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Purple is a mattress that is taking the industry by storm with its super lightweight polymer that is purple. It uses a 'smart grid' technology to keep things cool and also to relieve joint pain and pressure points. Overall, it runs a bit less firm than other memory foam mattresses, but is hardly soft. Some folks love the feel of this mattress, though there are others that prefer a more traditional feel.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 9.2/10

Price: $699-$1299

Trial Period: 100 Day

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Purple's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Purple's claim to fame is the use of a super elastic purple polymer in its bedding. It is this mesh that keeps things cool and provides the mattress with remarkable pressure point relief. Here are the layers in the Purple bed:

Layer 1: The Purple cover is a blend of polyester, viscose, and lycra (super soft polyester-spandex mix). Viscose is very breathable so these materials come together to make a very breathable soft cover.

Layer 2: 2'' of purple hyper-elastic polymer. Its grid design means that air is rushing through the mattress at all time -- talk about cooling! Also, this polymer is food grade so don't worry about putting your face on it.

Layer 3: 3.5'' of polyurethane transition foam. This layer further supports and relieves pressure points.

Layer 4: 4'' of foundation support poly foam. This layer gives the bed even support across the mattress.

Overall Comfort

This bed has one of the most unique, but also comfortable feels to most people. Most reviewers love this mattress after a short adjustment period.


If you are looking for a very firm bed, this is not for you because it runs just firmer than medium.

Back Pain Relief

Although this bed is only a small bit firmer than medium (clinical data suggests sleeping on a slightly firmer mattress), reviewers report that it does help relieve back pain.


With the breathable cover and the grid of purple polymer just beneath, this mattress does provide plenty of air flow so most sleepers report enjoying a cool sleep.

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Simply a fantastic mattress.

Simply a fantastic mattress. A coworker sent me a link for this mattress when I mentioned I would soon be in the market for a new one. The website was informative, the videos were catchy. They were sold out at the time I first browsed the site, but I signed up for email notification of availability. A few weeks later, the email came, saying the product was available. The order was placed and a 2-3 week lead time was announced. By the end of the 3rd week, the product was delivered by UPS to my doorstep as promised. That poor UPS man! The king size version weighs in at 140lbs. Manageable for 2 people, but a bit unwieldy for only one!

The safety cutter provided was a bit on the flimsy side... not making it all the way through the needed cuts to free the mattress, but once open, the mattress was easily positioned on the bed and the sheets were put on.

The first few nights tooks some adjustment from a conventional mattress, but after one weeks time... I've never slept better! There's no getting hot as with a memory foam mattress. For people that move around in their sleep... the squishy top layer immediately responds to your motion... so you're not left to lay in an indention that no longer fits the new position of your body. I'm waiting up early... often 20-30 minutes before my alarm and I'm much better rested upon waking.

I HIGHLY recommend you give this product a try. With their no-risk, money back offering... it's a no-risk deal. (photo credit to my darling wife - she couldn't wait to share on her social media platforms).

I won't be sending mine back... and may consider springing for another in my guest bed!

Best I've Ever Slept On

This has changed my sleeping life. Sleeps cool, and comfy, and really does a great job with pressure points. I'm over 40 and never in my life slept on my back. This mattress is so comfy I've actually started sleeping on my back nearly 1/3 of the time. I really do look forward to crawling into bed every night.

I travel a lot and have slept on lots of different high-end hotel/luxury mattresses and this beats them all.

... to get use to it but now I sleep pretty good, I fo wish it were thicker just ...

It took about 2 weeks to get use to it but now I sleep pretty good, I fo wish it were thicker just so that my sheets don't look so sloppy on it after a night of use but this is helping me to make my bed more often.

Amazing Pain Relief After First Night

We haven't had this bed for a full week yet and it has already improved my quality of life. I used to wake up with almost debilitating hip and shoulder pain. It was also becoming more and more difficult to sleep through the night without taking ibuprofen before I went to bed and sometimes at the 3 am. That's no longer the case with our Purple King bed.

I noticed an immediate difference with my lack of hip pain after the first night. This bed does take a little while for ones body to get used to. Make sure you take advantage of the trial period to acclimate to new mattress before making a final decision on it if you wake up sore in other areas. It has been a life changer in our house.

but it is still comfortable. Both my partner and I find ourselves falling ...

