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Purple 3 Mattress Reviews

The Purple® 3 Mattress (also called the Purple Hybrid Premier 3'') is a purple gel polymer hybrid with both 3'' of proprietary pressure-relieving Grid and also a pocketed coil support system. With a design that aims to be better balanced for support and pressure relief, customers have good things to say overall, but with some complaints about it being too firm.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.9/10

Price Value: 8.9/10

No Back Pain: 8.8/10

Price: $1999-$3998

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Purple 3's Specifics

The Purple 3 Mattress, also called the Hybrid Premier with 3'' Grid option, offers a revolutionary gel polymer pressure relieving layer, which works in conjunction with a pocketed coil support system below. With a lot of hype over the years from happy customers and viral marketing campaigns, there is a lot being said about this mattress.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, most customers do like the Purple 3 mattress after a short adjustment period. There are some, however, that had issues with firmness, mostly feeling the mattress was too firm for them. Others reported feeling issues with middle spine support in some cases. For those looking for balanced mattresses, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses, especially the Dreamcloud mattress, a top rated hybrid mattress with pocketed coils.

Quality of Materials

The Purple 3 offers a significant technological enhancement, their gel polymer Grid technology. This technology offers a responsive and adaptive pressure relieving layer.

Here is a full breakdown of what's inside the Purple 3 Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is a soft, StretchMax material that is similar to a rayon and spandex blend. It keeps cool and generously wicks away moisture.

Layer 1: The first layer is 3'' of Purple Grid technology, which is made of temperature neutral, hyper-elastic gel. This layer relieves pressure points, while it adapts instantly as the body moves.

Layer 2: A responsive matrix of supportive pocketed coils adapt independently to cut down on pressure points, while supporting the spine. Above and below this coil system is a thin layer of transition foam, designed to relieve pressure and keep the coils well aligned.

Overall Comfort

Customers have good things to say about the Purple 3 with happy customers mentioning a good blend of pressure relief and support. There were some exceptions with some customers reporting issues with the mattress feeling too firm in some places and less supportive in the middle spine.


Based on Purple 3's specifications, the Purple 3 is rated as a medium-firm. However, based on customer reports that mention it is firmer than expected, it may be ideal for back sleepers or stomach sleepers, while average sized side sleepers may find it slightly too firm in some cases.

Back Pain Relief

There are multiple reports of the Purple 3's positive effect on back and spine discomfort from previous mattresses. However, there is also a small segment that has described issues with middle back support.


From the cover to the proprietary gel Grid, the Purple mattress is widely enjoyed for its cool sleeping.

Who Is The Purple 3 Mattress Right For?

The Purple 3 is best for those that are looking for a medium-firm hybrid with a responsive feel. For side sleepers that are looking for more pressure relief, take a look at our our list of top rated mattresses.

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Purple 3 mattress

Ever since my purchase of the purple 3 mattress I’ve been sleeping a whole lot better! I very much enjoy this mattress.

No a good fit for us

Even though this is Purple's softest bed, it is still very firm. I am a big dude (6ft 5in and 300lbs) my wife is half my size. After 3 weeks now of having the mattress i have slept a total of 10-15 hours on it. I can not sleep more than 2 hours at a time because im so sore from it. The time i am on it i am rolling and re adjusting constantly trying to get comfortable. My wife is starting to get a little more comfortable but its still not as soft as we need it. I spend my nights on the couch or recliner. They said it would soften with time, and it has a little, we even had the kids jump on it (recommended by store salesperson) We have already ordered a Casper and will be returning the purple. My suggestion to you is if you are a big person and/ or prone to back sleeping or have issues with back and hips, this will probably hurt you. Someone who likes a firm mattress or is small and light will probably like it. I would strongly suggest if you can to keep your old mattress propped up along the wall and try the purple, that way if you dont like it your not stuck like me trying to sleep on a couch and hurting every time you get up from it. I bought the Purple 3 hybrid in a cal king. Best of luck!

Purple 3 Premier Hybrid

The first three nights were a little odd, I woke up several times during the night. When I would change sleeping position it felt like I was on an air mattress. Nights four on have been amazing! I wake up in the same position as I fell asleep. No back pain, no numb hands, no sweating, and I’m felling well rested in the morning. I should have replaced my 15 year old memory foam mattress years ago!

Top ends of realistic expectations.

First things first, the mattress is very comfortable. I wasn’t sure if I would rate 3 or 4 stars. I chose 4 because for the price I don’t think you can match the comfort level. Also I have read so many 5 star reviews with unrealistic praises. Calling a spade a spade, it’s a mattress. No you will not wake up and all your ailments were wiped clean as if it were the purple messiah. You will wake up and still have the same pain. You will be sitting about as comfy as you can while still in pain. As long you have realistic expectations, I’m sure you will be pleased with your purchase.


