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Resort Sleep Mattress Reviews

Resort Sleep offers a mid-range/mid-price memoryfoam and gel mattress. They sell almost exclusively on Amazon and some of their reviews complain about misadvertised width and misrepresentation of where the mattress is made. Although there are plenty of good reviews, please do your homework -- there are plenty of high quality mattresses for similar prices that don't involve the same risk.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 6.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.8/10

Price Value: 6.5/10

No Back Pain: 6.2/10

Price: $699-$1,199

Trial Period: No Trial

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Resort Sleep's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Resort Sleep makes extremely in-expensive memory foam mattresses. They do use CertiPUR-US foams, which should not off-gas nasty chemicals. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: Visco elastic memory foam layer provides contouring and softness.

Layer 2: Gel-infused memory foam layer provides relief for pressure points.

Layer 3: High density base foam that provides the bed foundation.

Overall Comfort

Resort Sleep has very mixed reviews with some complaining of low durability and issues with comfort.


Resort Sleep is rated as medium firm, which is what most experience comfort and spinal alignment on.

Back Pain Relief

There are mixed reviews about back pain relief and some complain that their mattresses were not as described (softer and sinking). Some complain that the beds cause back pain.


Most reported that this bed did not sleep warm, but warm sleepers should do research before buying as the top layer is not a cooling layer.

Who Is It Good For?

The biggest concern about this mattress is that the reviews describe different problems that hint that there may be quality control issues. Some may get the type of mattress advertised, but others may get something that is way too soft or way too firm. This is a good option for those on a very limited budget, don't need a bed for very long, and aren't concerned with softness differences.

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I'm in love. Like laying on a cloud that wants to hug you

Ok, I know that was a lame headline but this mattress is a dream. Here is how it went down. The delivery was 2 days early (free shipping 3 days). It arrived wrapped in plastic rolled like a tightly rolled sleeping bag. This concerned me at first as I thought it it was much thinner than expected. However upset n opening it expanded to the promised thickness (this is my first memory foam mattress, so that may be a duh statement if you have ordered one before). It isn't too heavy for an average strength person, but I would recommend two people maneuver it on've open. It feels like a cloud and i just love it. It comes with a memory foam pillow (it was a nice surprise, but a detailed l may have missed in the discrption. I think you will love it.

A little firm

So we got our queen size mattress in 3 days (In Hawaii). The box was the length of a queen bed, but it was rolled up like a log. It unrolled and expanded. The free pillow is great. I want to get another one. It's not too big like my other pillow that keeps my head tilted forward when I sleep. My old mattress was sagging in the middle so both my wife and I would get a sore back after sleeping on the bed. This mattress had great support and is rather firm. Part of that may be due to the mattress cover (since our little ones sometimes climb into bed with us). We ended up getting a 3" mattress topper and it was perfect. I think that's the route to go. Not much you can do if it feels too soft. It's not hot to sleep on either. Very happy with the purchase.

I bought one and returned it. You should read this!!

HERE'S THE THING ABOUT MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES: The heaviest part of your body is from your shoulders to your pelvic region. That part of your body sinks in more than the rest of your body. So, your head and your legs will be higher once you settle in a memory foam mattress. Whether it be on your side, on your back, or on your stomach. Your body is going to make a C shape whichever way you sleep. If you sleep side by side with someone, this effect only becomes worse as more weight is added to the middle of the bed. I'm 6'2" 210lbs, my gf is 5'4," maybe 130lbs. We create a big valley in the center of a memory foam bed that is very uncomfortable to sleep in. This would be an ok bed if you were sleeping alone possibly, and I only say possibly. We are going back to a nice pillow top. Nothing against this particular bed, because it is a decent bed for the price, I just don't think memory foam is the way to go simply because of the "C" effect that it causes. However, the memory foam pillow that came with it was absolutely fantastic. I just don't think the success memory foam has in pillows translates to beds. I hope this helps.

Amazingly soft

I was a little apprehensive about ordering this item but I read so many good reviews, I figured why not? The mattress was delivered on time and not damaged by fed ex. That's a plus. Unboxing the unit was easy. Be careful when cutting open the plastic mattress cover. Lay unit on your box spring before cutting as once it starts to rise and fill itself in, the mattress becomes hard to handle.

I found the mattress very comfy and surprisingly I slept very well the first night. The foam pillow was a plus. I read negative reviews regarding this foam pillow but I have no complaint. The pillow I currently have is so soft that my head sinks so far in that I have to fold the pillow in half there for sleeping with my head tilted all night , almost always waking up with neck pain. I woke up the first morning feeling super. No neck pain. No sleepless night as always. My husband however said he sank and felt as if he was touching the box spring itself. I am 5'3" and weight 150. He is 5'7" and weighs 250. I am hoping the mattress had time to expand itself while we were at work. I'll see how it goes for him tonight.

The only thing I found weird about this mattress is that the length of the foam mattress I'd about 2" longer then my queen box spring. And about an 1" wider. Must be defect or the company that made this mattress has different queen sizes they abide by. Not sure. No worries though. I'm not bothered by it. Beside the extra length, there is no complaint on my end. I would recommend.

Life had changed for us, sleep is great!

Two twins ( for a King) easier to change sheets, lighter, arrived together. Opened, laid them out in spare bedroom to " air out and to regain its form". Comfy nights sleep that night and has been since. Been about 3 weeks, great results. Extra foam pillows were a huge plus. Thought I'd miss my plush pillow top. Nope. Paid big money, lasted about 4 years before side broke down, had no support. ( not very big people). Will never use pillow top or big name brand again. They don't " make them like they used to"!
Husband is severely arthritic. Never sleeps thru the night. Oh my, how life has changed for both of us. Full nights sleep and restful at that.
Would highly recommend anyone try these products. Had questions, promptly answered, by Dan. Very impressed. Thanks, guys.

This is the best mattress I have ever owned

This is the best mattress I have ever owned. I know people who spent a lot of money on memory foam mattresses and said that mine feels the same. It is very firm. I was not sure if I was going to like that the first night. But I woke up the next day feeling like I slept like a rock. I have been getting some of the best sleep ever and haven't been waking up in pain. It took some getting used to but now I can't imagine sleeping on anything else. The price and quality of this mattress cannot really be beat!!!! Also, I am using this with the sleep master platform bed frame and mattress foundation. One of the ones you do not need a box-spring for. It works great and was so inexpensive to piece this together.

Slept on it for a month - comfortable and recommended. (I have scoliosis)

Recommended for the quality at the affordable price. I found out about this mattress from an article on scoliosis. I was worry it will still be too soft for me but it actually has good support and was comfortable to sleep on.