The bed was a little more firm than I expected, but it is still comfortable. Both my partner and I find ourselves falling asleep rather quickly on this bed, and when we wake, we are not sore, unlike with our old mattress. I was a little hesitant to buy this bed at first because of its price, but it is definitely worth every penny.

Fits a vintage bedframe!

This mattress is fantastic! My husband and I were both suffering from horrible lower back pain only a year after purchasing a traditional pillow top mattress from a well known company. After seeing their Youtube Golilicks ad we both agreed we had nothing to lose. The package arrived in 2 days and my husband easily carried it up our narrow 1920s stairs (which wasn't the case with a traditional mattress) and it was set up in two minutes. After the first night he had zero back pain and remains pain free. My pain is the result of an old injury, but The Purple mattress has helped maintain the work my chiropractor and I have done.

Another great selling point for us was this mattress is the perfect height for vintage bedframes. We use my grandmother's waterfall bedroom set and modern mattresses have always looked odd being how much higher a boxspring, mattress, pillowtop, and mattress pad are above the footboard. We do currently have The Purple on a boxspring and it is just above the footboard which looks 1000x's better than other mattresses.

We are both thrilled with our purchase! We can't stop recommending this mattress, and people can't stop asking to see it. I do hope it is sold on Amazon again, because the Prime shipping is really tempting for most people.

Don't lay down on it😂 "Addictive".

The purple mattress is the worst mattress anybody could ever buy. Once you lay down on it. You will never want to get back up, ever agen. How will get anything done. Sorry you can't have it back, it's mine now. Besides I'm laying on it all the time. What is bad about it. At a 144lbs (King size) it's at lest a 4man carry.

You won't regret it...

Holy smokes... what an awesome bed! We had one of those fancy $3K mattresses and it just wasn't doing the job! After one night of sleep on this thing I was so happy with it... I didn't want to get out of bed! Now... after 4 nights... this thing is amazing. I will be recommending it to everyone. I fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed every day! Thanks Purple!

Side sleeping has been tough. On the back it's so so.

Love so much about this mattress. It opened right up and was ready to go. It's also very heavy most people will need help setting the king size up. The first night I found myself waking frequently. After four nights still uncomfortable on my side. I think one reason is my size. 6'1 205 lbs. It does sleep cooler than my old pillowtop mattress. It also was a bit irregular on one side. I called purple customer service and they said it was a warranty issue. I was advised to email them photos. Not pursuing that because not sure if its a keeper. I have read that I should try another pillow to raise my head. Keep you posted.

He likes soft (mama bear) I like hard (papa bear) but we typically like to sleep ...

Our purple experience:

First of all, this is our second mattress purchase of our married lives. We bought our old mattress at a store 6 years ago, about 4-5 months ago I started to see the divots and we began talking mattresses.

First a foremost for our concerns was my back- I had two herniated discs and slipped vertebrae, I got those fixed 6, almost 7 weeks before my first night on a purple. I had a double fusion and laminectomy, Rods, screws, caged, the whole 9 yards in my back. Second concern was my husband now works a hard on the body and back job. He likes soft (mama bear) I like hard (papa bear) but we typically like to sleep together. Remotes tend to get destroyed by my kids- so fancy remotes were out of the question.

When I first saw this commercial I had the "to good to be true" vibe. But I checked out reviews (sleepopolis was the most helpful) and finally showed my husband the commercial and he's all- "whatever you want wife of mine". He knows I spend more time awake in bed than he does, Mama wanted a purple and she got one.

Well I go to order and it was back ordered. I signed up for the email and as soon as it popped up, I ordered one to our new house, and it got here just in time, literally in time for us to move all our furniture to the house. After some convincing my husband agreed to sleep on this mattress on the floor in the new house a night earlier than we planned. It was maybe 3 weeks, probably less.

