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Purple 4 Mattress Reviews

The Purple® 4 (also called the Hybrid Premier 4'') is Purple's top of the line mattress, which features 4'' of their Purple Grid technology, which offers added pressure point relief. Customers report that it is a soft plush mattress, ideal for side sleeping. However, there were some customer complaints, most of which described issues with support.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9/10

Price Value: 8.8/10

No Back Pain: 8.8/10

Price: $2499-$4998

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Purple 4's Specifics

The Purple 4 Mattress, also called the Hybrid Premier with 4'' Grid option, features their proprietary Grid technology, which is a gel polymer that adapts instantly while relieving pressure. This unique layer feels somewhat different than traditional foam, memory foam, or latex, with most customers reporting getting a comfy night sleep—some after a short adjustment period.

There are some, however, that reported issues about the feel of the mattresses with complaints mentioning lack of support and discomfort in some cases. For those looking for balanced mattresses, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses, especially the Dreamcloud Premier mattress, a top rated hybrid mattress with pocketed coils and pressure relieving top layers.

Quality of Materials

The Purple 4 offers the most gel Grid of any of Purple's mattresses, which provides a resilient and adaptive pressure relieving layer.

Here is a full breakdown of what's inside the Purple 4 Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is made of a moisture wicking cover with StretchMax technology. With breathable side panels, this cover provides an airy feel.

Layer 1: 4'' of the Purple Grid technology offers enhanced contour and adaptive response while feeling quite soft. This layer relieves pressure and adapts seamlessly to the body.

Layer 2: A pocketed coil system independently adapts to the curves of the body with thin transition foam layers above and below to keep the coils in place.

Overall Comfort

Most customers have good things to say about the Purple 4 with side sleepers and those looking for pressure relief liking it best. There were some complaints that mentioned issues with support and discomfort in some cases.


Based on Purple 4's specifications, the Purple 4 is rated as a medium-soft. Most customers describe it as quite soft and pressure relieving, which is ideal for side sleeping. Those that mentioned issues mentioned feeling a lack of support or still feeling pressure in hips and shoulders in rare cases.

Back Pain Relief

Most customers have good things to say about the instant comfort of the Purple 4. However, there were some that felt there was a lack of adequate back support, which may lead to discomfort in some cases.


Customers widely have good things to say about the cooling in the Purple 4 as the Grid offers exceptional airflow. Those that are in very warm environments may still experience some heat retention in some cases.

Who Is The Purple 4 Mattress Right For?

The Purple 4 is best for side sleepers or those looking for a soft feeling mattress, and don't need much back support to be comfy. For side sleepers that are looking for more balanced support, take a look at our our list of top rated mattresses.

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Finally! A good sleep with no back, shoulder or neck pain when I get up! This Purple 4 mattress was NOT cheap, but it was worth every penny (though it will take me a year and a half to pay it off) I bought high quality linen bedding to go with it. I really can't describe it: I look forward to getting into bed. My wife even snores LESS!!! I am satisfied with this purchase, and recommend the Purple 4 mattress to everyone.

Worth every penny

Incredibly comfortable and soft but still provides enough support.

A different kind of mattress, but very comfortable

It is different from any other mattress. You may love it. You may not. I find it to be the most comfortable. I have bursitis in my shoulder and this mattress feels great. I have the 4 inch Purple and it is in between plush and firm. The 3 inch is more plush if you like that.

Go Purple

Best sleep I've had in years. Best purchase we've made.

Finally! Amazing sleep.

This mattress and pillow are amazing. I've gone through 4 others in the past 2 years including Casper, Nectar, Simmons Hybrid and a generic memory foam mattress and this one, although far more expensive is exactly what I needed. I can't say enough about the quality of sleep I get with my new Purple 4 Hybrid mattress. It is expensive, but well worth the price.

Purple 4

Amazing ! Sleep like a baby all night long! Not to cold or hot sleeps perfect. Best purchase ever.

