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Queen Loft Bed Reviews

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Queen loft beds are beginning to make a big splash in the furniture industry. With more adults looking for added space for activities and entertainment, the demand for queen sized loft beds has been increasing over the last few years. However, finding a true queen sized loft bed can be a challenge. There are too few options and oftentimes the options out there are expensive. We go through some of the best rated options and also some helpful hacks to find what you need on a budget.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.7/10

Material Quality: 9.6/10

Design Options: 9.6/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.7/10

Price Value: 9.6/10

Price: $232-$2145

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Queen Loft Bed Details

With more shoppers wanting additional storage and entertainment spaces in their living spaces, queen sized loft beds have become increasingly popular. But, what makes a great loft bed? For one, sturdy and durable materials that can support a larger mattress and two sleepers. Additionally, easy assembly is another essential. However, what customers also really want are trendy styles and high value for the materials used. Good queen sized loft bed brands are hard to find, however. Those that are the best provide easy to assemble products that are stylish, all for a lower price for the materials.

That said, not all great queen sized loft beds are bargains, which is why we have selected a range of brands that have excellent feedback from customers, some that are lower cost and some that offer higher-end quality.

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Best Queen Sized Loft Bed Brands

Below, we'll go through competitive loft bed brands that customers love, and discuss the ins and outs of their styles, craftsmanship, and any caveats customers report.

Here is what's inside the widely popular Harriet Bee Loft Beds:

Harriet Bee crafts a variety of queen sized and full sized loft beds that are moderately priced, while still providing contemporary styles that customers like. Most of their options are bunk beds that have queen sized bottom bunks. These are versatile and customers can utilize futons as a means to use this area as a sofa-like lounge area. Other options provide desk and storage space below.

Next, here is what's inside the Francis Lofts & Bunk Queen Loft Bed:

For adults that are looking for more storage space and want a very sturdy design, Francis Lofts & Bunks crafts queen sized loft beds using sleek metal finishes. Though the prices are somewhat higher than many options, these USA Made products are highly rated and are sturdy for couples and single sleepers alike. With a variety of color options, these options are perfect for those looking for fresh designs and ways to optimize their space.

Lastly, here is what's inside Mack & Milo Loft Beds:

The Mack & Milo brand features a wide array of competitively priced furniture, from platform beds to loft beds. When it comes to their queen sized loft beds, they have a range of offerings in both wooden and metal materials. Although most of their queen sized options are bunk beds, many can double as sofas on the bottom area, which is ideal for those that want extra lounge space and don't need an extra mattress. These beds get good reviews from customers, with most describing easy to assemble options with high value for the price.

How to Find The Best & Avoid The Worst

When it comes to finding the best loft beds, the best options are sturdy, styled-well, price-competitive, and are loved by customers. However, those to steer clear from include brands that aren't transparent with customer reviews and seem priced too high for what they are selling. These include many name-brand retailers and storefronts that may mark up their materials many times before you buy them.

Browse Queen Loft Bed Customer Reviews

Very well packaged [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

Very well packaged, built very well and very heavy duty.

Very sturdy [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

Very sturdy. Well designed. Love it!

Perfect [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

Perfect for our Beach House!!!

great [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

Look great. Kids love them.

Amazing [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

Amazing!!! Girls love it

Works perfectly [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

Works perfectly in the room. Very easy to put together.

Great [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

Great quality!!

Love it in general [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

Love it in general; it looks sharp and gives us a lot of guest capacity. The ladder is very hard on one's feet, plus it didn't quite align correctly to be attached by all four bolts, but it's good enough.

durable [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

Very durable!

I am so impressed [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

I am so impressed with this bed! I looked around for so long for a full over Queen bunk bed that fit our style and budget. I actually bought this same bed from another retailer for 100 more than what I paid here (even after applying a bunch of coupons!) then fortunately(unfortunately) it was lost in transit, so after a month of waiting, they just refunded me! So then I found the same bed here on Wayfair for 100 less and it arrived within a week!!! My husband slept on the top bunk with our son, total weight of about 250 - and not a creak or groan! This bunk bed is stylish and so far, very sturdy. Love it.

This bed is great [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

This bed is great. Its very sturdy and pretty easy for two people to put together. My son loves it.

It's exactly what I needed [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

It's exactly what I needed and it's sturdy!

