plush but after the conversation with the original rep a month ago they convinced me that the medium was right for me. Now I'm worried about the soft plush but we're willing to give it a try.

I also have to say that I wasn't thrilled with customer service today. First, on online chat, I corresponded with Ariel. She had to send me to the phone line to make the exchange. On the phone I spoke with Ashley. I complained about my level of discomfort, and she went to great lengths to assure me the problem was with my personal preference and not a fault in the mattress. I explained that I had originally expressed interest in a softer mattress, but she said again that she wanted to be sure I was aware that mattress comfort is subjective and that nothing could have ensured our comfort, and that as a courtesy, that the company will exchange the mattress now for only $99 redelivery. No, Ashley, it's not a courtesy; it's part of your sales policy and part of why I bought Saatva. I knew after 3 days that I was miserable and you guys asked me to keep the bed for a month, which I have. Please now don't start trying to convince me that the bed is fine and it's not your fault. Just agree to exchange the bed and tell me you'll be there for me if I need you after I try my new bed too. One last thing - I'm not a complainer, ordinarily. (So if I seem cranky now, I'm sorry but maybe it's because I haven't had a decent night's sleep in a month!)

Awesome mattress

Highly recommend. Purchased from Saatva in May. Absolutely the best mattress I have ever had! Previously had the select comfort bed (setting level 35.) Did not buy select comfort again because the foam broke down over 10 years and the area to sleep in is greatly reduced by the foam boarders around mattress including down the middle. First ordered the luxury firm based on sleep style recommendation of back and side sleeper. Found it to be too firm after one night so we changed it to the plush soft. Customer service was wonderful in helping us switch our order. The delivery and set up went smoothly. This bed is soooooo comfortable. We sleep great and wake feeling rested. Absolutely love it!

What an amazing mattress, and a great company too!

I suffer from an acute, chronic back condition as the result of three surgeries. I find it extremely difficult to locate a place for myself that doesn't cause pain. Our very expensive, but worth the money, Shiffman mattress did the job until it hit the 12 year mark. My wife and I began investigating our options and for a fraction of the cost, decided on our Saatva King! My wife, who I swear was born in Missouri, the show me State, is skeptical of anything new or different, and complained about everything at first! After one night's sleep she was convinced and in love, just like me, the very first night! No pain! Just a floating feeling, best described as Nirvana! Now, we both can't wait to get into our our Saatva mattress as soon as possible, for the best night's sleep, night after night!


When we contacted Saatva for information, we spoke to Ed Brians. Ed was so helpful with his recommendations. We were most impressed by the lengthy time he took to ask about how we were sleeping, what if any problems we were experiencing with our current bed, and what we were expecting of a new bed. He listened carefully and by the time we finished our conversation, there was no doubt that Saatva would soon be in our home. Our original Saatva was delivered years ago; our newest one, a few months ago. The delivery men were courteous, efficient, and very complimentary about Saatva and how happy other customers were when they delivered to them. They presented a very positive impression of Saatva. We anticipated the first night in the bed would not go so well as we might need to get use to sleeping on a new bed, boy-Oh-boy were we wrong! My wife Terri slept all night waking up refreshed and pain free. She couldn't believe how comfortable our new Saatva was and that she didn't feel me tossing or turning at all. She slept an unbelievable ten hours, which was unheard of before our new bed! Where I normally only sleep about four hours (tortuously), I slept in a deep, peaceful, single position for seven hours; something I haven't experienced for many years. I woke up without any of the usual pains, invigorated, and ready to face the day. A peaceful, healthy, and happy nights sleep. Unreal! We are so happy with our new Saatva. The handwriting is getting bolder on the wall. Amazon is the largest retailer in the world with no stores. Saatva has no stores. Amazon is a game changer for shopping in in our world. Saatva is a game changer for shopping luxury mattresses in our world. Ed Brians is a game changer for his remarkable style of talk and warmth in our world. I'm calmer, I smoke so much less and I sleep so much more and I know it's my Saatva! Thank you.

Love my bed!

I don't even think about my mattress or my lower back pain anymore. I had a top of the line memory foam mattress that was comfortable when I first got in bed. However I am a stomach sleeper, and I would wake up unable to move, because of low back pain. I LOVE this mattress. It took me months to decide. But when I considered cost, and organic materials I would be laying on Saatva was the best. And it's comfortable! No back pain, no poisonous chemicals. It was delivered with 10 days of my order. Made in the USA. I would recommend this bed to anyone.

Highly recommend - no risk, fabulous mattress, great experience

Wow what an amazing concept! Skip all that time-wasting, energy-draining, super annoying mattress shopping. No need to worry about returns or refunds if it doesn't work out. There's nothing to lose but so much to gain! So we took the risk - because there was no risk! Just determine what level of firmness you prefer and that's all you need to do.

I wasn't even a tiny bit skeptical because the reviews are great and I'm so very happy to say everything was and is perfect. Ordered luxury firm king sized on line. (Paid about $400 more total than out last mattress which was a queen. Prices are very reasonable given the high quality). Received timely, courteous follow up call and emails. Received calls from delivery company regarding dates and confirmation of time window. On time, no issue delivery. Very nice delivery guys who were shocked to receive a tip. (Tip your delivery people y'all - that's hard work!)

No smells, no nothing. Just gorgeous firm unbelievably comfortable mattress. We seem to toss and turn much, much less in this bed. If one of us does turn over or get up, lo and behold, the other doesn't feel the movement and isn't woken up! Amazing.

We sleep great, no aching back, no morning stiffness. It's hard to get up because the bed is simply so comfortable. I love that it's firm but cushioned,

I've told everyone about our experience. There's no reason at all not to give it a try. You'll save yourself the grief of shopping for mattresses. You'll gain an amazing high quality mattress and fantastic sleep. Highly highly recommend and so very happy I stumbled across this company

Best Sleep of My Life!

I have been sleeping on my Saatva Luxury Firm for about a year and I have never slept better! I used to think I had insomnia because I could never fall right to sleep but now I do. I can't speak for helping sore backs or anything since I don't have any back issues but if you are looking for a well made comfortable mattress, this one is great! And for how nice it is you couldn't beat the price. It didn't take me any time to adjust to it and it's made of really nice and green materials!

Easily the best mattress we have ever purchased

We own a Royal Aireloom mattress set and and a Dux mattress set and have been very satisfied with both of them. However, the time came to purchase a new one for our master bedroom and shift the Aireloom to one guest room. After shopping in mattress specialty shops and in department stores, we were confounded by the prices as well as the fact that the same mattress would have a different name in a different store. When thinking about spending over $5000 for a quality product and then having the sales people do their whole sales pitch with a 'but we can do this and that', we were about to give up the whole idea. Then a few months ago, we found Saatva Mattress online and began to do our research. We read all the reviews and then reread them. We thought very carefully for weeks about buying a mattress online. There were several factors that weighed heavily in our decision. First, the price was easily $1000 under the lowest sales price for a mattress in a store (not an Aireloom or Dux, those were $3-4000 less). Second, the representative called us immediately and was knowledgable and courteous in answering our questions about comparing their mattress with our Aireloom and Dux. Third, the fact that in a store, you lie on a mattress for what - 8 -10 minutes max - and make a choice based on that. And last, but hardly least, was the return policy. We thought it couldn't get better than all of the above. And then it did - we got a Veterans' discount! And when the delivery people arrived, they got everything in place without so much as a scratch on the stair walls! We have only slept on it for two nights now, but can state categorically that this Saatva mattress is perfect! My husband is 6' 4'' and when he moved, I hardly noticed. The support, for a back and side sleeper is just right. We look forward to years of sleeping luxury and will undoubtedly purchase a Saatva again. Many thanks!

