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Raymour And Flanigan Mattress Reviews

Raymour and Flanigan sell a variety of mattresses including many name brands, but they also sell mattresses under their own label - Bellanest, which is a line of extremely affordable mattresses. Their mattresses come in either memory foam or hybrid varieties, and most find them comfortable though there are some that claim durability issues.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10

Price Value: 7.5/10

No Back Pain: 7.4/10

Price: $219-$759

Trial Period: No Trial

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Raymour And Flanigan's Owner Satisfaction

Figuring out the takeaways from customers can be a great eye-opener for shoppers. Unfortunately, sleepers don't always feel great about these mattresses. Some are happy with the feel and comfort of their mattress, but others complain about how it feels for them. If you are thinking about buying, make sure to get more details about the mattress below.

Raymour And Flanigan's Supportiveness

In terms of support, these mattresses have had some mixed reviews. Some have described them as supportive and report being comfortable, but others weren't able to get comfortable. If you have a wider or heavier frame than average, you may want to do some added digging into reviews to make sure you find the right pick for you.

Edge Support
Edge support is an important attribute for those that like to sit on the side of the mattress without discomfort. Some folks report this brand's mattresses are not evenly supportive and may dip for some.

Raymour And Flanigan's Durability

These mattresses may not provide the kind of durability that you'd hope. Some sleepers describe issues with durability and comfort over a shorter than average timeline. If you are larger or are looking for something supportive, you may feel good initial comfort, but take a look at the mattress specifications and reviews before buying.

Browse Raymour And Flanigan Customer Reviews

It's great

My husband and I were not sure if we would like the new mattress but turns out it's perfect. We are sleeping better and loving the new memory foam. Thanks for the help R&F

Wonderful mattress!

We were a little scared to change from a mattress with springs to the new memory foam. WOW, what a great choice though. The memory foam conforms to your body and is so comfortable. The aches and pain of growing older have disappeared when sleeping on this mattress.It just supports your every need when you sleep. Would buy this mattress again in a minute after using it! Thank You Raymour and Flanigan

My mother bought a mattress...

My mother bought a mattress 1 and half years ago. They came out, checked the mattress, told her she wasn't getting a new one cause she sweat on the mattress. Only took pictures of where she sweat which was one spot, it's not like they are going to resell the mattress. And they should correct the guarantee that if you sweat don't call us. Some guarantee they have. They didn't even check that the mattress was sunk in on both sides. When I sat on it I fell in it. And we have rotated the mattress. I will never buy from them again and I will tell all my family and friends as well. Thanks for nothing Raymour and Flanigan.

I am writing to this hoping someone on top...

I am writing to this hoping someone on top will hear me out and re-consider the sales tactics. Your employees are salesman, not doctors. Customer knows best. After 9 wonderful years of having my 'firm' bed from Sleepy's it was time for a new bed. I would have returned to Sleepy's for my mattress needs, but they closed down their Waterbury, Ct. location. And so, because I had done business with R&F in the past with furniture, I thought I'd try buying a mattress from R&F.

Now from my sleeping experience, which is above all other professional bedding experiences, I was determined on getting me another 'firm' bed. Who knows my back more than my back? So I walk into the Waterbury Location and immediately I was approached by a sales rep. I told her that I am looking for a mattress. As we walked to the back of the store, she asked what type of mattress I had in mind and I told her a firm mattress. She then begins to ask me what side do I sleep on? I told her that I am a side sleeper. She then said, that for a side sleeper plush is the recommended mattress. I told her well thats against everything I believe in. I then told her, that I walked into R&F with my mind set on buying a firm mattress due to my previous mattress experience. She has me try out two plush queen beds.

One was too soft, but the other at the time felt like it may have been what I needed. She says, I'll give you 15 minutes on the mattress and I'll come back to see what you think. She comes back to what felt more like 10 minutes and asked what did I think. (I now know a mattress decision takes way more than 15 minutes.) I told her the mattress does seem that it will do the job. Plus, hearing all she had to say about plush being for side sleepers made me feel like I may have been wrong with my own idea of a firm bed. Even a manager came by to help me understand that side sleepers use plush. He even stated, 'firm is one of the most returned mattresses.' They also convinced me to buy the platinum warranty just in case it doesn't work out. I make the deal. What a regret!