I love the design and Quality [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

I love the design and Quality, but l paid large money for this, not really happy about the ladder, its very hard on your feet, should have put wood strips on metal..

Sturdy bunk bed [Harriet Bee Queen Loft Beds]

Sturdy bunk bed and nice to have a queen bed on bottom option. Looks nice and we are using a traditional queen mattress on the bottom but a thinner (bunk bed) full mattress on top. The ladder is only able to be on the one side of the bed as pictured. Some beds, the ladder can be on either side but this is not the case.

I needed extra space [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

I needed extra space for my home office, so I started investigating Loft Beds. I looked at the big box store loft beds, and they looked like they would not last a year. So I bought a Francis Lofts loft bed after I exhausted my search. I was truly impressed with the quality. The wood and metal frame is extremely heavy duty. I am quite a large man, and I could not wear this bed out in my lifetime. This is a one-time purchase, because these are heirloom products. I will be passing this bed down to a family member someday, because they will last forever. My elderly father was so impressed with the loft bed that I bought for myself that I bought him a standard bed and he has been very happy with it!

We bought the white queen sized [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

We bought the white queen sized loft bed for our son when we moved into our NYC apartment. The measurements were precise and it fit perfectly in the room. It is so well made, so sturdy, strong and looks incredible. Jeffie was so responsive and the website was extremely easy to use. The only negative was that one of the long metal sides of the bed had a big gash in it but I suspect that was because of the shipping company. Luckily it was the side that is now facing the wall and is hidden from view, so it wasn't an issue in the end. I would highly recommend their loft beds to everyone, as I have to my friends and colleagues!

This would be a 5 star review [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

This would be a 5 star review but for some two minor-ish issues. First, the bed is awesome; perfect height, clearly very well made and most importantly, it's surprisingly easy to make the bed each morning. We got a few accessories; some were a hit and others not. The bookshelf and side shelf are great; they go well with the bed and were easy to incorporate. We also got the book shelf steps which are either wood or a composite and they came damaged twice, which was annoying, but my big pet peeve is for the cost I see the nail heads. The other, again, kind of minor annoyance is the fabric used to cover the wood slates that provide the horizontal support; it was not a good quality and getting it on was a pain because it was too short. I just scrapped it and order something that I like better to customize it. Again, overall, great, but at this price point there should be some higher end specs on some of the items.

The most sturdy loft bed [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

The most sturdy loft bed I could have hoped for. I love the stairs, too. I only wish that I had gotten it taller.

My wife and I were looking for a high quality [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

My wife and I were looking for a high quality loft bed, and we are extremely happy we went with Francis Lofts & Bunks for our purchase. We ordered the queen size bed and were amazed by the quality of work. The bed exceeded our expectations, and the customer service was outstanding. After a year, we decided to upgrade to a king size bed and returned to FL&B. Once again, the shipping was fast and installation was easy. I highly recommend this product.

My wife and I moved into a very small [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

My wife and I moved into a very small loft and needed to utilize as much space as possible. This purchase gave us almost an entire extra room and we do not regret it at all. The build quality is great and it looks very nice and modern as well!

This bed is exactly what I wanted [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

This bed is exactly what I wanted and needed. It’s 5’ off the ground and is totally stable for me, a large adult mile. I even needed to have two sets of posts since I need it a bit taller for now and was able to order the posts and a new ladder separately. These guys are great and make a great product.

This is absolutely the best bed [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

This is absolutely the best bed out there! It makes my small college apartment bedroom feel twice as big!

This thing is amazing [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

This thing is amazing. Very easy to set up and incredibly solid. Unlike wooden lofts I’ve had in the past, it doesn’t move or squeak at all. And the design is great. We added the side steps, head board and small tray. Could not be happier with it. Worth the cost.

With this bed [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

With this bed I was able to make my studio apartment my office, bed room and video game den. It's sturdy, comfy and doesn't squeak too much.

The bed will be passed on for generations [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

The bed will be passed on for generations. High quality with excellent customer service!

This bed is FANTASTIC [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

This bed is FANTASTIC. I have a very small bedroom and the loft bed gives me so much more usable space. I have the bookcase staircase and it is gorgeous and so sturdy! The bed is also SUPER sturdy. Trust me, I'm hard on my beds. Worth every penny!