Love the mattress! Just think I need the 4 instead

Had both hips replaced. The 2 is comfortable but in my situation the 4 would probably be a better fit. Definitely will go for something a little softer next time.

shoulder pain

I was hoping for more shoulder relief when I sleep on my side then what I am getting.

Love the 4 inch purple!

I absolutely love this mattress. The 4 inch version is good for larger people and is slightly softer while supporting your entire body. The purple is definitely different than traditional mattresses but I think it’s the best mattress I’ve ever slept on.


Slept comfortably starting on night #1 and I am very happy with this purchase

Like "Sleeping on a cloud"

This is a great mattress, next to a heavenly experience

Regret not choosing another brand We hate this bed

This bed is only semi comfortable in one position which is the flat position. We hate it, especially with the base the sales rep chose for it. The adjustable base makes it even more uncomfortable and hard to get or feel any comfort in any position other than flat which is a waste. I wake up unrested and in pain which are the opposite reasons for why i bought the bed.

Purle 4 King Mattress

This is easily the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever owned. It offers absolutely no support. My wife and I wake up several times a night in pain, having to reposition ourselves. Its light sleeping on a hollow sponge. Be both wake up tired and groggy. I have not gotten a good night's sleep since we got this mattress. Making it hard to get through the day.

Purple Mattress

Purple mattress is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had, you wake up rested, refreshed and not stiff or sore.......well worth the expense!!!!

Purple Forever!

Love my Purple mattress, and the service I got at Mattress Firm. Highly recommended.

Not feeling it

I did not purchase this it’s a loaner and you got me paying for a loaner


Its very comfortable but it doesnt keep you cool with a water proof mattress cover on it. Soft though

Money out the window

Very over priced mattresses just like all other brands. Price does not buy you comfort. Not thrilled with purchase.

Best mattress in my experience

Great mattress, extremely comfortable. I stopped waking up with a sore back with this one.

Loving the Purple

The mattress is awesome. The only advice I would give is to invest in an electric blanket and warm the bed up for about an hour before you go to bed. With so many chambers in the Purple mattress it can get cold. Otherwise I’m loving it.

Not impressed

Seriously considering on returning. Haven't had a restful sleep ever since we got the mattress. Aching bones every morning

Purple mattress

Comfortable. Adjusts to the body so there are no pressure points. Cool to sleep-on, no overheating and sweating.

Purple 4

Overall experience with the purple 4 is good. I was experiencing some shoulder pain with my old mattress and no more shoulder pain with the purple. I missed the promo on free sheets. I bought my purple 1 day early to be eligible for the free sheets.

Purple 4

Still reviewing this bed. Not quite sure what I think about it, we are still within our hundred night sleep test.


LOVE MY PURPLE MATTRESS! I wasn't sure how I would sleep with the different feel of the texture on the purple mattress coming from a Tempurpedic but I've slept so well with no waking up during the night at all. I needed to sleep cooler and Purple has delivered it without an excessive price point.

Sleeping more sound

This Purple 4 mattress we purchased is so nice. I move around less at night because I am so comfortable which in turn means I wake up less also.

Hopefully honest and helpful

It’s a pretty supportive mattress, good for a large person. Honestly I’m not sure how good as I’d been laying on a worn out memory foam mattress and a broke foundation mattress for some time

"Just Right"

The most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. provides enough support for me, and is soft enough for my husband.


Nice mattress. A little pricey but seems worth it.

Purple Mattress

This bed is extremely comfortable! Very glad I purchased it. Haven't woke up with any back pain since sleeping on this mattress!

Sleeping well

I purchased the purple4 three weeks ago. I chose it because it was recommended for side sleepers. I'm sensitive to odors so let it air a week before sleeping on it. It's very comfortable, and I will definitely keep it. It gives me great support but at the same time is very hip "friendly". Exactly what I was looking for. I gave it a 4 because of the initial odor.