Areas to improve:
Wish it has handles on the side. It is big, thick and heavy, was not easy to grab and adjust it after unpacking. It expands almost instantly.
The Queen size I got didn't quite fit my queen bed I got from ikea. It's a bit too long, didn't tuck in the big deal, just wondered why.

... given it a 5 but the box was in pretty bad shape by the time it got to me

I would have given it a 5 but the box was in pretty bad shape by the time it got to me. It did get to me in 2 days it was light weight easy to get up to my room. I didn't smell anything weird when I cut the plastic off and it filled out pretty quickly. I was expecting a firmer support, but it's still extremely comfortable since day one my sleep has been better and my back is not as tense from before I don't toss and turn anymore the pillows are a nice bonus super comfortable I definitely recommend this product


I have to say my son was having back pain for a long time. His old mattress was only 3 years old. It was also expensive. One of the reason I didn't want to get him another mattress. He kept on with back pain, so I went online and research on mattresses. I came across RESORT SLEEP COOL MEMORY FOAM. I read all the reviews and I said " ok..let's give it a try. My son is so "HAPPY" I ordered the Resort Memory Foam. He's been sleeping very well on it. One of the things I noticed also, no ODOR!!! I am telling you I had memory foam mattress before and it smelled bad. This product had no strong ODOR or SMELL. Also the mattress goes on well on the bed. (platform). We are satisfied with RESORT SLEEP 10 inch Cool Memory Foam. One more thing, the mattress stay cool. I have good sheets on them, son loves his bed!!

Product not as described!

Mattress was folded in half then rolled and wrapped up tightly in an even a smaller box than my twin mattress bought separately from a different brand. Upon letting it aired and plumbed as instructed, disappointment hit! The mattress is extremely plush and NOTHING as described. I weight 105lbs. and I am sunk in about 1/2 way down on the mattress. I tried to turn to my side and my arm goes numb after less than 4 minutes. I am sunk badly into the mattress no matter the position - my back or side. Quite surprised to see this mattress gotten awesome reviews! Is this a case of defective product? I can't chance it and just return it. Can't risk a bad night sleep and frequent visit to the chiropractor.

The mattress is firm yet comfortable. I had bought a foam topper in anticipating ...

I purchased this mattress based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews and because of its affordability. The mattress is firm yet comfortable. I had bought a foam topper in anticipating I would want a little more softness and have since discovered I don't need it it at all. Even the pillow is nice. I am very pleased. I would make this purchase again.

Great Mattress

What a great mattress, and at a fraction of the price of name brands. A bit firm, but that's comfortable to me.
Came compressed in a plastic wrap, once the wrap is removed it expands to full size in no time.
Also, there is no nasty rubber smell like other memory foam mattresses I've had.
Works great with my adjustable bed base.
The free pillow is very nice too.

Delivery box completely destroyed.

Just got this delivered yesterday and I am letting it fill to its correct size as I write this so I haven't slept on it yet. I have added a photo of what it looked like when it was delivered yesterday. Also the smell that people are talking about when you unpack it is there but it isn't very strong at all. The free pillows are a complete joke they feel as though the are filled with popcorn..not even suitable as a dog pillow. Very fast delivery.

my wife suffers from RA and other medical conditions she too has had a wonderful sleep

I have 3 nights of sleep on it, wake up virtually pain free less and less every day, I was having to take a sleeping medication but since this mattress I will wean myself off of them..... crazy I know .... but close to being magic..... my wife suffers from RA and other medical conditions she too has had a wonderful sleep experience


Literally, the best sleep I've had since a back surgery in 08!!! I'm usually up and hurting at around 3am, I've been sleeping until 7 since this mattress was delivered!!!! WOW, IM INCREDIBLY HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE!!!!! Ultra fast delivery and awesome price. I can't ask for anything more!!!!

Very good mattress

This Mattress is the best choice, replacing a sleep by number that is over 20 yrs old. I wish I would've bought a long time ago. The price is definatly right.
I'm sleeping better now. The mattress seemed a bit firm at first, but conformed to our bodys shortly. No pressure points at all.
We have been using this for about a week now, and would recomend to anyone interested in a good nites sleep.

much better than my pillow top

I live with chronic illness and the pressure points in a regular mattress cause me pain. I could immediately tell the difference on the first night. Well worth the price and i wish i had thought of it sooner. More than pleased with this product.

Great Mattress!

This mattress is nice, came in a box had a little damage to the box but the mattress was just fine, everything matteress an pillow ultra comfortable really nice! Expanded to the right size an all. First night was great slept really well and I think its all gonna get better and better! Happy with quality an all around look feel comfort of the mattress.

Amazing. Really. Don't Hesitate.

This arrived yesterday, and I can't be more pleased with the quality and comfort. It took shorter than expected to expand (I received it in the afternoon and slept on it that night). There was absolutely NO odor at all from the mattress. The only a article with a slight odor is the bonus pillow that came with it (seriously - it does expand - not as fast as the mattress - give the pillow time). I purchase the Amazon basics sheets with this an seriously had the best sleep in a long time. It's not soft, but it's not firm. I consider it in the middle, which is what I was looking for. This has a quality of mattresses four times the price (I've been shopping for a while). The cover (comes on it, will zip off) is really convenient for washing. Go for it!

Not your mother's mattress and that's good!

My old pillow-top mattress was nearly 13 years old and it was time for a change. I had friends who'd bought foam mattresses and one who had bought one of these and recommended it to me. Don't let the price fool you, this is an incredible buy! They sell these on their own site for much more but here, at this price, you don't get the 100 Night Trial.

Everything was as the seller described. It arrived in its (relatively) small box. I removed it, put it on the box spring and slept on it that night. It has taken a little getting used to because it's not "springy" like the old, traditional mattress was. It's also a little firmer than some of the reviews give it credit for but that was a good thing for me. On a firmness scale of 1 - 10, I'd give it a 7-8 but it's not "hard" at all. The foam really does give nicely for hips and elbows and whatnot. It also sleeps cool, a must for me. I would recommend this highly!

Great sleep,fixed back problem.

For the money, it is an amazing bed. They shipped Prime to Hawaii.Which was rare for queen beds on Amazon. I paid over 2k once for a bed from those high end stores. This one is better. Went to bed with back pain last night. Woke up with none. My opinion is that this is a medium softwise. Love it so far. Photo is before deployment. Buy this bed.

Very Comfortable

The mattress is very comfortable and conforms to your body as you sleep, which really helps reduce the pain and discomfort in my pressure points. I've tried other memory foam mattresses in the past, but they do not do a very good job of supporting me and eventually, I just ended up returning them. This mattress is definitely a keeper.

