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Purple Mattress Reviews


+1.6x better cooling

+/- lasting support

+/- expense

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 50 Overall

Top 50 Foam Mattress


Summer 2024 Updates: Purple still gets good ratings from customers overall for comfort. Some recent reviewers have mentioned issues with back support, pressure points, and customer service.

Popular mattress-in-a-box company, Purple®, has taken the industry by storm with their responsive, purple colored polymer. The Purple Gel Grid used in their mattresses features air channels to keep things cool while providing a supportive cradling feel. With 13 mattresses to choose from, they run a bit softer than memory foam mattresses, being well-suited for side sleepers. Some folks love the feel of these mattresses, though there are others that prefer a more traditional feel.


+1.6x better cooling
+/- lasting support
+/- expense

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 50 Overall
Top 50 Foam Mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

No Back Pain: 9/10

Price: $599-$5198

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Purple's Specifics

Purple® is one of the most revolutionary mattress-in-a-box brands to hit the market. Their special gel polymer layer on the top of their mattresses provide a more pressure-relieving surface without getting too warm. Over the years, they hace expanded their offering from one core mattress to 12+ mattress choices that range from budget-friendly to luxury.

Overall, customers really like their Purple mattresses. However, with a different surface feel than many traditional mattress brands that use foam in the comfort layers, there are some that opt for a more traditional feel.

Quality of Materials

Purple's common factor across their mattresses is their Purple Grid, which is a proprietary polymer that does a superior job facilitating airflow and pressure point relief. Other components of Purple's mattresses range from coils to memory foam. While these are of quality, prices for Purple's mattresses remain higher than highly rated competitors that use similar secondary materials.

Purple offers 3 different mattress collections: the Essential Collection, Premium Collection, and Luxe Collection. We'll go through each of their mattress options.

The Essential Collection

Purple's Essential mattresses include their cheaper options, though these are still quite expensive versus other online-first mattress brands. Customers mostly have good things to say about their Original Purple and Purple Plus mattresses, but there are some mixed reviews about the NewDay™ mattress with some citing back pain.

First, we'll go through the layers in the 9.25" Original Purple Mattress:

Layer 1: The SoftFlex Cover is made of a stretchy and soft knit fabric that's breathable to perfectly complement the Purple Grid's air channels right below.

Layer 2: 2'' of purple hyper-elastic polymer. The Purple Grid's design means that air is rushing through the mattress at all times -- talk about cooling!

Layer 3: 3.5'' of polyurethane transition foam. This layer further supports and relieves pressure points.

Layer 4: 4'' of foundation support poly foam. This layer gives the bed even support across the mattress.

The next option offers a similar design, but with enhanced cushioning. Here is what's inside the pressure-relieving 11" Purple Plus Mattress:

Layer 1: Similar to the Original, it starts with the SoftFlex Cover, which offers a stretchy, soft feel that's breathable so heat can flow into the layers below.

Layer 2: 2'' of the Purple Grid, hyper-elastic polymer, moves air through the mattress, while also providing significant pressure relief.

Layer 3: 2'' of premium comfort foam enhances the pressure relief. It has a faster response for a balanced, relaxed cushioning.

Layer 4: 3.5'' of polyurethane transition foam reacts quickly to the body with a supportive and pressure relieving flare.

Layer 5: The last layer is 4'' of foundation support poly foam, which provides back support and a sturdy base for the mattress.

One of Purple's newer additions is also its most budget-friendly. Here is what's inside the streamlined 8" firm Purple NewDay™ Mattress:

Layer 1: It starts with the SoftFlex Cover that wicks away moisture and is soft to the touch.

Layer 2: 2'' of Purple GelFlex Grid provides a responsive pressure relieving layer while also supplementing the cover layer with added airflow to keep cool.

Layer 3: 6'' of foam base foam is reinforced with edge support foam for a firm feel.

The Premium Collection

Purple's Premium mattress collection includes their premium hybrid offerings with pocket coil support systems for independent movement and stronger support. Still sold elsewhere as Purple 3 and Purple 4, these hybrid offerings are sold direct as the Purple Restore™ Hybrid, Purple RestorePlus™ Hybrid and Purple RestorePremier™ Hybrid. The main difference between these is the thickness in the comfort layers. Each come in 2 firmness options: soft and firm. While most customers have good things to say about these mattresses, there are some complaints about firmness and tension.

Here is what's inside the 11.5" Purple Restore Hybrid:

Layer 1: The StretchMax Cover provides even more stretch while also being breathable to allow sleepers to experience the full benefits and airflow of the Purple Grid below.

Layer 2: 2'' of purple hyper-elastic polymer. The Purple Grid's design boosts air flow and the material is temperature-neutral. It is naturally soft and 'squishy' while still reforming immediately to its original shape when released.

Layer 3: A thin layer of polyurethane foam protects the polymer and keeps the coil array below in place while providing pressure point relief.

Layer 4: 8'' of responsive support coils cradle the spine while supporting the body independently for a supportive sleep in any position.

The Purple RestorePlus is very similar to the Purple Restore, but with the added benefit of additional pressure relief from a thicker layer of the gel polymer Purple Grid. Here is what's inside the 13" Purple RestorePlus Hybrid:

Layer 1: The top layer is the SoftFlex Cover, which blends a stretchy ultra-breathable fabric with soft temperature regulation.

Layer 2: 3'' of Purple Grid pressure relieving gel polymer will provide superior relief for the hips and shoulders, ideal for side sleeping.

Layer 3: A thin layer of polyurethane foam provides a transitional support while keeping the layers below in place.

Layer 4: 8'' responsive support coils support the spine and adapt independently to minimize partner disturbance and noise while moving.

Lastly, to round out the Premium collection, the RestorePremier™ mattress offers a thicker support system with added foam relief. Here is what's inside the 13" Purple RestorePremier Hybrid:

Layer 1: The top layer is the same SoftFlex Cover as the other mattresses, with its cooling and moisture wicking attributes.

Layer 2: Similar to the RestorePlus, 3'' of Purple Grid pressure relieving gel polymer offer pressure point relief for the hips and shoulders and draws heat away from the body.

Layer 3: This is where things get different, 10'' of responsive support coils are supplemented by foam tops for pressure relief that reacts to the curves of the body. These are designed to soothe and support.

