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Reverie Mattress Reviews

Reverie has been around since 2003 and it has been innovating ever since. Their proprietary DreamCell® technology is a memory foam core that acts akin to a pocket spring. However, they have built them with different firmness options. Every bed is customized to the sleeper's (or couple's) individual needs, such as sleeping style and health concern. They are also delving into the realm of smart beds with a connected mobile application and other optional features.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.8/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.5/10

Price: $2399-$8499

Trial Period: No Trial

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Reverie's Specifics

Reverie is known for their Reverie Sleep Systems that come with a mattress and an adjustable base. In terms of their mattresses, they feature foam coil technology, which are small foam pods that vary in firmness and are developed for zoned support. This means that you get more firmness in the places that you need it most, like your middle spine, while getting more contour around the hips and shoulders.

Quality of Materials

Reverie's mattresses come with their DreamCell® technology that are foam cells with different firmnesses. Each mattress is customized in their orientation of the firm and softer cells to provide a firmness that works for your individual body. This is somewhat revolutionary for customers that want something tailored to them. However, some customers found that the mattresses did not work flawlessly for their comfort and some experienced durability concerns in some cases.

Mattress & Sleep System Types

We'll go through Reverie's Sleep Systems and accompanying mattress options so that you know what will be best for you:

Dream Supreme II Hybrid

The Dream Supreme II comes with both a Reverie foam hybrid mattress and also a Reverie 9T® Adjustable base that adjusts itself automatically via a remote control for easy TV watching or zero gravity, and also has massage functionality for aches and pains. The DreamCell® mattress allows for dual firmness and can be readjusted by opening the bed and rearranging the foam springs within. Also, its cover is cooling with Feran Ice® treatment to the top layer. Overall, customers like the feel of the Dream Supreme II -- especially the adjustable base. However, the mattress does have some complaints around initial feel, adjustment ease, and longevity. Also, the prices are very high for the materials.

The pros: High tech sleep system with adjustable base and mattress included. Sleeps cool.

The cons: Very expensive and some issues with feel and durability.

Price Range: $3699-$8499

Dream Supreme II Natural

The Dream Supreme II Natural sleep system comes with both the adjustable base that allows you to watch TV and prop legs up with ease (and has a massage feature), and it also comes with the mattress. The mattress has a Cashmere-blend cover that is treated with cooling Feran Ice®. Beneath, the 6'' DreamCell® foam springs allow for dual firmness by adjusting the position of the foam springs within. This sleep system gets good initial reception from customers, but with a few caveats. For one, the system is very expensive for the materials and also there were some that found degrading comfort over a shorter than expected timeframe.

The pros: Luxury cashmere-blend cover. Tailored firmness options with the foam spring technology.

The cons: Some issues with durability and high prices.

Price Range: $3699-$8499

Dream Supreme I Hybrid

The Dream Supreme I Hybrid offers sleepers a slighly less expensive option and an 11'' mattress height with both DreamCell® technology and cooling Feran Ice® treatment on the synthetic cover layer. The mattress can be adjusted in firmness by readjusting the foam springs within and comes with a mattress topper. The adjustable base is lower tech without the superior lumbar support of Dreamcell Supreme II packages. Most customers like their Reverie sleep systems, but some felt that the mattress degraded faster than expected and others had problems with the price.

The pros: Sleep system with adjustable base included. Good initial comfort.

The cons: Some problems with durability and price is still quite high.

Price Range: $3149-$7097

Dream Supreme I Natural

The Dream Supreme I Natural is similar to the Dream Supreme I Hybrid, but doesn't offer the same mattress topper for extra softness. It comes with adjustable DreamCell® foam spring technology for ergonomic back support, and also features their lower grade adjustable base that has massage, infinite positions, and a slim profile. This sleep system gets good reviews at first, but has some disagreements on durability and pricepoint. Some found that the comfort didn't last.

The pros: Adjustable mattress and sleep system with dual firmness.

The cons: Some issues with durability are reported. Price still is quite high.

Price Range: $3149-$7047

8X Sleep System

The 8X Sleep System is a combined power base and mattress that comes in multiple firmness options. The adjustable base has less options than some others they sell. However, it still comes with multiple positions to choose from, some massage features, and wireless remote. The mattress is 12'' thick with DreamCell® foam springs. Overall, customers find this sleep system comfortable. However, some may experience durability issues.

The pros: Thicker mattress for the money.

The cons: Some problems with durability reported. Price is very high for materials.

Price Range: $4249-$8499


Reverie offers almost unlimited permutations of firmness options with their DreamCell® foam springs. This enables sleepers to find what they need and adjust it if they want a different feel.