The Resort Sleep Mattress is doing a great job with both support and comfort, and it doesn't make me feel stifled during warm weather. And as a double bonus, this mattress costs a fraction of what I paid for my other memory foam mattresses and traditional mattresses as well...this was shocking, but certainly a welcomed surprise. And I love the pillow too, very nice. I highly recommend this mattress for those who value a pain-free, blissful night's sleep.

... Number bed for many years and it's been a great mattress. I had to add a topper because ...

We've had a Sleep Number bed for many years and it's been a great mattress. I had to add a topper because I have Fibromyalgia, then recently my husband has had major problems with a bulging disc and the SN bed didn't help his back at all. He couldn't get it blown up to be firm enough for his back, and often woke up in the mornings unable to walk. We started looking into getting a different mattress, and I've been reading reviews on every different kind. I just couldn't bring myself to spend thousands of dollars on a mattress that may not work. I decided to give the Resort a try after reading all the reviews, especially ones about people with back problems and who talked about the fact they didn't feel excessive heat as my husband tends to give off lots of heat and we live in the South. So far he loves the mattress. His back has been great, he's slept really well, doesn't feel hot and sweaty, and he's thrilled with the way the mattress sleeps. I've felt comfortable, so we're pleased. I'll be back in six months or so to give you an update as we've only had the mattress a few days.

Sleeping on a cloud

This mattress is so awesome! We have been using memory foam since I met my husband almost 10 yrs ago and discovered the mattress in his truck was a cheap spring mattress. He had no idea he had other choices. At the time, I was merely looking to change it to a foam mattress but then discovered memory foam toppers. He could not believe the difference! Since then the industry has upgraded to integrated memory foam in with dense foam such as this one. This 10" is 2" deeper than our last one and yes, it is that much better. Highly recommend.


Coming from a guy with Rheumatoid Arthritis, this bed is the greatest thing ever. Not the greatest bed ever, but the greatest thing ever. I sleep like a baby and wake up without joint pain. It's extremely comfortable, regulates my temperature nicely, and provides firm support that holds you in comfortable positions throughout the night. The bed expanded in about 12 hours, and has not sunken in at all over the last few weeks of use. Assuming this holds up, I may be ordering another bed for my college room as well.

Amazing Mattress

This review is being written after less than a week so durability is one aspect that I cannot comment on. That being said, the mattress has exceeded my expectations. It is medium to firm and conforms to your body giving excellent support to all parts yet you have the comfortable feel that you are on a flat surface.
My wife and I slept well on it and this might be one of the most comfortable mattress we have been on.
Set up was easy but a clear label indicating which side of the mattress should be up would have been helpful especially with the king size. Although the mattress appears to inflate in one hour or less, we allowed it more than 24 hours to insure that it was as close to 100% expanded as possible.
The mattress is priced very reasonably and the added pillow was a nice bonus but one pillow for a king sized mattress is not enough for two. ( Suggestion to Resort Sleep include 2 and adjust the price or place a coupon in the box so customers can order another one if they like.)
Over all I would rate this amazing mattress 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone seeking a new mattress to improve their sleep.

My new kinda bed

I have scoliosis and googled a bed that would be good for my spine. This bed popped up on my searches, so with the price, I decided to give it a try. I have been sleeping on a pillow top mattress for years, knowing that a soft bed is not good for my back. I received this in the mail FAST and got a little nervous when taking it out of the vacuum sealed package. As it opened, I almost started thinking this was another thing I wasted my money on....but I had to give it a shot since I was already in too deep. It came with a pillow that some have reviewed as flimsy and no good, but I slept on it anyway. I woke up renewed. My neck wasn't in pain. I rolled right out of bed, after being sick for a week, and I finally had some energy. I was the most rockin nurse at work that day, others even made comments about how quick I was moving! This old lady (early 40's) just needed a new bed! I love it and will be getting my kid one very soon. Also, I usually wake up a little sweaty with that old bed, but not this one. Love it! Now I just need to get a platform for it, since right now it is sitting on top of my old box spring.

I can't stand it!

UPDATE 12/18/2015 - The only reason I did not give this mattress a one-star rating is that it seems to be well made and the description did state it is a 7 to 8 on a 10-point scale (1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest). But in my opinion, it is more like a 9.5!

I really tried to like this mattress and I gave it a couple weeks before I left my initial review (which was a more positive one at the time). I thought maybe I just needed some more time to get used to the firmness of the bed, as it is firmer than anything I have slept on before (including my last memory foam mattress that I used for several years, which was soft and supportive) But then a few days later my troubles really began. I started waking up in the mornings with horrible lower back pain. The pain would subside later in the day, only to return once I slept on this mattress again. I tried a topper on it and thought that would take care of the problem, but then I started getting aches and pains in other areas of my body. I decided to remove the topper and try sleeping again just on the mattress. I could not get comfortable no matter what position I was in. I got on my side, with a pillow between my legs, and dozed off. I woke up a short time later with an aching shoulder, hip, and leg on the side I was lying on.

Today, I went to a store and purchased a new mattress because I just could not stand to sleep on this one any longer. It was hurting me badly!

There are a lot of positive reviews on this mattress, which is what helped me make the decision to purchase it. I don't understand how it can have such positive feedback, because it is the worst mattress I have ever slept on. And I like a firm mattress! But I don't want to sleep on something that is like sleeping on a slab of concrete. Memory foam is supposed to relieve pressure points. But this mattress seems to push back against you with all its might!

This mattress has broke me from ever again wanting to purchase another bed online. From now on, I want to try it before I buy it. Now I am stuck trying to get rid of this thing. There is no way I can roll it back up and ship it back for a refund. The seller did offer a full refund when I messaged about my experience with the bed. But again, I cannot deal with the hassle and expense of shipping it back. I will have to try and sell it locally.

2nd and 3rd time purchasing this mattress!

This is our second purchase of this mattress. First was a guest for our spare bedroom and now a king for the master at our vacation hone. I expect to purchase a third for our home in Indianapolis soon. Very pleased as you could guess. Glad I did not waste my money purchasing a more expensive brand.

As a followup..We did purchase a third Resort sleep 10 inch memory foam mattress for a home in Indianapolis I have to say just like the first two I now turn I think only because of habit, not because I am sore. We have two more bedrooms and I expect my total purchase will probably be a total of five mattresses! Great product great service fast delivery couldn't expect anything better.

our old matress was a pillow too and I loved it but it was starting to sink in the ...

