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Rooms To Go Mattress Reviews

Rooms To Go is a furniture, mattress, and home decor retailer based in the southern US. They have a variety of mattress options that they sell, including name-brand options like Serta, Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, and Beautyrest. They have mixed reviews from customers when it comes to customer service and delivery.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.8/10

Price Value: 7.3/10

No Back Pain: 7.3/10

Price: $399-$5849

Trial Period: No Trial

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Rooms To Go's Specifics

Rooms To Go sells furniture, mattresses, and home decor in the southern US and Puerto Rico. They sell predominantly mid and lower budget furniture. The biggest complaint from customers about Rooms To Go is the delivery and refund process. There are complaints from customers that mention long delivery delays, missed deliveries, and problems getting refunds.

In terms of their mattresses, their selection is mostly name-brand. Customers mention that it takes longer than average to receive furniture and mattresses. Additionally, some of these mattress brands have reported issues about durability and sagging. Because of these factors, it may be better to buy direct from the mattress brand. See our list of top rated mattresses for those that ship direct and are reviewed highly by customers.

Quality of Materials

For mattresses specifically, Rooms To Go's selection ranges from high priced Tempur-Pedic mattresses to mid and lower priced Sealy and Serta models. Most of these mattresses get good reviews from customers initially, but there are some complaints about sagging with some models. Additionally, there may be better value for the materials to found in buying online.

We'll go through Rooms To Go's mattress options below so you can figure out which mattress may work for you. Here are the details:

Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic is known for their revolutionary memory foam mattress designs. They also have innerspring and cooling gel foam varieties. Most customers love their Tempur-Pedic mattresses, but they are much more expensive than other similar options found online.

Therapedic: Therapedic has multiple innerspring and memory foam mattress designs, including their mattress-in-a-box option Agility. These mattresses get good marks from customers for initial comfort, but some had durability concerns.

Simmons Beautyrest: Famous for their multiple firmness options, pillow top, and pocket coil designs, Beautyrest has many different price options. Some models get some complaints from customers for durability.

Stearns & Foster: Stearns & Foster mattresses offer luxury pocketed coil mattress designs. They have a variety of firmness options and strive for universal comfort. That said, there are numerous complaints about sagging over a short period of time.

Sealy: Sealy has a variety of pricepoints, focusing on spinal alignment and better posture. Customers feel good at first, but there are some that had problems with sagging.

Serta: Serta is a name-brand that is known for its versatile iComfort line that offers hybrid and memory foam mattresses. With a good mix of pricepoints, they get good scores initially, but there were complaints about sagging.

Kingsdown: Kingsdown makes thick, high profile luxury mattresses for a less expensive price. These mattresses promise value for customers, but there are reports of sagging problems arising.

Rooms To Go - Beds To Go: Rooms To Go mattress-in-a-box option comes with multiple firmness option and 4 layers of foam. These mattresses offer a quick deal, but there are many competitive mattress-in-a-box options that promise more value.

Overall Comfort

Although some of these mattresses receive good initial comfort scores from customers, there are a few worrying elements reported around delivery. Additionally, there are more competitive mattresses that can be found online direct from the brand.


Rooms To Go offers a variety of firmness options. Depending on the store you visit, you should be able to find mattresses from plush to firm.

Back Pain Relief

In terms of back pain relief, Tempur-Pedic gets good scores from customers. Additionally, some Beautyrest models have reports of relief. Just be aware that sagging mattresses can reverse the relief you experience.


To find a mattress that will stay cool in the summer heat across the southern US, look for mattresses that have gel-infused foams or airy comfort layers, such as wool.

Who Are Rooms To Go Mattresses Right For?

Although some of these mattresses are competitive name-brands, the mattress industry is going through a disruption. Now, there are many more competitive mattresses found online. Take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for competitive alternatives.

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Avoid at all cost...

Avoid at all cost. The review is for their delivery and customer service because I couldn't get my furniture delivered to know what the quality is compared to the display.