Back Pain Relief

Overall, those that find their Reverie Sleep Systems initially comfortable can find temporary pain alleviation. However, due to the reports of sagging, these mattresses may aggravate the spine if they begin to sag.


Reverie utilizes Feran Ice®, which is a chemical treatment that cools textiles and helps them not retain heat. These mattresses shouldn't sleep warm except for those in the warmest environments.

Who Are Reverie Sleep Systems Best For?

Reverie Sleep Systems are ideal for those that are looking for an adjustable bed with a mattress to go with it and want to buy that from one spot, seamlessly without having to price compare. For those that are interested in finding a better deal, take a look at our top rated foundations and top rated mattresses.

Browse Reverie Customer Reviews

Adjustable fit

The bed was adjustable to fit in my bedroom and it was comfortable enough to lay down and get a nice rest. I did not have trouble with the assembly. The warranty had 1 year. But after 1 year you have to pay for it. If it gets damage you could exchange it or get a refund. I think it won't get damage since it was in good shape. The staff that work there were not nice. They were arrogant and did not greet or smile at customers at all. Employees now in days are all arrogant and mean. The value was great. There was no damage to the bed. It is well worth what it cost. The assembly was a little bit hard but I did with help of others.

Amazing features

Have amazing features that all adjustable beds must have. It has ultimate comfort and can customizable to your likings. The bed is made professional and can comfort back pain. The bed can make your sleep schedule better. The warranty of the adjustable bed is outstanding. This can cover for 20 years which is an outstanding deal. If you are not satisfied with the bed you can 100% full refund back after 101 days. Customer service is as well great but the downside is customer service is through the weekdays. They as well have a customer service email. The service is as well the same as some brands. The deal of the bed is really great and has some very great features added on to the bed. It has many custom features that is really outstanding for the value of the adjustable bed.

Great bed

I like the overall features as it covers with a basic sheet, but can also customize it by replacing it or hitting a switch. This allows me to adjust the mattress accordingly and is pretty nice to have. The warranty covers everything there is from the mattress to the build structure you make. It also gives you a good amount of options and room to work around the warranty to customize your purchase. The customer service was pretty good as it gives me access to everything I need. The value is pretty good as well since there was no problems at all and there was more than enough value for the purchase.

Real quality

You can move the side from the head and the legs up and down to make this as comfortable as possible for you at night. The mattress is from really good quality. The warranty is for 2 years and I got it for an additional price that was reasonable for this kind of bed. Completely describes the quality of this kind of bed, the warranty. The customer service was very helpful in every single question I had. They took their time with me and I felt good as a customer. Would highly recommend the customer service. The value of this kind of bed was very reasonable, a good price for best quality. The bed itself was expensive but last me for a very long time.

Sleeping soundly

Love this bed! With an 850 pound capacity, it is very sturdy and well made. Massage feature is basically just vibrator motors, kind of like the 'magic fingers' beds that used to be in motels. It's nice if you're someone who needs to be 'patted' to sleep, like a baby. Shuts off automatically after about 20 minutes. The adjustable motor is very quiet. Head and foot are completely adjustable so you can make it as comfortable as you need. I have a 10-inch Lucid memory foam mattress, which is very firm, that I bought on Amazon 3 years ago for under $300. Same price today, and it works really well with this adjustable base.
Warnings: It comes flat in a huge box. When the bed arrived, there was a fist size hole in the box and there were only two straps and some tape holding it together. At first I was concerned because there was no styrofoam or packing material to absorb bumps during shipment. But once we laid the bed down I realized that it really didn't need extra packing material. The bed is HEAVY. You definitely need two strong people for this project.
Assembly: The manual doesn't tell you in the beginning that you need to insert 9-volt back-up batteries into the motor box. Those instructions are on the last page - AFTER you've flipped the base over and then have to crawl around on the floor to reach the box. But assembly is simple. Attach the legs, cut away a few strips of zip tie that hold the power cord, insert the 9-volt batteries, and then the bed is ready to flip right side up. Here's where it gets tricky. You need two people to dead lift the unwieldy, 125 pound base and flip it over. You cannot 'lean' it over on its side, because the pressure on the legs could bend or snap the metal bolts. It was a challenge for my daughter and me but we managed. Anyway, once it's right-side up you just need to attach the corner brackets that hold the mattress on. I don't think they tell you that the bed also comes with the headboard attachment kit, which was a nice surprise.
Have slept blissfully for a 3 nights. I bought it because I have moderate sleep apnea and sometimes woke up with headaches. The wedge type pillows weren't much help because I would slide off during the night. With this adjustable bed, I am able to lift the head up so that my sleep is uninterrupted and I wake up feeling like I actually got a good night's rest - either on my back or on my side. No more headaches. I love being able to elevate my legs while I watch TV or read - it really helps with edema. I used an income tax return to purchase this bed. Best thing I've done for myself in years!