Luxe Collection

Purple's Luxe mattress collection includes their highest end hybrid and Euro top offerings with pocket coil support systems and thick layers of comfort layers like Talalay latex for added pressure relief and support. These luxury offerings start at exorbitant prices above $5,000 for a queen and are sold direct as the Purple Rejuvenate™ Mattress, Purple RejuvenatePlus™ Mattress and Purple RejuvenatePremier™ Mattress. These mattresses are ideally suited for those that are looking for thicker comfort layers and a traditional feel, but want to benefit from Purple's technology. Customers who are looking for a high end option may be interested in these mattresses, though there are disagreements about price value.

First, we'll go through the well-rounded, quilted top offering. Here is what's inside the 15.5" firmer Purple Rejuvenate Mattress:

Layer 1: The cover layer differs from previous mattresses. It's cover is a quilted cooling cover that features comfort foam in the top layer for instant pressure relief.

Layer 2: 2.5'' of GelFlex™ Grid Plus is like the Purple Grid, but is reinforced to be used beneath comfort layers. It is responsive with a slightly firmer pressure relieving quality that facilitates airflow.

Layer 3: 2 more layers of comfort foams relieve pressure and act as a transition to the coil system beneath. This layer is also reinforced for extra edge support.

Layer 4: 8'' of independenly reacting support coils respond to movement above and support the body's curves with added support for the middle spine.

For a plush pillow top experience, Purple has a luxurious offering as well. Here is what's inside the 16.5" Purple RejuvenatePlus Mattress:

Layer 1: With a cooling quilted attached euro top that has included foam layers, sleepers will feel superior, soft pressure relief. Also, the cover is treated with antimicrobial protection.

Layer 2: 2.5'' of GelFlex® Grid Plus adds further pressure relief with transitional support while being specially designed to promote cooling.

Layer 3: 2 more comfort foam layers are reinforced along the edges with edge support foam. These layers provide further soft cushioning.

Layer 4: A 3 zone pocket coil system is 8'' thick and provides targeted support for the middle spine.

Lastly, for Purple's ultimate in comfort, the RejuvenatePremier™ mattress offers a thicker support system with added foam relief. Here is what's inside the 18.5" medium-firmness Purple RejuvenatePremier Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is the thick pillow Euro-top quilted with cooling fabric and antimicrobial finish. It is soft to the touch and provides the body with pressure relieving cushioning.

Layer 2: Adaptive response comfort foam cradles the body with a soft but supportive feel that has a subtle bounce.

Layer 3: A layer of Talalay latex also keeps things cool while relieving pressure with a super responsive, bouncy feel.

Layer 4: The first GelFlex® plus layer facilitates airflow and instantly adapts to the curves of the body.

Layer 5: A layer of comfort foam provides balanced pressure point relief and also transitional support while being reinforced along the sides with an extra edge support foam.

Layer 6: Another GelFlex™ grid layer allows for more cooling airflow and also balanced responsive support.

Layer 7: Another comfort foam layer reinforced along the edges with a supportive foam layer provides a transitional layer above the support system below.

Layer 8: The last layer is 5 zone pocketed coils that respond to motion above while adding targeted support to the back.

Overall Comfort

The Essential Purple mattresses and the Premium hybrid offerings have some of the most unique feels among mattresses reviewed -- some people love it, but others can't get used to it versus traditional options. There were some disagreements about firmness, but that said, most buyers reporting loving these mattresses after a short adjustment period. The higher end Luxe collection offers a more traditional feel, but at such high price points it is hard to justify versus alternatives.


Take a look at the chart above. As you'll see, Purple options range from firmer to somewhat soft. The softer options are rated well among side sleepers, and these options will fit most medium-sized and light-sized sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

Because of the wealth of options in firmness, these mattresses should relieve back pain for most sleepers, though there have been some complaints about firmness in some premium hybrid and essential options.


With breathable covers and the grid of purple polymer beneath, these mattresses provide plenty of air flow and most sleepers report enjoying a cool sleep.

Who Are Purple's Mattresses Best For?

These mattresses are great for those looking for a new innovation and aren't comfortable with other options, and want to try something that feels very different than a traditional mattress. For those looking for a classic mattress feel, their may be better choices at more reasonable prices found elsewhere.

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I read and watched multiple reviews and was a little skeptical about if this mattress would be a good fit for me. I decided to give it a try, and am so happy with my decision. I have only been able to sleep on it a few nights, so I can't speak to long term satisfaction, but just the feel of the mattress is so unique and comfortable. Every time I pass by my bed now, I can't help but flop on it and lay there for a few minutes. If you are on the fence about trying the mattress, I would say go for it for sure. The only disadvantage that I've noticed so far is that it is near impossible to get out of bed in the morning. I was a few minutes late to work the last few mornings because I did not want to leave my bed. When I was reading all the reviews, I heard that purple fluffs up their review page to make their mattress look better. After trying this mattress, I do not believe that is true. I believe that people genuinely love the product and want to share it with other people. I am not typically one to go out of my way to write a review, but this product is incredible so I felt compelled to do so. Obviously everyone is different so you may not have the same experience I have had, but if you are on the fence and looking for a great mattress, give Purple a try.

Ok Experience

It’s been an OK experience. We had a very old mattress so when our Purple mattress arrived and we tested it out the difference was big. The major good thing is that I don’t feel my husband moving and turning around anymore. That’s great! But other than that I can’t really say it’s an “out of this world, amazing mattress”. We were also disappointed cause we bought it just before thanksgiving and we asked them to check if a Black Friday sale was going to take place. No one could inform us anything so we went ahead and bought it with the current sale. We were very disappointed to find out on Thanksgiving Day that the sale at that time was the free Purple Blanket + $100 discount. We called and they couldn’t honor us that so that was a bummer.

Not enough give

I don't know when we purchased this mattress. I think if I were a back sleeper, it might be good, but I sleep on my side. This mattress does not allow enough give at the hips (contrary to pictures showing the spine in perfect alignment). So, my waist is pulled downward causing discomfort and constant shifting and readjusting. I think I slept better on my 20 year old mattress. I actually hope we can return this mattress and get something else. Would hate to have a mattress that we paid hard earned money for and can't stand to sleep on.