They don't call until 45 minutes ahead of time to tell you when they are coming. The only time my husband wasn't available was in the 45 minutes they said they could deliver. I came home ten minutes after the call and attempted to contact the dispatcher company and the driver but the driver hung up on me and the call center gave me the run around saying they would see if he could turn around later today. The driver had just left Acworth and had only been driving ten minutes and it's not like other peoples furniture magically appeared in the pre loaded truck...

My husband went into rooms to go and although they were all smiles while we were making the purchase they had a "go F yourself" attitude when he explained they told us they said they only had a four hour window and couldn't only deliver at 11am.... rooms to go said that it was actually an all day window.

At this point my husband told them to just cancel the order and refund the money but they refused saying it couldn't be done till the furniture was back in the warehouse.. which wouldn't be till Monday at the earliest

This Cluster f of a place isnt worth the inexpensive furniture... avoid at all cost

I would not even give them one star...

I would not even give them one star if I had a choice. But you can't post a review without at least one star.

This place is incompetence at its best. I am now headed for my fifth, yes 5th attempt at a replacement for a damaged piece of furniture. It doesn't make any difference what kind of notes they put on the account. No one seems to be able to read. From the manager at Town Center on down the chain, complete indifference and incompetence.

I will NEVER purchase from a Rooms To Go again. I would suggest anyone reading this comment do the same to save yourself major headaches and time. Four days spent sitting and waiting on deliveries that fail for one reason or another. Wish me luck for my next attempt.

I need someone from corporate...

I need someone from corporate to call me about this headboard we have tried to have exchanged like 8 times!!!This is absolutely terrible service and Red Alert is obviously not checking and there is no accountability!!!

This is the absolute WORST...

This is the absolute WORST furniture store in the area! They are all about selling but customer service is awful, and that's even including the store manager in Kennesaw. He had a I don't care attitude. This will be the LAST TIME we ever buy from them. Woodstock Furniture can't be beat!!!

Purchased furniture...

Purchased furniture from rooms to go. Upon delivery the delivery crew stained large portions of our carpet and rooms to go is offering $100 to repair nearly 200 sq ft of carpet that can't be cleaned.

Never purchase from them, they do not stand by their products or their services. This was the first and last time i have purchased from them

What a joke...

What a joke. I'm giving this place two stars because the furniture is actually of good quality. If you are looking for any kind of customer service, DO NOT GO HERE. All of the workers huddle up in one group and talk as if they are all on break. They ignore the customers and are rude when you ask a question. I must say that there are a couple of sales reps that are great at their jobs but those that are horrible overshadow them completely.

Justin was awesome!

Justin was awesome! He took his time showing us beds and mattresses and recliners. Very patient and knowledgeable. His customer service skills were outstanding.

First and LAST time I do business with this company...

First and LAST time I do business with this company. By far the worst place to spend your hard earned money at. Customer service is horrible and even though they advertise "Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed" that's is far from the truth. Once they get your money you are no longer treated as a valuable customer. To quote the manager, "no we don't have satisfaction guaranteed after delivery, there's nothing I can do for you." Never have I heard this from any other furniture store. If RTG cared for their customers they would take care of them.

P.S. No need for the company line response to reviews: Sorry you feel this way..

So here we go with the time window...

So here we go with the time window. I was given a time slot if 7am to 11 am. It is now 10:52 and the delivery driver calls...he states he is in route to my home. Ok so how long before you get here..long pause..I will be there within the hour..ok but that is past my time window of 11 am. I am still waiting on them to show up. I will be documenting this to call the store, as I am super sure they will not do anything about it. Rooms to go, can you guys stop overloading your delivery team members and putting them on routes that set them up to fail and we as consumers get angry with them when they finally arrive at our homes. Get better folks to set the routes and give them realistic time to do the set up they need to do. I assume they are underpaid as well for the work they do and you have a pretty high turn over because of angry customers. Just wanted to make everyone aware.

Complete dump...