These are the best bunk/loft beds out there [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

These are the best bunk/loft beds out there! We purchased two loft beds with desks below for our teen daughters. It transformed their previously messy room into something amazing. The lofts are extremely sturdy, with clean lines. It was one of the few options available that did not come preassembled and the parts could easily be moved to their upstairs bedroom (a previous try from a teen furniture store was disastrous when the bed would not fit up our 1950’s staircase and had to be sent back). We had our handyman install them for us, but he was done in a few hours and said installation instructions were very clear and it was a simple job. Love these beds. My girls adore them and their new room. Thank you!

We got a queen loft bed [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

We got a queen loft bed for each of our two boys and we absolutely love them!! Well worth every penny. The beds are quality made, look great and will last for years! They are very sturdy. We have gotten so many compliments on them. Each loft bed has a fire pole attached, making it super easy and fun for them to come down. It’s a kid’s dream! Along with a fire pole we also have a staircase where they store their toys and a desk under each loft bed where they enjoy having their own space to work. It’s the perfect set up for a kid and a great investment that will take them through the teen years and beyond. If you are looking for a quality loft bed you can’t get any better than this one! Thank you for making such a great bed!

I absolutely love my loft bed [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

I absolutely love my loft bed. I figured it was going to be stable, but it has exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to owning it for the rest of my life. I also have a very small room, and the ability to expand my space has changed my ability to live comfortably in my space. Thank you for making such a great product!

Cool industrial design [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

Cool industrial design, high build quality, not from IKEA. Super sturdy (I can do pull ups off mine), yet surprisingly light weight, being aluminum. Definitely worth the investment if you live in a small space. In my opinion so much better than a Murphy bed.

Very convenient and novel bed frame [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

Very convenient and novel bed frame. I in a small apartment in Los Angeles, CA and this loft bed saves me a lot of space! The sturdiness and quality of the frame is unmatched when compared to other loft-style beds we've seen from local stores. The frame is solid and does not rock or shake uncomfortably. The neutral style and various color options helps it fit into any bedroom theme.

it's not the least expensive bed [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

it's not the least expensive bed but too often you get what you pay for. pretty easy to put together. i did it myself but it helps having a second person. the bed is solid. we went with the ladder but i'm not 15 years old and my feet recommended the steps/stairs. much easier. plus there's the storage. would i recommend this bed? yes. peace.

This bed-frame is absolutely rock-solid [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

This bed-frame is absolutely rock-solid, I love it. I was worried about the height being too low at first, but it turned out totally fine. The ladder's a little tough to get up and down, so we'll probably build some stairs to go with at some point, but yeah, the thing is pricey but it's great.

I have a small apartment [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

I have a small apartment by the beach in Florida, and needed to make the most of my very small space. I got the queen size loft and customized it to make it into a very cool storage room under my bed. (I will send pictures, it turned out very, very nice) It is built like an aluminum tank, and is solid as a rock. A part was damaged during shipping, and they took care of me completely. 100% satisfied! Product is great, the people were fantastic. This is a first class operation all the way! Highly recommend.

very bad company, terrible service and delivery [Adult Bunk Bed Queen Loft Bed]

I ordered a bed from them and the person who came to deliver this like 300 pound bed said "the company that ships these is super cheap and doesnt pay for the proper shipping so if you want this off the truck you're going to have to haul it yourself" I had a back injury that was made way worse by hauling this into my house, i told the company and they wouldnt even refund my shipping, instead they sent me a "silver spoon" implying i was just complaining. really cr@p company. dont buy from them. Also my bunk bed needs the X bars rescrewed in all the time and the finish on my desk is chipping off.

It was easy to put together [Mack & Milo Queen Loft Beds]

It was easy to put together, the only problem I had was orienting the grid for the mattress, the proper side was unclear on the instructions until I finished, not hard to fix.

Very sturdy [Mack & Milo Queen Loft Beds]

Very sturdy! The assembly went well! Very good quality!

Very sturdy [Mack & Milo Queen Loft Beds]

Very sturdy. We looked at similar beds in furniture stores, but we would not buy them because they were very wobbly. When we saw this bunk bed with a 550 lb weight limit, we knew it must be stronger and sturdier than the others. So happy we took a chance on this one!Read Less


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