Nice Matress

Every morning my wife and I would wake up with back ache's from our old mattress. From asking around my chiropractor said many of his clients had tried the purple mattress and really liked it. We decided to purchase one and it is great. Nice and firm. We sleep much better at night and feel great in the mornings now.


terrible experience bought purple products some showed up, some didn't and purple customer service sucks they don't reply and have been no help what so ever. terrible experience.

Very Comfy!!!

We have not noticed a difference in back pain just yet but we do notice we don’t want to get out of bed in the morning due to the mattress being so comfy.


A gift for my pregnant daughter. She says PERFECT!!!

Does not disappoint

Once I got a few adjustments from my chiropractor and slept on my new purple mattress I haven’t had any back problems since. I’m very satisfied with my results.


I love this mattress. It is now my favorite place to be. So comfy and cool all night long.


I’m a big fan of everything but the bed. I love the pillow, the sheets, the driving cushion. 10/10 for those. The mattress is terrible. No matter which way I sleep I’m always waking up with lower back pain and I never realized it was the mattress until I started sleeping in hotels and waking up pain free. It’s 1000% the mattress :(

Not all it’s cracked up to be

I am not going to buy purple products again. I got the mattress which was advertised as being long lasting but after a few months it has obviously gotten worn in. It started to feel like crinkled plastic after less than 3 months and I thought about returning it but got lazy about it. We also got the purple mattress cover but the first time the baby wet the bed it went right through the cover. Mattress cover useless. The bed stand commercial shows sumo wrestlers fighting on the platform, but when mine showed up the holes were drilled in the wrong places by about a 1/4” which made it extremely hard to put together and 6 months later the metal bangs from warping and being pushed around by my weight. I spent a lot on this bed and all the great features advertised were hype and lies.

So comfortable

After hauling this heavy thing up two flights of stairs, my back was killing me. I unpacked the mattress, laid down, and within 5 min, my back was feeling great! I have had the Purple mattress now for more than 2 weeks, and I’ve had wonderful sleep and zero back pain. I need a firm mattress for my lower back, but as I’ve gotten older, a traditional firm mattress hurts my shoulders and hips. The Purple supports my back while it forgives my pointy bits. I love it! Can’t recommend it enough!

Still deciding

I am still deciding I fall asleep well but have been waking up with back pain pretty intense not sure if it’s the mattress or what yet

A great night's sleep!

I'd had my old mattress for 15 years, and knew I needed an upgrade. I compared over a dozen different mattresses before going with Purple - the reason I selected Purple was because of its new and unique technology. I'm so glad I went with it - it's so supportive and comfortable. My partner had trouble adjusting (side sleeper), but after about a week, he is well-adjusted and sleeps like a rock! The only issue I had is that the queen-sized mattress is definitely more than 100 lbs, but on the site, it's advertised as being less than 100. It was *extremely* heavy, and difficult to move once it's out of the case, but its level of comfort and support makes up for it all.

Purple review

Slightly firm but the softness feels luxurious

Maybe I need to sleep on the bed 2 more months.

Every morning my back is sore. The pain is about 8 of 10. An hour after I am up and moving around the pain disapates. I think I may need to add 200 lbs of weights during the day, to take some of the firmness out of the mattress.

Best bed purchase ever

I can’t reqlly say more than this bed is amazing. I have had it for two weeks now and sleep better than I ever had before

Amazing bed and customer service!!!

This is my second bed with purple and both times I have been more than pleased. I’ve never slept on a more comfortable bed or dealt with better customer service!!

Sleep like an angel in the clouds

I have multiple back issues including stenosis and bulging discs as well as osteoarthritis. By far the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. I look forward to going to bed at night. It is now my haven. From couch potato to purple potato :)

Pretty upsetting.

I wish that I could write a review on the item that was suppose to be here last week but I haven’t received it yet. When I emailed purple they took almost a week to get back to me with a ****** nonsense answer that they ran out of material and would need another 1-3 weeks to make my mattress then they would have it shipped. I’m 8 months pregnant and sleeping on an air mattress because they ran out of material. Don’t ever buy from this company. You will be waiting months to receive your product with no communication from the actual company!!!

Purple rules all!

I love the color purple anyway but this mattress has changed my life! The best sleep I have had in 10 years! I'm getting them for the entire house!

It’s only been a week...

...but so far it’s been great. A mattress is a long term relationship though so what really matters is how I feel after a few months. So far I really do love it, but I was sleeping on garbage before. Trust me, I’ll edit this review later if my opinion changes.

Expectations Exceeded

I had high expectations.... you’ve exceeded them.


I gifted this to someone, and they gave it the best possible rating !

My dream bed!

Within 2 days of sleeping on this bed my neck and back pain was non-exsistent. I could sleep for 5 hours and wake up refreshed. It's been a month now and I am soo happy with my purchase..

Not Worth The Money

I wanted to support a local Utah company and was so excited to receive this mattress but this was a huge mistake. The quality of this mattress felt like a blow-up mattress that should cost a fraction of the price. For me (skinny guy sleeping on his stomach) it was just uncomfortable and felt weird. To be fair I've heard others say they bought it and like it but for me it was laughable to see what I received for $1200. I also bought the purple mattress protector and it feels like plastic compared to my previous one. Be careful because they won't refund the mattress protectors so I wasted about $70. Buyers beware!

Sleep finally restored!!!

I can’t believe how awesome this bed is! I did lots and lots of research and decided to get the Purple bed and I’m so happy I did! I have never slept better! Super happy with the bed!

Not impressed

First off, the king sized mattress does not fit on our king sized bed frame. It hangs off the foot of the bed and the slats show on the sides. Ridiculous. Never had this issue with any other bed. The waffle pattern feel isn't exactly soft and comfy either. Still we gave it a try to see if we got amazing sleep. It wasn't for us. I thought the returns process would be simple like Casper's. I called and the wait was long so they called back. Then instead of processing the return then and there like Casper did, I had to get an email and submit a return form. And then we'll see how the rest of the process goes. Also note that when you buy the mattress there is usually a free promo item. When you return the mattress, you cannot return the item so you are charged full price. There should be a note when you select the promo item to remind customers of this fact. I would have selected no gift. But I guess by being shady, Purple ensures if you hate the mattress, at least they sold you $130 sheets.