Complete dump. We ordered multiple things that took 2 months to be delivered in separate deliveries. Both included broken furniture. No real effort to fix the issue. Might as well order from Wal Mart


Finally my Credit card company refund the money back to me for restock fee! Don't even think these store managers will help you out! They are useless! You have to be careful this company! They don't have any stock at all and will deliver to your stuff at three months or up. Which mean they hold your money and order from somewhere else. They only have displays.

The store...

The store previously located on Oakland Park Blvd, close to 95 recently moved to Federal Hwy near Sunrise Blvd. The new location is massive and quite beautiful. The furniture options they had were really nice. Everything is bright, white, new, and modern! I found the mattress selection to be rather minimal, but I was awestruck with the overall store. We walked around and tried out the things we wanted without being hassled which was refreshing! There is a water fountain near the restrooms, and a nice kids section to the very south side. Financing options are available upon approval. The art and wall decor was on point. Super impressed!

Very nice, well laid out store...

Very nice, well laid out store. Sandra (I believe she was a manager), was incredibly efficient, helpful and professional in resolving a delivery problem in my condominium complex.

Worst, worst, worst company...

Worst, worst, worst company I have ever dealt with.

I foolishly bought a bedroom set from here. I also bought a warranty so that if anything went wrong it would be covered. The set is in a guest room, after just one week of use it was covered in scratches and dings from just placing some jewelry on it. I called the company to have it repaired, a man came out twice and denied the claim. Talk about a scam, I was told by the salesman that I could drop a hammer on it, burn it with a cigarette, spill wine, etc. and they would replace it or repair it. NOT TRUE! I have never seen such fraudulent practices in my life.

I will never buy anything from this company again and I would never recommend it. The furniture is reasonably priced but it really is junk. I guess the saying is true, "you get what you pay for".

BUYER BEWARE, You will not be happy and they do not stand behind their products or warranties

Where do I start?

Where do I start?

This Rooms to Go has given us nothing but problems! We decided to look for a bedroom set with them back in November 2017, we chose a really nice one that was a 7 piece set. We were told that it was a special delivery and that the headboard was going to be delivered in February, while the rest was going to be delivered at the end of December. Fast forward to March and we just got the set...but not the whole 7 piece set!! They called us and said that the 2 night stands and 2 dressers were discontinued and that we can look for that and try to match the cream color set, which would be very hard.. So after months of waiting for them to deliver to us, they get to our house. The guy comes in and show me the headboard cracked!!! Then when they are attempting to bring the (one) dresser up stairs they put a hole in my wall!! This has just been a terrible experience!!!!! Now I have to have they come replace the headboard and now fix my wall. The delivery guy even called and tried saying they didn't damage the wall. It's just been a complete mess!!!! Don't go here!!!

I'll never step foot in this place again...

I'll never step foot in this place again . Bought 10k worth of stuff , half were broken when they got to my place . Second delivery a week later , 2 pieces still damaged and need to be exchanged so I'll have to miss work for the 3rd time so they can deliver. On top of all that , I had ordered a tv stand a week ago with a salesperson In their store and I was told it would be delivered within 2-3 days it never came and I never got a call saying when it would come so I called customer service and I was told it'll take 7-10 business days . And they make such a mess when they deliver and they don't clean after themselves . Never again !!

Walked into RTG

Walked into RTG to see at least 6 of their employees sitting and chatting with each other. Eventauly one lady got up to assist me with the purchase of a king size bed. I told the manager (forgot his name Osam Oran or Usam) that I am purchasing a bed today no matter what store sold it to me- what would he be able to do for me on the price (about $900 inc del, taxes and insurance) He said rather abruptly "M'am the price is what it is" and other stores don't have this bed. He was so obviuosly unwilling to even want to pretend to negotiate.

I left, went to City furniture and purchased my King size bed within 30 mins.

I always try RTG and I am yet to purchase anything from them...needless to say this will continue to be the status quo.

I found the manager to be extremely unhelpful and he needs to inform his staff that a group of them sitting around and laughing with each other does not create a professional atmosphere when clients walk into the store.

