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Revive Mattress Reviews

Revive by Living Spaces is a low cost budget mattress brand that is shipped in a box. One of its main differentiators vs the competition is that they have both foam and pocket coil hybrid options and they come in multiple firmness options, including plush, medium, and firm. They use medium-grade materials with a flair, like copper infused memory foam and cooling gel memory foam. Overall, it gets decent reviews from customers for the price, but some customers had complaints about the comfort.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Price Value: 8.5/10

No Back Pain: 8.5/10

Price: $215-$1415

Trial Period: No Trial

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Revive's Owner Satisfaction

There have been diverse feedback from sleepers about these mattresses -- both good and bad. Many folks sleep well and describe a comfortable experience, but there were others that didn't enjoy their mattress. Learn more about this brand below!

Revive's Supportiveness

A supportive mattress can mean the difference between a comfortable night sleep and pain. These mattresses do well in supporting folks at the beginning, but there are some issues with long term support. Make sure to take a look at the reviews to make sure these mattresses work for you.

Edge Support
Edge support is important to most folks and makes it easy to get in and out of bed. Most folks find that these mattresses have okay edge support, but some experience more contouring than they would like.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
In density tests that measure the initial supportiveness, these mattresses have even inital support. Some folks, however, have described issues with support degrading over time.

Revive's Durability

Having a mattress that is great for durability can save you thousands. However, these days, everything from clothes to mattresses are wearing out quicker and quicker as businesses compete for profits. Customers have mixed feelings about the durability of these mattresses. Each bed is different so it may last years for you, but others may not be so lucky. Make sure to read more about these before purchasing.

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Mattress for our son

We bought a mattress for our sons room and he loves it! It's very comfortable and now we are considering buy a new mattress for ourselves from Living Spaces.

The worst mattress

Not comfortable at all had to spend another 150 on another pillow top to make that one feel better.

Zzzzzzz times 2

This mattress was our second mattress purchase. It was another good price and a very comfortable set. More company in March and she will sleep on this one. We are sure it will be a great night's sleep. Thank you LS for making shopping so easy.

Great Starter Mattress

We got our 3 year old a bunk bed and needed a solid mattress. I did some research and think this was a great value. My son loves it. Not sure how it would hold up for larger guys, but great for kids.

Great Mattress

We bought two of these and we are more than happy. They are a great price for what you are getting and have the perfect balance of soft vs firm. One is being used for a 4 year old and the other is being used for an 11 year old. I would have no issues with this item for myself as a next purchase.

Adorable Bed!

This is perfect in my 12-year-old daughter's room! Good quality and looks fantastic!

Great mattres

This mattress was for a bunk bed. It's great! My son loves it.

Joy Euro Full Mattress

I purchased the Joy Euro Full Size Mattress about a month ago and I have been very happy with the mattress. It is very comfortable and I get a great nights sleep each night. I needed to have a good mattress quickly, so I bought this simply by reading the reviews and I am very happy with the purchase. Living Spaces was able to deliver this the same day that I ordered it so I could not be happier!

Best Night Sleep Ever

This Joy Euro Pillow Top Mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. At first I only bought one for the guest bedroom but after I actually tried sleeping on it I just had to buy another for my bed /bedroom. I'm afraid to let guests stay over now....they may never leave with this new guest room mattress!

Best Mattress Ever

This is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned and slept on. It is soft but still firm enough to provide good stable support. I’ve never slept better.

Quality quality

I hilghly recommend living space products to everyone.

Super soft mattress just the way my son likes it!

What a great deal this mattress is. I couldn't be happier!


It is not uncomfortable, but much less so than the one I tried in the showroom. I hope to get out of it a few years.

Luxurious bed

Great sleep on the mattresses. Close out sale. Terrific price.

Great Buy

Excellent price for a great mattress. Very comfortable and well constructed...

Very comfortable

This mattress is for my 10 yr old son. He loves the comfort. I have tried it and find it comfortable without being too soft.