Night 1:
I was able to not need to shift and move all night- anyone with my type of back Injury knows that sometimes non movement causes some pain and stiffness. That's all I had. No hip pain or shoulder pain, no numbness or tingling nothing. I can lay on my back (on my ginormous 6 inch, still healing incision) and I don't feel my hardware *at all* no need for a pillow between my knees, just laying in bed, sleeping. Rolling is a breeze (even compared to non-crater beds better than our old one) PLUS- I thought that temp neutral would mean I needed to get me some wool Jammie's (I've been constantly cold since surgery) - when they say neutral- it's neutral. Warmer than my old Amish mattress!
My husband- who did not give me much feedback is only having trouble finding the right pillow. My only complaint is that he's falling asleep much quicker which means I have to hear more snoring! (The nerve of you purple! 😂)

I'm laying here night 2, it's on our old box spring/bed not the floor and my husband fell asleep in 2.5 seconds (mid conversation) I've been in the same position for an hour and I'm having the same experience as I did last night! My 2 year old even fell asleep for his nap today so much quicker!

Seriously, this mattress is a dream. And honestly I wish we had this before my surgery because that is a few years of pain and lost sleep I'm trying to catch up on! I would 1000% recommend this bed to anyone whose got the same back issues as mine- it's supportive of your spine but seriously no pressure points and I'm not as achy when I get up. It's night and day. My back was also less fatigued than it usually is by mid day (and today was the official move in day- so today has been rough!)

This mama bear will be following up with a lumbar support pillow for her car and telling all her spiny friends and Doctor about purple. Because friends don't let friends sleep on crappy mattresses ^_^

Not For Us

I really wanted to like this mattress. While waiting for mine to arrive, I read all the reviews and anticipated receiving a mattress that would be the answer to our problems. Our current mattress is memory foam and is both too soft and too difficult for me to get out of. My wife loves it for the relief on her pressure points, but it sleeps hot for her. The comfort level is not a problem. Once in the bed, we both sleep well. So when our Purple mattress finally arrived, we set it up and anticipated a night of similar comfort with none of the problems of memory foam. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The mattress seemed cold and too firm. It also had a lumpy, uneven texture from the cells that are in the top layer. I had no problems getting in and out of it, however. My wife complained that the jelly-like feel of it made her slightly carsick. Night number one was not a success. Night number two was better for me, the bed didn't feel quite so cold. My wife showed me her FitBit read out for sleep. She was awake or restless 46 times. Same thing for night three.And night four. On night five, we were up almost every hour and a half. Every time one of us moves, it jiggles the mattress and wakens the other. We quit after that and are deciding what to do with the mattress. It does sleep cool, but it is way too firm for my wife's arthritic joints and she is still having that slightly carsick feel. I realize that some people might think we gave up too soon, but when you start dreading going to bed, it's not a good thing. When we returned to our old memory foam mattress, it was like being hugged by an old friend. I guess I can get used to having trouble getting out of bed. I will say that the Purple mattress is very well constructed and for some people, obviously, it is the answer to their problems. I truly wish that had been the case for us.

Do not order this from amazon!

I love the bed it feels amazing but when it arrived, we unwrapped it and it was wet. Not damp but wet. There were obvious stains from the water on the matress. I called amazon and after about 10 different transfers to other people, it was decided that since I couldn't put it back in the package (which was crazy difficult to make them understand) that they would give me a box from amazon that the matress could fit in. From there I'm on a waiting list to get a call from someone else who will arrange the pick up of the matrress. So then we decide to look at it again. We've been wanting this for over a month, did all my research and was so excited. We unzip the matress cover and realize that while it is mildly damp on one corner of the bed we think we can live with it. I call back on monday to tell amazon this in which I am put on hold AGAIN, and told that I can expect a call back later because that department is not in. Then I get an email saying we are sorry for the inconvenience but could you give us a call back. So I call and get transferred and placed on hold AGAIN. All this to be told that they cannot replace just the purple cover since that is what has the stains on it and we'll I did pay over 1000 dollars so I think I was being nice and saving us both a lot of heartache. Nope they can only return the full matrress with the stained cover. Very frustrating to put it mildly. So now I have to decide whether to keep it because if I do return it there is no telling when I'll get a new mattress they are not currently in stock. So I'd have to order from purple who I did call yesterday to see if they would be able to make this right at all, and I was on hold for 20 minutes just to be told to leave a name and number when they answered. Which I still haven't received a call back from them either. Order this from purple directly! I wanted it in 2 days and should have known better. Also if you order from amazon there is only a 30 day guarantee vice a 100 day with purple. Purple also has a coupon for a free purple cushion. Do not order this from amazon. This coming from someone who orders EVERYTHING from amazon.