Good luck in this new location. You are going to need it.

Depending on what happens...

Depending on what happens next week I could bump this to a zero star review. We went into the store and ordered Furniture through the sales person Ginny which was an easy process. Our building has strict delivery instructions and Ginny told us it would not be a problem. We called back the next day and gave the delivery department the 4-Hour window for our building. Two days before our scheduled delivery we were informed that our time frame was not honored. After much frustration with the customer service rep she said she would put a note on it and hopefully the driver would be able to honor our request. Fast forward to yesterday and the driver came at the wrong delivery time and our building would not allow him in so we now had to reschedule and we have to wait another week without furniture. Not having a bed is the most frustrating thing. We have rescheduled and hopefully this time they will follow the hours that we have requested. We have tried to no avail to reach Ginny to discuss this matter however she has not returned or answered our calls, which is very upsetting. We are hoping that next Thursday our delivery will go smoothly. Otherwise I feel I will have to cancel this entire delivery and go elsewhere for my furniture needs. As of right now I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND Rooms To Go furniture.

This one star has a negative sign...

This one star has a negative sign in front. Salesperson added charges onto our order without permission, beds delivered without dining set and garbage left behind, delivery employee extremely rude, obnoxious, incompetent and too much Cuban in him. They do not understand the simple concept of time, basic customer service or ethical business practices. Obviously this company has low standards when it comes to employee selection and no drug testing programs in place. Make Room To Go far away from this company.

We went looking for a couch and a bedroom set...

We went looking for a couch and a bedroom set. Our salesman was Rocky. He was great very knowledgeable and not pushy He did tell us about the great sale on mattresses and we tried a few out. We thought we had found what we were looking for but ended up going to a few more stores. We did find a bedroom set we liked better and a couch that fit my husband better ( he is over 6'5). We did go back and get a new box spring and mattress from Rocky. He was great about it and totally understood. If you go there ask for Rocky!!!

I give them zero stars...

I give them zero stars but I had to choose at least one to post my review. Waited a month for our bed to be delivered. The day the truck came they were missing a piece and could not deliver. I was told it would take at minimum another week. I told them we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor and asked if there was any way they could bump us up. They said (get this) they could not inconvenience other customers that were already scheduled for deliveries. What a friggin joke. Called supervisor and wrote a letter to corporate. Basically, no one gave a hoot! Cancelled our order and bought our bed from a competitor. Will never do business with rooms to go again and will be sure to let everyone know how unprofessional they are.

Very disappointed...

Very disappointed in rooms to go. I ordered from the Naples Florida store and was told the only available delivery option was express. I was fine with waiting as long as it didn't take months. My salesman said the delivery people could not set a specific time but he assured me that the driver would call 30mins before delivery. I live in a house behind another and he made notes saying that the driver will read them and know where to go. He also told me that the delivery staff would take my old mattresses without any issue.

In reality, the driver didn't call before hand, went to the front house, woke up the sick 83 year old woman, and I had to chase them down the road in order for them to pick up the old mattress.

The WORST part yet is when I called rooms to go to inform them on my issues. Both local and corporate offices seemed not to care. Rooms to go does not care about the customer once they have your money.

Believe the bad reviews...

Believe the bad reviews. High pressure salesperson, promising delivery dates that don't happen. Incomplete delivery of merchandise and keep you waiting weeks for the rest of the set, even though they originally said it was in stock and no problem in getting the merchandise. This company charges a premium price for delivery (since they are putting furniture together at your home) but there is no money reimbursement for the furniture that never got delivered. Stay away!

Bought a new boxspring and mattress a year ago...

Bought a new boxspring and mattress a year ago. On my third replacement....what a pit!!! Lousy follow up Customer Service!!!! " Call an 800#....thats it!!! Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Sales Showroom...

Poor Sales Showroom Service - only interested in a fast transaction.. Can only imagine the furniture warranty to be the same.

Have purchased in the past and been satisfied, but...