So happy

We have had our bed for three years and it is still amazing. We have had no sags, divots, or creasing either.we could not be happier with this choice. We has bought another Ed 2 years prior and we hated it it within 3 months (from another company)

Too firm

Do not trust all the raving reviews on their website. I left a negative review and it was deleted or never published. I ordered the plush soft mattress a year ago and really regret this purchase. If you want a soft, cloudlike mattress this is not the best choice. It is way to firm and uncomfortable for my liking.

Sleeping good

5 stars for this mattress. after 10 to 20 minutes of what I think will be reading time before bed, the comfort of my new SAATVA mattress settles me in to sleep before I can get into the book. I love my SAATVA California King size mattress. Yeah for SAATVA. Organic cotton and USA made YEAH!!!

we felt with the replacement/refund policy it was a good deal. We ordered the higher box spring

We purchased our King-sized Saatva following my total knee replacement 1.5 years ago; we felt with the replacement/refund policy it was a good deal. We ordered the higher box spring, which made our bed like one from 'Princess and the Pea' and difficult to climb into. I called and explained the problem, it was dealt with in a short period of time. The original order was delivered in less time than promised, the delivery service people were wonderful; the mattress is very comfortable. Friends thought we were crazy for ordering mattress and box spring on-line, but it has been the best set we've owned in 44 years of marriage and we have had some high quality sets.

First impressions were great. We ordered the 11

We've only had one night on the mattress so far so this review is about the ordering and delivery process for now. I think I lucked out in terms of the turnaround. First impressions were great. We ordered the 11.5'' king sized plush soft mattress since I like a mattress with some 'hug' since I'm primarily a side sleeper.

We tried the Tuft & Needle king mattress but decided it was much too firm, even with a memory foam mattress topper. After the T&N mattress didn't work out, we went to Sleepy's and seriously considered a $3,600.00+ Kingsdown mattress. We couldn't pull the trigger even if the $750 T&N king mattress didn't work so after reading tons of reviews, decided to give the Saatva at try, especially since we figured out we actually prefer coil mattress over foam ones.

I ordered the mattress on the night of 10/13/15, received a call the morning of 10/15/15 from a Saatva Team Leader confirming my order including specifications and making sure I measured the frame I was using, and received a confirmation email from the Saatva rep shortly after. The rep was friendly and made sure I knew she was there to help if I thought of any additional questions. She told me I would be contacted shortly after to coordinate the delivery.

Sure enough I received a call maybe half an hour later from another rep from the delivery company on behalf of Saatva. She asked if the following Wednesday but I asked if there was any chance we could get it delivered on a weekend and she put me on hold for a minute or so. I think I lucked out because they put me in for the Saturday just two days later, 10/17/15. She explained that they delivered anytime between 8 AM to 9 PM but that I'd receive another call the day before the delivery with a time window.

I received 4-5 calls the next day confirming delivery. It was a bit much. I missed one automated one and called back to receive the info. I then got another from an actual person and I confirmed everything with her. There was then another one with an automated message and I confirmed receipt of the call... and then missed two additional calls, presumably about the delivery again.

The time slot was 4 hours but I did receive a courtesy call 20 minutes before they arrived which was well within the time window. The delivery took maybe 7 minutes at the most. They brought the mattress upstairs for us, laid it on the frame, and took the plastic wrap with them.

Will update the review once we have more nights on the mattress.

UPDATE: Still happy with the mattress! Only complaint is that I sometimes feel my fiance turn, but this could also be partially attributed to our bed frame (we do not use a box spring). I am not experiencing any back or neck pain and am still very much enjoying the 'hug' of the mattress that the plush comes with.

Too Early to Make Call, but man I'm tired.

2 nights, and zero sleep. So for me the luxury mattress hasn't been luxury at all. Will give it 2-3 weeks and return if feeling the same way. I had a memory foam mattress and slept well on it, but wasn't good for adult activity. Switched up after hearing all the good reviews. Love the customer service, but not enjoying my sleep. I'll post back in a few weeks. Feel like Al Pacino in that movie Insomnia.

comfortable mattress we have ever had

This is by far the most luxurious, comfortable mattress we have ever had. Not only do we both get a great night's sleep, but my long-term back pain is gone. Saatva went above and beyond with customer service, as well. I ordered the 14.5'' king mattress. When it was delivered, I just felt it was too high for me. Even though it was entirely my mistake, Saatva replaced it with the 11.5'' mattress for only a $79 delivery fee. I couldn't believe it, but they just wanted me to be happy. And I am!!! I will be a Saatva customer for life. Highly recommend!

We really love this mattress and my husband and I are both...

We really love this mattress and my husband and I are both sleeping very well. I was afraid to order a mattress on line but Saatva gives you a 75 day trial and I felt that if we didn't like it we could return it without any problems. We also bought a new comforter set and our bed looks beautiful. I would highly recommend this mattress.o We have always bought Beauty Rest but this mattress is by far the best.

She purchased a Saatva and said she had been 'sleeping like a rock' ever since it arrived

I was told about this mattress by my industrious and frugal niece who had been thoroughly researching mattresses on line. She purchased a Saatva and said she had been 'sleeping like a rock' ever since it arrived. What also appealed to her was that it is a totally organic product. After a little research of my own, I decided to follow her lead and purchased my own Saatva. The first night I was slightly alarmed because it was firmer than I had expected and was used to. But after that initial night I became very enamored of this lovely product. I have been sleeping on it for a month now and feel so much more well rested! Additionally, some of my aches and pains seem to have diminished. I suffer from lots of arthritis and believe the wonderful support this mattress provides has helped enormously! I adjusted to the new level of firmness very quickly and now would not go back. I highly recommend Saatva's flagship Luxury Firm mattress. You avoid all the confusing rhetoric of the sales people at the mattress stores as well (and sometimes bait and switch tactics). If you are in the market for a new mattress, you can't go wrong here....

What Are You Waiting For?!

I am 70 and have slept on airbeds, futons, waterbeds, memory foam, springs, and the ground. I needed a new bed as I was going to have spinal fusion surgery so after doing some looking around, I chose the Saatva. From the time the guys carried it in and set it up I was all over it. The best bed I have ever owned or slept in. I am so glad I bought it. A friend from Virginia Beach bought one recently as well. She loves it. Go get one.

customer service is over the top in good service and their desire to make each customer happy

Mattress is high quality at an affordable price, replaced a 'number bed' with this luxury firm, it is firm, yet cushiony, customer service is over the top in good service and their desire to make each customer happy. I especially liked that there is no 'off gassing' at all.......I worried about making an online purchase, but am so glad I did....take the leap, you won't be disappointed!!!

Best mattress in the world !