Handy-Dandy Cutter?

I have degenerative disks with spinal stenosis. For the first time in YEARS I'm able to get out of bed in the morning without pain. I'm so grateful to the makers of this awesome bed. With one small exception ;P

I'd been waiting for this mattress since they started the crowdfunding campaign. And then I was waiting for my tax refund to be able to afford it. And then I was waiting for my king platform bed, to be able to unroll it...

Finally all the stars were in alignment. The mattress was rolled in it's cozy little cocoon in my bedroom, the bed was built, and we lovingly laid the purple cocoon on the bed frame, then came out to watch the handy-dandy "how to unpackage your Purple" video.

It looked so simple.

We went back into the bedroom and spent a few minutes confusedly rotating the cocoon around... and around... and around... but were unable to locate the cutter that was supposed to come with it. Finally we gave up, and very carefully used a pair of scissors to get into the beast. I held my breath the entire time, so worried about cutting my $1300 mattress.

We finally got it unrolled, and muscled it into place... and as the mattress unrolled what should be revealed rolled tightly INSIDE THE MATTRESS, but the handy-dandy cutter.
So maybe somebody could work on getting those things on the outside of the wrapper where they will do some good ;)

Other than that it seems fantastic.


Long story short. Bought new bed few years ago. Turned into alot of mountains and valleys. Had very hard time sleeping and sore. So came home one night and wife had watched a video with hillory from studio c. I watched it and was curious, THE EGG THING CAUGHT MY ATTENTION, so did a bit more research. We bought from amazon, it was delivered a few days later, (need to give credit to delivery guys, these are heavy and awkward). The unwrapping and assembly went very smooth. This was king size and we were prepared for heavy, because of other reviews. The first few weeks I was miserable, my wife was happy. I had bad back pain from bed. She slept wonderfully. That went away in a few weeks. Now I fall asleep and next thing you know its morning, that hasnt happened for years. We both are happy we bought the purple. We have had for two months, if it changes I will update.

best bed ever if you know how to use it ...

best bed ever if you know how to use it here is a few things you should know.
1.If you are under a certain weight then this bed isn't for you any one over 160 lb this bed will be your best friend the gel top conforms to your figure
without the felling like you bed is made out of quick sand also having a curvy figure will double the comfort
2. If you are having lower back pain it due to the bed straightening your back due to the way the gel is set up it will use it setup to give at the base for you figure and straighten you back with each a joining space creating a path for your spine to follow in short it may take a bit of time for your back to straighten out try stretching before and after you go to bed to loosen your back muscles which will allow the bed to do its work
3. DO NOT USE TIGHT SHEETS of any kind this will completely negate any give the bed will give you. use loose sheets or stretchy sheets like jersey cotton sheets. unfortunately this also means no mattress protection sheet.
4. This is a shorter queen so might need a spacer to fill in the gap for most frames but so far all queen sheets we use fit it fine
5. Make sure the bed is unrolled with the right way up other wise you just get harder memory foam
6. This bed is heavy very very heavy and kinda a pain to open. This will take 2 people to unpack even if your really strong due to it being hard to manipulate between size and hard to find places to hold DO NOT grab it on the top where the gel is you might either break the gel or separate the gel for the top

Make sure you take all these things under consideration when buying and preparing for this awesome bed if you do this bed will beat any other bed out there and my wife and I have tried them all memory foam sleep number and regular type and this bed leaves them all in the dust you will not regret buying this bed if you listen to this advice but if you do feed the mogwai after midnight you wont get the most that you can out of this mattres

Good mattress, but a couple surprises

Excellent mattress. I can see where they say it takes time to adjust, but I went back to my old bed for a couple days and regretted it. I am 8.5 months pregnant and it helps to have something supportive. A couple critiques: 1) shipping: was left on my front step one side pushed into the mud, so the purple covering was dirty and we couldn't open it in the room where we were putting it for fear of getting dirt everywhere. It is really hard to move because of weight 2) Amazon consumers don't get the 100 day trial: I did all my research through Purples's Facebook page and website, then went to Amazon to buy, so I didn't think anything would be different with the trial, it may have changed my decision on which route to purchase it from.

Did not enjoy this bed at all!