Big Boy Review

Okay, so I know there are several other people like me that scour reviews hoping a bigger person has reviewed it. Well, I am a big boy and so is my partner, both of us around 6 feet tall and mid-300 range.

Holding out hope....

I was excited to get my mattress. I have never had back or hip issues. I hate to say it but I have had the mattress for exactly 30 days and I wake up every morning in pain. I originally wanted the #3 but it was not in stock so I settled for the #4. I was assuming that for this price it would be heaven. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the mattress (?) but I will give it 2 more weeks to see if it gets better. I am happy that we are allowed 110 days. The delivery went very smoothly and it arrived the day I needed it as I moved into a new apartment. I am hoping that either my body gets use to the mattress or the mattress gets used to my back. I am not saying it is Purple's fault, however after reading all the reviews I was hopeful.

Purple 4

I had high hopes for this mattress, unfortunately it has fallen short on comfort.

Not Worth The Price

Disappointed in the comfort of this mattress. I’ve slept on more comfortable hybrids at a fraction of the cost.

Not my style

I thought I would love this mattress, but I really don't. After sleeping on it for about a month, its bouncy and unsteady feeling. The perimeter is made of a different material than the area part is which makes it weird to sit or lie on. I'll be returning it as soon as I'm able to.

Simply Not For Me

Purchased a purple 4. Loved it in the store. Not so much at home. Went in twice to discuss trading it out. Kept being reminded of minimum 3 week trial before switch out but "if your so uncomfortable we can switch it now". Sore back, hip, neck and shoulder the entire time. Now working 7 days a week and do not have time to switch out. Return policy being a percentage of purchase price? A mattress is a mattress. Should be a standard fee. Very disappointing. As it said, mattress isn't for me. The store is great other than being told 3 week minimum.

Relief from pain

Backache is gone, mattress is cooler. We are sleeping better than ever.

Split king just say no

Don’t get a split king as the crack between the two mattresses are significant regardless of the effort to close the gap. Hoping to trade it in for just a king and I think that should change my perception and experience of the mattress.

Deep sleep

Outside of me snoring too loud my wife loves the purchase

Love my Purple

I love this mattress! Purple Hybrid 4 was the best fit for me. It’s pricey but well worth the cost.

Purple 4 the best mattress

best mattress ever . Not a memory foam heat trap. Turning over is very easy without your partner feeling it. Love it

Love my Purple!

Went away for a few nights and really missed my Purple bed and pillow!

Purple Customer for life!

This mattress is like sleeping on a cloud! We are so glad we pulled the trigger. Nothing compares to Purple! We purchased this through the outlet program and are so glad we did (we saved $1500). Delivery was extra, but worth it. We are happy customers!

Nice mattress

Nice mattress. Not quite as good as I thought it would be, but it is comfortable

New Mattress 2020! Would recommend Purple!

Very happy with our purple mattress. Firm and comfortable.

Great mattress

Most comfort mattress I have ever slept on! I highly recommending!!

Overall Great!

Great mattress just different. Overall we love this mattress, but it is more firm than I like. However, I've slept really well on it. The mattress does not heat up at all. I live in Phoenix and this mattress stays cool. Highly recommend!

Kind Purple Mattress 4

Dennis was very knowledgeable regarding the mattresses. We explained what we were looking for and he showed us several mattresses. We were not planning on buying a mattress that day but we walked out with one. Overall the bed has been great and the icing on the cake is the adjustable base that we got with it. AMAZING!!

Loving your mattress

How much comfortable and better night sleep you get ❤️

My Purple 4 mattress.

Very comfortable bed . Bed came 2 weeks early than scheduled date . Awesome bed.

Great Mattress

Great mattress .. no pressure points on the 4" Premier mattress

Wrong mattress size.

Bought two twin mattresses to use both platforms independently and add a pad to cover the gap, but trying to lay close to each other is very uncomfortable. We'll need to switch to a king size mattress. Also, wife feels like she is going to fall out.