Overall a good buy. Pillow top is just soft enough but I worry that it will lose its sturdiness over time. Glad that I didn't get the uber soft purple bed as its very corrective in the body alignment department

bad bed

not the type of bed i was looking for. the wife body hurts more than it did

I love my new mattress

It's comfortable.and cooler compare to my last mattres. Love it.

Back pain is gone

Incredible bed, back pain in the morning is gone. Stays cool throughout the night. No pain on pressure points in any sleeping position.

Purple hybrid 3

Less tossing and turning. Quality of sleep has improved. Do not wake up as much.

Not comfortable

It’s been almost a month and it’s still not comfortable

I only wake up 1 time a night to use bathroom.

I love my bed. I have COPD stage one. I sleep with my head up & I am sleeping very well. I would recommend this bed to anyone. I bought a sleigh bed frame & I am to get it Dec 15th. I can't wait!!!

back and sleep problems came to rest

I Love my mattress i sleep better now than before and i have sleep apnea my body become one with this purple 3 best investment i made this year after 4 major back surgeries this was what i needed

Finally, my perfect mattress!

I moved to the Purple 3 from an ultra-premier memory foam mattress and I've never slept better! Truly, this is the best mattress I think I've ever slept on - five months of solid sleep and not one regret!

Supportive and cool

Amazing, loving it. It’s supportive where it needs to be supporting and I haven’t noticed shoulder pain when I wake up anymore. It also sleeps wonderfully cool.

Great mattress!

I am so happy I bought this mattress!! Without a doubt, it is worth every penny!!


I love the purple!! It is really comfortable and great for your back..

Love it

I love my purple Mattress. I sleep so much better. I don’t wake up in pain. That’s the best part

How I feel about Purple 3

It’s definitely FIRM. Almost no sinkage.. I like a little plushness, however, this bed has a different feel than any other bed I’ve slept in and I would just classify it as weird but comfortable..

Goldilocks mattress

The Goldilocks of Mattresses! Not too firm, not too soft, it really is just right. I sleep so well on this mattress.

Great for pressure points!

The mattress is as advertised. Being a side sleeper with 200 + pound. The mattress provide comfort and support. My shoulders feel great in the morning.

Sleeping great

This bed is fantastic. It is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. No more tossing and turning to get comfortable & sleep thru the night.

Rating 10

Love my purple mattress and my purple sheets. Best investment ive ever made.

like dont like

I love it but my husband that has lower back issues is not happy


Not what I expected. Certainly exceeded. I sleep so deeply and peacefully now and my back pains have reduced especially getting out of bed every morning.

Dog and husband move around

Very comfortable even when husband is moving around or dog is moving around

Purple Hybrid 4

The best purple on the market , we started with the 3 after testing in the store, thought the 4 was too soft . I was wrong , the 4 is the best at pressure relief . Feels lime a cloud, no shoulder or back or knee pain on the first night ! Thanks to Mattress Firm for a seamless exchange ! They honor the purple 120 day policy, no fees involved to exchange . Great decision to buy from them and not mail order !

Purple Mattress

We are very satisfied with our new Purple mattress. Such a better night sleep and waking up not sore.

Ok for the tech

Bed is comfortable but not worth the cost. You can get a much better mattress for less

Cool and comfy

It sleeps cool and is very comfortable. Only complaint is that it jiggles a bit when spouse changes position. I have less lower back pain than with my previous memory foam mattress.

Very comforbale

I bought this for my wife who is recovering from a stroke and she seems to like it a lot.

Purple 3

An extremely supportive, comfortable bed. Good air circulation.

Worth every penny

This is a great mattress. I suffer from back issues and had a pillow top previously. Since purchasing this mattress I have had a better night sleep and it’s so much easier for me to adjust myself without irritating my back even more. I bought the adjustable base as well and the two paired has been a dream. Definitely recommend!

Highly recomended for back pain!

My lower back used to hurt badly on my pillow top mattress until I bought the Purple Hybrid 3. Its like sleeping on a cloud!

Purple technology excellence!

For me mattresses are either to firm or to soft (not enough support). The Purple 3 has the best support of any soft mattress I have tried! It took me a few days to get used to it but so far it has only been getting better, not that the mattress is changing but that it’s been correcting bad sleeping habits and posture acquired from my previous Mattress. I would definitely buy it again!

Worth the purchase

This bed is super comfortable and helps to provide a restful sleep.