We have the luxury King since Thanksgiving of last year. It's a wonderful mattress. We don't have any aches or pains getting out of it in the morning and just jump off like school children , refreshed and ready for the day. We are both in our 50- ies. I had back surgery due to severe sciatica and bulging disk 5 years ago. Our old mattress actually gave me more flare ups and it was a Tempurpedic , recommended by my Surgeoun. When we made the decision to try out Saatva it was a very scary decision not to be able to see it first or even experience the feel. But with the 30-60!daybtriwl and return policy we went for it.
We are so very glad we did. The best, most restful sleep with no interruption, just an extremely comfort sale and cozy bed. I used to read on the couch , but ever since we got this mattress , I just hop on it and that's my 'me' time. Better than a massage. No need for stretching excersizes just husband, kittens and me in peaceful rejuvenating relaxation.
There is a small indentation where we both sleep but somehow it just caresses the body all in the right places. We have turned it around once so far but it's really not necessary. There was never any chemical scent to it , just beautifully crafted , no need to use cushiony mattress cover , it's just the perfect bed. I hope to have it for a very long time.Note to the manufacturers! Please , don't change anything in the upcoming years.

Loving our Saatva Lyxery Firm

You make up your mind reading the reviews and asking questions. Customer service is there to answer your questions and to help you get the mattress that fits your needs. No pressure sales talks great bunch of people to work with and never once did they try to sale me a mattress. We have had our mattress for about 3 weeks and from the first night I slept better than I had in a very long time. My wife was not that fortunate it has taken her a little longer to get use to the firm mattress. She is starting to sleep better and longer now that she is getting use to the bed. I even catch her going in there and catching her a nap on her days off. I will say this we came off of a $3000 memory foam bed with a lifetime warranty and bought the Saatva Luxery Firm and wished we had done it a long time ago! I haven't had it long enough to answer any durability questions but you can bet I will be as quick to let people know about how long it last as I was about how good it sleeps.

It is by far the best mattress we have ever had

We bought our mattress about a year ago. We were reluctant to buy it sight unseen but with their guarantee we decided to go for it. It is by far the best mattress we have ever had. I always had hip pain and was continuously having to adjust my sleeping position to get any relief. With our Saatva mattress I no longer have the pain and sleep through the night. You will not find a better mattress for the money.

Not worth your money

Owned a king size mattress and it sags terribly over 1.5 years. Yes, they replaced it once, but it happened again and no I'm not going to pay 25% of the purchase price to get another one and have the same problem. GO ELSEWHERE and shop.

Not for everyone, but definitely is for me

We bought our King Plush Soft mattress 2 years ago and I honestly can't imagine a better mattress. That is until I started reading reviews and realized there are actually people out there that didn't like the Saatva experience and that there is no one mattress that is best for everyone. So I'll just give as much info about us and if you think you're situation is similar, then you should probably heed my advice. My wife and I are both 5'-8", I'm 160lb and she's a lot less than that ;-). We bought this mattress in our late 30's. We have 4 kids (hence the need to leap from a queen to a king). We both like our mattress soft, but Saatva really hypes their Luxury Firm, and they have a generous trial period. So we bought the Luxury Firm, feeling that the risk was low. I'll say that right off the bat we could tell that Saatva is a company that focuses on customer service first, and selling mattresses second. That being said, when our mattress arrived, we were very impressed with the quality of craftsmanship that was visible and tangible. We couldn't wait to have our first night's sleep. But it was just ok. We thought maybe the mattress needed to break in to soften up a bit, but after 2 weeks we dreaded going to bed. The Luxury Firm was very firm, even with the pillow top. After 3 weeks we had terrible back and hip pain. We hate to make a fuss, but we just weren't sleeping. We were faced with the dilemma of returning the mattress and starting the search over again, knowing we would be spending more than the $1000 we spent on this mattress, or paying the $100 shipping to return this mattress and try the Plush Soft (and possibly hating that one too). We opted for the latter, reasoning that the $100 was a safe risk. I have never made a wiser decision in my life. The Plush Soft is AMAZING! Back pain is gone. It's been 2 years and we LOVE this mattress. One of the things I always test on a bed is how stable the edge is. If I feel like I'm going to fall out of bed while laying right on the edge, then I figure the actual size of the bed is the next size down. This is full width king all the way to the fully supported edge. I don't ever notice movement from my wife and I never feel heat building up from the mattress. I can't believe this mattress was only $1100 ($1000 for the first and $100 for the second). It feels better than the $3000+ mattresses I try in the stores. Usually people have their best nights rest in fancy hotel room beds. Now I have that feeling every night in my own home. So while I would recommend this mattress to everyone, I get that everyone is different. But I will say this. . . If you don't try Saatva you are making a mistake. It's risk free. If you don't like it, send it back within the trial period. It won't cost you anything, unless you ask them to make you a different bed, then it's only $100. What do you have to lose?

Good but not for long

Great first year. I got the firm one and it alleviated my back pain. Now its 3 years later and its full of sags and the back pain came back. I would expect a mattress like this to last longer

"My mattress was really old

"My mattress was really old, embarrassingly old, I’m not going to share a number old. I researched and researched and kept coming back to Saatva. I’m 57, active, healthy but when I got out of bed each morning it took me awhile to get to where I could bend over to get the dog’s bowl. Plus I would toss and turn and wake up in the middle of the night. After one week, I’m sleeping the best sleep of my life, I wake up rested AND I CAN MOVE! No pain! I’m happy, the dog is no longer bewildered about how long it takes to get breakfast, and the world is a brighter place! Plus the gentleman who delivered the mattress and took my old mattress and box springs were very nice and in and out in about 15 minutes. If you are on the fence, hit the buy button. Now!"

Saatva has a great product

Saatva has a great product! I have the classic bed style which is very comfortable. The customer service agent Paul went over and beyond and honored their warranty for me. I was very happy!

Best matress ever

My back pain so bad it was shooting down my leg. I was crying as I walked. I have had this mattress for 3 weeks and no more back pain. So well the money. You will sleep better & Guess what? No back pain... Guys do your self a favor and just buy it...

Amazing Mattress

I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to not spend the money on my previous mattress and to just spend it and buy this amazing Saatva mattress. After my second child, I couldn’t go back to sleeping on my stomach so side sleeping it was. We ordered the 14.5” plush mattress. It’s like sleeping on a pillowy cloud but with support. It is so cozy and comfy and the supported sides work so well with my edge of the bed sleeping habits! But this mattress, it is worth the wait and you won’t be sorry you got it!

Superb customer service

We just had the most pleasant mattress buying experience in store at the 966 3rd ave location. There was no pressure to buy and the sales rep Drew was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks again and we look forward to our mattress delivery!

Great service

We ordered an Amalfi headboard/frame with our king size Saatva Classic mattress. Turned out it was too tall to fit up the stairs to our bedroom so we switched it out for a Minori. After the Minori was installed we noticed a slight defect/gap in the upper left corner of the headboard. Called Saatva and they arranged for a replacement - no problem. I offered to send pictures of the defect to see if they could send someone out to fix it but was told they did not need it, would just have a new headboard made to be reinstalled. My only regret in dealing with this company as far as the quality of their products and the way they stand behind them is that we only needed the one bed. Highly recommend Saatva to anyone looking for a new bed. They really lived up to all the great reviews we saw when researching our new bed.

Comfortable and sustainable

I’m very happy with this mattress — it is the perfect blend of firmness and give. I have recommended it to my parents, both of whom have complained in the past of hip and back problems. I also really appreciate the sustainability aspect of the mattress — considering how much “memory foam” ends up in landfills, I definitely feel better about the quality and materials of the Saatva mattress over the cheaper brands.

Gotta be the greatest !

Thanks for your email. Several years ago, I bought one of your luxury king size deep sided mattresses. I was so pleased with it that when my granddaughter needed a mattress, I talked her out of paying a lot of money for a furniture store mattress and gave her mine. So, I purchased another one from you and again, I am thoroughly pleased. I’m very glad your business is doing well. Just FYI, initially, it was your video showing how the mattress was put together that really sold me on it. It just said comfort and support to me, and sold me."