Best Decision I Ever Made

I suffer from sleep apnea, snoring and lower back pain. Tried every type of standard flat mattress and nothing helped. Paired the Reverie 5D with Perfect Coud Atlas mattresses, put bed in anti-gravity mode and now sleep great with no pain, snoring or breathing issues. A real life changer. I've been recommending this bed to everyone.

First impressions - AWESOME!

This is just a review about the seller and delivery/setup - as well as initial impressions after a few hours. Will update after some more time.

We purchased a king - which is two twin bases. Delivery was great, as it comes in (2) 140# boxes which meant it wasn't impossible for two people to carry up stairs and do the set-up. The instructional videos on Reverie's site are spot-on and helped us a lot.

Set-up was exactly as shown on the video. The _only_ thing I would caution folks on is that if you are buying it as a king and intend to use it as one bed, not controlled as a split - both remotes can be paired to both sides of the bed, just follow the instructions (easier to do before you set the bed in it's place as it's heavy to lift up!).

We paired this with our existing Casper mattress and it fits perfectly and works very well in every configuration we've tried so far. We also had an existing head-board/rails/foot-board setup that we were really hoping would be compatible with this frame - and it was. We took out the existing boxsprings and slats and the adjustable frames fell right into place. We aren't attaching to the headboard as it doesn't seem to need it.

In our set-up, the wall-hugger feature seems to work well enough - both nightstands remain accessible with the head position pretty high.

Positions - I can't wait to really play with this. Our initial reaction to the zero-gravity and raised foot positions was ... 'Ahhhh'. The movement is relatively quiet, smooth, and we found the massage feature really was a pleasant surprise (in that it actually works well)!

The seller (Low price bargains) was terrific - they were responsive to my ?s and it was delivered exactly on the date promised. What more can you ask!

I'll update this in a few weeks after we've really broken it in, but really happy at the initial set-up, quality, sturdiness, and operation of this bed. And ECSTATIC at how much we saved!

Have amazing features...

Have amazing features that all adjustable beds must have. It has ultimate comfort and can customizable to your likings. The bed is made professional and can comfort back pain. The bed can make your sleep schedule better. The warranty of the adjustable bed is outstanding. This can cover for 20 years which is an outstanding deal. If you are not satisfied with the bed you can 100% full refund back after 101 days. Customer service is as well great but the downside is customer service is through the weekdays. They as well have a customer service email. The service is as well the same as some brands. The deal of the bed is really great and has some very great features added on to the bed. It has many custom features that is really outstanding for the value of the adjustable bed.

I like the overall features...

I like the overall features as it covers with a basic sheet, but can also customize it by replacing it or hitting a switch. This allows me to adjust the mattress accordingly and is pretty nice to have. The warranty covers everything there is from the mattress to the build structure you make. It also gives you a good amount of options and room to work around the warranty to customize your purchase. The customer service was pretty good as it gives me access to everything I need. The value is pretty good as well since there was no problems at all and there was more than enough value for the purchase.

I like the overall features...

You can move the side from the head and the legs up and down to make this as comfortable as possible for you at night. The mattress is from really good quality. The warranty is for 2 years and I got it for an additional price that was reasonable for this kind of bed. Completely describes the quality of this kind of bed, the warranty. The customer service was very helpful in every single question I had. They took their time with me and I felt good as a customer. Would highly recommend the customer service. The value of this kind of bed was very reasonable, a good price for best quality. The bed itself was expensive but last me for a very long time.

I really like it...

I really like it when you sleep it's very comfortable and relaxing when there is not much to do at the top of the say and I say to you that it's great way to relax is to buy this bed. It is very good because when something is wrong it is easier to replace without a hassle and the staff helping you are so friendly and there every step of the way to ensure you enjoy your purchase. The team is professional and help is always there 24 hrs and 7 days a week. They look out for your best interest and support from the beginning to help you out and keep a smile on my face. I like to say that they are the best at what they do. Each day the staff supports your everyday feeling that the company has to do that for me and you to have the best thing ever.

It doesn't really have any features...

It doesn't really have any features but the bed is incredible to sleep on. It's very soft and you wake up feeling great with no pain whatsoever. The warranty is great, I definitely recommend people to get it. If anything happens to it, they give you another one without any payments. Customer service is great, they help you with exactly what you need help with. And they don't take long to help you, and it's super fast and they don't take long to answer. The value of the bed is great, is very soft and it's a great cushion not hard. It's very delicate though you have to be very careful with the bed.