Bought this matress a month 1st it was really hard to get used to...our old matress was a pillow top and I loved it but it was starting to sink in the middle and make horrible noises getting in and out of bed...with my new matress no sinking..and I don't get up hurting in the is a very very very firm far so good...not getting 5 stars because it is a little too firm but for the price you can't beat it

Comfortable sleep for aching backs!

I bought this queen mattress and the 14" Zinus bed frame for our son's college apartment. He has a bad back due to a car accident, sports injuries, stress and may have some arthritis. He had a horrible time sleeping on the mattress in his previous furnished apartment.

He is a big guy, 6', 200 lbs and his body temp runs high. He says it is the most comfortable bed he has slept on and it does NOT sleep hot (can be an issue with some latex mattresses). He loves it. His roommate also needed a mattress, tried it and ordered one for himself as well.

By not needing a box spring, it is one less thing to buy and gives you valuable storage space beneath, which is so needed in a college apartment. We did order an anti-slip rug pad (to go under the mattress and on top of the frame) to help the mattress not shift on the bed frame, as the frame does not have any side rails to keep the mattress in place.

Great value for the price

This was purchased as a gift for my daughter. She handled bringing the mattress and setting it up on a bed frame by herself. This is no small achievement when you're five ft two. She earned that superb first nights sleep! She reports that it is very comfortable. I will definitely be purchasing a second one soon.

There was a very slight chemical smell on set up but it faded quickly.

It's pretty neat to order a bed online and have it ...

It's pretty neat to order a bed online and have it shipped directly to your front door. It's crazy how they can compress such a large bed to such a small size. It rolled out fine and popped up to size. When I first laid on it I was worried because it was as hard as a rock. You do sink in and I don't have any complaints. I have been sleeping on the bed fora couple of weeks now. I'm a side sleeper and have sciatica pain so I'm really sensitive to pressure zones. I haven't had any issues with pain or discomfort.

Buy this matress!! You won't regret this purchase!!

This mattress is very comfortable. I have been sleeping on spring mattresses for 60 years and I was hesitant to buy a mattress online and a foam mattress. So glad I finally made the decision to purchase because I love this mattress and it the price made it a great deal!! Soft yet firm enough to make for a very comfortable sleep.You won't regret making this purchase!!

Awesome deal

This arrived very fast and once I took it out of the box, it didn't take more than an hour or two to take full form. It is a bit firm, so if that's what you're looking for, this is your bed. It also came with a bonus memory foam pillow, which I wasn't expecting so maybe I missed that somewhere, but I love that too. Also pretty firm. There was no smell upon opening the box which I believe I read in some reviews that they smelled something but the odor went away after a day or two. I did not experience any of that. I slept on the bed a few hours after opening. It's very good quality and I would recommend it.

Quite satisfied with mattress and seller!

Love this bed. It has the right combination of comfort. I prefer a firm mattress, and this meets that expectation. My daughter (no back issues yet!) prefers a softer mattress, and she too thinks it is perfect. Can't explain that, but that's the truth. I bought the mattress for a guest room but we each took a night to try it out, so I fully expect it to be perfect for any guest. Also, there is no smell whatsoever upon opening. I had lots of questions, and the customer service was impeccable. I received responses almost immediately whether I sent my email at 10:00 a.m. or 10:00 p.m. And the price can't be beat! I tried one mattress that was twice the price and not nearly as comfortable. And the price gets even better when you factor in the bonus memory foam pillow. I recommend this mattress and this company enthusiastically!

Best sleep ever!

I am a two time buyer of the Resort Sleep Queen Memory Foam mattress and highly recommend it! I bought my first memory foam mattress for my home. I had been experiencing hip pain from my old mattress and after sleeping on the Resort Sleep mattress my pain went away. The price is great for what you get. I had looked at more expensive Tempurpedic ones, but could not bear the high cost and the uncertainty if I would like a memory foam mattress or not. Based on the reviews and price of the Resort Sleep mattress I decided to give it a try and am so glad I did. I will never go back to sleeping on a pillow top/coil spring mattress again. I was so pleased with the mattress that I bought another one for my parents guest room. At home my mattress is set up on plywood and at my parents it is on an old box spring and must admit that I prefer the plywood setup.

Amazingly comfortable!

I needed to get a foam mattress for a small city apartment with a narrow spiral staircase. I ended up getting this Resort Sleep mattress in a pinch because the foam mattress I had ordered from another company didn't get the delivery day right. Essentially, I needed a foam mattress delivered in under 24 hours and Resort Sleep was able to make this happen. It was inexpensive so I figured if it were bad, I'd just get another mattress later. Well, it is probably one of the most comfortable mattresses I've ever slept on! I have 2 high-end mattresses in my home that cost over $1500 each and this Resort Sleep mattress is WAY more comfortable than either of them! Amazingly, it's not even on a box spring! (Just on some bunky boards.) I am middle-aged woman with a wonky back so I'm not one of those people who can sleep on anything, either. I am actually going to give away one of my fancy mattresses at home and replace it with a Resort Sleep mattress.

Love love LOVE

I can't say enough good things about this mattress! The packaging was perfect and manageable, even for someone with a smaller frame and some neck problems. I'm a stomach and side sleeper, and for the first time in my life, I do not find myself tossing and turning to relieve pressure on the usual areas, such as ankles, hips, and shoulders. My neck feels better than it has in years. I tend to sleep very warm, and this mattress seems to alleviate that. It inflated beautifully within the first 24 hours, and there was no disagreeable smell. I love this mattress so much, that I have recommended it to quite a few people that I know are shopping around.

Reasonable and better than expected

Firm and slightly conforms to your body. The paper that came with the mattress said to give it 24 hours to puff up and take shape. I let it sit on the floor for two days as it didnt look like it was fully formed in the 24 hours. There is a slight odor that has gone away after a few days. Im told this is typical of these types of mattresses. . Wasnt expecting this kind of quality for the price. Pleasant surprise.

It came with a free pillow which my cat took over while it was puffing up. Since I didnt plan on using it anyway, he now has a comfy place to sleep too.

Resort Sleep Mattress

Having been displace by a fire, bed and bedding destroyed,
I moved to a new address. What to do about a bed? I slept
on an air mattress, for awhile, having looked at all of the
available mattresses and the fantastic prices. Growing
tired of a deflating air mattress, I saw an ad for
the Resort Sleep Mattress on Amazon. The reviews where wonderfully
informative and the price was GREAT. I ordered one and
it was delivered swiftly. Unpacked and set up easily.
I've had more sleep and less pain with this mattress
than others, more costly, in quite awhile. The pillow
with it is surprisingly very comfortable. I should have
and will order more!
Thanks for the great product!