Saatva, Flagship Luxury Mattress web-site

Saatva delivered our Flagship Luxury Firm mattress today. Their web-site states "3. Free mattress removal You don’t have to worry about disposing of your old mattress. Our delivery team will take it away for free". They did not take away our old mattress and the delivery team stated it was because we did not request removal. The delivery team was two good guys and said they would be responsible for disposing of the old mattress. I failed to check the box on the order requesting removal. Now I do have to "worry" about removing the mattress. I would suggest that the #3 box quoted above should warn that you must be certain to check the box on your order requesting removal. A Saatva representative said they would refund me $50.00. The cost to haul away the mattress by a second party is $150.00. Beware!! Simple web-site clarity by Saatva would resolve this problem. Now of course I am concerned about their return policy and their warranty validity. "Did I check the right box?"

Gloria from New York is the Very Best! Thanks Saatva

Gloria from New York is well versed in everything Saatva!! I appreciate her so much and the fact that Saatva realizes that effective Customer care has to stay in the United States and they have to have knowledgeable employees like Gloria in New York. Gloria is more than able to help with the whole process!!

Horrid communication and BS customer support responses

Terrible communication and customer support processes. I tried getting some information about when my mattress would arrive, and had to talk with 5 people before I got half an answer that was helpful (I was given the phone number to the outsourced delivery company -- yes, they outsource their delivery, which saves costs, I'm sure... but leads to many inefficiencies... it's like one hand didn't know what the other was doing.) All I wanted was an answer to when my mattress would arrive, and I always received the BS response of, "due to our product being in such high demand," or, "our product is amazing and you'll love it once it arrives".... don't tell me about how great your product is, just answer the question. Maybe I could confirm that the product is great, if it ever gets here. And maybe it is a good product, but I would NOT recommend this company, purely based on their inefficient in-house communication, and their non-answers to my questions. Oh, also, one representative called me 3 times asking how he could help, AFTER my issue had been resolved... and he hung up on me twice mid-sentence after I started providing feedback for his management team. This company does not like to be called out on their inefficiencies, which only exacerbates problems. Zero stars for Saatva.

Outstanding customer service on a…

Outstanding customer service on a return. Painless!!!

Wonderful mattress

I don't usually write reviews. This mattress is worthy of one. I had done 2 years of research before making a purchase. Best choice I could've made was choosing this mattress. I was having a lot of back pain and they couldn't find anything wrong. Since I got the mattress, my back pain has resolved.

Saatva's Classic mattresses are an…

Saatva's Classic mattresses are an excellent product. Their customer service is Outstanding! I needed to exchange my Classic Queen Plush Soft for a Classic Queen Luxury Firm. ( 6" 210lbs) Their customer service staff was outstandingly knowledgeable ,considerate and helpful. The exchange was authorized and executed flawlessly. Many thanks from this well satisfied customer.

Kareem "the Dream"

Customer service representative, Kareem, was very professional, helpful and truly focused on helping me with my questions.

Luxury for a great value

I was very nervous looking for a mattress online during the pandemic, especially as I was not getting a feel for it before the final purchase. Saatva had the most positive reviews online, but mattresses are so personal that I doubted I would find the one and will stay happy for long. As of today, I think I made the right choice. I absolutely love the mattress. We just got our Luxury firm three weeks back, and so far, I am noticing that I toss and turn less, and it's comfortable in all the positions I sleep. It provides great support for my back, and I don't get hot during the night, either. Customer service has been very helpful as the mattress did take some time to be delivered. When I texted to check on the status, I got a message in less than 24 hrs with an update. The delivery was extremely smooth too. I would highly recommend this company.

If you have a month & enjoy being ignored.. This is the company for you!My reply to Saativa asking for my…

My reply to Saativa asking for my feedback on my customer no service experience:: She gave a canned scripted answer. The disrespect of not answering honestly to a specific direct question is insulting. That is why I requested my order be canceled and my money refunded. After 11 days I can't get a straight answer as to when I can expect my mattress topper, NOT a mattress, to ship is not unreasonable. If your company is that busy you clearly don't need my business.

Just a wonderful product

Just a wonderful product. I am so appreciative to wake up every morning after a good night of sleep. Thank you, Saatva, for your quality mattresses.

The best

I slept nearly 12 hours on my first night with this mattress (luxury firm). It is amazing and the best mattress I have ever owned.

Intentionally delayed shipment

I ordered 2 mattresses from them, 2 weeks apart. I did this intentionally: I wanted the first one to arrive ASAP, but the second one was far less urgent. I told Saatva this. Instead, they delayed my first order until my second order was ready, so they could save on shipping and send them both at the same time. Shame on them. No true luxury company would try to save a few bucks on delivery fees, at the expense of customer satisfaction. In addition to their unbelievable claim that 2 mattresses ordered 2 weeks apart would be completed on the same day, they now expect the public to believe that the super fancy "white glove" delivery service (it wasn't all that special in reality) costs the same whether they send the truck to me once, or twice 2 weeks apart. Do they really expect anyone to believe that?

Simply the BEST! Our 2nd Saatva A+++

We purchased our first Saatva back in 2014, when the Company was still growing and new. What caught us first was the price, and second was the promise of great customer service and product. Recently we upgraded into a new Saatva from our original as we found it to age a little sooner than expected. I spoke to a rep and without hesitation we set a plan in motion to get us into a better mattress that over time Saatva has improved upon. While the original was great, they knew there was more work to done and improvements to be made. We talked about the warranty program, and true to their word we came to a price to get us into a better option and more improved mattress. Funny enough, for our second delivery the guys who rang my doorbell and greeted me where the exact gentlemen who delivered my first one those 6 years prior. "We love this company, they are GREAT!" is what they said when we recognized each other. I can't say enough about this company, I am so pleased we gave them a try that many years ago. We will be Saatva owners for life! JJH & RCH Washington, DC

Best sleep in many years

I recently purchased a Saatva Luxury Firm king 11.5" mattress, I was reluctant to purchase a mattress on line, but everything went well. I ordered on Sept 24th came out of production Oct 8th and delivered on Oct 12th. They removed my old Sterns & Foster that was 6 years old {junk} and I paid a lot more for it. I first read about this mattress 6 years ago when I was looking for a new one for my Motor Home but went with a bed in a box (big mistake). Next year may order another. I sleep through the night and awake feeling refreshed and it's done miracles for my back pain plus I had shoulder surgery 15 years ago and that is the side I sleep on all night. I'm truly HAPPY with my purchase and I hope others might read this and it might help them in their decision to purchase a SAATVA mattress. Don't hesitate, you won't regret it!! "LOVE IT"


I ordered a queen mattress, adjustable bed and a mattress pad, and I love all 3 pieces. Best service Ever! I ordered the classic in the softest one. I am a side sleeper and have had problems with pressure points. I still needed firmness for my back. I called them to ask about a topper to make it even softer. They sent me one and I got it in a week. It is perfect! One call does it all. Absolutely the best customer service ever. They really care about you and how you sleep . Look no further!