Purple 3 mattress and frame

I’m not a fan of the mattress. My husband likes it. I don’t. The first 10 days the foam smell was so strong I got headaches. My hips don’t hurt anymore but my shoulders/arms still fall asleep. I wake up every time my husband moves which is more about the frame I think than the bed.

Finally found my forever mattress!

I love the Purple Mattress. It’s so comfortable! After trying two other foam mattresses that were not working out, I was so glad to feel the difference with the Purple.

Great for bad backs

The Purple 3 mattress is a wonderful way to spend your nights. It is so comfortable. It let's you change positions effortlessly which is important to me because of multiple back surgeries. It supports my body in a way no other mattress has. It feels like it stretches and supports my back that feels so good after an evening of sitting. I would recommend a Purple 3 to everyone.

Game changer

Perfect balance of spring and softness. Doesn't sleep hot. Comfortable in any position.

Finally a good nights' sleep

We love the Purple 3 and my husband is finally getting a good nights' sleep after trying multiple mattresses over the last 10 years. Purple also has the softest sheets ever - loved them so much we've already purchased more.

Purple is great!

Love this mattress!!! My body needed a few nights to accept our new sleep environment. Because for me rolling over on the new mattress (Feeling very different from the last) my body sends signsls to my brain to ask "where are we?". So yes for a few nights i woke frequently. But not because of discomfort. Now as soon as i lay down im asleep. And im actually having trouble staying awake to read. But i welcome this amazing problem.

Great mattress!!

After trying the Purple Hybrid Premiere bed a couple of times at the store, I decided to buy it. Best purchase I have made recently! It only took my body about one week to adjust to the mattress, and now I’m sleeping soundly.

Love this mattress

My back loves this mattress. I used to wake up with my lower back "on fire" due to not enough support for an arthritic spine. I now wake up most mornings with little to no pain and and am able to enjoy my mornings again.

Cool mattress

Keeps you very cool. Comfortable. Getting used to the “squishy” feeling and truly enjoying the feel of Purple sheets!


Very nice bed, we needed a new one. We had an isleep before this one but this purple not mad at all.

Will never go back to a standard mattress

Best mattress ever. Sleeps cold (not cool, cold!). No pressure points. No more morning back issues. Will never sleep on a traditional mattress again!

Everything is Purple ... and perfect!

My wife and I can't wait to rest on our Purple 3 mattress every night. It's soft enough to lay on your side and still be supported, and it's completely supportive when lying on your back. The delivery was great too. I'm very happy with purchasing our Purple 3 from Mattress Firm!

Purple 3

Former than I remember in the store but amazing to sleep on. I tend to sleep hot and don’t have that issue with this mattress nearly as much. Sleep better and wake up feeling better, back issues are dramatically better as well. Very pleased with the mattress.

Perfect Purple Mattress

It took a while to get used to the Purple mattress, but now I love it, am sleeping cozy but not hot. Love the sheets and pillow too

Do you like to sleep hot or cold?

With just one night’s sleep on this mattress, I’m still undecided. The mattress itself was very comfortable, but it sleeps very cold. If you like a mattress that will not warm with your body heat id highly recommend it.

No lower back support.

The matters feels great but after actually laying on it. I start to get back aches on my lower back.

Enjoying it but still hot and $$$$

We enjoy the mattress but I had bought it to stay cool and I’m still hot most nights. I am just not sure it’s worth the money, but this is our 4th mattress this year so we are keeping it.

Needs work and thought

Gets adiit where I sleep at night. Sleeps warm. I don't like the Tencel sheets, prefer bamboo, they don't slide. Mattress cover is plastic and slippery. Too old person-ish for sure .

great mattress

Great mattress. Looked at many and this was the one that we both loved

Its OK

It is somewhat comfortable. It does not keep me cool during the night as advertised. I got the 3" and I think it maybe a bit too soft for my liking. my sleep has been intermittent.

Purple mattress is awesome!

Love the purple mattress/bed, sleeping better, and super comfy AND supportive. Motion control on King size not nearly as good as what we experienced in store on Queen. But overall quite happy with our purchase. Only other downside is the price.

Purple 3

I am sleeping better. I like the cooling effects of this mattress, and the comfort is comparable to the sleep number, but is cooler because it does not require a memory foam topper.

Best customer service!

Ben in Pleasant Hill store has been amazing! Great Service

Laying on a board is what it feels like

The bed dies not feel like the bed we tried out in the store. We purchased a purple 3. It is as hard as a rock.

The modern bed is an improvement!

The purple bed is fantastic! It’s a different experience than your traditional mattress but it is an improvement in comfort for sure!

Improved sleep!

Lovely! My sleep has improved dramatically! Thank you!