Great mattress ... Great customer service !

I absolutely love this mattress! I am tall, and the XL really works for me. The mattress actually showed up within 2 days ... a day earlier than I expected. The mattress is VERY well wrapped, so it is no problem if the box is a bit mashed!
My big thing is that I do not like to be hot when I sleep, and this mattress does not seem to retain body heat. Love it! Be aware that it IS a firm mattress. That is what I like, and it is perfect for me because it molds perfectly without "trapping" me. If you want to sink into a fluffy mattress, you will be disappointed unless you put a fluffy pad in it (which would work quite well).
I truly have nothing but praise for the mattress and for the customer service of ResortSleep. They have followed thru to make sure that I am happy with the purchase. I am VERY happy !

Amazingly comfortable mattress

I've never owned a foam mattress before so didn't know what to expect. I'd read to expect bad smell, hot sleep or an uncomfortable breaking in period. I found none of that. My Resort Sleep king size arrived on time, was easy to unpack and set up and was amazingly comfortable beginning the first night. It's good quality, not too firm but plenty of support. I sleep great. My best decision this year is buying a USA-made mattress from Resort Sleep

Looking for a firm mattress? This is the one!!

I had a bad experience with a foam mattress years ago and hated to buy another. However, I had to because my wife needed an adjustable bed so I took the leap and luckily landed on this mattress from Resort Sleep. My most pleasant surprise was the minimal odor. When I first removed the packaging I could put my nose an inch or two away from the mattress and detect a very faint odor, but two days later -- NOTHING! If you are looking for a firm mattress, look no further, this one is great.

I had several friends check it out and we all agreed is was super firm. I would rate it 1 10

This mattress is misrepresented as medium firm to firm. I had several friends check it out and we all agreed is was super firm. I would rate it 1 10, as I have never had a mattress this hard (I have always purchased firm mattresses). I did try breaking it in thinking it would be better but that only resulted in poor sleep and pain. If you are looking for a very firm mattress I would recommend this. Otherwise......

A great night's sleep!

This mattress arrived in just two days. The box was relatively light compared to other foam mattresses I've ordered. ( make sure you don't remove it from the plastic bag until it's placed on the bed, because it expands quite rapidly, once the bag is punctured.)
First night's sleep was very restful.
I've owned other foam mattresses costing much more and this does equally well. I love it!

Gift for Son Who Now Says He Feels Spoiled. Very Happy Customer!

This was a gift for my 20 year old son. He says it is a curse because he doesn't want to get out of bed to go to work. He works at the airport as ground crew handling baggage all day and he was having severe back pain. He states it is gone now. Also, no bad odor as previous reported with other faom mattresses. And I want to give a huge Thank You! It was supposed to arrive on Monday so I wasn't going to get to see him get it due to my own came a day early and I got to see the joy on his face

Deluxe comfort at a bargain price

I never thought I would buy a memory foam mattress. By chance I slept on one and fell in love. I am like the Princess and the Pea, and this mattress is the best I have ever found. I love the completely smooth surface with none of those bumps found on a regular mattress. And the total support without any pressure points. For this quality the price is a steal. I intend to buy this one again.

best 2015 investment lol

I cannot stress enough how amazing this bed is, I've never own a nice mattress since I've been traveling for most of my life so I might just have discovered a whole new meaning of sleeping lol. I recently fractured my back and I s*** you not this bed has helped me a lot... no one is paying to post anything I just have a bunch of free time laying in my awesome bed with my broken back. ;) just buy it... if you're reading this and you don't know about beds and you're trying to just get something really nice for a good price Im gonna save you some time and just buy this one. Enjoy!

Gift for my Dad

This was a Christmas gift for my Dad. The mattress he had was killing his back and he had actually put a twin mattress on top of his king size mattress and was sleeping on that. We got him the Resort Sleep mattress and it arrived in great shape. I wasn't there when it arrive but my sister and her husband unpacked it and put it on the bed. It was ready to sleep on a few hours later and my Dad says it is a great mattress. I would recommend.

I liked it so much I bought another one.

I bought this in Queen size for me, after I bought this mattress in the Twin XL size for my son.We were both in need of new mattresses and I bought my son's first because it was smaller and cheaper. I liked it so much that I bought the same thing for me to fit my bedframe. I have decided that I like memory foam very much. I've only ever slept on spring mattresses and had my doubts about how firm something that is essentially a giant sponge could be. I'm a big gal, about 270lbs and this thing gives me great back support. Getting rid of my old one was actually harder than putting in this new one. The box it was delivered in was very small as the mattress was rolled up tight. It only took a couple of hours for the mattress to puff up completely once out of the packaging. It has that odd smell when it first comes out of the box,but that goes away after a day. The pillow that comes with is nice too!

Seems like a good mattress

I own nothing but high quality memory foam mattress in my home, so when I started searching for a mattress for my sons college home he just rented I didn't want to spend $700 to $900 on a college students mattress. I needed the mattress fast since I live 2000 miles away and was going to be there for a few days to move my son in. The mattress is offered with Prime shipping which helped in my decision to purchase. Another factor was the weight of the mattress. The heavier the mattress equals denser quality foam. Motion transfer of the mattress is minimal, but response time is faster than I prefer. The mattress cover seems quite adequate. Firmness on a scale of 1-10 is probably a 6. I was surprised of the quality of the pillow that came with the mattress also. It took about 12 hours to inflate fully. No noticeable chemical smell. My son reports that he is sleeping well on the bed with no issues. I will edit this post in 6 months to update the review.

Best memory foam mattress for the money, you need this mattress

Can't beat this mattress for the price! Best sleep my wife and I have had in a very long time. Unrolled it and it fluffed out to about 10.5" and very satisfied. We've never owned a memory foam mattress, considering the high end ones are in the thousands, but decided to give it a shot since the price was excellent.
We are extremely happy, we have had it for about a week now.

... on this for 3 nights now and it's incredibly comfortable. I put this right on my platform bed ...

have slept on this for 3 nights now and it's incredibly comfortable. I put this right on my platform bed frame and i didn't need a box spring. At this price I wish i would have bought a new mattress a few years ago. I would highly recommend this product. As others have mentioned the pillows that come with it are not good but I didn't buy this for pillows. It has an odd smell after opening and it takes a while to fully expand as it is vacuum sealed in plastic. Would highly recommend this mattress.

Terrific bed, love it. Fantastic, highly recommended!

Received the frame to put the mattress on yesterday. The bed is great. It takes about 3 days for the full extent of the mattress to develop after opening. It is very comfortable, yet firm. Not saggy at all. I would highly recommend this bed to anyone. Great value!