It has a design where it is really cute and gorgeous....

It has a design where it is really cute and gorgeous. I also love its foam, it gives us a really good night sleep, and siestas too. It also is the best bed we have used. The warranty of the adjustable bed we bought is really a great deal. Its warranty lasts up to one year and I may say it won't ever need a warranty for it is really good and won't break easily. The seller of the adjustable bed is really caring to us, customers, for they really explained every detail about the adjustable bed they are selling. They are also attending the customers in most and best ways. The value of the adjustable bed we bought is really worth of your time, money, and effort. I would highly recommend this to the people I know and to the people who are willing to buy any bed that is adjustable.

We purchased our Reverie beds....

We purchased our Reverie beds, XL twins, nearly one year ago. They were ordered online from Mattress Firm. They arrived on time, including the mattresses. Everything was set up exactly as advertised. We LOVE them. They sit side by side creating a king size bed. We haven't had one problem with the adjustable operation or the vibrators which we use every night. The only recommendation we would suggest is that the feet could raise a little higher.

Backend Customer Support SUCKS!!!

Bought two adjustable full-sizes to configure into one king-sized bed, about eight years ago. Last week, the spot-weld on one of the front legs broke. It broke because instead of being inserted into the upper portion of the leg, the lower portion was spot welded onto it. I contacted Reverie and they sent me a "repair kit" that consisted of a replacement lower leg, a receptacle and mounting plate designed to place the leg next to the broekn one and mounted onto the frame bar. The problem was that the width of the receptacle, which is supposed to fit underneath the frame bar, is 2-1/8" wide, whereas the bar is only 1" in width. Any idiot could see that that arrangement would be unstable because of too much play. I called Reverie this morning to see what could be done, and the rep's response was: "Tough luck. That's the only kit we make and it's really for a different bed frame, so you're on your own." Since the bed is under ten years old, and cost MUCH more than it's worth, I'm going to try to reach out to other dissatisfied Reverie customers who've had similar problems, to see if we can file a class action lawsuit for product liability. Meantime, buyer beware...This company does NOT stand behind it's product or give a damn about its customers. In other words, it's a rip-off.

We have had this bed

We have had this bed for about 6 weeks. I had experienced back pain and poor sleep for a couple of years prior. The ability to customize my bed and also adjust the bed into a zero gravity setting has greatly improved my sleep. I no longer have any back pain at all. I love it. My wife likes a very soft bed and it was shipped in a soft setting. We have since adjusted it to super soft. We are still working to get it exactly like she wants but the advantage with Reverie is that it is completely adjustable and we can continue to adjust to get it just the way she needs it. Also, the bed is not hot at all which is one negative to some of the foam type mattresses. Michael, with Reverie, was great to work with on helping us find the right bed.

Was told 4-6 weeks from purchase to delivery

Was told 4-6 weeks from purchase to delivery. I am now on week 10. Still no bed. Was told most recently it had shipped 12/17, so when I called today was told it didn't actually ship that day and was more like 12/21... so when asked when I would have it was told most likely first week of January. This will be 13 weeks... Totally unacceptable based on an original date of 4-6 weeks... a few weeks leeway, ok, but 7 weeks past later date, messed up. For this much money I expect better service...

My wife and I had been researching

My wife and I had been researching new beds and happened to stop by our local Costco and met Jayson ** at the Reverie road show. During our research we had not considered a Reverie bed but after talking with Jayson, going home and doing more research, returning to Costco and asking more questions of Jayson, we decided to purchase our Dream Top King with powerbase. We opted to have the dream cells set up for medium firmness on both sides. We made our purchase on 10/25/18, the bed was shipped on 11/8/18 and was delivered and setup on 11/21/18. Throughout the entire process the Reverie team kept us informed and up to date on the status of our order and what we needed to do prior to the actual delivery.


Guys, this process has become an absolute joke! When I ordered the bed, I was told it would be here in 4-6 weeks but most likely six weeks. Fine. After about 7 weeks, I was told the bed and base were shipping. It never arrived. At nine weeks after order, I was told again that the bed was shipping. After threatening to cancel my order, I was told that the bed and base were in Atlanta where I live. I was called by the moving company and was told that the bed would be delivered today (Saturday November 17).