Purple 3

This bed has been awesome. Comfortable from the first night. I highly recommend the adjustable base. It really helps with taking stress off of your back and legs

Purple type 3 mattress

The mattress and motorized bed frame has produced positive results for comfort and sleep inconsistencies.

Purple Hybrid-3 Mattress

The Purple Hybrid-3 has exceeded our expectations. Compared to the firm Base Purple mattress, the Hybrid-3 is more of a compromise between soft and firm. My wife and I find we are sleeping more deeply at night, making our rest much more efficient and recuperative . We are very pleased.

Best nights on it

It’s like sleeping on clouds, really comfortable, can’t feel your partner’s night movements

A must have

This is like sleeping on a cloud and the pillows are amazing

No back pain

I can not believe that I am able to wake up with No back pain, because of this new mattress

The Purple is a dream

After much internet reviewing of beds, my husband and I finally decided to check out the Purple mattress in person. Thankfully, Mattress Firm carries them so we could see how it actually felt to lay on one. Almost instantly, we both agreed this was a comfortable bed. We bought the adjustable frame as well and almost a month later, we are still loving the Purple mattress. The special top layer is soft and springy, but firm under our weight. We've also noticed it stays cooler than other mattresses (he says it's great, I had to add another blanket) Check out was easy and delivery and set up were great. Very happy sleepers!

Perfect bed!

Super supportive on the lower back, shoulders too! My toss and turn movements have greatly decreased.

Purple mattress

We love the purple mattress, best sleep in a long time!

The perfect balance

Just got it and I've barely slept on it a couple of days, but already love it! Firm and soft at the same time for the prefect balance.

Light, Soft, Uncomfortable, Difficult to get off

Too soft too light and slips off of frame.........

Purple mattress 3

The mattress was a little firmer than expected. This was a nice mattress and it did soften up but was still to firm for my liking after two weeks. I ended up returning for a different mattress.

Purple 3

Very comfortable and supportive. A little on the firm side compared to my old mattress, leaves me wondering if the Purple 4 would be more my style.

Great Support.

Great support in all sleeping positions. Cool and comfortable in multiple positions. Exceeds expectations.

We love it!

We love our mattress, only bad thing is trying to get up in the morning when we are too comfortable! Both my husband and I have reduced back and hip pain!

Purple mattress not that good

I'm still debating if I should return My number 3 purple mattress. Not really that good. I can feel when my husband get's out the bed & body still adjusting to mattress. Not that comfortable. This is not good for $3,000. I should be sleeping like a baby..

Everyone needs one

Love love love this mattress super recommend it ! No more back pains or sleepless nights !

Our new purple mattress

We love our new mattress! It is very comfortable!

Not worth it!

My back has been hurting ever since I bought this mattress. I keep hoping it will get better and it just isn’t. I haven’t been happy with it and am already considering getting rid of it, sadly. I don’t know if I just don’t weigh enough to get the full benefit of the purple mattress or if it’s because I’ve injured my back before, but I was better off with my cheap mattress.

Great mattress

Soft without being too soft, moves like it were on an innerspring box, molds to body without trapping your body, stays cool.

Awesome <3

I love this mattress, and the shopping experience was also great. The staff were so helpful and friendly, without making me feel overwhelmed as a first-time mattress shopper.

Best sleep in a long time.

Had the bed for a month, best sleep I've had in a long time. Don't want to get out of it.

Purple 3

I love my purple mattress 3. I always fell asleep right away the min I lie down. Better than my old mattress

its ok

Its ok. I like how it stays flat but after 3 weeks it us starting to sag just a bit where we lay. Would not buy it again would buy another pillow top

Love the P3

I love my Purple 3. The adjustable base is also really good. I find it the perfect mix between the 2 that is a bit harder and 4 that was too mushy.


Feels like being on a air mattress. In the store it felt firmer, not enough support for my back. Definitely go with the firmer option because once you actually sleep in it,it’s not easy to turn.

Amazing mattress!

Both my wife and I love this mattress! She prefers a softer mattress and me a firmer one but this is perfect for both of us. No more back or neck aches in the morning. Our experience with Mattress Firm was great!

Purple 3 just too soft

too soft - seems softer than what i tried in the store. back hurts every morning

So different than memory foam

Feels great! I don’t notice the grid as I lay on it. It is the best mattress I tried.

Comfort with Service

All good from start to finish. Show room salesmen were great . Delivery was flexible and smooth

Purple 3

We bought the Purple 3 and it is so comfortable. We love it.

Purple mattress

Now, I literally look forward to laying down on my mattress!

Amazing bed!!