We did not like this bad at all. It was alright at first but quickly became very unsupportive. We both had sore backs and struggled to sleep. Gave it a full month before sending it back. If you're counting on the Amazon return policy, be cautioned that this product is terribly difficult to wrap and return.

You can't go wrong with the Purple Bed. Buy from Amazon and avoid sales tax instead of buying direct from the company.

I drank the Kool-Aid and went for it. I've been sleeping on it a few nights, and while it is a fine mattress, I didn't have my socks knocked off like many others. I weigh 230 so I needed something to support my middle mound. It's OK, but I do wish it was firmer. It's also rather thin looking, I may consider getting a box spring to put under it because it seems I'm almost sleeping on the floor when I roll out of bed. I'll come back in a couple weeks and perhaps give it a 5 star.

Update: Been sleeping on the Purple Bed for a few weeks now, and must say it's very nice. It feels like a soft mattress, yet somehow gives me the support of a firm mattress. If I was being nit-picky, my only complaint is that it's much thinner than most mattresses now days and without a box spring sits very low to the floor. But for the price of a mid-range mattress it's fantastic and with a 10-year warranty you can't go wrong.

Not for stomach sleepers

Huge hassle to return! Because this comes packed in a tight roll and you are instructed to cut open the wrapping, there is no box to pop it into to return to Amazon. I called Amazon customer service, who told me to buy a mattress box and they would add the cost to the refund. Mattress boxes are very hard to find; I finally ordered one shipped from Texas for $76. I called Amazon to confirm before ordering the box and they did process a refund of $76. Probably wasn't a smart idea to test a mattress from Amazon. :(

---Original Review---
Bottom line: meh.

I'm a side and stomach sleeper. I've had a Sleep Number bed for 4 years and generally liked it. My main complaint was that when the bed was soft enough to cradle my hip when sleeping on my side, I tended to just sag in the middle and didn't get the support I needed at my waist. When I saw the egg test video for Purple I decided to try it.

The mattress felt surprisingly soft and floppy when I unrolled it and laid it out on my platform bed and when I sat down on it. However, once you spread out your weight on it it does feel much more firm.

The first 2 nights, I slept fine but didn't feel any better than sleeping on my previous mattress. After that, however, it seemed to go down hill. I tossed and turned a lot the following several nights and felt pressure, especially on my shoulder, after laying on my side for a while. After sleeping on the bed for 1.5 weeks, I woke up with acute lower back pain after sleeping most of the night on my stomach. The mattress just sagged too much in the middle when laying on my stomach.

Purple recommends going back to your old mattress or traveling if you aren't a 100% satisfied. I happened to have a business trip, so I spent a week in a hotel and slept better on that mattress. I tried Purple gain when I got home because I really wanted it to be the solution so many people seem to think it is. Unfortunately, I had the same problems with pressure on my shoulders and my arm falling a sleep. I couldn't even sleep the whole night on it. I'll be returning the mattress.

Potential buyers should also beware that while Purple offers a 100-night trial period on their website. If you buy from Amazon you only get a 30-day trial. That was quick enough for me to realize it wasn't going to work for me, but I was very surprised by the shorter trial time when I received the mattress.

Awesome product!

Much better than my previous mattress. We replaced our older mattress because of my bad back (the injury is unrelated to the old mattress), and this one is at the same time firmer and softer than my previous one. While the mattress is firm enough to be supportive and keep the spine in a good position, the purple layer conforms to and removes pressure from the heavier parts of the body.

The mattress is comfortable, I am not tossing and turning like I used to, and we sleep much better now because when one person moves on one side of the bed, the movement doesn't transfer to the other side. Also, you do not sink into the mattress, like so many memory foam mattresses I've tried before.

The small negatives we found is that it arrives in a rolled package that is *very* heavy, you'll need two people to carry this inside (particularly upstairs), it feels like it's 140 pounds or so. Also, they give you a small cutting tool to open the plastic bag, but the tool broke when we were about to finish opening the package -- no big deal, we finished the last 3 inches with scissors.

For the best experience/least amount of work, you want to put the package on the bed, open the plastic and the mattress will unroll and be ready to use in less than five minutes. We did that and do not miss the standard fumbling with a large queen size mattress around stairs and doors etc.

Good luck!

If you don't have a purple you have bad sleep posture.