Let me start by saying WOW. I have been sleeping on a Nectar mattress for a while. Every morning I would wake up to lower back pain that would go away after 30 minutes. I blamed this on being 51. The first night sleeping on the Purple I woke with no back pain. My wife had back surgery 2 and 1/2 years ago she says this is a game changer. My only regret is not ordering this sooner and not ordering the pillow. PSA the sheets are also amazing.

Hands down the best mattress.

Hands down the best mattress. If Purple contacted me and said I needed to pay $300 more to keep the mattress I would rather pay it than give it up. The best investment and purchase I’ve ever made. My partner says the same thing!!

Great Sleep

I work 2 jobs, about 55 hours a week, and am on my feet 95% of that time. had lots of trouble sleeping thru the night until the Purple mattress came along. in 3 weeks, i have slept amazing. even slept thru my alarm 4 times!

The best mattress i've slept on period

This thing helped me rest on a whole nother level i will definitely buy another one when this one is of age.

Love it

Me and my fiancé absolutely love this mattress. We’ve slept so well since we’ve got it.

Our 2nd Purple Mattress

Loved our Purple mattress so much we decided to allow our guests to experience this great mattress as well.

This is life changing!

This mattress is absolutely life changing! I suffered back pain and haven’t slept well in years! The purple mattres has changed my life. I sleep like a baby and have no back pain at all!

Seriously good sleep

I was definitely skeptical about buying a mattress online, but with the return policy I figured I would try it. Best idea ever! I’m such a light sleeper, and I no longer get woken up when my husband is restless or the cats are jumping all around. Plus, it’s so comfortable!

Mattress is unique, but nice. Trying to do an exchange has been well...trying.

I got the wrong size mattress and while I appreciate their willingness to do an exchange, the process has been liborious. The product itself is quite nice for the price. Thank you.

Fixed all of my sleeping issues!

I’m a prominent side sleeper and was consistently waking up with shoulder and back pain. This new mattress solved those issues the first night I slept on it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


Feel like I'm falling out a bed wake up !with a back ache

10/10 would recommend to friend

This mattress is perfect. My wife and I both used to gravitate toward the center of our old mattress, where it caved in, and wind up fighting about which of us was on the other's side more. This isn't a problem anymore! We like sleeping together again! She even hooked up the TV in the bedroom! We're never leaving this bed. Seriously, it's great. It isn't hot. We can't feel each other move at night, which is good for my wife because I move around more than two pigs fighting under a blanket at night and now I get yelled at a lot less on the whole. Money well spent!

Great purchase

Aligned both mine and my boyfriends back and helps us stay cool and sleep throughout the night rather than walking up every 3-4 hours like we use to on our pillow top. I’m a stomach sleeper and he’s a side sleeper, neither of us can complain about anything anymore. It’s more firm than expected, but I actually enjoy it over a soft memory foam mattress.

Fantastic Bed; bad delivery experience

Hi, I think the mattress is great. I had forgotten what ts was like to just enjoy simply lying on your bed. However, when it was delivered the delivery person simply left it just inside the front door of my building. I am on a 4th floor walk up and I explained I would not be able to move it myself. I had assumed the mattress would actually be delivered to door or that at least that they would offer to help bring it up four flights of stairs. After hurting my shoulder I finally got help from one of the other tenants in my building. Considering how much the bed weighs I think you should consider ensuring it is delivered to the individuals door.

Purple Mattress

After conducting some thorough research on several mattresses, I narrowed my decision down to either the Purple or Casper. I was on a budget and looked at all the online reviews and comparisons with other mattresses. I have always liked the feel of memory foam, but as I get older, I am sleeping too hot. Honestly, the first few nights I slept on it, I was not very comfortable; however, I have had my mattress for about two months now, and I am sleeping through the night and, most importantly, not sleeping hot as I was previously. The material in the Purple mattress is is not coils, and it is not memory foam, so it took me a week to get used to the different feel of the mattress, so customers need to give their Purple mattress the recommended month before judging it. I am happy with the Purple now as it has adjusted to my body type; however, I am also comfortable with the 100 day trial return policy in case it does not work out in the long-term. The only reason I am giving the Purple a Good instead of an Excellent is because I want to see how it holds up after sleeping on it for 100 days, and I am thinking of purchasing the powerbase, so want to get the full effects of the mattress. I do want to note that I also bought the sheets and they are fabulous!!

30+ days and counting

The mattress is very comfortable and it is great on my shoulders with little to no pressure points.

Honoring satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction guaranteed is a true statement for you guys!!! We sent a video showing a break down and you all were quick to rectify the situation!!! Very honorable, which is a rarity these days!!! Thank you!!!!


My husband and I had a tempurpedic and both of us suffered from back and hip pain during the night and when we woke up. Since getting the Purple Mattress we both sleep so much better. I wake up with no pain almost everyday and my husbands pain has diminished a lot but he has back problems, so it will likely never go away completely. I would and do recommend this bed to anyone and everyone. WWe love it and will eventually get the power base and pillows.

At first i was skeptical but now I’m a believer

From start to finish everything was seamless and as promised. I am really loving my new purple bed and cannot wait to reap the reward of many years sleeping good. Thanks for inventing such a wonderful product.

So comfy

Not too firm, not too soft. The comfort is next level. Worth every penny!

Most amazing sleep I've ever

Most amazing sleep I've ever had! I look forward to going to bed now.

Finally Able to Sleep!

The first night sleeping on the Purple mattress was amazing. It feels more like a real mattress compared to our old waterbed (which was almost waveless). My hubby lay down pretty hard, then it hit me....I never even felt the mattress move! Whoa. We consider this mattress to be firm (again, compared to our waveless waterbed), yet your body sinks into it and is cradled by it. There is a definite cool sensation. It took a few seconds to get used to it and warm up. Every night I used to wake up many times, due to pain, needing to reposition, and being horribly hot and sweaty (sorry about being so graphic). I'd have to remove the covers and cool off. For the first time, I didn't have to do any of that. I did wake up once to lay on my side, but immediately fell back to sleep. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and insomnia. For the first time in my memory, I woke up without that 'I wish I could sleep, I'm so tired I hurt" feeling. I also purchased a Purple pillow. Purple pillows are 3" deep. Since we've had the waterbed since dinosaurs roamed the earth, I'm used to a flat pillow (regular pillows are ******* the neck on waterbeds), so that wasn't an issue. My Purple pillow is defective, and they're sending a replacement. I'm using it anyway, and even in its present condition, it's awesome. It's all scrunched up and curled on one end, so I'm sure the replacement will be softer, lol. It really does support the neck, and your head sinks in just right. It is amazingly comfortable. Happily, my hubby loves the mattress, as well. I understand this mattress is a love/hate item, but I truly do not understand why anyone would hate it.