Fantastic mattress

We purchased this mattress for my young son and liked it so much that soon, everyone in our family was laying down with him and loving the feel of the mattress. When my husband has shoulder pain, he goes and sleeps in my sons room because this mattress is soft enough to relieve his pain without being too mushy. We liked this mattress so much that we just purchased another one for my daughter and both my husband and I have fallen asleep on it while putting her to bed because its so comfortable. Great price for a great mattress.

Such a comfy mattress!

I walked in already planning on purchasing a particular mattress. However, when I arrived in the revive location I began really looking at the mattresses and wondering what was the craze about the pillowtop mattresses. The second I sat on the mattress I felt nothing but comfort and relaxation. I'm very happy with this particular mattress and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. The sales rep was absolutely knowledgeable and really got to know my sleep habits and style. No doubt I will be purchasing this mattress again whenever I or a family memeber needs one.

What a joke

Lasted 2 weeks then came the feeling of falling off the bed. Literally got a shift in the mattress and a dip. Couldn't sleep on it so had to rotate it to the bottom. Inspector came out and deemed the mattress a problem. Returned it to living spaces but they have their own issues. No service after the sale. Poor customer service. They did offer to give me another $100 to repurchase an upgraded mattress, but that's only after I pitched a good one. Imagine spending your hard earned money and have it last 2 weeks. Do not buy this mattress. Buyer beware. I'm only a 140 pound woman. There's no way this should have happened.

Teen Granddaughter Loves It

My granddaughter is very sensitive when it comes to mattresses. Most of the time, beds are too firm or soft for her, which use to prevent her from a good nights' rest. After trying out this mattress at our Living Spaces in Vista, she was excited that she finally found a mattress that met her level of comfort; something that wasn't hard, but not so soft that she would sink into the bed. She finds it nice and comfty, to her preffered level of softness.


I have been looking for a firm but soft mattress for a while. I finally found this mattress. After reviewing over the features and recommendations from the customers, I decided to buy it. I am grad I made the right choice

Luxury mattress at affordable price

We bought 4 of the mattresses and they were a great purvhasr.

Great Mattress!

My daughter was in need of a mattress and she loves it. She is sleeping so much better each night and wakes up happier and no backache. I highly recommend and we had the mattress delivered the same day!


Bought this bed for my Grandmother. She loved it the first night and a month later, she says she is still sleeping well and waking up without all the aches and pains she had before.

Mattress & foundation

Great Product. seems like a great option compare to others of the same price.

Very satisfied with mattress...

Very satisfied with mattress. Will recommend to friends.

Great mattres

This mattress is for a bunk bed. I'm very happy with it. So comfortable!

Love my purchase

I'm happy that I purchased this mattress. It looks wonderful in my guest room. Firm , just like how I like it! I also purchased a sofa and love seat at the Living Spaces in Redondo Beach! Great customer service.

Good mattress

We tested the mattress before buying. and we thought about for a day because I wanted to make sure. So the next day we came back and bought it and I love it.

Firm Touch

I wanted a firmer touch, and I got that. I would prefer it to be a little softer, but it is nothing that hinders my sleep nor do I feel un-rested.

Great Mattress

I'm happy with the mattress although it is a bit firmer than I thought I would be and needed to purchase a soft mattress cover for it.

Sweet dreams

Mattress is very comfortable, great choice & perfect for the space saver bed.

Great Mattress!

This mattress is a great economical mattress. We were on a budget and were forced to not get what we thought would be a "dream mattress" .. this mattress is a dream! .. we're so glad we saved the money and got a great mattress out of it too! .. Thanks Living Spaces!..

Most Comfortable Mattress

I originally wasn't looking into buying a mattress, especially not online, but as I walked into Living Spaces to find the other bedroom furniture I needed I figured I might as well get the mattress too. I laid on each different mattress I could find and I found this to be the best fit for me. Not too soft and not stiff, it was just the right combination. It is definitely comfortable to sleep in and to just sit in - my entire family has already sat or laid on it and have also given me their approval.



Great Purchase

This mattress was inexpensive and works great. I put a mattress pad on it and it is extremely comfortable.