I love my purple bed. There isn't anything like it on the market for the price. Any other bed is 100% foam, which is nice for a time, but it breaks down and only compresses, it doesn't revert pressure to the body parts that need support. The material they use on the top layer has patents that they license to Dr. Scholls, so they're the only ones that can make it. It's firm where you need it, soft where you need it. I lived in a non A/C household for months with it this summer, and it kept me cool and bearable. Now I moved and while it was a bear to get into the mattress bag and carry it since it's so heavy and flops around like a 150lb Dr Scholls insert, heavy means quality materials in my book. For those who say they can't get used to it and don't have spinal issues, they haven't given the bed the break-in period of a few weeks. You've never slept on a bed that properly supports your lower back. I hated it for the first couple weeks, but now I have better posture and my lower back is properly supported when I sleep.

great return customer service though

Too soft, great return customer service though

Sleep comes easy

Only have a few nights sleeping on this mattress, but both my wife and I are already incredibly pleased with our purchase. Like many, I was nervous/apprehensive about ordering a bed online. However, my in-laws own a Purple bed so it wasn't like we were buying this sight unseen. The overall feel of the bed is hard to describe... it's firm, but yet the top layer is extremely plush. Normally I spend a good 15 minutes trying to find that right position; this mattress cradles my large frame and sleep comes easy. I'll be recommending Purple mattresses to anyone who will listen.

Different but hopefully better

Had this for 3 weeks now switched from pillowtop sealy spring mattress that was wore out after 5 years of hard use (had indention in the middle after 2 years but it was 2 grand so i put up with it as sealy used a loophole to get out of warranty)- came in 3 days ups guy was thrilled lmao but it was really easy to drag through my single story home myself and upen the package - it was wet on the top layer but packaged very well it would take a lot to actually harm the mattress before it gets to you - opened it up layed on it and first impression was not at all what i expected- i was thinking it would be very soft but thats not the case - somehow its both hard and soft at the same time i know that doesnt make sense until you lay on it for a while and you will see what im talking about - i think it has something to do with how it distributes your weight differently than anything else i had layed on - ive always had spring pillowtop mattresses but slept on gfs 12" memory foam for a few years on and off too those are ok but cumfortable i guess but kind of weird and hot - the purple is a whole other thing not like anything i had really layed on - it feels like youre on the harder foam underneath but you dont realize how much youre actually sinking into it and being supported by the top 2 layers - i dont recomend the wine glass i test but i read someone upened thiers up and cut the purple part to eliminate movement from one side to the other i dont recommend that but it makes sense - then again i got a queen that might make a difference too - i got loose stretchy jersey sheets like they recommended i can see how thats fairly important for it to work correctly - first night i had a little shoulder pain when i woke up but my back is jacked up im sure from last mattress and was probably adjusting to correct alighment - im a side and stomach sleeper i know thats the worst kind but its not like i can help it - so far havent had a problem with arms falling asleep under pillows or getting hot at all - i went back and forth whether i should keep it or not but after laying on old mattress for a while i know ill keep it as i know if i go with a thousand dollar spring mattress again i might get 5 years tops and at least with the purple there is some kind of hope that it will last longer but only time will tell - last thing i will mention is the mattress is only 9" thick so keep that in mind when you think about your base - i used my old bed frame with box spring and im still getting used to it being a few inches shorter

Exceeded our Expectations -- Soft but Supportive

Just spent the first night on it, and it exceeded our expectations. While removing the old dinosaur mattress was a beast, setting up Purple was much easier. And it's really amazing how it softly conforms to your body, supporting every inch. We also appreciate that it stays cool too. It changes the entire sleeping expereince -- I never rested so easy, even in expensive hotels. Setting it up is really a two-person job, but of course I had to be the hero. And I'm still here.

We've only had it for about 3 weeks but I've honestly never slept like this. My husband (deep sleeper) likes it but ...

This bed has improved my sleeping dramatically! It has made a world of difference for me as I'm a very light sleeper. We've only had it for about 3 weeks but I've honestly never slept like this. My husband (deep sleeper) likes it but doesn't rave like I do. I truly hope it never sags & creates a hill between us time will tell on that one. But so far I say, Good job Purple People!

This matress is pretty nice. It's great to have a king size ...