Not for us

The mattress is very soft and feel like you are sinking in and the mattress wraps around you. Even after trying to for 3 weeks, we kept waking up with backaches.

Glorious and Delicious Mattress

I started with the 3 and tried it for 100 days. The 3 was very comfortable and cool but a little too firm for my back. I went back to look for a softer mattress. In the store it was hard to tell if the 4 would be much softer and make a difference but I decided to upgrade to the 4 since I really liked the feel and coolness of the 3 WOW! What a difference. The 4 is so amazing and gives the cushy sink-in feel. No back pain like my old mattress and the 3. Best decision ever. Only problem is I don’t want to get up in the morning.


I’ve tried a few different mattresses - all foam and hybrids - and they were either too firm or too soft. Thought I’d try something completely different. I’ve only had the mattress a couple of weeks but so far so good. I’m sleeping well and waking without shoulder, hip or back pain. It was pricey so hoping it holds up well.

Purple 4 and adjustable base review

Exactly what she needed. Easy to work with.Enjoying the adjustable base.

Great for side sleepers and Even during pregnancy

Love the bed. Super comfortable even during my pregnancy. Sleeping as well as ever. Highly recommended.

Deep REM sleep

Since we received the Purple Four I have found myself doing something I have not done in some time. 'DREAMING' Which indicates to me that I am reaching the deep REM sleep needed to recharge my body. I don't wake up with back pain either.


Comfortable, cooling is not what I was hoping for, doesn’t really seem to provide “cooling” feel during sleep.

Satisfied Customer

Turn less frequently during the night. Don’t feel pressure points. After 3 weeks, still deciding if mattress is firm enough.

weightless sleep

very comfy, heavier and larger guy (6'0, 253) and it cradles me in the purple grid so perfectly. transitioned to sleeping on my back and have never slept better in my life. you get what you pay for!

Great mattress

Great mattress love how you can spoon your partner and your shoulder sinks in the mattress and does not get numb while you feel the support equally in all your body

Highly satisfied

This mattress is simply amazing. I started out by purchasing a Purple seat cushion for my truck. I was so impressed, I purchased a pair of Purple pillows for my bed. After about a month of research, I decided to go ahead and spend the money on a mattress. My thought process is that I spend approximately one third of my life in bed, and as I age, I want that to be a more pleasant experience. I have been sleeping on the mattress for about a month now, and it more than meets my expectations. The side walls are firm, so sitting on the edge is not a balancing act. Once in the center, the purple grid takes over and substantially (not over firm) supports my weight and redistributes the high and low spots into pools of comfort. My advice is that if you are "on the brink", go ahead and spend the money.

Great for relieving chronic back pain

I sought out Purple mattresses to help combat chronic lower back problems. With our old mattress, I woke up every morning with aches and pains in hips that typically calmed down several hours after being awake for a few hours.

Sleeping Soundly

Very happy with the sleeping comfort and we are not having hip and shoulder pain like we had on our foam block. Wish the edge foam was a bit firmer. For me, it does not sleep as cool as I expected. The Mrs. does not share that opinion. Overall size of the mattress is slightly larger than the king platform.

Love it!

Absolutely love our new Purple 4. Super comfortable. Soft but firm enough. Definitely cooler to sleep on than our prior conventional pillow top mattress.

I really like the Purple 4!

With the Purple 4, I no longer wake up with shoulder and back pain. It is very comfortable. The softness and cool touch are just right.

Purple mattress

I bought a cal king purple mattress. It was delivered 6 days ago. Since then i now sleep an average of 7 to 8 hours a day. My old sleeping habit was 5 to 6 hours a nite and that was from sleeping on my old mattress and having to switch to my couch due to the uncomfortableness. When i wake up i feel so refreshed and relaxed now. This item is hands down a great investment and i highly recommend it. Plus the delivery guys were very professional and delivered at the date and time that i was told.