Excellent experience with Saatva

"We were a bit dubious about buying a new mattress on line, but, it turned out to be a painless experience and we are so happy with the mattress, delivery and customer service. Before deciding on the purchase, we did a chat and then, a further telephone call with customer service to ask more questions. Delivery updates were sent to us--from processing order to manufacturing progress to date and time of home delivery. The delivery men were professional and courteous (and wearing masks as required). Our first night sleeping on the Luxury Firm mattress was a transition from our previous mattress and we slept fitfully, but after that first night, we had no trouble adjusting and getting a good nights sleep. Our backs have thanked us. In fact, we have been wondering what took us so long to purchase a Saatva mattress. "

They honor their sleep trial

They honor their sleep trial. I have 2 Saatva mattresses and am very happy with both of them.

Excellent Mattress HORRIBLE Delivery

I ordered my first Saatva mattress and adjustable foundation about four months ago and was very pleased with the delivery and mattress. Because of my satisfaction I ordered a second mattress for our mountain house. The delivery process was horrendous. The people arrived over an hour past the window and then dragged the mattress across the ground through our garden instead of using our stairs. The mattress was damaged badly and Saatva agreed to replace it. The next mattress was scheduled for delivery and once again the service was late, this time three hours past the window. The service people spoke little to no English and were unable to communicate throughout calls regarding status. I called Saatva and left three messages about the experience and Saatva has yet (three weeks now) ever cared to return the call. I am extremely disappointed and expected better from the company.

Very professional and committed to…

Very professional and committed to customer satisfaction.

Fabulous product

Fabulous product, unmatched warranty with professional and empathetic customer service.

Exceptional Customer Service

Seriously, who buys a mattress online based on reviews....I did and could not be happier. First of all, the customer service is exceptional and treats you like you are buying a $10,000 mattress. Second, the mattress and white glove service will make you think you just did. We purchased a mattress and when I thought my big A** was dipping in the mattress, Saatva customer service immediately suggested I try a firmer mattress and arranged for the one I bought to be picked up and deliver a new mattress....absolutely no charge and the follow up to see if I was satisfied was fantastic. This company really cares about their customers. I am a real customer and do not have any affiliation with Saatva, other than a very fortunate buyer who came across their site. You can't go wrong as Saatva will do everything in their power to make it right. It will be the best decision you will ever make on a mattress.

Best Mattress Purchase!

I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to not spend the money on my previous mattress and to just spend it and buy this amazing Saatva mattress. After my second child, I couldn’t go back to sleeping on my stomach so side sleeping it was. We ordered the 14.5” plush mattress. It’s like sleeping on a pillowy cloud but with support. It is so cozy and comfy and the supported sides work so well with my edge of the bed sleeping habits! But this mattress, it is worth the wait and you won’t be sorry you got it!!

We love our Saatva mattress

We love our Saatva mattress. It was delivered (white glove) and the delivery people were great during this Covid pandemic. Masks, gloves etc. We have had the mattress about 5 months and we are getting the best sleep we ever had. The mattress is comfortable, doesn't sleep hot and it is beautiful. We are both in our 70's so have slept on a lot of mattresses in our lives and wish we had had this mattress. The company is responsive and had no problems with online experience.

The Best

So would I recommend Saatva ? Six months ago , we ordered a King Classic Luxury Firm. Best mattress we have ever owned. So we just ordered another for our son and his wife. And its not just the mattress. The entire process is exceptional -online ordering, online chat, and shipping. In my view, Saatva is one of the best run companies in America !

Love my mattress, but other issues. . . .

We have had our mattress for about three weeks now, and it is really amazing. It's incredibly comfortable, and the shopping and delivery experience went off without a hitch. I highly recommend the mattress! My problem was with the mattress pad that I ordered at the same time. After a month without hearing a peep about the mattress pad (and having already been charged for it), I contacted customer service. Only then did I learn that it was backordered. I received no email letting me know, there was no indication on my receipt or in my account information -- there was no way to figure this out other than contacting customer service. The person I spoke with finally was very nice, and I was assured that the order would be shipped soon. I waited for a while and then contacted customer service again to cancel my order. My problem was not with the fact of the back order, it was that my credit card was charged 6 weeks earlier for a product that was not in stock and that I never received any notification--ever--about the status of the product. I would not purchase anything other than a mattress based on this experience. Again, this was so different than my experience with the mattress itself, which was great.

all you can want

just perfect - a rarity these days keep safe

Unbelievably comfortable

My wife and I received our Classic Plush Soft mattress a couple of weeks ago and it is so comfortable we don't like to get out of bed. I traveled for many years for business and loved staying at Westins with their Heavenly Beds and our Saatva is even more comfortable than those. looking forward to many years of comfortable sleep and just hanging out in bed!

Exceptional Customer Service

You will never find customer service as exceptional as Saatva....Have had their mattress for about two years...when I felt the mattress was dipping , they immediately made sure I was taken care of and replaced the no charge...the mattress is solid and they stand behind their product. I am really blown away with how easy it is to work with Saatva. Everyone has been fantastic ....I can not say enough...Buy from Saatva and you will not be disappointed in any manner from the initial purchase through delivery and well beyond...

Had defectives mattress that has gotten…

Had defectives mattress that has gotten worse over 2 years, and saatva customer service immediately replaced at no cost and understood our concerns.

Amazing Customer Service. Highly Recommended

We ordered a Queen 14.5" Flagship Luxury Medium Firm Mattress from SAATVA in May. Initially, it was fine for us but after a while, It did not work for us and we felt it was too soft and was giving us backache. I called SAATVA well after their 180 day exchange period. They agreed to exchange the mattress for a firmer option at no cost to us. The customer service is excellent and empathetic. I would highly recommend everyone to invest in a saatva mattress and find your best fit.

These mattresses suck

These mattresses suck. They are not comfortable. Even with the FREE pads they send you if you say you want it softer. Then the pads stink after you have been sleeping on them and you have to wash them. It says do not wash on them?? I would never buy one of these again. They feel like a cheap hotel mattress, where you can feel the springs move and hear them. Customer service was good.

I am extremely happy with my purchase

I am extremely happy with my purchase. I’ve had it about 6 weeks. It’s my third mattress in 5 years. I’ve had two spine fusion surgeries and need firm support. I bought a $3500 TEMPUR-pedic & it was torture. Kept it 2 years becuz of the price I paid. I am 5’5”, 138 lbs so average size, but I need hip support. Then I got a Mattress Factory firm with a pillow top. No edge support at all. So I did what I thought I’d never do, I bought a mattress online! Saatva. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. For once! I got the standard firm and it is firm. But it’s what I need. You can always add a topper if it’s too firm I thought. But it is very comfortable. No spine or hip pressure points. I put it on a platform bed, no box springs. It sits comfortably on it. No sliding around.

Email factual and quick return

I was looking to purchase a replacement mattress and foundation. I checked my Consumer Reports and the Saatva is rated very high for my size and side sleeping. I sent an email to Saatva requesting the weight of both items and within 24 hours I received an email stating the exact weight of each piece. I am former military and Mr. Andre did not disappoint me. Great return email and to the point. I will purchase from Saatva. Just want the facts, Mam!!!!

After one year review...

We purchased a Saatva mattress about a year ago and have never looked back. It's absolutely the best mattress we've ever had. And after a year, it's still as good and as comfortable as the day it arrived. We're both in our 60's and wake up every morning without stiffness or discomfort -- something we never experienced with other top-shelf brands. Our Saatva mattress makes crawling into bed in the evening the best time of day! Thank you for creating a wonderful product; we'll never purchase a different brand.