This matress is pretty nice. It's great to have a king size matress and my wife not wake up when I come in to bed after she is already asleep. I'm not sure how it compares to other things I've recently seen like the Ghost mattress and any other king size mattress, but this one did have a 100 day return policy,and I don't see us returning it due to any comfort issues.

wouldn't have buyed it if I could've pretried it

Jury is still out. I think its an over priced futon and although I sleep well its not comfy to sit and watch tv. The mattress is so thin i go right down to the hard foam. I sleep on my side and it's not better than my old bed with coils.

Purple People Sleeper

I chose the purple mattress after months of searching online. I wanted it for its benefits of being firm enough to support and not cause pressure points to ache. The surface of the mattress is very remarkably different than other mattresses. The Purple material is soft, and absorb intentionally under duress, but springs back immediately afterward. Places like your hips and shoulders are absorbed into the purple material where as a leg will rest gently on top of the purple. The pockets definitely do as advertised where they give for your hard spots, and remain resilient where its needed. I would say the mattress does not sleep cold, but definitely neutral, it does not "trap" heat to your body. You are cradled well. Edges are supportive to sit on, the mattress works well for side and back and stomach sleeping. I am a large male (~300 lbs) so I use more of the foam layer support, but it still works very well for me. I had read that some people have "motion" issues with the mattress. I never had that experience, my wife can move or I can, and the motion is LARGELY eaten by the mattress. She moves and I do not notice a bit, and she claims when I change positions she notices it substantially less than before. That being said I also move less. I will wake up hours later in almost the exact spot I started which is a very new experience for me. I like the purple so far (2 weeks), I will update if that changes.

Quick Pro's vs Cons
+Less Pressure on Normal Pressure Points
+Sleeps temperature Neutral
+Causes Me less Movement
+Price compared to Tempurpedic we considered as an alternative Saved ($3,200)
+Supports my spine even as a big guy

- While it doesn't "off gas" like other foam mattresses, there is a lingering odor in the mattress of the polymer, its very faint, but noticeable if you are laying face down, it has faded with time.
-Heavy to get onto a bed frame alone, but ultimately doable. (They say the premium materials are heavy, and I have no reason to doubt that assertion)

Pretty good but not a cure for my chronic pain

Pretty good but didn't work miracles for me. I have a lot of pain--24, with arthritis, congenital spondylesthesis, multiple areas of back pain and a shoulder impingement that hasn't gotten better with PT. So I wasn't expecting the pain to all go away, but there definitely was a noticeable reduction in my shoulder and neck pain for a few months. My husband likes it, and sleeps much better than on our old crappy mattress before. Our dogs and cat love it lol. We do like it a lot! I am on the heavier side so that might explain why it hasn't been as wonderful for me as some others with chronic pain.


We have had it for about 6 weeks, it's OK, better than our old bed, but not the end all be all of mattresses, had hoped for more still pondering a return.

Best sleep in years

Wow. We have had the Purple for the past week, and I have not slept this well in years.

They need a referral program because I have 8 folks ready to pull the trigger as soon as the mattresses are back in stock.

I have definitely had better sleep since we put up the bed

I have definitely had better sleep since we put up the bed, and its been only a week! My wife isn't as happy with it though, she might be a little light for it and she definitely has a feeling of sleeping on the bed instead of in it.

So far - absolutely thrilled!

We just received ours, so far - thrilled.

I ignore commercials like the plague, first hear about this product during a business report. After some research (part of what I do for a living), decided to purchase. The commercial on their website is funny, informative, simple, just excellent in every way. I'll admit, if it were just another 'BUY NOW' type of commercial, we would have passed out of protest.

When the mattress arrived it in the big tube like in the commercial, looks like a big purple punching bag. It was pretty scuffed up from FedEX, as could be expected. The FedEx guy dropped it out of his truck and my better half asked him if it was heavy, he said 'Yes ma'am, very; label says "mechanical lift"'. She yelled back to me in the house 'he says its heavy, could you help him?!?'. I could hear the FedEX guy call back, 'yes please!'. I grabbed the front half, he took the back, and we easily carried the mattress from the drive in together. I asked if he would help me upstairs as we were walking, he said, lets do it! We dropped it outside my bedroom, and he was gone like a jackrabbit, no signature required. If I see him again, I'll tip him.