My wife and I fell in love with the mattress the very first night. Really wish we would have bought one years ago.

I love this Mattress

Great sleep. I don’t even notice my husband get in and out of bed. It’s better than hotel mattresses. It’s different at first when you feel the grid top but it sleeps so cool and comfortable. No night sweats! So soft and supportive. And with this pregnancy I don’t need all the extra pillows because the mattress gives and supports in all the right places. just don’t buy the mattress cover. It’s the same quality as a Dollar Tree version. Very disappointed in it. And ruins the experience of the mattress making it hot and stiffer.

Five star

I will recommend anyone who looking to get a mattress to get this be my life got change to 100 since I got mattres firm

Reconsider if you like sleeping on your stomach.

I’m still not sure this is the mattress for me. Supposed to sleep confortable all positions but my back hurts when I sleep on my stomach. Side & back sleeping I have no issues. Some sagging on my partners side less than a month from purchase. I’ll give it a little more time as suggested but it might get returned.

Purple 4 Hybrid works

The sleep is crazy great! passing out on my back is now a thing! Very comfy and we like not be disturbed when the other moves around or get up.

Purple mattress

This is by far the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. It holds it's shape and provides support without being too firm or soft, providing the best night sleep ever!

Sleep well, wake up happy

This mattress is comfortable and has just the right amount of firmness to ensure a good nights sleep

Best mattress ever

Don’t think about it, just buy it. Took me about 7-10 days to get use to the mattress but after that I’m sleeping like a rock. Most comfortable mattress ever.


This is by far the most relaxing mattress I have ever tried.

Don’t look away Purple is the new staple in beds

Definitely a decision that we Are glad we jumped on


Comfortable for all types of sleepers. Firm enough for back sleepers, bed contours to body for side sleepers

Not so cool :(

The Purple mattress is quite comfortable and would have received 5 stars, except for the heat factor. I am very hot natured and the mattress description states that the "unique top layer adapts to your body and stays cool for superior comfort" and "has thousands of open air channels that feel cool as you lie down and neutralize your body heat through the night so you sleep comfortably cool". It is initially comfortable but does not dissipate the heat my body generates. After a little time the heat accumulates and I have to reposition to a "cooler" spot. I had high hopes and chose this mattress because it was supposed to be cool.

Back problems no more!

We've made it a point to have great mattresses, at least for the last 12 years. I hurt my back a couple of years ago and have been really working hard to get me back to normal but was always sore in the morning... Now, I wake up with no issues and a great night sleep. Not kidding, I'm not paid to say this or anything. Just a normal Joe... Love this mattress.

Purple gives me beauty rest

I was using a $5000 Beauty Rest Black for years and didn't know why I woke up sore. I just purchased a Purple 4 Hybrid and what a difference. I love the mattress. Never slept as well.

Completely Satisfied.

Despite having a newborn to care for with frequent wakings during the night, when I sleep on this bed it's easily the most comfortable sleep I've ever had through all my life.

Best decision I have ever mad

But the purple mattress was a very hard decision. I had read all the reviews but had never spent this type of money on a mattress. I decided to go to Ohio to try it out and lay on the actual Purple 4 mattress. This feeling is to much for words. My rounds parts sink deep I the bed while my flat parts are firmly supported. We are one month in and won’t need to 100 days. My sleep is wonderful and it works great with a adjustable base. Everything I never knew a bed was supposed to do for you it does. Good buy back pain and horrible sleep. Hello sweet dreams and complete comfort. But I have one problem I did have now..... trying to get out of bed...... I want to just stay sleep.

Bad purple

The mattress is different. You can actually feel the rubberized grid. I didn’t like that. It was springy too. I didn’t like that. Very heavy and flimsy. So not able to move it around easy. My wife kept rolling into me because I was heavier. Another downside. It was ok on comfort and 100% refundable. So taking a chance wasn’t that bad. The cost though is high for a bed that was just ok on comfort

Great bed, great customer service..but the bed bug

I had a good experience with the person who sold me the mattress, he gave me a very good price. Although, the night I slept in my new bed, I found one bed bug.. That was the one and only big I found. I had pest control come the day after to inspect and found nothing else.