Super comfy internet mattress

I've tried this internet mattress and another one, and the other one was great too but this one is perfect. The delivery experience was great, and it wasn't too tough to set up solo (I'm a single lady and did it myself with no issues, though I was aided by quite a few glasses of wine).


I purchased the Original King Purple mattress and I LOVE IT!! Worth every single penny. I will never own another bed! I have a joint disease called AS and I no longer wake up with back pain! I highly recommend this mattress!

Huge dip after 8 months

We ordered the purple mattress and initially liked it a lot. After 8 months we started experiencing extreme pain due to two large dips in the bed. Our arms and legs felll asleep every night. We were assured this wouldn’t happen again with the replacement mattress. Time will tell.

Finally ... YAY!

We had a waveless waterbed for about 20 years. When it finally died, we were experiencing challenging times, and just used our guest beds until we purchased a mattress with memory foam on the top. That was good for about six months, and then it was awful. We researched for quite awhile, and knew we wanted a Purple mattress. We decided on getting the frame too. The original frame sent was not functionable. Which was a huge disappointment, as we had to wait an additional number of days before we could begin life on Purple. The customer service supervisor was helpful, and they went above and beyond. The mattress unrolled easily enough, and the mattress protector and purple sheets are perfect with the mattress and frame with our original headboard attached. We are sleeping well on our purple mattress, and would recommend Purple to anyone interested in good nights' sleep on a quality mattress.

Everything it sets out to be

I love this mattress!! My wife and I have had foam mattresse in the past that, although comfy, have ended up with us reverting back to a spring version becuase of the inability to get used to it. The Purple mattress felt like a cloud when I first laid on it and still does!

Paradise sleep

We bought one of these after sleeping a night at my sons house and trying it out. My son says mom sleep in our bed, check our mattress out. Well hubby and I slept like babies, never getting up in middle of night to go to the bathroom, woke up , like new, we looked at each other and asked, did you toss and turn, he said no, did you, I said I slept like a baby, WTH is in this mattress. We woke up with no body pain, we woke up so refreshed. What did we do the minute we got home, WE ORDERED ONE !!!! And we can't love it enough. I am in awe of how our body pains have gone away. The pillow is amazing, my hubby doesn't like the pillow because not fluffy enough, me, in turn, absolutely love the pillow was well. No more NECK pain. We loved it soooo much, we ordered one for our RV! While we travel in the RV it gets really hard to sleep on those cheap mattress, so we went and got the purple. The original for both my purchases. I absolutely love love love this mattress. What a Godsend. Did I say how much I love it? Now I need the covers for the mattress to protect it!!!!! OMG i love this mattress.

So far, so good!

So far this mattress has done what they advertise. Sleep has improved. Lower back pain gone. When I say gone, I Really do think this thing aligns things just right to eliminate non serious back pains. It take take a couple of weeks to get used to it, but I am a picky sleeper! (like I have to sleep on the same side of the bed when traveling otherwise I don’t sleep) I do worry about the long term though. I had my last mattress for 14 years, it wasn’t until the last 2 years I started having issues before I started exploring options. Time will tell but so far I am happy with the purchase but will evaluate fully in the 100 days before committing 100%. Not a big fan of the sheets. The stretchiness of the fabric makes grabbing and shifting a pillow a chore and the sheet itself is no longer in use because it wrapped around my arms and legs. The fitted sheet is ok, but it fits the queen like it is too small. This is because it fits a full and queen. So the “free” sheets are certainly not worth a purchase. Their customer service is fair so far too. The sheets showed up with a couple of **** snags/holes in them, they quickly replaced with a simple picture being sent to them. I kind of feel bad now because I don’t like the sheets, but they do strive to please the customer. The general cost is a bit steep and was a deterrent for sure. Some of the reviews helped but, like with my own experience, may be completely different from another. Had they committed to a 1 year trial, I think they would have had me sooner. It does take some time to get used to but I think any mattress, for me, would require time to adjust to it.

Sags after six months

I'm getting no support at all from this mattress after only a few months. They say they'll keep replacing my mattress, but I'm on the second one and after six months there's no lower back support. I just want *one* mattress that supports my back. Honestly, really wanted to invest money into a mattress this time for the sake of my health and I feel as though that money went down the drain.

Mattress is nice but squeakless bed frame is not

My husband and I purchased the King-size purple mattress and platform base about six months ago. The mattress is very comfortable but I have noticed an indentation on my husband’s side where the mattress hangs over the edge of the platform base. I do feel motion transfer whenever he moves around in the bed but I’m not sure if it’s from the mattress or the frame. The frame has been a huge disappointment. We ordered the king-size platform purple base at the same time as the mattress and it is anything but silent. It doesn’t fit the mattress either, it’s several inches longer than the mattress which means without a headboard our mattress slides on the frame and we lose our pillows behind the mattress. It’s also more narrow than the mattress which has cause the aforementioned indentation in our mattress on his side. Also it is incredibly squeaky. Anytime either one of us moves it we have to listen to incredibly loud squeaking that sounds like a really old metal frame. Given that the frame is advertised as being whisper silent, this has been a huge disappointment. It’s so loud I can hear my husband moving on the bed upstairs while I’m sitting downstairs in our living room. Don’t know if we got a lemon but it’s a bit of a let down for what we thought we were getting.

Amazingly soft & supportive in all the right places

I decided to take a chance and try the Purple mattress sight unseen and it didn't disappoint! I'm mostly a side sleeper but will sleep on my back sometimes, too. I love the way it cradles my body but doesn't feel too soft and supports my lower back when laying flat. I've already recommended it to several people looking for a new mattress! You guys are the best!

Loving My New Mattress

This past month I have been sleeping better than I have in years. I owe that to my new Purple Mattress. Now if I could only have a Purple Bladder, then I'd go from great to perfect! :)

Best bed yet!

I haven't been hot or woke up in pain since we bought this mattress. Very very happy about this purchase and totally recommend if you are tired of waking up sweaty or in pain!