It took us only a couple minutes to position it and re-confirm that it is actually ok to cut through the very nice outer bag. Sure enough, that's how they pack it, in a super nice compression bag (again, looks like a full sized punching bag). They provide the tool, a simple letter opener that protects the mattress but slices through the outer bag, straps, zipper and all - like butter.

In about 15 minutes from the time I hear him say 'Yes please!'; we were laying on the mattress - thrilled.

Sleep better, tune into life, live in the moment.

Greatest. Sleep. Ever.

Last bed was a sleep number. It was terribly uncomfortable for the last 7 years that we had it - we owned it for 8 or 9.

This bed took hardly any time to adjust to. I had a superb, restful sleep for the first time in years. It is a welcoming firm hug with perfect support every time I go to bed. My wife and I believe this bed to be one of the best buys we've made together in the 14 years that we have been together.

Five Stars

We loved it so much we ordered another..

This mattress is the best thing we have ever purchased in our lives

This mattress is the best thing we have ever purchased in our lives!!! My husband no longer has back pain for the first time in 11 years. It is everything it was advertised and more.

This is a really comfortable mattress! We switched from a tempur pedic mattress ...

This is a really comfortable mattress! We switched from a tempur pedic mattress because it just wasn't offering enough support and I am super glad that we did. The purple mattress is very comfortable and you feel completely supported at the same time. The design of this mattress really does keep your spine alignment in check. Wish we would have ordered this mattress sooner!


I have been using this for almost 5 months now. NO COMPLAINTS. BEST BED EVER! Can't wait for the pillow to arrive.

Amazing Mattress

Thus will be the last mattress you will ever need to buy.
I every morning I awake refreshed and rested.

Awesome product and awesome packaging

Awesome product and awesome packaging. The marketing was true andthe product has lived up to all the hype

Quick and Convenient

My dad's old mattress was in dire need of replacement. I told him about the purple mattress I'd seen advertised and we ordered it the next day. It was shipped quickly, we received it a day earlier than expected and had it magic unrolled and ready to be slept on in no time. So far he has no complaints and can finally sleep through the whole night again. One thing to keep on mind - the mattress is heavy so it's best if you have a helper for carrying purposes.

Super comfy. But it did seem a little warmer ...

So far we have only slept on it one night, but I woke up without the normal aches and pains! Super comfy. But it did seem a little warmer than our other bed.

Very comfortable bed. I'd buy again without reservation

Very comfortable bed. I'd buy again without reservation. Be aware that this thing is very heavy at 110 pounds for the queen.

Worth it.

Support in all of the right places. Don't wake up stiff or with back spasms anymore.

so far so good..

so far so good... instant comfort .. .and performs well during sessy time. read others reviews.. as i agree so far with what other ppl have already written in much detail.

Came as described so far so good a firm but yet not too firm mattress I'm ...

Came as described so far so good a firm but yet not too firm mattress I'm sleeping well on it

The support is minimal and it doesn't balance out your body like they say it will

The mattress seems to be of reasonable quality, but don't let their marketing fool you. This mattress is no different from an all memory foam and or gel mattresses out there. The support is minimal and it doesn't balance out your body like they say it will. The pain in my back just from sleeping on this bed for a few nights was way beyond what I could have imagined, and it hasn't gotten any better. It is possible this bed will work for someone who doesn't weight much and doesn't have curves, but then I'd expect any memory foam or gel mattress to work for that person as well. I regret wasting $1,000 on this bed since it is just going to the dump after only a few weeks. If you want to figure out the right bed for you, I highly suggest you read through the materials at themattressunderground.com. I really wish I had seen that web site prior to purchasing this bed.

The advertisement sounded like this could had been the bed for me

I was supper exited to try this mattress out! The advertisement sounded like this could had been the bed for me. I only have tried it for two nights now. At first the mattress purple gel technology felt different. I felt supported and the gel does cools of, so it does what it promises, After having 3 boys, the youngest still co-sleeps with me, my body seems to hurt when I sleep on any surface that has resistance on hip, shoulder and legs. I am starting to feel that the Purple bed does have some resistance, maybe in my case for my body tipe, wide shoulder and hips. I am going to try getting a topper that my help my situation. In conclusion, it is a great bed if you don't have any issues with pressure points. Even if the gel cratels the body, it is of the firmer side on over all.

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