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Robin Mattress Reviews

The Robin Mattress is one of West Elm's newer additions. Their mattress features a slim profile and pocketed coil support system. Additionally, they offer two detachable topper options to choose from, which completes the mattress design. With only Queen through Cal King sizes available, most customers like their Robin mattress at first, but there are some complaints about feel and customer service issues.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $779-$999

Trial Period: No Trial

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Robin's Specifics

West Elm has been a trendsetter when it comes to the modern mattress-in-a-box industry. Over the years, they have given customers access to try some of the most popular brands in their stores, such as Leesa. With this, they launched the Robin mattress as their answer to the industry, providing a pocketed spring mattress at a competitive pricepoint that is GREENGUARD Gold certified (which means it meets a stringent independent emissions standard). However, customers have provided mixed reviews about their experiences -- with some describing sleep discomfort and issues with delivery and customer service.

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Quality of Materials

The Robin Mattress offers a partially-customizable pocket spring mattress that is thin and low profile. Here is what's inside the Robin Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is made of a soft and moisture whicking quilted material that helps stay dry and cool throughout the night.

Comfort Layer 1: There are two detachable topper options -- a 3.5'' plush comfort topper with TENCEL™ and memory foam or a 2.5'' cool comfort topper that is firmer and provides airflow and extra moisture whicking capabilities.

Comfort Layer 2: The next layer is a thin transitional foam layer that further relieves pressure and helps facilitate the support from the coils below.

Base Layer: The last layer is a pocketed coil system with 7-zones. The zones work with your body to relieve pressure around the hips and shoulders but also align the middle spine comfortably.

Overall Comfort

Customers report liking the topper options and most like the overall feel and supportiveness of the mattress. However, there were some disagreements when it came to initial comfort for some. Some others reported problems with customer service and delivery.


The topper options enable two different firmness options, a plusher medium feel and a firmer medium-firm option. Those that are back and stomach sleepers will do best with the firmer, cooling topper, while those that are average sized side sleepers or want extra cushion will be best suited to the plush topper option.

Back Pain Relief

The firmness of these mattresses and the 7-zoned coil systems will do a good job at aligning the spine. However, for those that experience durability concerns, there may be some issues with degrading support.


The cooling topper is the best choice for those that want a cool night sleep. While most sleepers will do well with these mattresses, there are some in very warm environments that may still experience some issues keeping cool.

Who Are Robin Mattresses Right For?

Robin mattresses are good options for those that want to try the mattress in store and bundle with other furniture purchases. However, there are some complaints about going this route. For those looking for long lasting comfort, you can have a mattress that gets better customer ratings and has a more generous trial and warranty. See our list of top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

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Great place

Great place got a mattress for our son. The manager is very helpful, patient & nice.

Awful customer service

Awful customer service, starting with the store manager. The store in Emeryville should NOT be selling mattresses. They have all the bed tags misplaced. When I entered the store today (April 2,2016), I asked to try medium and firm. First I have to look for someone to help me look what I need. Second, they tell me all the mattresses displayed on the floor were firm because all the tags hung from each bed said so. But I knew something was not right, since I've slept on firm mattresses all my life. The manager double checks and not only doesn't apologize for the mistake, but reassures me there is one firm and one medium mattress, which I proceed to testing. I have second doubts (again) on the mattress he insisted was a medium. When I undo the bed to see the tag attached to the mattress, under the sheets it said Plush! The manager was not only wrong about the mattress type, but has the nerve to get upset when he sees that I undo the beds to read the labels! Really? My unsolicited advice to the West Elm store in Emeryville is that they either re-train their employees about customer courtesy and how to label mattresses correctly, or restrain themselves from selling mattresses altogether.


Terrible, terrible customer service. Ordered a bed and a nightstand that have been sitting in their warehouse for two weeks waiting for the mattress arrival, also ordered at their store. It's been almost a whole month since I placed my order and they have no idea of where the mattress is or when it will be delivered because they get no response from their vendor and have the audacity to tell me that. I cancelled the order and know i have to wait 5 business days to get approval from their vendor for the cancellation. How will they get such approval if they don't respond them? They treat you as if you were a complete idiot.

Do NOT fall

Do NOT fall for their white glove delivery SCAM! Unfortunately you have to agree to (pay extra for) this service to order large items. I had a bed delivered a month ago and the delivery guys defiled my new hardwood floor and scratched my front door with their complete carelessness: pushing my white door open using a piece of the wood frame, dumping the bags of metal hardware right out onto wood floor, dropping pieces of bed and tools on wood floor. I was scolded that my room was too small for them to work in and then told that my mattress leaning against the wall had to be moved. No one helped me move it back; they just made a mess and left, you'd think a $50 service fee and also maybe like CHIVALRY could include helping a woman lift a queen mattress back onto her bed. Don't worry guys, I GOT IT. My house was recently renovated so their damage was immediately apparent and in my opinion the fact that they showed no care whatsoever for a newly installed floor and fixtures is absurd. West Elm contracts their delivery to some other company I've not been told the name of, and has conveniently passed the buck to them to fix my damage. I'm sure it's not gonna happen, and it's pathetic that west elm won't be accountable or hold their delivery partner accountable. If they valued their customer or reputation at all they wouldn't stand for this. What's worse is I can't get a call back from west elm unless I send some irate e-mail or threaten to take to the inter-webs. No call yet from the delivery morons. This happened and was first reported 31 days ago. Never ever ever ever ever ever shopping here again, not even for a napkin ring, even if it's the cutest Mid century modern napkin ring ever. Can't wait to tell everyone I know about my experience. The bed squeaks and was assembled terribly. The pieces don't line up right. If west elm cared, they would send someone with an actual brain cell from their store or warehouse which are both located 15 MINUTES from my home to make this right - instead of engaging me in this ridiculous game of phone tag. Pathetic!

They fraudulently induced us

They fraudulently induced us into purchasing a mattress as final sale. We were never informed that all sales are final, nor were there any signs posted near our purchase that said that sales were final. We were not informed that the mattress sale was final until after the merchant charged our card. The mattress was defective upon delivery and we called The retailer within 48 hours letting them know the issue. They refused to return the product or give us a new mattress. We were told that our only option was to purchase a more expensive mattress using the store credit from the damaged mattress. We explained to them that this was not a workable option for us as we informed Henry, the sales person, at the point of sale that we did not like any other mattresses in their storehouse. They refuse to work with us even though they sold us the damaged product. Additionally, while speaking with Henry about their policy he explicitly stated to us that it is the policy of the company to not inform people that all sales are final and said that people should read the receipt to know that the sales are final. Unfortunately, the receipt stating this policy is not provided to customers until after they have already submitted payment. Also, it is worth noting that a great percentage of the yelp reviews for this business appear to be fake as there are no pictures for these accounts nor have they made any previous reviews. I would hope that this would be investigated as well. We wish the owners of the business and Henry all the best in their endeavors and we have no desire to damage their business or their reputation; however, we want to be treated fairly and made every attempt to resolve this dispute in a way that satisfactory to all parties involved.


I wouldn't buy from Elm Sleep. They have no phone number, they never responded in there chat for over a week and never responded through email. Imagine trying to return it if you don't like it?? Run as fast as you can...

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