Remrise Sleep Aid Reviews

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Remrise Sleep Aid

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Remrise is one of the most exciting sleep companies to come on the market with their personalized sleep formulas that have been crafted with the expertise of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, and also advisors including both medical doctors, renowned psychiatrists, and herbal experts. Their product is unique, as it is designed to work with your unique body and mind to lead to better sleep over time without negative grogginess or habit-forming.

Sleep Aid Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.7/10

Effectiveness: 9.6/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

Morning Wakefulness: 9.5/10

Price: $55/Month

Limited Time: Get 1 Week Free

Remrise Sleep Aid Details

Remrise is an exciting company -- with a variety of natural and herbal sleep aids that are personalized based on the way we each sleep. Their intensive sleep quiz is one of the most interesting features of their offering, and offers an important feedback loop that will help them hone their products for years to come.

Below we'll go through how Remrise works and some of their differentiators.

Remrise's Sleep Quiz

Sleep Problems: The first two questions are about what kind of sleep problems you may have. This includes whether you have issues with staying asleep or falling asleep, and whether you sleep warm, have cold sweats, or are a light sleeper.

Stress Level: Then, Remrise asks questions about stress and how you react to it.

Waking Habits & Energy: Questions about alcohol consumption, energy during the day, and whether exercise helps with energy level are the next set of questions.

Dreaming & Trauma: The following questions have to do with dreaming -- including how vivid your dreams are, which they explain could be an indicator of sleep type. Also, there is a question if a difficult life event may be related.

Waking Up & Personal Info: The last group of questions is around how you wake up and then there are some questions about age, gender, and how you heard about remrise.

Results: The sleep quiz delivers a mental state -- for example, 'In Your Head' or 'Worn Out.' These are then matched with the sleep formula that they recommend.

Product Offering & Ingredients

Remrise offers 5 different sleep formulas -- Rise & Shine, Power Off, At Ease, Peace of Mind, and Chilled Out. Here is a breakdown of how each work with your body:

Rise & Shine: Rise & Shine is designed to nourish, calm, and clear the mind while cooling the body for those that wake up in the night, have emotional agitation, and/or night sweats. Like each of their formulas, they have a 7 day cycle that aims to achieve lasting healthy sleep. The ingredients that are found within this formula include:

    - Anemarrhenn rhizome
    - fleeceflower vine
    - reishi
    - phosphatidylserine
    - magnesium glycinate
    - passionflower

Power Off: The Remrise Power Off formula is designed for difficulty falling asleep, feeling agitated, and dream-disturbed sleep. Like the others, this offering has a 7 day cycle. Here are the ingredients:

    - Spine Date Seed
    - Albizza Flower
    - Cyperus Rhizome
    - GABA
    - 5HTP
    - L-Theanine

At Ease: At Ease is designed for those who are restless, wake up multiple times at night or too early and is offered in a 7 day cycle. The ingredients that are found within this formula include:

    - Ginseng
    - Schisandra
    - Spirit Poria
    - Phosphatidylserine
    - Hops Flower
    - Valerian Root

Peace of Mind: The Remrise Peace of Mind formula is designed for difficulty falling asleep, drowsiness during the day, and afternoon fatigue. This offering also has a 7 day cycle. Here are the ingredients:

    - Angelica Root
    - Dragon Eye Fruit
    - Polygala
    - Hops Flower
    - L-Tryptophan
    - L-Theanine

Chilled Out: Chilled Out's 7 day cycle formula is for those that have feelings of agitation, headaches, restlessness, or difficulty staying asleep. Here are the ingredients:

    - Gastrodia Rhizome
    - Polygala
    - Reishi
    - GABA
    - L-Tryptophan
    - Magnesium Glycinate


Remrise does branding and transparency well with their 7 day formula boxed with each day's sleeve conveniently marked. They also have all of the nutritional details for easy look-ups before you start. Overall, we liked these personal touches for ease-of-use and simplicity. The pills themselves resemble many common herbal supplements, which may take some getting used to for those that are not used to capsules of this size.

Effects & Customer Experiences

Customers so far have responded very well to Remrise's blends, describing deeper sleep and better experiences during the following day. Also, the price is quite competitive when compared to buying individual herbs oneself.

Who Is Remrise's Offering The Best For?

Those that have problems going to sleep or are restless sleepers should do quite well with Remrise, especially those that do not actively take supplements or pharmaceuticals for sleep. Those that are already on pharmaceuticals may require a transition period if they are dependent.

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If this has helped me, it can help anyone! - Lisa H

I have trouble staying asleep - once I wake up I often can’t get back to sleep at all! Now with Rise & Shine it is much easier to get back to sleep when I do wake up. I am definitely someone who struggles with sleep so if this has helped me, it can help anyone!

My life has changed for the better - Crysta B

My life has changed for the better since starting Remrise. I'm sleeping well, so my energy is up, my anxiety is down, and it's finally easy to wake up in the morning.

Over the years I have tried everything - Bill F

Over the years I have tried everything. Most of it didn’t work, and I woke up feeling groggy. With Remrise, I wake up feeling refreshed. I have tracked my sleep for years and I am finally seeing an increase in deep sleep. Before starting your product my deep sleep was erratic at best.

I can feel Remrise's rotational element - Jamie M

I can feel Remrise's rotational element; my sleep isn't necessarily the same each night, but it continues to improve! I feel better overall and my days are going better (mood, workouts, work itself, etc.) It feels like my sleep is starting to regulate itself again.

In conclusion, Remrise is a sophisticated take - Ben S

In conclusion, Remrise is a sophisticated take on sleep supplements and I think they are worth considering for people that aren’t responding to other over the counter sleep supplements currently available.

I feel great - James P

I feel great -- I sleep great. I woke up every day right around 7 or 8. I love using natural products versus pharmaceuticals.


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