Remrise Sleep Aid Reviews

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Remrise Sleep Aid

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Remrise is one of the most exciting sleep companies to come on the market with their personalized sleep formulas that have been crafted with the expertise of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, and also advisors including both medical doctors, renowned psychiatrists, and herbal experts. Their product is unique, as it is designed to work with your unique body and mind to lead to better sleep over time without negative grogginess or habit-forming.

Sleep Aid Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.7/10

Effectiveness: 9.6/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

Morning Wakefulness: 9.5/10

Price: $55/Month

Limited Time: Get 25% Off First Month

Remrise Sleep Aid Details

Remrise is an exciting company -- with a variety of natural and herbal sleep aids that are personalized based on the way we each sleep. Their intensive sleep quiz is one of the most interesting features of their offering, and offers an important feedback loop that will help them hone their products for years to come.

Below we'll go through how Remrise works and some of their differentiators.

Remrise's Sleep Quiz

Sleep Problems: The first two questions are about what kind of sleep problems you may have. This includes whether you have issues with staying asleep or falling asleep, and whether you sleep warm, have cold sweats, or are a light sleeper.

Stress Level: Then, Remrise asks questions about stress and how you react to it.

Waking Habits & Energy: Questions about alcohol consumption, energy during the day, and whether exercise helps with energy level are the next set of questions.

Dreaming & Trauma: The following questions have to do with dreaming -- including how vivid your dreams are, which they explain could be an indicator of sleep type. Also, there is a question if a difficult life event may be related.

Waking Up & Personal Info: The last group of questions is around how you wake up and then there are some questions about age, gender, and how you heard about remrise.

Results: The sleep quiz delivers a mental state -- for example, 'In Your Head' or 'Worn Out.' These are then matched with the sleep formula that they recommend.

Product Offering & Ingredients

Remrise offers 5 different sleep formulas -- Rise & Shine, Power Off, At Ease, Peace of Mind, and Chilled Out. Here is a breakdown of how each work with your body:

Rise & Shine: Rise & Shine is designed to nourish, calm, and clear the mind while cooling the body for those that wake up in the night, have emotional agitation, and/or night sweats. Like each of their formulas, they have a 7 day cycle that aims to achieve lasting healthy sleep. The ingredients that are found within this formula include:

    - Anemarrhenn rhizome
    - fleeceflower vine
    - reishi
    - phosphatidylserine
    - magnesium glycinate
    - passionflower

Power Off: The Remrise Power Off formula is designed for difficulty falling asleep, feeling agitated, and dream-disturbed sleep. Like the others, this offering has a 7 day cycle. Here are the ingredients:

    - Spine Date Seed
    - Albizza Flower
    - Cyperus Rhizome
    - GABA
    - 5HTP
    - L-Theanine

At Ease: At Ease is designed for those who are restless, wake up multiple times at night or too early and is offered in a 7 day cycle. The ingredients that are found within this formula include:

    - Ginseng
    - Schisandra
    - Spirit Poria
    - Phosphatidylserine
    - Hops Flower
    - Valerian Root

Peace of Mind: The Remrise Peace of Mind formula is designed for difficulty falling asleep, drowsiness during the day, and afternoon fatigue. This offering also has a 7 day cycle. Here are the ingredients:

    - Angelica Root
    - Dragon Eye Fruit
    - Polygala
    - Hops Flower
    - L-Tryptophan
    - L-Theanine

Chilled Out: Chilled Out's 7 day cycle formula is for those that have feelings of agitation, headaches, restlessness, or difficulty staying asleep. Here are the ingredients:

    - Gastrodia Rhizome
    - Polygala
    - Reishi
    - GABA
    - L-Tryptophan
    - Magnesium Glycinate


Remrise does branding and transparency well with their 7 day formula boxed with each day's sleeve conveniently marked. They also have all of the nutritional details for easy look-ups before you start. Overall, we liked these personal touches for ease-of-use and simplicity. The pills themselves resemble many common herbal supplements, which may take some getting used to for those that are not used to capsules of this size.

Effects & Customer Experiences

Customers so far have responded very well to Remrise's blends, describing deeper sleep and better experiences during the following day. Also, the price is quite competitive when compared to buying individual herbs oneself.

Who Is Remrise's Offering The Best For?