Got a queen but tried to get a king.

The Bed is great... However, The sales person didn't really listen to us. We kept asking for pricing on a king and wouldn't give us the pricing. He kept saying something about how he could get us the queen today and that it would be awhile for a king. The mattress is great. But we really needed a king and now we're stuck...

Nice mattress

It is definitely much better than the mattress we had. Very comfortable.

Perfectly comfortable mattress

Foam mattresses are growing like mushrooms. Hard to choose the one that's right for you. I took a chance and went with Purple after seeing their technology on tube and price is reasonable when it's on sale from Firm Mattress. Purple4 is so so comfortable and it fixes my back problem. I'm loving it and can't wait to lie down on this bed nightly.

Still undecided.

Still trying to adjust. Mattress feels fabulous however, I get up in the morning and can hardly move. Back is so stiff.

Comfy bed

We originally bought the Hybrid 3 and loved it but we thought the 4 would probably feel better. So they let us exchange it and we couldn’t be happier! It’s so comfortable that I sleep like a baby....Thank you!


The mattress is very comfortable....but it gets a little warm

A soft, supportive mattress: keeps you cool

We've had our Purple mattress almost a month. I love it! This mattress keeps me cool at night. It doesn't absorb my body heat. Soft and supportive.

Different for different people

I love it, but the jury is still out for my husband. Probably should have gone with a Sleep Number.


I have had this for almost 2 weeks and I am sleeping better. I used to wake up with back pain, that is gone! Thank you Purple!!

wake up every morning very sore,back legs neck.

it sinks in with the two of us sleepingon the mattress.

Purple 4

Very soft at first then firm little warm after laying a while

Great sleep

Cool, Comfortable and Calming. Hot sleepers Will live the coolness this bed provides.

love this mattress

enjoying the support without the pressure . I would recommend this mattress to anyone having pressure related problems. also I am not hot in the middle of the night. great mattress

It’s a little too hard for me..

My husband bought this same mattress and his is so comfortable.

Not much help for my hip pain

Experiencing hip bursitis, I was hoping the Purple mattress would help relieve the pain as I slept. It didn't. The pain actually got worse. The mattress felt like a very soft regular mattress, which meant my hip sunk deeper into the foam than with a normal mattress resulting in more pressure on the hip, not less. I'm in the process of returning the Purple mattress to the store.

Its ok

Mattress is comfortable but king size design not great. The gap is huge and no way to connect the split king mattress together so fall all the way to floor if not careful every night.


So it is comfortable because it moves with you. What I don’t like is it slides constantly off the edges. Everything slides off the top or bottom. It’s too bouncy . If your spouse if having a hard time sleeping tossing and turning you feel the bounce. I do like I don’t wake up with sore spots.

Mattress is amazing

The mattress was amazing and our sales rep Mike was EXCELLENT

Almost great

I am a side sleeper, female, 140lbs, 5'4". I share this because many reviews and articles about the Purple mattresses refer to size and weight of the sleeper for comparison. I tried the Purple 3, which hurt my hips. I researched and moved to try the Purple 4, which is better for a side sleeper. However, many reviews stated that if you don't weigh "a lot," you won't "activate" or "reach" the layers of support within the mattress. I find this to be the case: when I lay on my side, the mattress doesn't touch my waist, so I have to lie at a strange angle to release pressure on my back and hips. I do not hurt much when I sleep on this mattress - so it's ALMOST great - but I now wake up all night long. I have always been a heavy sleeper, sleeping through the night until my alarm, so this is disappointing, especially for the price.

Great night of sleep!

We have had the best month of sleep with our new purple mattress.

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