By far the best mattress I've had and the customer service is excellent

Amazingly soft & supportive in all the right places

I decided to take a chance and try the Purple mattress sight unseen and it didn't disappoint! I'm mostly a side sleeper but will sleep on my back sometimes, too. I love the way it cradles my body but doesn't feel too soft and supports my lower back when laying flat. I've already recommended it to several people looking for a new mattress! You guys are the best!

Loving My New Mattress

This past month I have been sleeping better than I have in years. I owe that to my new Purple Mattress. Now if I could only have a Purple Bladder, then I'd go from great to perfect! :)

Best bed yet!

I haven't been hot or woke up in pain since we bought this mattress. Very very happy about this purchase and totally recommend if you are tired of waking up sweaty or in pain!

Never slept better

Would highly recommend this mattress to anyone!


By far the best mattress I've had and the customer service is excellent


We've had our purple mattress for about a month and its been fantastic. We adjusted to it in days and have never slept better. You hardly feel any movement from others in the bed which is very nice.

Great mattress

We had reviewed different mattresses similar to the purple mattress and so glad we went with purple! We are both sleeping more soundly (even with me being 5 months pregnant). I used to wake up to a numb arm because of how I slept and that’s not the case anymore. We still need to get the platform base but we will get there.

King Mattress and pillow

I was recommended this product from my son who recently got married and purchased from you. I went to his house and laid on his mattress and decided to purchase. I also love the pillow. It is cool to the face and i like the low profile for my neck. My wife loves it. I will purchase from you again very soon.

Sleep like I have not had in years!!

So first off, I am a consumer that is infinitely wary of reviews posted on a manufacturer's site. Normally they cherry pick the best ones to use and ignore the more critical reviews. That said, I was skeptical of this mattress when I bought it and for the 2.5 weeks it took to show up I was wondering was I crazy for spending $1000 on a mattress I had never tested. Once it showed up, I forgot my skepticism and worries though. My main complaint is the sheer weight of this thing. It is massive. When they say use 2 people, use 2 people. I had my wife help me haul it to the bedroom and then proceeded to hoist it onto the frame and unpack it myself, which I should not have done. Suffice to say I tweaked my back but hey, they warned me. After it was set up and expanded, which took no time at all, I made up the bed and jumped on it. I am not light by any sense. I am 6'2", 280 lbs. I hold some substantial mass. That said, this mattress handles me pretty well. I don't sink too much and feel sufficiently supported in any position. My previous spring mattress left me with daily shoulder and hip issues due to side sleeping. This mattress IMMEDIATELY solved that problem. My wife ends up being about half my weight and 5'4" and absolutely loved the mattress as well. There is a mild odor still lingering but I am sure that will dissipate in the coming weeks, so no issue there. Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase. The mattress has been great so far. Now to see how long it holds up for.

Best mattress I have slep on ever!

Huge difference from my memory matress, I wouldn’t go back if they pay me. Purple was the best decision my wife and I made for our home this year.

3 Months later and it couldn't be better!

I waited 3 months to review the mattress and I could not be happier. The mattress sleeps very cool and comfortable. After the first 30 days of sleeping on the mattress, I went on vacation and spent the next 2 weeks sleeping on a series of different mattress. What a difference when I returned back to my Purple mattress! This experience solidified everything for me. You will need the stand or a box spring to place it on. This also ensures you get the full warranty. Without a doubt, a wonderful investment!

Very pleased!

I suffer from arthritis in my left shoulder and I prefer to sleep on my left side. on my bed before my purple mattress. If I tried this I would wake up in the middle of the night due to the pressure placed on my shoulder joint. The Purple mattress allows me to sleep through the night without pain waking me up.I also purchased the sheets along with the pillow and am very pleased with the products I sleep much better thanks to these products.

To the Pain

First off I am a disabled veteran with insomnia back neck and head problems. I am also overweight (6' 280lb) because I am not capable of working out due to some of these problems. I also suffer from lack of sleep because of the pain induced when I laid down to sleep. I might get 2 hours of sleep a night if I was lucky due to the pain keeping me awake laying there the rest of the time. I have tried numerous beds including the Sleep Number, Tempur-pedic, Memory foam, and high quality pillow top spring mattresses to try to get some sleep but none of them worked. I received my Purple Mattress yesterday and my fiance and I set it up. I was actually hurting more than usual because the thing is so heavy so moving it around was not easy. Yes I should have gotten a friend to help but like most military vets I am stubborn. Anyway last night I was exhausted as usual and instead of forcing myself to stay up because I didn't want the pain of sleep yet I went to bed at 1950. It felt amazing like I was laying there like I had before Afghanistan. I was asleep before 2000. I woke up once in the middle of the night, I think out of habit scanned the room to make sure everything was good including my fiance that I didn't feel get into the bed so it didn't wake me up which is crazy, then went right back to sleep. I woke up and looked at my phone for the time, it said 0515...... I was shocked.... I was not hurting.... I slept for 9 hours..... I stood up and still did not hurt. There is a little stiffness but that is it. I fed the cat and came in here to write this review. Thank you Purple for giving me some of my sanity, sleep, and life back. I bought the King size Purple Bed, Purple Platform Base, Purple Pillow, Purple Mattress Protector, Purple Sheets (slate gray), and the Purple Seat Cushion. That sounds like a large amount but, when you get it, you wish there was more ways you could fit Purple Comfort items into your life because they bring your comfort level to a new high whenever you use them.

Best mattress ever

OK I've had the purple platform, mattress and pillow for about a week now and I'm calling this experiment a big success. This mattress is w/out question the best mattress I've ever slept in. I sleep deeper w/ less waking up to roll over to my other side. I sleep in about an hour later than traditionally. It's even got me taking naps people! It regains it's original shape after you're done laying in it so I suspect it'll remain really comfortable for years. If you're looking for a new mattress Purple is really a pleasure. I've ordered my son and his mother each a pillow. I've also ordered myself the seat cushion as well as the mattress protector and sheets. I'm now a huge purple fan.

Very comfortable.

So far, it’s been incredibly comfortable. I don’t wake up sore at all. I think I need to invest in the sheets, however, to get the full squish.