Have purchased in the past and been satisfied, but this time has resulted in my NEVER stepping foot inside ever again. Customer service is non existent. It sums up to being robotically repeating the phase " it's store policy" . Any dimwit can repeat a phase repeatedly, this results in no compromise on either parties side. Why even both referring a customer to customer service. If this were the last place to purchase furniture in Naple, Florida, or the U.S. , I would do without.

Please don't review this business if you received a freebie for writing this review, or if you're connected in any way to the owner or employees.

Bought a new mattress and box spring...

Bought a new mattress and box spring. Upon entering the store, we were immediately greeted by the salesperson"Jim", who showed us a mattress that was on special and told us every bed in the place had a different mattress, so we should take our time and try them all. (I must say, one of the most unsettling thing about buying one is lying supine while other shoppers pass by!) LOL We eventually settled on the first mattress and are happy with it. HOWEVER, 3 times, yes, 3 times, Jim pushed us to buy this special mattress pad made for gel mattresses. Each time, I politely said, "No.", by the third time, I think my voice sounded more like a snarl. Geez! The hard sell is not a great way to reach this customer. PS The delivery people left yards of heavy duty plastic binding ties in the driveway. If I hadn't seen this and picked it up before backing out, it could have wound its way around the wheels of my car--not good

It's the service...

It's the service - the PEOPLE - who are so horrible. The products - you get what you pay for which is not high quality. I expected that. I didn't expect everything ($5k worth) to be wrong, damaged, late and for every "customer service" person to treat me like I'm an annoyance and an idiot. I can't imagine why the corporate people haven't done something to fix this store. The management locally could at least ask their employees to PRETEND to care since the customers are the ones who really PAY THEM, but no. No one cares. Management knows and they aren't nice either. Vote with your feet and spend your hard-earned money elsewhere. City Furniture has to be better. I wish I had started there!

I ordered a bedroom set...

I ordered a bedroom set on May 20. Was told it would be in around the 31st. Been waiting on a call to set up delivery. Just phoned them to find out that they have been waiting on me and it hasn't even been shipped yet. The manager put that in the notes that I was going to call.I have NEVER met this guy. So, it will be a month from the time of ordering until delivery. Would Be very careful of the manager at this location!

Absolutely horrible delivery

Absolutely horrible delivery. First we were told that our couch was going to be delivered between 7am-12. Well 12 came and went and we called to check on our couch and was told our time was changed to 3-7pm. Without informing us of course. Then 7pm comes and goes and still no furniture. Roughly 8pm and low and behold the extremely rude delivery people arrive and deliver our fabric couch in the pouring rain. In my mind the couch is ruined. We will be returning this couch tomorrow. Very friendly Sales but delivery is a different story. Check the reviews. The delivery is horrible! Do not buy from this company until they correct the way they deliver your product.

I had some issues with canceling...

I had some issues with canceling an order but after quite a bit of persistence they gave my money back

Rooms To Go is usually not my choice...

Rooms To Go is usually not my choice for furniture. But I was looking for mattresses. While the customer service received in the store have been good so far, my less than favorable experience with warranties and delivery are enough to just never ever go to this place for future purchases.

Time is valuable especially while you are at your vacation home. Who would like to have to wait from 7 am to 10 pm for furniture delivery. And at this day and age, why should you? Yet Rooms To Go does require that you commit to this huge time frame for deliveries. Wasting an entire day. Get with technology and be more considerate of your customers' time.

Terrible customer service called about a broken bed frame...

Terrible customer service called about a broken bed frame scheduled an appointment a month out they called 15 mins before the appointment to say the tech could not make it scheduled out for a week later! Notorious for stringing customers along until their warranties are no longer valid. Do not purchase from here they will just break after a few months with no help on repairs!!!!

So i just move in...