I should of listen to my body! The bed arrives and my first night on it was great! But on the 3rd day, I woke up with with a stinging feeling on my hip side. I went back to R&F and spoke with the manager and he said, it may be that my body is adjusting to the bed and that I should give it more time because I have platinum coverage. I leave thinking he may be right about me adjusting, so I go back home. But I now see, more time sleeping in a bed that wasn't for me wasn't good advice, medically speaking. Even a healthy back can get harmed sleeping on a bad mattress. The manager who said I should give it more time was really saying to me, leave the knife in your hip some more, I'm sure your body will adjust. What ridiculous advice from him having no medical background, and stupid on my end to have listened! About a week later with sleepless nights and painful mornings, I wake up in tears and in much more pain.

Now, I went back to the Waterbury location. I see the same saleswoman and I tell her please get me out of this bed. She says, she's gonna get the manager. I think his name was Jim. I don't know what was with Jim that day, but he would not listen to my experience with this plush bed. It seemed as if he was upset that I was exchanging my bed and would not give me his ear. I wanted to give him my reasons on this whole plush idea for side sleepers may not be for EVERYONE. I wanted to tell him my experience on this plush bed and that maybe what is recommended may not apply to all customers. (During my research on mattresses, I read an article that strongly agrees that firm bed is for side sleepers) But seeing that Jim was acting irritated and insensitive to me, I felt so offended that I left pissed off out of the store and made a complaint to the customer care department of R&F on the manager of the Waterbury, Connecticut location.

Hours after walking out. I received a call from Newington, Ct R&F. The manager tells me that he heard through the district manager that I needed help exchanging my mattress and that he wanted to help me out only if I come to the Newington location. I wasn't too happy about the half hour drive there, but I really needed this issue to be resolved and was willing to invest my own time. The manager there was awesome. He heard me out and even agreed with me that the plush idea for the kind of built size of a man I am wasn't a good bed referral. A Firm mattress should of been recommended, due to my size and previous experience with a firm mattress.

I also expressed to him that I had wished I made the first decision or first mistake on my bed and not R&F. I felt now my warranty will be used up on what I believe was R&F fault by not listening to me before the initial sale, and the complaints after the sale. He told me not to worry. He will waive the 95.00 delivery fee and make this sale like a first time sale. But that if I don't like the new firm mattress, then I would have to pay the 95.00 for delivery. I agreed. I was very happy to know I finally am going to get some real sleep... not so fast!!

Here's the topper!! The second bed arrives. The delivery guys begin moving the bed out of the truck. One of the guys is out of the truck and the other is inside the truck sliding the bed out. When the bed was about to exit the truck, the guy inside the truck lets the bed drop to the ground. The bed bends at the corner due to the impact. I immediately said to the guy, 'Hey!, thats a thousand dollar bed and you shouldn't of done that. And especially in front of the customer, me!' I asked the other delivery guy in Spanish, because he knew little English, what happens if I reject this bed and don't sign because I seen the way my product was handled and now I'm concerned it may have been damaged? He replied, 'It'll be ok. You should see how we handle them at our warehouse.'

I was shocked that he said that, but at the same time I thought maybe the beds can handle such abuse so why fuss for another one. My new mattress is gonna get abused at the warehouse, like the driver said, before I even see it anyways. They put the bed down, I inspect it and lo and behold!! Now, theres a visible hump in the middle of the bed and a slope on the top corner of the bed where the driver let the bed drop. Complaint was filed again on the drivers handling of my product and his remark about how they handle all other mattresses at the warehouse. Finally, I am hoping this matter falls in the right hands and that I am dealt with immediately. I will be continuing my complaint until I am heard. If not, I will do whatever it takes so that I am heard.

**Update** 08/12/17 A foam mattress was selected and extremely discounted due to my awful experience with R&F. Two months later the foam mattress is not holding up. It feels like a plush foam now. My hip pain is still there. Very uncomfortable at night with both the bed failing to support me and also my hip waking me up at night. For the record, I've never had a left side hip issue. I hope there is no long term damage done to my hip. My advice stay away from this company. Their sales tactics is too aggressive, especially on a product that takes time to make a decision on. They're after your pockets with their aggressive sales tactics, and not after your well deserved beauty rest. I recommend going to an all mattress store next time.

After purchasing a mattress...

After purchasing a mattress from the Raymour and Flanigan Store in Brick, NJ it was delivered with a fee to my residence. After sleeping on the mattress I began to get suspicious of the mattress I received. It did not seem to be the ultra firm mattress I purchased at the store. After researching my bill and the tag on the mattress I was able to confirm that the mattress was indeed not the one that I purchased! In fact it was a totally different brand.

I went to the store that I purchased the mattress at in Brick, NJ to discuss the problem. Come to find out they said that they don't even sell that brand mattress that I received upon delivery to my house. So they basically told me that I might have switched up the mattresses and tried to scam them! They were unwilling to give me any compensation and the accusation that I was trying to scam them is ridiculous! Lesson learned DO NOT BUY FROM RAYMOUR AND FLANIGAN!!!