Love it!

This mattress is super comfortable and is the perfect fitness and softness. It's currently Summer so I do get warm but with the air on I'm fine. If it is an issue I would suggest a cool to the touch matters topper.

Cost effective option for firm mattress lovers.

We were in the market for a new mattress due to my bad back and our coil mattress was 10 years old. We heard good things about memory foam, however were skeptical with the four thousand dollar memory foam name brand mattress prices at local mattress shops. We decided to roll the dice with the online Resort Sleep mattress at a sliver of the name brand price.

After 2 months, I can easily say that we are ecstatic with our decision. The first week with the memory foam took some getting used to. The 10 inch mattress was a little lower than our old mattress and sleeps a little warmer. After that 1st week, it has been amazing sleep, and my back pains in the morning have vanished. My wife has actually overslept on a few occasions, which never used to happen.

We are very please with this purchase.

This mattress is awesome - better than advertised and the service is over ...

This mattress is awesome - better than advertised and the service is over the top. The only problem is now my grandkids are so comfy in their new beds they don't want to get up! Thank you for making such a great product available.

c. l. daughtry

It wasn't the worst thing in the world.

My mattress never quite inflated to full thickness. We did try it a few nights bc we had nothing else to sleep on while we were waiting to do a return & refund. It wouldn't have worked for us bc it was firm & too thin from not inflating to full height & I have severe lupus & chronic pain syndrome. If you want firm & you hv no real chronic pain, this might be fine for you. The only reason I gave it 3 stars was that it had no smell, it has a nice cover you can unzip from bottom of mattress & wash & most of all, Amazon customer service IMMEDIATELY took care of the defective situation & made my return as painless as possible. I salute you Amazon customer care!

If Ihad known a mattress could be this comfortable, I would have bought one long ago

Oh my goodness! If Ihad known a mattress could be this comfortable, I would have bought one long ago! I'm even thinking of buying another one for another bed in my house! If you're not getting the rest you need, you might try a memory foam mattress. And consider purchasing from Resort Sleep. Their service was friendly, fast and their follow up was very much appreciated!

Fantastic replacement mattress

I couldn't be happier with the purchase. Read further to see if your situation is similar. This mattress is a perfect, great priced, replacement for our 15 year old, saggy beauty rest. It is extremely comfortable. The memory foam top layer feels just like our old memory foam topper we bought to improve our old mattress. We had no problems opening, unfolding, expanding etc.

I will say, the mattress is firmer than we are used to. But, we put our old mattress topper on it and that did the trick. I sleep like a rock, sometimes not moving all night. I can also sleep on my side with no trouble. I do sink into the memory foam. You have to know that sinking into memory foam is part of the experience. I like it. If you don't, you might look at mattresses that don't use memory foam. For me, it was a proven technology and it works fine.

I got excited when I discovered these mattress in a bag options. I researched Leesa, Casper, Tuft and Needle, then found Resort Sleep. I'm guessing all those others are perfectly good mattresses. But, Resort Sleep was almost half the price of T&N and more than half the price of the rest. And, remember, I was looking for a less expensive alternative to the traditional mattress.

I already have the box springs and bed frame. So, this mattress was all I needed. It is a simple replacement. Let's face it, if you are reading this, you are looking for a cheap alternative to buying an expensive mattress. This is exactly my situation. I had an old mattress that could be flipped and both sides had depressions. For years, I have put off getting a replacement because I simply don't believe the story that mattress companies discovered or designed a real non-flippable bed, meaning that it had no need to be flipped. I never saw any research, review, or description that could explain why mattresses would no longer get depressions and therefore didn't need to be flipped. What it looked like was that companies decided to save money by removing the extra materials on one side. I really hated the idea of paying lots of money to a store that was lying to me. Then, along came these new mattress in a box options. True, they don't flip, but, hopefully they won't get the depressions that traditional beds do. And, if it does, I paid 75% less than the non-flipping alternative. If it lasts me five years, I will think it was a great deal. If I was starting from scratch and had to by a frame, the same would be true with any choice, and I still think this mattress would be perfect.

Two cautions about ANY mattress in a box.
1. Read the box carefully before opening it! Amazon shipped me the wrong mattress. It said king on the box which almost stopped me from opening it. But the packing slip, the order, the order confirmation, etc, all said Cal King. So, I opened it. I should have believed the box. It was a king and completely unusable in my situation. Customer service at Resort Sleep has been great, and, within days, I had the mattress I really want. It wouldn't have been a problem if the box said twin, queen, full. Its was just the king/cal king mix up that got me. READ THE BOX. If it doesn't say what you ordered, send it back before opening. Everything gets way more complicated once its open and you have mattresses standing in hallways, garages, etc.

2. I'll be honest, Amazon does not seem to have its act together about returns on these mattresses. Resort Sleep, like all the other mattress in a box companies have return policies. I have no problem with the 30 day return from Amazon for Resort Sleep. After all, this bed is half the price of the other option. But, I did open the box and I did have a king size problem. Amazon promptly refunded the full price and sent me a return label with instructions to put the mattress back in the box it came in and have UPS pick it up. I wrote to them twice and called twice, and talked with three people. That was 5 interactions. 4 of the customer service reps I dealt with had no idea what to do other than tell me to put it back in the box as best I could and ship it back.

I reminded each one that we were talking about a king size mattress! I also said that Amazon was selling lots of these, all with generous returns guarantees. There had to be services that pick them up and donate them or something. Not one rep ever heard about or researched that service. Every rep but the last one kept telling me to fold it up and put it in a box, any box, and send it back.

The final person I spoke to said by law Amazon could not accept back used mattresses and that I should keep it, throw it away or give it to someone else. I got that in writing in an email. I'm still expecting to hear from the automated system that I didn't return my product in time and they are reinstating my charge. I will try to post what finally happens but it won't be for another month.

So, last night, I gave the king mattress to a friend. It took four people working hard to fold it in half and squeeze it into the back of his mini van. It took up every inch of space. Folded up, it filled the back of his van. There is no box big enough or strong enough to contain a king mattress once it expands!

The moral of this story is, do your home work, join the revolution and stop buying expensive mattresses, just plan on loving the one you get and don't go through all the hassle of returning it.

Best Mattress Ever!

After five days: I love this mattress. I could not be more impressed with such an affordable mattress. I shopped around at several stores and online, and I've tried all the major memory foam brands. I will say that this bed is comparable to a Tempur-Pedic Contour. The Resort Sleep is in my opinion a more comfortable memory foam mattress, which I like. A lot of the memory foam mattress' are super firm/hard, but this one has a little more comfort and is not a brick. I did not buy it for the “bonus” pillow, but it is a really nice pillow. I even contacted them to see if I could buy another.