Sleep like a baby

I have back problems, my matress is firm and really felt good!!!

Nice mattress

nice quality, firm... would recommend for a young person.

My Daughter and son-in-law gets a full night sleep !

I purchased this bed for my 3 year old grandson who would get up in the middle of the night to sleep with his parents. Since the new bed was delivered he sleeps through the night and LOVES HIS BED!

Best buy for the money

Very comfortable, well made. Compared to other stores and ones on sale, turns out I made the right choice with a quality mattress.

Great buy. Very comfortable.

We bought this for our 17 yr old daughter. She loves it.

Good or bad

Emily full mattress is great but the furniture assembly was bad.


decent but very firm mattress recommend getting a mattress topper to soften it

Good and Firm

This is an very good mattress and it is very firm. Bought this one for my son.

Very Comfortable bed

Very Comfortable bed. My next purchase will be an Emily bed mattress if I needed a new mattress. more comfortable than my Sterns and foster high Mattress.

Great night sleep!

Significantly less costly than comparable competitor offerings, we bought this mattress after visiting multiple mattress stores. Since then, we've been sleeping great and are very happy with our purchase. The delivery and set up service was excellent as always. This is our 6th purchase from Living Spaces and we're 6 for 6 - happy with all of them!

Best Sleep Ever

This mattress is extremely comfortable. I’ve always had back problems and the R2 is the perfect fix for that. Best sleep I’ve gotten in years. Great investment!!

Awesome bed!

So comfortable! Only downfall, is it took more than a few hours to even out and expand after delivery. It is a great bed and very comfortable... overall, very happy with the purchase!

Memory Foam

Eastern King sleeps well. Mattresses are personal preference. Prior to buying, ensure you like memory foam. I don't know if the copper technology actually work but mentally the mattress feels cooler. Sleeping well!

Sleeping on a cloud

Great mattress, great price, and the cooling copper springs keep you cool while your going to sleep.

R2 king mattress

Great, awesome quality bed. Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. This is the most expensive I've bought to date and I don't regret it.

Don't buy this Mattress, don't waste your money

The mattress is not at all like the one in the store. It is like sleeping on a rock. I understand it needs to inflate, but we have not had a good nights sleep scene we bought it about a week ago. There is a slope all the way around the mattress, it feels like you are gong to roll out of bed and your feet are hanging off the bed. It is very uncomfortable! The sides and corners slope down still after a week. Who's idea was it to put it in a box??? DUMB! People don't have months to wait for the thing to inflate or for dents or slopes from being in a box to go away to get a good nights sleep! This is something we were not informed of when we bought it. Second issue, once we put the sheets on, that cooling feel is gone. It gets so hot!! I am not sure if using there brand of sheets will help this, but that is very disappointing. If that is the case it should be included with the mattress! Third issue, the first mattress they sent us had a stain on it, yes they replaced it. But was the first mattress a used mattress? We don't know. At this point we are not sure what to do, as it has been a week and it is still very uncomfortable. We did not think it would be so awful after laying on the bed in the store that is why the no return policy did not bother us. Wow we were very wrong. It's a lot of money to not be able to sleep on!


We tried almost every mattress at the Living Spaces stores plus more and we always go back to this one. We loved it provides cool comfort at the same time medium firmness. Just be warned that the first 24 hrs sleeping on it might give u some back pain but after that it should be very comfortable. We were told that our body adjusts to the mattress hence the discomfort. We've only had it for less than 2 months so can't really comment on the durability but this I can say - once gou experience a memory foam mattress, you will never want to have any other type of mattress again.

Amazing mattress!

Beyond impressed with the comfort and quality of this mattress! Was so easy to order, had great customer service and the mattress came quick and unwrapped easily. The R2 medium is perfect amount of soft and firm and I sleep amazing on it! Great purchase value!!

Top mattress

First time I bought a mattress that came in a box but it was a dream the 1st night of sleep. It will shape to your body and give great support.