I contact Reverie's toll free number

I contact Reverie's toll free number to inquire about the various options they had available for a bed and adjustable base. I ended up buying a closeout model which was in stock. Paid over $3,500. Only to be told 3 weeks after my purchase that the bed I bought was sold and I could pick another one for $500 more! I protested, very upset, they had my money for 3 weeks! No contact from them after they took my money other than a few emails of what to expect at delivery. It was my phone call to them asking "when" would it be delivered that I was told it was out of stock and I would have to pay more money.

The bed was delivered on time

The bed was delivered on time and set up carefully. The setup team encountered a minor glitch that was resolved quickly. The bed is wonderful! It has made a major positive effect on my sleep apnea and acid reflux. What a relief! The customer support team has been attentive, knowledgeable, and engaged. Our sales representative, Jason, was easy to work with during the sale and easy to reach afterwards. I am one very pleased customer

We ordered our customized reverie bed

We ordered our customized reverie bed in August from Costco. We were called the last week in September for delivery by the company Reverie used in Dallas. Since we were to be in Europe for the month of October, I arranged to call them upon our return to deliver in November. This company was most accommodating. The delivery occurred on Saturday, November 3. Again, the delivery company was wonderful.

Last year we had gone to Costco

Last year we had gone to Costco in Carlsbad CA and Reverie was having a roadshow on their adjustable beds. My husband had major back surgery and could never sleep comfortably. We purchased the full split Cal King bed and loved it – he could finally sleep comfortably!! We started having issues with my husband's mattress. We had it 13 months and wanted to exchange just his mattress. But Reverie customer service said they could not do that since it was past a year. Costco was having the Reverie Roadshow the next weekend so we decided to go and talk to the sales rep. We spoke with Randy and he thought we should have never bought the full split Cal King and should have bought the Cal King Dream top. He said he would contact Reverie and see what he could do.

In January we happened to time

In January we happened to time our regular shop with a Reverie Road Show at the Costco Carlsbad. Bill, the Sales Rep. present that day gave us a very detailed explanation of the options available with the CA King partial split bed. We had previously looked at other choices available on the market but none seem to convince us that we should replace our 15 year old bed, especially at the cost.

I met my Reverie salesperson Patrick

I met my Reverie salesperson Patrick ** during a Costco Roadshow he facilitated back in May of 2018. I was in the market for an adjustable sleep system and once I became aware of the continuity of pricing, my goal became finding a system that was worth the investment. I knew I had been sleeping on mattresses that were a little too firm for me and Patrick was able to diagnose a solution with a few questions - "Do you sleep back, side, stomach? Do you have any pains/discomforts in the neck, shoulders, hips."

Our initial exposure to the Reverie product

Our initial exposure to the Reverie product was through the ads on CNBC radio a couple years ago. The first time we saw the system was at a COSTCO roadshow, where Michael ** gave us a very thorough demo. As an engineer, I was most intrigued by the simplicity of the system and the flexibility that it offers. My wife and I are "different sizes" and despite spending thousands on high end brand mattresses over the years, we just had never been able to find a great compromise. WELL... we bought our Reverie system about 2 years ago and without reservation I can say we won't ever own anything else.


Overall, great product and great service! Love my sleeping system!

I highly recommend the Reverie

I highly recommend the Reverie 8x. If you are looking for a mattress you should go see Mike at Costco in the Atlanta area. Our old mattress had gotten so bad I was sleeping on the floor. I would wake up feeling like I just got beat up. My shoulders were sore, lower back stiff, and hips aching. It was the complete opposite of what sleeping is supposed to do. We had a hard time finding a mattress that would work for both of us. My wife is a side sleeper who likes a soft mattress. I'm a stomach sleeper who prefers medium firm. We tried an adjustable air mattress hoping that would give us both what we needed. My back and shoulders got worse and my wife didn’t like it either.

We have owned our Reverie

We have owned our Reverie for nearly a year. Amazing mattress, highly recommend to everyone. Mattress is customized on each side to fit the needs of each sleeper. Love our mattress, we have never slept better.

The rep Greg at the Costco Roadshow

The rep Greg at the Costco Roadshow was Awesome! He explained everything I needed to know about my new bed. I was able to adjust the firmness for me to be perfect. I had been having issues with numbness and pain in my arms and back. After sleeping on this bed for a week and using the massage feature, my numbness and pain was greatly reduced. I was able to get a full night's sleep again! I have had this bed just 4 months and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

I love my Reverie bed system

I love my Reverie bed system. We have an older base but the newer mattress from Costco and I've slept like a baby since setting it up in my home. The mattresses are customizable in case you have any problems, but we have not had to change our mattress configuration at all. I love that the bed allows us to adjust up for reading and the zero G mode helps my wife and I relax. This bed is definitely a great investment!