Totally sunk in. So disappointed

I am very disappointed with my purple mattress. The areas of the bed where my husband and I sleep have completely sunk in and the center of the bed between us is very firm. This makes it uncomfortable to roll over and be near one another. We have tried to fix this problem by making sure the base of our bed is flat and solid by covering it with plywood boards. This did not help at all. It is a huge bummer because this was not the cheapest mattress. I also dislike that in order to prove the mattress is defective I have to show a one inch deviation in depth in different areas of the bed. I can show a solid half inch which is causing a lot of discomfort but not one inch which means I can’t get a replacement/ refund. I am just about finished with foam based mattresses.

4 stars for superior customer service

I was attracted to the Purple brand because of it's great marketing and because the mattress sounded like something new, different and unique. Although I wanted to love it, we will ultimately be returning it because it was a bit too firm for our liking. I have existing shoulder and upper back pain and the hybrid 2'' mattress didn't alleviate it (I think it might be better for heavier people or back sleepers). When I went to return the mattress after 30 days I had the best customer service experience, hands down. The representative I talked to was real and friendly, unlike some other companies who have scripted rude reps. He talked through my return options and I come to find out that Purple offers about 5 different return options to make it the most convenient for the customer, all free of charge. I will be donating mine to a charity!

Finally Loving Sleep Again

I have always wanted to try a purple mattress, but between moving and other circumstances, I never got around to buying one. Finally, my wife and I bought one and have been happy since day one. The mattress is very comfortable, and is the perfect consistency of comfort and durability. I definitely recommend this product.

Good product

The purple mattress really does feel great and has helped with aches and pains in the back and shoulders. It stays cool at night, all night, and you cannot feel any other movement on the bed.

Comfy mattress ever.

A comfortable bed that keep you cool all night long and make you think on keep sleeping all day long.

I like it a lot

Took a couple days to get used to but holy moly is this thing the most comfortable thing I’ve ever laid on. Definitely recommend, my cousin ended up buying one when he laid on mine, if that says anything as well.

Purple Mattress

We absolutely love this mattress! It’s comfy! My husband would normally wake up to back pain a lot but ever since we got this mattress there has been no complaints.

A worthy adjustment

Like the purple team says, give it awhile to get used to it because it will be worth it! My fiancé and I have had the best sleep we’ve ever had and we are two completely different types of sleepers as far as positions to fall asleep.

Great mattress

At first my back hurt the first few nights of using but I think it’s cause my back was soo use to the lumpy mattress we had. It is a very cool mattress which is great for me and my husband cause we are naturally hot people.

Love it

I have had insomnia and difficulty sleeping for over ten years. I’ve never slept deeper or better than I have on this mattress. I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It’s truly been a life changing mattress.

Purple Review

We replaced our 10 year old spring mattress with the Purple Hybrid. This is SO comfortable. It provides the support I need for lots of lumbar and hip problems. The old mattress, mornings were supplied with all over soreness for at least an hour. This is no longer an issue and so very thankful.

So far, so good.

The adjustment is interesting but I think I may have finally found the right mattress for me.

Great Mattress

The Purple mattress is incredibly comfortable. I was a bit worried about buying a bed-in-a-box; it’s a large purchase for not having tried the mattress first. The 100-day guarantee put me at ease, and I’m very happy I bit the bullet and went for it. It also doesn’t sleep too hot like pure memory foam toppers I’ve used in the past. I have already recommended the mattress to friends and family. The only thing that I’d love to see improvement on is a slightly lower price tag.

Love the mattress

I generally have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I’ve haven’t had the mattress long but I have already noticed a difference. I used to sleep on a pillow top and this offers more support. I can tell in my lower back when I get up in the morning. I have already recommended an upgrade to family members.

I have enjoyed the mattress

I have enjoyed the mattress thus far and plan to keep it. The bottom sheet is great top sheet gets a bit bunched up and the pillow cases are too large for queen sized pillows. Generally positive review

Happy I Finally Got It!!!!!

I waited forever knowing it was coming, but when it got here I was in heaven!!!! It was glorious! Thank you again for being so comfortable and supportive!

One of the worst mattresses

I hate this bed. Bought at Mattress Firm, wife had to have it even though she was only home one weekend a month. I gave up a SleepComfort for this, ugh. 1) grids - they crush under weight, break down over time. 2) Support - we have the firmest, a joke. I sink - I like 100 on SleepComfort. 3) 100 day return - ours started breaking down about 120 days in, and if you do return it, you pay for the return shipping, & it won’t roll up like it was when new. 4) After shelling out $1400, you’ll be lucky to get $40 for it. I curse this mattress every night, am in the recliner after an hour. Obviously my wife insisted on this, & if I got rid of it, I’d never hear the end of it. When you have a wife that wants the latest & greatest, you pick your battles. Showdown on the horizon.

return not like they say do not buy

Just an FYI, DO NOT BUY PURPLE MATTRESS. Although I thought it was great to sleep in we needed to return due to shoulder pain, they talk us into upgrading for the more expensive mattress and tell me the return is no problem, they handle all of it. I keep emailing and calling for instructions because the new one is on the way and the old one needs to be taken out. No one gets back to you. Now the new one is here, on the floor blocking my bathroom- they are too heavy to move on your own and the old one is here too, still on the bed. NOW Purple tells me I have to arrange for the pick up and donation of the first mattress or they will charge me for both. If I knew this I wouldn't have upgraded- or I would have made arrangements days ago. It might be like this for weeks- and Purple is NOT helping- all of the sudden it's all my responsibility to do their job and what they advertise. DON'T BELIEVE THEIR FRIENDLY ATTITUDE. it's not what they advertise. They are liars and falsely advertise.

Love my new mattress

Only had for a month but love our new mattress. The sheets are amazing!

Sleeping like a log

Once my hip issue was solved, I began sleeping like a log. My wife's back improved the very first week we began sleeping on the Hybrid 3.

Many mattress's later...

Finally! A mattress my wife and I can both sleep on and neither one of us is experiencing back pains!

It really is that good...

I never would have been able to afford this mattress without a way to pay payments on it. Financially, this is something my family tries to avoid so I was reluctant to use Affirm to set this up. That, and having never ‘laid’ on it, I was ever more nervous. My husband and I are large and we look for different things in our mattresses. Somehow, this one worked for both of us. It’s like magic, really. I have had my Purple mattress for almost 60 days I can honestly say it is my favorite purchase I have ever made - sleeping on it is a dream. The information that comes with the mattress explains it may take a few nights to get used to it - that was the case for us. It was an amazing sleep the first night, but it literally gets better every night after too. My new favorite thing to do is nap. :) This mattress is worth every penny. (And the sheets are awesome too!)