Bellanest Queen Mattress

I am an Interior Designer. I ordered this mattress for a rental house in Southampton. This is a mattress that will last. It is firm however the top is cushioned and soft-- without a pillow top! I find that pillow tops tend to sag or loose their plumpness ( usually on one side) pretty quickly so I never buy them. It is a high mattress so make sure you measure how high you want your bed to be. Go with the 5" box spring and if you need it lower go with a Bunkie board.

Very comfortable

I need a firm support, but also have a 5" memory foam from my previous bed on top. The combination of the two works best for me. The pillow tops do not offer me enough firmness. I am very happy after 5 days.

The original

The original box spring ordered was too big; the team from R&F returned the following day with a replacement.

Very Comfortable Firm Mattress

We purchased this recently for a spare bedroom in our home. It's been used by guests of ours and the tell us how much they like it and how comfortable it is. We are very pleased with our purchase!

sleep heaven

I sleep on this every night, and i'ts very comfortable. It was worth the money.

Quality lower cost option

We need a bed for our guest room. Because my mother-in-law will be using it has to be comfortable but will not be an every day bed. This fits the description for us. We got it on sale for $500 and at that price it is a steal. Great for the price.

I love this mattress

I love this mattress comfort height is excellent. Love the split box spring easy to get into my apartment. Would recommend to all my friends.


Great product for sleeping Dream comes easily You will like this when you use this for your real life You can happily sleeping in this bed


First night great sleep in 10 years! I didn’t know what I was missing.

Probably the best bed I ever had

Finally a bed I can enjoy to sleep in. Exact firmness I’ve always wanted and the height ratio is solid


Great mattress and great company to deal with. Delivery and set up and removal was so great and fast.

Extremely satisfied

This mattress is amazing is like sleeping on clouds if there were such a thing.....

Definitely Recommend!!

I am truly in love with our new mattress. Previously I owned a plush mattress but my husband and I experienced lower back discomfort and tightness in the morning. We decided it was time for a change and that we needed something more firm. We tried out 5 mattresses in the store within our price range and decided to purchase the Bellanest Imperial Firm King Mattress. We could not be happier, it is the perfect amount of firm for us and we no longer wake up with lower back pain. Also as first time owners of a king bed we are loving all the extra room. This mattress was a great find at a good price, and I absolutely reccomend it to anyone looking to switch from plush to firm for extra support.


Wooo This is the mattress that I need to sleep the whole day. Delivery and attention in Raymond and Flanigan is the best experience ever!!


So far I believe it may have being too firm for my wife as she is saying her back hurts. For me is ok no problems at all. After all for me is an ok matres.


Very nice. Bit more in height than old mattress. Having a disability,little harder getting on it. My shoulder & neck pain is 90% less now in the morning. For the on sale price&comfort, it's great!

Great for my back pain

Great mattress for my back pain. Very comfortable after a hard day of work. My wife neighbors came over and laid on it and tested it out. They will now head over to Raymour and Flanigan to purchase the same mattress. One of my neighbor bought the bedroom set this mattress was sitting on in the store now she's going to go back and get the mattress and box spring for the complete set.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable and helped me sleep through the night!! No more back pain!!!

Just in love

Just in love with these mattresses it is so comfortable I bought a queen size for myself and this full size for the guest room. So far it is doing wonders I just don't want to leave my bed in the mornings it was indeed a great buy.

This mattress

This mattress is a little too firm for me. I would like to have had it a little softener. Thank you for your prompt service.

I just received my mattress. Right now I have mixed feelings about it. The majority of my life I have always slept on a super firm mattress. This is the first new mattress I'm sleeping on in over 10 years. I selected the Bellanest Firm but it does not feel firm. Not exactly soft but not really firm. It is nice, well made and I have no problem falling asleep. I'm getting use to it. I'm happy to have a well made new mattress. The Raymour and Flanigan sales person was very helpful. I would not describe this mattress as firm. A bit cushy.