My husband and I purchased

My husband and I purchased our Reverie king bed two years ago at a Costco Road Show and have been sleeping better ever since. Our salesperson Randy explained everything about the bed in great detail and it really got our attention. My husband is a pretty hard sell but after visiting with Randy and then trying the bed we felt it would be a good move for us to buy one.

When I went to Costco

When I went to Costco I met Greg **, a sales rep for Reverie Adj. beds. I wanted a bed for here in OR and possibly for my AZ home too, for I have been waking up with back and shoulder pain for sometime. Greg let me experience this bed and showed and explained how each is made for the individual person. Greg never pressured me but satisfactory answered every question I had. In the end it was not possible for me to get a bed for Oregon, due to fact that my time here was coming to an end for this year and the 6 weeks it takes to make my costumed bed, but I decided to go ahead and ordered a Cal King for AZ since it would be made and delivered about the time I return there. Thank you Greg **. I feel so lucky that you were there in OR when I was in Costco and hopefully when I return next year I will get a bed for here too.

I have had my Reverie mattress

I have had my Reverie mattress for one month now. I had been looking for a new mattress for about 6 months. My old mattress was only 2 years old and of a high quality but I never got used to it. I was leaning towards one of those Number beds because of the ability to adjust the firmness but was just not sold on them. I had seen the Consumer Reports article earlier this year and the high review that the Reverie mattress was given but did not have anywhere near me to check one out before buying. I seen that Costco was going to have a Road Show with the Reverie and went to check it out.

The reason I am posting this review

The reason I am posting this review is maybe it will help someone else get the sleep they need too. I had gone through a divorce 3 years previous and felt like I had moved on but I was still sleeping poorly and infrequently resorting to taking ** and ** to get to sleep and stay asleep. It finally occurred to me that maybe a new bed would help, mine was 15 years old and probably too firm. I shopped around for a day or 2. Tried laid on a few mattresses but put it off because of cost. I went to Costco to shop, talked to a salesperson at the Reverie booth, laid on the bed etc. He had to run up front with some customers that were buying a bed. I told him I would wait. I laid on the bed for 30 min, I may have even fallen asleep. He explained how the bed could be adapted to my body type and the benefits that I would discover from being able to adjust the bed and the mattress itself.

My wife and I bought

My wife and I bought this Reverie bed from Costco in February 2017. Randy, our sales representative, gave us a great job of giving us an overall of all the features of the bed and the ways we could customize it to our needs. He even went out of his way to give us his number in case anything came up or if we had any questions. Getting everything set up was easy as Reverie helped coordinate shipping and when it was delivered to our home the deliverymen carefully brought everything in and built up the bed in our master bedroom.

We purchased a bed at Costco

We purchased a bed at Costco. We are completely satisfied with Jason, the sales staff, the delivery service and the bed. Jason has been more than helpful. He even gave us his personal phone number which he answers promptly. The delivery of our bed came sooner than expected. The delivery crew was beyond careful with our hardwood floors and antique headboard. They provided excellent instructions on how to use the bed. We love this bed. We have never had a better nights sleep. We totally recommend it.

Recently my husband and I purchased

Recently my husband and I purchased a Reverie bed and I would like to share our experience with you and anyone looking to purchase a Reverie bed. We made the purchase at a Costco Roadshow. The Sales Representative, Randy, was great. We felt very comfortable with making the purchase of the bed. Our bed was delivered as promised, actually earlier than expected, which was great. The delivery men showed us how to use the bed and set up the remote control, they were very nice. The day after delivery, we received a follow up phone call from Reverie Customer Service to check and make sure that everything went as it was supposed to. We had no complaints.

I bought my bed two years ago

I bought my bed two years ago. It didn't work when I bought it, Reverie kept telling me a fix was just around the corner. 2 years later the thing still doesn't work. I have been in contact with the company, too many times to count, and they still don't have a resolution to my problem. Never buy anything from them.

My husband and I purchased a King mattress

My husband and I purchased a King mattress, box springs and Reverie adjustable base from Sleep Experts on 10/10/2015. The bed has given us no issues except when they delivered it, it came with 2 remotes, only 1 of them work??? The last month or so, the remote that works now does not work anymore. I called Reverie over and over again and was not able to reach anyone. Finally, I changed up the prompts that I pushed and finally got a hold of a gentleman named "Jeremy". He said I need my Serial # and to be by the bed to troubleshoot it. He said they would be there till 6 pm E/T, I told him that I had a hard time getting thru to someone so ask him to call me back, he said that he could not and that if I call later on that day, that it would not be busy! WRONG!