Best sleep in years

I love this mattress. I can’t say enough. It’s like sleeping in a hug...supported but not crushed, not cold when I climb in but not hot. My massage therapist even commented on the change in the muscles of my lower back.

Better than other brands

I was hesitant about buying a mattress that had gel in it. But once I received it and slept on it for a few nights. I had the best sleep I had in awhile. My back doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m happy I made this purchase!!

Loved by Hubby and Wife

With chronic neck and back pain getting a good nights sleep has been tough. Still working on the “perfect” pillow, but really enjoying this mattress. My husband loves it too! Both are mostly side sleepers and some back. My husband is 6’2” and 300lbs - he feels like he has good support. I’m 5’7” and 135 lbs...supportive enough without being too firm. Highly recommend!


I succumbed to the marketing hype and purchased a purple mattress 16 months ago. My initial impression was that it was a bit on the firm side for my taste but reasonably comfortable. After a few months I noticed that my body impressions were lasting longer making the mattress much firmer and less comfortable. I found myself having to move around in the middle of the night to find a spot that still had some sponginess. I began rotating the mattress every month or so. Now, after 16 months, there is no place on the mattress that is comfortable for more than a couple of hours. By the end of the night the mattress is so hard I can't sleep on it. I should mention that I weigh 160 lbs, which, it seems to me, should not wear out any well-made mattress in 16 months of use. I'm now at the point where I have to find another mattress.

Horrible, made my back worse. Customer service was horrible and full of lies

Horrible products, the mattress has made my back pain much worse. I was sold on false advertisement promises. Customer service was horrible and full of lies. This mattress has been getting worse with time and so is my back when I sleep. Customer service would not honor any guarantees or warranties. Told me to sell it on Facebook marketplace.

Not happy with it

We ordered a king size mattress and within a few months there were deep indentations on it that wouldn't go away. They sent us another and it did the same thing. Very uncomfortable and hurt my back a lot. I will never get a Purple mattress again!

Impossible Sleeper

I bought the Purple matteress in August of 2019 its was great the mattresses hold up for durability. However, it doesn't really keep you cool (I'm a hot sleeper) in the summer when its in the mid 70's at night it's not very cool.  I still have to sleep on top of the blanket in the spring and summer time cuz it's still warm.  I wish they would have gave it more than a hundred days tring the bed to see if you'd want to return it or try something I feel while making payments it should have been a warranty. It's only been 2 years this is now May of 2021.  My husband and I are not sleeping like we should; the mattress is still in good shape; but the quality results we both wake up feel groggy and tired as though we hadn't slept and we have aches and pains in shoulders, mid to lower back and hips.    And usually beds are usually a good 10,15,20 year quality. We like to get a different bed.  So now we don't know what to do; our Account is financed through Affirm.  Which was going great almost had it paid off.   But our payments got behind of 4 months because we were both laid off or let go because of coronavirus pandemic.  so now we don't know who we can call and talk to you about the situation but we would like to have a new bed. 

Trust me

Almost 3 years ago my wife and I bought the Purple 3 at a Mattress Firm in Jacksonville, FL. Seemed like a nice bed at first. We also were sold on the Purple adjustable frame, and two Purple pillows (buy one get one half off). The lack of warranty support is very disappointing. The adjustable frame stopped working completely. The mattress sags over the sides of the bed on both sides of the bed. The mattress has dips in it. NO HELP THROUGH THE WARRANTY. Owing money on something that no longer works and no help through the warranty (10 year warranty) is a little unsettling. Several visits to chiropractors later and still dealing with pain and discomfort. I'm giving Mattress Firm and Purple Mattress two thumbs down. Very disappointed.

3 years and we still love our Purple!!

We purchased a Purple 3 Hybrid mattress in September, 2019. For years I had suffered with chronic bursitis in both my hips. I'm a side-sleeper, and going to bed was a painful experience. I used to joke I was going to make velcro pajamas so I could attach myself to a wall to sleep. I was only half joking, I said this dreading the torture every night would bring. I was desperate for sleep, and I was maxed-out on Advil PM every night. We adapted to the feel of the grid within a few days, and my hip bursitis resolved within a few weeks. One day I realized I was no longer in pain! It's been glorious to wake up pain free. My husband commented his arthritic knees and back were no longer waking him up in the night, and I noticed he was no longer groaning every morning getting out of bed. Now here we are 3+ years down the road and we're still loving our Purple 3!

Terrible customer service

If you buy from them then pray there is no issues, something as simple as shipping damage can take weeks or longer to fix.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purple

Is a Purple mattress worth it?

Most customers report that they like their Purple mattress after a short adjustment period with high marks for the proprietary gel Grid's pressure point relief. However, with the relatively high starting price vs. other online competitors (and unique feel that some couldn't get used to), some customers reported the Purple mattress wasn't for them.

Are Purple mattresses actually good?

There has been a lot of hype around the Purple mattresses due to their buzz-worthy advertising campaigns and unique gel Grid design. Even so, most customers do have good things to say after a short adjustment. Those that had issues didn't like the feel of Purple's Grid technology or didn't feel their prices were competitive enough for what they received.

Why is Purple mattress bad?

While there have been some controversies about Purple mattress over the years, customers that had issues mostly mentioned sagging and indentations, discomfort with the Purple Grid™, and disagreeing with the feel for the money.

Where to buy a Purple mattress?

Purple mattresses can be bought online through and also be tried in a variety of stores, such as Mattress Firm.

Are Purple mattresses healthy?

Most people report healthy sleep conditions, but those sensitive to synthetic materials may require an alternative. Here is what's inside to help make the right decision: The Purple cover is made of a knit fabric, 29% viscose, 67% polyester, 4% lycra. The Purple Grid™ in the top layer of the mattress is made of food grade polymer. The foam layers below are made with CertiPUR-US® certified foams, a standard for VOC emissions and foam ingredients.

Which Purple mattress is best?

The Original Purple mattress is the most popular due to its entry price point. However, with some customers describing issues with support in the Original and too much firmness in the Hybrid, the balanced feel of the Hybrid Premier gets the best reception, but it comes at a high cost.

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