Great mattress

I love this mattress! It is cooler to the touch. So much lighter to lift when making the bed. It was a good value for the price which was much less than the last generic mattress we bought.

Way better than my old matress

This has been a great purchase. I have slept 10x better o. This than my 8 year old spring matress. The only con is that my wife is on the lighter side and it's not the best for her. I would have gone with the plusher version if I had known it was going to be an issue. She has gotten used to it and has been sleeping better as well

Very disappointed

The mattress felt cold and comfortable in the store, but obviously you can't sleep on it overnight to really get the feel for it. I feel like I'm sleeping on a slab of cement. I get hot and thought the new cooling technology would keep me cool but it actually gets hot and I have to constantly move to a cold section of the mattress until that section gets hot. I called to return it but unfortunately it's not returnable - I wonder why? All I can do now is try to sell it and buy another mattress.

Too stiff

My husband and I were really happy with Living Spaces in almost every way: price, policies, same-day delivery and set up. We love their products. The only downside was that I THOUGHT I wanted a firm mattress, but I was wrong. We didn't think to look into it at first, but this mattress had no 30-day trial period and no option to exchange. Be really sure about your purchases.

Best Mattress Ever!

I went from a Tempur-Pedic to this mattress.... best move ever. I had trouble sleeping on the old mattress... back and hip pain. The first night that I had this mattress in the house, I was able to sleep for 8 hours straight (that's a big deal to me!). I knew I wanted to get rid of my old one, but was not impressed with any of the mattresses that I tried. The price was about $1000, much less than the old one, or even the new ones on the market. I am very glad that I bought this mattress :)


Great mattress for much cheaper than the competition. It takes a while to break in, so don't freak out if it starts out much firmer than the one you laid on in the store.


Love it! Good on my back! Comfortable gotta have one.

Best purchase

Best night I ever slept. I would not have picked anything else. The cold layer on the top makes it very fresh especially when it's warm out.

Good Night's Sleep

The mattress is very comfortable to sleep in. It's soft but slightly firm which is just right for my back. I have made the right choice buying this mattress.

Finally, a good night's sleep

We had a hand-me-down coil spring queen mattress for the past couple of years, which was starting to sag in the middle and offered little support. It was fine for an occasional night, so we moved it to the guest room and got ourselves a new bed. We upgraded to a King size memory foam mattress. At first we were leery to get the store brand instead of a name-brand we had heard of. But, the price difference was so great, and we spent two hours lying down on all of the various beds to test them out. And I'm glad we took our time because what I first thought was comfortable and was ready to buy, became increasingly uncomfortable as I kept testing them out. After two hours of trying different brands, different styles, and different firmness, we finally narrowed it down to the soft and the medium memory foam. We were told by the store representative that over the course of a few months, the mattress would "break in" a bit and soften up, so we decided to go with the medium firmness, which is just so comfortable. We are finally sleeping sooo much better! We barely feel one another when we move or get up during the night. (Our old bed shook whenever one of us moved.) We are really enjoying this new bed, and the Living Spaces delivery guys were great and got it all set up for us. We couldn't be happier!

$1000 down the drain

I've slept on this mattress almost a full week and I hate it. It actually gives me back pain. I wake up and my hip joints hurt! It's really firm. The store says it takes 2-3 months to break it in? I can't continue to have sleepless nights for 2-3 months. Ridiculous at that price that you can't return it? Not comfortable at all. Lesson learned.


Well alot of people seem to be very satisfied with their beds ,,however the few that weren't got screwed with thee no return policy and just for that i would rather spend a lot more for the peice of mind knowing if im not happy i can return so im going to jeromes for my adjustable thats bull poop you cant return ,thats alot of money for nothing and a sore back... im just sayin

Terrible Mattress

I purchased my mattress at Living Spaces and after approximately 6 months (it's 9 months old now) half the mattress is about 2 inches lower than the other half - and I don't sleep in one spot on the bed. If I roll over it's like I'm having to lift up - going up or down hill. I've had many mattresses in my lifetime and this one is by far the worst - ever.

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