My wife and I absolutely love the Purple 3. Best bed I've ever had, it stays cooler than any other mattress. The pillow i never have to flip it. It's amazing, I recommend this bed all the time!!

Worth the hype!

Herniated discs in neck-purple made sleep possible

Purple mattress

I love my new Purple mattress and pillows! My hips and shoulders no longer hurt.

Purple Mattress

Great product, no backaches very, very comfortable. Best mattress we purchased.

Purple 3

Worst three weeks if sleep ever. I was never comfortable, my wifes back starting hurting on the second night


I received delivery of this mattress on 9/7/20 and my sleep experience has been pure torture since then. I simply cannot spend the required 21 nights on this mattress before I get to return it. I'll be sleeping on my couch until day 22. This bed has absolutely no lower back support, despite the claims. I would give it no stars if I could. For the first time in my life, I've woken up in the middle of the night crying in pain and having to take pain killers--and I have a fairly high tolerance to pain. My old mattress was too firm, but I never experienced the torture of this mattress. I can also feel every square of the grid even beneath the mattress's own cover, a mattress pad and a fitted and top sheet. Contrary to what mattress sellers tell you, it does not take weeks for your body to adjust to a new mattress or a new mattress to adjust to your body. If that were true, no one would ever be able to sleep in a hotel, cruise ship, friend's house or anywhere out of their own home. You know in a night or two whether your bed is comfortable. This mattress is a fast track to getting your handicapped car placard.

Great bed

the moment the bed came, my lower back issues eased up. Kinda like sleeping on a cloud.

Purple 3 Premier Hybrid

We have been sleeping really good since we bought our mattress, Love it!!

Needs breaking in

Takes some breaking into and getting use to but comfy once that happens

Purple mattress.

It's only been a couple of weeks, but so far purple mattress seems to be good. Sheets are soft and stay on mattress. The jury's still out on the pillow.

Purple mattress

I'm not happy with the bed I purchased I was having back problems with my old mattress so I'm thinking by me getting this purple mattress nd looking at the reviews good ratings.It was not good for me at all my back still hurts like crazy sometimes my legs sore it's just not comfortable to me at all I want to return and get a different mattress.

In Love with Purple

I love my Purple 3 mattress. It's like sleeping on a cloud!

Purple 3

Sleeping more comfortably on my side. Getting better quality sleep with less pressure. Sleeping cool & can comfortably

heaven on earth

I was very skeptical about the mattress until I was at my daughter's house and took a nap on her bed and I didn't toss or turn at all. I am so glad I got it it is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. Even the dog who used to wake me up in the morning now sleeps in the bed an hour after I get up!!!! It does not sleep hot, it immediately got rid of my hip and shoulder pain.

Bed purchase and comfort

Bought a temperpedic and it just didn’t do any good mode my back. And the price was rediculous! So we down graded to a purple 3 and my back is so much better! After being told that Purple was one of their most returned bed they we pushing us to go to the temper anyway. Guess that’s how your commission is made. LOVE MY PUPLE MATTRESS!

Too firm

Undecided, a little to firm. Waiting to see if breaks in have only had it for 2.5 weeks

Happy Customer

Best thing I ever did was to upgrade to the Purple 3. The Purple 2 was way too firm for me. It was worth the extra money!

Best night sleep!

I love my Purple mattress. I don’t wake up with back pain anymore. Just enough pressure relief but very supportive.

Best mattress ever.

It feels like floating on a cloud. I sleep sound with no pain when I wake. Love, Love, Love this mattress. I have already recommended it to alot of friends.

Great Purple 3 Purchase!

I love my purple mattress 3 it's comfortable it just to all my pressure points. Best decision I've made. Thanks Emma, you're awesome


We have had this for slightly more than 30 days and what started as a purchase for the guest bed has been repurposed for the master. Family stayed for two weeks and raved; so glad I found out why! No matter the position, we sleep better with less turning, wake up refreshed and are thoroughly pleased with the product.


Great bed ,no pain from pressure points when sleeping on side

Uncomfortable bed - unwise purchase

This mattress is supposed to be very comfortable. The one in store certainly was. But 3 weeks later, it is still hard and painful to sleep on. I seem to have more pressure point issues than I had before.

Got a good one.

Fantastic. The staff was great and we are very happy with our purchase.

Better with time

I gave this mattress a 4 out of 5....When I first got this mattress, I was somewhat disappointed as I did not feel it was as plush as I thought it would be. The manufacture suggested that you sleep on it for 30 - 60 days. I have been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks now, and I must say it seems to be more I love it...not yet...but I like it. I am hoping that it will continue to improve as my body and the mattress come together

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