We couldn’t be any happier with our Zenhaven mattress

We've had our Zenhaven mattress for just over 6 months and are thrilled with it. My wife and I are constantly telling each other how much we love our bed. We use the luxury plush side, and the support is wonderful. Neither of us sleep on our stomachs, but find the mattress very comfortable both on our sides and backs. While we had never spent so much money on a mattress, as I did more research I discovered that the Zenhaven was actually quite reasonably priced, and the 180-night trial set me at ease. In the end, I figured if the mattress lasts us 15 years, it will have cost each of us less than $0.40 a night, a very small price to pay for a good sleep. In summary, this is the best mattress we have ever owned, and we highly recommend it.

A+ Customer Service

Have an issue with the mattress I just received. Causes me to sweat during the night. Agent offered to send me a pad to assist in dissipating body heat. Hope it works. Customer service empathetic and patient in listing to my issue. I was impressed.

SAATVA - NOT an ordinary internet mattress

SAATVA is truly an outstanding company in the world of purchasing a mattress on the Internet. They are transparent, sustainable and the customer service goes above and beyond. It's my first night sleeping on the new bed, so maybe my opinion is impartial, for now I can rest assure with their 180-night trial that I've made the right decision!

Saatva great, local delivery not so much

Saatva was great to deal with. However, the subcontracted local delivery team was a nightmare (Fleet Street Courier, Boise, ID).


DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! They do not answer their phone. I ordered a mattress, they said they attempted to contact me for delivery. They did not I called them when they did not show up for delivery. I called several times and emailed. They answered an email a week later then put me in touch with the company they sub out to for delivery. That company was shady. the guy who answered the phone did not know they delivered mattresses. I made several calls and I mean several to reach out to them for delivery. My mattress arrived a month later than it was supposed to. It was not comfortable. I had to chase them to get it returned and refunded for 3 weeks. They Saatva did not answer the phone. I sent numerous emails asking for return. I got a response and the company employee did not refund or schedule a return. I placed a dispute through PAYPAL and then Saatva said they can not refund due to the dispute. I called PAYPAL they informed me SAATVA has to work out or they file affirmative action. I called SAATVA and finally go through to another representative who informed me he would immediately refund me. GET ANOTHER MATTRESS ELSE WHERE

Extraordinary mattress and service!

"If you are looking for a new mattress, I highly recommend the online company Saatva...It's white-glove delivered, not rolled up in a box for you to wrestle, with a 120-day trial. I've never understood how people buy a mattress after laying on it for 2 minutes in the store. I spent my first night on the Saatva mattress, and had the best night's sleep in not just months, but years, probably ever! I have back/hip issues that keep me in a low level of aggravation, and I think I might be a nicer person now because of this mattress."

We were in need of a new mattress in the midst of the pandemic...…

We were in need of a new mattress in the midst of the Covid 19 virus. None of the local mattress stores were open and we had not even considered ordering online. Well, we researched every online mattress firm extensively and decided to choose Saatva. From the day we ordered to the actual delivery (approximately 2 weeks) we were kept in touch with the process of the construction and eventual delivery every step of the way. When the mattress and foundation arrived, we were more than pleased! The delivery and set up were seamless. They even helped us with the bedding. We are seniors and this was a real plus for us. The mattress has been beyond our expectation. We almost hate to get out of bed in the morning. We purchased the softer one and it is just perfect. Definitely not too soft! We would highly recommend Saatva to anyone who is looking to purchase a quality mattress."

This company is top notch and truly…

This company is top notch and truly cares about their customers. They bend over backwards to accommodate. Customer service is fantastic.

Super comfortable bed, and AMAZING Customer Service

Prior to selecting the actual bed I was going to buy, I called customer service as I wanted more information on selecting the bed. They were very helpful and didn't try to upsell me, they just answered all my questions! The ordering process and the delivery process were seemless, both were excellent! My bed is wonderful! I have had it now for over 5 years and it is still very comfortable. Saatva also has a referral program where both parties are rewarded....another awesome program, with the same customer service. My hope is that when it is time for me to purchase a new bed, I will be able to have the same service!

New Saatva Customer = Lifetime Saatva Customer

We've had our Saatva Classic Mattress (King 11.5" firm) for about a month now, and are 100% satisfied. We liked our iComfort mattress that we replaced with the Saatva, but we LOVE our new Saatva mattress! The delivery took longer than the 9-21 days that was communicated to us, but given the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic, we weren't surprised or concerned. Saatva just gained a lifetime customer, as this is the most comfortable mattress both my husband and I have ever slept on. My husband actually sleeps through through the night now, and is no longer tossing and turning. All the online research I did prior to purchase definitely paid off, and I now know first hand why Saatva has such positive reviews!

Quick to Respond

Saatva is a very responsive company. I hastily ordered a bed on their website and realized I hadn't considered other information before placing the order. So about an hour after I placed my order, I emailed customer support to cancel it. Within 5 minutes, I received an email back confirming the cancellation and a timeframe when I would get my refund back. I will definitely be back to buy a mattress! I just have to make sure the firmness and height are more accurate and add the foundation when I reorder.

Customer Service

What a wonderful customer service department. I had an issue and it was resolved immediately. We love our Luxury Firm mattress. Thank you for everything!

Just a wonderful product

Just a wonderful product. I am so appreciative to wake up every morning after a good night of sleep. Thank you, Saatva, for your quality mattresses.

After much research.......

Anyone who knows me would say I'm the greatest researcher they know. So when I decided I wanted an adjustable bed, I immediately went online. I quickly narrowed it down to 3 or 4 but deeper research and review led me to Saatva for bed and mattress. From day one of my decision to night one of sleeping on my new bed, things couldn't have gone better. And the white glove delivery and set up were perfect, too. A friend recently spent a small fortune on one of the "popular" brands, but no way could she be any more satisfied than I am.

Room for improvement in communication with the customer.

I chose Saatva over dozens of other mattress companies after extensive research. I have not yet received the mattress, so I cannot yet comment on the quality of their product. However, my order was delayed due to a factory material shortage. I understand that things happen, but I had to chase down the information myself over the course of several days, experiencing a significant lack of communication follow-through. I would have appreciated an update directly from the Saatva company, rather than tracking it down myself. From what I understand, I will receive the mattress relatively soon, and the product should be very high quality.


I ordered my bed/mattress in the middle of September. Of course, it was noted there may be delays due to COVID-19... understandable. However, I received notification from SAATVA that the mattress was delivered to the distribution center on October 16th and would likely be shipped in 24-72 hours. We were excited and got rid of our bed after about 5 days. After reaching out to customer service several times, we found out today.. the 26th (10 days later) that our bed was not shipped... not in distribution... not even through production and there is NO TIMETABLE. They offered a meaningless little discount and we sit without a bed. We'll see what they can do to expediate and if we decide to stick with SAATVA but not very impressed. Also received an e-mail my mattress was out of production on 10/12. #19000697605