My husband purchased a Reverie

My husband purchased a Reverie king mattress and adjustable base (Costco SKU 1134815) and mattress protector for a split top bed (Costco SKU 1134841) on 04-04-2018. Two days after that purchase, I called the Reverie special order number, as instructed by Gregory **, to confirm the purchase. After encountering a few questions about the mattress and frame, I called Reverie customer support line (1-800-456-7383) but my calls went unanswered. There is an option for call back on the phone system which I chose twice and each time, my phone would ring less than once, then hang up. Frustrated, I called several times after that and never reached an actual person. This solidifies the complaints online about ATROCIOUS customer service at Reverie.

My experience with Reverie

My experience with Reverie has been the WORST!!! I had my product for 1 year exactly when it broke. The warranty department has been NO help whatsoever! I was told my product would be delivered in 2 to 4 weeks. It has been over 3 months and I am still waiting. Every time I contact Reverie I am told I will be receiving a call about my delivery. I NEVER RECEIVE THAT CALL! This is the WORST customer service experience I have ever had. I hope I never have to deal with them again!

We had the mattress a few months

We had the mattress a few months and noticed loss of support after 2 months. Company said to move foam plugs for better support. Problem only got worse. This mattress is expensive and very uncomfortable. Now Denver mattress will only give us 50% of purchase price in credit.

My adjustable bed stopped working

My adjustable bed stopped working on Sunday night 8/13/17. I called the customer service number at Reverie on Monday 8/14/17. I explained what occurred to the representative. She asked questions and listened to my description very patiently. She then told me she was sending out the parts. She said a Reverie tech could do the work, or a tech from the store where I purchased the bed could do it. I asked if she would send instructions with the parts, as my son is handy. The next day, Tuesday 8/15/17, the parts arrived via UPS. My son was able to do the work and the bed is back in working order. This is a bed I bought in 2015. I am very pleased with the company and also with this particular customer representative.

My experience with my purchase

My experience with my purchase with the Serta base from Reverie has been awful! The vibration started about 3 months ago, and calling the customer service department is a joke! I purchased a Twin XL from Mattress Direct for $3,300.00, like one of the other reviews I read said how it was no problem taking your money but when you have a problem, it's like “Your problem, not ours!” I will never purchase anything from this company ever again!

Recommend Reverie

We purchased the Reverie 8Q platform a few weeks ago. We are please with the super quiet operation and comfort it provides. The massage option work nice and is quieter than we thought. But we are most impressed with the company and how it stands by its product. I did have a small problem with the head portion not working at times. Problem only took 10 minutes to resolve and they expedited the repair like I was their only customer. It was nice to have worked with one person from time of contact to resolution. Special thanks to "Samantha"... A great company! Like I said, platform is very solid and works quiet and exceeded our expectations. You earned my business for life.


Had expert up our new bed up we had delivered on Dec. 18. Remote would not work. our guy could not get the bed to rise on one side. Tried a long time and we tried when he left. Went to call them and they were closed because of time zone. Called on 12/19 left two messages with the girl there and NO ONE CALLED US BACK. DID SAME THING AND SAME THING HAPPENED ON 12/20. CALLED ON DEC. 23 AND NO CALL BACK YET

Service sucks!

The bed is great when it works but when you have a problem you are pretty much on your own. The people at Reverie, if you can get someone on the phone, are very rude and very unhelpful. We have had service issue with this bed from delivery. We finally fixed it ourselves the first time and good thing since it took them over a month to call us back. Now they agree it needs a new control panel on one side, we have a split king, but those are on back order until the end of June. We just got this bed in Feb, 2020. But the reverie "{service" rep that I finally spoke to on the phone wanted to lecture me about my being mad about this situation more than he wanted to help fix it. He kept talking over me and finally said that since I wasn't nice enough he was going to cancel the order for the new controller. I'm sure his version of this is different but I recorded the whole call and tole him he was being recorded from the start. He said since I bought it from Plush Beds he was only doing me a favor to talk to me anyway. So I called Plush Beds. They said I have to talk to Reverie. They both pass the buck back and forth. I wish we had never bought a Reverie Bed and never will again. Oh, that rep's name was Devonte'. If someone wants a 3 month old split king 8Q power base with only one side working let me know, I make a good price on it.

Not Working after 5 Months

I bought the 7T split king adjustable base. The two twin bases were paired to act as one. After about 5 months, one of them stopped working. And it is stuck in an upright position. Nobody answers the phone, always have to leave a message. I finally got a call back and was told I would be sent a new control box, and then a technician would call to schedule installation. 5 weeks later, no box, no call. Once again I cannot reach Customer Service. This is the worst performance of a product (and very expensive one!) that I have experienced.