Return and Customer Service Lacking, Quality of Products Spotty

I purchased a mattress at R&F. It was rock hard. Also, the base for the mattress was delivered with a faulty electrical control box. I contacted R&F to return the product, only to learn that R&F had a no return policy (which was not articulated to me by the salesperson). I was told that I had to wait 30 days to exchange the mattress. So, I had to either sleep on the rock hard mattress for a month and damage my lower back or sleep on a different bed. I told the manager of the store that the bed was not close to the one I tested in the store. He told be the demo beds in their showroom were beaten up, and they couldn't be relied on to know how soft or firm the actual beds would be that are delivered to the home. I described the factory defect with the base, and was told that usually customers are forces to have the base manufacturer (reverie) service their own products an R&F doesn't get involved, but he would make an exception and replace the defective base I received when I switched out the mattress. R&F sells the lowest model of the reverie base with their beds. These bases are very cheap, and R&F does not back them up. Instead, they refer customers to reverie for service. Reverie's customer service is extremely slow, and their reps do not have basic knowledge of the products. So, if you buy a bed from R&F you should plan on replacing the base in short order, or sign on to endless negotiations to get the base repaired. So, about 2 weeks after receiving my "new" bed from R&F I am stuck with a broken base and a concrete slab to sleep on. R&F refuses to address the problem until another 2 weeks passes (even though they delivered a defective base to my home and a bed that is not even close to the one I tested in their showroom). Classic bait and switch. In the meantime, I am sleeping on an old bed in a spare room and storing their defective products. I only have the manager's promise to replace the base and approve the switching out of the mattress in a week. If the next mattress turns out to be different than the beat up ones in their showroom, I am stuck. By far the worst experience I have ever had with a purchase of a bed. Also the most expensive bed I ever bought, close to $4000 and counting so far. Basically money and time wasted. My last rodeo with R&F.

worst mattress ever

I bought this mattress for a new apartment we were building we just moved in 2 weeks ago, we can not get a decent night sleep on it, its hard as a rock and not at all like the one we tried in teh store, upon going to the store, we were told since we didn't buy a mattress protector(which is a scam as we weren't offered any to buy or even say we didn't want it, they wont do anything the mattress is hard as a rock, they all lie when they tell you you can try it out and the if you do not like it they will retirn , so much for their 5 year warrantee, do not ever trust this chain

Only as a last resort

It is now 1 year since we purchased a brand new king sized mattress and adjustable bed frame from R&F. We did purchase the Platinum Protection Plan. The purchase process was good but since that day, all downhill. First, the assembly and installation of the bed frame was bad. The assembly was done wrong which resulted in the bed frame being stuck with the head and feet positions elevated. 136 minute wait on the Platinum Protection service line before I gave up and called Reverie. They instructed me on how to lower the bed, re-program the remote which then identified the problem as a bad remote. Since it was just installed I had to go back to R&F. Called service again and was told to expect a call within 48 hours. Nothing. Called the store and received a call back at the end of the day. A new bed frame was going to be delivered. Wow, great (or I thought). Bed frame delivered and assembly team identified that the first frame was assembled wrong. New frame in and all good, well only for so long. This weekend when I tried to raise the head of the frame, no response from the remote. Changed the battery and still nothing. Crawled under the bed to go through the re-pairing process and noticed that the control box light was off. Tried calling R&F as we have a Platinum Service contract. Got voice mail and left a message. After my last experience, called Reverie customer support and left a message there. Reverie called back a few hours later, walked me through some trouble shooting and their first thought is a failed control box. Now per the R&F Platinum Service agreement, that gives me a new bed frame. Let's see if R&F ever calls back. Reverie however is sending me a new control box (they were willing to have a service technician come to the house but given COVID and the Pandemic, trying to avoid unnecessary people in our home) and I will install myself. Now I have to figure out how to get my money back from R&F on the Platinum Protection Program as it is a waste.

Sleeping a a Rock Bed. with a black grease stain

Don't buy here....mattresses are defective and springs don't match

Sold us floor sample black mattress, told us it was top of the line, said they changed them on the floor every six months!

We bought the mattress 2/2/20. This mattress has broken down so bad that we both have pains from base of spine running down our legs! Wheat on vacation and stayed at the marriott for two weeks. All the pain went away. Came back sleep one night on mattress and all the pain is back. Paid over $1200 and there is no returns! Granted we did buy a floor sample, but it was the best mattress in the place, so we were told. 1 1/2 yrs later it is no good. The quality of there mattress is so bad and we are out $1200 for I would say 1 yr of good sleep and then the deterioration started. DON’T BUY THERE MATTRESSES,


I am sitting at home...took the day off for a 1-4 delivery husband left work message that they were running over an hour late. ...called the delivery dept...asked me if I wanted to reschedule..well..I got rid of my living room furniture yesterday so what was I going to do..I said It was unacceptable that I never heard from anyone and I lost a days pay I could have worked till 5 as the furniture wont be here probably until after 6pm..unacceptable for all the money I paid in FULL when I made my purchase....buyer beware of there broken promises they think people have nothing better to do than wait all day and then to be told 1-2 hours late...losing money in todays economy at work is just unacceptable to me when I am the consumer giving them my hard earned money

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