Final thoughts: Buy this mattress if you are looking for a firm yet comfortable memory foam mattress. I'm amazed at the quality of the Resort Sleep. I was worried about how inexpensive it was, but I couldn't be happier. The price/comfort level is perfect.

It's NOT 10 inches.

It only expanded to 8 inches, not the advertised 10.


The manufacturer, Resort Sleep claims all over their website(see picture) that this product is Made in America, IT IS NOT! It is made in China.. This is blatant false advertisement! Shame on you Resort Sleep! See for yourself on their website, [...]

Called Amazon and they gave us a full refund.

Don't buy, seller is a thief

I wish I could give this less than one star; I purchased this mattress back in Oct 2015, as of today (July 2016) I have thrown this mattress out since it's already 100% worn out (you can feel slats beneath it).

Cheap materials, very very poor quality, wore out in months. To top it all off - Amazon just refers me to the seller whose website ([...]) claims everything is made in the USA, but provides no contact address, email, nor any US address.

I have emailed the seller (per Amazon telling me they can't do anything about it) three separate times, called twice, and never once gotten a call back.

My suggestion; stay the f*** away from this brand and save yourself the money & hassle of having to try to get a refund in half a year.

Mattress gets hotter than the gates of hell!

I wanted to sleep on this mattress a few weeks before rating. So, I researched and read comments before I decided on this mattress. The description of "cooling" is what attracted me the most. The mattress itself expanded quickly and had almost no odor. However, I do experience some hot spots so I guess I will try a cooling topper. But overall it is a good mattress at a good price.

*Updated* 7-2-16

This mattress does not have a cooling component to it as advised. It gets hotter than the gates of hell. I feel somewhat duped considering the cooling aspect was what attracted me to this mattress. I went from a 4 star to a 1 star in about 2 months.

Medium Firm mattress, not very soft, free pillow is a total joke....

My mattress arrived in good time and although the box was falling apart, the mattress is rolled inside of heavy duty plastic. As soon as the plastic is cut open, the mattress begins to decompress. It was almost fully decompressed just within minutes. The free pillow is a joke though. It is random pieces of memory foam, lumpy in a very small loose pillowcase, probably half the size of a regular size pillow. Don't plan on the free pillow as part of the deal because it really is not great at all.
The mattress itself is pretty firm. It has a lot of tautness to it, kind of like sleeping on a bouncy house floor at first. I am hoping it will soften up a bit over time. If you are looking for a soft or medium-soft mattress, this is not a good mattress for you. If you like a firmer mattress with just a bit of softness and yield, you will probably like it. I do like the cover it comes in, it looks like it will be simple to remove and wash.

Great deal.

I thought it would be much firmer, but it is a nice medium firmness. The box it arrived in was torn up, but the mattress was well packaged and had absolutely no damage. It decompressed in a few hours and was everything they said it would be. Great deal.

We bought this mattress after staying at the Hilton. Our hotel room had a great cool firm memory foam mattress. This one is definetly comparable to the mattress we slept on at the Hilton!

I also have Fibromyaglia, degenerative disc disease and scoliosis. This bed doesn't put pressure on my joints. It supports your body, and allows your muscles to relax. I love it!

It's amazing, no problems what-so-ever

Was super impressed! Didn't expect such great quality for a cheaper price honestly. Most mattresses are like almost a thousand dollars and honestly this is pretty much a thousand dollar mattress for cheap. Just how it says, no gimmicks just cheap. Lovin it so much.

So far - GREAT!

Out of the box the was very minimal odor (and we are very sensitive to chemical smells) and it fluffed to the 10 inches by the end of the day. It has a very European feel and the first night was absolutely divine. Now that we have been sleeping on it it seems to still be very comfortable although a little soft for my taste but I will give it more time and follow up later since I have multiple back, neck, and shoulder issues. But so far so good!

Five Stars

Great mattress! Best sleep we've had in months. It arrived fast, and is better than description.

Surprised & HAPPY with my purchase

I love it. I was nervous about the price (& ordering a mattress online) after looking at name brand mattresses and researching local furniture stores in my area. But it's been a week & I'm sleeping harder and more soundly than ever before. Very little movement at night, if any. I recall waking up several times a night on my double pillow top mattress (granted it was 15 yrs old, I know). Please, anyone reading this - don't be fooled by the price, I almost was. It's simply a great deal. And not one you will be disappointed in if you pull the trigger. You can buy a new Resort Sleep mattress every 3 years for the next 15 years and still not spend the amount of money you do on the name brands. I'm so glad I listened to the people's reviews on this one!

Worth it!!

Received this mattress quickly. It is indeed heavy! I felt bad for the ups man! But after getting it upstairs and letting it air out for 2 days, it's a very nice, comfortable mattress. It's a little on the firm side at first, but I do not find myself tossing and turning as I did prior. The only thing I would suggest is to make sure you have a good foundation for this mattress or it will hVe the tendency to sag in the middle with 2 people in it. The foundation is my own personal issue, not really a problem with the bed. The smell dissipated entirely after about 4 days, I had no issues sleeping on it while the smell was still there. This is an overall great buy for the money. I will be getting another for my spare/guest bedroom soon!

Excellent Mattress

This is a great mattress. As other reviewers have noted, the plastic foam gas smell is not strong for this particular mattress, at least compared to the other foam mattress topper I used. It's packed into a skinny, but taller mini-fridge shaped cardboard box that's relatively heavy (about 65 lbs for the queen size that I got) and it's kind of cumbersome to move by yourself but doable. It takes some work to get the mattress out because it's packed in so tight, but once it's out of the box and out of it's plastic wrapper it's not too bad. It takes some time for it to take full shape and I believe the recommendation is 24 hours, but I slept on it the first night after letting it sit for about 8 hours and my sleep was great. I keep my mattress on top of a carpeted floor (no box spring or slats) and I have slept well for the last week. Only warning I would give is don't buy a foam mattress thinking you will be able to pack it up tight and save space later thinking you want to move it. Once it is out of the box, it will not be folded into mini-fridge size again, at least not without the packing machinery used for original packing. Otherwise, great mattress for a great price and would recommend it for anyone trying to save some money!

Very unhappy with mattress

Although I was unhappy for the first couple of weeks I had the mattress I have since become extremely unhappy. First it was supposed to have cooling material inside it, but the bed makes both my husband and I hot while we sleep. Second the mattress has created a lump in the middle and sags on both sides where my husband and I sleep. So much for memory foam. I understand this happens after awhile with mattresses, but I've only had this mattress since mid-June 2016. The last mattered I had lasted me 10yrs, this hasn't lasted a full three months.
I would not recommend this mattress.