Don't buy

Bought an adjustable base in December of 2019. Had issues with the remote not working in March. They had me crawl under the base to plug a cord back in. It has continued to do this since March and in September, when I tried to crawl under and fix it, hurt my back very badly. The other base, the hydraulics strain to go up and down. Have left several messages and e-mails. No one responded to complaints so filed a complaint with better business bureau in December. Waste of 2400 dollars.

Unhappy Camper

Conveniently, after one year (warranty up) my split king motor went out on one side. New motor was ordered and technician charge to replace it was approximately $250. The motor arrived and the tech came out. Apparently, it was a newer version and no cord was included. He ordered the cord. Came back about a week or so later and the remote would not work with this version. He said he would order the remote but apparently he did not. Three weeks later, called the company and they stated a new remote would cost $120 or I could use the download app. The download app states it does not work with Android. The customer service told me it works beautifully with an IPhone. So, either buy an IPhone for more than $1000 or new remote for $120.

Inferior Control Module

Had to replace the control module twice within 18 months on one side of a split king bed and on the hook for shipping and handling charges, unacceptable, clearly an inferior module. Frustrating....

Unhappy Camper

Do not purchase a Reverie system. Customer service is nonexistent. Motor failed after 16 months. Ordered new motor and tech came out to install. Paid over $200 for the motor and tech. When he arrived, no cord for the motor. He said he would return when the cord arrived. He did. He then determined it needed a new remote and said he would order it and return to finish the job. I was then told by customer service to order the remote for $127 or purchase a IPhone for over $1000 and install the app. They then stated that I should order the remote but they felt the tech did not know the correct procedure for pairing the remote. The remote order would be placed on hold. They charge my credit card anyway and the tech never returned to finish the job. Customer service has been silent ever since and no remote, no tech, not repair. I cannot operate my bed. The tech left everything disconnected. Do not purchase a Reverie system!!!!!

Truly the worst customer service experience

The remote to my adjustable bed broke within the first 6 months. To get it replaced, I had to deal with their customer service department- which is uniquely horrible. It took a week of playing phone tag, then a week of slow responses to finally get the remote ordered. After that, I never received the remote. Apparently it was on back order and I was never told. Would there be an estimated date? I was never told. 2 weeks later I suddenly was given a tracking number and told it would be delivered in a week. When it wasn’t- I looked further into the tracking number and apparently ups had delievered it a week ago! But here’s the kicker- it never got here! Still I have no remote. Their customer service department really doesn’t care to help me. Seems like their attitude is we sent it and we’re done. Well what am I supposed to do now? They’re unresponsive and I’m stuck with a $1,000 base to my bed that doesn’t work. Don’t spend your hard earned money here.

Caviat Emptor

My wife and I bought our Reverie bed from Costco in 2016. We had to have their customer service people come out because the creaking the frame made as it moved up or down would be perfect for that creepy door in the scary movies. They resolved that issue until it started happening again about a year later. Now, the wife's side sounds the just the same. I don't intend to attempt to have them come out again to try to resolve the issue. It was too difficult the first time. Of greater importance is the bowing of the mattress up from the center. Think zero gravity chair. I recently rearranged the individual modules to create a firmer bed. Don't get me started on that process. Now, in addition to not resolving the bowing, the sides are so soft, it's strange sitting on the side of the bed without sliding off. I would have hoped and expected that this kind of situation would happen after around 10 years. Did I mention that we bought this bed in 2016 and it is now 2021? We bought this bed because we trust Costco to vet their products before allowing them into the store. It must mean something that I have never seen them set up in Costco except for that one time. Going forward, we will soon buy another bed and we will choose one that has a longer and more successful history.

Scam Company

They offer a 20 year warranty, but only to original purchaser. What happens if the base goes to a second owner? Does the base get homesick and stop working? If you believe that the item is worthy of 20 years of warranty then it shouldn't matter who owns it. I am a second owner and even though 20 years of support would mean it should survive about 30,000 movements, yet the controller died after a couple dozen movements. Upon contacting support they could only confirm that the controller was the problem and then to continually remind me that their warranty only supported the original purchaser. I tried to contact the president of the company, but they would not allow for that. I was told by a supervisor that if I could provide a copy of the original receipt the would transfer the warranty, but once I did they reneged on that offer. So if you buy their products recognize that if you ever get support from them you cannot sell the item because it has significant design flaws and if you try to sell it the buyer will pretty much have to pay almost as much as buying a new unit to get it fixed should it need it (and it will). Spend your money elsewhere. These people deserve to go out of business.

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