So i just move in to destin and went to rooms to go and i purchased bedroom set living room and table and lights. I have been told table and lights are not available for now but they said they will have them in 4 days. And today its been already 6 days and went to the store and talk to manager about stuff that was still not available. And i have been told they will recieve it in 9 days. So far they did not deliver anything for that reason i asked them to cancel my entire purchase and give my money back so i can go to buy my furniture from els-where. Manager told me he will give ,me refund but they will give me %20 as store credit. So that means not full refund. And i told the manager since you guys are dishonest why am i being responsible,and infact i have not recieved the products. Long story short be aware of rooms to go. I call the corporate and they said they can not do anything when it comes to refund so basically you can not even file a complaint. You are on your own. Horrible place horrible customer care

I bought the Sofia Vergara Paris Champagne bedroom set...

I bought the Sofia Vergara Paris Champagne bedroom set for my daughter and she only had it a few days and placed a unopened bottle of perfume on it and it left a ring on the nightstand. The dresser has been scratched up in less than a week. The furniture is very cheaply made and the finish comes off too easily. I wish someone had wrote a review about this bedroom set before I purchased it. I am wondering why rooms to go does not allow customers to rate their furniture, is it because the furniture is cheaply made? I called customer service and they sent a tech out to tell me that it is my daughter's fault that the perfume was placed on the furniture. Oh how nice, blame a child for your cheap furniture.

The purchasing process was ok...

The purchasing process was ok, but the delivery was a ZERO rating at best. The nightstand arrived damaged so I refused to accept it, and the bed was missing a slat with legs to hold up the mattress. The Customer Service Rep was very unprofessional and certainly not what one would expect from RTG given their volume of sales. Now, I'll have to wait another two weeks before re-delivery.

A quick visual inspection of the furniture revealed poor quality and workmanship. The vertical knobs on the dresser are crooked and don't align, and one of the drawers on the nightstand is misaligned, which is obvious from the side view walking into the room.

During our visit we picked out a Living Room and Dining Room set to purchase next. But now we'll shop elsewhere and will read customer ratings beforehand. Buyer BEWARE!

Cheap materials, Horrible customer service

I bought a couch from rug in July 2020. The back was very flimsy and within 2 months broke. I called customer service and they sent someone out. They said it would have to be replaced. Now 7 weeks later they said they forgot to order the replacement and ND that I shouldn't be upset because I broke the couch. Customer service was terrible. I would find a different outlet. They will never get any business from me again.

Damaged Furniture, Can't Contact Customer Service

Our bedroom furniture was delivered with 2 items damaged. Delivery driver said he would file a work order to have the items replaced, but we decided to follow up just in case he forgot the work order. Have spent a full day trying to speak to a "Customer Care Representative" at Rooms To Go with absolutely no success. Automated system puts you on hold and nobody ever picks up. I do believe they have nobody working at their customer service number.

False advertisement & poor service

I went to the Rooms To Go in Destin Florida to purchase a mattress I purchased the Sealy Colliford King size plush 15 inch, it’s advertised also on the website as 15 inch, so when I got the mattress delivered I had the driver measure it and it only measured 13 1/2 inches so I refuse the delivery, when I called the store they said it’s only 13 1/2 inches and I explain to them that it says 15 inches online and I was told 15 inches at the store . So I called the Destin Florida store back and she said she measured it and it’s 15 inches and they’ll send me another one out. Well I got the other one today and unfortunately I believe them and when the driver got upstairs again it only measured 13 1/2 inches, well at that point it was too late because the driver already took it out of the package and brought it upstairs so I could not refuse it this time. I called the store again the sales person told me that she could send me 10 more mattresses and they’d all be 13 1/2 inch. I have asked to talk to the store manager Kevin several times and he refuses to return my call. The customer service department is sending a technician out here this Friday to look at the mattress even though he’s coming out here it’s only 13 1/2 inches so we will see what happens when he comes out on Friday, June 24, 2022. The moral of the story is I would never recommend anybody or purchase again From the Destin Florida store they do not return calls and are not interested in the customer once they sell the merchandise. So if you want to make sure what you’re purchasing do not go to that store and have anything delivered their reviews are poor anyway but I’m

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