Only have had it a couple of days but the first night was wonderful. I was worried about not being able to turn over easily, but I did not need to worry about that at all Once I fell asleep I don't think I moved all night. I have severe arthritis in my legs and they usually hurt all night long but this mattress is so firm yet so soft my legs did not bother me. I was also worried about my order as it never showed it shipped so I emailed the company when they for some reason could not email me back they called me personally to let me know about my order. I had it within 6 days. It is somewhat awkward to move the box alone but i placed it one my husbands mechanic's creeper and was able to wheel it right into the bedroom It was vacuum packed I unrolled it, tore off the plastic and it came up to full size within 5 hours and I had no smell at all from it. I will definitely do business with Resort Sleep again.

Memory fun

May I just say, "Wow!" Husband and I fell in live with the tempurpedic's Contour mattress but are in no financial position to pay 4k for a mattress. Someone else's review compared this product to the contour line and it is definitely comparable. I've never slept better and the included memory foam pillow is a great deal. I am now considering purchasing another memory foam mattress for our guest bedroom.


"VERY" Comfortable if you like a firm bed with a little body forming! I needed it with my issues from my neck too my lower back and discs plus, sometimes my sciatic. I bought another one a few weeks before by lucid and the description by them and the customers were way off! that bed was medium too soft not medium to firm.

Finally a firm enough mattress!

I LOVE this mattress! I suffer from back problems and many nights I end up sleeping on the floor because I could never find a firm enough mattress...this mattress is extremely firm and supportive, but so who soft enough to be very comforting at the same time. Only had it for a couple weeks so durability will be to see...but I highly recommend it if you are looking for a firm comfortable mattress!

Perfect Mattress

Absolutely amazing! I purchased this mattress for myself about a month and a half ago after an incident with another memory foam mattress. I was beyond thrilled with the quality! First off, unlike prior memory foam mattresses, I didn't find myself kicking off covers halfway through the night due to overheating. It wasn't annoying like cool mattress covers that actually make you FEEL cool, it just keeps you at body temperature. Not sure how, but I appreciate it. The next thing is the firmness level. I was scared because I like a firm sleep, and it definitely provides that, but it's also got just enough give to cradle your body. The best part is probably the lack of chemical smell. There is *some* plastic smell when you unwrap the mattress, but nothing like the obnoxious odor you get from other memory foam mattress.

I got a new roommate and we were buying his furniture when the salesman attempted to sell us on a mattress they had that was 2.5 time the price of the Resort Sleep, and contained latex. (I have a latex allergy as do a lot more people, and it's not really something I think should be involved in mattresses if you don't NEED it!) I told the salesman no thank you, and reassured my roommate that I knew of a mattress that was priced well and he'd love. I think there was some skepticism over the price vs. quality, but he was thrilled when it arrived. Why anyone would go to a store and pay so much more for something inferior is beyond me. I'm also in love with the pillow that was included. I'm currently searching online to find more because it really is one of the best pillows I've ever slept on.

You cannot go wrong with this mattress. The quality overall is fantastic, and the fact that it won't overheat you, or make your apartment smell like chemicals, is just a bonus!

This is the BEST money I have spent in YEARS

This is the BEST money I have spent in YEARS!!! This mattress is so comfortable. I ordered a second one the day after I received the first one. I only have one more bed to order for. No back pain, and a deep comfortable sleep. This is well worth the money, and I would recommend to anyone.
Two of my family members have already order mattresses for their beds. Superb product!!

2nd try at online mattress shopping and this one is a keeper

Firm but it was exactly what I was looking for after my first purchase turned out to be a flop. Tried the best price 8 inch mattress and sent it back (not easy to do but Amazon did grant return). It was way too lightweight and was like sleeping on a partially deflated air mattress. I had a 5.3 lb 2 inch foam topper I had purchased to try to "fix" the really bad 8 inch mattress and I used it on this mattress to soften it up a but for my wife however I liked the mattress out of the box. This is a good mattress and really is memory foam. Look at shipping weight when shopping around for a hint to how much support the mattress will give.

Not bad for big guy

I was sceptical on getting a $300 mattress as I'm a large guy (300lbs). Having slept on it for several nights now though, I'm very pleased with the purchase. No back pain in the morning anymore, and I wake up far less than I was with our old batter mattress. The wife is taking longer to get used to it as she thinks it's a bit firm for her comfort level but she's slept well the last 2 nights as well. Time will tell for longevity.

Very nice. The only complaint

It's exactly as I imagined it. It's fully ten inches tall and firm. Very nice. The only complaint, and it's not really a flaw but something we need to get used to, it that it is harder to turn over since there's no bounce. If I had it to do over, I might order another box spring as well. Something with a little more oomph, instead of using the one we already had. But, the mattress is comfortable as can be.

Great mattress!

I read a lot of the reviews before deciding to purchase this mattress. I was very nervous about buying one sight unseen and without testing it first. When it came, it was rolled up in the box and I was worried I'd made a mistake. When I unrolled the mattress, it expanded into an extremely comfy, soft and supportive mattress. I can't believe what a great purchase this is - I recommend this to anyone, especially for the price. Plus it come with a bonus free pillow. I am very happy with my purchase and love the mattress.

A mattress for those who like firm to very firm

Other reviews have rated this mattress any where from medium firm to firm. I would have to say "very firm." And that's a compliment :-) I love a firm mattress and must admit that I was a bit surprised at its level of firmness. However, I have slept very well since I received (and my dog likes it too).

Love it!

Great bed for those with back pain. I have scoliosis and my joints used to hurt and were much stiffer in the morning with our old mattress. Huge improvement with this mattress! Edges hold up great when sitting and there was hardly a scent when we opened it. It was full-size in minutes.
Very comfortable while sleeping on stomach, sides, and back.
It sleeps fairly hot but easily fixed with a fan.


I bought this because another product failed twice. I should've got this one from the beginning. My daughter loves it! It's so comfortable with just the right amount of squish while still being firm. The rest of our mattresses will eventually be replaced by these!!! And the free pillow... I bought 3 more if that says anything!

Very Happy with this purchase.

I love this bed. you'll find that when you first sleep on it, it is firm but soon after it molds perfectly to your body. I always have restful sleep on this bed and I appreciated the free pillow as well.

Most amazing mattress!

Most amazing mattress!!! Super comfortable can't feel other person move it forms to your body.its even larger than I expected width wise.i couldn't believe how well packaged it was. And it rose right away. I would give this mattress 100 stars if I could

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