Among the worst customer care experiences

Summary Version: Ease to order online: 5 out 5 (no issues) Delivery time: 1 our of 5 (because they would not update us) Product: 1 out of 5 (came in a box which was not advertised anywhere) Customer Care: 1 out of 5 (Not able to read the room and needs hand holding on follow ups) Initially starting out Saatva was responsive and nice to deal with. Answered our questions, etc. Once they got our money, they disappeared. We had to call multiple times when we would get our mattress, and no-one would give us any answers. After nearly a month of lack of communication, we called them again and they said it was on the way (the fact we had to call them instead of them responding to us should have been a red flag... but we gave them the COVID benefit of the doubt that they were overwhelmed). Finally we got our mattress... in a box. We were pretty frustrated because we were avoiding the box mattresses and no-where was it mentioned that it came in a box, but we tried it anyway. The delivery people didn't know how to set up the mattress (white glove delivery = help the delivery people set it up). My wife is highly sensitive to odor emissions (which is why we were avoiding box mattresses) and every time she would attempt to use the mattress she felt her lungs closing. So we decided to contact customer service. She chatted with someone only and they said sorry and they would issue a full refund if we wanted to return it. She attempted the mattress a few more times over the course of a month and no improvement. So I called AND emailed Saatva and did not receive any responses for over 2 weeks. So I tried to call again, and got hold of someone that was defending the fact that the mattress is not a mattress in a box (what?!?)... I responded that it is a mattress and it came in a box, and then she went into the semantics of why it isn't a mattress in a box, and I cut her off saying she is only making me more frustrated and that I don't care about this detail, and she proceeded to tell me that I was wrong and that it was not a mattress in a box to which I was at the end of my rope and told her "I don't give a ****!" She promptly put me on hold and gave us a full refund and said they will be there in about a week to pick it up. I felt like I was talking with comcast.

Buying beds online

You are so right that one cannot judge a mattress from 5 minutes in a store! We have bought three of your beds now, and absolutely recommend them to our friends. Love the commitment to eco-friendly materials too. Better in all ways than Tempurpedic and European Sleep Design, both of which we have owned. We were also lucky enough to inherit a Saatva bed from a home sale recently. Also, your guarantees and customer service are stunning. One drawback-PLEASE start making split CA king sheets. Your sheets are insanely comfortable and we would love to use them on our CA King adjustable beds. Thank you for making great beds!

This is the mattress for you!

For about a year I was waking up with aching shoulders and lower back pain. I do have arthritis in my SI joint, so I just marked it up to that. However, our mattress was 18 years old. HORRIBLE! I started looking for a mattress and sent 2 back in my search. I was discouraged. Two friends in different parts of the country recommended Saatva. I purchased it solely on their recommendations. I am so pleased! I was a little nervous, because it was a bit firm when I received it. After sleeping on it for 8 months now I can say I LOVE this mattress. I purchased the Classic Luxury Firm (not pillow top). Some of the reviews stated that it softens as you sleep on it, and it is absolutely true. For the past week I have been saying every night to my husband, "I LOVE THIS MATTRESS!" He laughs and says, "I know, you said that last night." This is the one. Go it!

Worth Every Single Penny!

Every morning I would wake up achy, sore and stiff from a brand name mattress that didn’t hold up to its promise. One morning, I just couldn’t stand it any more and immediately did extensive research on the best mattress that would accommodate my family, including our two dogs (sometimes). Saatva had the best ratings out of all the five other brands that I was considering. My chat experience addressed many of my initial questions, then I decided to call and place my order. That also was a great experience. I got a call just a couple weeks later that my custom mattress was ready for delivery. Even the delivery guys were great as they removed the old and set up my new mattress in just a matter of minutes. That night I slept on my new king sized Saatva mattress (along with the mattress cover, organic cotton sheets and king sized pillows). When I woke up the next morning (OMG!), I thought that I had dropped into a new body overnight because I woke up feeling rested and had NO pain! The very next morning I excitedly called Saatva and spoke to Alan in customer service to let him know that I was way beyond pleased with my mattress because I had physically felt so much better already. I could never put a price on the value of how much better I really do feel each morning now... so, for my own health and well-being, this purchase was totally worth every single penny spent! Excellent customer service from beginning to end. Thanks, Saatva!!!

I bought the luxury firm I weigh 159

I bought the luxury firm I weigh 159 My husband weighs 240. I bought the mattress because the great review. I would not recommend this mattress if you have hip pain.It does make it worse . And it’s really firm. I really wished I would had done more research now I have a mattress I can’t use . I live in the mountains and it was very hard getting it delivered and it didn’t help the delivery man couldn’t speak English. So very unhappy.

Outstanding Customer Service

Outstanding customer service team. We are extremely impressed with their services.

Wonderful company

I was not familiar with Saatva until I read about the company in my chiropractor's newsletter. I had been looking for a quality mattress for a few years, but could not decide on one since I was so disappointed with my last purchase. The reviews were great and my chiropractor is terrific, so on his recommendation, I purchased the queen luxury firm. I love it!! The delivery and set up team were great and my back felt better the very first night. I ordered the mattress pad and it arrived beautifully packaged. I am happy this is an American company that is also environmentally friendly. Highly recommended!"

Great product and staff.

After a year

We purchased a Saatva mattress about a year ago and have never looked back. It's absolutely the best mattress we've ever had. And after a year, it's still as good and as comfortable as the first day. We're both in our 60's and wake up every day without stiffness or discomfort -- something we never experienced with other top-shelf brands. Our Saatva mattress makes crawling into bed in the evening the best time of day. We'll never purchase a different brand.

Quality products and amazing service!

Have a Saatva mattress and ordered Organic Percale sheets as a xmas gift. Had a mixup/problem and the way Saatva handled it has made me a loyal customer. Not only did I receive a phone call from the General Manager ON CHRISTMAS DAY - but they followed up with an email and immediately rectified the issue. A company this focused on service is a company you want to support. Thank you Saatva and thank you Samantha.

They stand by their product and are…

They stand by their product and are willing to help you in anyway they can. Every rep I’ve ever spoken with is very knowledgeable about the product and cells you based on your needs nothing more. Highly recommend this company

I've had this mattress for five years…

I've had this mattress for five years with and without a partner. It has been wonderful, best mattress I've ever had. I'm a side sleeper and it just is so comfortable with great support. When I sleep on my back, it is also very comfortable. I really am surprised no one else can make a mattress this great. Reasonable price, easy and fast delivery. Threw my Serta away after two years. Buy this mattress!!

Perfect customer service

Perfect customer service! Excellent quality. Happy me!

Saatva is extremely accommodating and…

Saatva is extremely accommodating and customer centric.


Purchased the latex hybrid mattress as it portrayed the characteristics I needed in a mattress. It's been 2 weeks and can say that I'm extremely satisfied with the performance and quality. Longevity we'll see. Communication in the company, both internally/externally, is subpar.


We ordered the classic king 11.5 firm mattress back in may. We had it delivered towards the end of June. We were sleeping on top of the line temperpedic king nine year old mattress. What a difference! We were waking up stiff and sore on the temperpedic. Now we wake up on the Saatva feeling refreshed. Gloria with the Saatva company was very helpful choosing which mattress to get based on our age, what positions we sleep, and how we feel when we crawl out of bed. Thank Saatva! And Thank You Gloria!!

Making the night sleepable

I bought my first saatva last year after much research. I have a lot of significant issues with my back and spine. It helped relieve enough pain so I could sleep. I moved at the start of the pandemic and ended up with a different mattress that I was told was the “best” for a bad back. Quite a bit more expensive. Since then I have felt like an 85 year old in a fifty something body. I finally wrote the other mattress off and got another saatva. Best move I ever made! If you have back issues, this is your mattress!

Luxurious bed and simple purchase!