Those that have problems going to sleep or are restless sleepers should do quite well with Remrise, especially those that do not actively take supplements or pharmaceuticals for sleep. Those that are already on pharmaceuticals may require a transition period if they are dependent.

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If this has helped me, it can help anyone! - Lisa H

I have trouble staying asleep - once I wake up I often can’t get back to sleep at all! Now with Rise & Shine it is much easier to get back to sleep when I do wake up. I am definitely someone who struggles with sleep so if this has helped me, it can help anyone!

My life has changed for the better - Crysta B

My life has changed for the better since starting Remrise. I'm sleeping well, so my energy is up, my anxiety is down, and it's finally easy to wake up in the morning.

Over the years I have tried everything - Bill F

Over the years I have tried everything. Most of it didn’t work, and I woke up feeling groggy. With Remrise, I wake up feeling refreshed. I have tracked my sleep for years and I am finally seeing an increase in deep sleep. Before starting your product my deep sleep was erratic at best.

I can feel Remrise's rotational element - Jamie M

I can feel Remrise's rotational element; my sleep isn't necessarily the same each night, but it continues to improve! I feel better overall and my days are going better (mood, workouts, work itself, etc.) It feels like my sleep is starting to regulate itself again.

In conclusion, Remrise is a sophisticated take - Ben S

In conclusion, Remrise is a sophisticated take on sleep supplements and I think they are worth considering for people that aren’t responding to other over the counter sleep supplements currently available.

I feel great - James P

I feel great -- I sleep great. I woke up every day right around 7 or 8. I love using natural products versus pharmaceuticals.

Review for Chilled Out - Ankita

I have been using Chilled Out since the last 2 months and I have been sleeping a lot better. I also see an improvement in my mood and feel energized throughout the day. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. Looking forward to many more nights of deep sleep.

The Best Sleep Supplement Ever !!!! - Logan

Once I started to take Remrise Chilled Out I noticed my headaches started to disappear and that I was able to sleep throughout the night without waking up! Would highly recommend.

Loving chilled out!! - Seth

My quality of sleep has never been better. Used Chilled Out every night for 2+ months. Even when I wake up on the middle of the night I still feel rested in the AM.

Love this stuff - Renee

Finally able to sleep during the night!

Legit - Charlie

I LOVE REMRISE. As a former athlete, sleep is extremely important to me and I recommend it to all of my friends looking for a better sleep routine.

Bedtime Bliss - Ady

Just tried a week of Remrise and have never slept better. So nice starting the day rested and refreshed. What a difference a good night's sleep can make in one's physical and emotional well being even during the depths of winter! Highly recommend.

Incredible product, had me falling - Gulshan

Incredible product, had me falling asleep faster, and waking up more refreshed!

Insomnia cured! - Allison

I've had insomnia off and on for a years. This is the first time I've been able to find something that not only helped me fall asleep faster but STAY asleep, and I don't feel groggy in the morning. It's nothing short of a miracle! Thank you :D

Remrise seems to work well - Sarah

Remrise seems to work well for me. It works better than a prescription and no grogginess in the AM.

Tried everything - Denise

I have tried so many natural remedies and herbs to sleep. This is the first one that REALLY works and keeps working.

Better than anything else I've tried! - Evan

This product is great! My main priority when it comes to sleep aids is on how I feel the next day. The standard products like ambien and nyquil leave me so groggy that it isn't worth the 8 hrs sleep. With remrise I slept thru the night, and better yet woke up refreshed and alert. Definitely recommend

Helped my sleep tremendously - Amanda L.

Finding Remrise has been a big game changer for me. I’ve tried melatonin and other natural sleep products with not much success in helping me recover and stay asleep. They all do a good job of making you sleepy, but only remrise has actually helped improve my ability to stay asleep for the majority of the night rather than waking up four or five times. Thanks for making such a helpful product!

Excellent assist to get to sleep! - Nancy

I have had a tough time getting to sleep. After taking Remrise's survey, they said I had trouble powering off. So they sent me their sleep supplement. And it was amazing! It actually works!

An End to My Sleep Issues - Adam

After years/decades of sleep issues I finally found relief. I have tried everything with lousy results. After one week on Remrise I could not believe actual results were occurring.

