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Rubix Mattress Reviews

The Rubix is a fully customizable hybrid for those that don't know what firmness is going to work for them or like differing firmnesses at various times. This mattress comes with exchangeable layers of foam at multiple firmness levels that can be rearranged to create your ideal comfort level. With pocketed coils to support the spine, we think this mattress is a great innovation!

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $899-$1499

Trial Period: 120 Days

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Rubix's Specifics

Rubix is the mattress for those that don't know what firmness they want and don't want to go through the pain returning their mattress. It allows sleepers to swap the configuration of the foam layers to find the ideal comfort level for them. The only caveat is that there are no split sides so you and your partner will have to agree on the final configuration. That said, most don't report this being an issue!

Quality of Materials

Rubix comes with a default configuration, but you can swap the layers to create a better configuration for you. Here is what's inside the default configuration:

Cover Layer: The 1.5'' quilted top offers a plush surface to the mattress that gives it a luxury feel.

Layer 1: There are 3 interchangeable layers of of Energex™ foams that range from soft, medium, and firm. Pair any combination of these to create your perfect firmness. Customers report this process is simple and painfree.

Layer 2: The following layer is a 2'' transition foam that supports the back and spine and acts as a comfortable medium over the coils beneath.

Layer 3: Over 1,000 6'' Ascension coils are independent and isolate motion so you won't disturb your partner at night. They also do a good job cradling the spine.

Base Layer: The last layer is 1'' of high density base-foam that is designed to structure and support the mattress for added durability.

Overall Comfort

Most customers report being able to swap the layers and find a good amount of comfort. There were some that wish there were dual-sided options as partners didn't agree.


The above chart shows the configurations that you can create with the Rubix mattress. For those that have larger body types, you'll want to aim for firmer configurations, while those that are smaller side sleepers will want something softer.

Back Pain Relief

Due to the amount of options the Rubix has (along with the high quality pocketed coils), most customers have found back pain relief.


These mattresses have good air movement, but don't focus on cooling as much as other mattresses available.

Who Is The Rubix Mattress Right For?

This mattress is a great option for anyone that is having a hard time figuring out what to buy and doesn't want to go through the pain of returning a mattress after a trial. The options that this mattress has means that it will have the right firmness for almost anyone.

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easy to switch out foam layers

We've had it a couple weeks and have tried a couple different layer configurations, hoping the change we made last week will be the one. So far so good with that.

I give this a 5.0

I love the Rubix! I was looking for a hybrid bed but confused by all the foam options out there while shopping. The store associate was very helpful in leading me to a latex alternative, which is a nice halfway point between the dead feeling you get with memory foam and the super bouncy feeling you get with latex. (I wanted to avoid latex anyway because I’m allergic to it.) The Rubix comes with three different foams in three different firmnesses so I was able to choose the layer that worked best for me. I opted for the medium firmness. I feel I’m getting plenty of support from the pocketed springs with just enough contouring from the foam.

Perfect for customizing

Customization is very cool, but I left it at the factory default. Having the zipper cover gives me the piece of mind that I can always adjust it if I need to.


OK so I've never laid on a bed quite like this. There's a zipper on the outside that lets you change the foam around however you want! So if tonight you want a firm bed and then tomorrow you change your mind that's fine! makes me feel like this mattress is made just for me which made decision making like 10x easier.


It seems okay—it good knowing if I grow tired of it I can switch it up.

Totally customizeable

the fact that i can change out the top of this mattress is rad. i can make it soft when i want something cozy, or i can make it more firm when i need the extra support.

This is the ideal mattress!

I love that I can change the firmness level to fit my needs. So often you may buy a mattress and think it is the best fit for you and after some time sleeping on it you are not comfortable. I feel like I am getting so much value with this mattress and I have already changed it up once to see which combination is best for me. My kids think it is so fun to switch out the foams too!


I love that I can choose the way the Rubix feels. Sort of like a choose your own adventure bed! On top of that it looks great with the black boarder! This Mattress really gives you control of how your mattress feels.


I originally bought this mattress for my guest bedroom so people could change their comfort level to fit their sleep style. After testing it out myself for a few nights I ended up loving it so much that I moved it into my room. Should have bought two!


I never thought I needed a bed I could adjust until I got into my Rubix! I love the pillow-top. I like a firm mattress that still hugs me when I sleep on my side and the Rubix is perfect for this.

still trying out the layers

it really does make a difference how firm the bed is, still experimenting but will update once we nail it.

Easy Swapping Layers

The layers were easy to swap, just wish you could split them between sides as my wife and I didn't agree 100% on which configuration. That being said, we like the bed as it's comfortable and we both sleep well.

Love Having Options

I have it configured to a medium firmness now. But I love having the option to change firmness levels without having to buy an expensive topper. The europtop cover feels great too.

Great mattress

I love it. Sleeping all night.

So far it exceeds my expectation

After trying out a few hybrid latex (aireloom, and custom) and not finding the 'right' feel, i stumbled on Rubix and it suites us best. My wife preferred a very soft side, and firm for my side with our split adjustable frame. So far we've tried 2 different combos of the top layers and it exceeds our expectation with its flexibility and quality value. Cons is that the edge support wasn't as good as the aireloom but reasonable enough. Also, due to the BF busy season, shipping is very slow

high qulaity

great quality for the price and love the ability to make it perfect for us

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