After sleeping in the guest bedroom for three years because the master bedroom mattress was literally 30 years old, I finally caved in and bought a new Saatva classic innerspring queen size mattress in luxury firm. I am now in heaven! I was skeptical of purchasing without trial, but the reviews online and the 180° day guarantee convinced me. I had put off the purchase for years because I loathed the thought of shopping and dealing with mattress sales people. I read every review on the site and the only real decision was firmness. I would say the luxury firm is slightly softer than the mattresses in upscale hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott. It took me a couple of weeks to adjust to that and I initially thought I wouldn’t. But now I love it and crawling into the bed is cozy and decadent! Ordering was a breeze. I called on Labor Day weekend at 12 midnight Pacific time so got right through. Delivery was about two weeks later, earlier than expected and they set up the mattress and removed my old one. I have already referred friends to Saatva. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase, the price was extremely fair and a task I have been dreading is now done for years. Absolutely, 100% recommend Saatva. No problems, no concerns, no reservations!

Amazing Mattress

I researched mattresses for over 3 weeks. I have back and neck issues. I took the Saatva quiz to find my mattress and I have never been happier! I wake up with no pressure points, I sleep better and don’t wake up during the night. I am so very happy! Thank you for a quality product and great customer service

Beyond any company I have dealt with

Beyond any company I have dealt with, pure support and professionalism!


This is life changing, the sleep I get on this mattress is really high quality, I wake up feeling rested. The only downside is that my 3 year old also loves our bed:) She used to come to our bed here and there, but since we changed the mattress, she is explicitly saying that our bed is so comfy.

Lives up to its reputation!

I researched a LONG time before finally ordering because I couldn't decide between the soft and the plush firm. I went with the plush firm. I made a mistake. The mattress made my hands and feet feel like they were on pins and needles all night. I called and was provided a mattress pad for free and was told to check the mattress again in a month to see if it was now soft enough to remove the pad. I was very impressed! When it came in, I put it on the bed and now sleep like a dream!! The culprit was pressure points on my shoulder and hip.I couldn't be more pleased with the craftsmanship and customer service. Thank you!

We bought 2 beds from you

You have the best mattress in the world, we bought a calif. King and a double and had them for 3 years and they are the best. We had a friend sit on our bed and she bought the King with the bed frame and the works!

Ease of order and customer/sales…

Ease of order and customer/sales support are knowledgeable and very helpful on what I need.

To Firm

I first purchased I guess it was the firm could not sleep on it but I did as they said I used it for 2 months call and exchanged it of the soft if you are expecting a soft mattress don't buy a Saatva you will be disappointed it's been a good 6 month and it is not soft still very firm.

Finally getting rid of this awful mattress

I purchased the Saatva Classic Luxury Firm mattress about five years ago. I hated it from the first night I slept on it. "Luxury Firm"?? More like hard as a rock! I missed out on the return policy due to my constantly working out of town for over a year during that time. I can't blame Saatva for that. Over the last five years, I purchased multiple mattress toppers in an attempt to make the mattress more comfortable. Nothing helped. I still found myself tossing and turning all night and frequently woke up with hip pain. I was searching for a new mattress topper for this awful Saatva mattress yesterday, then decided enough is enough already. So, today is the day this awful mattress gets fired. I've got a new mattress being delivered today. And it's not a Saatva. I don't know if the new mattress will work for me, as I believe any review written by all the mattress review websites are bogus, and not to be believed. I am retired now, so if the new mattress doesn't work as advertised, I will be returning it. I gave it two stars because the mattress itself is well made. It didn't fall apart or sag.

Mattress Causes Pain and Loss of Sleep

Like many others, I followed all of the outstanding reviews and convinced spouse we needed a Saatva Flagship Luxury Firm. Hubs is 175, I am 130, but within a few months, there were depressions. They were not deep enough for a refund. Rotations didn't help and flipping is not an option. As a side sleeper, soon my hips were hurting so bad in the morning, I had trouble getting shoes on for work. My sleep suffered and I was exhausted. Through the week, I began sleeping in our spare room on an inexpensive mattress from Sam's and my sleep instantly improved. My husband sleeps alone in our giant king sized bed now. He started having extreme leg, hip, and even foot pain that has caused him to walk with a limp. We have been trying to diagnose the source, but we made excuses that we were aging (47 and 48). He has seen multiple doctors, used shoe inserts, and most recently, made several visits a chiropractor. I've become convinced it is the mattress after experiencing the old familiar pain of sleeping on that mattress on weekends when I can take a naps and make up for the loss of sleep and pain. We decided to switch beds for him to try the mattress I've been sleeping on. After only two nights, he is felt remarkably better and I was in that old familiar state of exhaustion and pain. We are in the market for a new mattress. We haven't slept in the same room through the work week for over two years. We just can't sacrifice any more sleep and continue to function. My advice, is to contact the company immediately when you aren't sleeping well. Keep records of dates and conversations. They will stall initially, have you wait for a return for various reasons, then offer you a replacement that you will pay even more for, and finally tell you that it is too late to do anything about it. We MUST purchase a new mattress. We will donate this one, and even giving it away, I feel guilty because someone may very well suffer what we have. Our Saatva is horrible!

Tufts interfere with sleep

The tufts ( buttons ) interfere with my ability to sleep. Placed a topper which then sags so lose any benefits of mattress. If you sleep like “The Princess and the Pea” do not order a mattress with tufts on top.

Superb Customer Service

I would give a five star review to the Saatva Mattress Company, and in particular their Customer Service and Return Policy. After the first mattress I purchased did not satisfy me, they sent a topper free of charge, which I could keep even if it didn’t work out. After four months of continued back pain, I needed to try something different. This was in no way the fault of the mattress, which was of very fine quality. It just didn’t work for me. So they exchanged it for another more expensive model I hoped would solve the problem (adjustments in price, of course). Unfortunately, that didn’t work either. As bad as I felt about having to ask to return still another mattress, the agent was very congenial and understanding. Just like the first, the mattress was picked up just as promised, and I received a full refund promptly for both mattresses (less a $99 handling fee). No hassles, no problems, no sales pitch. Just good Customer Service. Thank you Saatva.

Fingers crossed the bed is actually delivered

Can't review a mattress that was not delivered. This company should be ashamed. $10,000 spent on a bed and all they do is make excuses about the people at the warehouse. My first call, everyone behaved as if this had never happened before. Check BBB before you spend your money here.

Worst mattress I've ever bought

I needed to replace my 35+ yrs old mattress. I bought a firm Saatva. Within 6 months it had sagged (impressed) from body (took old mattress 30 yrs to do that) and I could actually feel the springs under my hips, which I never did with old mattress, even after 30+ yrs. I also can't turn the mattress because there are no handles to do so. A complete waste of money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saatva

Is Saatva really a good mattress?

Saatva is highly rated by customers for its comfort, value, and firmness options. Those had that had issues mostly mentioned firmness expectations and degrading support for softer models.

What mattress is comparable to Saatva?

Other highly rated mattresses that are comparable to Saatva are online hybrid mattresses like DreamCloud, Brooklyn Bedding's Aurora, and WinkBeds.

Do Saatva mattresses sag?

Most report comfortable experiences over the long term. However, there are select reviews of degrading support for some sleepers.

Is Saatva Mattress toxic?

Saatva mattresses use CertiPUR-US® approved foams, which is a low VOC (volatile organic compound) standard including not including ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Those with chemical sensitivities may require those with more rigorous certification.

Where to buy a Saatva mattress?

The best place to buy Saatva mattresses is directly through its website due to the addition of a generous trial and added perks like included white glove delivery. Additionally, it is more likely the mattress is newer when buying online vs. in-store, which may affect its durability.

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