This works so great! - Jennifer

Ive had insomnia issues for decade's without much relief without prescription meds but decided to try this. It totally works, now I get normally tired, fall asleep and stay asleep. I also wake up just before the alarm and am awake. It's amazing.

Sweet Dreams at last!!! - Kiki

I have tired numerous other sleep products, but none of them worked for me. All that changed when I discovered Remrise! Their product, which was personally customized to my needs, finally gave me the good night sleep I have been looking for. Having a good night sleep makes me feel so much better! A+++ for this product~

Sweet Dreams! - Anna

After having tried so many sleeping aids, I was desperate to try anything. An ad ran while I was playing Candy Crush & offered 50% off on my first order. I thought this was worth a try especially when RemRise offered a test to see which herbal blend would work best for me. I am sold on this product. I sometimes sleep through the night and when I do wake up to go to the bathroom once I return to bed I am able to fall asleep immediately. I wake up feeling rested & refreshed. Thank you RemRise!

Great assistance - Amy

I switched to midnight shift and Remrise rise and shine has helped make the transition much easier than I thought it would be.

Life Changing - Lora

At least 9 months out of last year, I got sleep but no rest. My Oura ring even told me that I'd get 7-8 hours of sleep and 15 minutes of REM. I couldn't find any way to increase my REM sleep time. I tried my own various sleep aid herbs, but none of them had any effect. I couldn't do anything other than work, really. I'd walk my dogs, work, eat an assembled but not really home cooked meal, and not really be able to do anything else. I had no energy for creativity. A week into taking Remrise, I wanted to cook again. A month into taking it I could write again. I was finally getting restful sleep and had the energy to go beyond the bare basics.

Love the content! - Lina

I appreciate the fact that I have tailored content specific to my sleep profile. I don't know why I've been having sleep issues ever since I graduated from school so it's helpful to know that there are things I can do in my day to day life to help improve my nighttime routine.

What a difference. - Elizabeth

Only on day 6 of Power Off and I have noticed a tremendous difference in how I feel. Thank you!

Finally! - Vincent

Having a hundred things to do and starting a new job left me so stressed that I was having trouble staying asleep every night. After about a week of taking Power Off, I noticed that I wasn’t waking up as much to check my alarm and that I was sleeping a lot deeper. Ultimately, Remrise helps me keep my stress at my job instead of in bed with me!

Remrise - Henry o.

Since using Power Off, I have noticed a huge impact on my sleep. Remrise has helped me establish and maintain healthier sleep habits while also helping me to shut off my brain and since using it I have started being able to fall asleep within 15 minutes of going to bed... usually it would take me at least a half an hour and sometimes hours!

Gamechanger! - Gabrielle

Remrise has transformed my quality of sleep therefore transforming the rest of my day. This is a subscription I am definitely locked into for the long run!

Zzzzz....aaaaah - Keith

Thank you and what a difference maker. So love my Remrise

Amazing! - Deena

Loving Remrise! Helping me to get a good restful night of sleep! What a difference it has made in how I feel! Can not recommend enough!

I sleep better - Joshua

It has helped me to not over think and wake up well rested to start the new day. As a wife and momma your brain doesn’t always shut off so it’s great to have something to help you relax.

My body HAS been adjusting... - Janet

to the change from taking a prescription sleep aid. I barely slept at all the first 2 nights. I have slowly been getting more sleep, bu tam not impressed with how little DEEP cleansing/healing sleep I have been getting. I am still waking up several times a night as well.I tried not to, but during the bigger wake up point in my night I am doing a dropper of my CBD sleep aid. That helps me fall back to sleep more properly for the rest of my needed time. I look forward to seeing how my next shipment that's on it way goes.

Amazing sleep - Ranko B

After trying so many other products, Remrise's customized sleep aid is the first product that has finally given me a good nights sleep.

Pretty packaging, ok product - Elisabeth

I tried these supplements for 2 months and noticed little to no improvement in my insomnia. The ritual and reminder to follow good sleep hygiene was nice but I still woke up a bunch and was unable to fall back asleep. For$60 a month I would expect something of a much higher quality. Also, although the packaging is part of the ritual of bed time it is also obnoxiously wasteful. I started to resent seeing the little packages in my trash in the morning when I woke form another sleepless night.


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